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ISSUE 51<br />

All Points East<br />

HONNE<br />

Martin Richman<br />

Hilarity Academy<br />

Launch22<br />

And lots of other stuff<br />

We know that in September,<br />

we will wander through the<br />

warm winds of summer's<br />

wreckage. We will welcome<br />

summer's ghost.<br />

- Henry Rollins<br />

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Hello East London!<br />

We have some exciting news: We've teamed up with<br />

East London Radio! Our joint venture now reaches East<br />

London in every possible way: on air, in print, on social<br />

media and on the web, and we've launched a new, online<br />

calender and business directory at myeastlondon.online<br />

with free events listings that you can upload yourself.<br />

Businesses can also get listed in the directory for a small<br />

fee, so check it out. And, we're having a party! See page<br />

11 to find out more. I've also joined the ELR Morning Show<br />

- we're live on Saturday mornings from 10 to 12, so tune in<br />

to start your weekends!<br />

Aside from that, it's been a cracking good summer, in<br />

spite of the weather, and we've covered loads of exciting<br />

things. First up, a behind-the-scenes peek at All Points<br />

East with Emily Bigg of The Outside Organisation and an<br />

interview with Bow's hottest musical duo, HONNE.<br />

We catch up with Hackney artist Martin Richman,<br />

whose light installations are exquisitely beautiful, and<br />

discover Hilarity Academy at St Margaret's House in<br />

Bethnal Green. We also have an interview with Hackney<br />

Probation Officer Rosemary Godwin-Ese and visit the<br />

new co-working space, Launch22, based in Poplar, which<br />

is nothing short of inspiring, as is our feature on the East<br />

London Community Land Trust.<br />

And, as always, our growing number of regular<br />

contributors have lots to share as well. Lastly, a Big Thank<br />

You to all of our advertisers, without whom LoveEast would<br />

not be possible, and to copy editor Yolanda Powell for her<br />

eagle eye.<br />

As The Kinks' Ray Davies once sang, 'Before you know<br />

it, summer's gone...' and here we are in September. We're<br />

raring to go this Autumn though, with lots of exciting<br />

things to come. After all, we're never short of things to do,<br />

places to go and people to meet. Viva East London and<br />

bring out the jumpers.<br />

Cheers,<br />

Kaz<br />

karen@chomp.me.uk<br />

07590 609 557<br />

@LoveEastMag<br />

@loveeastmag<br />

loveeast.london<br />

COVER IMAGE: All Points East by Tod Kavonic THIS PAGE: Tod Kavonic<br />

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Behind the scenes at All<br />

Points East<br />

Getting to know local<br />

Bow boys HONNE<br />

A day in the life of a<br />

Probation Officer<br />

London Community<br />

Land Trust<br />

Launch22's new Coworking<br />

space in Bow<br />

Martin Richman's light<br />

installations<br />

The Hilarity Academy at<br />

St Margaret's House<br />

Member of the East End Trades Guild<br />

Media partner with East London Radio<br />

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LOVEEAST Sept/Oct 2019 3

East life<br />

Behind the scenes at All Points East with Emily Bigg, Publicist<br />

for The Outside Organisation<br />

Working behind the scenes at a music festival is a dream job for any music lover;<br />

who wouldn't relish the idea of being in such close proximity to some of the biggest<br />

bands in the world? But what does it take to actually manage such an event?<br />

Nerves of steel, a photographic memory, the stamina of a cross country runner and<br />

the ability to handle anything thrown at you with grace and aplomb; and that's just<br />

for starters...<br />

How did you get involved with the festival?<br />

I started out at 20 as a receptionist<br />

with The Outside Organisation, a<br />

PR firm that, among other things,<br />

specialises in managing all stages<br />

of major events, such as All Points<br />

East and Barclaycard presents<br />

British Summertime in Hyde<br />

Park. We also look after a host of<br />

clients from various areas of the<br />

entertainment business, including<br />

the late David Bowie, Sarah<br />

Brightman, Blondie and others. After<br />

about nine months at the reception<br />

desk I was promoted to be assistant PA<br />

to the Executives Office for Alan Edwards<br />

and Dominic Mohan. From there came the<br />

opportunity to join the Publicity team.<br />

I've now been with Outside for five<br />

years.<br />

How are the acts chosen?<br />

All artists are chosen by AEG<br />

Presents, the company that<br />

actually puts on the event. They<br />

are our clients so we manage the<br />

event itself but we don't have input<br />

in terms of who will play.<br />

Talk me through a day in your life,<br />

behind the scenes during the festival.<br />

My main responsibility is Media<br />

Accreditation, which initially<br />

involves vetting and choosing<br />

which media organisations will<br />

receive tickets, as well as organising<br />

and maintaining that throughout<br />

the event.<br />

On festival days I get to the site<br />

about 10am, an hour before the<br />

box office opens, to ensure all the<br />

allocated tickets and wristbands<br />

are there and connected to the right<br />

names. There are several different<br />

levels of access so that's crucial. For<br />

example, a photographer might have close<br />

proximity to the stage and there are a lot<br />

of considerations regarding that, not<br />

least of which is making sure there<br />

is clear access so that everyone is<br />

safe, including the audience. I also<br />

look after guests to make sure they<br />

have what they need, organise<br />

interviews with artists and generally<br />

do whatever is needed, so I am<br />

back and forth across the site any<br />

number of times throughout the<br />

day. For All Points East there were five<br />

stages across the park so, while not as<br />

large as British Summertime at Hyde Park,<br />

it covers a fair bit of ground.<br />

We are a team of about 20 and we are a<br />

tight-knit group, which is invaluable.<br />

We use radios to communicate across<br />

the site so that everyone is aware<br />

of what's going on at any given<br />

point in time; if something crops up<br />

it's swiftly dealt with. The last act<br />

finishes about 10.30 or so and there<br />

are usually people in the media<br />

area afterwards so by the time<br />

everyone's left it's hitting midnight.<br />

‘In the Neighbourhood’ is such a<br />

fabulous idea and a great way to knit the<br />

community together. Tell us about that.<br />

The idea behind it is, as you say, to knit the<br />

community together. This year we had<br />

some amazing events and because it<br />

was half term, there was a lot on offer<br />

for families. All the events are free<br />

and AEG work closely with Tower<br />

Hamlets Council to structure it<br />

in such a way that it involves the<br />

community as well as entertains<br />

them. So it's a great opportunity for<br />

residents to get involved by either<br />

performing or hosting workshops<br />

and events. For example, Hackney<br />


East life<br />

Arts put on a range of talks and workshops, Upswing had an aerial<br />

circus workshop and MoreYoga gave free yoga sessions. Deaf Rave also<br />

hosted an event on the North Stage which included the hip hop artist<br />

SignKid and a chance to try out a sub pack, which is a tactile audio<br />

platform that delivers deeply immersive bass so that users actually feel<br />

the music. It was really amazing! There is a lot of diversity in terms of the<br />

