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Back to School Already?

Wow! It's time for another back-to-school issue… And another season of anticipation,

excitement, and a lot of butterflies! Kids are always so excited for the

summer to start, yet as the thought of a new school, new friends and new

adventures gets closer and closer, many of them are obviously looking forward

to the change.

This issue has a lot of great features and we are so encouraged that you and

your family have received it. And even though it's August, it's not too late to

check out the private schools that are part of our advertising family. Take a tour

and discover incredible opportunities for your children that you may not have

considered before. Make sure to look for our school checklist so that you don't

leave anything behind, and remember to cut out the Broward County school

calendar and put it up where you can check it regularly throughout the 2019/20

school year .

While you’re getting in the Back to School groove, stay cool out there and

remember, slow down in the school zones! We wouldn't want anyone to get


Our prayer is for every family touched by the Spectator and every home in

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On the cover: North Broward Preparatory School.

See the ad & article on pages 6-7.

Mom’s Fifth Time in Fifth Grade

By Shellie Miller

Whatever school grade level an American mother has accomplished

personally, if she's got at least one child older than 12,

she is smarter than a fifth grader. Math, science, spelling, social

studies, geography; Most of us have done at least once ourselves,

and then for every child we've reared, we've accomplished it all

over again. Now that all the kids are graduated, I should have five

mortarboard tassels!

After attending the fifth grade for the fifth time now, there are a few things

that I don't need Google for. If I'm ever quizzed about state capitals, all fifty

answers await dispensation. A clear image of the US map is also burned into the left half of my brain, with the states

clearly outlined and blank, awaiting my labeling either in full monikers or the two-letter abbreviation accepted by the

US Postal service.

My knowledge from fifth grade isn't limited to just geography. Health was another exciting subject that I've now lived

through almost half a dozen times. Esophagus, small intestine, large intestine, sleep, diet, exercise and more are all

terms I understand intimately. Surpassing my classroom knowledge is my life experience with four babies and all of

their biological excitement. From the moment you bring your infant home, it's an unfolding experiment. Breast or formula?

When do I introduce solid foods, and which should I start with? This vomit is a funny color. Does food coloring

affect sleeping patterns? When they don't sleep, do they still grow? When I don't sleep, do I still care?

An unending list of grammar rules and words is also trapped inside my ten-pound head. The quotes go on the OUT-

SIDE of the punctuation. The comma goes BEFORE the

word 'and' in a compound sentence. My cranium overfloweth

with every spelling word that my four children and

I have studied in our lifetimes thus far.

Despite my son’s teacher’s assumption that his mother

did the bulk of his science project, I insist that pasting

somnambulistic factoids to a three-panel presentation

board was never in my nature. I was titillated by things

far more exciting like proofreading for errant apostrophes,

organizing flashcards or demonstrating fractions with a

pizza cutter and a healthy appetite.

Making educational memories with my kids was terrific

fun! A great many of our shared chuckles had to do with

study time, deadline crunches for term papers, and special

rewards for academic accomplishments. I have fond

memories of showing up at the school cafeteria to join

one of my children for a midday meal, while reminiscing

about my own first time in the big lunchroom; in the second

grade at Cypress Elementary School.

Now that I’ve gone to five high schools, five middle

schools and five elementary schools (with only one

move), it seems like motherhood is one long and eventful

school day. Here’s to us, moms! We ARE smarter than

our kids will ever give us credit for! My husband knows

this, and as he asks me from his desk three rooms away,

“Honey, how do you spell fortitude?” I think to myself,

“Hasn't he heard of Google?”


NBPS Sixth Grader Christopher Evans to Speak at

Child’s Rights in Action Conference in France

A North Broward Preparatory School Sixth grader,

Christopher Evans, will be a keynote speaker at the United

Nations Child's Rights in Action Conference in France

August, 2019. Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the UN

Child Rights Convention’s (UNCRC) theme will focus on,

"Children as Human Rights Defenders."

Christopher was nominated as a keynote presenter for his

work as a child advocate. Christopher’s keynote presentation

is called “The Gift of Persistence.” He will share the

story of a young boy he met in Haiti named Cadeau.

Cadeau means gift in French. Cadeau and his mother lived

in a village that was built upon a swamp that was being

used as the city garbage dump. Because of their lack of

basic human needs, his mother and baby sister both died

while she was giving birth. Cadeau now lives with other

family members in a concrete home built through the

fundraising efforts inspired by Christopher’s work.

Christopher explained, “For me, this all started when I was

in first grade. My mom’s third grade class started a school

partnership with the international relief organization, Food

for the Poor. That led her to take a trip to Haiti where she

captured photos and stories that she then shared with me.

Immediately, I said, ‘Mommy, I want to help the children in

Haiti.’ After all, how could I be happy when those children

were so sad?”

Christopher has also shared his passion for UN Global

Goal 6, Clean Water and Sanitation, as he worked with

classmates at North Broward Prep to engineer a solar powered

water filtration system, which they presented at the

fifth grade Global Innovator Fair. He has fundraised

through lemonade stands, speaking engagements, a web

page on which tax-deductible donations can be made

(www.FoodForthePoor.com/christopher), social media

@URNeverTooYoung, and an annual “Hope Walk” which he

began hosting in 2016. He partners with the international

relief organization, Food for the Poor, to which he donates all


Student volunteer service is an important learning component

and furthers North Broward Preparatory School’s mission

to engage students in real-life problem solving and cooperative

learning while promoting civic responsibility.

