#14 SUMMER 2019

Our biggest and best summer

production yet


The KAA Choir open the

BAFTAs with Gareth Malone



Principal’s Welcome 1

Year 11 Prom 2

Performing & Creative Arts

Hairspray: The Musical 3-4

KAA Choir opens the BATFA awards 5-6

KAA Choir on Jeremey Vine show 6

Art & Dance showcase 7

Dance workshops 8

A Level art exhibition 9

The Ship of Tolerance Project 9

ACAVA artist workshops 10

House Competitions

House Debating 11

Interim Competitions 12

Sports Day 13-14

Trips & Workshops

Debate Box at the Harrow Club 15

Geography Fieldtrips 15

Duke of Edinburgh 16

Y11 India Trip 17


Rowing Regatta 1

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Dear Parents & Carers,

Welcome to the final Intrepidus magazine of the

2018-2019 academic year. Our students have had a

fantastic year, excelling in their studies,

performing arts, sports and more. As always, the

following pages will keep you updated with the

fantastic work our staff and students have done this


I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate

our Intrepidus badge winners this year. This is the

highest accolade awarded at the academy, and this

year’s very deserving winners are:

Year 7 - Irene (7 Gupta) & Gabriel (7 Pinter)

Year 8 - Eliana (8 ) & Daniel (8

Year 9 - Yousra (9 Hamilton) & Navid (9

The Intrepidus badges for Year 10 and Year 12

students on work experience this week will be

announced and awarded next year.

I’ll close by thanking each and every student and

parent for your support this year.

Best wishes,

David Benson



On Friday 28 th June our founder cohort of

students celebrated the end of their GCSE

exams with a Year 11 prom at the Rembrandt

Hotel in Knightsbridge.

Donning formal attire (and looking fabulous!) students

enjoyed a buffet meal and party. The long awaited

prom awards (voted for by the students) were

presented by Mr Kirby and prom hostesses Amani (11

Oliver) and Parmida (11 Winfrey).

Awards ranged from classics such as “most likely to

become Prime Minister” (Fatima - 11 Berners-Lee) and

“most likely to win an Olympic gold” (Jeriel - 11

Kidston), to some more contemporary awards

including “most likely to become ‘insta’

famous” (Cheyenne - 11 Berners-Lee) and “most likely

to become a motivational speaker” (Sara 11


Everyone at KAA is so proud of our first year group

for their focus and resilience they’ve shown over the

past two years whilst studying for their GCSEs. We

now look forward to seeing students on results day

this summer.

GCSE results day is on Thursday 22 nd August, and

school will be open from 9am for students to pick up

their results. For those who have applied to KAA sixth

form, please remember that you must enrol with the

sixth form team on results day. For those who have

applied to other colleges and apprenticeships, our

careers team and representatives from local colleges

will be available to help with your enrolment on other




This year’s summer production of Hairspray

wowed audiences as the performing arts team

put on the biggest and the best musical yet in

KAA history.

Set in 1960s Baltimore (and with accompanying

accents from the full cast), Hairspray follows teenager

Tracy (played by Irene, 7 Gupta), whose dream is to

dance on The Corny Collins Show. Her parents (Navid -

9 Hamilton and Finn - 7 Stoppard), with fantastic

comic delivery, warn her against disappointment and

tell her not to dream so big. Tracey doesn't listen, and

accompanied by her best friend Penny (Amira - 9

Murray), auditions for the show, falls in love with

teenage heart throb Link Larkin (Gabriel - 7 Pinter)

and is taught to dance by the ultra stylish Seaweed

(Yonis - 8 Jones). When Tracy wins a role on the

show, she becomes a celebrity overnight. But Tracey

is shocked by the prejudice and racism shown by the

show’s producer Velma Von Tussle (Olivia / Adea 10

Baker) and joins forces with Motormouth Maybelle

(Eliana, 8 Yousafzai) and her friends to use The Corny

Collins Show to campaign for social change.

Students from Year 7 to 12 spent the spring and

summer term rehearsing for the show during

enrichment across music, drama and dance

disciplines. On Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th July

t h e c a s t p e r f o r m e d t w o m a t i n e e

performances for students from Oxford Gardens,

Avondale and Colville primary schools, followed by

two evening shows for a full audience of students, staff

and parents.

