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Illini Chapter · BMW Car Club of America · Second Quarter 2019

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Largen’s Lingo........................4

///M Madness............................6

My Hero, Bill.............................10

What is TRSS?..........................11


2019 Illini Chapter Board of



Rick Largen

Lakewood, IL

(217) 825-8606


Street Survival


Rick Largen

Lakewood, IL

(217) 825-8606



Bruce Huber

Morton, IL

(309) 258-3711


Vice President

Rick Roudebush

Canton, IL

(309) 335-0303



Bruce Huber

Morton, IL

(309) 258-3711


Track Events


Boris Peharda

Peoria, IL

(309) 256-9828


Past President

Sean Hayes

Washington, IL

(208) 860-9749


Newsletter Editor

Eric Wank

Peoria, IL

(517) 861-9482



• August 21st: ///MEMBER MEETING & DINNER

6:00pm | BMW of Bloomington (Open to all members)

• October 15th-19th: OKTOBERFEST

Greenville, South Carolina (National Event)

• November 20th: ///MEMBER MEETING & DINNER

6:00pm | Decatur, IL (LocationTBD) (Open to all members)


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BMW of Peoria



A celebration of the most powerful letter in the alphabet.

M Madness brought together a ton of beautiful M cars

and few others tagged along for an excellent Saturday

of celebrating the cars we all live and and breath.

Thank you all for your continued support as we look

forward to bringing the family ack together again next

year with new friends, cars and good times together.


BMW of Peoria

Golf Classic

Benefiting the Sister Judith Anne Endowment for Autism

Friday, SEPTEMBER 6, 2019

We are excited to host the BMW fo Peoria Golf Classic

once more and support such a great cause. Golfers

will have the opportunity to win a trip to Munich to

pick up their choice of a 230i xDrive Convertible or a

330i xDrive Sedan for the ultimate European Delivery

experience. Also 2 golfers will be awared a trip to the

Pinehurst Resort to participate in the BMW Golf Cup

Championship in 2020.

With this thrilling event we are excited to help raise

$1.3 million for the Endowment and look forward to

continuing the reasearch and support of those in



1720 W Pioneer Pkwy, Peoria, IL

Peoria, IL 61615


Service Hours:

Monday - Friday

7:00 AM-5:00 PM

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Mon., Wed., Thurs.

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Hello to All,

I hope that you all are enjoying the lovely warm summer

wherever you may be.

It’s hard for me to believe that the year is over half

over. Still there are people who are traveling the highways

and byways of this great country enjoying the

time with their friends and families.

Those of us who are members of the Illini Chapter are

no different. We have had many opportunities to enjoy

each other’s company as friends and family.

We have already had two board meetings that are

conducted in person. The first was the meeting held

at Isringhausen BMW prior to the membership dinner.

The second meeting was held at BMW of Peoria.

They seem to have been very well received by all who

have attended. Personally, I think it’s great. I get to

meet people that I would have never been able to.

Those of you that know me better than some know

how much I love the BMW brand and try to learn all I

can about them. To me the best thing is that we can all

find friendship in a thing that we all have in common.

Driving and owning a BMW. It’s a great thing that

people are united in friendship no matter what brings

them together. There will be many opportunities in the

future for us to get together. You can find them on our

Facebook page and also in our newsletter as well as

the Roundel magazine. I hope to see you all at these

events. It’s always good to put a name with a face.

By the time this is published the chapter will have

hosted our 15th and 16th Tire Rack Street Survival

schools. I won’t dwell on this too much here. Or at

least I will try not to. There will be an article featured in

this edition of the newsletter. I will mention that there

is also a letter submitted by a parent that has had five

young drivers in the program. Every week I receive a

summary from Bill Wade who is the national director

for the program. This parent’s letter was featured in

the testimony section of the summary for two weeks

in a row. In my time of being the chapter chairman for

the program, I have never seen this happen. It may

be a small thing to some, but it speaks volumes for

the quality of the school that we put on. You will find

that letter in this edition of the newsletter.

To those of you that are new members and are reading

this for the first time, welcome to a great club. I

hope you find it to be an enjoyable experience. We

try to do something that will appeal to each of you at

some point. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with me or

any of the other officers by phone or email. None of

us bite. I can’t speak for everyone else, but even if I

did, I’ve had all my shots.

