CCFS19 Program

Official Program of CSULB Campus Couture Fashion Show 2019 Created by Creative Director Nhi Bui

Official Program of CSULB Campus Couture Fashion Show 2019
Created by Creative Director Nhi Bui


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Show Schedule

Introduction/ Welcome

Dr. Marshall & Coordinators

Pop Art Category

Senior Designers

Nhi Bui

Brittany Cid

Haitanna A Perez

Marissa King

Jessica Li

Gabrielle Da Silva

Vanessa Garcia

Nicole Cifuentes

Izamar Rodriguez

Xuan Bui

Pattern Making Class

Junior Designers

Samantha Flores

Mercy Fuentes

Rita Hosni

Erin Zhang

Arielle Walker

Kylee Stone

Eileen Chung

Joy Lin

Claudia Vasquez

Bonnie Huynh

Angeline Wacker

Collaboration Category

Senior Designers

Haitanna/ Marianne





Arturo / Patricia


Laura/ Hieun

Xuan / Hara Jane





73 Question Video Senior Designers


Senior Designers


Gabrielle Da Silva

Cassidy Elison

Guadalupe Bonaparte

Laura Gonzalez

Truc Nguyen

Claire Guite

Arturo Padilla

Marissa King

Brittany Cid

Selenne Martinez

Nhi Bui

Xuan Bui

Samantha Perez

Michelle Nguyen

Izamar Rodriguez

Rachelle Pila

Patricia Albanez

Haitanna Perez

Mitxy Nava

Maria Ocampo-Ross

Marianne Karlsen

Nicole Cifuentes

Vanessa Garcia

Jessica Li

Maricela Resendez

Hara Jane Gallego

Brianna Theimer

Jonathan Yu



New Coordinators Debut

Thank You


My name is Gabriella Da Silva. I’ve always been a creative

person; however, structure and leadership are two concepts

that I strongly resonate with. For this reason, I am currently

double majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Design. I

decided to join Campus Couture because of the thrill I get

from the challenge of having to put on an event from

scratch. I find that my passions lie in working with people to

highlight their individual strengths and push them to be the

very best they possibly can, while still striving to achieve a

common goal. I am proud to say that I had the most hard

working team I could’ve asked for.

My name is Oluwatomisin Oluwole. At 17, I moved to

America from Nigeria to begin my education in

Fashion Merchandising. Four years later and I have

become a recognized member of the National

Society of Collegiate Scholars as well as the Phi

Kappa Phi Chapter here at CSULB, and of course a

Campus Couture coordinator! I am a writer, poet,

stylist, creative director, and a self acclaimed music

curator. My career goal is to be a fashion director

and editorial stylist that captures the artistic

ingenuity apparent around us.



My name is Quori-Tyler & I am a graduating fashion

merchandising & marketing student. From professional

dancing to modeling, majority of my background

lies in entertainment. Depite the amount of time I

spend in front of the screen, my ultimate goal is to

work behind the scenes as the creative master mind

of some of the biggest fashion ad campaigns.

My name is Alyssa Oh. After graduating this semester, I

will be going to Italy for a month during the summer then

teaching English abroad in Spain for a year before

starting my career. I want to continue traveling as much

as possible in the future. I would love to work in Italy,

especially with textiles, and in the UK. I am a bit nervous

about the prospect of graduation, but I'm also excited for

a new world of opportunities and adventures.





Meet the 2018/2019 coordinators! In all 31 years of conducting this show, this

year’s team proves to be the most dynamic thus far. Each coordinator hails

from a different country, yet their diversity only helped to further propel their

creativity and effectiveness. This group of individuals worked cohesively to

make big as well as little changes, and fostered a genuine bond that is sure to

last well after the show is over. They are also the first set of coordinators to

successfully host the fashion show at the Walter Pyramid or anywhere else

since its conception! They truly are quite the remarkable team.

