Tipp City Foundation 2018 Annual Report


Tipp City Foundation 2018 Annual Report: Welcome to WE’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN…the DIAMOND JUBILEE 75th ANNIVERSARY edition of the annual report. This is the official story of the Tipp City Foundation’s role in the community.

The Tipp City

Foundation promotes

local community

endeavors and

advances charitable

giving through an

unwavering commitment

for future generations.


Only Just Begun

75th Anniversary


Table of Contents

A Message from Leadership

We Give

Grant Award Impact 2—5

We Receive

Legacy Society 6—7

Endowment Funds 8—13

We Say Thanks

2018 Investors 14—17

Tributes 18

About the Artist 19

Philanthropist of the Year 20

Sponsors 21


A Message From Leadership

Shown on the new turf of stadium project in

City Park are the 2018 members of the Board.

The largest grant in the Foundation’s history

supports the building of this community asset.

Standing L to R: Nathan Rentz, Mary

Bowman, Bruce McKenzie, Dee Gillis,

Pete Schinaman, Jackie Wahl, Jesse

Chamberlain, Melissa Keller,

Heather Bailey, Jim Ranft.

Kneeling L to R: Sarah Worley,

Diana Featherstone, Claire Timmer.

Not Pictured: Dave Grim.

Welcome to WE’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN…the DIAMOND JUBILEE 75th ANNIVERSARY edition of the annual report.

This is the official story of the Tipp City Foundation’s role in the community.

Though some might choose to spend a landmark anniversary reflecting on long years of success, not us.

We used the milestone to look to the future! After all, that is what a community foundation does…

it anticipates and adapts to the shifting needs of the community.

Here are some of the ways we cast

our eye to the future in 2018:

• Collaborated with the Tipp City

Library to host a grant research

class to help strengthen area


• Planted a tree grove in Kyle

Park to honor endowment fund

founders; in time, it will grow

into a forest.

• Launched the Teen Leadership

Academy and Project T.I.P.P.

(Teens Impacting and Promoting

Philanthropy) in conjunction with

the Chamber of Commerce to

encourage future generations

of philanthropists.

• Preserved the history of early

Foundation champions with

help from KIT-TV so that future

generations will learn from

their wisdom.

• Awarded our largest-ever grant to

support the building of the stadium

in City Park to be enjoyed by

generations of Tipp Citians.

Who are the people responsible for

planting these seeds for the future? An

all-volunteer board leads this force for

good. Everything you will read about

has their fingerprints on it. What do

they have in common with you? They

don’t take the finer qualities of Tipp

City for granted. They don’t have time

to spare, yet they make time for this

cause. And they are your neighbors.

You live in one of the very best small

towns in America. Enjoy WE’VE

ONLY JUST BEGUN and the glimpse

it gives you into the role that the Tipp

City Foundation is playing to keep

it that way.


Newest Additions

Sarah Worley

Nathan Rentz

i 2 | | Can Can you you help help us make us make a difference? a Call Go us online at 937-528-2482 to donate at or www.tippfoundation.org

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We Give

Grant Award Impact

Did you notice that the size of this year’s average grant has grown?

We did that on purpose. Because of you, our investors, assets steadily grow.

As a result, so can the size of grants and the impact on our community.

Every grant listed below is a direct result of support from the community.

When given the chance, we also

make grants to fledgling nonprofits.

Taking a chance on new ideas

is our duty.

Among our first-time grant recipients

this year was Tipp Pride Association

and our commitment of $75,000.00

over 10 years towards the building of

the new stadium in City Park. These

dollars will be leveraged during

matching gift campaigns. This is

also the largest award ever given by

the Foundation. A coincidence that

$75,000.00 has been earmarked

during the Foundation’s 75th

anniversary year? Nope.

Read on to learn about area-wide

challenges met through

grantmaking in 2018. Since

1943, $2,204,926.44, has

been awarded.

Grants are only possible because of

our supporters. All contributions are

endowed, spending only the interest

earned. See the list of investors

(pages 14—17) and the endowment

funds that grants are awarded from

(pages 8—13).

What do grants support? Six broad

impact areas are served: arts and

culture, social services, public health

and safety, recreation, environment

and education.

Grant awards in 2018 totaled

$95,801.00. They were awarded

to qualified non-profit organizations

seeking to make a difference in

Tipp City, Monroe Township and

Bethel Township.




Brukner Nature Center, $2,000.00,

shelters quarantined patients at this

wild animal preserve during recovery

by supporting a building expansion

program. This grant was made

in honor of Matt Timmer, former

Foundation president, whose love

of wildlife was legendary during

his tenure.

Downtown Tipp City, $820.63,

expands the beauty of oversized

seasonal plantings to now include

the corners of First and Main Streets

through the purchase of planters

and related supplies.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools,

$1,100.00, brings “The Rock Man”

Mike Manning, a retired geology and

earth science teacher, to 3rd grade

students to share his enthusiasm

for rocks through a series of

hands-on activities.

Tipp City Parks Department,

$4,793.00 and $5,207.00, continues

the partnership with the City to

plant a tree grove in recognition of

the Foundation’s 75th anniversary.

Located in Kyle Park, this grove

honors donors who establish

endowment funds. This grant was

awarded, in part, from the Lucille L.

Milner Trees for Tipp Fund. Read

more about Lucille on page 10.

Tipp City Parks Department,

$395.00, improves the landscape at

Veteran’s Memorial Park by replacing

ground cover. This grant was

awarded through the Veteran’s Tribute

Fund, established in 2013. Read

more about veterans roles in creating

this fund on page 10.

2 | | Can Can you you help help us make us make a difference? a Call Go us online at 937-528-2482 to donate at or www.tippfoundation.org

go online to donate www.tippfoundation.org




Bethel Local Schools, $1,026.00,

packs up the 5th graders and helps

send them on an adventure to Camp

Kern in Oregonia, Ohio. This grant

was awarded through the Radle

Family Fund for Science Education,

established in 2007, which supports

conservation activities. Read more

about Mary and Woodrow on

page 10.

Bethel Local Schools, $239.00,

purchases books for the elementary

library to support science learning.

This grant was also awarded

through the Radle Family Fund for

Science Education.

Child Care Choices, $2,000.00,

adds Prop Boxes to the resource

lending library of this child care

referral agency. Prop Boxes contain

high quality dramatic play materials

centered on themes and are available

to child care providers.

Child Care Choices, $2,000.00,

purchases books for the Story Lady,

volunteer educators making more than

200 visits to Miami County childcare

centers and home childcare providers

during the 2018-19 school year.

Addressing the importance of literacy

fundamentals before a child enters

kindergarten is the motivation behind

this 20-year-old program.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools,

$4,084.00 and $1,240.52, immerses

students grade 3 through 8 in the

technical world with the purchase of

Virtual Reality Kits. Led by teachers, the

class follows lectures while wearing

futuristic headgear.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools,

$1,500.00, nails down additional

safety supplies to meet growing student

demand to enroll in the Homebuilding

Class. Students participate in building

a “Tiny House,” which will later be

sold, and the proceeds will be used to

fund the course the following year. This

experience gives students real-world

skills for the homebuilding industry.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools,

$800.00, breaks beyond traditional

teaching methods in the Design

Thinking Class with “breakout rooms.”

