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Pastor column

Reflect on ‘watershed’ moments

Jim McGuire

Joliet Area Community Hospice

Have you ever

stopped to

consider the

“watershed” moments in

your life? Those turning

points of great personal

significance. For someone

it may be the day you

received your driver’s

license. Perhaps for

someone else it was the

day you were accepted

into the school of your

dreams, or the day you

pledged your life in marriage.

Certainly welcoming

a newborn baby into

the family is a watershed

moment. We have all

experienced at least one

watershed moment.

March 29, 2019 was

a watershed day for me

as I published my first

book, STAY: Four Pillars

for Living Life and

Finishing Well. I released

it in ebook and paperback

through Amazon.

The book is a memoir

detailing my 19 years as

a chaplain with the local

hospice. Throughout the

book, I use anecdotal

stories of some of the

wonderful people I have


The release of the book

was the culmination of

three years of writing,

research and reflection.

There were several

critical moments in the

process. The first being

the night I sat down at

the kitchen table with an

iPad, keyboard and numerous

random thoughts

and began to type.

Another pivotal moment

came when I watched a

video tutorial and the presenter

said, “No one cares

about the book you never

finished.” In that moment,

it was like a kick

in the pants. I knew right

then that I either needed

to finish the book or stop

thinking about it.

Hiring a professional

managing editor was another

one of these important

moments in moving

the book from concept

to completion. The editor’s

input and expertise

helped make for a more

enjoyable read. Her work

was invaluable.

When we think about

these watershed moments

in our lives, they are usually

the culmination of

dedication, hard work and

perseverance. There are

times when we experience

such life-changing

events with little or no

input; however, most of

the memorable moments

in our lives come about

as the result of the many

small decisions we make

along the way.

It’s okay to, “Wish

upon a star,” so long as

you don’t spend your entire

life gazing into space.

Watershed moments often

come after you and I have

made the commitment to

put in the work.

So what is it that you

are working toward

today? Do you want the

ball in your hand as the

clock is winding down

and the score is tied?

Then practice, practice,

practice. Do you want to

make the Honor Roll at

school? Then you may

need to spend less time

goofing off and more time

studying. Are you looking

for significant and meaningful

relationships? Then

work on being your best

self today and everyday.

I am pleased to write

that the book has been

well received. I continue

to learn throughout this

process, such is life.

While we reflect upon the

watershed events in our

life, we do not remain in

that moment in time. Life

moves on, as it should.

So let’s move forward,

anticipating that there

will come additional watershed

moments, making

good decisions each and

everyday. Here’s to a life

well lived.

I can be contacted at


com if you would like to

purchase a signed copy of

the book, STAY: Four Pillars

for Living Life and

Finishing Well or you can

find it at

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