sort of events on offer for In The Neighbourhood and I think that's one of<br />

the reasons it's so popular and why it works.<br />

We were impressed with the quality of food, and, for a festival, the<br />

fairly reasonable prices. How are vendors chosen?<br />

We make it a point to source as many local vendors as possible so that<br />

the benefit goes to the community and supports it. We publicise this<br />

in tandem with Tower Hamlets Council in the planning stages and local<br />

businesses can sign up for an 'engagement fair'<br />

whereby they can find out about what<br />

opportunities are there for them in order to<br />

be a part of the festival. It's a great way<br />

to connect local businesses with each<br />

other as well.<br />

Best bit about being behind the<br />

scenes?<br />

This is going to sound odd but<br />

there is an enclosed access area<br />

that surrounds the perimeter of the<br />

festival, which we use as a short cut to<br />

get around quickly. It means we don't<br />

have to wade through the crowds and<br />

when I'm in a hurry, which is all the time, it's a<br />

godsend. But of course, being at the festival<br />

itself and meeting so many interesting<br />

people is great - and not just the artists;<br />

it's a pleasure to get to know people<br />

from such a variety of organisations.<br />

And the worst?<br />

Haha - the stress! It's a lot of juggling<br />

and thinking on your feet, needing<br />

to remember a million details and<br />

making sure it all goes to plan. That<br />

said, I thrive on that - I love working to<br />

deadlines and having the pressure to<br />

get things done quickly and efficiently, so<br />

there really isn't a worst bit.<br />

Any amusing stories from All Points East<br />

Yes - Jarvis Cocker came as a guest on one<br />

of the days and there was a young intern<br />

in the box office assisting. We have a<br />

policy of checking ID to make sure the<br />

right person gets the right access,<br />

and since I know a lot of the media<br />

and guests, the procedure is usually<br />

quick. But the intern had no idea<br />

who Jarvis was and asked for his ID.<br />

Imagine, asking Jarvis Cocker for ID. I<br />

interjected, of course - 'Hi Jarvis, great<br />

to see you! Here's your wristband, hope<br />

you enjoy the day!'<br />

All Points East is a 10-day event<br />

consisting of six days of world class<br />

ticketed music events and four days<br />

of free midweek community-focused<br />

activities. The event attracts<br />

hundreds of thousands of visitors<br />

each year.<br />

Local community engagement is<br />

key to delivering the events And the<br />

team works year round alongside<br />

local stakeholders and the local<br />

communities who are consulted<br />

throughout the planning stages and<br />

the events<br />

APE maximises the ways in which<br />

their event makes a positive impact,<br />

whilst reducing the negative<br />

impacts on the environment and<br />

community. All food packaging and<br />

cutlery is compostable and they<br />

have a Leave No Trace policy; every<br />

single item dropped on the grass is<br />

picked up by their litter team.<br />

APE works closely with traders and<br />

suppliers to source local produce<br />

and services to support the local<br />

economy. They also ensure all<br />

food traders are ethically and<br />

environmentally conscious and there<br />

are 90% vegetarian options on site,<br />

and the traders serving meat only<br />

use free range meat. Additionally,<br />

event merchandise is ethically and<br />

sustainably sourced.<br />


A range of opportunities is provided<br />

for local businesses, operators,<br />

suppliers and performance content<br />

to become part of the journey<br />

and employment and training<br />

opportunities are provided for local<br />

colleges and universities. There are<br />

also volunteer opportunities.<br />


allpointseastfestival.com<br />

@allpointseastuk<br />

@allpointseastuk<br />

PHOTOS: Tod Kavonic<br />

LOVEEAST Sept/Oct 2019 5

Mark Wincott<br />

Mark Wincott meets with Gary Lewis,<br />

member of the Alfred Hitchcock Society<br />

of Leytonstone and founder of YouTube<br />

Channel Lewis Presents for a chat over a<br />

tuna baguette at La Parisian coffee shop.<br />

How did you join the Alfred Hitchcock society of<br />

Leytonstone?<br />

In July 2016, I went a Hitchcock event, and the<br />

society was there, so I signed up to their mailing list.<br />

In September, I attended my first meeting with six<br />

people and now we’re up to sixteen members. It’s a<br />

self-funding organisation. A year later we put on our<br />

first show and we spoke about doing a talk about<br />

Hitchcock in Leytonstone. James, Oliver and I put<br />

together slides, photos and a film, which got a good<br />

reception; since then we’ve done four more, all at The<br />

Birds pub in Leytonstone.<br />

What did you find out about Hitchcock?<br />

He was born in Leytonstone in 1899 and lived there<br />

until 1907, when his family moved to Limehouse.<br />

When his father died in 1914, they moved back to<br />

Leytonstone. What interested me is how his early life<br />

influenced his movie career. At five years old, his dad<br />

sent him to the local police station (Harrow Green)<br />

with a note. He gave the note to the desk sergeant,<br />

who then put him in a cell for five minutes. The<br />

injustice he felt stayed with him as well as a fear of the<br />

police, and inspired The 39 Steps, The Wrong Man and<br />

North by Northwest.<br />

He could speak French and German fluently and his<br />

first movies were made in Germany. He attended<br />

Mayville school; his favourite cinema was The Academy<br />

(near Harrow Green). The Academy closed, became a<br />

Bingo hall and in 1983 was demolished for a block of<br />

flats called Paramount House.<br />

When did you start getting into the history of East<br />

London?<br />

I went to George Mitchell School; we had two VC<br />

winners and no one mentioned it. One was Jack<br />

Cornwall who won a VC in 1916 at the battle of Jutland.<br />

We knew only that he was from Leyton, so I went on<br />

a pilgrimage to find out more. He was born in January<br />

1900, lived in Byron Road off Skeltons Lane Park, and<br />

three years ago they renamed it Jack Cornwall Park.<br />

He is buried at Manor Park cemetery. There’s a street<br />

and a pub named after him too.<br />

Harry Beck modernised the London Underground tube<br />

map and lived at 14 Wesley Road. Derek Jacobi lived at<br />

6 LOVEEAST<br />

2a Essex Road South and was part of the Leytonstone<br />

Play readers until he left for Cambridge. Jacobi<br />

attended Leyton County High with Frank Muir, who<br />

lived at 28 Church Road.<br />

St Patrick's cemetery, row 10, grave 10, plot 66 is Mary<br />

Kelly’s grave; for a hundred years she’d been resting in<br />

a pauper’s grave. Mickey Rourke began paying for the<br />

upkeep while in the area making a movie. Hitchcock’s<br />

family plot is there, so is Timothy Evans, which you<br />

can see on my YouTube channel, and Stephen Lewis<br />

(Blakey from On The Buses) is there. He started at<br />

Joan Littlewood's theatre workshop In Stratford<br />

(Theatre Royal). Joan Littlewood formed the workshop<br />

to bring theatre to the working classes. The likes of<br />

Michael Caine, Richard Harris, Harry H. Corbett and<br />

Brian Murphy passed through.<br />

Tell us about your YouTube Channel, Lewis Presents.<br />

My mate Neil Harper who now lives in Arkansas<br />

asked if Drapers Field is still there. I went and filmed<br />

it, posted the video on Facebook and wanted to do<br />

more. I called it Lewis Presents, and have posted about<br />

David Bailey’s time in Leytonstone, Iron Maiden’s Steve<br />

Harris, Laurie Cunningham and Whipps Cross Lido.<br />

Also hospitals, like Queen Mary’s in Stratford, where<br />

I was born, as was Lennox Lewis. It’s gone now, like<br />

many hospitals, police stations and playing fields, all<br />

gone under the diggers of the demolition squad.<br />

What’s next?<br />

I have got the YouTube channel, Lewis Presents. In<br />

August, we will do something for Hitchcock’s birthday.<br />

On 4 September, I’m doing a talk on Hitchcock’s<br />

Leytonstone for the local festival at St John’s church,<br />

7:45 pm. And I’m doing my first guided walk on<br />

29 September, called Walking in The Footsteps of<br />

Hitchcock, starting outside Leytonstone tube station.<br />

Will be interesting.<br />


youtube.com/channel/UCZDzesjOsI0psM-sRwxMUbw<br />

facebook.com/alfredhitchcocklondon/?ref=br_rs<br />

Follow Mark:<br />

@Tattooed_Ginge<br />


Award winning<br />

local Estate Agents<br />

East life<br />

SELLIng? LETTIng?<br />

MovIng HoME?<br />

Butler & Stag are successful London Estates<br />

Agents. We specialise in residential and<br />

commercial sales, lettings and property<br />

management.<br />

We believe in playing our part in supporting our<br />

community. Integrity and honesty are essential in<br />

forming relationships with our clients.<br />