My name is Nhi Bui, an average human being, and a

somewhat creative person (I designed the thing that you

are reading right now). I’m a self-proclaimed fashion

designer who makes clothes for aliens that happen to be

worn by humans. I am also the world’s greatest artist,

according to my mom. My greatest attributes include

being a broke, world traveller and an amatuer phone

photographer. For job considerations, please refer to my

slightly more normal designer bio on page 16.


My name is Nicole Cifuentes and I am a final year student

majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Design. As an avid

traveler, I was especially delighted to find out that the very

team I would be working with on this fashion show,

comprises of individuals from various parts of the world.

Thus, being a coordinator for the Campus Couture show

has broadened my horizons professionally as well as

allowed me the opportunity to learn and interact with

people from different cultures. I couldn’t have asked for a

better team

Hi my name is Alondra Pena and I am a senior

fashion design student. After I graduate in a year

I hope to be working for a haute Couture

designer to be able to learn techniques that I can

put in to my own brand in the future. I aspire to

be my own boss and have my own brand,

creating enchanting pieces!





We would like to thank our faculty for their devotion

and attention given to all of the students within this

program. They have and continue to impact us with

the knowledge necessary to equip ourselves for the

fashion industry, and the world at large.




DR. myunghee sohn

Dr. MariNE Aghekyan

Dr. Marie Botkin

Dr. Young Ha

Dr. Hyejeong Kim

Dr. Jung Mee Mun


MS. tawny sherrill

Ms. Nina Dark

Ms. Jacquelyn Morrell

Ms. Janeen Barbosa-Perez


Fashion Designer

We would also like to thank all the judges and industry

professionals for kindly offering their time and

attending this show. Their presence alone inspires

greatness in each of the students that have contributed

to the success of this show.

Celebrity Stylists


Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer

Professor of Fashion



Associate Designer

Sample Maker










The most outstanding/ distinct garment of the entire show.


A single garment that possesses the most commercial appeal.


A garment that best embodies the theme of the show.


A piece that best captures an effortless yet symbiotic creative

direction and execution.


An innovative piece that tastefully reflects the idea of “turning the old into

new” with the intent of promoting environmental consciousness.


The best garment within the junior class collection.


Our senior collections comprise

of pieces which the senior

designers have worked on

throughout the academic year.

These collections consist of

garments created in their

respective design classes as well

as on their own time. Thus, the

entire design process, from the

conception of the design to the

translating of these various

silhouettes, colors, and patterns

unto fabrics, and even the

choice of music to accompany

these garments, is done by the

designers. These collections offer

a gateway into the heart and

mind of the designers as they

take us on a stunning visual

experience and tell their

individual stories.



Arturo Padilla

Arturo Padilla is a designer whose designs are defined

by his style and atmosphere that influenced him as a

child. Street culture in the urban area of south Los

Angeles are connected to his day to day life. As a

designer he emphasizes simplicity with clean lines,

shapes, textures and structured silhouettes. Many of

Arturo’s designs are tailored to create ease in the

overall relaxed visual value with well thought out

design elements. Arturo Padilla has a meta in life which

is to let you enjoy the world through his creativity with

in the concept of design.

Brianna Thiemer

When Brianna was 7 years old, she fell in love with a

beaded black gown in the window of a dress shop.

Fascinated by the details, she soon found herself

day-dreaming of dresses and doodling her ideas.

Today Brianna is showcasing her final collection which

is inspired by the many nights she spent by the

beaches of Southern California and reflects an edgy

twist on modern classics. After studying Fashion Design

for four years, it has become her passion to help other

women dress their inner princess.

Brittany Cid

Brittany is an ambitious young designer who uses

romance as the driving force behind her designs. She

has a great love for making elegant pieces that

empower women and make them feel beautiful. Brittany

won a trip to New York City and had the honor of

working alongside Project Runway winner Anthony Ryan

Auld on one of her designs. Ever since that experience,

she has wanted to move to New York City, where there

will be an immense amount of opportunity for her to

grow. She hopes to inspire others to follow their

passion, as she has.

