Experience Skinnskatteberg 2019


Please take your time and browse through this years edition of Experience Skinnskatteberg Magazine. This year we are proud to be able to offer the magazine in English. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us! Phone number: +46 (0)222-51 57 40 or e-mail her at: upplev@skinnskatteberg.se



Historic Homes





Where forests and lakes are your

closest neighbors


The editorial staff, the municipality of Skinnskatteberg and all our local representatives warmly welcome you

to one of Sweden’s best kept secrets. Experience sightseeing both historic and contemporary. Looking for

excitement and adventure, tranquility and nature, luxury and high standards, or maybe a mix of it all? Regardless,

you can find it all here. Maybe that’s why it is not unusual for a one time visitor to end up becoming a


Skinnskatteberg offers an alternative to the big city pulse and tempo but within a comfortable distance to

many of Sweden’s biggest cities. We hope that this brochure will help orient you to all the wonderful opportunities

we have to offer. We also hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Welcome to Skinnskatteberg!





Wolf safari




Ekomuseum Bergslagen

18 Outdoor

Coal hut



26 Taste

32 Accomodation

Manor life

40 Commerce

There is no official tourist office in Skinnskatteberg. Instead we leave our tourism info at our government offices, at

area businesses and with other enthusiastic locals who come into contact with visitors along the way.

Contact Tourist Information to get more tips on what you can experience in Skinnskatteberg.

Phone: +46 (0)222-51 57 40




Kulturriket i Bergslagen


Calender for upcoming events

Check out our local events calendar to see what summer

events are planned. Local clubs, businesses and other

organizers can post here so it is worth checking out our

Skinnskatteberg.se web page for up-to-date info on what is

going on during your visit. https://www.skinnskatteberg.se/


Visit the municipality of Skinnskattebergs

calender for upcoming events during the year.

www.skinnskatteberg.se or



from us!

Chanterelle Soup with

Gorgonzola Cheese

2 Liter Chanterelles

60 gram Butter

1 Yellow Onion, chopped

2 tablespoons Flour

2 teaspoons Dried Mushroom

Powder (or crushed dried mushrooms)

1 liter Chicken Stock

1 teaspoon Capers

50 gram Gorgonzola Cheese

2 tablespoons Crème Fraiche

½ teaspoons Lemon Juice, pressed

Cayenne Pepper and Salt to taste

Splash of Port Wine

Fresh Basil Leaves

Break apart fresh mushrooms into pot and add enough water

to cover. Slow boil mushrooms until all water has

disappeared. Lightly salt mushrooms. Take out ¼ of

mushrooms and set aside. Add butter and chopped onion to

the pot with mushrooms and sauté for a few minutes. Dust

flour and dried mushrooms into pot and mix well. Add chicken

stock and allow to boil while stirring. Let soup putter for

about 5 minutes. Add the gorgonzola cheese, crème fraiche

and capers and use a hand blender to make a creamy soup.

Finish with lemon juice, port wine, cayenne pepper and salt to

taste. Put a little of the saved mushrooms in each bowl

before filling. Garnish with fresh basil.


Find what you are looking for!

To make it easier for you to plan your visit to us, we have divided our magazine into three categories, represented

by the three symbols shown on the left. Use these three symbols to find places to eat, sleep and

experience something special. The symbols may be used together to show what each tourist attraction has

to offer. We hope this simplifies your vacation planning in Skinnskatteberg.


Listen to the silence with fishing

pole in hand, treat yourself to a

day in a Bergslag forest at one of

our many nature reserves or hiking

trails, look for wildlife during a

guided tour, or take a trip back in

time at our cultural heritage spots.

Maybe a day at the spa, world

class art viewing or horseback

riding are what you’d love to try.

Either way, you can discover your

adventure here.


A taste experience the White Guide

has recommended, a classic blueberry

pie, genuine Belgian ice

cream, small batch beers for the

gourmet palate, a real “Swedish

Fika,” or “afternoon tea,” or a cooling

drink from locally grown berries.

Whether it’s a unique taste experience

you are after or a proven

concept, you’ll find it here.


Manor homes, Coalminers Huts,

Country Farms or something in

between? You are welcome to

check-in in Skinnskatteberg.

Waterfront living next to one of

our hundreds of lakes with nature

experiences just around the corner.

Forests and fresh water are you

closest neighbors.



Baggbrobygdens byalag

The active residents of Baggbron village take care of the old school house

and keep the village alive with a variety of activities year round. Don’t miss

your chance to race a duck, take a fika or ride a tractor during one of their

seasonal events.

Spring Market, 25 May from 10am-2pm. Flea market, plants and home

baked desserts for sale in the school.

Baggbron Day, 27 July from 10am-5pm. Ride a tractor taxi, visit the craft

market, car boot sale, homemade desserts and hot dogs for sale, family fun

by the lake and a duck race to finish off the day.

Christmas Market, 31 November from 10am-2pm. Café with traditional

porridge and sandwiches, crafts, Christmas trees, wreaths, breads and

candies. Mrs. Claus will also be visiting and horse and wagon rides offered.

Rental of location available for private parties and other gatherings. A

well-stocked kitchen is included in all rentals. Book via Solveig Westman,

+46 (0)70-219 11 20. Information: Monika Hjort +46 (0)222-417 12, +46

(0)70-219 11 20

Information: Monika Hjort

Phone: +46 (0)222-417 12,

+46 (0)70 219 11 20

Information: Anders Erman

Tel/Phone: +46 (0)73-763 93 35

Economi: Annelie Hellgren

Phone: +46 (0)70-344 68 09



You can also find them on


Search: Byalaget i Baggbron


Jonas Vildmark

Jonas Vildmark (Jonas Wilderness) offers courses and

experiences around Bushcraft and Survival. Jonas

Vildmark Bushcraft Center at Lienshyttans Manor in

Riddarhyttan hosts a range of courses in hunting,

mastery of fire, technique and care of knives and axes,

on-site crafting, outdoor expertise and survival.

Visit the Orangery where home baked desserts are

served in a rustic setting. The Handelsbod also sells

quality bushcrafting equipment on the premises.


Adventure and AllFix

Clay bullet is one option but Lerkulan (‘Clay bullet’ in

Swedish) is an adventure company with many exciting

activities for young and old! Lerkulan Adventure

Company is in the village of Lerkulan, 6 km outside

Skinnskatteberg on a private farm. Places for RV or

caravan hookups are also available.

Welcome to Jonas Vildmarks Bushcraft Center in beautiful


Phone: +46 (0) 70 620 51 66 (Jonas Landolsi)

Phone: +46 73 2706124 (Therese Landolsi)

Lienshyttans Herrgård,

Hyttvägen 1, 730 91 Riddarhyttan

E-mail: info@jonasvildmark.com


visit www.jonasvildmark.se

for more information.