For a FREE no obligation valuation and to find out more about<br />

our Award Winning 5* Letting Service please contact us.<br />

2019<br />

Comprehensive management services<br />

from an Estate Agent you can Trust!<br />

508 Roman Road<br />

Bow, London E3 5LU<br />

020 8102 1236 bow@butlerandstag.com<br />

www.butlerandstag.uk<br />

L o n D o n E X P ERT I S E . L o CA L K n oW LED g E<br />

LOVEEAST Sept/Oct 2019 7

East life<br />

Meet Bow's hottest music duo, HONNE<br />

Electronic music duo James Hatcher and Andy Clutterbuck began<br />

their musical collaboration soon after meeting at university. Now<br />

based in Bow, they both write, record and produce the magical,<br />

laid-back sound that is HONNE. Their first-ever gig was back in 2014<br />

at Muxima in Roman Road and their trajectory to success has been<br />

nothing short of amazing. They’ve played festivals and gigs all over<br />

the world, including Coachella, Latitude and Lollapalooza to name but<br />

a few, as well as rocking up this summer in, quite literally, their own<br />

back yard, at All Points East.<br />

Five years is an incredibly short time to have made<br />

such an impact; what’s the secret to your success?<br />

Being true to ourselves - the need to be ‘very us’. We<br />

only create music that we love and we write about<br />

things in our lives. We don’t have people write lyrics<br />

for us so it’s all very personal to us, about real things<br />

in our lives. We are inspired by a lot of different<br />

sounds - classic soul, synths, electronic music… and<br />

we incorporate different elements, such as horns and<br />

guitar. If it feels natural and right it all comes together,<br />

and, so far, people seem to like what we are doing.<br />

The key for us is to be ourselves.<br />

What was your reaction when the Coachella moment<br />

happened – when you found out you’d been chosen<br />

to play?<br />

We were like, “Are you sure?”<br />

How did the name HONNE come about?<br />

It’s a Japanese word that doesn’t have a direct<br />

translation into English, but a way of describing it<br />

is "true feelings" or “one's intimate self” which is at<br />

the heart of our sound. Creating music is often like<br />

wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve in a sense, and<br />

although songs mean different things to different<br />

people, everything we do is based on our own life<br />

and experiences. So it’s about being vulnerable and<br />

honest.<br />

You've done a lot of touring and have played some<br />

huge festivals; what's the best bit - the most fun for<br />

you - of the whole tour thing?<br />

Touring and playing festivals is a lot of fun - and in<br />

some ways, playing to a huge crowd at a festival is<br />

a lot less stressful than playing in a small venue with<br />

lots of your mates in the audience! We love exploring<br />

new places when we get the time. We also really like<br />

discovering local food – Asian food in particular.<br />

And what’s the most challenging?<br />

We spend a lot of time in airports! Seriously though,<br />

touring involves a lot of sacrifice in terms of being<br />

away from home, both for us and for our families. We<br />

miss out on things -family events like weddings, stuff<br />

like that. That’s hard.<br />

Andy, tell us about singing in Japanese; that’s quite an<br />

ambitious thing to do. I’ve listened to the track and it<br />

really works, although, of course, I don’t understand a<br />

word! How difficult was that to do?<br />

Well, it was only on a recording and not live, so that<br />

made it a bit easier. It was for a version of Warm On A<br />

Cold Night back in 2016. I don’t think I’d ever attempt<br />

it again though.<br />

How does it feel to be performing essentially in your<br />

own back yard at All Points East?<br />

It feels great!<br />

What's next for you?<br />

We have a lot of tour dates over the summer – Hawaii,<br />

Australia, Chicago, Russia… we’re all over the map this<br />

summer, so a lot of travel!<br />

Any advice for young musicians?<br />

Focus on the music. Stop worrying about the<br />

marketing and concentrate on developing your own<br />

sound; get to be the very best you can be at it and<br />

stay true to yourself.<br />

FOLLOW<br />

hellohonne.com<br />

facebook.com/hellohonne<br />

twitter.com/hellohonne<br />

instagram.com/hellohonne/<br />

LISTEN<br />

open.spotify.com/artist/4NHgx9gO9zdHtq7BVEM2Z1<br />

WATCH<br />

youtube.com/results?search_query=honne<br />

youtube.com/watch?v=ctyw0GcCA6k (Japanese version)<br />


“Just about the friendliest workout space<br />

imaginable, with a diverse range of clients<br />

including local creatives, young families<br />

and a sprinkling of celebs” Time Out<br />

165+ CLASSES FOR £35<br />








ZUMBA.<br />








F IN D O U T M OR E A T:<br />

londonfieldsfitness.com / @londonfieldsfit<br />

LOVEEAST Sept/Oct 2019 9

Culture<br />

Hilarity Academy<br />

comes to Bethnal Green<br />

“In our workshops, we have witnessed<br />

young people growing in confidence<br />

through laughter, becoming more vocal<br />

and having fun while doing it”.<br />

We all know that arts subjects and<br />

non-academic activities are being<br />

cut from school curriculums left,<br />

right and centre, so it’s fantastic<br />

news that St. Margaret’s House in<br />

Bethnal Green has recently been<br />

awarded a grant from Children in<br />

Need to provide Hilarity Academy<br />

Comedy Workshops for young<br />

people in Tower Hamlets. This is a<br />

great opportunity – and, thanks to<br />

the grant, it’s free to attend!<br />

Taking place at 3:30pm every<br />

Monday from 30 September, each<br />

session will run for an hour and a<br />

half during term time. There will<br />

be two age groups: 7-12 and 13-18,<br />

with each group hosting up to 30<br />

children.<br />

Developed and run by comedians<br />

Alice Devlin and Martin Willis,<br />

Hilarity Academy will offer young<br />

people a fun and safe platform<br />

where they can learn how to make<br />

comedy. The sessions will focus<br />

on different styles of comedy<br />

performance from sketch to standup<br />

to clowning and improvisation.<br />

10 LOVEEAST<br />

Participants will gain valuable life<br />

skills in the process, such as selfconfidence<br />

and ways to express<br />

themselves articulately. They will<br />

also have the opportunity to show<br />

their skills off at the Gallery Café as<br />

well as at The Albany Comedy Club<br />

in Camden.<br />

Why comedy?<br />

Simply put, kids deserve to have<br />

fun! They deserve to be expressive<br />

and articulate. They should also<br />

be allowed to fail. Alice and Martin<br />

believe that, in comedy, freedom<br />

and failure are where the best<br />

material comes from and their<br />

workshops create a space in which<br />

young people can do just that.<br />

Hilarity Academy<br />

Alice and Martin’s stage work<br />

encompasses stand-up, sketch,<br />

clowning and improv. Between<br />

them, they have worked with young<br />

people in a range of educational<br />

and arts environments, and their<br />

passion and knowledge of comedy<br />

have inspired many. Both also have<br />

experience in working within the<br />

curriculum and have run clowning<br />

workshops based on literature,<br />

sketch and improvisation as a way<br />

into the creative process.<br />

Alice and Martin have run<br />

workshops for organisations<br />

including BFI, Jackson’s Lane<br />

and Haringey Shed. Alice also<br />

runs popular monthly alternative<br />

comedy night Piñata, is an actor for<br />

Punchdrunk, and a founder of Bric<br />

à Brac Theatre Company. Martin<br />

runs comedy production company<br />

Objectively Funny, has a double<br />

act, Loose Brie, and has written and<br />

performed for BBC Radio 1, BBC3<br />

and Comic Relief.<br />


for info and how to sign up, please<br />

call Stuart at St. Margaret’s House on<br />

020 8980 2092 or email him at pm@<br />

stmargaretshouse.org.uk.<br />

Hilarity Academy<br />

hilarityacademy.org<br />

hilarityacademy@gmail.com<br />

07791 559782

Thursday, 10 October 7 - 10pm<br />

Oxford House, Derbyshire Street, E2 6HG<br />

Complimentary glass of Prosecco on arrival<br />

Tickets £20<br />

Info & to book: myeastlondon.online/cooleast/<br />

LOVEEAST Sept/Oct 2019 11

East life<br />

A day in the life of a Probation Officer<br />

Having attained a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Criminology as well as professional qualifications and<br />

specialised training, Rosemary Godwin-Ese has worked with the National Probation Service for the past four and<br />

a half years. She delivers a range of services to ex offenders including regular supervision meetings, specifically<br />

designed programmes and management of community sentences. The NPS also provides ex-offenders with<br />

training in new skills and assistance in finding employment. In talking with Rosemary, it’s clear that she is<br />

passionate about what she does and genuinely cares about the people she works with.<br />

