19-08-2018 (1)


Thank U!

I don't know where 365 Days have been gone, when

we left NZ I thought our paths would be completely

separate, but here we're one year later in the same

continent, and with less than 3 months of seeing

each other. I don't know if we'll be together one day

or if we're gonna still in each other's life in a couple of

months or years. However, I know that I would never

change anything of this story, every good and bad

has taught me something. I know that even if we

aren't together as a couple one day, we'll be an

important person and memory for each one.

Thank you for all the things I have learned from you

this year, you have opened my mind to many things

I'll never believe I'll do. I hope you always be the

amazing and wonderful person who always strive for

the best even if it's hard or not, never let the

boredom get to you. And remember that being lost

doesn't mean anything. Get so lost that you can get

back and learn from it, enjoy the good and the bad,

be grateful for being where you are and how you are.

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