Phone: +46 (0)70 - 492 14 58

Lerkulan 1, 739 91 Skinnskatteberg

E-mail: claybullet@hotmail.com



Lösa tyglar

“Loose Reins” offers a horse experience for everyone in

beautiful Bergslag nature! Enjoy a riding tour through

the forest, take a lesson on the track, learn horse agility

in an afternoon or stay the weekend and discover a

world of horses in Lövslättens fields. Cottage with

comforts is available for rent. Contact us for more


Phone: +46 (0)76 - 119 42 88


E-mail: helena@losatyglar.se


Forsen Islandshästar

Discover what is unique about these Nordic horses at

Forsen Islandic Hästar. Tours made to order from 1

hour to 2 days with accommodation included.

Phone: +46 (0)76 - 102 67 09,

Fors Gård, 73091 Riddarhyttan

E-mail: info@forsenislandshastar.se



Historic guiding through Bergslag! Tidorum offers

guiding through Skinnskattebergs rich history led

by local historic figure, Ebba Brahe (actually a

reenactment). Discover Time Travel for Kids tours or

learn about the creatures of the forest in one of our

Troll Wandering tours. We work with both small and

large groups to create unique tours that uncover the

hidden treasures in our Bergslag backyard.

Sotvretsvägen 4a 73930, Skinnskatteberg

Phone: +46 (0)73-665 20 80

E-mail: marlene@tidorum.com


Folkets Park


Visit Folkets Park (the People’s Park), a spot with a

beautiful lakefront.Volunteers of the Park organize

many events during the year, especially for children.

An annual Easter egg hunt, a communal fire burning

on Walpurgis Night the 30th of April, even a Kids Day

in Folkets Park at summer’s end. You are welcome to

enjoy the park and its beautiful surroundings for your

next picnic, fishing trip or grill night by the lake.

Phone: +46 (0)70 - 539 26 84,

E-mail: info@folketspark-skinnskatteberg.se




Nordic bogs, mythical mountains with centuries-old

trees, countless lakes and enchanting waterways

where the call of the loon cuts through the early

morning fog. This is a part of what characterizes our

multifaceted community. From the many paddlefriendly

lakes and streams to the Bergslagsleden

(Berslag Trail) or the Geologislingan (Geology Trail)

you can see evidence of the glaciers retreat. Together

with a camera in hand we humbly explore, photograph

and discover this intensely beautiful and picturesque

landscape. In our guided excursions you can capture

the infinite space and dimension of this unique place.

Camera technology, imagery and image composition is

discussed in nature but the chance to learn basic image

editing in Photoshop/Lightroom is also possible in our

studio. Following our time in nature, participants are

encouraged to share their perspective, knowledge and

insight with others. Tailor your nature excursion based

on your interest: birding, landscape, small or large scale

tours available.



(The Swan Lakes Fishing


This organization maintains the lakes of Långsvan and

Lillsvan for sport fishing of Pike-perch Perch and Pike.

Fishing licenses are available for purchase at IFiske

(via app or computer), the kiosk in Bernshammar,

Måltavlan in Kolsva, as well as with two private

salesmen in Sunnansjö and Donmora (signs at the

house). 24-hour fishing card or family card available.

Boat launch is located in Västansjö about 2km south of

Färna after county road 250.

Phone: +46 (0)70 - 256 38 30

E-mail: rf@riddarfoto.se


Information Sören Lundberg

Phone: +46 (0)70 - 572 59 28


Wild Sweden

Between May and September follow along with one of Wild Sweden’s experienced guides in search of wildlife in the

forests surrounding Skinnskatteberg. Choose between moose, beaver or wolf safaris and experience the excitement

of hearing a wolf howl in the night! Wild Sweden has been named one of ‘’50 Tours of a Lifetime’’ by National Geographic

Traveler Magazine 2015 as well as one of ‘’50 Greatest Wildlife Holidays on Earth’’ by The Telegraph 2018.

Phone: +46 (0)70 - 610 61 50

E-mail: info@wildsweden.com



Harvest Market

28 September 2019


Welcome to our annual Harvest Market! Lunch,

dessert and drinks available in the café and a free

concert for the public during the day. Many fine market

stands selling locally produced crafts, food, vegetables,

seeds, juices, bread, soaps, jams and jellies for sale.

Hosted by Skolgården non-profit in Baggå Skola Café

073-568-1133 www.BaggaSkola.com



24 august

PRO-Västmanland gathers choirs

from the local municipalities to show

off their singing talents.

Rock and gospel choirs included.

Guest artist for 2019 is Pugh Rogefeldt.

For tickets and information contact


or see our FaceBook page:

PRO Västmanland

Tel:0221-84386, 072-7274470

Culture Days

in Hed

2-4 august

Cultural Days in Hed is created with the goal of

encouraging everyone to learn about the fascinating

history and culture that exists in the village of Hed

and its surroundings. Cultural Days fall on the first

weekend in August every year and opens with a concert

at Hed’s church on Friday evening. On Saturday

and Sunday visitors can choose among more than 30

attractions to visit during the weekend, most of which

have cultural significance in the village. Experience a

genuine smelting process by Karmansbo forge, attend

an art opening in Bernshammar’s manor house, learn

to weave or get tips on old-time window renovation.

A range of musical acts for all tastes awaits as well as

special events for kids. A detailed program with event

information and directions can be found on their Facebook

page called ‘’Kulturenihed’’


Tips from


Christmas at Färna

8-10 november

A traditional and ambiance-filled Christmas Market.

The stable and barns are brimming with handy crafts

and an open-air market lane displays wonderful Christmas

delights. This year Färna Herrgård’s Christmas

Market celebrates its 25th anniversary!


Information and booking: +46 (0)222-281 90 or via

e-mail boking@farnaherrgard.se

Färna herrgård 1, 73970 Skinnskatteberg



Kulturhuset Korpen

In a boldly designed building opposite the church in Skinnskatteberg, Kulturhuset Korpen is a center for both participation

in and enjoyment of the arts. Film, theater and concerts are often featured on the program, but lectures and

debates also take place. The facility is equipped with modern sound and light technology with high speed internet and

a digital projector. With its flexible design, this culture center can meet the needs of even the most demanding performances.

Tables, chairs and conference areas are also available. Annually, 100 public events are held here, not bad

for a community of less than 5,000 people!

