Asaf Lifshitz Interview with CISO Magazine




Volume 3 Issue 6

Volume 3 Issue 6




1. How did you decide

to start a business?

The idea for Sayata Labs emerged

when my partners and I identified

a unique opportunity to bring our

cybersecurity and data science

expertise to bear for small and

medium-sized businesses. We

noticed that the cybersecurity

industry had several structural

problems, and after conducting

thorough research, determined

that the cyber insurance industry,

in which actual performance

can be measured, is perfectly

positioned to tackle these

challenges. Of course, we knew

that addressing these issues would

require a team with critical skillsets

in cybersecurity, insurance, and

data science. We assembled a very

strong team with a proven track

record of success in these fields

and developed a solution which

provides deep insights into cyber

risks, at scale.

2. What are the biggest

challenges you face

as the founder of a


As a startup, we need to be

extremely agile and quick. One

of the biggest challenges we face

is quickly growing our team to

keep up with customer demand.

The cyber insurance industry is

rapidly expanding and that puts

more pressure on us to meet that

demand. Additionally, cyber risk

is a sensitive topic, especially for

the SMB market, and requires us to

educate the market as to the nature

and depth of the risks involved.

This takes time, but the hackers

aren’t waiting.

3. How are you

tackling the awareness

problem? What does

your outreach to SMBs

look like?

We emphasize that small and

medium-sized businesses

are increasingly aware of the

importance of cybersecurity

and the potentially devastating

consequences of getting it wrong.

They’ve seen the effects of cyber

attacks up close: 43% of all cyberattacks

target SMBs. But complex

threats require sophisticated

solutions, and SMBs don’t usually

have the time and proper toolset to

deal with these threats effectively.

With Sayata’s advanced technology,

SMBs receive full visibility into

their organizations’ level of risk.

We designed our system to be

intuitive, with a seamless user

experience for customers even

if they have limited technical

knowledge of cybersecurity issues.


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