I want to thank each and every one of you for placing

your trust in me. It makes me extremely proud to represent

such a fine group of people.

Safe travels to all,

-Rick Largen

Illini Chapter President


BMWs are an Experience,

We make it Extraordinary.

Huge New Inventory

We have all new 3 Series’, X5’s, X7’s, M850

coupe/convertibles, and Z4s in stock today.

Come in for an ultimate experience

with all our BMW’s.


Master Tech | James Nussbaum

BMW of Bloomington has the best in service with its incredibly

experienced staff. James Nussbaum is not only a BMW

Master Certified Technician with 19 years of experience, but

also our shop foreman, STEP student, an ecstatic father and

even has built his own T-bucket hot rod. With some 20,000+

vehicle servicings, from changing oil to his most difficult

repair rebuilding an s38 cylinder head, James has seen and

done it all.

He prides himself in being clear with customers while explaining

issues and helping resolve them.

BMW Bloomington Events

In July we were excited to host a dog wash benefiting the

local McLean County Humane Society. We look forward to

hosting this event in the future . We are also excited to be

hosting this month’s chapter meeting for the BMWCCA.

We are always happy to support our local BMW community

while providing the best in service and experience

every day. Let us show you what we are all about.

BMW of Bloomington


1604 Commerce Parkway

Bloomington, IL 61704


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by Rick Roudebush

As Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said towards the end of his poem

The Rainy Day, “Into every life some rain must fall.” Well, it rained

on our ///M Madness event this year, but we had great fun anyway.

The day got dark but it was not dreary. How could it be with so many

lovely ///M cars lined up and all that beading action going on with

those rivulets of rain carving intricate trails off the hoods and fenders

of these spectacularly prepared beauties? A little water can’t

dampen the spirits of the hearty souls that look forward to the annual

gathering of the best BMW has to offer as we celebrate the most powerful letter in the alphabet, ///M.

BMW of Peoria were our gracious hosts for the event once again, providing some cool air, shelter, refreshments,

lunch and a great gathering spot for some hard core enthusiasts. Your Illini Chapter helped organize the

event with big participation from #MOTORSPORTSLIFE crew and ChiTown ///M delivering exuberant Bimmerheads

and some amazing examples of vintage ///M hardware from the greater Chicago area and beyond.

Huge thanks to Clinton Leman and Christopher (Woody) Wood of BMW Peoria for helping work out the logistics

as well as pumping up the passion with the new models (M8, Z4, X7) they had on display for us to savor. I wonder

what fantastic specimen we will lasso for next years roundup? M8 Gran Coupe? I sure hope so. Stay tuned.


Motorsports Life Members

always make it a great time!

E36 Takeover

Stunning E28 M5 (also cover photo)





My Hero, Bill

by Rick Roudebush

Most of us have a hero or two in our lives, or at

least someone who we greatly admire. Mine is

race car driver extraordinaire, Bill Auberlen. Bill

earns hero status, in my opinion, on several fronts.

As of this writing he has had 420 race starts in a

BMW, more than 500 overall. He is scheduled to

start two more on Saturday, July 20th for a rare

“double header” with co-driver Roger Foley at

Lime Rock Park in a Turner Motorsport BMW M4

GT4 in the GS class for a two hour Michelin Pilot

Challenge race in the morning, followed by a two

hour, forty minute IMSA WeatherTech Championship

Northeast Grand Prix race in the afternoon in

the #96 Turner Motorsport BMW M6 in GTD class.

The second race will have four classes of race

cars on the same track at the same time, each

one with differing speed capabilities. This makes

for a lot of overtaking as slower cars get lapped by

the faster cars and therefore some very exciting

racing. This is my favorite type of racing to watch.