Cassidy Elison

Based out of San Diego but born and raised in Salt

Lake City, Utah, Cassidy Michelle is focused on

creating clothing that adheres to her commitment to

using humane, responsibility sourced materials. Upon

graduation she plans to expand her own personal

business abiding by the sustainable process of

re-using and re-creating materials into new pieces. She

has an immense appreciation for the practices of fine

tailoring and construction in which she incorporates

within her own designs. Lastly, she loves dogs.

Claire Guite


Claire is an aspiring fashion designer who uses her

influences of the 1990s, California, the city, and classic

denim as a few of her inspirations for her designs. She

enjoys working with denim and other woven fabrics as

well as adding interesting finishes to create modern,

edgy and chic takes on classic silhouettes. Claire has

challenged herself to keep in mind the sustainability of

clothing in an era of fast-fashion and will be starting a

job at Boyish Jeans, a women’s sustainable denim

brand based in Los Angeles, after graduation. Her

ultimate goal is to become a well-rounded, skillful and

conscious designer.

Gabrielle Da Silva

Gabrielle is a Fashion Design and Merchandising student from

Brazil who often takes the experience of moving to the U.S as a

source of inspiration for her designs. She remarks that traveling

continues to prove to be an intriguing and refreshing activity

that exposes her to numerous cultures; and thus, influences her

artistic perceptions. Her collection offers an ode to one of her

most memorable trips: a visit to Paris. The collection represent’s

her own interpretation of French culture which she describes as

classic yet modern, and fun. Gabrielle’s goal when designing is

to create pieces that emanate confidence and elevate the

woman’s spirit!

Guadalupe Bonaparte

Guadalupe is an aspiring Costume Designer. She plans

on acquiring more knowledge of the fashion and

costume industry by interning and studying abroad.

Her dedication and commitment will be her ultimate

weapons to make her dream a reality. She will be

completing her Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and

Minor in International Business by the end of Spring


Haitanna Perez

Haitanna’s favorite thing about fashion is the process

of creating a garment. She enjoys everything from

planning out the design, choosing the fabrics and

actually constructing the garment. This past month,

after realizing she had a quarter of her wardrobe sewn

by herself, she decided to start her own sewing

instagram account @sewstressedout where she posts

weekly pattern reviews. Although she enjoys designing

and sewing, she hopes to pursue a job related to



Hara Jane Gallego

Hara Jane creates clothes out of the ordinary but with

a sense of familiarity. She cares about quality in

construction and practices clothing alterations for her

friends and family. Her background in Visual Communications

led her to learn and experience various works

in the fashion industry. But her greatest aspiration is to

design clothes for those seeking the secret language

of style and translating what we wear as the reflection

of our time.

Izamar Rodriguez

Izamar Rodriguez was born in the bay area and raised in the

small town of Manteca, California. She began sketching

clothing at a young age and knew she wanted a career where

she could express herself artistically. She took her first sewing

class when she was fourteen and went on to take more in

community college, where she finally realized her true passion.

She went on to receive her associates in Fashion Design,

Merchandising and Family consumer sciences. Izamar worked

as a Visual Merchandising Supervisor for Bass Pro Shops before

going back to school at Long Beach State to receive a

Bachelors in Fashion Design. She hopes to pursue a fashion

design job after graduating.

Jessica Li

Fashion is a mirror of our times. Jessica Li is a young

designer who believes fashion is more than pretty

clothes. Fashion has the power to show our mood and

who we are. Jessica's goal is to become a contemporary

sportswear designer and create her own line

Jonathan Yu

After 10 years of performing in an orchestra, Jonathan Yu

fuses his love for classical music into fashion design in the

United States. Jonathan is acclaimed for his expertise in

ancestral techniques such as braiding and pleating. Through

the use of luxury fabrics with unique textures, he creates

one-of-a-kind garments inspired by dreams and fairy tales.

Upon graduation, Jonathan plans to follow his passion and

open a high-end prêt-à-por·ter in Paris. His brand carries the

desire to make women feel beautiful, sophisticated and

powerful. With a focus on craftsmanship, each piece will be

impeccably constructed and designed to last through the test

of time.