What’s the biggest challenge for someone coming out of<br />

prison?<br />

Reconnecting with the outside world and, sometimes, with<br />

their family. Imagine being away for a number of years in an<br />

institutional environment, and taking in all the changes that<br />

have happened over that time; not just with your own family<br />

but with London in general. It can be overwhelming. So that, as<br />

well as having the label of ex-offender, causes a lot of anxiety.<br />

We work with people to help them bridge that gap and begin<br />

to re-build their lives.<br />

Initially, it’s a matter of finding a suitable place to live if they<br />

don’t have any options such as family to help out. I had a<br />

recent case where the person had been inside for 9 years<br />

and, while his family was supportive, there wasn’t an option<br />

for him to live with them. I was able to write to the council on<br />

his behalf to request priority housing, as well as advise him of<br />

his rights regarding that and other issues. Getting housing in<br />

place for those ex-offenders with no alternative is incredibly<br />

important as it reduces the chances of re-offending and makes<br />

finding employment more likely, so that they have every<br />

chance to go on and lead law abiding lives in the future.<br />

How often do you meet with the people you work with?<br />

High risk cases are seen weekly, as a national standard;<br />

otherwise, it depends on the risk they pose to the public. The<br />

first three months after being released pose the highest risk<br />

for re-offending, so that time period is crucially important in<br />

terms of what we do and how we build relationships with the<br />

people we work with. We have to balance the amount of risk to<br />

the public with the person’s needs, so for those first few<br />

months we meet once a week and it cascades down<br />

as the risk decreases, to every couple or few weeks<br />

or so. So it really depends on the individual.<br />

How many people do you deal with on a<br />

regular basis?<br />

Caseloads range from 40 to 50 people on an<br />

on-going basis, both male and female, and<br />

it depends on their individual circumstance<br />

as to how often I see them. In the beginning,<br />

before someone is released, I meet them in<br />

prison for what’s called a Pre Release, where<br />

I help them prepare for assessment and<br />

begin to build the relationship between<br />

myself and the ex-offender. When<br />

the assessment is completed a<br />

report must be submitted within<br />

a certain amount of time, and<br />

throughout the process there is<br />

obviously paperwork to complete.<br />

Once someone is released from<br />

probation, there’s a Termination<br />

Assessment to be done. So,<br />

aside from seeing people, there’s a fair amount of paperwork<br />

involved, and it’s important to be organised as well as flexible.<br />

What’s the hardest part of the job?<br />

The pressure - there are a lot of deadlines; it’s just part of<br />

the job. When I have someone who doesn’t seem to want to<br />

progress their life - but that’s rare in proportion to the amount<br />

of people I see - and the sad stories; not just the fact that<br />

someone was in prison but how the life they had before that<br />

contributed to that happening can be draining.<br />

And the best bit?<br />

Getting to know the people I work with - seeing them as the<br />

individuals that they are. Being able to help someone turn their<br />

life around, encouraging them and finding ways for them to<br />

move forward. My supportive managers as well - a big plus.<br />

What’s a typical day like in terms of meeting with the people<br />

you work with?<br />

It depends on the day – sometimes I am doing Pre Releases,<br />

other times individuals come to me for their appointments,<br />

which can last anything from 15 minutes to an hour depending<br />

on what they need. I work around each individual depending<br />

on their circumstances; for instance if they are unwell or can’t<br />

travel, I go to see them. In terms of what I do when we meet,<br />

it’s a lot about being ready to listen. Good communication is<br />

really important; helping them to hear themselves as well as<br />

me hearing them.<br />

It really depends on what they need in order to help transform<br />

their lives at any given point; sometimes it’s just a really good<br />

chat but there is also structured assistance, one to one<br />

appointments and group work. Sometimes that involves<br />

working with other agencies, such as mental health<br />

providers and transitional agencies.<br />

What is your message regarding perceptions of<br />

ex-offenders?<br />

It’s important to understand that the Probation<br />

Office exists to protect the public by reducing<br />

the risk of re-offending, so, in essence, we are<br />

there to help people transform their lives. It’s<br />

also important to understand that most want<br />

to. People sometimes make bad choices and<br />

when they break the law and get caught<br />

they pay for that - rightly so. But we’re<br />

all human and it’s important to have<br />

empathy and to give people the<br />

opportunity to rebuild their lives,<br />

which helps not only that person<br />

but also society as a whole.<br />

Make the effort to see the whole<br />

person. After all, none of us is<br />

one-dimensional.<br />


Join our co-working studios, space for<br />

over 40 designers, start ups, writers,<br />

producers... Everyone is welcome!<br />

Sign up now and get<br />


Located just off Arcola Street, Dalston.<br />

Included in the £220 pcm (VAT inc)<br />

price of the deskspace:<br />

• Meeting room for client appointments<br />

• High speed broadband<br />

• Postal service, we can always sign for<br />

your packages if you’re absent<br />

• Fresh fruit daily, tea, coffee, biscuits,<br />

porridge and much more<br />

• Monthly working brunch’s and<br />

regular meet ups<br />

• Breakout area with comfortable sofas<br />

• Regular cleaning service and<br />

security on site<br />

• Free screen printing workshop and<br />

use of printing studio<br />

• Secure bike storage inside and short<br />

