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Parish News from Anand, our Rector

Dear All,

So much has been going in our parish as the

weather has warmed up. The Watoto Choir Concert

was a very memorable event. Thanks to Susannah

Van Staten for organising everything. Many

families provided hospitality to choir members for

which the parish is very grateful. Another major

event coming up on 30 June is the confirmation of

6 adult parishioners by Bishop Roger. The service

should be very moving and special. On 13 July, Archdeacon Robin King

will be leading our Quiet Day meditations and on 14 July we have a

special Picnic Service in Chrishall.

Wishing you all a restful summer break and safe journeys wherever you

are going. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

Warmly in Christ,

The Pulsitillas

On Saturday 27 July at Holy Trinity, Heydon, 7.30pm, Sarah Harrison

and Ros Holbrow will deliver their fast moving comedy review of

songs, poems and patter, laced with a dash of pathos for the last ever

time! Laughter, song and wit, along with wine and food.

Tickets £15 including a glass of fizz on arrival and finger food in the

interval. Wine, beer and soft drinks available to purchase on the night.

Contact Ann – 838366, Angela – 837163 or Mel – 838289 for tickets.

Parish Walk

This year’s annual Parish Walk will take place on Saturday 28

September. Full details and route in September magazine.













Call Melanie

Tel: 01763 836961


The Family Funeral Service

Personal Care and Aenon

24 hours a day by local, qualified staff

Bespoke Service Sheets


PrePaid Funeral Plans from Golden Charter

Saffron Walden (01799) 523314

Duxford (01223) 833463

Cambridge (01223) 415255

Haverhill (01440) 840140


Thought for the month

What is new life in Christ?

A couple of weeks ago the Watoto choir performed a lovely, heartfelt

concert where many were moved by the spirit. When the leader of the

choir invited people to make a commitment to follow Christ many

people, including children, responded by raising their hands. I don’t

know what was going on in their minds but there must have been a

reason for them to make this decision. Some may be regular

churchgoers and worshippers but I believe there is a point in time when

we ‘turn around’ (repent) and give our hearts to the Lord.

This reminds me of my own experience when I was in my late teens. I

was in an open air meeting with thousands of people when the preacher

asked us all to make a decision to follow Christ. I responded in exactly

the same way as some people did in Chrishall Church. I had a spiritual

experience that day and felt that my life had changed. Things started to

look different with a new understanding of God and a deep desire to

pray and read the Bible. My life became more disciplined and a new

spiritual strength emerged deep within me as I started to read the Bible

and pray. When this happened I was in a Christian boarding school and

attended chapel prayers both morning and evening. Whilst I was born

into a Christian family, I will never forget that day. Maybe you had a

similar experience at Watoto’s concert, if so, I would be delighted to

hear from you.

Jesus said, “Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to

spirit” (John 3:6). As human beings we are made up of both physical

and spiritual components or perhaps one could say ‘body, soul and

spirit’. The Bible says, ‘Then the Lord God took dust from the ground

and made a man. He breathed the breath of life into the man's nose,

and the man became a living thing’ (Genesis 2:7). The ‘dust’ is a

metaphor for the physical component and ‘breath’ is a metaphor for the

spiritual component with parents passing on the physical components to

children and the breath of life, which is spiritual, coming from God

continued on page 6


(See Zechariah 12:1; Isaiah 42:5; Hebrews 12:9). ‘As God is Spirit he

gives his spirit of life to us’ (John 4:24).

Since the fall of human beings into sin it is the spiritual component, the

soul, that can be sinful or righteous, lost or saved. ‘The soul who sins

shall die’ (Ezekiel 18:4 NKJV). Hence the soul needs a shift in

direction and a new life. When a new life in Christ is received the

change is so radical that they are spiritually ‘born again’, which is what

Jesus meant when he said “I assure you, everyone must be born again.

Anyone who is not born again cannot be in God's kingdom” (John 3:3).

For those who did not have a similar experience at Watoto’s concert,

don’t be concerned, you can still make a decision when you are

prompted or touched by the breath of God. For some of you this may

happen gradually. Let’s all be open to His promptings.