Meaningful community service allows students to become

responsible citizens, exercise leadership, create a sense of

community pride, develop their own understanding of social

justice, and draw a deeper awareness of needs within a community.

In his speech, Christopher will also discuss how he overcame

challenges as a young human rights activist and philanthropist

and hopes to inspire others through his message.

About North Broward Preparatory School

At North Broward Preparatory School, we prepare our students

to be adept and agile deep thinkers; to communicate

with skill and poise; to forge connections across disciplines

and cultures; and to take risks to stretch one’s intellect and

talents in new directions. Our rigorous academic programs

combined with state-of-the-art facilities, competitive athletics,

dynamic fine arts and innovative STEAM provide an

unmatched educational experience tailored to your child’s


For more information visit www.nbps.org

See ad on opposite page.


Stephen and Merrilee Good settled in Parkland with

their two daughters more than a year ago. Courtney, 7,

and Madison, 5, are always busy with dance, basketball,

soccer, and reading. Courtney just started playing

volleyball and loves it! She is starting the second grade

at Mary Help of Christians. Madison begins kindergarten

at the same school. The Good’s yellow lab,

Belle, completes the family circle.

Stephen, a financial planner and Agency Manager,

says, “I love to work with individuals, families, and

small business owners to help them chart a course for

financial success.” He is also excited to begin teaching

financial education classes for the Parkland community

at the PREC starting this September. Stephen tells us,

“ As well as being involved with the community, I coach

the kids through the I9 sports in basketball and soccer.”

Merrilee is a physical therapist working at a local hospital.

She is passionate about helping her patients get

back to doing the things they love to do in their lives.

Stephen is obviously smitten with his wife and gives

her an enormous amount of credit. “Merrilee is the glue

that keeps us all from going crazy! She loves to spend

time volunteering at the school when she can. She is

the best cheerleader for the family anyone can ask for!”

When they aren’t at school or work, the Good family

enjoys swimming in their pool, taking vacations,* going

to the movies together, and spending time at parks and

playgrounds in the area. *On a recent cruise vacation,

the girls did family karaoke and sang in front of almost

200 people!

Merrilee says, “Our kids love all the friends they have

made in our neighborhood, and how easy it is to take

family bike rides around the area. Stephen and I love

how convenient living here is. Everything we need is

only a few minutes away.”


The Goods attend services at Mary Help of Christian

Catholic Church.

It's that time again! Between sales, supplies

and a rush for the newest and coolest of

what's "in" for students, many families find themselves

focusing the majority of their energy on

preparing for the new school year. For some,

"Back to School" is cool for about 10 minutes, but

there are a few things that parents and kids can do to

make the transition from summer to school less stressful.

Check with your pediatrician and ascertain that your child is up to date on their immunizations.

For children entering day care, Kindergarten, or their first year in a Florida school,

proof of immunization is required for enrollment. Families wishing to opt out of the

requirements must follow necessary guidelines. Find a checklist of all requirements and

PDFs of these forms at www.BrowardSchools.com.

Need supplies? Before you run off to the store, check social media sites and search the

internet for special deals and coupons on back to school stuff. Once you have your list of

necessities (usually given on the first day of school), check around your home or home

office. Once your child has completed a few grades, chances are good that there is a

ruler, glue stick, extra pocket folders, and enough pencils and pens hiding around the

house to get them off to the right start. Check through the "junk" drawer and avoid wasting

unused resources. And while you're thinking green, reuse last year's backpack and

lunch box for the sake of the environment.

Find out where your child's bus stop will be, note pick up and drop off times, and make

any arrangements for carpooling with friends/neighbors before the first day of school.

Know when your child's school is holding Open House, and be sure to attend it. You'll

have the opportunity to meet their new teacher and familiarize kids with their new classroom/school.

Know the dress code requirements, and if you're shopping for new clothes,

keep them in mind. Put clothes out the night before to ease the morning


Begin earlier bed times a few days before school starts in

order to prepare your kids for earlier wake times and a

more efficient schedule. Sleep and breakfast are two

big necessities for optimum learning! Make sure that

your children get plenty of both before they go back to

the classroom. Broward County public school classes

begin Wednesday, August 14th, so mind the school

zones, and plan your morning and afternoon drives

so that you're not feeling rushed through the safety

slow down.

Be prepared for every important date...cut out

and save the Broward County Public School

Calendar on our back cover.


By Preschool Assistant Director, Margie Roumain

The new school year is almost here and the first challenge that comes to mind is "early morning breakfast."

Hang tough parents, your little "master negotiators" will try to break you down to get that chocolate donut, cookie,

or any other sweet thing they're craving.