term private parking<br />

• All rates (business rates, water,<br />

electricity, broadband)<br />

FOR MORE INFORMATION: E: studio@printclublondon.com T: 0207 254 9028

Wellness<br />

Little Green Duckie on reducing plastic, saving<br />

money and time with a reusable water bottle<br />

14 LOVEEAST<br />

Here in the UK we are<br />

very lucky to have safe,<br />

clean drinking water<br />

from the tap. It is highly<br />

regulated and tested,<br />

even more than bottled<br />

water. I have got into<br />

the habit of always<br />

taking my reusable<br />

bottle out and about.<br />

Just like making sure I<br />

have my keys or phone.<br />

In East London, Thames<br />

Water provides our<br />

water. It is considered<br />

hard, due to the<br />

naturally occurring<br />

levels of calcium<br />

carbonate. Fluoride is<br />

not added but does<br />

naturally occur, at very<br />

low levels compared<br />

with other areas. The<br />

Thames Water website<br />

enables consumers<br />

to find out all about<br />

the water treatment<br />

process and download<br />

the latest water quality<br />

report.<br />

There are so many reusable bottle options on the<br />

market I can make sure I have the right bottle<br />

depending what I am doing and where I am going.<br />

Collapsible, metal, insulted, filtered, big or small!<br />

To vary the taste of water I keep a large bottle in the<br />

fridge, adding a range of herbs, or fruit, depending<br />

what’s in season. At this time of year mint, cucumber<br />

or strawberries are lovely. In the winter fresh ginger,<br />

thyme, or parsley. To save money grow herbs on your<br />

window sill or outside space. I don’t use citrus fruits<br />

too often as the acid can damage tooth enamel if used<br />

regularly.<br />

Since I downloaded the free Refill App, it is now so<br />

much easier than it used to be to fill up my water bottle<br />

when I am out. It connects me with 20,000+ Refill<br />

stations across the UK via a location-based app, and<br />

all the business that signed up do not expect me to<br />

make a purchase. Some of the big nationwide chains<br />

include Leon, Costa, Pret, Greggs and Wetherspoon.<br />

All the Network Rail-owned stations now have a<br />

public water point and you can find the exact location<br />

inside your favourite station at: waterforlondon.org/<br />

wheresmywaterfountain<br />

As well as sav1ing me money, I try to avoid single-use<br />

plastic bottles for a number of other reasons;<br />

• Some contain BPA, a chemical to make plastic hard<br />

and clear. This has been shown to be a hormonal<br />

system disrupter. The long-term effects are not fully<br />

known, but are suspected to be negative.<br />

• Plastic bottle lids (along with other plastic waste)<br />

may be accidentally eaten by birds and sea<br />

creatures.<br />

• It takes oil (which is running out) and water (which<br />

should be used for farming and drinking) to<br />

manufacture each bottle.<br />

• Bottling plants are responsible for water shortages<br />

around the world. There are lawsuits against<br />

companies (especially Nestlé & Coca-Cola) for<br />

taking too much water in the USA, India and Brazil.<br />

• Some bottled water travels more than 10,000 miles<br />

to the UK.<br />

Airports<br />

When flying, I empty my reusable bottle before<br />

security, take it through, and use the Water for London<br />

list to see where I can fill it up on the other side. I try<br />

and have enough to avoid the single-use bottled water<br />

on the plane.<br />

Waterforlondon.org/airports-wheresmywaterfountain<br />

Travelling<br />

In some countries the tap water is not safe to drink. I<br />

don’t have facilities to boil it, and I don’t want to use<br />

chemicals to sterilize it. So I use a filter bottle designed<br />

to remove microbiological hazards, pesticides, metals<br />

and other chemicals. This saves me money - and the<br />

challenge of running out of water when the shops are<br />

closed!<br />

Do you want to see more water points in London?<br />

Tell TFL and the train companies you want to see a<br />

water fountain at your local station. Take a thirsty<br />

selfie with your reusable bottle. Tag TFL or the train<br />

company. Ask them #WheresMyWaterFountain??<br />


Little Green Duckie (Justine) lives in Stratford and is a<br />

Sustainability blogger who envisions a disposable-plastic<br />

free city. Challenges rail companies on water fountains,<br />

book swap guardian and loves a litter pick.<br />

Littlegreenduckie.com<br />

@LittleGreenDuckie<br />

T @LttlGreenDuckie

Calling all East London parents! FountLondon has recently launched<br />

FountKids - a spin off from FountNursery in Hackney.<br />

Flexible childcare including a drop in creche and day nursery for<br />

1-5 yr olds; it also boasts a co-working space for busy parents.<br />

FountKids aims to support working parents who need affordable,<br />

versatile childcare in a stimulating and creative environment, whilst<br />

also providing outstanding care for your little ones.<br />

Book one session at FountKids and get the second session FREE.<br />

Book online at fountlondon.com/fountkids or email<br />

fountkids@fountlondon.com for more information.<br />

*Spaces are always subject to availability, and both sessions are<br />

required to be taken within the same calendar month, offer expires end Nov 2019.<br />

Victoria Park Friends Defibrillator Appeal<br />

No one likes to think about cardiac arrest, but it occurs, and what happens in the first<br />

few minutes is crucial to survival. With that in mind, Victoria Park Friends have recently<br />

launched a fundraising appeal to purchase and install three defibrillators in the park. At<br />

present, the closest public-use defibrillator is approximately one mile away. Given the<br />

importance of utilising a defibrillator within the crucial 3-5 minute period post-cardiac<br />

arrest, the presence of a defibrillator in the park will save lives should the unthinkable<br />

happen.<br />

The devices will be located in the lobby areas of the three areas with the highest amount<br />

of footfall: The Ron Cain Sports Pavilion, The Pavilion Cafe Toilets and The Hub.<br />