Yours in His vineyard

Anand Sodadasi

Church Mice

Summer Special

at 11am on 2 August

Mill House, Wenden Lofts (CB11 4UW)

All pre-schoolers, siblings and former Church Mice welcome (and their adults)

For more information contact Helen 01799 520398 or Alison 837303


Sam Smith re-opens

Gt Chishill Windmill

International singing star Sam Smith was in Great

Chishill on Saturday 8 June to help the village

celebrate the re-opening of its windmill after an

extensive restoration programme. Great Chishill

Windmill, on the border of Cambridgeshire and

Hertfordshire, is one of only seven open trestle

mills left in the country and the only one fitted with

a fantail for automatic turning to wind.

In addressing the crowd of around 300, Sam said

“I am delighted to be back in Chishill, the village

that I grew up in from the age of four. I have many

happy memories, like running through the fields

behind us, dancing to Beyoncé.” He later posted on Instagram that it

“made me so emotional to be back home with my family and friends”

and that he was “honoured” to be part of the unveiling.

The programme for the re-opening included a celebratory drink at the

windmill, a coach shuttle, and a complimentary tea and entertainment in

the Village Hall. Chair of the Great Chishill Windmill Trust, Hazel

Hayden, commented that, although there was no charge to attend the

event, nonetheless donations of over £1,900 were received as everyone

expressed their delight at the friendly atmosphere generated.

The Trustee responsible for managing the project, David McKeown,

explained that the Trust received grants from Historic England, Society

for the Protection of Ancient Buildings,

Great and Little Chishill Parish Council,

and South Cambs Community Chest,

and raised more than £26,000 by

fundraising events. The restoration has

so far cost £110,000 but he expects the

total cost to exceed £150,000. This

should see the windmill safeguarded for

another 100 years. Hazel Hayden

















News from the United

Reformed Church

Contact angusgent@gmail.com

Please note there will be no services in the URC during July and August.

Scout Night Workshop

We had the great pleasure of welcoming

the Barley Scouts run by Fred Kuenzi

who lives in Great Chishill. Their

mission was to unpick old scout tents

and make them into “ In Tents”

shopping bags or whatever one may

need a tough endurable bag for. It was

an extremely entertaining and

enlightening evening and it was a great pleasure being in the company of

and teaching these keen young Scouts; to unpick, cut out, print and use a

sewing machine. I think one of the things they learnt was that precision

was of utmost importance if the end result was to work correctly! We

were extremely grateful to Lindsay Crawley for her help and expert

guidance. Tess Gent

From The Registers


Freddie Musson

on Sunday 9 June at St Swithun’s, Great Chishill


Brie Moule and Matthew Grindling

on Friday 7 June at St Nicholas, Elmdon

Wedding Blessing

Harry and Alex Picton-Turbervill

on Saturday 15 June at Holy Trinity, Chrishall


Parish Charity News

Chrishall School - Danbury 2019

On 22 May, we set off to Danbury Outdoor Education Centre for a new

adventure to test our skills. When we arrived, the sun was shining

brightly. We were greeted by a member of

staff, then assigned cabins. Over the three

days, we experienced a wide variety of

activities from problem solving to zip wiring,

from low ropes to high ropes, and caving to

climbing. We personally enjoyed archery the

most as it involved precision and

concentration. The zip wire was a thrilling


Some of the skills we learnt were: Cavingtrust

your surroundings, Climbingcommunication,

Problem solving-teamwork,

High ropes-bravery, Low ropes-using your

initiative and Archery-concentration.

In the evenings we could relax or interact and play football with other

schools. Some nights we went on walks around the grounds and one

night we played rounders. The group leaders were fun to be with and

really encouraging. Judging from everyone’s opinions, it was an amazing

trip and we wish we could go again! Rosanna and Caitlin


Uttlesford Citizens Advice has launched a new service called “Help to

Claim” for those who need help to apply for Universal Credit, the new

benefit that combines six benefits, including Jobseekers Allowance and

Working Tax Credits, into one. People will be able to get support from

the charity as they submit their Universal Credit application until they get

their first full payment.

Kate Robson, Chief Officer of Uttlesford Citizens Advice, said:

“We know that many people really struggle to complete the application

for Universal Credit, especially if they do not have easy access to a

computer. Our new ‘help to claim’ service will support people locally to

get the benefit as quickly as possible. If you are worried about having

enough money to live on

while waiting for your first

Universal Credit payment,

we can also help with

applications for advance

payments, check your

entitlement to other

benefits and offer

budgeting and debt advice,

if needed.”