The cultural center is closed during summer. Interested in

our upcoming events? Check out our online program at

www.skinnskatteberg.se or www.kulturhusetkorpen.se

Kuturhuset Korpen


Köpingsvägen 11,

739 31 Skinnskatteberg


Galleri Astley

Instagram: Galleri Astley

Facebook: Galleri Astley

Galleri Astley is an exciting cultural hub known among

art enthusiasts throughout the world. Started in 1968 by

Astley Nyhlén and family in Köping then moved in 1977

to its current location in Uttersberg. The stately railway

station from 1897 (designed by Theodor Dahl) became

the new home for the gallery. In the mid-1980s Uttersberg’s

historic brick magazine was renovated to accommodate

the gallery’s expanded operations. Exhibitions

are held year round in these adjoining buildings and a

sculpture park emerges from the grounds outside. Works

by established Swedish and international artists focus

on painting, graphics and sculpture - from figurative to

abstract expressionism. On the lower level of the large

magazine there is a glass, ceramics and jewelry store

by artisans from all over Sweden. The gallery also has a

print and screen workshop, and arranges concerts and

other activities.

Museum Tree of Life by

Ernst Neizvestny

Instagram: Ernst Neizvestny Museum Sweden

Facebook: Museum Tree of Life by Ernst Neizvestny

Museum Tree of Life by Ernst Neizvestny is the

largest collection in Europe with sculpture, painting and

graphics by the Russian born Neizvestny. Famous for the

monument of the Lotus flower at the Assuan Dam in Egypt,

Nikita Khrushchev’s tombstone, and two major monuments

for Stalin’s victims in Magadan and Yekaterinburg, Russia,

Neizvestny lived in the US from 1977 till his death in 2016.

But summers in Uttersberg played an important role for this

international artist as an unspoiled and tranquil retreat from

the hectic pace of his New York life.

Café Guldmisteln

On the lower level of the gallery is Café Guldmisteln.

Traditional homemade desserts and simple sandwiches

served. Larger groups can be accommodated by

booking in advance.

Galleri Astley, Konstmuseet Galleri Astley,

Café Guldmisteln and

Museum Tree of Life by Ernst Neizvestny:

Uttersberg, 73992 Skinnskatteberg

Phone: +46 (0)222-32120

E-mail: galleri.astley@tele2.se





Grafikverkstan in Uttersberg is a workshop where

artists, poets and graphic designers from around the

world come to work. The workshop is equipped for

gravure and letterpress, drypoint and copper engraving,

collagraph printing as well as book printing. Grafikverkstan

hosts regular events, workshops and seminars.

Every year on Långfredag (the Friday before Easter)

they celebrate Toaster Day, not to be missed! Check out

the workshops website and Facebook page to see a list

of upcoming events.

Grafikverkstan Godsmagasinet is a non-profit company

run by artists and art lovers.



The local heritage association is located in the former

employee housing from the 19th century ironworks on

Malmvägen 12, also called Hembygdsgården.

The heritage association is open Tuesdays between

3pm until 5pm for visitors. Sweden’s National Day

celebrations are celebrated at this historic homestead in

collaboration with Skinnskatteberg municipality and the

Swedish Church. The annual Midsummer celebration includes

dancing around the maypole, lottery, games and

prizes for children, as well as sale of coffee and dessert.

Summer café with live music is open on Saturdays and

Sundays in July.vThis homestead farm houses a small

museum that documents Swedish life from a simpler

time, including photos, tools, a working phonograph

from early 1900 as well as Sweden’s oldest stock boat

from the 8th century.

Lars Nyberg och Lina Nordenström,

Phone: +46 (0)73-5641167.



Open Tuesdays. from 15pm to 17pm

Johnny Strömberg,

Phone: +46 (0)70-586 95 68.


Ekomuseum Bergslagen –

a museum in the open air.

The whole of this ‘museum’ encompasses 200 km from

north to south, including 68 historically significant locations

to visit. Cabins and forges, mines and quarries,

mansions and castles, tiny smoke houses, village schools

and churches, even whole villages are included within the

frame of this Ecomuseum.

Most buildings included in the Ecomuseum stand at their

original location so visitors stand in the very spot where

Sweden’s iron industry began more than 2000 years ago.

Of the 68 sites included in the Ecomuseum Bergslagen,

14 of them are in Skinnskatteberg. Visiting them all

means you have travels approximately 2700 years back

in time, from the earliest iron production at Röda Jorden

(The Red Earth) to present day—that is if we don’t count

WHEN iron first was created for 4500 million years ago.

Prepare yourself for an exciting journey of discovery

within Skinnskatteberg and Ecomuseum Bergslagen!


Saturday, June 30th to Sunday, July 7th marks an intense week for Ecomuseum Bergslagen. Their annual

Järn Rutten (Iron Route) Week is packed with activities held at museum locations throughout the area.

At www.ekomuseum.se visitors can find daily calendars with events held in all of the surrounding municipalities

including Skinnskatteberg, Hallstahammar, Surahammar, Fagersta, Norberg, Smedjebacken och Ludvika. Hope

to see you there!

For more information, please visit: www.ekomuseum.se



Kulturreservatet i


The Cultural Reserve in

Skräppbo is a place

where artefacts gather,

and is a living cultural

center whose activities

are based on collaboration

between artists

and the surrounding

community. The goal is

for everyone to be able

to express themselves,

to create and to learn -




Bastnäs gruvfält

Historic mineral-rich mine

with remaining slag pile and

unique pulley house, the only

remaining of its kind in its

original location.

Bastnäs Mine is also a

habitat for at least two

types of bats.


+46 (0)222-133 30

Fors Gård, 73091



Ebba Brahes


Mistress to king Gustav II

Adolf from the 1600’s, Ebba

Brahe was a formidable

business woman who gave

birth to 14 children and had

a taste for the finer things in

life. Sweden’s oldest wooden

gazebo is a romantic destination

and was once a part of

her private estate. Café open

summertime serving their

classic blueberry cake.

See page 36 for more info.


+46 (0)222-260 66




Impressive blast furnace, rebuilt

in 1894 and in operation

until 1959. A slope of blue

green slag stones remain on

premises and is a culturally

protected landmark.

Phone: +46 (0)222-133 30





A village of 12 coal miner’s

huts nestled in a blueberry

forest this Ecolodge has

been voted Sweden’s most

primitive hotel. Kolarbyn

offers a variety of all-inclusive

packages including wildlife

tours, bushcraft courses and

catering. STF-hostel.

Available for larger groups.

Phone +46 (0)70-400 70 53


Read more on page 34

Färna bruksmiljö

Majestic manor house from

1857. Unique mosaic

mausoleum created using

blue-hued slag stones,

conference hotel, boutique,

spa, manor house and park

on premises.