The defibrillators will be registered with National Defibrillator Network as part of the bid<br />

to help save more lives from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) and all front-end staff<br />

have been First Aid trained, including in the use of a defibrillator.<br />

With over 9 million visits a year and the park being host to a vast array of activities,<br />

having three units available just makes sense. You can help by donating to their<br />

crowdfunding appeal on spacehive.com/victoria_park_defib<br />

LOVEEAST Sept/Oct 2019 15




We Engineer and Kiln Dry all Reclaimed<br />

Floors to go over Under Floor Heating. Written<br />

guarantees. Expert ID and matching service<br />

for Parquet and Pine Floorboards. All our<br />

timber is De-Nailed, carefully selected & fully<br />

machined to W.L and Thickness.<br />

• Period Pine Floorboards<br />

• Wide Oak Planking<br />

• Parquet Woodblock<br />

• Hardwood Strip Flooring<br />

• Tables, Bookshelves, Worktops,<br />

Treads and Risers, Skirting boards<br />


07774 931 217<br />

antiquewoodenfloors.co.uk<br />

P R O J E C T G R E E N T H U M B<br />

T H E ' U R B A N G A R D E N '<br />

L A N D S C A P E A N D M A I N T E N A N C E<br />

S P E C I A L I S T S<br />

Call: 07453 421 377<br />

Check our website for the full list of gardening services<br />

www.projectgreenthumb.co.uk<br />

Hackney<br />

personal<br />

trainer<br />

Friendly &<br />

experienced<br />

Free trial session<br />

www.rogerlovept.com<br />


Community<br />

London Community Land Trust - Regeneration<br />

rather than gentrification<br />

Most would agree that London<br />

needs more affordable homes,<br />

and while we’ve certainly seen an<br />

increase in housing development and<br />

construction in East London since the<br />

2012 Olympics, particularly in areas<br />

such as Stratford, Bow and Canning<br />

Town, the notion of affordability falls<br />

far short of anything remotely possible<br />

for those on average incomes. As it<br />

stands, many must make the choice of<br />

living in poor or cramped housing or<br />

leaving their community altogether.<br />

The London Community Land<br />

Trust (LCLT) is addressing this by<br />

working with teams of local residents<br />

to create truly and permanently<br />

affordable homes that are owned and<br />

run by local people.<br />

What is a Community Land Trust?<br />

Community Land Trusts (CLTs)<br />

are non-profit organisations that<br />

develop and maintain truly affordable<br />

homes and other assets, such as<br />

pubs and civic buildings, on behalf<br />

of a community, putting control of<br />

those assets, how they will be built<br />

and managed, into the hands of local<br />

people.<br />

Houses are priced according to<br />

local earnings, which are taken as<br />

the average of median incomes<br />

using data published by the Office<br />

for National Statistics in November<br />

each year. When the time comes to<br />

sell on, homes are again valued at a<br />

price based on local earnings, which<br />

means they are sold on at a similarly<br />

affordable level every time a new<br />

family moves in.<br />

The London CLT was set up by<br />

campaigners from East London<br />

Citizens who were angry about<br />

how rising house prices in the East<br />

End were pushing people out and<br />

breaking up families. Two years ago<br />

they opened London's first ever<br />

Community Land Trust homes at<br />

St Clements, in Bow, on the site of<br />

the old psychiatric hospital, with 24<br />

homes sold for a third of local market<br />

rates.<br />

St Clements Mile End<br />

The St Clements Development, a<br />

Grade II listed building and former<br />

workhouse and, later, mental hospital,<br />

in Mile End, became London’s first<br />

CLT site. Working in partnership with<br />

the developer and the GLA, LCLT<br />

members were directly involved<br />

in how the buildings and outlying<br />

areas would be developed, with a<br />

mind towards strengthening and<br />

maintaining a sense of community,<br />

as well as the functionality and<br />

sustainability of the development.<br />

LCLT was able to secure 24 of the<br />

flats, which have now been sold at<br />

well below market rate to local LCLT<br />

members who fit the eligibility criteria.<br />

Anyone who lives in London can join<br />

the CLT but, to be eligible to buy, there<br />

are five criteria, weighted according to<br />

priority. They are:<br />

• Connection: a minimum of five<br />

years’ connection to the borough<br />

• Involvement: belonging to and<br />

participating in the local community<br />

• Finance: priced out of the open<br />

housing market but able to afford<br />

a LCLT and London CLT home (i.e.<br />

able to obtain a mortgage)<br />

• Housing Need: requiring<br />

more suitable (than current)<br />

accommodation<br />

• Support: of the LCLT and London<br />

CLT<br />

LCLT are now expanding in East<br />

London, developing what will<br />

hopefully be London's biggest ever<br />

CLT in Shadwell, on Cable Street.<br />

They are also supporting campaigners<br />

who want to get CLT homes built<br />

on the Olympic Park; and are in<br />

discussions with Redbridge Council<br />

about CLT homes being built in Ilford.<br />

While it’s true that 24 homes at well<br />

below market value are but a drop in<br />

the ocean, the fact that this has been<br />

achieved at all is a huge step forward.<br />

There is now a meaningful dialogue<br />

between Community Land Trusts<br />

and those who set policy for housing<br />

development, and that’s a good thing.<br />


londonclt.org<br />

info@londonclt.org<br />

LOVEEAST Sept/Oct 2019 17

It's art baby, art!<br />

Artist Martin Richman: illuminating the world with light<br />

Based in Hackney Wick, Martin has an impressive body of work, with several pieces<br />

permanently installed here in East London. I first came across his work at Hackney Wicked<br />

11 years ago where an illuminated ladder captivated me. I loved the impossibleness of it –<br />

like Oppenheim’s ‘Fur Breakfast’ - as well as its beauty. The interview below is but a glimpse<br />