These 7th and 8th graders will work

in teams to investigate open-ended

problem solving, as well as create

challenges for other students to explore

during RED Devil period.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools,

$750.00, fuels the Power of the Pen,

an interscholastic writing competition

for 7th and 8th graders designed to

help young people find and develop

a creative voice that is uniquely

their own.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools,

$650.00, stacks the future of STEM

learning in favor of Broadway

Elementary students through the

purchase of a LEGO station for

the library.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools,

$304.03, strengthens fine motor

muscles of 2nd and 3rd graders by

underwriting the costs of a new fiber

arts curriculum. Weaving, sewing and

felting are examples of the new skills

these 400 students will learn.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools,

$289.10, purchases owl pellets for

2nd grade dissectors. For those of us

who have been away from a science

lab for a while, a refresher on what

exactly those are: “Indigestible parts

from prey (such as teeth, skulls, claws,

and feathers) are too dangerous to

pass through the digestive tract. The

owl’s gizzard compacts them into a

tight pellet that it regurgitates.”

Troy-Miami County Public Library,

$5,000.00, supports Dolly Parton’s

Imagination Library, serving over 500

children under the age of five in Tipp

City and Bethel Township. This grant

was awarded, in part, through the

Bethel Community Fund, established by

the Bowman Family. Read more about

Ken and Fairy on page 9.

How to Apply for a Grant

Grant seekers are our partners in philanthropy, just like our investors. As our community evolves, we rely

on the eyes and ears of these 501(c)(3) organizations to identify the ever-changing needs of our citizens.

We encourage our partners to look for new and innovative approaches to improve our community.

Grants are awarded through a competitive application and review process.

Please visit our website for more information on how to apply for a grant.

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Bethel Local Schools, $1,490.00,

updates communication between

the technical crews and directors of

concerts and stage performances

through the purchase of headset

systems. This grant was awarded

through the Arts Bethel Fund in the

Studebaker Tradition of Giving Back,

established in 2014. Read more

about Emmert and Jane on page 9.

Bethel Local Schools, $770.00,

hosts an art show for students and

the community where work by High

School Art 1 and Art 2 pupils will

be displayed. This grant was also

awarded through the Arts Bethel Fund

in the Studebaker Tradition of

Giving Back.

Connections of Tipp City, $2,109.72,

supports one of the newest nonprofits

in the area. This after-school program

offers middle and high school students

new options for their free time.

Dayton Performing Arts Alliance,

$2,000.00, tunes eager learners in

to musical concepts while listening

to live orchestral recitals. Over

540 Tipp City elementary students

will experience these professional


St. John’s Early Childhood Program,

$500.00, brings the Dayton Ballet on

site with their bug and natural-worldbased


Tipp City Chamber of Commerce,

$1,500.00, supports the launch

of the Teen Leadership Academy,

which includes Project T.I.P.P.

(Teens Impacting and Promoting

Philanthropy). Giving teens

responsibility of $3,000.00, they

acted as the grant distribution

committee by collectively determining

allocation of money to area nonprofits.

This grant was awarded in

honor of Jim Kyle, a past Foundation


Tipp City Exempted Village Schools,

$2,000.00, promotes Stagecrafters

Summer Theatre Drama Camp, giving

children a two-week experience

working both on stage and behind the

scenes of a play.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools,

$645.00, invites Madcap Puppets

to a one-week Artist in Residency

program at Nevin Coppock

Elementary School. Blending world

literature, fine and performing arts

and storytelling, kindergarten and

1st graders will have hands-on

experiences with an art form dating

back to 5th Century BC.

Tipp City Public Library, $1,750.00,

unifies the community while igniting an

interest in great books by supporting

the Tipp on a Great Read program.

Tippecanoe Historical Society,

$1,756.00, protects the archives and

artifacts of the museum by offsetting

the costs of a new roof. This grant

was awarded through the Urban

Stewardship Fund, established by

Frank Scenna and Heather Bailey.

Read more about Frank and Heather

on page 10.




Miami County Educational Service

Center, $500.00, explores Fulton

Farms through the eyes of small

children served through this early

intervention program. This year’s

field trip extends into the evening by

including parents in hands-on fun.

Science, math and literacy stations

will incorporate pumpkins into

family-based learning.

Tipp City Enrichment Program,

$3,100.00, enhances the summer

activities offered to the children who

attend this extended care program.

Tipp City Parks Department,

$2,542.00, expands the walking

path around City Park with a 180-foot

addition. This grant was awarded

through the Warren E. Miltenberger

Parkland Fund, established in 2008.

Read more about Warren on

page 10.

Tipp City Youth Soccer, $500.00,

provides needs-based support to assist

families who find it difficult to pay for

soccer registration and equipment.

Tipp Monroe Community Services,

$2,600.00, defrays the cost of the

annual 5th grade excursion to Camp

Kern in Oregonia, Ohio.

Tipp Pride Association, $7,500.00,

represents the first payment of

the Foundation’s commitment of

$75,000. Read more about this

grant in the introduction portion

of this chapter.

4 | Can you help us make a difference? Call us at 937-528-2482 or go online to donate at www.tippfoundation.org




Breast Wishes Foundation,

$3,000.00, grants wishes to enhance

the lives of women actively fighting

breast cancer in Tipp City and

Bethel Township.

Family Abuse Shelter of Miami

County, $5,182.00, contributes to

the shelter expansion. In 2017, 70

victims of domestic violence from Tipp

City and Bethel Township were given

emergency shelter; 52 victims were

given legal advocacy.

Needy Basket of Southern Miami

County, $5,000.00, helps meet

an expanding demand during the

Holiday season. Baskets containing

ingredients for a traditional Holiday

meal will be distributed to an

estimated 200 families.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of

the Miami Valley Region, $1,000.00,

aids families as they grapple with

their child’s illness during their stay

at Dayton Children’s Hospital. Last

year, 40 families from the Bethel/

Tipp City community benefitted from

their support. Services include a bite

to eat, a place to do laundry and

a private spot for a quick shower…

all while staying close to their

hospitalized child.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools,

$4,725.00, expands efforts to

promote an environment of inclusion,

diversity, understanding and

acceptance. Customized sessions

taught to middle school students

will build upon the past two years’

curriculum, also customized by the

National Conference for Community

and Justice of Greater Dayton.

Tipp City Seniors, Inc., $1,433.00,

supports the new Senior Center with

assistance in purchasing warming

kitchen equipment. This grant was

awarded from the August Henke

Fund, established in 1950. Read

more about August on page 10.

We Care Arts, $3,000.00, opens

the doors for children with profound

physical and developmental

disabilities to participate in art

classes. This learning is available

year-round as well as in Transition

to Work classrooms of Tippecanoe

High School.