Saffron Walden Branch

Barnards Yard,

CB11 4EB

T: 01799 618840

Royston Branch

Town Hall,

Melbourn St,

Royston SG8 7DA

T: 0344 411 1444



Uttlesford Community Travel

Book–A–Ride is a charity that provides services to the residents of

Uttlesford, who find it difficult to access normal public transport, the

over 60’s, the disabled, groups and those who are rurally isolated.

Their minibuses provide a door to door service to the shops, hairdressers,

to visit friends, garden centres, just about anywhere, as well as all types

of medical appointments. Their minibuses are easily recognisable,

wheelchair accessible and the drivers are fully trained. Groups are also

able to hire the minibuses (maximum 15 seats) for outings including trips

to the coast, theatre, afternoon tea, stately homes, and school trips/sports


They also provide a hospital car service for those who have difficulty

getting to hospital or clinic appointments; matching requests for transport

with volunteer drivers.

Book-A-Ride are based in Great Dunmow but operate throughout the

district, running 6 buses and approximately 40 hospital cars. Their staff

offer a vital personal service. They understand that some members are

hard of hearing, sometimes confused or just want a chat and a bit of

human interaction. The office hours are 9am - 1pm Monday to Friday

and bus operating hours are 9am - 5pm with flexibility to include

weekends and evenings where needed. The Hospital Car Service can be

booked anytime to suit appointments, including evenings and weekends.

There is a membership fee of £10 pa (£20 for groups) and subsidised

journey fares.

As a charity they are unable to operate without an army of wonderful

volunteers. Some make themselves available late nights and weekends to

ensure that members get to their destination safely, comfortably and on

time. They are always urgently looking for volunteers for the office, bus


driving and as hospital car drivers and there is no obligation for big

commitments or hours. It’s interesting, rewarding and good fun.

If you are interested in their service as a member or volunteer please call

for a chat on 01371 875787 or 01799 519008

For many of our members, problems getting out and about can create

feelings of isolation, loneliness and a disconnection to the outside world.

Some do not have family and friends who can regularly help and for

those who need to visit the doctors or hospital on a regular basis, the

organisation of this can become very worrying.

Commercially operated bus routes are diminishing and taxi services are

impersonal and expensive. Uttlesford is also a particularly rural area and

we will go to wherever is needed to collect and drop off our members.

We are seeing the implementation of longer day and weekend operating

for hospital and clinic appointments and are now receiving requests for

help travelling in the evenings, weekends and bank holidays. Currently,

this is proving difficult to administer with our current resources. Hence

the urgent need for more volunteers and funding. David Perks


Watoto Children’s


On 21 May, Holy Trinity, Chrishall welcomed

the Watoto Children’s Choir from Uganda to

perform their new album‘ We Will Go’. The 28

strong choir met with the Eco Squad and Choir

from Chrishall School in the afternoon, joined

by Mrs Bratley, to discuss each country and

share activities. In the evening, the church came

alive with such a vibrant concert of live worship

music and dancing. The Watoto Children shared their personal stories.

Most are orphans and they have the privilege to tell that ‘it is possible to

have joy, to laugh and to have hope, no matter what you’re going

through. Look at what God’s done in my life’. We raised £1,117 (plus

Gift Aid) to support the work of Watoto - to provide homes, love and

support for widows and orphans in Uganda. God’s love does indeed

transform lives and we were so blessed to feel their hugs and smiles and

be uplifted by their music.

Susannah Van Staten


Hamlet Happenings

Talk on the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire

by one of the Volunteers

On Friday 20 September 2019

At 7.30 pm at Duddenhoe End Village Hall

Tickets £8.00 each including a glass of Wine

The UK’S Living Centre of Remembrance is run mostly by Volunteers and

covers not only the 2 World Wars, but all subsequent conflicts as well as

civilian, emergency services, fraternity groups and individuals. There are 350

memorials within the 150 acre Arboretum, including a Memorial to those shot

for cowardice in the 1st World War who were subsequently pardoned.

Funds in aid of the Hamlet Church

Tickets from Kate Chambers 838754

Where is this?