+46 (0)222- 281 90


Herrgårdsboden, clothes and

home decor


+46 (0)222-281 81


Railway station and site of

a Russian camp from the

Second World War. Hundreds

of Soviet soldiers sought refuge

here in 1944 later to be

returned to their government

to face an uncertain future.

Krampen is open sundays 30

juni to 4 august.


+46 (0)222 -321 20, 320 44

Read more on pages 37 & 40



Lokstallet & KURJ

The only remaining train

depot along the historic Köping-Uttersberg-Riddarhyttan

railway. Open upon request.





A beautiful place in the

middle of Skinnskatteberg.

Skinnskatteberg’s manor

house was built in 1779 by

Wilhelm Hising now a School

of Forestry. .


Röda jorden

The red earth has been the

site of iron production for over

2,700 years. Mobile phone

guides are on site. Make iron

the old fashioned way on

”Red Earth Day”.



Since the Middle Ages this

has been a site for copper

production. Hiking trail

around the falls.

Read more on page 26


+46 (0)222-450 45

Phone: +46 (0)222-133 30

Hembygdsgården Café and



+46 (0)70 - 586 95 68,

+46 (0)70 - 245 72 83





Ironworks since the 1500’s

now home to art museum

Galleri Astley, with café,

boutique, sculpture park and

the Grafikverkstan Godsmagasinet

on premises.


+46 (0)222-321 20,

+46 (0)222-320 44





Read more on page 11




Oxbron railway

cottage is one of the

few preserved railway

cottages in Sweden.

In addition to the

cottage, this well

preserved property

includes a wood shed

and ‘secret house’, and

possibility for

overnighting hikers.




Well-preserved Lancashire

smith with ovens, water

wheels and roller mills for the

production of fine bar iron.

A real smithy shows how to

work with iron on ”Iron Day”.



Get to know Skinnskatteberg on foot, from your car, or maybe in a canoe. In the heart of the Bergslag forest it’s

OK, you can enjoy your adventure at your own pace. Enjoy the areas answer to Norrland’s arctic landscape

at the beautiful Lappland Nature Reserve, stare at your reflection while paddling a canoe through Baggbron,

or hike to Matkullen, one of Västmanland’s highest point.

Hiking trails and footpaths

In Skinnskatteberg we have a lot of hiking trails that invites to exiting experiences. You find a few of them below.

Please visit www.upplevskinnskatteberg.se/friluftsliv for more information and maps.





Through Västmanland,

from Västerås in the south

to Avesta and Malingsbo

in the north, Bruksleden

stretches 25 kilometers

long and is divided into 27

sections. From the plains

of Mälardalen you can

walk north into the deep

forests and rolling terrain

of the Bergslag forest.

The trail passes through a

variety of natural landscapes

where small farming

villages rich in history and

cultural attractions help to

create a memorable and

picturesque hike. For each

section there are maps

and descriptions that you

can print from their website:


The full loop is 11 miles

long, but you decide the

length of the journey yourself.

Around Malingsbo,

Baggå valley and Riddarhyttan

you will find many

geological traces from the

ice age. High rounded

stones and deep pits are

easily visible as reminders

of receding glaciers.

Travel by car, bike, or long

hike or take a guided tour

on an Islandic horse.

Located in Baggå valley

this 5 kilometers long loop

is part of the geology track

(Geologislingan). This

natural reserve shelters

many old pines and many

forest termite nests. Allow

for 2-3 hour hike with

lean-to’s along the way for


Västmanlands part of a

pilgrimage route that travels

from Munktorp, Sweden to

Trondheim, Norway to a total

length of 850 kilometers.


Skinnskatteberg - Örtjärn - Skinnskatteberg

The 45 kilometers trip to Örtjärn offers alternating topography along beautiful lakes, forests, meadows and hills. The surface

is 90 percent gravel road. From the crossroads just north of Lake Storsjön up to Örtjärn you get a steep climb, but the trail

leads to Örtjärn a peaceful and remote lake with a lean-to and place for camping and grilling.

Skinnskattebergs bruk / Hedströmmen

Take this almost 3 kilometers loop and learn the history of the ironworks factory in Skinnskateberg. A zig zagging trail that

goes partially along the Hedströmmen River. Visit the dock outside Skinnskatteberg’s manor house and the Swedish

Agricultural University campus for education of Forest Engineers and to learn about the 17 global goals for sustainable






This undulating 6.2 kilometers

hike takes you

through a beautiful forest

and along the edge of the

ravine towards Hedströmmen

River, and begins at

Karmansbo Ironworks.

You can park at the smithy

and visit the summer

café with home baked

desserts. Take the gravel

road south and walk over

Köpingsvägen to enter

the old track as you follow

south, then follow the trail

over the fields leading to a

path along the west side of

Hedströmmen River.

Looking for an interesting

nature experience in central


you should try the trail

around Aspebäcken. Here

you can see the protected

Skogsklocka (Campanula

cervicaria) and the white

orchid. The trail leads you

through forests and along

Lake Skärsjon. Listen close

and you might hear the

drumming of the three-toed

woodpecker in an old pine.

In central Skinnskatteberg

is Nedre Vättern, with a

clear and mostly paved walk

along this beautiful lake.

There are also exercise

stations along this walk for

an extra workout.

This old‘farm trail’ takes you

on a 3,5 kilometers walk on

a mostly narrow and

moderately challenging trails

into the forests at the top of

the Masbo neighborhood.

If you would like to know more about hiking trails

and footpaths within Skinnskatteberg check out our

website www.upplevskinnskatteberg.se or contact

our tourism department via +46 (0)222-51 57 40

We are happy to send you info that matches your



Bike roads

Why not feel the wind in your hair and indulge in the amazing views by foot or bike. Pack a picnic basket and

take your family out on bikes for the day, all at your own pace. Or, for a bigger challenge why not choose one of

our trails for mountain biking. In Skinnskatteberg we have a lot of cycle paths. You find a few of them below.

Please visit www.upplevskinnskatteberg.se/friluftsliv for more information and maps.


Do you like a longer tour in rugged

terrain? For this trail you will need a

mountain bike with shocks.

There are 4 loops between 2.4 and

5.8 kilometers for the biker or hiker

who likes to face tougher challenges.

Longest loop takes you along the

eastern edge of Lake Skärsjön.



