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If your Brother Printer Keeps Going Offline then call now on our toll-free number for instant technical support for your printer related issues. Our technical experts are always available for solve your technical problems. Call now: USA/Canada: (+1) 8884800288 & UK: + (44) 800 041-8324

An offline printer can make your frustration level go through the roof, especially if you need something printed urgently in office. There are likely to be a number of factors involved

because of which your Brother printer keeps going offline. It could be something as simple as a malfunctioning Internet connection or even problems with the power supply. In the

same way, a system overload might be the reason for the Brother printer offline error or there might be something wrong with the driver. Problems with your system hardware can

also not be ignored. To sum it up, there can be any number of problems for the offline status of your printer and a thorough assessment is often needed to find the actual problem

and resolve it in an efficient manner.

1) Go to the “start” menu of the printer, select “control panel” and then click on the “printers and faxes” option. A new window will appear that will show a list of printers currently connected with or

installed on your system.

2) Next up, double click on any of the printers that you want reconnected and back online. Another window will appear giving details of all the “print” commands sent to this printer and all the printing

tasks currently scheduled on this device.

3) Now go to the menu window and click on “printer” icon. After that, click on “user printer offline.” This should reconnect the printer to your system and its status should effectively change from

“offline” to “online.”

1) Check the printer’s tray for kind of paper jam. Make sure that the printer machine has sufficient amount of papers in the tray and are properly aligned in the tray.

2) Ensure that your Brother Printer is set as a ‘Default Printer’.

3) Go to Apple Menu → System Preference → Open Printers & Scanners . Check if your Brother Printer is set as the default Printer. If not, then set it to the default from the drop down option at the

right side.

4) Click on the ‘Apple Menu’ and Select ‘software update’ to install any available updates.

5) Go to ‘System preferences’ and select ‘Open Printers and Scanners’. Choose your Brother Printer from the list on the left. Click “Open Print Queue..” button on the right and chose the print job and

delete it.

1) Click on Start -> Programs -> Devices and Printers .

2) Right click the printer icon -> click see what’s printing.

3) Click the word printer.

4) Remove check from Use printer offline.

5) Also, ensure that it is set as your default printer and restart your computer, and then try.

Our team always here to provide you instant technical support for printer related issues. If you are struggling with your printer related issues then you can call us anytime on our

toll-free number: USA/Canada: (+1) 8884800288 & UK: + (44) 800 041-8324

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