Don't fall for it. Sweets will give them a quick sugar rush, only to have their bodies crash mid morning and leave

them lethargic, inattentive, and hungry. Wouldn't it be great if you sent them off every day with the optimum

opportunity for success? The short answer is, "You can!" With a little research and planning, you can quickly create

a "BBB!" A "Brain Boosting Breakfast" rich in protein, good carbohydrates and fiber will power up the brain,

keep them alert and sustain their body. You can jump start their day, while feeding and fueling them to perform at

their maximum potential. In this fast paced life, parents look for ways to please their children with food they like.

I hear them say, "At least they eat something." Unfortunately, most of what I see are processed foods and sugary

drinks. Food that has "shelf life" is a major contributor to Childhood Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes." The good

news is we have access to studies enabling us to gain knowledge on the subject of health and nutrition. Since

you are the parent, talk to your children about the foods that make them grow, and involve them in selecting

"healthy" food at the market. Children tend to respond better if they take part in the planning and preparation. I

actually compared a homemade breakfast prep time versus buying a meal at a drive -thru. It took me seven to

ten minutes more at the drive thru and the nutritional value, let's say, was definitely not "brain food." Parents, you

have the power ... if you don't buy, they can't eat it! Let's think out of the box; no one ever said we couldn't eat

broccoli for breakfast!

Here are some terrific and delicious choices:

• "Wake Up Smoothie" - milk choice/yogurt, fruit, berries, kale, spinach,

a little coconut oil, experiment until they find their favorite

Bananas, apples, veggie with nut/seed butter

Berries/other fresh fruit, cottage cheese

Whole grain toast with nut/seed butter, eggs, fruit

Milk (cow, almond, coconut)

Yogurt Parfait (layer berries, fruit, granola)

Raw veggies and hummus

• Hot/cold low glycemic cereal, grains (oats, quinoa)

Healthy choices and good eating habits are some of the best lifelong gifts you'll give your children. Research

continues and information changes, but what stays constant is scientific evidence that children who eat breakfast

perform academically better than those who don't. Teach by example, eat with them, and show them even grown

ups need to kick start their brain. Our children are our most precious asset. Take charge and invest in their future

... they are worth it!


Myopia Control... What is Myopia?

By Dr. Gary Goberville

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a condition that causes blurry distance vision. Myopia usually

begins during early childhood and can progress throughout adolescence. Myopia is a

major concern as it drastically increases the risk of eye disease such as retinal tears and

detachments, glaucoma and myopic degeneration.

What is Myopia Control Therapy? Currently, four types of treatment are showing promise

for controlling myopia:

• Atropine eye drops

• Multifocal contact lenses

• Orthokeratology

• Multifocal eyeglasses

Myopia control refers to evidence-based treatments that can slow down your child’s myopia

progression. There are currently three treatment options available for myopia control;

myopia control corneal reshaping therapy, myopia control sot multi-focal contact lenses and

myopia control Atropine ophthalmic therapy. The quickest way to start controlling Myopia is

having your eyes examined and prescribed multi-focal contact lenses.

Multifocal contacts are special lenses that have different powers in different zones of the

lens to correct presbyopia as well as nearsightedness or farsightedness (with or without

astigmatism).But researchers and eye doctors are finding that conventional or modified multifocal

soft contact lenses also are effective tools for myopia control, even more effective

than multifocal glasses. If you take action when your child is between the ages 5 and 15 you

can decrease the amount of myopia (nearsightedness) your child will have. Don’t take it for

granted your child could be experiencing these problems and not even know. Call and book

an appointment, Dr. Gary Goberville will review all three options and discuss which option(s)

are best suited for your child.

Have any questions or need an eye exam? Contact Dr. Gary Goberville 954-344-3937

Dr. Gary Goberville,

Optometric Physician

Eye Site Vision Center

2344 N. University Dr.

Coral Springs




By Monique G. Bain, MAC, LAC, Acupuncture Physician

Many couples struggling to conceive know the heartache

of infertility and many people are open to trying anything

to help them conceive. The good news is that

Acupuncture can help! Acupuncture when used in conjunction

with Western treatments will increase conception

by 26%. Acupuncture has been practiced for thousands

of years and is still around today because IT

WORKS! Infertility plagues approximately 7.3 million

woman of childbearing age each year.

Acupuncture involves the insertion of painless, very thin,

sterile needles into specific points on the body.

These points, when needled, can regulate

the way in which the body functions.

Acupuncture is similar to physical therapy

in that is a process-oriented method

of medical intervention. Patients are

commonly treated three to four

months before progressing to insemination,

in vitro fertilization (IVF) or

donor egg. Most miscarriages occur

within the first three months of pregnancy;

consequently patients should continue

with treatments up to week twelve.

According to John Norian, MD, a reproductive endocrinologist

at HRC Fertility in Southern California,

"Acupuncture improves fertility by helping blood flow to

the uterus and ovaries and the better the blood flow the

more likely an embryo is to implant."

Acupuncture can treat many different causes of infertility,

including, but not limited to, thyroid problems (overactive

or underactive), PCOS and idiopathic reasons (unknown

cause). Patients use Acupuncture as their main treatment

for their infertility problems while others use it in

conjunction. Acupuncture increases the feel-good hormones

called beta endorphins which improve the levels

of follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone,

which are both very important for fertility and decrease

the body's stress response. Acupuncture treatment

reduces stress, increases flow to the reproductive

organs, and balances the endocrine system, according to

several researchers. Acupuncture increases flow to the

ovaries and uterus, creating a stronger chance for an egg

to be nourished and carried to term.