(Färna to Riddarhyttan tour)

This 74 kilometers tour takes you

along the asphalt roads to Färna

via Gunnilbo following one of Västmanlands

most beautiful lakes,

Lake Långsvan, and past enchanted

manors and historic villages

like Bernshammar, Karmansbo and

Uttersberg. See Gallery Astley in

Uttersberg with its international

artwork and café, then follow the road

to Riddarhyttan and past Fors gård/

farm where you can rent and ride

Islandic horses, no previous experience

required. This cycle trip can take

a few hours up to a few days if you

like to stay over in Färna or at Liens

camping in Riddarhyttan.



(Long Gravel Ride)

This trip takes you 87 kilometers

around Skinnskatteberg

municipality on gravel roads and a

well-prepared paths through a rolling

forest landscape along lakes and past

historic factory settings. Mountain

bikes are recommended here, though

it is possible on a regular bike also.

These gravel roads take you deeper

into the forest where you have a bigger

chance of encountering wildlife as

well as many great spots for grilling or



Nature Reserve

We have more than 15 nature reserves that are worth visiting in Skinnskatteberg.

More info about all of our nature reserves are available www.lansstyrelsen.se/Vastmanland

Otherwise, we suggest downloading their app Västmanlands Naturkarta.


North of Baggbron (access

also from road 233 in

Baggå) and follow the

orange trail blazes to

Västmanlands highest

point, also part of Matkullen

Nature Reserve. A view

over Baggå valley awaits

at the end of this trail.


At ‘Wolf Mountain’ there

are old forests with ancient

pines and knotty red-berried

Rowan trees as well as

aspens. The terrain is varied

with heights and steep

mountain slopes. Here

and there, rock boulders

and rock cliffs overlook the

green moss. In summer

or autumn it is easy to fill

a basket with berries or



The Lapland Nature Reserve

is a mosaic of open

marshes, barren pine fields

and exposed mountain

hills. The landscape and

species are reminiscent

of Norther Scandinavia,

hence its name, and gives

a sense of unspoiled



Råmyran bog lies in a

depression in the hills

between Riddarhyttan and

Baggå. There is a fresh

water source here as well

as an old growth, wetland

forest. Ice age remnants

can be found on this trail.

A roughly 450 meter long

narrow path leads up to

Vargberget. At the top you

can sit down for a snack or

lunch and look out over the

view. Finish with a dip in

Örtjärn’s clear water. At the

lake shore there is also a

lean-to with barbecue area.

Canoe Adventure

Rent a canoe with any of the following local businesses:

Wild Sweden, Kolarbyn EcoLodge, Pensionat Udden B&B

in Baggbron or Liens Camping in Riddarhyttan.

Beaver dams are a common sight and seeing beavers in

their natural habitat is very likely at dawn and dusk.



With 244 lakes and streams in our municipality you can as Fishing enthusiasts will certainly find a home

here among one or many of our 244 lakes and waterways. Net fishing is possible in some lakes. Pike,

perch, and trout are a few of the fish you may find in our local waters. Fly fishing is best in the Hedströmmen

River. Many lakes are maintained by private companies or fishing associations and Sveaskog takes

care of many waterways as shown on their Svergigefiskekarta (fishing map over Sweden).

Fishing licenses

Listed below you find places that are selling fishing licenses:

Storsjön och Vätternsjöarn


Pike perch, pike, trout and goose in one of the larger

lakes or why not get the fly fishing pole and fish in the

water of Hedströmmens water.

• Runes Cykel & Sport, Skinnskatteberg,

Phone: +46 (0)222-101 62

• Kiosken, Bernshammar,

Phone: +46 (0)222-301 50

• Strids Däckservice, Skinnskatteberg,

Phone:: +46 (0)222-411 21

• Torgny Johansson, Skinnskatteberg,

Phone: +46 (0)70-343 92 46

• Sven-Gunnar Eriksson,

Phone: +46 (0)70-603 69 89

Gunnilbo fiskevårdsförening

Stora Kedjen, Lilla Kedjen och Gunnilboån.

Övre Gävjan, Kalven, Nedre Gävjan,

Dammängsån, Fantebosjön, Landforsen,

Bockhammarsån, Erlandsbobäcken och


• Runes Sport Skinnskatteberg,

Phone: +46 (0)222-101 62

• Kafe Bockhammar, Bockhammar,

Phone: +46 (0)222-260 66


Tattartjärn, Gäddtjärn, Ljustjärn, Norstjärn

• Handlar´n, Riddarhyttan,

Phone: +46 (0)222-130 12

• Liens camping, Riddarhyttan,

Phone:+46 (0)222-135 55

• Runes Cykel & Sport, Skinnskatteberg,

Phone: +46 (0)222-101 62

• ICA Berghallen, Skinnskatteberg,

Phone: +46 (0)222-410 29

• Kiosken, Bernshammar,

Phone:+46 (0)222-301 50

• Oti Schilström, Fagersta,

Phone: +46 (0)223-540 10

• Willys sportfiske, Västerås,

Phone:+46 (0)21-14 44 14

• Jakto, Lindesberg,

Phone:46 (0)581-130 15

• Måltavlan, Kolsva,

Phone: +46 (0)221-507 84,


”The wind passes through the reeds

singing songs about the silver”



Bathing sites

Here you find information about places to

swim in pleasant surroundings.

1. Sandviksbadet

Child-friendly sandy beach in a scenic area equipped

with changing cabins, toilets and floating docks.

The bathing spot is located by Lake Långsvan south

of Bysala. Barbecue grill and tables are also available.

The beach is managed by Heds IF.

Tel/Phone +46 (0)222-301 55,

+46 (0)76-283 20 09


2. Liens badplats

Sandy beach with many comforts for the whole family.

Changing cabins, playground, mini-golf, kiosk, toilets,

jetty and jumping tower. Lien is known for being one

of the warmest lakes in the area!

The beach is managed by Liens Camping.

Tel/Phone +46 (0)222-135 55

3. Skärsjön

Sun yourself on a sandy beach, grassy lawn or rocky

ledge surrounded by clear and cool water. This popular

swimming spot lies only a short walk or bike ride

away from central Skinnskatteberg and has changing

cabins, toilets, floating docks, jumping towers and

even a beach volleyball court. There is a trail for

walking or cycling.

The beach is managed by Knäppmora AIK.

Phone +46 (0)72-251 80 94


Find your

pearl by the

water´s edge






Bosses grill

Pizza, kebabs, grilled meats and salads are served here.

Extensive outdoor seating with playground and water

Phone: +46 (0)222-101 40

Bergslagsvägen 4, Skinnskatteberg

Café Bockhammar

Summer café open next to Ebba Brahe’s famous gazebo.

Every summer, Café Bockhammar serves its traditional

blueberry cake and coffee. Take home a souvenir of

Västmanland from their selection of handicrafts in wood,

textile or ceramic. A large selection of stone jewelry

for sale and other semi-precious stones are on exhibit.