Our thanks to the director Miss Miller and the

whole performing arts team, our talented student

technicians Musa (10 Lennon) and Noah (10 Baker)

for running the lighting and sound for all four shows,

and the entire cast for their

d e d i c a t i o n a n d

enthusiasm in creating our

best summer production yet.





Following the BBC2 documentary The Choir

featuring the KAA choir and choirmaster

Gareth Malone, which was watched by over 1.5

million viewers in the Spring term, the KAA

choir were invited to open the British

Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA)

awards on Sunday 12 th May.

The choir opened the show accompanied by Gareth

on piano with a cover of London Grammar’s Strong.

We were blown away by the way all students rose to

the occasion and put on a fantastic performance after

having time for just two choir rehearsals to

prepare after the Easter break.

Suad (11 Balon) performed spoken word at the intro

of the song, and Adil (10 Nijinsky), Irene (7 Gupta)

and Lyric (10 Chaplin) had solos in the

arrangement. This was a truly once in a lifetime

opportunity as Gareth and the choir were singled out

as the one performance for the annual show.

Students performed in front of an audience packed

with TV stars, including Ant & Dec, Benedict

Cumberbatch, Holly Willoughby and Graham Norton.

They also had the chance to walk the red carpet

before the show.


The BAFTA awards by Irene (7 Gupta)

A selection of students who took part in the Big

Show were chosen to perform at the Royal Festival

Hall. I remember everyone on the coach, we were

so ecstatic (but of course nervous too!) - after all

we were on our way to the BAFTAs!

When we arrived for a sound check it was terrifying

as we could see place cards on the seats in the

theatre showing us who was coming.

So. Many. Famous. People!

The whole experience was breath-taking. There so

many things that seems unreal. It shows how far we

came from the very beginning and the experience

the choir has gained through working with Gareth


When we final all got on stage to perform and got

into our places, you could almost sense the buzz on

stage. It all went by so quickly! We finished,

everyone was so proud of our journey as a choir.

by Miss Cockell

On Friday 7 th June the KAA Choir travelled to

BBC Wogan House to perform live on the

Jeremy Vine Show on Radio 2.

We were invited ahead of the BBC's Music Day in

September to discuss the power of music upon our

students and our recent experience working with

Gareth Malone. Always up for a challenge, the choir

was tasked with performing two songs from 'The

Big Show' completely acapella - that is, with no

instrumental accompaniment or backing tracks!

The students performed Memories, celebrating the

early days of secondary school, and the chorus of

the finale song, with its uplifting line 'with our arms

around our friends, keep on holding till the end'.

Both songs were performed By Miss Cockell with confidence,

accurate pitch and clear diction.

Lyric (10 Chaplin) and Olivia (10 Baker) then spoke

eloquently to Jeremy about the power of music and

explained how they have been able to express

themselves through singing and the creative arts.

Thank you so much to the students for their

professionalism and dedication.




by Mr Dunning

On Thursday 23 rd May the Dance and Art

departments hosted a showcase of student

work to celebrate the achievements of our

students this year.

Parents and carers joined staff and students for an

exhibition of student art work from 5.30pm to 6pm,

featuring work from students in years 7 to 11.

The art exhibition was followed by a dance show and

awards in the theatre. Fifty students performed 20

different dances in a full production which highlighted

the talent and skill of the KAA dancers. Of these 20

performances, 9 were choreographed by the

students - a clear credit to their dedication and

talent. The dance staff were proud to watch each

student perform to the audience, showing all of the

hard work they had put into the show during the

month beforehand.

The show also allowed the opportunity for the dance

team to give awards to students for their work in

dance throughout the year. This included KS3

Dancer of the year Ana (8 Truth), KS4 Dancer of the

Year Isha (10 Hepburn) and KS5 Dancer of the Year,

Miriam (12 Tutu)! A huge congratulations to all the

dancers who took part, and thank you for your hard

work all year.


By Miss Cockell

by Mr Dunning

As always, the Dance Department have been

incredibly busy this year, ensuring that KAA

students have as many opportunities to get

involved in dance as possible!

In addition to the fantastic Dance Showcase and

Hairspray production this term, the dance

department have also been busy with the Intrepidus

Dance Company and GCSE Dance workshops.

In June over 20 members of Intrepidus Dance

Company have started to complete the Bronze

level of the Arts Awards. This is an extra

qualification that the students have elected in extracurricular

clubs, showing their dedication and love

of dance. For this award, the students have written

reviews on the live performances they have seen,

and have also done independent research into a

dancer or choreographer that inspires them.