Research has also shown that Acupuncture can increase

male fertility, which is 30% of the time the cause of couples

not being able to conceive. A study published in

2005 in Fertility and Sterility showed Acupuncture

can help treat male infertility by increasing the

number of normal sperm and decreasing

the number of defective sperm.

The goal of an infertility treatment from

the Chinese medicine perspective is not

just getting pregnant, but to stay pregnant

and conceive a healthy baby.

Reducing stress is also a key factor in

infertility treatments because when men

or women are under stress, the hormone

cortisol is released in their brain. The change

in the brain’s neurochemical balance changes

the hormone levels and disrupts the pituitary balance,

which is very important to the reproductive cycle.

It is very important to see a licensed, fully trained

Acupuncture physician for the highest chances of success.

Make sure not to use anyone that says they are

“certified,” which means 300 hours or less of training and

they did not take the National board exam or complete a

graduate program.

For more info about Five Element Wellness Center,

call 954-657-8342,

visit www.5elementwellnesscenter.com

or see ad on opposite page


Baseball & Tee Ball


For more info. visit. www.csall.com, or call

(954) 871-3997. coralspringsamerican@gmail.com


Players from Coral Springs and Parkland are

welcome. Games are held August – November.

For more info you visit www.csall.com,

or email coralspringsamercian@gmail.com

call (954) 871 3997 See ad below


Strives to reach disabled kids and their families

at no cost. For more info, call (954) 345-9329.


For more info go to



Teams of every denomination from any faith-based

organization are welcome to the league.

Please call (954) 796-0933



Year round play check for sign up dates.

www.CSBCHOOPS.com or call (954) 360-1200

or Barry Popock (954) 599-6660

Tackle Football & Cheerleading



Football contact: 954-892-4244 or


Cheer contact:954-520-2515 or



Flag Football & Cheerleading



For more info, call 954-406-0660, email

info@csffc.org or go to www.CSFFC.ORG

See ad and article pages 20-21.


For more info. see www.UltimateFlagFootball.org

Health & Fitness


Takes stretching to the next level with their patented

equipment following a specific method and protocols

the Stretch Zone Method can increase your activity

range of motion and the quality of those movements.

For more info visit www.StretchZone.com

call 954-840-8648 or see pages 22-23.

Tackle Football

& Cheerleading



For more info see www.cschargers.com

Ice Skating & Hockey


The triple rink known formerly known as Saveology

has programs all year long! www.PanthersDen.com

or call (954)341-9956. See ad below.



For more info go to www.parklandlacrosse.com

See ad page 20.



A volunteer-based organization with a goal to promote

health and wellness through running, provide support

for runners of all ages, levels and abilities. For more

info. go to www.nwbrrc.com or email




For more info www.CSYS.org or call Mimi Milton

for further info. 954-341-6391. See ad page 17.




Two seasons run each year, February-May and

September-November. See the website at

www.coralspringssoftball.com or call

(954)344-0171. See ad below



Players 18 & older can join the slow-pitch teams that

play on Sundays and Monday evenings at Forest Hills

Park.Call Barb Pantazis (954) 344-4449.

Pet Sitting


Bonded and insured with more than 30 years experience,

keep your pet’s routine predictable when you

can’t be home. Overnight stays or daily stop-ins.

For more info. call 954-415-5425.

Private Schools & Camps


Children’s Sunday School Program. Jewish culture,

history, traditions,and Hebrew language, kindergarten

through Bat/Bar Mitzvah, taught witha modern,

human-centered,non-theistic approach. For more

info, call 561-443-1769, email info@bethadam.com,

or visit www.bethadam.com. See pages 24-25.


Is an accredited, college-preparatory, independent, nonsectarian

school serving families of the pre-kindergarten

through high school age groups.For more info.

call (954) 247-0011 or www.NBPS.org See pgs 6-7.


K through 8th grade. A tuition free public charter

school. For more info, call (954) 603-3303,

www.summitacademy.org. See page 31.



Keep your kids on track with summer learning.

Certified K-6, ESE Certified K-12. Math, Reading,

Language Arts, Science & Social Studies. For more

info call Lindsay Henratty at 954-854-1237 or email

lindsay.henratty@gmail.com See page 5.

Special Needs


Find out about league offerings and activities.



Open to all special needs kids and their families

at no cost. For more info, call (954) 345-9329.


Provides programs & facilities for children and young

adults with special needs, while creating awareness

and sensitivity. For more info, call

954-753-9430 or www.thefriendshipinitiative.org



Beginner sand volleyball training for kids and adults.

Call Mark Lewkowicz for more info.