of his extraordinary career...<br />

How did you get into using light<br />

as a medium?<br />

I think I was always interested in<br />

light, reflection and colour. As a<br />

child I was always fooling around<br />

with stuff and once took the ink<br />

tube from a ballpoint pen and<br />

stuck it up the kitchen tap to see<br />

what would happen. Later that<br />

day, my mother was doing the<br />

wash and everything was turning<br />

blue. Assuming the plumbing was<br />

faulty she called the plumber and I<br />

remember her shouting down the<br />

phone, rather frantically! Around<br />

the age of 13, I started playing<br />

around with coloured lights in my<br />

bedroom, but I was also interested<br />

in music and by the age of 16 I’d<br />

saved up for a drum kit and joined<br />

a band, but soon discovered that I<br />

couldn’t actually play. At the time,<br />

lots of musicians were doing light<br />

shows as part of their gig, so I<br />

started doing lightshows for the<br />

band.<br />

18 LOVEEAST<br />

Did you go to art school?<br />

Yes - I went to Portsmouth<br />

College of Art but left before<br />

finishing, rather unceremoniously.<br />

An opportunity arose to create<br />

window displays for John Lewis<br />

and Liberty's and from there I got<br />

into exhibition and theatre design,<br />

which I did for several years.<br />

Eventually, I ended up getting back<br />

into music lighting, initially as a<br />

technician and later as a lighting<br />

designer, and worked with Chris<br />

de Burgh, Mike Oldfield,, Pink<br />

Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, the Velvet<br />

Underground and many others for<br />

a number of years. Eventually, the<br />

rock and roll lifestyle of touring and<br />

all that goes with it didn’t fit in with<br />

family life so I began painting, using<br />

lots of glazes, so light was always<br />

a part of anything I made, in one<br />

form or another.<br />

About that time, I applied to<br />

Central Saint Martins as a mature<br />

student and began to develop<br />

‘light sculptures’ using light as a<br />

source rather than depicting it in a<br />

painting.<br />

What is it about light that<br />

intrigues you?<br />

I’m fascinated by light’s ability<br />

to change one’s perception of a<br />

space, and I’m also intrigued by<br />

spaces in and of themselves and<br />

how they affect people's behaviour.<br />

For example, when you enter a<br />

grand space, you conduct yourself<br />

differently than, say, when you are<br />

in your home or walking down the<br />

street. When you enter a church,<br />

it’s almost a physical feeling of<br />

quiet, which affects your sense of<br />

yourself and how you respond and<br />

react. You find yourself speaking in<br />

hushed tones and perhaps move<br />

about more slowly. So using light<br />

and space are ways of creating<br />

a mood. Also, using light as a<br />

medium provides the impetus to

It's art baby, art!<br />

turn an anonymous space into<br />

a place, which in itself is quite<br />

interesting.<br />

Tell us about your work with<br />

bridges.<br />

I do love a bridge. Symbolically,<br />

it represents bringing two things<br />

together and the metaphor<br />

of unifying is quite attractive.<br />

Bridges are also what fills a gap<br />

in between two spaces and are a<br />

space in and of themselves, and<br />

often, in our urban environment,<br />

the underside of a bridge is quite<br />

a dull place. Using light to change<br />

the perception of that space is<br />

irresistible.<br />

Some years ago, I did a paint and<br />

light installation on the underside<br />

of Bethnal Green Bridge,<br />

commissioned by Bethnal Green<br />

City Challenge, which transformed<br />

the space from something<br />

quite ordinary to a space in<br />

itself. This project led to further<br />

bridge interventions, including a<br />

commission by Olympic Park, ‘One<br />

Whirl’ which has embedded pieces<br />

of recycled glass in the shape of a<br />

swirl on the bridge pavement, and<br />

‘Underwhirl’, which has glass beads<br />

embedded into coloured painted<br />

swirls on the walls and ceiling of an<br />

underpass. The glass reflects the<br />

light and is also quite tactile – you<br />

can feel the beads if you run your<br />

hand along the wall.<br />

What has been one of your more<br />

challenging projects?<br />

‘Hatch’, an installation in the lobby<br />

of Grand Union Studios in West<br />

London is made of small rectangle<br />

‘blades’ of acrylic suspended on<br />

nylon threads from a mirrored<br />

oval in the ceiling. It’s 12m high<br />

by 5m wide. When the sun enters<br />

the building it creates a strong<br />

reaction with the blades with<br />

oblongs of reflected and refracted<br />

light spinning around the lobby<br />

walls and out into the street<br />

in front. Each blade had to be<br />

hung individually, and as you can<br />

imagine, the thin nylon threads had<br />

a tendency to intermingle where<br />

they shouldn’t, and untangling<br />

them caused much frustration!<br />

What are you up to now?<br />

At the moment I’m mainly painting<br />

and drawing, and making things to<br />

commission. The medium of paint<br />

tells a different sort of story, yet<br />

light is always featured in my work<br />

in some form or another.<br />

Any advice for young artists?<br />

There is no straightforward path to<br />

‘success’; life takes many turns, so<br />

be open to that. Don’t fret about<br />

exam results – no one cares! In the<br />

creative world it’s all about your<br />

ideas. Always carry a notebook,<br />

read widely, look carefully and<br />

be interested in the world around<br />

you. Build networks with fellow<br />

students and artists and collaborate<br />

with others, including those in<br />

other fields. It’s a rich vein to tap<br />

into and you’d be surprised at the<br />

opportunities it can present.<br />

Images, clockwise from facing page:<br />

1. Float, permanent installation, Canary Wharf,<br />

London<br />

2. We Could Meet, permanent installation,<br />

Canary Wharf, London<br />

3. Ladder, Hackney Wicked and private<br />

collections<br />

4. Shimmer Field, permanent installation, San<br />

Antonio, Texas, USA<br />

5. Underwhirl, permanent installation, Olympic<br />

Park, London<br />

6. Bethnal Green Bridge, London<br />

7. Beacon, permanent installation, Bristol<br />


To commission Martin contact him via<br />

his website.<br />

martinrichman.com<br />

Insta: @smartinthewick<br />

LOVEEAST Sept/Oct 2019 19

The Gentle Author<br />

The Gentle Author shares some excerpts from<br />

Eleanor Crow's book, Shopfronts of London<br />

At a time of momentous change in the high street, Eleanor’s witty and fascinating personal<br />

survey champions the enduring culture of Britain’s small neighbourhood shops.<br />

As our high streets decline into generic monotony, we cherish the independent shops<br />

and family businesses that enrich our city with their characterful frontages and distinctive<br />

typography.<br />

Eleanor’s collection includes more than hundred of her watercolours of the capital’s bakers,<br />

cafés, butchers, fishmongers, greengrocers, chemists, launderettes, hardware stores, eel &<br />

pie shops, bookshops and stationers. Her pictures are accompanied by the stories of the<br />

shops, their history and their shopkeepers – stretching from Chelsea in the west to Bethnal<br />

Green and Walthamstow in the east.<br />

E. Pellicci, Bethnal Green Road, Bethnal Green<br />

This small friendly café has been owned by the<br />

Pellicci family since 1900. With its appealing<br />

façade of chrome-lined primrose Vitrolite<br />

panels, three-dimensional typography and fine<br />

decorative detailing, it is a testament to the<br />

enduring qualities of thoughtful shop design.<br />

The interior features art deco marquetry by<br />

cabinet maker Achille Cappoci from 1946,<br />

and the premises are Grade II listed. Most<br />

importantly, the business thrives because<br />

the Pellicci family know how to keep their<br />

customers happy – whether diehard locals,<br />

passing celebrities or tourists on a pilgrimage –<br />

with their winning combination of wholesome<br />

food, exemplary service and entertaining<br />

banter.<br />

Opened in the thirties by Lionel Manze, this eel<br />

and pie shop in Walthamstow High Street has<br />

thankfully managed to preserve its fine gilded<br />

glass signage, tiling and wooden booths, even if<br />

the antique ornamental tillwas stolen in 2017. Lionel<br />

was the brother of Michele Manze who came from<br />

Ravello in Italy in 1878 as a child and opened the<br />

first Manze family eel and pie shop in Tower Bridge<br />

Road in 1902, taking over from RobertCooke who<br />

traded there from 1891. By 1930,there were fourteen<br />

shops with the Manze name and, although the<br />

Walthamstow shop is now owned independently,<br />

Manzes in Tower Bridge Road and Deptford are still<br />

run by the family.<br />

KTS The Corner, Kingsland Road, Dalston<br />


The Gentle Author<br />

L. Manze, High Street, Walthamstow<br />

I have included only a fraction of the intricate hand-carved fascia lettering and signage which continues across<br />

the side of the building along Englefield Road. This bravura frieze of pictograms depicting Plumbing & Electrical,<br />

