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School Bell System

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School bell is a fundamental requirement

in a school as it is used to control class

and school timings. The old world school

bells have now become extinct and the

electric and electronic versions have

taken over. Now you have the software

version of school bell and school bell

system aided by computer software is the

latest addition to the evolution. School

bell software is versatile and allows

administration to exploit it to the optimum

to meet their demands.

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School bell system can activate bells installed throughout the

campus at the same time from a central control

It can activate bells according to a time table prescribed and

installed in the bell control software

School bells will ring accurately because the system takes it time

from authentic time sources like GPS or Time Net Works, which is

updated in frequent intervals

The system can store time tables for months together and

accordingly ring bells as days and weeks pass by. They don’t need

without human hands needing to fiddle with the system

All clocks connected to the school bell systems will show uniform

time as they are synchronized with master clock system or network


You can save money and time by installing the system as it won’t

need employing an extra employee in the premises

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