(954)345-0500. www.sandturtlesvolleyball.com

Parkland P-Rec


Pickleball is a racquet sport that combines elements

of badminton, tennis and table tennis. Players use

solid paddles to hit a whiffle ball over a net. Yearly

fee: Residents $45/Non-residents $54. P-REC –

10559 Trails End (located inside Pine Trails Park)

i9 Sports - Youth Sports Leagues

Coral Springs Leagues - Saturday & Sunday Options

Soccer - Ages 3 - 12

Flag Football - Ages 4 - 13

Baseball - Ages 3 - 7

Indoor Basketball - Ages 5 - 12


954-227-9955 (M-F, 9am-8pm)

Important Numbers

Aquatic Complex................................. (954)345-2121

City Hall in the Mall ............................ (954)344-1828

Coral Springs Gymnasium ................ (954)345-2107

Cypress Park Pool ............................... (954)345-2109

Cypress Park Tennis ........................... (954)345-2100

Mullins Park Pool ................................. (954)345-2170

Sportsplex Tennis Center ................... (954)344-1840

Parks and Recreation .......................... (954)345-2200

Parks Field Conditions ........................ (954)344-1187


Parkland Little League

For more info., call (954) 604-2442 or visit




www.parklandbasketball.com or call the

hotline (954) 227-0989.



Contact Susan Kelton (954)575-9575.

Tackle Football & Cheerleading



Football contact: 954-892-4244 or


Cheer contact:954-520-2515 or


www.parklandrangers.com See ad page 16.

Flag Football


For more info, see www.parklandflag.com

See ad below.



For more info go to

www.parklandlacrosse.com See ad pg 20.



For more info, call (954)410-5172 or

www.parklandsoccer.net See pages 18-19.


For more info, call Keith Brodsky 954-439-2596


Private Schools & Camps


Children’s Sunday School Program. Jewish culture,

history, traditions,and Hebrew language, kindergarten

through Bat/Bar Mitzvah, taught witha modern,

human-centered,non-theistic approach. For more

info, call 561-443-1769, email info@bethadam.com,

or visit www.bethadam.com. See pages 24-25.


Is an accredited, college-preparatory, independent, nonsectarian

school serving families of the pre-kindergarten

through high school age groups.For more info. call

(954) 247-0011 or www.NBPS.org Se pages 6-7.


K through 8th grade. A tuition free public charter

school. For more info, call (954) 603-3303,

www.summitacademy.org. See page 31.



Keep your kids on track with summer learning. Certified

K-6, ESE Certified K-12. Math, Reading, Language Arts,

Science & Social Studies. For more info call Lindsay

Henratty at 954-854-1237 or email

lindsay.henratty@gmail.com See page 5.

Health & Fitness


Takes stretching to the next level with their patented

equipment following a specific method and protocols

the Stretch Zone Method can increase your activity

range of motion and the quality of those movements.

For more info visit www.StretchZone.com

call 954-840-8648 or see pages 22-23

Parkland P-Rec


Pickleball is a racquet sport that combines elements

of badminton, tennis and table tennis. Players use

solid paddles to hit a whiffle ball over a net. Yearly

fee: Residents $45/Non-residents $54. P-REC –

10559 Trails End (located inside Pine Trails Park)For

more info please call 954-757-4105.

i9 Sports - Youth Sports Leagues

Parkland Leagues - Saturday Only

Soccer - Ages 3 - 12

Baseball - Ages 3 - 7


954-227-9955 (M-F, 9am-8pm)

Important Numbers

Leisure Services ........................(954)757-4105

Field Conditions .........................(954)757-4110

Park Ranger ...............................(954)575-1007

Youth, Teen, & Senior Programs (954)757-4129

City Hall ......................................(954)753-5040

Tennis .........................(954)757-1910

P-REC ........................................(954)757-4105


By James Madera

Soccer has remained one of the most top tier sports around. Popular in more than 200 countries, about 250 million

people play soccer across the globe every year. It became an Olympic sport in 1990.

Interested in the Parkland Soccer program? We’ve got you covered.

The Parkland Soccer club currently has registration open for new and returning players. Players need to sign up by

August 31st to avoid late fees. Evaluations for new and returning players will take place on September 15th, and the

season will kick off on November 9th. The youth leagues will automatically assign players to a team if they fail to sign

up by August 31st.

Sign ups for travel teams will also be available and will branch out a bit farther, regarding location of

game play. The recreational teams will host all of the games at Pine Trails Park, where all practices

are also held. There are an estimated 12 games in a recreational season.

The oldest division for the program is for the Under 18 group for both boys and girls. The youngest

division is for 4 year olds, any group Under 7 years olds includes an option for a co-ed division.

The parkland Soccer program has about 1,400 kids in their recreational league, and 400 more in

their travel league.

Doug Cole, the current sitting President of the Parkland Soccer Program, has had the privilege of

being a part of it for 32 years, while having more years of coaching experience before that. .

Doug’s kids grew up playing soccer in this league, and he is always looking for any enthusiastic

volunteers to coach and encourage the different teams. The involvement in the organization is

something that Doug takes great pride in. He happily welcomes the multitudes of new and returning

players every year. He says, “My 22-year-old son is currently a referee, and we are always

actively looking for sponsors and referees.”

For more information, please call 954-410-5172.

You can also visit www.parklandsoccer.net. For additional information regarding team schedules,

registration, and more, the website also includes miscellaneous information including FAQS, indepth

analyses of the club itself, the types of programs offered, and availability for potential

sponsorships. Se ad on opposite page.