To complete the award, the students will

choreograph and teach to each other, among other

tasks. The students have been really enjoying the

process of gaining their Arts Award, and we hope

that they all keep working hard to eventually go for


Throughout the year, prospective and

current GCSE Dance students have had the

opportunity to experience additional professional

performances and workshops. This has included

traveling to watch ‘Infra’ in November, performed

by The Royal Ballet. This was especially valuable to

the students as ‘Infra’ is one of the set works in the

GCSE specification.

The students also had the opportunity to gain

insight into another of the set works, ‘A Linha

Curva’ in December, when Rambert Dance

Company came to KAA and delivered a workshop.

Students from Year 9 and 10 were challenged with

choreographic tasks and developed a great

understanding of the movement style which will

support their upcoming GCSEs.




Art department news by Miss John

KAA’s second annual A Level Art exhibition

took place on Saturday 13 th and Sunday 14 th

July at Maxilla Studios, with a private view on

Thursday 11 th July.

The artwork exhibited this year included A Level

work and a selection of exceptional GCSE pieces,

exploring themes of identity, light, reflection and


Working with local artists from ACAVA, year 12

students curated the gallery space to showcase the

progress they have made throughout the year, and

how they have developed into young artists. The

work displayed demonstrates our students’ skill and

conceptual understanding; they produced personal,

reflective responses, using materials and techniques

to communicate their ideas effectively.

On Tuesday 18 th June our year 9 students

created paintings based on the theme

‘Tolerance and Diversity’ as part of the Ship

of Tolerance workshops with artists Ilya and

Emilia Kabakov.

This project aims to connect children of different

continents, cultures and identities through art and

create a dialogue about diversity and tolerance.

Through a program of in school workshops,

students will spend a time discussing the meaning of

tolerance and the value of being exposed to

different cultures, races and ideas. They will share

their thoughts and produce drawings of vision of

tolerance and peace. The work students produced

will form part of a ship with sails made of 139

drawings that will be selected from art workshops in

30 schools, refugee groups, local community art



In September, The Kabakov Foundation and Art

Action Change will bring The Ship of Tolerance to

London as the centrepiece art installation of Totally

Thames 2019. The ship will be built at the Royal

Docks in the London Borough of Newham and then

located by the Millennium bridge. We look forward

to seeing our students’ artwork sail down the

Thames in September.

In the Summer 2 term our Year 10 Fine Art

GCSE students took part in a workshop with

ACAVA studios working with three

professional artists.

Students worked on sculpture and self portrait

pieces with Clare Burnett, Nadine Mahoney and

Nicole Morris. The work produced over a five-week

period was in response to ideas based on the

themes the artist’s presented or the artist’s practice.

The students were set the task to collaborate in

small groups or work individually to produce a final

outcome and learn some exciting new techniques.

The students worked really well with the artist and

we think you’ll agree that the work they have

produced looks fantastic!



The Summer 1 term was host to the

school’s much anticipated fifth and

penultimate major house competition:

house debating.

by Miss Rose

Following the heats, in which we heard why video

games are not as bad as we might think and how

reality TV may be more toxic than we even realise,

the results came in and it was Angelou and

Pankhurst that pipped the other houses to the

sought after finals. This meant that these two

houses would be fighting for 1st place in the following

week's final, while Franklin and Honeyball

would be battling it out for 3rd and 4th place.

The final rolled around on Thursday 23rd May,

with all teams debating the motion ‘that any form

of protest which disrupts the lives of others should

be illegal in the UK’, while the rest of the school

watched around the building through a live


The final was a display of fiercely penned rhetoric

and skill from all houses, with arguments ranging

from obscure historical events, to pertinent issues

of today such as Extinction Rebellion and Black

Lives Matter. The passion and thought was second

to none and, by the end, every student was yet

more proof that KAA is full of young people who

truly care and are going to make a difference to

our society.

Pankhurst - 3rd place - 10,000 points

After impassioned debate full of flair and challenge

that would put our country’s politicians through

their paces, Angelou came out on top. Huge congratulations

to the winning team; Nora (9 Farah),

Ahmed (8 Yousafzai), Badee (7 Graham) and Rami

(8 Yousafzai).

A big well done to all students involved, it takes

courage and resilience to research, plan and

perform such impressive speeches. The winning

team showed Intrepidus at its finest.