OK, Billy has started a lot of races in a BMW, more

than anyone else in the world, but how did he do in

all those races, you ask. He is the winningest driver

currently driving in the North American Sports

Car field. Scott Pruitt holds the record for most

wins at 60. Billy currently has 59. Who knows, he

may have surpassed that record by the time you

read this. His achievements all told include 92 race

victories,189 podium finishes, 56 pole positions,

83 fastest race laps and 110 records. Most folks

remember or have watched the horrifying back

flip in the BMW V12 LMR for Schnitzer Racing

at Road Atlanta in 2000. https://www.youtube.

com/watch?v=D-ELHlnsh-M Bill won the 2003

and 2004 Speed World Challenge Touring Car

Championship behind the wheel of a Turner Motorsport

BMW 325i. He also earned the World

Challenge GT class championship for BMW

Motorsport’s Prototype Technology Group team

in 2004. Bill drove for Rahal, Letterman, Lanigan for

several years driving the V8 M3, Z4 Coupe, the M6

and the new M8. They earned two driving championships

during his tenure. Last year Bill sat out from full

time racing and was serving as Ambassador for BMW

NA. He drove as an extra driver for RLL for the longer

endurance races where four drivers are needed, but

was no longer primary driver. Well, with him being so

close to Scott Pruitt’s record and Scott’s retirement,

the brass ring proved to be too close to resist. Bill and

early partner Will Turner decided to give it a go again

and Bill is back in the racing seat where he belongs

behind the wheel of the Turner Motorsport BMW M6.

Now Bill confirms he will not retire from racing until he

holds the record for most wins. They had some bad

racing luck early in this season. Co-driver Robby Foley

has been doing very well and put the #96 on the

Pole position for the race at Mid Ohio, but was hit by

a prototype race car less than halfway around the first

lap under green. This was very disappointing because

they had a really well prepared race car and this track

was home practice track for Bill all during his time with

RLL and he never even got to touch the steering wheel

for this race. With the car repaired, they showed promise

for the next race at Watkins Glenn, but they got hit

again, bending a wheel causing the tire to go flat which

necessitated an unscheduled pit stop, putting them

back in tenth place in class. They fought back to an

impressive finish in second place, first podium for the

season. So close. Then came a commanding win at

Canadian Motorsport Park. Oh happy day!! They

started out front and stayed out front the whole

race. There were some bumps and bruises along

the way, but such is racing. The team was ecstatic

with joy. This was a long time coming. Now this

weekends race is at Lime Rock Park, home track

for Turner Motorsport and very close to Bill’s home

town, Redondo Beach. How exciting would it be if

Billy and Foley could win both races and celebrate

with home town folks? Either way, I will be very excited

to shake his hand at Road America on August

4th, hopefully as the new record holder by the end

of the race. Wouldn’t that be nice? Go get em Billy.



Tire Rack Street Survival is a driving school for

young drivers between the ages of 15 to 21 years

of age. The schools are hosted by chapters of

the BMW Car Club of America, Sports Car Club

of America, and Porsche Club of America. There

are also a few held by “independent” car clubs. A

driver with their permit is allowed to participate as

long as they have at least half the hours of practice

required by their state licensing body. The

school is held all year long. And yes, I mean all

year. The first school of the year is held by the

North Star Chapter in St. Paul Minnesota. They

hold their school in early February. I’ve never

been up there that time of year. I’m going to take

a wild guess that the temperature is more likely

to making ice cubes versus thawing them. The

schools continue throughout the year at all

kinds of places. Anything from race tracks to

high school and church parking lots.

Our schools are held at the Building AC facility

that is owned by Caterpillar in Mossville.

Our school is designed like many others. The

school consists of a series of exercises designed

to inspire confidence and teach a certain

aspect of driving. Some exercises teach what

your car feels like when you fully apply the

brakes. Some teach the drivers what weight

transfer is and how to react to it.

We usually hold the schools between April and

June. I have the great pleasure of being the

chairman for the chapter. Part of my job is trying

to find dates that work for the majority. I try

to schedule it around graduations, proms, and

major holidays.

The schools that our chapter hosts are done in

one weekend. We were the first hosting organization

to do this. Now others are scheduling

their schools this way. I’ve heard that imitation

is the most sincere form of flattery. The coaches

and volunteers start with a meeting that

starts about 6:00 the morning of their schools.

Their day ends about a half hour after the

school ends. The drivers show up about 7:00 in

the morning and go home about 4:30. It’s a long

day and I have yet to see anyone, driver, coach,

or volunteer go home without a smile on their

face. The days are filled with anything but boredom.

The drivers are broken up into two groups.