Knee Injuries: The ACL

By Dr. Howard Gelb

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries are increasingly common in younger athletes, especially

in female athletes. The ACL is one of four major ligaments that stabilize the knee. Its

main function is to prevent injury to the knee cartilage (meniscus-cushions and articular surface).

Without an ACL, the knee becomes unstable with twisting turning sports. Injury to the

ACL is usually associated with a non-contact twisting injury. ACL tears are usually diagnosed

by a combination of history and physical exam. In a majority of the cases, the patient

reports planting the foot while twisting the knee and falling to the ground. Most people recall

hearing a pop in the knee at the time of injury. Usually the patient cannot return to the sport

the same day as the initial injury and the knee swells within the first 24 hours. The Lachman

test is the most important physical exam finding that aids in the diagnosis of a tear. There

can be associated injuries to other ligaments as well, such as the MCL. An orthopedic surgeon

trained specifically in sports medicine is usually more experienced and accurate in this

diagnosis. MRI can be useful to confirm the diagnosis and assess the meniscal cartilage.

The meniscus is damaged almost 50% of the time in association with an acute ACL tear.

Treatment of an ACL tear is patient specific but includes reconstruction of the injured ligament

using one of several arthroscopic surgical techniques. It is essential that the meniscus

be repaired if possible in the young athletic patient in order to prevent future damage to the

knee. Certified in Sports Medicine, Dr. Gelb specializes in the treatment of ACL injuries in

both adult and pediatric patients.

Howard J. Gelb, MD

A board certified orthopedic

surgeon specializing in adult

and pediatric sports medicine

and arthroscopic surgery. He

has been in private practice

since 1995.

Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic


(561) 558-8898

See our ad below



By Janell Hojara

For too long it has been easy to ignore stretching as a vital part of exercise. Most people are not fully aware of their

steady loss of flexibility. Over time, the cumulative repetition of strains and micro-stresses from even simple everyday

tasks can cause muscles to become “glued” together. This “glue”, or scar tissue, tightens the surrounding tissue and

inhibits range of motion and circulation. It is easy to overlook stretching because the results are not as visible as

weightlifting, Pilates, running, and other forms of exercise. However, stretching is very necessary in lightening muscles

for flexibility, greater range of motion, and injury prevention. Let's go over 3 of the most commonly unknown or overlooked

benefits of assisted stretching:

1. Stretching Has A Calming Effect

The beauty of Stretch Zone is that a client can come for their session and relax knowing that our patented equipment

holds them secure while our trained practitioners do the work. Assisted stretching gives the ability to control and alter

the timing of, and even overcome the stretch reflex that occurs when one otherwise stretches unassisted. When your

body is correctly stabilized fear is reduced and relaxation is accomplished. Many of our clients have experienced

improved sleep patterns as well due to the reduction in pain, stiffness, and stress. Stretching can calm the mind and

release physical and mental tension. It increases your blood flow and circulation, sending oxygen to your brain for a

clearer mind and more cheerful mood. It can increase your self-confidence, giving you a better outlook on life.

2. Enhanced Athletic Performance

When flexibility training is done properly one can increase their ‘set muscle length.’ This increased active range of

motion allows movement to be executed without excessive tension. It also decreases the resistance of the extended

muscles and serves as a safe guard against injury. Our more active clients have experienced enhanced physical ability,

greater reaction time, and spatial awareness. The athlete becomes a highly responsive system through flexibility,

often developing a greater sensory awareness of their surroundings. This awareness aids in developing a greater

sense of control, which ultimately determines peak performance.

3. Relief From Stiffness And Soreness

People develop excessive resting muscle residual tension when they've been either too active or not active enough.

Movements become more difficult with a feeling of heaviness. Stretch Zone works with the central nervous system to

re-establish a more ideal resting muscle tone. It's not just about increasing range of motion but in making movements

more effortless, efficient, and the best part- PAIN FREE.

These are just a few of the wonderful benefits of assisted stretching. The more consistently you stretch the more benefits

you receive. You may ask yourself, “Is Stretch Zone right for me?” And the answer is a resounding YES! Stretch

Zone is for everyone who desires a better quality of life. Whether you aim to improve your golf swing, or you just want

to be able to tie your shoes, we are here for you!

For more information on Stretch Zone call 954-840-8648. See ad on opposite page.



Congregation Beth Adam is celebrating its 25th year

in fostering a strong Jewish identity as well as promoting

a humanistic philosophy of life. Congregants celebrate

Jewish holidays, learn bible stories, study Israel, participate

in Friday night Shabbat celebrations and connect

with the Jewish community. Members include families

from surrounding areas including Parkland, Coral

Springs, Boca Raton, and Delray Beach. Students in the

Children’s Education Program learn how to read and

speak conversational Hebrew, learn holiday songs and

are introduced to Yiddish, Klezmer, and Ladino music.

They are encouraged to recognize their ability to effect

change, as well as develop a clear understanding of personal

values, ethics and responsibility. The curriculum

teaches Jewish culture; including history, holidays, and

social action. Teachers promote critical thinking skills;

integrating science, logic, and reasoning in a modern,

nontheistic manner and to always respect others.