The grant request read,

“We are all different with

unique strengths and

weaknesses. It is imperative

that we teach our youth about

understanding, respect and

acceptance of all people.”




Miami County Recovery Council, Tipp Monroe Community Services,

$3,000.00, interjects substance $1,000.00, funds the Eyeglass

abuse prevention in Tippecanoe High Program, which provides an annual

School and Bethel Middle School eye exam and new glasses for

health classes. This grant was also citizens in need.

awarded, in part, through the Bethel

Community Fund.








% Awarded Annually from Endowments

Local Nonprofits Receiving Grants

Unique Grants Awarded

% Grants Resulting from Private Donations

Awarded in 2018

Awarded Since 1943

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| Tipp City Foundation | 5

We Receive

Meet the Legacy Society

The Legacy Society honors those

who have invested in the future of our

community by naming the Foundation

as a beneficiary in their estate plans.

Their broad interests are reflected

in the varying purposes they chose

to endow.

If you have included the Foundation

in your estate plan but are not listed

here, please let us know. We want

to be sure we have your wishes on

record to properly carry them out

after your lifetime.

John & Kay Berk

Bryan Blake

Stacie Blake Collins

Adam Blake

Stan Evans

Some members of the Legacy Society

notify the Foundation but otherwise

choose to keep their decision


Kelly & Dee Gillis

Arthur & Nancy Hattan

Don & Ellen Hazel


Estate Gifts Received

Total Legacy

Society Donors



Gordon Honeyman

Jim Kyle

Jim & Cheryl McKee

Frank Scenna & Heather Bailey

To read the full story on each Legacy Donor, visit our web site.

John & Kay Berk

6 | | Can Can you you help help us make us make a difference? a Call Go us online at 937-528-2482 to donate at or www.tippfoundation.org

go online to donate www.tippfoundation.org

In Memoriam

With humble thanks, we

acknowledge those who have

blended the Foundation into their

estate plans as a way of saying

“Thank You” to the community they

loved. Their determination to see Tipp

City thrive after their lifetimes through

an endowed gift brings vibrancy to

our hometown.

To learn more about these luminaries,

please visit our website.

Helen M. Finch, 1903 – 1994

Caroline S. Hyde, 1932 – 2004

Sheffield N. Hyde, 1931 – 2018

Gene R. Houdeshell, 1924 – 2012

E. Jean Houdeshell, 1924 – 2015

William H. Kendig, 1870 – 1956

Lois H. Kessler, 1920 – 2008

Robert E. Kessler, 1920 – 1999

June W. Kyle, 1935 – 2018

Ortho S. Marko, 1915 – 2003

Lucille L. Milner, 1906 – 2004

Warren E. Miltenberger, 1926 – 2007

K. Delphena Nessle, 1909 – 2001

Helen C. Timmer, 1896 – 1986

Robert L. Wahl, 1954 – 2013

Emma Henke Warner, 1862 – 1947

June W. Kyle

1935 - 2018

How to Join the Legacy Society

Membership begins when you:

1. Select what charitable cause or organization you want to support.

2. Select how your gift will be funded. Insurance, wills and

retirement plans are common options. This may require working

with a professional such as an attorney, but that is not always

the case.

3. Decide if your membership will be Anonymous.

4. Let us know of your intentions.

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We Receive

Endowment Funds

What are endowment funds? Funds are pots of dollars set aside to permanently

support specific purposes identified by the people who create them. Carefully invested,

only a portion of the earnings is spent each year, allowing the funds to grow over time.

They accept gifts of any size.

Endowment funds primarily assist charities in our own backyard—Tipp City, Bethel

and Monroe Townships. Who can create one? Anyone making a commitment

to bring the fund to at least $25,000.

Today we have 44 funds. Each fund, and the story behind it, is described below.

Together, these funds total $4,263,761.05.

2018 NEW Funds

How to

Start a Fund

Starting a fund begins when

you determine:

Sarah Gross Scholarship for

Sportsmanship Fund —2018

Women athletes who help build

the confidence of fellow teammates

and promote fairness are eligible to

apply for this award. As a Red Devil,

Sarah played soccer, basketball

and softball. Later she became an

avid international rock climber. The

camaraderie of the team and her

pursuit to bring out the best in others

was evident in the many professional

awards she earned.

William’s Gift Fund – 2018

Enhancing the quality of life of

physically handicapped citizens in the

Miami Valley (with an emphasis on

Miami County) is the aim of this fund.

Organizations providing services such

as assistive technologies, therapies

that involve service animals or the

arts, or other therapeutic experiences

are encouraged to apply. Established

by the Heinl Family in honor of

William, a member of their family,

the Heinls made Tipp City their

home in 1974.

Youth of Tipp City Fund imo Sara

Drexler – 2018 – Educational

experiences that inspire youth to find

joy in learning and zest for life are

supported through this fund. Sara

Drexler, whose passion for teaching

inspired students and teachers alike,

continues to share her vitality through

this fund.

1. What you want the fund

to accomplish,

2. What you want to name your fund,

3. What assets you will use, and

4. How will the assets reach at least

$25,000 within 5 years?

Ready to get started?

Let’s do this together.

Contact us.

*iho = in honor of

imo = in memory of

8 | Can you help us make a difference? Call us at 937-528-2482 or go online to donate at www.tippfoundation.org

Unrestricted Funds…grant awards meet broad

changing needs within the community

Bethel Community Fund – 2013 –

This is an unrestricted endowment

fund for community needs in Bethel

Township. It was established by the

Bowman family to honor parents

Kenneth and Fairy, who co-founded

the Bowman & Landes Turkey Farm,

served on the Bethel School Board

and PTA, actively participated in

the West Charleston Church of the

Brethren, and helped develop the

Miami County Park District.

H. E. “Tiny” and Emma Drewing

Fund—2017 – This unrestricted

fund strives to improve the quality

of life for the citizens of Tipp City.

Established by Sally Beals to honor

her parents, Tiny (1898 - 1984) and

Emma (1909 - 1974) were proud

of their hometown and believed

strongly in education. Tiny owned

the Tippecanoe Gravel Company

and acquired contracts to remove

140 miles of interurban railroad. He

later bought a farm on Ross Road

where he raised Herford cattle, pigs,

chickens and grain. Emma was an

executive secretary for Tube Products

and supported Tiny’s endeavors with

her skills in bookkeeping.

Jim & June Kyle Family Fund – 2001

– As a trustee of the Foundation, Jim

Kyle saw first-hand the positive impact

that grants have on our community.

For this reason Jim and his wife,

June, created this unrestricted fund

to support charitable and cultural

endeavors for the citizens of Bethel

and Monroe Townships.

Tipp City Foundation General Fund

– 1943 – This fund supports broad

charitable endeavors to improve the

quality of life in Tipp City, Bethel

Township and Monroe Township.

Since inception, it has received many

generous donations including estate

gifts from the Hyde, Kendig, Kessler

and Timmer families.