Laura Gonzalez


Laura Gonzalez-Mendez’s family has been the

cornerstone of her inspiration to pursue a higher

education. Her fascination with fashion started with her

mother’s use of fashion as a form of self-expression.

Fashion has become an emblem of confidence, identity

and culture for Laura. With the small collection of

gowns, Laura aspires to represent her skills and ability

to design for multi-faceted women.

Maria Ocampo-Ross

Maria is an aspiring fashion designer who draws

inspiration from her surroundings, especially nature.

Maria designs classic silhouettes, and specializes in

evening wear for women. Upon graduation Maria looks

forward to designing for a bridal boutique. She wants

to grow further as a designer, and eventually open her

own bridal boutique.

Marianne Karlsen

Marianne Karlsen is a 24 year old designer from Bergen,

Norway, who moved to Long Beach to earn her bachelor

degree in fashion design. Her designs draw inspiration from the

everyday woman and the feminine shape. The colors and

details in the designs often have a feminine touch and features

a lot of pastel and light colors, whilst the looks at the same

time plays with contrasts of textures and fit in individual

garments for different outfits. She aspires to work with designing

fast fashion and seeing her designs in stores everywhere, and

eventually create her own brand in the future.

Maricela Resendez

Maricela is an aspiring designer who finds inspiration

from her surroundings. She has always been passionate

about fashion. Her aesthetic is romantic and edgy.

What she values most about designing is watching her

vision unfold. She is fueled by making others feel their

best. After graduation, she hopes to land a job as a

designer. Her ultimate goal is to become an exceptional

designer while staying true to herself and delivering

authenticity through her designs.

Marissa King

As a designer, Marissa King enjoys juxtaposing

different design elements in one piece. In her collection

you will find feminine silhouettes mixed with dark, edgy

colors and elements. She is graduating Magna Cum

Laude and is nominated for the FCS Academic

Excellence Award. After graduation, Marissa has plans

to gain experience as a designer before eventually

creating her own sustainably sourced clothing line.

Michelle Nguyen

Mimi is a girly fashion designer that is inspired by all

things sweet and flirty. Her designs are playful and

pink, you won’t be able to miss her designs on the

stage! Before entering the design program, Mimi had

learned to sew through making costumes and it has

now become a huge passion for her. After interning in

the costume shop of a local theater, she knew that her

calling was in costume construction. Upon graduating,

she plans on pursuing two of her biggest dreams; to

start her own line and become a costume designer.

Mixty Nava

Mitxy Nava designs for the moody and divergent. Her

collection, although lacking in color, is expressive in

her use of unconventional materials and shapes. She

takes great inspiration from punk culture and uses that

as her muse. Her goal is to take this iconic subculture

and give it a new meaning in today’s fashion

Nhi Bui

Nhi Bui is a self-made artist who believes that every creation

tells a unique story and serves as a canvas for her artistic

expression. She’s a forward-thinking creator who combines

traditional craftsmanship with contemporary innovation that is

expressed through her aesthetic vision. With a background in

architecture, Nhi uses unconventional fabrics and interesting

shapes for her collection. ArC stands for Architectural and

Curves, a harmonious blend between asymmetrical silhouettes

that reflects masculinity, and elegant curves and colors that

portrays femininity. Nhi strives to bring her distinct aesthetic

perspective as well as her knowledge of fashion merchandising

to elevate her brand, ONE OF US, internationally as she

continues to push the boundaries and redefine the fashion world.


Nicole Cifuentes

Nicole Cifuentes a native Colombian came to the

States in 2010 to pursue her love for fashion.

Throughout her time in college she developed her

passion for techniques such as Japanese pattern

manipulation and draping. These skills allowed her to

recreate and innovate new designs, inspired from

clean, modern and minimalist lines. She created

garments characterized by a simple nature merged

with complex textures that evolve transforming them

into artistic garments.

Patricia Albarez

Patricia, or Patty as family and friends calls her, is an aspiring

fashion, costume designer, and fondant sculptor . She has

always found inspiration in the juxtaposition of structural

architecture and ethereal nature. Through the magic of

pattern-making or the play of fabrics, patterns and color, her

clothing pieces are a combination of harsh geometric lines

and soft curves to mold the body and convey femininity and

romance. For the future, Patty hopes to create outfits that

define and establish characters and personalities in fiction but

also inspire and transcend real life. Of course she will be

baking all the way.

