7 Effective Treatment for Wrinkles


Aging gracefully might sound good but in reality, the very first sight of a wrinkle can put women in great stress.

Dr Rajat Gupta(MBBS, MD-Dermatology)

7 Effective Treatment To Get Rid Of Wrinkles

Ageing gracefully might sound good but in reality, the very first sight of a wrinkle can put women in

great stress. Wrinkles usually can occur on any part of the body that are overexposed to the sun, however,

it mostly appears on the face, neck, the backs of the hands, and on your forearms. Wrinkles usually are of

two types, which are fine or surface lines and deeper furrows. If your wrinkles are bothering you, and are

looking for wrinkle removal then you can go for following options. However, first, you must know about

what could be the cause of your acne.

Causes of Wrinkles

Some of the factors that are promoting wrinkling include:

● Smoking

● Skin type (people of Caucasian descent are more susceptible to sun damage)

● Hereditary factors

● Over-exposure to Sun

Treatment of Wrinkles

Apart from opting for natural methods such as the right diet, taking care of your skin and keeping yourself

stress-free, there are various ways for minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and even their effective



In the medical treatments for wrinkle removal, this is the most effective way of battling the signs

of ageing like wrinkling, roughness and uneven skin tone. However, these may not work for

everyone and eventually, they would have to turn towards more effective methods.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels may either be superficial or deeper peels. Superficial peels can make a a very

small difference in the intensity of fine wrinkles. However, the deeper peels such as phenol,

salicylic acid, TCA and trichloroacetic acid goes deeper into the skin.and does a better job of

softening fine lines.


Thermage refers to the skin tightening and skin lightening treatment where sunspots can be

lightened age spots and dark patches can also be treated and there is a significant reduction in the

fine lines and wrinkles. It is a single-sitting treatment, that gives results of more youthful

appearance that are quite immediate. One of the reasons this method is so popular is because one

can resume their normal activities on the same day.


This procedure is used to even out the skin. dermabrasion can surely make a big difference in the

wrinkled skin if done by a trained professional.

Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is a great method to boost up the skin's collagen production which plumps up

the skin.

Ultrasound Therapy

It is an FDA approved technique of wrinkle removal, also called Ultherapy that uses ultrasound

waves. It is a noninvasive technique for lifting and tightening skin on the neck, face, and chin. It

can also be effectively used on wrinkles on the chest region.


Certain injections, such as Botox are known for relaxing muscles that are known to produce

"frown lines" on the forehead and fine lines around the eyes. Improvement can be seen

immediately that lasts several months. However, this treatment must be repeated to maintain the

improvement. Others treatment options for treatment are wrinkle fillers.

If you too are looking for a solution to your wrinkle problem then Skination clinic is the right

place for you.

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