During the day they will alternate between classby

Rick Largen

TRSS – What is it and why do we do it

It’s something that happens in the United States and

Canada all year long. It’s called Tire Rack Street


Tire Rack Street Survival is a school started by the

BMW Car Club of America Foundation in 2000.

The foundation and Michelin tire were the founding

fathers of the school. There was a meeting between

the foundation and executives from Michelin. They

both had a common goal. Save the lives of young

drivers. Tire Rack came along as a major sponsor

as they are one of the largest retailers of Michelin

tires in the world. We as a chapter are very fortunate

to have Caterpillar along with Kauth and Mayeur,

one of the finest independent import auto repair

facilities in the country, sponsor our school on the

local level.


oom and driving on the course. There is also

a class on semi truck safety. The drivers have

a brief talk on what to do when driving around a

truck tractor semi trailer and some of the consequences

that people suffer thinking they will win

a battle with a vehicle that when fully loaded can

weigh at least 80,000 pounds. Some of them are

hauling hazardous materials. Their cargo can be

anything from cleaning products to nuclear materials.

They are also allowed to get into the semi

and see what the road looks like from the driver’s




The simple is answer

is this. Because

what we do

saves lives.

Each year we

lose at least 5,000

young drivers to

traffic crashes.

Those drivers are

someone’s son,

daughter, sister or

brother. They are

also someone’s

best friend, grandchild,

nephew or


A driver 16 years

of age has an


80 percent chance of being involved in a crash.

Some of those are only fender benders where no

one gets hurt. The other crashes

involve someone being injured or


By the time a young driver leaves a

TRSS school, they instantly become

a better driver and a better

citizen on the highway. All of them

will be at different levels of improvement,

but they do improve.

Any of you who wonder if you

should be involved there is a letter

from Dr. John Wipfler on the following

pages. Dr. Wipfler is an Emergency

Room doctor who has had

five of his children in our school. I’m

not going to go into detail about the

letter. All I will say is if you read this

and don’t want to get involved in

the program as either an instructor or volunteer I

can’t say anything else that will.

Thanks to all of you that made not only this year’s

school, but all our other schools in the past, one

of if not the best in the TRSS program. If anyone

of you would like to become involved, call or

email me. Better yet, come to one of the quarterly

in person board meetings!!

Letter to the Club:

A Father’s Take on

July 2019

To: Rick Roudebush Instructor, Street Survival School

From: John Wipfler (father of Elizabeth Wipfler, recently completed her training on June 22 2019 at Mossville,

IL )

Dear Rick and all the great folks at Street Survival Driver Education Course,

I want to thank you so much for the excellent instructor that you have provided for my teenagers. I have

had a total of five teenagers attend your Street Survival driver’s education course and I must tell you that I

am so impressed and very happy that such a wonderful group of volunteer driver instructors are dedicated

to making our wonderful world even better. And safer.

When I first heard about your street survival course, as a board certified Emergency Physician, I thought

to myself “Wow, this sounds like an ideal class for everyone to take, especially new drivers”. At that time,

my wife and I had 5 teenage drivers in our home, and we wanted to help our teenagers acquire good

driving skills that will help them have a lifetime of safety and avoid automobile accidents. As you know,

from the age of 5 to 24 the leading cause of death is car crashes and injuries from them. And 50 percent

of teenage car accidents involve a single vehicle, which means the teenager driver made serious mistakes

and crashed.

When I go to work in the ER, which I’ve done since 1988, I take care of people. Accidents and injuries and

death from many causes. Way too many of them are from car wrecks.

Over 30 years, I’ve seen a lot. The sad thing is, the death, injuries, paralysis, disfigured faces, and horrifying

burns… most were entirely preventable. Too many kids age 16 to 20 years old are brought into the ER

by ambulance. Telling parents that their child has died is, as you’d predict, a very difficult thing to go. The

tears, the anguish, the sobs of sadness, as they realize their child, and all the dreams and futures of that

young adult, is gone.