The Children’s Education Program provides a foundation

for students grades K - Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Students learn

about humanistic and traditional Jewish history, culture,

and traditions. “We joined Congregation Beth Adam two

years ago primarily for our son, Adam,” says Parkland

resident Neil Bass. “We were looking for a smaller environment.

It’s been a really great experience for him, my

wife and myself.” Adam, 10, will be celebrating his Bar

Mitzvah in three years. The popular Sunday School at

Beth Adam holds classes just two Sundays a month from

10AM-Noon. Students prepare for and celebrate Bar and

Bat Mitzvahs, and then have the opportunity continue

their Jewish education in the Post Mitzvah Youth Group.

Member Nitzan Mosery says, “I like the fact that

Congregation Beth Adam emphasizes the traditional and

historical side of Judaism; focusing on the humanism

aspect.” As he and his wife, Agata, are from different faith

backgrounds, Nitzan says, “For us, it was not so much

about religion, but about tradition, connection, family, and

culture.” The Mosery family has been very pleased with

the friends they’ve met through the congregation, and

they are especially fond of the education program. Their two

daughters, 11 and 13, have been enjoying the Sunday

school for two years as they prepare for their Bat Mitzvahs.

B.J. Saul is the Director of Congregation Beth Adam’s

Children Education Program. She is a is certified ordained

ceremonial leader and a member of CBA’s Board of

Directors. The objectives of the school include:

• To develop a broad Humanistic Jewish

religious philosophy

• To develop a clear Jewish identity

• To develop critical thinking skills

• To develop Jewish cultural literacy

• To provide opportunities to participate in

activities such as holiday celebrations.

• To connect with Israel and the Jewish diaspora.

• To teach mitzvot by participating in

community service programs.

Families are encouraged to attend the next

Open House Sunday School event

on Sunday, August 18

Class: 9:00 AM- 12 noon

9:00AM- Family Open-House

10 AM Class: Your first class is Free

Location: Olympic Heights Community High School,

20101 Lyons Rd, Boca Raton.

RSVP to: info@bethadam.com,

(561) 443-1769

For more info. see ad on opposite page or visit



By Michael Udine, Broward County Commissioner

Hard to believe that

August is already here!

For some of us it means

getting the kids back to school and, for others, it means

reconnecting with their community and getting back into

the swing of the fall season. Many community events are

coming in the fall, and I look forward to seeing everyone.

The Florida sales tax holiday for school supplies will take

place from August 2nd to the 6th. Parents and teachers

can take advantage purchasing supplies, clothing,

shoes, and more tax-free. Check out http://floridarevenue.com/backtoschool

for the full list of items that are

eligible for purchase tax free. In addition, throughout the

community, fall sports such as football, cross country running,

and swimming are starting up again. Make sure to

check with your school and local resources for information

about leagues and activities available.

Recently, we have seen many environmental challenges

in Northwest Broward. This summer we experienced

smoke from brush fires in the Everglades that impacted

our area. During summer months we also see a rise in

mosquito populations due to heavy rains. Broward

County takes these issues very seriously and strives to

provide the most up-to-date information and services.

Residents have the option to track daily air quality and

request mosquito spraying in your local area. Please visit

www.broward.org for more information on both programs.

Broward County is in the process of implementing new

technology to facilitate closest unit response for emergency

services. The closest unit response system was

demanded by Broward County voters. Broward County

cities border each other closely, and often you don’t know

you have crossed the municipal line. Closest unit

response means that if there is an emergency in Coral

Springs, but a Tamarac response unit is closer, the

Tamarac unit will arrive first to assist. In an emergency

when every second counts, saving time will save lives.

This summer roadways across Broward County are

being upgraded. Broward’s Highway Division will be servicing

numerous miles throughout Broward County. In

Coral Springs, Riverside Drive will experience partial closures

until August 13th. These projects are being completed

during summer months so as not to interfere with

schools coming back to session. Please plan on taking

alternative routes, and check for traffic updates before


Lastly, I would like to wish everyone a great family filled

Labor Day weekend! As the summer concludes and we

transition into fall, I wish all our teachers and students a

successful start to the school year. I look forward to seeing

all of you around the community.

Staying connected with the residents of broward

County’s District 3 is a top priority for me. Every month,

we hold office hours on the third Wednesday. I can be

reached at MUdine@Broward.org or (954) 357-7003.

Follow me on social media @ Commissioner

MichaelUdine on Facebook and @MichaelUdine on

Twitter or Instagram to receive important updates and

see what is happening in our community.

Office Hour Locations:

• 10:00-11:00 AM at the Northwest

Regional Library,

• 2:00-3:00 PM at the Tamarac Community

Library, and

• 4:00 to 5:00 PM in North Lauderdale at

the Saraniero Branch Library



By Nancy Wiley, DDS

When making the very important decision of choosing

an orthodontist, or any kind of dental or medical professional

for yourself or your child, it is necessary to do

research to find out how one differentiates from another.

Just as we all have individual personalities and interests,

doctors and dentists have different philosophies

that affect the treatment of their patients, often related

to their education and training. I encountered the single

biggest influence on my professional future, Dr. Melvin

Moss, while I was a resident at Columbia University

Dental School. Dr. Moss taught us that "Form Follows

Function." What this means is that the structure of the

mouth and teeth are impacted by how the muscles in

the mouth, such as the tongue, work. Dr. Moss would

stand at his lectern, screaming this at us, his students,

leaving me feeling scared of him.