Winning photo by Jemima Painter,

age 11, from Pattana School,

Bangkok. The photograph was

taken locally in March when

Jemima was visiting her

grandparents, Martin and Ann Lane,

from Great Chishill. Do you

recognize this sofa? (answer in

September edition)








B.!888A()5@6,*-(./A2#7! !



c e



A local, expert service for all your

ecological survey and environmental

planning needs





…. your local Handyman

ALL jobs undertaken inside and out

Call Neil now on:

01763 837063 or 07771 796458

or visit


News from the Villages


Church Bookings – vj8@hotmail.co.uk

Village Hall Bookings – Chrishallvhbookings@gmail.com

Sunday 14 July - Picnic Service at Broad Oak Cottage, Crawley End.

The service will start at 11.30am. Please bring your own picnic and rugs

and any musical instruments you play if you would like to join in. Any

special requests for music, please let the church office know in advance

so they can be rehearsed. Thanks to Ron and Susannah Van Staten for


Saturday 7 September - Save the Date – Open Air Cinema on Jigneys’

Meadow. Join us to watch The Greatest Showman. Licensed bar and

food available to purchase.

Duddenhoe End

Village Hall Bookings – susanne@devh.org

Friday 20 September, 7.30pm at the Village Hall, a Talk on the National

Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.

See advert for full details.


Village Hall Bookings - patricia_ingham@yahoo.co.uk

Saturday 6 July - Picnic Lunch, 12.30-3pm at Lodge Farm, Elmdon.

Join us for French Food and Fun. Adults £10, Under 16’s £5, Family

Ticket £20. Tickets from Anne.tozer@gmail.com or the church office.

Great Chishill

Village Hall Bookings – janet@purple13.co.uk

Friday 5 and Sunday 7 July - St Swithun’s Weekend, Great Chishill

Join us at 7.30pm on Friday evening for Pimm’s and Jazz in the URC

Chapel and on Sunday for a day of fun at St Swithun’s, ending in a Songs

of Praise Service at 5.30pm. Contact Tessgent@gmail.com for




Saturday 13 July - Quiet Day, 10am-1pm, at Holy Trinity and Heydon

Place Gardens with Archdeacon Robin King. Refreshments provided but

please bring a packed lunch.

Saturday 27 July -The Pulsitillas at Holy Trinity, Heydon, 7.30pm.

Tickets £15 including a glass of fizz on arrival and finger food in the

interval. See advert for details.

Sunday 1 September - Save the Date -You are invited to an Afternoon

Tea Party at 14 Chishill Road, Heydon, 3pm, to celebrate 100 years of

Save the Children, for which there will be a collection. It would be

helpful to let Virginia Barnes know if you are coming on 838309.

British Red Cross Open Garden at Heydon Place – Thank you to all

who turned up at the Bank Holiday weekend. Dead on 2pm, opening

time, it started to rain but fortunately, although it was a wet afternoon, it

did not dampen spirits. Tea in the church was also well attended and the

sum raised was just under £1,500!

History of Heydon – A bit thank you to Andrew Drury who told us

about the history of buildings in Heydon with slides and stories. Many of

us recognised ourselves looking a lot younger! We raised £534 for church


Little Chishill

Sunday 4 August - join us at St Nicholas for a Summer Celebration

Service and Bring and Share Lunch at 11.30am. All welcome!


British Red Cross Week May 2019

The recent House to House collection in Littlebury, Littlebury Green,

Catmere End & Strethall raised £529 for this worthy charity. Many

thanks to all those who made generous donations, and to Rose Johnson,

Ann Warren, Gill & Duncan Gates, Janice Rust, Ann Mackenzie, Tanya

Romyn & Steve Gale who gave up their time to collect.

Catmere End & Strethall Open Gardens

Approximately 150 visitors enjoyed the eight very different gardens in

Catmere End, Strethall & the edge of Elmdon on a bright Sunday


afternoon. They also enjoyed delicious teas & cakes at Strethall Church

(as did members of some rambling groups who happened to be passing!)

& the chance to buy some plants at the plant stall. Almost £1300 was

raised for Strethall Church…..a fantastic result! Grateful thanks to all

those who supported this event from Strethall DCC!

Tennis at Strethall – As usual, the tennis court in beautiful Strethall is

available for everyone. The more times you play, the more money raised

for our unique church. Rates remain the same: adults, £2 per person per

hour; students: £1.50 per person per hour. Contact Roger Harcourt 01799


Thank you!