Elliot Warren, Olivia Brady, Nicola Alexis and Natalie Jennings

gave detailed feedback and comments to each house.

Art and Design Portraits

Computer Science

by Miss John

What an exciting year it has been for the art

department with the launch of the underwater

installations, ‘selfie’ portraits and t-shirt design

competition. The level of creativity and quality of

entries into each of the three competitions has been

amazing this year. To end the year, the art department

set the challenge for students to create their own

‘selfie’ portrait. Rose Macdonald (Year 8) showed outstanding

skill and imagination to produce a winning

piece of work for Franklin. A big thank you to all the

students that participated in this year’s Art and Design

house competition. We cannot wait to see what next

year brings!

by Mr Crook

At the start of the academic year Computer Science

students were asked to create an interactive version

of the word Intrepidus. Students could approach this

in any way that they saw fit. The winning entry came

from Daniel (8 Truth). Daniel explored a number of

ideas and set an ambitious, creative goal for a fuller

project. He has broken the problem into smaller steps

and has demonstrated resilience in pursuit of his idea.

Following this, students were asked to remix a retro

game on scratch. The winner was Maha (7 Hansbury).

Swimming Gala by Miss Thompson

With swimming making a return to the PE

curriculum this year at KAA it was time to bring

back the annual swimming gala. The PE

department were overwhelmed at the

enthusiasm of the competitors who showed fantastic

commitment and organisation in being fully

prepared for the after school event.

Year 7 & 8 were certainly well represented and

had highly competitive races. The crowd also

provided supportive motivation to all

competitors. There was some stand out performances

from Rama (Y7), David (Y8), Tashi (Y9)

and Bobby (Y10).


The afternoon was dominated by the Franklin

swimmers, even with Honeyball’s last minute

relay success it was a comfortable win for

Franklin. Well done to all who took part, it was

brilliant to see such a variety of students at this

sporting event.

Ready, Steady, Cook!

Winners: Franklin


On Friday 12 th July our Year 7, 8, 9, 10 and

12 headed to the Linford Christie Stadium

for our fifth annual Sports Day house


With 20,000 house points up for grabs, Sports Day

always proves a key point in the final push for the

house cup. With every student signed up for a

least one event, it was an action packed day with

track events ranging from the newly added 60m

sprint to the 800m race, and field events including

tug of war, javelin and high jump.

As always our staff were not afraid to show the

Intrepidus spirit and get stuck in to the staff events.

Pankhurst staff came off victorious against Franklin

in the staff tug of war and students were gripped

by the last leg of the staff relay which saw a photo

finish between Mr Campbell (Franklin) and Mr

Cyrus (Angelou) - with Franklin just snatching the


The students displayed fantastic resilience and

Intrepidus, with a huge number of new school

records set (all listed opposite). Special mention to

Jayden (10 Lennon), who broke numerous Year 10


Students are awarded a medal for first, second or

third place, and points are accumulated for all

participation from 10 for a win to 1 for 8th place.

Students competed well, but the other houses

couldn’t prevent Franklin from stealing a third

consecutive Sports Day win with 8,310 points -

securing them the 20,000 house points! Honeyball

took second place with 7,610 points, earning them

15,000 house points. Angelou came in just behind

Honeyball with 7,470 points. Pankhurst came

fourth with 6,870 points.

Well done to all students (and staff) who took part

and our huge thanks to the PE department for

organising the day.