However, in the years since, I have

studied the research for which he has

become internationally known and

have seen the principles he embraced

at work in my own practice. While most

orthodontists are not taught and do not

understand this principle, in my over

25 years of experience, I have come to

realize that 95-98% of the orthodontic

issues that I see in my patients can be

explained by Dr. Moss's "Form

Follows Function" principle.

So ... what does this mean to the lay person? Basically,

4 muscular imbalances cause almost all of the problems

that lead to the need for orthodontic treatment.

Those are:

Mouth breathing, a short lingual frenum (the band or

string of tissue under the tongue), sucking habits (fingers,

thumb, pacifier, bottle, breast, tongue, etc.), and

teeth clenching and/or grinding

The first three are very much related, and can lead to

similar problems. The most common issues include:

Having a narrow palate and constricted dental arches,

leading to crowding of the teeth, impacted teeth, gingival

recession, crossbites and underbites, over jet (also known

as bucked teeth), open bites, disruption of normal facial

growth (also known as long face syndrome), speech

delays and impediments, digestive and gastric issues, and

snoring and sleep apnea (which have been linked to ADD

and ADHD).

The fourth behavior, clenching/grinding, has a different set

of problems associated with it. These actions can lead to:

A deep bite, crowded dental arches, premature wear of

the teeth, and Temporomanidbular Disorder (TMD).

Symptoms include jaw popping, cracking, and locking ,

which can lead to headaches and migraines.

Educating ourselves about the causes,

symptoms, and effects of our children's

(and our own) function is important to us,

as parents, because we CAN change the

course of our children's history IF we find

clinicians who are properly educated and

trained. We cannot see what we do not

know, and we cannot correct what we cannot

see! In my experience, very few orthodontists,

pediatric dentists, pediatricians,

general dentists, ENTs, speech pathologists,

and allergists are trained to detect

these problems. Rather, they are trained

to treat the symptoms and effects. My question is, "Why

would you just treat the symptoms when you can also

treat the root cause?" If this resonates with you, please

come see us and how we are different. At Nancy Wiley

Orthodontics, we are passionate about everything we do.

Please let OUR passion transform YOUR life!

For more info please call 954-753-0015, see website

www.wileysmiles.com and School Cut-Out Calendar

ad on back cover


Register Now for Summit Academy Charter School!

Bring your family for an impressive tour at this newest charter

school, 11421 NW 56th Dr., Coral Springs, where FREE enrollment

for grades K – 8 is open to families on a first come, first

served basis. Please see the ad on opposite page for complete

description and info.

First Day of Public School - Wednesday, August 14

For Broward County Public School students, this is the beginning

of the 2019-20 school year! For a complete calendar of

important dates throughout the academic year including vacation

days and report card dates, please cut off this month’s

back cover and save it for reference.

Parkland Bricks ‘n Books - Tuesday, August 20

For ages 6 and up, head to the Parkland library, 6620

University Dr., to enjoy the fun from 3:45 to 4:30 PM. Bring your

imagination and Lego building skills to build with a buddy or

work on your own. Parkland Library card required to register.

Visit www.cityofparkland.org/library or call (954)757-4207.

Coral Springs Bites-N-Sips - Saturday, August 31

Looking for a fun event to close out the summer?

Join us for our popular food truck event, from 6 to 10 p.m. Held

at Coral Springs at City Hall, 9500 West Sample Road, this fun,

food-based event will feature some of the best cuisine in South

Florida! We have the "Sips" covered, too! Adult beverages will

be available for purchase. The family-friendly fun happens on

the Great Lawn. make sure to bring your lawn chairs and blankets.

Free parking is in the City Hall garage.

Parkland Soccer Club 2019-20 – Now Registering!

There is no in-person registration. Visit www.parklandsoccer.net

Coaches, Team Sponsors always welcomed. For more info call

954-410-5171. See ad & story pgs. 18-19.

Open House - Congregation Beth Adam Children’s

Educational Program - Sunday, August 18

Please join us at 9am. Open house, class to follow 10am to

noon. At Olympic Heights Community School, 20101 Lyons rd,

Boca Raton. For more info about Congregation Beth Adam and

the Children’s Education Program, call 561-443-1769, email

info@bethadam.com or visit www.bethadam.com. See ad and

article on pages 24-25.

HOMBRE 2 Men’s Luxury Networking - Thurs, Sept. 5

Coming to Boca/Delray. Hombre is where Great Men connect

with amazing brands, creating a unique evening and experience.

The Hombre Experience includes an open bar, a delicious chefselected

menu of lite bites, and a main course for the evening.

Get to know local and national brands, services and products that

are geared and designed with the true Hombre in mind. Space is

LIMITED and tickets will sell out quickly! Check out

www.Eventbrite.com Hombre Experience 2 for more information

and to get your tickets, plus pre-event discounts. Contact

CCruzLive@gmail.com if you are interested in becoming a sponsor

and or vendor for this event.


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