Brugmansia suaveolens cuttings and a unique selection

of geraniums are available for purchase as well as an

assortment of over 250 varieties on display.

Summer hours is may to september. Tel/

Phone: +46 (0)222-260 66

Bockhammar 6A, 737 91 Fagersta

Email: cafe@bockhammar.se




Bar, restaurant and café.

Edithas wok

Editha’s Wok serves Asian cuisine during the summer

months with views of Nedre Vättern, Skinnskatteberg’s

biggest lake. Open for lunch buffet or dinner with full bar.

A great place to eat and take in a beautiful

Swedish sunset.

Phone: 0222 - 102 02, +46(0)702314830

Fagerstavägen 13, Skinnskatteberg

E-post: info@skinnskattebergbowling.com


Phone: +46(0)22241580 /

+46 (0) 70-231 48 30

Aspvägen 5, Skinnskatteberg

Restaurang Station

Restaurant with both Italian and American pizza and

full bar in a historic train station, pub is open Friday and

Saturday nights.


Kiosk serving hamburgers, pizzas and much more.

Soft serve ice cream and toppings available. Outdoor

and indoor seating

Phone: +46 (0)222-298 00

Bergslagsvägen 2, 739 30



Phone: +46 (0)222-102 55

Centralvägen 44, 739 30



Lokstallet & KURJ

This unique train house has a café, exhibitions

and antiquarian books. Open only by reservation

for larger groups, please contact us for more


Phone: +46 (0)73-040 23 31


Share memorys!


Let your friends and family know you are visiting

Skinnskatteberg. Feel free to share your new

memories from Skinnskatteberg, in social media,

by using the hashtag #upplevskinnskatteberg.

This will help others to find out what

Skinnskatteberg has to offer.

Visit our local Skinnskatteberg websites for more

information on what’s happening in our area for 2019

www.skinnskatteberg.se eller


Check out TripAdvisor’s homepage and review the

places you visit:


Pizzeria Färna

hamburgers, pizzas and much more.

Åsmsnsbovägen 12 Skinnskatteberg

Tel/Phone: +46 (0)222-280 11


”Take the path leadning to stunning of life living”


Nestled in the heart of Bergslagen between lakes

Upper and Lower Vättern lies Skinnskatteberg. Skinnsberg,

as locals call it, is a community of 4400 residents

known for its nature, deep forests, fish-filled lakes,

education opportunities with an active community and a

rich cultural history.

Skinnskatteberg began as an iron industry town in

1626 until the factory closed in 1909. In the 1600’s only

3 hammers were working to process iron ore, but by

the middle of the 1700’s the number had increased to

24. Monumental blue slag stone piles and other natural

byproducts of iron production remain in the exact

location today as for over 100 years ago. Among our

local treasures is Skinnskatteberg’s own manor house

constructed in the later part of the 18th century by the

head of the local ironworks Wilhelm Hising and designed

by Eric Palmstedt. Since 1944, the manor house

has housed a forestry and agricultural school.

Skinnskatteberg also boasts 7 preserved manor homes,

the most tightly packed area of historic manor homes in

all of Sweden. Next to Skinnskatteberg’s manor house

lies the local church. It is said that the church is built

on the site of the pilgrim’s resting place. Every year,

monks passed by here on their pilgrimage to Nidaros,

now known to us as Trondheim, in Norway.




Hotell Station

Hotel Station ”The hotel in the station master’s house” is located in the center of Skinnskatteberg, just a stone’s throw

from Bergslagen’s magnificent nature. This classic train station is designed by the architect Folke Zettervall who

completed many station houses along what was then a newly installed train track. His architecture highlighted his

inherent fascination with decoration and his extensive knowledge of architectural techniques.

The station house preserves a bit of local history within its walls and has been privately owned since 2001. At Hotell

Station you stay in comfortable rooms that retain details from the 1900’s but with TV and wireless broadband to keep

you connected to modern conveniences. Each uniquely designed room keeps its connection to the buildings historic

roots with such details as tile ovens or balcony overlooking the town. Welcome!

Phone: +46 (0)70 - 563 24 99





The classic Brukshotellet is centrally located in

Skinnskatteberg about 300 m from shops, restaurants

and the train station. A perfect starting point to explore

Skinnskatteberg and the surrounding area!

An affordable hotel where all rooms are newly

renovated with breakfast available. The room sizes

vary from single occupancy, double, triple or family

room. Room standard varies from room with shower /

WC to room with shower / WC in corridor.

The hotel offers breakfast, free parking and Wi-Fi,

several lounges with TV access and free coffee / tea,

sauna and relaxation, activity room and snack bar with

drinks and other treats for sale. The hotel can accommodate

conferences, meetings with a large garden

oasis with plenty of space for games and adventure for

both big and small. Welcome!

Phone: +46 (0)222-419 19

Fritz Malmströms Väg 1, 739 30, Skinnskatteberg

Facebook: @brukshotelletskinnsberg

E-mail: info@brukshotelletskinnsberg.se


Norra Brickens

bed & breakfast

Cozy cottage on an active farm next to nature, lakes

and sights. The farm has been in use since the 1600’s

with views over Lake Stora Kedjen and horse paddocks.

The lake has good fishing and a private beach for

swimming. The cottage has a kitchen, bathroom,

bedroom with two beds and woodstove, and a living

room with additional beds and an open fireplace.

Book our breakfast buffet or make your own in your

well-stocked kitchen or grill in nature on the veranda or

lakeside. Sheets, towels and cleaning included. The

cottage is smoke free and pets are welcome with prior

arrangement. This farm property is run with a focus on

sustainability. Both horses and dogs live on the property.

Available between the 15th of April until the end of

October. The property lies in the village of Stjärnvik

close to route 250 between Skinnskatteberg and Fagersta.

Bruksleden hiking trail passes by the property.

Barbro Wahlberg

Phone: +46 (0)70 - 929 84 85

E-mail: brickennorragmnail.com

Stjärnvik 20, 737 91 Fagersta



Udden B&B

Pensionat Udden lies 8km northwest of Skinnskatteberg

and is beautifully situated on a peninsula of Lake

Storsjön complete with private sandy beach. This

guest house has a large lounge with TV and fireplace,

breakfast room and large veranda overlooking the lake.

Great opportunities for activities and relaxation nearby.

Pensionat Udden has seven double rooms, individually

decorated in soft tones. Rooms have a shower and


Solmyra 56 Gästhem

& Flea Market

Between Färna and Kolsva on Lake Långsvan’s eastern

shore is Solmyra 56 Guest House and Flea Market.