Field of Interest and Designated Funds…grant

awards support specific charities or purposes

identified by the donors

Arts Bethel Fund in the Studebaker

Tradition of Giving Back – 2014 –

This fund aids with music, literature

and creative art in Bethel Local

Schools, which could include

materials or other academic-related

needs. Created in memory of Emmert

and Jane Studebaker, this fund

champions learning through the arts.

In addition to their roles as founders

of Process Equipment Company,

Jane was an organist and weaver.

Emmert played flute, wrote poetry

and blacksmithed.

Century Milestone Fund iho The

Lantz Family—2017 – Buildings

authenticated as being at least 100

years old and within Tipp City will be

recognized through this fund. After

moving to Tipp City in 1973, Phil

and Paula Lantz enjoyed the history

exuded by the town. Specifically, they

recognized that strong communities

don’t happen by chance but rather

through the commitment of individuals

to invest in the maintenance and

upkeep of aging properties.

Cross Country at Tippecanoe Fund

imo Dave Lightle – 2016 – Tipp

City High School’s Cross Country

Invitational is underwritten by this fund.

Dave Lightle’s broad life experiences

were imprinted by his entrepreneurial

skills, political interests, global view,

and linguistics. This translated into a

wide-ranging career, which included

working as a speechwriter for

President Ronald Reagan.

Gillis Family Fund for Self-Sufficiency

– 2012 – Founded by Kelly and Dee

Gillis, who believe in the proverb,

“Give a man a fish and he will eat

for a day, teach a man to fish and

he will eat for a lifetime.” Grants

support activities that help adults

reach self-sufficiency through programs

such as preparation for high school

equivalency certificates (GED) or adult

literacy training.

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August Henke Comfort for the

Needy Fund – 1950 – Emma Henke

Warner, daughter of August Henke,

established this fund to provide

comfort and support for needy and

aged men. A native of Germany,

August Henke was considered the

oldest living resident in Tippecanoe

when he died in 1923 at the age

of 92.

Amy Seibert Kronour Scholarship

Fund – 2012 – Remembers this

teacher of special needs children.

This fund assists youth enrolled in

the Cuvilly Program of Chaminade

Julienne High School, which

addresses special needs

students’ education.

Lucille L. Milner Trees for Tipp Fund

– 1998 – For over 70 years, Mrs.

Milner enjoyed the beauty, shade,

fragrance and texture added to Tipp

City’s parks and streets by its urban

forest. Her desire to help ensure the

same beauty for future generations

led her to establish this fund, which

provides for the purchase of trees for

planting in the parks and along the

streets. Plantings are coordinated by

Tipp City and its Park Board.

Warren E. Miltenberger Parkland

Fund – 2008 – This fund supports

the out-of-doors that Warren held

dear through the acquisition, upkeep,

maintenance, and preservation of

public parkland or other natural areas.

Radle Family Fund for Science

Education – 2007 – This fund aids

with science and conservation

activities for the Bethel Local Schools,

which could include scholarships

for students or faculty, materials in

the science classroom, or studentinitiated

projects within the community.

Woodrow and Mary Radle called

Bethel Township “home” since 1946;

it is here that they raised their

two children.

Safety First Fund—2017 – Public

safety initiatives, delivered through

emergency services departments

in Tipp City, Monroe and Bethel

townships, receive support through this

fund. Equipment purchases and public

education are examples of how these

resources may be used. Steve Kessler,

who became Tipp City Fire Chief in

1998, established this fund.

Urban Stewardship Fund – 2009

– An architectural mix adds to the

streetscape enjoyed by fund founders

Heather Bailey and Frank Scenna.

This fund has been created to help

maintain that charm. Grant awards

support the exterior maintenance and

upkeep of properties in and around a

close proximity of Tipp City’s historical

downtown district.

2018 Endowment Funds by the Numbers

Endowments Established

in 2018

Endowments established

since 1943

Endowment $ from

3 new Funds

Total Endowment






Outdoor Experiences Fund iho Abby

Kessler Bowling—2017 – Outdoor

recreation and education, as well

as parks in Tipp City and Monroe

Township, receive support from this

fund. Abby, a retired teacher and

nature enthusiast, encourages people

to explore the great outdoors through

the creation of this fund.

Senior Wellness Fund – 2016 –

Promoting senior health and wellness

programs such as eyesight, hearing

and dental needs is the mission of

this fund. This fund is established in

memory of Billy Berk by his parents,

John and Kay Berk.

Veterans Tribute Fund – 2013 – Public

spaces set aside to salute military

veterans receive grants from this fund

for maintenance and upkeep. This

fund is an extension of a commitment

to honor those who have served our

country, which began in 2005 by

a band of volunteers who laid the

groundwork for the Veterans Memorial

Park at the corner of West Main and

Hyatt Streets.

10 | Can you help us make a difference? Call us at 937-528-2482 or go online to donate at www.tippfoundation.org

Scholarship Funds…grant awards support higher

learning and are selected by an independent body

Ernest Clay Back Scholarship for

History Fund—2017 – A love of

history is honored through this fund,

which provides scholarship assistance

to Tippecanoe High School graduates

who intend to pursue history studies in

college. Ernie and Mara Back were

the owners of the Tippecanoe Frontier

Trading Co., in historic downtown

Tipp City. For 27 years, the store was

a portal back to the early days of

American life. The store closed

in 2007.

Jeanette C. Gaston Memorial

Music Scholarship Fund –1992 –

Tippecanoe High School seniors

who have participated in the Tipp

City Band and have demonstrated

leadership skills and academic

aptitude are eligible for this award.

Jeanette died in a car accident

in 1991 while a freshman at Ball

State University, where she played

the trombone in the band and was

majoring in engineering and physics.

Gilmore Family Scholarship Fund

– 2015 – Tippecanoe High School

students who balance high achieving

grades with community involvement

are eligible to receive this scholarship.

Founded by Tipp City residents, Russ

and Kathy Gilmore.

Katherine G. Lobo Memorial

Scholarship Fund – 2012 – A

talented Communications Coordinator

of the Tippecanoe School System,

Kitty’s presence in the schools helped

to forge and promote the district’s

reputation for excellence. Her ready

smile and gentle approach were

familiar and comforting to students,

teachers, and parents alike -- and her

gift with the written word was both

impressive and inspiring. This is a

needs-based award.

Sarah Merritt Memorial Scholarship

Fund – 2010 – This fund awards

scholarships to Tippecanoe High

School women athletes. Eligible

students are those who demonstrate

the personal characteristics of Sarah,

including the high energy, desire,

dedication and determination

to succeed.

Lester & Cleon Bowers Family

Scholarship Fund – 2010 – This

fund honors the Bowers family and

their commitment to the Miami East

community. Graduating Vikings, who

demonstrate that they have put forth

their best effort academically, while

demonstrating a high degree of

personal integrity and commitment

to community service, are eligible

for this award.

Life’s A Journey - Don’t Stop

Believing Scholarship Fund – 2013

– Graduating high school seniors

who selflessly rise to the challenge to

care for a family member during a

time of medical crisis are candidates

for this award. These award winners

are called “Rock Stars” as a way of

acknowledging the “solid-as-a-rock”

character they exhibited as they put

their carefree life of youth aside to

become a caregiver.