Rachelle Pila

Rachelle is an aspiring Fashion Designer who is

accustomed to her inspiration from automobiles. She

expresses her creativity by understanding a versatile

of personalities to implement their aesthetics to the big

picture. Rachelle was the Design Liaison for Campus

Couture from 2017-2018. Her goal in the industry is to

become her own brand as a designer/influencer and

collaborate with companies who are in the car


Samantha Perez

As a designer, Samantha finds inspiration in vintage

fashion, nature, and art. For her senior collection, she

looked to incorporate elements of tailoring and a rich,

forest inspired color palette. Her interest in historical

fashion and history have led her to pursue a History

minor. She has volunteered at a local historical site to

construct historically accurate garments. In the future,

Samantha would like to work for a brand that focuses

on sustainability.


Selenne Martinez

SMJ has been inspired by the street art in Los Angeles.

Selenne’s personal artwork has been inspired by street

art all around Los Angeles. She learned to hand stitch

at the young age of 7 and made a pillow for her

mother as a Christmas gift. From that moment, she knew

what she loved to do and aspired to become a

fashion designer. She has been working at David’s

Bridal for two years and will have an internship with

couture designer, Adolfo Sanchez, this summer.”

Truc Nguyen

Truc Nguyen is always fascinated by fabrics, colors,

patterns, and textures. She loves to transform the

materials into extraordinary adornments to create

feminine and elegant designs.

Vanessa Garcia

From 4th grade to 4th year in college, Vanessa has

had her eyes set on being a designer. Being able to

draw an image on paper and then bringing it to life

will forever be one of the most magical experiences to

her. She loves being creative and finding inspiration

from other aspects of her life that she is passionate

about. Vanessa enjoys making people feel happy and

beautiful, fashion is a tool to help her achieve that.

Xuan Bui

Xuan Bui was a fashion merchandising student in

Vietnam when she came to Cal State LB in 2015. Soon

after her freshman year, Xuan fell in love with fashion

design and has become an ambitious and disciplined

designer who produces garments that focus on unusual

detail, shape and finishes. Xuan’s inspiration comes

from daily life elements where things are familiar but

exceptional. Her Fierce Serenity collection is a playful

mix of casualness and luxury, featuring various

techniques and fabric utilization.


The junior designers have

worked throughout the

semester in their Pattern

Making class to create a

cohesive look made up of a

dress and a jacket.


Samantha Flores

Mercy Fuentes

Rita Hosni

Erin Zhang

Arielle Walker

Kylee Stone

Eileen Chung

Joy Lin

Claudia Vasquez

Bonnie Huynh

Angeline Wacker





“As we conclude this show, we the coordinators of

Campus Couture would like to give a special thanks to

ourselves for undertaking a task of this

magnitude,elevating it to an even grander scale, and

doing it all successfully! Despite the

challenges along the way, all seven of us

managed to stay harmonious and pulled through until the

very end.

31 cheers to the 2018/2019 coordinators! We did it!!”


Special thanks to artist:

Sergio Emilio began his makeup artist career after taking a class

with Mela Hoyt-Heydon at Fullerton College. After falling in love

with the art of makeup he slowly began to seek more knowledge.

He was hugely inspired by skin wars. after watching one season he

began to body paint. Sergio loves applying makeup and seeing

peoples smile after they see the transformation. he loves every

style of makeup from special FX to glamour to anything in

between. He would like to thank his family and his friends for all

the support. Sergio hopes to one day develop his own cosmetic

line. His biggest inspirations are makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic

and British makeup artist Pat Mcgrath.

Long Beach Traffic Circle



Finally, we would like to express our utmost

gratitude and appreciation to all the sponsors,

backstage crew, and volunteers that have

generously donated their time and resources to

help facilitate the entire production of the show.

The show would not have been possible without

their assistance!



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