1 st Franklin

2 nd Honeyball

3 rd Angelou

4 th Pankhurst



Event Year Name Time

60m 7 Terrel Mason 0.09

60m 7 Shion Wright 0.08

60m 8 Courtney Phillips John-Baptiste 0.08

60m 8 Ayah Hamri 0.09

60m 9 Joao Verissimo Camara 0.08

60m 9 Kayla Chance 0.08

60m 10 Kyle Simpson 0.07

60m 10 Tyra Bailey-Folks 0.0918

100m 9 Annalise King-Fullerton 14.46

200m 10 Katie-Marie Sherlock 0.28

300m 7 Salma Boulaghrasse 56

300m 8 Lirio Tobaruela Nakamura 0.52

300m 9 Ismail Ibrahim 0.44

300m 10 Katie-Marie Sherlock 0.48

400m 10 Jayden Harris 59

800m 7 Abdullah Elyimlahi 2.59

800m 8 Lirio Tobaruela Nakamura 3.05

800m 10 Jayden Harris 2.31

800m 10 Katie-Marie Sherlock 2.52

Long Jump 7 Terrel Mason 3.53

Long Jump 7 Salma Boulaghrasse 3.36

Long Jump 8 Aaliyah Pham 3.26

Long Jump 9 Zebedee Nash 4.49

Long Jump 9 Kayla Chance 3.63

Long Jump 10 Jayden Harris 5.26

Long Jump 10 Romaissa Kaddour 2.52

High Jump 7 Mia Hinds 1.35

High Jump 10 Jayden Harris 1.75

High Jump 10 Katie-Marie Sherlock 1.4

Shot put 8 Lirio Tobaruela Nakamura 7.71

Javelin 10 Ricardo Grant 25.3




by Miss Green

This summer 12 brave year 8 students have embarked on the DebateBox challenge. Innovative and

exclusive to our community, DebateBox is a program which seeks to develop young people's oracy skills and

personal discipline through combining the practice of boxing with debating. Each week students have been

going to the Harrow Club and working with talented DebateBox mentors and the coach from the Cuban

Boxing Academy.

David (8 Tatchell) said: "In DebateBox we learn about the positions of a debate and exactly, in greater detail, what

each position does. We also learn how to judge a debate. It's helped me with my English speaking skills as well as my

public speaking in general. In the boxing section, we do a warm up that consists of boxing drills. After that, we learn

combinations on the punching bag and pads. Boxing has helped me with my co-ordination and confidence. It's really

fun and proactive."

I hope the students taking part are as proud of themselves as we are of them. Their dedication and

enthusiasm has been tangible across the term and I have no doubt that their achievements will transfer to

their academic work and beyond. Well done.

Geography students have shown true

Intrepidus spirit this academic year with house

competitions, enrichments and interventions

they have been involved in, and most crucially

through the GCSE fieldtrips this term.

by the Geography dept.

In the Summer term, our year 10s braved pouring rain

on Monday 10th June and intense sunshine on

Tuesday 11th June during our field trip to Eastbourne.

We began the day at Beachy Head where we climbed

the highest chalk sea cliff in the UK (531 feet above

sea level), giving spectacular views of the coast. We

then walked down to Holywell to see first-hand the

coastal management scheme protecting the coastal

town behind it.

Next up was the most crucial geography of the day:

students carried out a bi-polar analysis on each coastal

management scheme, completed a few questionnaires

and successfully measured out a beach profile and

analysed beach sediment - all vital skills for their

geography GCSE!


y Miss Armitage

Bronze Duke of Edinburgh participants in

Year 10 completed their assessed DofE

expedition in the Surrey Hills on the 3rd

and 4th of May.

Setting off on their routes in teams in the

morning, our students were enthusiastic for the

challenge that lay ahead.

As the realisation hit and they faced the confusing

challenge of navigating through a thick forest

(quite different from their practice expedition in

Hyde Park!) all groups realised the importance of

their compasses. They showed great team work

in cheering on the members of their teams who

were struggling and soon were back on the

(proverbial and literal) right path.

Our Duke of Edinburgh programme is now

growing year on year thanks to donations from

our KAA Intrepidus Trust supporters and the

hard work of Mr Meighen and Miss Armitage

leading the programme.

This year 40 Year 10 students completed their Bronze

Award expedition in May, and 10 Year 11 and Sixth

Form students will complete their Silver expedition this

weekend. As the programme grows, we now have 50

year 9 students registered to begin their Bronze award

next academic year.


After their competitive training in Hyde Park,

their tent making skill and speed was impressive,

motivated by trangea-roasted marshmallows

before bed.

The early morning start the next day saw most

teams tired and slightly soggy. However, this was

the day where they truly demonstrated the team

working, navigating and camp making skills they

have been practicing this year.

We were impressed with their resilience and

their support for each other and are happy that

so many have been successful in this aspect of the

award! We look forward to our students

progressing to the Silver Award next year.



As we go to press, a group of our Year 11 students

are currently in Delhi, India with our history

teachers on a once in a lifetime trip before starting

their A levels in September.

Leila (11 Dyson) wrote the following about the trip before

setting off, and will be providing a full write up about the

experience on their return:

“A small group of Year 11 students are travelling to Ladakh, a

region in India for two weeks, where we’ll explore its

vibrant Buddhist culture, in Ladakh’s largest town of Leh, and

complete a 9 day hike through the Himalayas. We will be

guided by an all-women tour guide company, set up by the local

women to bring in income, at that time of year when most of

the men in the region are in the cities for work. On each day of

our hike we will be staying with a different household; enjoying

their food, their cultures and their rich histories, whilst getting a

real feel for what life is like in a developing country.