McKee Family Matthew 5:16

Scholarship Fund –2012 – Reflecting

the ideals important to Jim and Cheryl

McKee and their family, this award

is given annually to a student who

demonstrates leadership and Christian

values as evidenced by service

to others.

John S. & Louise T. Miller Memorial

Scholarship Fund – 1999 – This fund

honors this Bethel Township farming

family by providing scholarships to

graduates of Bethel High School.

This is a needs-based award. Four

generations of the Miller family have

attended Bethel Township schools.

John Cable Miller, 1932; John Adam

Miller, 1956; John Stewart Miller,

1979; and John Caleb Miller, 2011.

Follow us on tippfoundation and Follow tippfoundation us on | Tipp City Foundation | 11

Robert E. Nessle Memorial

Scholarship Fund – 1994 – This fund

establishes an award for Bethel High

School graduates attending Miami

University or The Ohio State University

and celebrates the diverse life that

Rob Nessle led before his death.

Rob was valedictorian at Bethel High

School, a summa cum laude graduate

of Miami University and a doctoral

candidate in New York University’s

economics program.

Elizabeth Spano Scholarship Fund

– 2001 – This fund ensures that

the memory of this 10-year-old girl

endures. Beginning in 2009, the fund

awards scholarships to graduating

Tippecanoe High School young

women, who have been active in

cheerleading, basketball, or softball,

all activities that Elizabeth enjoyed

in her short lifetime.

Agency Endowment

Funds…established by

nonprofits as a practical

way to manage their

endowment dollars

Tipp City Rotary Club Scholarship

Fund – 2015 – This fund assists

the Club in awarding annual and

renewing scholarships to deserving

graduates of Bethel and Tippecanoe

High School.

Tipp City Area United Fund

Endowment – 2001 – This fund

encourages community-wide health

and human services assistance in

Monroe and Bethel Townships. The

focus of support is on education,

counseling, character-building

activities, and emergency aid.

Wenzlau Family Scholarship

Fund – 2016 – Created to support

Tippecanoe High School graduates,

this fund was established by Thomas

E. Wenzlau. As the president of

Ohio Wesleyan University (1969

– 1984), Wenzlau saw the value

of education up close. This fund

serves as a tribute to Wenzlau Family

graduates of Tippecanoe including:

Charles N. Wenzlau, 1912; Alice

Kessler Wenzlau, 1918; Thomas E.

Wenzlau, 1945; and Charles N,

Wenzlau, II, 1949.

Tipp City Public Library Endowment

Fund – 2017 – The purpose of this

Fund is to provide funding necessary

for the on-going services of the Tipp

City Public Library.

Tippecanoe Historical Society Fund

– 2013 – Promotes a broad range

of activities that are historical in

nature and may include historical

preservation, education and special


12 | Can you help us make a difference? Call us at 937-528-2482 or go online to donate at www.tippfoundation.org

Advised Funds…grant awards are made at the

discretion of each Fund’s advising body

Christmas in the Village Fund –

2014 – This fund hosts the

administrative details of this seasonal

event. Begun in 1976, each year

decorated homes are used as

calling cards to attract ticket holders

from a wide geographic region.

Annually, proceeds are shared among

the nonprofit organizations that

collaborate on the tour’s planning

and delivery.

Tipp City Arts Fund imo Ellen

Cotterman – 2014 – This fund

supports art with a preference given

to grant requests from the Tipp City

Area Arts Council. Artist, volunteer

and civic activist, Ellen Cotterman’s

impact was enormous and defines

the Tipp City we see today. Projects

Ellen founded include the Restoration

and Architectural Board of Review, the

Tree Board, and the Arts Council.

Drake Family Fund – 2014 – As

advisors to this fund, Tim and Mindy

Drake award grants reflecting their

personal interests. In time, their

children Jennifer, Andrew, Jessica

and Aaron will follow their parents’

footsteps as advisors to this fund.

Since the 1950s, Tim and Mindy

have called this community “home”.

Tippecanoe Alumni Association Fund

– 2013 – Let’s Go Red Devils! The

purpose of this fund is to support the

programs and activities of the

Alumni Association.

Lesher Fund – 2014 – As advisors

to this fund, the Lesher Family

awards grants reflecting their

personal interests. Established by

Marilyn Lesher Richards and Joel

A. Lesher, it serves as a tribute to

their grandparents Torrence and

Luella Lesher who settled in Monroe

Township in 1930, and to their

parents William “Bill” and Leonora

“Sally” Lesher.

Tippecanoe Educational Endowment

Fund – 1999 – The Endowment

was established by the Tipp City

Board of Education to support

enrichment programs that are not

otherwise funded through tax dollars

in its schools. Since inception, it has

received many generous donations

including estate gifts from the Hyde

and Kessler families.

Wahl Family Fund – 2012 –

Community involvement has been

a staple of life for Bob and Jackie

Wahl. The tradition now carries

forward to the next generation as

daughters Katie and Annie award

grants annually in their family’s name.

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| Tipp City Foundation | 13

We Say Thanks

2018 Investors

Our success is attributed to the families and businesses who have invested in the Foundation over

the past 75 years. Many are listed below. This report is dedicated to them.

Why do gifts matter? The future of Tipp City is better because of the impact that gifts make.

How is that impact seen? It is seen through our grant awards (page 2—5).

Gifts add up. Our first investor back

in 1943 was Ed Timmer when he

launched the Foundation with only

$1,300. Today the assets of the

Foundation total over $4.25 million.

Our investors are change agents.

Seventy-five years ago, the internet,

smart phones and social media

didn’t exist. Times change. Today,

each of those words dart through our

vocabulary and community, along with

their implications.

Increasingly, investors rely on the

Foundation to keep a pulse on the

community’s changing needs. While

investors make their gifts today,

because of the long-view of endowed

giving, their contributions endure

forever. In 2018, over 500 gifts were

received. And we are forever grateful.

Join us in thanking our neighbors for

their support. Although every attempt

was made to assure the accuracy

of this list, we apologize for any

omissions or errors that may have

been made. Please contact us with

information to improve the accuracy

of this list for the future.


Fayez & Maria Abboud

Advanced Machinery Companies

Sandyx Alex

Charles & Kathryn Allen

Brittany Altstaetter

Doug & Sue Amlin

Donald & William Anderson

Anonymous (14)

Linda Ares

Pauline Arnold


Barbara Jo Bailey

Rick & Val Baker

Joann Barhorst

Michael & Dixie Barnhart

Norman & Marianne Barnhart

John & Sally Beals

Ryan & Rochelle Bednarczuk

Doris Beeson

Robert & Natalie Beidler

John & Kay Berk

Kathy Beyl

Amy Blake

George & Mary Blauser

John & Dianna Borchers

Bordeaux Club

Robert & Lolita Border

Roger & Lenora Bowen

Abby Bowling

Adam Bowman

Carl & Mary Bowman

Larry & Carolyn Boze

Bradford Fire Department

Ellen Brewer

Ronald Brewer

Eric & Leisha Brown

Vivian Brown

Robert & Angela Butler


Karen Cain

Vincent & Joan Caldwell

Hubert & Verna Callaham

Captor Corporation

Linda Kyle Carman

Douglas Carter





Tipp City Foundation,

a community trust, is

founded with a $1,300

gift from Ed Timmer.