This guest house offers four double rooms, two smaller

rooms and two larger, all with comfortable double beds.

Bed linen, towels, and breakfast included. Swimmers

will be pleased to know that beach access lies only 100

meters from the guest house. Take a tour on the lake in

our row boat or buy a fishing license on the internet, see


Price includes breakfast buffet:

Double room 575kr/person

Single room 800kr/person

Open from May until the 30th of November

Phone: +46(0)70-719 54 34

Eva Andersson

Phone: +46 (0)73-140 14 42

Solmyra 56, 731 15 Kolsva

E-post: info@solmyra56.se



Baggå Skola B&B

Relax and disconnect from the stresses of modern life.

Stay in historic Baggå Skola, a schoolhouse from the

1800’s, now an active organic farm on the edge of an

enchanted forest and right next to the Hedströmmen

River. Baggå Skola offers charming rooms in an inspiring

setting - a wonderful place for food enthusiasts and

nature lovers (summer café is on the premises - read

about it below).

This unique B&B offers distinctive rooms with shared

bathrooms and breakfasts of fresh baked bread and

other treats. Grill, swim, explore, sleep late and relax at

Baggå Skola B&B! Open year round.

Booking: www.baggaskola.com, +46 (0)73-999 54 61

Baggå Skola Café

It’s happening in Baggå Skola Café! In this 135-yearold

schoolhouse, couple Amy and Tomas have established

a café and bed and breakfast. Early mornings

in the garden and laughter from the kitchen, the smell

of freshly baked bread and coffee mixes in this unique

farm-to-table café on the Hedströmmen River. Fresh

wraps with garden salad, in-house rhubarb juice, stimulating

talks and happy staff. Baggå School Café caters

to all dietary needs and also for larger parties.

Follow them on Facebook for today’s menu or call

073-568-1133 for more information.

Café hours: Saturdays and Sundays 10am-4pm from

May to September

Forsbyn 10, 73991, Skinnskatteberg

Phone: +46 (0)73-568-1133

E-mail: skolgarden@live.com


Experience Skinnskatteberg 2019 in english!

Please take your time and browse through this years edition of Experience Skinnskatteberg magazine online.

We are proud to be able to offer the magazine in english at our website www.upplevskinnskatteberg.se.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

Phone number: +46 (0)222-51 57 40 or

e-mail: upplev@skinnskatteberg.se



Stay at Sweden’s most primitive hostel. At Kolarbyn you get no electricity nor running water. Instead, you sleep well in

front of the crackling fireplace and wake up to birdsong. Silence, wilderness and exciting forest experiences just a couple

of hours from the big city grind! This hostel is comprised of 12 two-person coal huts in the middle of a pine forest.

Each hut comes with inflatable matrasses covered in sheepskin furs and has a wood burning stove. At Kolarbyn you

can cut your own firewood and gather blueberries just outside your door. All guests have access to our floating sauna,

kitchen utensils, and wood for fires. Between May and November price also includes breakfast. Pre-book lunch or

dinner with us or consider a special experience where you can make ‘A Traditional Coalminers Dinner.’ As a guest

at Kolarbyn, you have access to sleeping bag rentals, canoes, private sauna, lake swimming and towels. We even

sell wilderness accessories such as knives and fire starters. We offer exciting activity packages such as ‘’Romantic

Getaway in a Coalminers Hut,’’ ‘’Bush craft and Survival’’ courses, wilderness riding and much more. Learn more at


Open every day from May to November. Check-in between 2pm-3pm, check-out at 11am.

December-April: open certain weekends and holidays for larger groups.

Book lodging or read more about our packages and activities via our website: www.kolarbyn.se

E-mail: info@kolarbyn.se

Phone: +46 (0)70 - 400 70 53 (10:00-16:00,

but we are located in the middle of the forest so the

e-mail is the more certain choice of communication).




This youth camp is beautifully situated by Lake

Långsvan and is available for rent for overnight or

day-long visits. 18 beds + 5 beds in the little cottage.

Modern kitchen, showers and toilet. Basement

equipped with sauna, showers, toilet and laundry room.

Private dock with boats, canoes and barbecue areas.

Playground and adventure site in the nearby forest


Malingsbo camping

Malingsbo Camping offers camping close to nature.

As a guest you get a cozy spot to call home and can

explore all the fishing and nature adventures around

you. Malingsbo Camping offers you a

relaxed spot where you can dust off the day’s stress

and unwind from the high tempo of your busy life.

Reception open:

June, July and August

8am – 8pm

Other times, visit: www.malingsbocamping.se


Year round

Phone weekdays 9am-5pm

Andersgården, Sunnanvik

Tel/Phone: +46 (0)221 - 178 12,

+46 (0)70 - 375 80 91

Mikael Tarkka och Jani Niemelä

Tel/Phone: 0240-35098




Gisslarbo B&B

A small personal B & B next to road 250 in a scenic setting

around the Gisslarbo River. Double / single rooms available

with shower and WC. Buffet breakfast included.


Hemsida: gisslarbocountryhouse.se



Bockhammar is 1 km from road 250 in Stjärnvik, about

20 km south of Fagersta. Stallkarlsgården is next to

Ebba Brahes Lusthus. Accommodation in quiet, scenic

and historic environment. Live in a log house built in

1870 where you have a modern kitchen, fully equipped

for self-catering. Large cottage with TV, seating area

and dining table for 6-8 people, 2 bedrooms with 3 and

4 beds. Bed linen and towels included. Bathroom with

WC. Veranda and garden with seating. The house is

smoke and animal free. At Stallkarlsgården there is also

the Loppisboden, find your secondhand treasures here

during the summer.


Open all year round by pre-booking via phone or


Inger och Sune Karlsson

Phone: +46 (0)222 - 260 60

E-post karlsson.bockhammar@tele2.se

Adress: Stallkarlsgården Bockhammar 9,

737 91 Fagersta


Sports Camp

Hostel and Hotel. Sleep in fully equipped hotel rooms

or in dorms with bunk beds. In total there is room for

100 overnight guests. Forest just around the corner

and close to fine swimming. Systemairhallen organizes

training camps with an indoor football hall with artificial

turf in the Nordic standard.

Phone: +46 (0)70 - 259 72 04

Idrottsvägen 1, Skinnskatteberg

E-mail: Systemairhallen@gmail.com



Färna Herrgård & Spa

Färna is a place to enjoy whether you are on a romantic weekend or a business conference. Experience the contrast

between a manor house salon and the wild Bergslag nature. Spa guests have access to the indoor pool, aroma-,

infra- or dry sauna and even a hot spring under an open sky.