Some get killed from sliding off gravel roads sideways when the teenager was going too fast… the survivors

I talk to all say the same thing… “Gee, I didn’t know gravel roads were so slippery”. Some get killed

from wet roads and driving too fast for conditions. Hydroplaning, prolonged brake distances, difficult steering

when wet or snowy or icy roads exist… our teenagers are not properly taught about all the hazards in

our country. Some get distracted by their texting. Phones and cars are a killer mix for many young adults

(and all drivers). Sleepiness and failing to stay awake while driving… has deadly consequences. Within a

few miles of my house, a wonderful young lady age 17 was killed, driving home from an all-nighter gathering

of friends, and fell asleep at the wheel, crashed, and died. No alcohol, just poor decision-making. And

lack of education. She won’t get a 2nd chance. She is gone. Her family was, and is, and will always be


There are very few standardized driving courses, and the average high school drivers ed course is good,

but not good enough. If I could snap my fingers, and make it so… I would wish for all teenagers to go

through just one day of enhanced car driving instruction which you and your wonderful volunteer instructors

provide through your Street Survival Course. Perhaps one day, this course will be mandatory for all drivers.

The things you teach make every student better understand how to react to and handle their car better in

unexpected situations and weather and road conditions. You teach how to steer while braking suddenly,

and can help the driver learn to steer out of danger in sudden road conditions (such as a young child

running into the road, or a large road hazard that suddenly appears in the middle of the road. You emphasize

the thousands who die each year needlessly when those who try to text and drive make a huge

mistake by doing so. By spreading out cracked corn on the pavement and driving through it, this realistically

simulates wet conditions and your students go home with an entirely new respect for road conditions.

Bottom line: your student drivers learn more and will be better and safer drivers in the future.

Here’s a story you should know about, how your class SAVED the lives of a young lady and her mother.

It started when my daughter Maria, age 17 and her siblings were Blessed by completing your one

day Street Survival class. She enjoyed it, learned a lot, and had a fun day. She also took the lessons

seriously, and she left with enhanced and safer driving skills. Later that summer, about 3 months after

the class, she was driving a large family 12-person van, with 8 people inside, and she was driving on I-39

near Madison, Wisconsin. Traffic became more congested, with stop and go traffic, but then it eased up

and she was driving 55 miles per hour. I think she became a bit sleepy, and then failed to notice that the

traffic had come to a complete stop ahead. I was riding in the front seat, reading a book and I happened

to glance up and look ahead. I was HORRIFIED to see how fast we were rapidly driving towards a long

line of stopped cars in both interstate lanes ahead of us. Hundreds of cars, stopped, and we were still

driving at 55 miles per hour with less than 60 yards to go. “Stop, Maria, Stop, Stop, Stop…” I yelled and

I was soon joined by 6 other panicked kids / wife where in the back riding along. She hit the brakes, and

it was very soon evident that she was not going to stop. We were going to crash, badly, and I braced for

impact and the airbag that would soon hit me within seconds.

If we had crashed into that car, it would have been about 40 mph and it would have injured severely

the young lady teenager driving (age 17 also) and her Mom in the front seat. A severe outcome would

have been the gas tank of their car bursting, and causing an inferno of flames that would have killed

them. My family, in a big van, we would have plowed through that car and into the next 3 cars probably…

maybe minor injuries, but we would have lived likely, but the thought of having killed or burned alive the

two innocent ladies… that would have ruined my life and that of my wife and kids. So…. what happened


Answer: You have one instructor who spent time with Maria several years ago when she took your excellent

course. That instructor taught Maria many things, and the one skill that saved the day was this: She

learned how to brake and steer out of trouble. That one skill allowed Maria to not panic, and although

she should have been paying better attention to the road ahead of her… she was able to suddenly apply

the brakes properly and when she realized it wasn’t going to stop in time, she steered onto the side of the

road where no cars were at and as she zoomed past the car in front of us, our front bumper just barely

collided with the rear 5 inches of their bumper, causing minor damage and no airbag deployment. She

kept control of the vehicle, and came to a stop about 5 car lengths further. So close. Thankfully, nobody

was hurt. We got out, and interacted with the two ladies and they were very pleasant. Exchanged information,

said we were sorry, and we each went home. Our insurance repaired their car, and our van didn’t

really need much (the scuff mark remained there forever on our bumper, a reminder of what not to do,

and also of what to do right, if needed). Maria cried briefly, realizing how close it was. She learned her

lesson, and our family forgave her, and I think all of us learned a few valuable lessons that day. All ended


Thanks to you and your course and your wonderful volunteers.