This is our 1st

endowment fund.


The first legacy gift arrives. The gift is

from the estate of Emma Henke Warner

in memory of her father August Henke.

When Mr. Henke died in 1923, he was

known as “Tippecanoe’s Oldest Man.”

This results in the August Henke Comfort

for the Needy Fund.


The space race heats up…

total grantmaking reaches



At the dawn of disco…

total grantmaking

reaches $10,000.


Pac man invades arcades…

total grantmaking reaches


14 | Can you help us make a difference? Call us at 937-528-2482 or go online to donate at www.tippfoundation.org

Casstown Fire Department

Joseph & Rebecca Catey

Frank & Katherine Catrone

Ted & Annie Caudill

Jesse Chamberlain

Thomas & Elizabeth Christie

Richard & Kay Cline

William & Nancy Cline

Kristin Cobb

Kimberley Cole

Stacie Blake Collins

Community Minded Women

Jerry Conner

Robert & Mary Ann Cornell

Cottage Hill Nursery

Covington Fire Department

Kevin & Chelsea Cox

Phil & Lois Cox

Tom & Joan Creech

Sylvester & Judith Cutcher


David & Carol Dalton

James & Linda Daniel

Darke County Association of Fire


Jacob Davenport

Tom & Judy Davenport

Lewis Davis

Marian & Barbara Deangelis

Jon & Denise Dehass

Sharon Dehus

Mara Demers

Karen Dillon

Scott & Kathleen Dixon

Suzanne Wenzlau Donskey

George & Joy Doviak

Thomas & Beverly Downs

Tim & Mindy Drake

Bob Drexler

Daniel & Mary Drexler

Ken & Sue Drexler

Ron & Jan Drexler

Sheriff Dave Duchak and staff

Dunaway Family Foundation

Robert Duncan

Dungan & LeFevre, Co., LPA

Sandra Dunham

Tom & Sandra Dysinger


Howard Earles

Gerald & Valerie Eberly

Edward Jones - Neil Nehring

Tim & Roseanne Eggleston

Fred & Marlene Egli

Betty Eickhoff

Amy Eidemiller

Linda Eidemiller

Don & Laurie Eldredge

Daniel Elliott

Phil Elliott

Beverly Elrod

Paula English

Stan Evans

Tim & Patricia Evans

Evergreen Lawn Care

Larry & Sonia Ewald


Pauline Fabrigar

Rex & Carol Farmer

Carol Faulkner

R. McKay & Diana Featherstone

Audrey Ferryman

Robert & Sue Fischer

William Flayler

Fletcher Fire Department

Michael Folk

Lurene Foreman

Marvin & Linda Fox

Frings & Bayliff Funeral Home

Donald Frysinger

Bruce & Teresa Fuhrman


Robert & Gaye Gabel

Terry & Louretta Gaston

Kent & Charlotte Genslinger

Ruthann George

Michael Gerlaugh

Gibson Law Offices

Chris & Joan Gigicos

Kelly & Dee Gillis

David & Carolyn Glaser

Terry & Jana Glass

Philip & Joyce Goldner

H. Jane Gordon

Carol Graf

David & Kelly Grim

Michael & Betty Gross

Ned & Marie Gruebmeyer


Gale Halderman

Patrick & Pamela Hale

David & Anita Bowman Hamber

Joseph Hammann

Roger & Christine Hamric

Rusty Harden

Bert & Teri Harrison

Kevin & Kara Hartke

Loretta Hay

James & Joellen Heatherly

Andrew & Melanie Heinl

Nicholas & Amanda Heinl

Rick & Lyn Heinl

Sue Helmick

Alice Hennessey

Thomas & Marie Herr

Ben & Nancy Herron

Cheryl Hicks

Glenn & Vicki Hill

David & Christine Hirsch

Glenn & Audrey Hochwalt

Richard & Cheryl Honack

Gordon Honeyman

Larry & Mary Hoover

Timothy & Melinda Hoover

Todd Hoover

Wilma Hoover

Richard & Patricia Hopkins

Greg & Cathy Horn

Patrick & Kate Horney

Adrienne Howell

Carol Huelskamp

Hyde Charitable Remainder Trust


Mike & Karen Jackson

Ralph & Florine Jackson

Allan Jones

Dennis Jones

Kelly & Amy Joseph







With an estate gift

from Helen Timmer,

endowment fund assets

leap to over $1.5 million.

The dot com bubble is

looming...total grantmaking

reaches $210,000.

50th anniversary of the

Foundation; there is no

recorded celebration.

Moving all assets under

the umbrella of The

Dayton Foundation, a

community foundation,

means donations are

now tax deductible.

Going Public. Led by Chairman Jim Kyle, trustees

identify the need for a parallel “corporate”

option for new endowments, in addition to the

old-fashioned trust option. The name Tipp City

Area Community Foundations is adopted to

recognize the parallel investment forms.

It was a little complicated but necessary

in order to grow.

We all survived the

Y2K millennium bug…

endowment funds

double to a total of 10.

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| Tipp City Foundation | 15

How to Give

You are an investor when you:

1. Return your check in the

enclosed envelope,

2. Go to tippfoundation.org/


and make an online payment,


3. Make a stock transfer—

(contact us for transfer



Aaron & Karen Kaibas

Richard & Marilynn Keeler

Mary Ellen Keller

Tom & Melissa Keller

Maggie Kenny

Richard Kerg

Patricia Kerth

Bruce & Jennifer Kielgas

Steven King

Elizabeth Kiser

Paul & Joyce Kister

John Klyce & Penelope Marsh

Jeane Knapp

Thomas Knick

Koverman Staley Dickerson Insurance


Kyle & Christine Kramer

James & Tamara Kueterman

Gary & Karen Kuziensky

James Kyle


Deloris Lachey

Lee & Shelly Lampert

Dennis Landes

Mary Jane Landis

Michael & Melissa Lange

Toby Larned

Laura Fire Company

Donald & Phyllis Lawson

Robert & Wanda Lenehan

John & Patricia Liening

Michael & Susan Lightle

Thomas & Diane Lileas

Eric & Lara Limbert

Jay & Jessica Lopez

William & Nancy Loudin

LT Ball Intermediate School

Randy & Ann Luken


Greg & Celeste Mackenzie

Andrew & Sarah Maigur

RJ Mains & Associates

Kenneth & Regena Mangen

Matthew & Jayme Martin

Don Martindale

James Mathias

Don & Nancy McAlexander

Michael McCaffrey & Vonda Alberson

Steven & Kathleen McCrillis

James McDonald

Noel & Landa McGinnis

James & Cheryl McKee

Bruce & Ann McKenzie

Jenny McWhorter

The Merck Foundation

Cathy Meredith

Miami Valley Fire EMS Alliance

John Miller

Maurice & Mary Miller

Robin Miller

William & E. Irene Miller

Minster Bank

Jeff & Jacquelyn Mitchell

Joseph & Donna Mohler

Richard & Treva Monnier

Monroe Federal Savings and Loan

Terrence & Shirley Moore

Roger & Joyce Moubray

Rebecca Mount

Dennis & Carol Myers

Donald & Sheila Myers

Joyce Myers


Needy Basket of Southern Miami


Michael & Stacy Nelson

William & Janice Nicholson

Daniel Nimer


James & Carolyn Oaks

Karen Olshawsky

Nicole O’Quinn

Ethyl Osweiler

Mark & Debra Owens


Damen & Priti Patel

Michael & V.L. Patterson

John & Mary Pearson

Michael Pearson

Alfred & Barbara Pelletier

Curtis & Cynthia Petzoldt

Scot & Kay Pickerill

Pickrel, Schaeffer & Ebeling

David & Carol Pinkerton

Robert & Suzanne Pinter

Gordon & Joanna Pittenger

Michael & Gail Porto

Roxie Powell

Michael & Kari Prall

Kenneth & Nancy Price

William & Helen Prichard

Leonard & Miriam Pytel


Doug & Darlene Rabe

Bryan & Abby Ramos

James & Noel Ranft

Bruce Rasor

Glenna Rasor

Jeff Rawlins

Thomas & Shirley Rawlins

Ron & Sue Ann Re’

Ruth Reinhard

Greg & Valerie Relue

Donald Rhoades

Michael & Judy Rice

Thomas Richardson

Kimberly Riebe

Jason & Molly Riehle

Lawrence & J.S. Riesser

James Ritchie

Joseph & Barbara Ritenour

Stacy Robinson

Samuel & Ann Robinson

Dee Rogers

Jean Rogers

Thomas & Claudia Rogers

Kay Rohrbach

Thomas Rohrbach

Lionel & Kerin Staup Romero

Robert & Linda Rosell

Ruth Rowley & Carol Linden

Royal Crest Marketing & Management


Carolyn Royer


Nancy Ryan


America forever changes on

9/11…total grantmaking

reaches $1 million.


Endowment fund assets

surpass $2 million.


Migrating all assets from The

Dayton Foundation to The

Troy Foundation saves on

administrative costs.


The Legacy Society takes form;

11 members are identified.


25 endowment funds

are now in place.


Inaugural recipients Bob and

Jackie Wahl receive the Philanthropist

of the Year Award.

16 | Can you help us make a difference? Go Call online us at 937-528-2482 to donate at www.tippfoundation.org

or go online to donate at www.tippfoundation.org


Ruth Safreed

Lori Salyers

Lisa Santucci

Jeffery & Nancy Sargeant

Mark Sauls

Frank Scenna & Heather Bailey

Mary Fran Duncan Scharch

Peter & Rebecca Schinaman

Joan Schuermann

Donald & Linda See

Mark Senseman

Raymond & Marlene Shook

Patricia Singer

Kathryn Skinner

Charles & Loraine Smith

Dorothy Smith

Karen Smith

Steven Smith

James & Janice Sommer

Kathryn Sonnanstine

Gary & Sandra Spangler

Samuel & Marguerite Spano

Wayne & Susan Spitler

Michael & Jill Spurlin

R. A. Stang

Erin Staub

Michael Staup

Monica Stewart

Gary & Margaret Stockler

Opal Stockslager

Terry & Elizabeth Studebaker

George & Katherine Stum

Pamela Sutton

Mark & Pam Swindon


Robert & Diana Tanke

April Taylor

Daniel & Julie Taylor

Donald & Janet Taylor

Michael & Sharon Tecklenburg

Jerry & Mary Thobe

Sandra Thomas

Thrivent Financial - Matt Buehrer

Don & Nancy Timmer

Matt & Claire Timmer

Scott & Cynthia Timmer

Thomas Timmer

Tip Top Canning Company

Tipp City Area Arts Council

Tipp City Police and Miami County


Tipp City Rotary Club

Tipp Monroe Community Services

Tippecanoe Chapter #307

Tippecanoe Class of 1957

Tippecanoe Class of 1999

Phyllis Tittle

Armand & Jackie Tremblay

Peter & Cindy Trick

Trophy Nut Company

James & Andi Trzeciak

Turnstone Financial

Alan & Suzanne Twehues


U. S. Bank

Union Township Life Squad

Unity National Bank

Brent & Karyn Uptain


Stephen Vallo

Vandalia Rental

Bradley & Michelle Vath

Corinne Vaughn

Darshan & Asha Vyas


Betty Wahl

Jackie Wahl

Katrina Wahl

Jeffrey Walrath & Vicki Matsunami

Edward & Judy Wampler

Phil Wampler

Norb & Judy Warner

Roberta Weaver

Jerry & Rachel Webb

David & Karen Weber

Marjorie Wells

Bill & Heather Wendel






Howard & Sheila West

West Milton Fire Company

Paul & Patricia Westcott

Elza & Gail Whitis

William & Cynthia Wilhelm

Phyllis Wilmer

Joyce & Lynne Wintringham

Michael Wolford

Patricia Wood

Randy & Sarah Worley

Katie Worthen

Bill & Joan Wray


Ed & Nancy Yahne

Rose Ann Zerkel

2018 Investors by the Numbers

Donations from government entities

% Less than this small amount

is used on administration

% Citizens eligible to

support the foundations

Homes & Businesses Contributed

Contributions from 518 unique gifts






Endowment fund assets

surpass $3 million.

39 endowment funds

are now in place.

The $2 million grantmaking

mark is in the rearview mirror.

Going old school…our

name reverts to the Tipp

City Foundation.

Tipp City Foundation turns 75

years old; a yearlong Diamond

Jubilee celebration is held. Total

grants to the community top $2.2

million. 44 endowment funds are

now in place. We’ve only just

begun to reach our potential.

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| Tipp City Foundation | 17

Tributes And Memorials

Donations recognizing the following people become lasting investments in the community that they have

in common. Some donations commemorate the living. Some remember those who have passed on.

