Best Cbse Schools In Sharjah


CBSE Schools have the most flexible curriculum hence choosing Best CBSE Schools in Sharjah might be challenging sometimes. This guide will surely help you to choose the Best CBSE Schools in Sharjah to get your child enrolled in.

Best Cbse Schools In Sharjah

Are you confused?

Schools are the foundation for children and parents never want to compromise in choosing the

best school wherever they live. But the choices are many even if you are in foreign cities like

Sharjah. So easily a person gets confused. This article will try to help you out, to a large extent.

After all, one doesn’t want his or her child’s life to be ruined by admission in a wrong school. So

let me take you through a very informative article on ​Best CBSE Schools in Sharjah​. Never

forget, in the learning stage of your child, they should get the best.

Sharjah- Future Education Hub

Sharjah is the third largest city in the UAE and one of the most populous cities. Sharjah has

always given importance to education. Over the years, Sharjah has grown considerably be the

growth of economic or cultural. It is attracting both, business interests and tourism. With such a

development, Sharjah is also becoming pro-academic with a number of schools opening up in the

country. We’re going to see the ​Best CBSE Schools in Sharjah​ that would shape a student’s

future in the right direction.

Importance of CBSE in your Child’s life

CBSE as a board of education is playing a vital role in shaping an individual’s life in India as

well as in foreign countries by providing quality education. CBSE is also actively participating to

help students to master the growing cutting edge technologies in Sharjah, UAE. CBSE is a

recognized board of Government of India which works with an idea of target based learning in

Sharjah. The examinations conducted by the ​Best CBSE Schools in Sharjah​ are focused,

logical and centred in its methodology. Significant tests like PMT and IIT-JEE depend on CBSE

schedule. If you want your child to keep pace with the world’s progressions you can spare some

of your time to think about these CBSE schools in Sharjah.

CBSE curriculum in Sharjah

Some of the ​Best CBSE Schools in Sharjah​ have English, Mathematics, General Knowledge,

Art & Craft, Music and Games, Arabic, Moral Science / Islamic Studies, Work Experience,

Science & Technology, UAE Social Studies, Social Science, Physical & Health Education and

plethora of other options in their scheme of subjects. CBSE schools are not only providing

theoretical knowledge but also they emphasize learning through hands-on-activities and practical

applications of the knowledge. Extra-curricular activities like sports such as cricket, basketball,

volleyball, table tennis, swimming, martial arts, athletics, these are all part of regular CBSE

curriculum in Sharjah.

Some Best Schools

Delhi Private School Sharjah, Emirates National School Sharjah,​ ​India International School

Sharjah, New Horizon Indian School,The Indian Academy Sharjah, Sharjah Indian School,

Springdale Indian School etc. are some of the ​Best CBSE Schools in Sharjah​. All these schools

aim at making its own contribution towards establishing principles of social justice, equality of

opportunity, genuine freedom, respect for religious and moral values enshrined in the

constitution of India in conformity with the social standard of living and etiquette existing in the

U.A.E. With this aim in view, the schools give adequate training for the students to become role

models with innovative ideas and vision to work for the betterment of humanity.


A good school should provide not only academic growth but also consider all round physical and

psychological development of a student. Providing proper facilities for sports, music, dance,

literature, yoga etc. enhances the offering quotient of a school. The hostel is yet another facility

that makes a school very valuable.​ ​Best CBSE schools in Sharjah​ try to create a safe,

secure, positive and happy environment for students as well as their parents. They follow various

enrichment programs to encourage children to be interested in the areas like Robotics, The Gavel

Club, Formula One and many more.

For more Information visit school websites

We hope we were able to help you to some extent. For more information about the​ ​Best CBSE

Schools in Sharjah​, It is advisable to visit the school website or make a call using the website

and the phone number provided on the websites. It is to be noted that all the fees information and

details of school curriculum need to be exercised before your final call. With such development

going on in Sharjah in the educational field, definitely, it is expected that it will become an

Education hub in the coming future.

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