Ned Tozer was delighted with his gift of a giant wheelbarrow, to thank

him for many years as parish treasurer. We are so pleased to see it is

being put to good use!


Daks Over Duxford

The Douglas Dakota, the name it was given

by the RAF, otherwise the C47 Skytrain is a

military derivative of the iconic DC3

airliner - the aircraft that shrunk the States.

It is a twin engined workhorse transport and

troop carrier that saw service in all theatres

during WW2, and beyond.

Built in thousands, at the height of production at a rate of one per hour (yes

it's true!) it was considered to be pivotal to the Allied war effort. General

Eisenhower famously put it amongst the most important of contributing

factors to success, alongside the Sherman tank and Willys Jeep. So good is

the design that there are still around 2,000 flying and operating.

During the night preceding the main amphibious landing on 6th June 1944,

D Day, some 20,000 paratroops were carried over to Normandy by 1,200

aircraft and towed gliders. They were to be dropped inland with the task of

securing the important strategic points that would enable the main landing

force to break out of the beachhead without delay. There were some

famous actions carried-out by the Airborne Divisions; units of the British

6th Division held what became known as Pegasus Bridge a crossing of

vital importance; the American 101st Division 'The Sceaming Eagles'

(Band of Brothers) had to secure the exits from Utah beach and beyond.

So it was that on the 4th and 5th of June at IWM Duxford we witnessed

one of the largest gatherings of Dakotas/C47s/DC3 seen since 1945, as

around 30 flew in from America and all parts of Europe in honour of the

brave paratroopers and aircrew that

took part in the airborne invasion

75 years ago. Two days of flying,

ground exhibitions and events

culminated in a crossing by two

waves of these old aircraft from

Duxford to Normandy to carry out

a re-enacted 'round chute' drop. A

fitting commemoration of the

gallant action of 1944. Bill Jones




• Classes are designed to create an entire experience of

‘mindfulness through movement’.

• Strategic sequencing is designed to increase strength and

flexibility while releasing stress and fatigue.

• Suitable for all levels and genders.

Please get in touch: becky@chantingstork.com

E & E Plumridge Ltd

Typesetting • Colour Printing

Booklets • Leaflets • Stationeryy

41 High Street, Linton

Cambridge CB21 4HS

Tel: (01223) 891407

Email: plumridges@gmail.com

July/August Dates for regular events


3 & 10 Wednesday Barnabas Group 10.30am

contact Carolyn Hughes 838326

3 & 17 Wednesday Afternoon Bible Study 1.15pm

contact Liz Stott 01799 521217

4 & 18 Firm Foundations 8pm contact Angela Patrick 837353

10 Church Mice Chrishall Village Hall, 10.30am

contact Helen Williams 01799 520398

28 Messy Church Great Chishill Village Hall 3-4.30pm

29 Heydon Hedgehogs 10.30am Parent and toddler coffee

morning Holy Trinity Church, Heydon

see Facebook page for more info

31 Men’s Group The Red Cow, Chrishall, 8pm


Gt Chishill Youth Club Gt Chishill Village Hall,

6.30 – 8.30pm in term time Contact Emily 07900 243491

Thursdays Gt Chishill Chimps Gt Chishill Village Hall 10-11.45am

Contact Claire 838100/Islay 07977 076573


2 August Deadline Copy September Web

to Erica Debnam, Church Office

From The Registers


Inga Wright

on Tuesday 18 June at St Swithun’s, Great Chishill


You are invited to join us for a:

Family Tennis


On Saturday 14 th September 2019


(Played on private courts in the villages of

Chrishall, Elmdon, Great Chishill, Little Chishall

and Heydon)

Entry Cost - £12.50 per player

(All proceeds go to The Parish of Icknield Way)

Handicap system which allows all levels to compete

Cash Bar (at the final)

- BBQ including kiddies tea

- Pimms and other cold drinks

- Strawberries and cream


Please contact villagestennis@gmail.com for more information

and to get an entry form

Distributed free to all the homes in the Parish of the Icknield Way Villages – Chrishall, Elmdon with

Wenden Lofts, Duddenhoe End, Great Chishill, Little Chishill, Heydon, and Strethall

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