Chief Steve Kessler

1945 — 2018


Arthur & Sally Arestad

William Oetzel Berk

Barton Beyl

Lester & Cleon Bowers

Kenneth & Fairy Bowman

Sally Brammer

Jerold Brewer

Nick Catey

Carl Clingan

Josh Conner

Lyn Snyder Cook

Ellen Cotterman


Sara Drexler

Tim Farron

Bud Faulkner

Freda Ferguson

Jim Foreman


Jeanette Gaston

Dee & Kelly Gillis’ 50th Anniversary

Pat Good

Dave & Kelly Grim and family

Sarah Gross

Onalee Haas

Halderman Family

Dale Hasting

Daniel Hasting

Martha Hecker

Earl M. Hedges

Lou Hirsch

Annebel Hoover

Jack Hounshell


Steve Kessler

Mary Jean King

Marie Kuntz

Jim & June Kyle

Phil Lantz

David Lightle

Richard & Audrey Long


Marthel Elleman Maupin

Ed McDonald

Peg McDonald

Jim McKee

John & Louise Miller

H. Bruce Myers

Rob Nessle


Newton Parker

Norma J. Roop

Dennis Ryan


Suzanne Saal

Frank Scenna

Margaret & “Duck” See

Kim Snow

Neal Sonnanstine

Elizabeth Spano

Emmert & Jane Studebaker

Thelma Studebaker


Katie Wahl

Renegade Wahl

Richard Wahl

Robert Wahl

Pat Wampler

John Michael Warner

Richard E. Wells

Tom Wenzlau

Jack Whitmer

Nancy G. Yarger

18 | Can you help us make a difference? Call us at 937-528-2482 or go online to donate at www.tippfoundation.org

About the Artist

Jennifer Clemens Walker is an ER nurse and has

been a volunteer at Health Partners Free Clinic

for several years. A painter and lover of biology

her whole life, she graduated from Ohio State

University (before the “THE” was added) with a

BS in Medical Illustration. She commuted from her

home in Yellow Springs to Children’s Hospital in

Cincinnati, where she illustrated surgical atlases

and medical journals.

After leaving her job to raise four

daughters and pursue organic

farming, she also graduated from

nursing school and took a job as a

critical care/ER nurse at Upper Valley

Medical Center. Unsuccessful in her

quest for a small farm near Tipp City,

she nonetheless managed to enroll her

children there, and all four graduated

from THS before scattering to the four

winds. Jennifer is currently perched on

the south side of Troy, where she lives

with a large undisciplined garden, a

big hairy dog, several ninja cats, her

daughter’s reptile collection, and her

long-suffering partner, Mark, without

whom none of this would be possible.

(Any male who wants to commiserate

with somebody who’s put up with five

hormonal women and their cats? He’s

your guy.)

A lover of small towns and diners,

and an unabashed fan of Norman

Rockwell and Andy Griffith, Jennifer

has spent most of her adult life

seeking Mayberry. If Yellow Springs

was Mayberry with hippies, Tipp

City is Mayberry with a little more

organization and very friendly

firemen (thank you for allowing her to

photograph the antique truck!). She

loves the friendly people (thank you

to everyone who allowed themselves

to be photographed for this project!),

the walkable downtown, the shops

and restaurants, the canal lock, parks

and bike path, the old-time water

tower and historic buildings and

the festivals. She misses the farmers’

market and old Spring Hill, where her

father bought flowers when she was a

child (she still has one of their 1970s

mail order catalogues).

As a biologist, Jennifer also loves

“long walks on the beach and poking

dead things with a stick.” Really. It’s

her thing. Her spirit animal is the

flamingo (the yard kind), and she

would happily move to south Florida.

A compromise is North Carolina,

which gets Mark out of winter, is

closer to the ocean than Ohio, and is

where the two plan to retire. And, it

is the home of the original Mayberry.

Follow us on tippfoundation and tippfoundation

| Tipp City Foundation | 19

Matt Buehrer Philanthropist of the Year

Photo caption: L to R Sarah Worley, Matt Buehrer, Mary Bowman and Claire Timmer

Matt Buehrer was

awarded the

Philanthropist of the

Year at the Diamond

Jubilee Celebration

in September, at The

Willow Tree. His

nominator stated:

“He’s not only a fine

philanthropist—he is

one of Tipp’s finest

citizens as well.”

Matt co-leads our local giving circle,

Give Where You Live Miami County,

which, since its inception in 2015,

has donated over $150,000 to local

charities in Miami County.

In 2017, he organized Fill the

Truck for Texans in the aftermath of

Hurricane Harvey. Four semi-trailers

were filled with over 120,000

pounds of supplies and sent down to

Houston to help the victims. Matt even

drove one of the semis himself.

But these examples are in addition to

the countless moments of generosity

Matt has given Tipp Monroe

Community Services, Needy Baskets,

Pink Ribbon Girls, the InterFaith

Community Foundation, and Stand Up

to POTS.



The Tipp City Foundation and its funds

are component funds of The Troy

Foundation. Leadership for the TCF

rests in our own community while fiscal

oversight is maintained by The Troy

Foundation. This partnership allows the

Tipp City and Bethel communities to

benefit from local leadership and profit

from resources pooled with others for

investment growth.

Publication Talent


Heather Bailey

Featured Artist:

Jennifer Walker

Leadership Photographer:

Sharon Elaine Photography


Greg Enslen


Oregon Printing Communications

Creative Layout & Design:

Bertke Creative,


Webster’s Dictionary defines a

philanthropist as “someone who

makes an active effort to promote

human welfare,” which is exactly how

Matt Buehrer conducts his life.

20 | Can you help us make a difference? Call us at 937-528-2482 or go online to donate at www.tippfoundation.org

Dear Neighbor,

Like the scenes captured in these illustrations by artist Jennifer Walker,

Tipp City has a special glow about it. You see it when you drive through town

on a summer’s day. The sun is high, shade dapples the sidewalk, and, as

you cross the tracks, Main Street opens wide before you. The view says

“Welcome Home” to strangers and townies alike.

In Tipp City, you are reminded what a joy it is to live in a town that flourishes.

Philanthropy Partners

All marketing activities of the Foundations are 100% underwritten

by generous sponsors.

Sponsorship dollars are used for printing, postage, receptions and

other efforts that promote our visibility within the community.


($2,500 and up)

Tipp City does not thrive by chance. Dedicated, purposeful action by

businesses, City government, nonprofits and individuals work to shape our

healthy community. Tipp City is alive.

Can you sense it also? Where do you fit into this positive force? What is

your passion? How do you help make it thrive? What parts of the dynamic

community do you support?

The Tipp City Foundation is clear about where it fits in. Our role is to undergird

pressing needs through endowment funds and grantmaking. As times change,

needs change. As needs change, we respond through our grants.


($1,000 and up)

Your donation to the Foundation helps to create positive change and uplift the

community around you.

Join the many others making Tipp City hip, safe, and forward-looking.

It’s easy to do when you join your dollars with ours.


Your support, in any amount, is greatly appreciated.

Heather Bailey


P.S. Held each fall, the Foundation hosts a Birthday Party. It is a time when we

give thanks to our contributors from the prior 12 months. A gift today assures

your invitation. Won’t you join us?


(below $1,000)

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c/o The Troy Foundation

216 West Franklin Street

Troy, Ohio 45373

Thank You

to Our Sponsors


Thrivent Financial – Matt Buehrer


Advanced Machinery Companies, Inc.

Dunaway Family Foundation

Dungan & LeFevre Co., LPA

Ever-Green Turf & Landscape

Gibson Law Office

Greenville Federal

Monroe Federal Savings and Loan

New Carlisle Federal Savings Bank

Pickrel, Schaeffer & Ebeling

Unity National Bank


Captor Corporation

Edward Jones – Neil Nehring

Frings & Bayliff Funeral Home

Minster Bank


Turnstone Financial

US Bank

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