It is an extraordinary opportunity to escape the chaos of London

life and explore what will certainly be a culture shock for many

of us. For two weeks we will be living almost solely from the

contents of our bags (with very limited opportunities to wash our

clothes) and with means of washing ourselves that are far more

basic than the luxuries we enjoy at home on a daily basis. I’m

also certain that most of us will suffer from corner shop

withdrawal at some point; a brief moment of craving something

that we soon realise we can’t just pop down the road to buy.

However much our privileged London perspective has

fragmented our view of the wider world, I am sure that as we

take our next step towards adulthood, this chance to explore

one of the most rural regions on Earth will open our eyes to the

sheer diversity of living and culture that exists on our planet.”

Our huge thanks to every donor so far making this

incredible journey possible for our Year 11 students. You

can donate towards this Ladakh trip here: https://


Our annual rowing regatta took place again this

July to help bring another fantastic year for Sports

at KAA to an exciting conclusion.

It was a glorious Monday afternoon down on the river

Thames by Hammersmith Bridge. We had 4 very strong

boats made up of our very own Elite Rowing Squad, our

Y10 GCSE rowers and some Y10 core PE rowers. Fulham

Reach Boat Club were out in full force to officiate our

most competitive regatta yet!

by Miss Paine



Pankhurst got off to a very strong start being the first team

to win two out of two races. But that only spurred the

other houses on, and by round three Honeyball and

Angelou had also won 2 races each! This left us with a

three way final between Pankhurst, Honeyball & Angelou.

The race was on over the 400m race to the pontoon.

All three boats got off to a great start but Honeyball pulled

out in front. Pankhurst were literally an oars length behind

when they both sprinted towards the line. Honeyball held

strong and finished with a comfortable lead, Pankhurst 2nd

and Angelou 3rd!

All houses should be very proud as the standard of rowing

was excellent and all of the students left with big smiles on

their faces, calluses on their palms and well deserved

burgers in their hands!!

Our thanks to the Fulham Reach Boat Club staff, donors to

the KAA Intrepidus Trust, and Miss Paine for leading the

rowing programme at KAA.

KAA__PE on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with all the latest KAA sports news!


Autumn Term Parent Calendar

Date Time Event

Thursday 5 th September 8.25am Y7 & Y12 Induction Day

Friday 6 th September 8.25am Whole school timetable begins

Tuesday 17 th September 6.30pm - 7.30pm Y7 Parent Evening - Welcome to KAA

Tuesday 24 th September 9am - 10.30am Y6 Open Morning

Tuesday 24 th September 5pm - 8pm Y6 Open Evening

Wednesday 25 th September 9am - 10.30am Y6 Open Morning

Thursday 26 th September 9am - 10.30am Y6 Open Morning

Saturday 28 th Sep - Monday 30 th Sep - Y12 Oxford Residential

Tuesday 1 st October 6.30pm - 7.30pm Y11 Crunch Time Parent Evening

Thursday 10 th October 6.30pm - 7.30pm Y10 Crunch Time Parent Evening

Tuesday 15 th October 5pm - 8pm Sixth Form Open Evening

Monday 21 st Oct - Friday 29 th Oct Two weeks Half Term Holiday

(school closed to students)

Monday 4 th November 8.25am Autumn 2 term begins for all students

Monday 18 th Nov - Friday 22 nd Nov All week Charity Week

Monday 25 th Nov - Friday 29 th Nov All week Anti-Bullying Week

Thursday 28 th November 4pm - 5.30pm KAA’s Got Talent

Monday 2 nd Dec - Friday 13 th Dec Two weeks Y11 Mock Exams

Monday 9 th Dec - Friday 13 th Dec All week Y7 - Y10 Assessment Week

Tuesday 17 th December 5pm - 8pm Y12 & Y13 Progress Meetings

Thursday 19 th December 6.30pm - 8pm Christmas Concert

Friday 20 th December 11.30am - 12.30pm End of Term Assembly

(students finish at 12.30pm)

Monday 23 rd Dec - Tuesday 7 th Jan - Christmas Holiday

(school closed to students)

Wednesday 8 th January 8.25am Spring 1 term begins for all students





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