Färna has an award winning kitchen and is recommended by Chaine des Rotisseurs and the White Guide. In Färna’s

kitchen, innovative food is made with love and respect for natural ingredients. The restaurant is slow-food inspired and

is sourced from our own kitchen garden, locally selected farmers, dairies, and the surrounding forests.

On the manor’s grounds is also Färna Herrgårdsbod, a 300 square meter boutique with a carefully chosen selection of

clothes from Scandinavian designers, plus home decor, jewelry and unique gift items.

Färna Herrgård is open all year round.

Phone: +46 (0)222 -281 90

Färna Herrgård 1, 739 70 Skinnskatteberg

Email: bokning@farnaherrgard.se




Färna Herrgårdsbod

Färna Herrgårdsbod, housed in Färna Herrgård’s large stable, is filled to the brim with trendy home décor, jewelry,

local handicrafts, and gifts. Here you can find clothes from NER, I’Say, Soulmate, and Norwegian Bohéme.

Fika and ice cream for sale. Popular Christmas Market celebrates its 25th year between the 8th-10th of November.

Open year round.

May 14-September 22

Tuesday-Saturday 11-5, Sunday 11-4

Other open times:

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 11-5, Sunday 11-4

Phone: +46 (0)222 - 281 81

Färna herrgårdsbod



Färna odlingar

(Färna Cultivars)

On the grounds of Färna Herrgårds old factory fields,

new life is blooming. Different kinds of rhubarb and

black currant grow in long rows while honeybees buzz

along the forest edge.

Färna Odlingar sells premium locally produced products

from their own high quality produce. Since 2013

when Färna Odlingar broke ground on the 30 hectare

of land over 30,000 black currant and 15,000 rhubarb

plants have been planted. Since this time, harvests

have increased rapidly and are used to create flavorful

juices and spiced wine for sale throughout Skinnskatteberg

and Västmanland.

Look for the label Färna Odlingar and taste our

environmentally and Svenskt Sigill certified drinks!

ICA Nära Berghallen

ICA Nära Berghallen offers a wide assortment of

groceries from the basics to the extraordinary.

Want something a little extra? Visit our Berghall deli

where we have fresh meats, salad bar, pre-made

lunches or create your own picnic from our large

selection of items.

Warmest welcome!

Färna Västmanland


Phone: 070-811 68 90


Ica berghallen

Phone: +46 (0)222 - 410 30

Centralvägen 1,

73930 Skinnskatteberg




Fishing licenses, kiosk, flowers and potting soil

Handlarn i


Handlar’n in Riddarhyttan.

Bernshammar 5, 73115 Kolsva

08:00-18:00 every day.

Phone: +46 (0)222 - 130 12

Centralvägen, 730 91 Riddarhyttan



Coop Konsum Skinnskatteberg.



Summer open every day between 10am and 5pm.

Large selection of flowers, household items and home


Phone: 010-741 27 70

Centralvägen 13-15, 739 30 Skinnskatteberg


Phone: +46 (0)222 - 150 26

Baggbron 8, 73991 Skinnskatteberg



Systembolaget Skinnskatteberg.

Phone: +46 (0)222 - 121 15

Centralvägen 7, 739 30 Skinnskatteberg


Runes Sport

Since 1952, Runes Sport has been a destination for

the sports enthusiast. Runes Sport has a fully stocked

shop supporting a wide range of sports and outdoor


During the summer, fishing, camping, cycling, hiking,

and jogging are the sports in focus, from shoes to an

in-house bike shop and a large selection of fishing

equipment for all you need to succeed on the water.

During the winter months skiing, both cross-country and

alpine, is our focus and has been for the last 30 years!

We have one of Sweden’s largest selections of cross

country and downhill skis as well as outdoor clothes for

the whole family.

Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the right

equipment for your next adventure!

Welcome in to a real sporting goods store!

Follow us!

Skinnskattebergs kommun


Runes Sport, Centralvägen 16, Skinnskatteberg,

Phone: +46 (0)222-101 62

E-mail: skinnskatteberg@sportringen.se

visit: www.runessport.se





Baggbrobygdens byalag

Jonas vildmark

Lerkulans äventyr och allfix

Lösa tyglar

Forsens islandshästar


Wild Sweden


Folkets Park

Svansjöarnas fiskevårdsförening


Kulturhuset Korpen

Oxbrons Banvaktsstuga

Kulturreservatet i Skräppbo

Ebba Brahes lusthus/ Café Bockhammar

Skinnskattebergs herrgårdsmiljö

Bastnäs gruvfält


Lienshyttans masugn

Röda jorden


Uttersbergs bruksmiljö

Karmansbo bruksmiljö

Gallery Astley, Museum Tree of life och Guldmisteln

Skinnskattebergs Hembygdsförening

Grafikverkstan godsmagasinet


Stjärnvik, Norra Brickens bed & breakfast

Systemairhallen Sports camp

Baggå Skola B&B, Baggå Skola Café

Gisslarbo B&B

Pensionat Udden B&B

Solmyra 56 Gästhem och loppis

Kolarbyn Eco Lodge


Malingsbo camping

Hotell Station

Stallkarlsgården Bockhammar

Brukshotellet Skinnsberg

Färna Herrgård & spa

Uniqe Commerce

Runes sport

Färna Herrgårdsbod

Baggbrons överskottsförsäljning

Färna odlingar

Check out these spots

during your visit!

Check off your favorite



Café Bockhammar

Edtihas wok

Bosses grill


Pizzeria Färna

Lokstallet & Kurj

Restaurang Station


Instagram it? Don’t forget to use #upplevskinnskatteberg



Winter adventures should not

be forgotten. Find great deals

during the annual ski gear sale

at our local sporting goods store.

Carve your skis through fresh

snowfall to pristine winter landscapes.

Challenge yourself to

a day of ice fishing on a frozen

lake. Or just start your Christmas

shopping early at any one

of many Christmas markets, aka




The candles light up the darkness

and the wool socks come

out again, Autumn is a time to

get cozy.

Of course there is still a lot to

do in Skinnskatteberg. Autumn

markets offer locally harvested

produce or an afternoon tea

served in a manor house and

the season’s start of the culture

center Korpen’s top-notch performances.

These are just a few of

the things to do when fall comes

around again.


Greet spring with a round of

mini-golf, take a fika and listen

to the snow melting off the roofs,

eat a luxurious meal filled with

early spring vegetables, or treat

yourself to a spa day with heated

pool in the fresh spring air.


Kulturriket i Bergslagen


Phone: +46 (0)222-51 57 40 turistinfo@skinnskatteberg.se www.skinnskatteberg.se www.upplevskinnskatteberg.se


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