All I can say is this… thank you, thank you, thank you.

Please know that what you do saves lives. And for those parents / young adults who read this, please do

EVERYTHING you can to make sure that you share the good news that the Street Survival Course exists

and is a wonderful program. Get your young family and friends to attend. It does make a huge differ-

ence. I wish that I could press “rewind” and have all of the young men and women who I have seen in

the ER who have been killed or injured in car crashes go back before their car collisions or roll-overs

and take this course. I can guarantee you that most of the “accidents” would not have happened, if

only they had known what to do, and what to not do.

With highest respect and a huge thank you,

Dr. John Wipfler

Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Illinois College of Medicine

Attending Emergency Physician, OSF Healthcare Saint Francis Medical Center

Peoria, Illinois



2001 330Ci.

Good condition. 152,700 Miles. Automatic. Enkei

18 inch wheels with new Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+

Original wheels included. Well maintained. Call or

email Rick Largen at 217/825-8606 or


Asking $5,000 or reasonable offer.

2008 335i

2008 335i hardtop convertible, 52k miles. Barbara Red/black. Auto. Loaded, including all standard features,

plus nav., Bluetooth, Sport pkg. $13.9k. meri_steve@comcast.net or (309) 657-8790.

Roundel & Panorama

Looking for someone interested 2000 through 2018 Roundel and Porsche Panorama magazines. All in

excellent condition and ready for reading. Free to good home.

Contact Ben at bpounds986@yahoo.com

Ads may be posted by members at no cost. All ads must pertain to BMW oriented items. The Editor

reserves the right to edit them.

Email contact@illinibmw.com to submit an ad!


2019 TRACK


The following are track events upcoming near our area. Not all are BMW

CCA events, so please research and plan accordingly. If you have questions

or need assistance registering for track events, please contact Boris

Peharda, our track events chairperson.

May 10-11..........................Road America with LAP

May 17-19..........................Autobahn with Windy City BMW CC

June 3 (Monday only).........Autobahn (Full Course) with LAPS

July 15(Monday only).........Autobahn (Full Course) with LAPS

July 27................................Gateway with SLPCA

August 9-10.......................Indianapolis Mtr Spdwy with MORPCA

September 13-15................Mid-Ohio with MORPCA

Oct 4-7................................Road America with Badger BMWCCA

Oct 14 (Monday only).........Autobahn (Full Course) with LAPS

September 21 – 22 HPDE weekend at Putnam Park Race Course

Join us on the 1.8 mile Putnam Park full track near Greencastle, IN. Site of an earlier O’fest track event and many

other BMW CCA HPDEs. Plenty of fresh (2017) pavement to attack!

A return to an old friend with its multiple challenging rhythm sections. Don’t miss out on this chance for fun on

the twists and turns in Indiana!

Don’t need a BMW – Your friends in their German, American, Japanese, Italian Swedish, Korean and other

sporty cars can join us. The car’s origin just doesn’t matter

Track Touring - At lunch break on Sat & Sun the track will be open for track touring by participants. Anyone can

be a passenger- any age. No helmets are required for this.

Drive just one day or the whole weekend (3 track days for instructors and invited Advanced drivers). Advanced

Drivers: Run with Instructors for Extra Track Time.

We have scheduled 2 full hours of track time for each run group each day

Two novice (or intermediate) drivers can share the car within their run group (you split your time on track) and

you only pay one admission fee. In-car Instruction available all weekend.


Illini BMW Chapter, Ltd.

BMW Car Club of America

P.O. Box 10306

Peoria, IL 61612-10306


Roundelian is

the official publication of the Illini

Chapter of the BMWCCA, Inc. The Illini Chapter and its

individual contributors retain the copyright for all information,

articles and photos included in the publication in both print and

electronic versions. Reproduction or other use of the materials

in this publication is not permitted without the written approval

of the Illini Chapter of the BMWCCA. Unless otherwise stated,

maintenance and modification procedures herein are not “Factory

Authorized” and their use may void your BMW warranty. Ideas and

opinions are those of the writers and no authentication or approval is

implied by the editor or the Board, who assume no liability for information

contained herein. The publication is printed four times a year and

distributed to members in good standing at the time of publication.

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