Joinery, Keys Cut, Gardening and Timber Cut-to-Size, and the three dimensional clock hanging above the door,<br />

were designed and made by Tony O’Kane, the owner. Although it is widely believed the initials stand for Kingsland<br />

Timber Service, in fact Tony named the business after his three children, Katie, Toni and Sean. I often return to this<br />

favourite shop on the Kingsland Road to admire the magnificent pavement display of brooms, mops and spades,<br />

as well as the innumerable small tools in the windows.<br />

The fame of this shop lies in the muchphotographed<br />

fascia, proclaiming ‘A. Gold.<br />

French Milliner’ in elegant italics. Annie Gold<br />

and her husband Jacob were of Polish- Russian<br />

origin and she ran her millinery business here<br />

at 42 Brushfield Street from 1889 to 1892, living<br />

above the shop. In the nineteenth century, this<br />

street in Spitalfields comprised sixty-five small<br />

businesses, which included a watchmaker,<br />

cheesemonger, dining rooms, confectioners, a<br />

furrier, fried fish dealer and an undertaker. Yet<br />

when I painted this, it was the last independent<br />

shop, hemmed in by chains.<br />

Eleanor's book will be published on September 5th. Order your copy from Spitafields Books: spitalfieldslife.bigcartel.com<br />

The Gentle Author writes daily about the culture of East London at spitalfieldslife.com.<br />

You can also follow @thegentleauthor on twitter.<br />

A. Gold, Brushfield Street, Spitalfields<br />

LOVEEAST Sept/Oct 2019 21<br />

Images courtesy of and ©Eleanor Crow

Community<br />

Introducing Launch22: Co-working with a difference<br />

It’s rare to find affordable desk space in London, never mind one that offers direct and<br />

practical support for a budding business. Launch22, a charity established in 2014, does<br />

exactly that, and in the five short years of its existence, they’ve opened spaces in Liverpool<br />

city centre, Kings Cross and most recently in Poplar, in the Chrisp Street Exchange.<br />

What makes Launch22 different from other co-working<br />

spaces? For one thing, their rents are actually reasonable. More<br />

importantly, it’s the range of support they offer their members.<br />

It’s often the case that freelancers and startups work in isolation,<br />

often in a coffee shop or from home, and the lack of interaction<br />

with others can easily deflate the best of intentions. Sure, it saves<br />

money, but the fact that 90% of entrepreneurs fail in their first<br />

year speaks to the fact that a lack of capital isn’t the only reason.<br />

People need people – and startups need ways to access advice<br />

and direction in order to propel their ideas.<br />

The beauty of Launch22 is that it offers training, support and<br />

mentoring to its members – not as an add-on but as part of the<br />

whole package. They do this by connecting members with a<br />

network of experienced professionals, as well as running training<br />

courses, incubator schemes and holding events. They also engage<br />

with and involve the local community and pride themselves on<br />

being an inclusive space, welcoming members from all walks of<br />

life.<br />

Their network of mentors is impressive, boasting a wealth of<br />

knowledge and experience in a variety of sectors, including<br />

investment, marketing, tech and UI, operations, finance,<br />

management & HR, legal, idea valuation and more. The fact that<br />

they are happy to share their knowledge is like gold dust and<br />

tapping into those resources is central to enabling a startup to<br />

succeed.<br />

There are three membership plans, all of which offer mentoring<br />

and access to free events:<br />

• Flexible5 (£100 per month) provides desk space with access<br />

till 5pm, five days a month.<br />

• Flexible10 (£150 per month) offers the same but for ten days<br />

a month as well as the option of a free company registration<br />

address.<br />

• Fixed Desk (£240 a month) has all of the above plus unlimited<br />

access, mail handling, access to a printer, a free locker and<br />

storage, and an access key.<br />

The space is pet friendly, has a kitchen, chill out space and<br />

meeting rooms, free Wifi and access to printing facilities.<br />

Launch22 is definitely a place to check out if you are looking for<br />

truly affordable workspace in Poplar.<br />

Images courtesy of Launch22<br />

22 LOVEEAST<br />


Launch22<br />

12-14 Vesey Path<br />

Poplar E14 6BT<br />

launch22.co.uk<br />

@Launch22uk<br />


Community<br />

Psychotherapy<br />

Network<br />

Individual and Group Psychotherapy<br />

Counselling, Family and Couple Therapy<br />

Professional Consultation and Supervision<br />

effective . reliable . affordable . confidential<br />

www.communitypsychotherapy.org.uk<br />

Independent Social Enterprise<br />

LOVEEAST Sept/Oct 2019 23

Arts 'n Crafts<br />

Little Artists London offers an array of child-friendly<br />

workshops at CreatePlace, St Margarets House in<br />

Bethnal Green. littleartistslondon.com/workshops<br />

Kids' activities at The Yard - play, discover and make.<br />

the-yard.co.uk<br />

Family-friendly Pottery Workshops at Wonderland<br />

Ceramics, 237 Victoria Park Rd, E9 7HD, Weekdays<br />

11-1pm, 1-3pm, 3-5pm, £30 pp. £30 adults / £20 kids.<br />

wonderlandceramics.com<br />

Music, Dance, Drama & Stories<br />

Tots Gigs monthly morning series of acoustic gigs for<br />

parents who want to see a great gig in the daytime and<br />

bring their babies in tow. soundscreativeprojects.co.uk/<br />

whatson/<br />

Children’s Creative Movement & Dance classes at<br />

Chisenhale Dance Space. chisenhaledancespace.co.uk<br />

ShowKids - performing arts training aged 5 - 16 in<br />

Clapton, Forest Gate & Stoke Newington.<br />

showkids.co.uk<br />

Kids' Yoga<br />

East of Eden in Walthamstow offers Parent & toddler<br />

yoga classes and Yoga for Kids aged 5 - 9. edeneast.<br />

co.uk/what-we-do/yoga/kids/<br />

Recently opened MoveYoga in Roman Road has<br />

Mum & Baby yoga classes; check for days & times:<br />

movestudiolondon.com/classes<br />

Splish Splash<br />

Find an indoor pool near you: swimming.org/<br />

poolfinder/ Just put in your post code and voilà.<br />

Reading & Writing<br />

Discover Children's Story Centre offers all kinds of<br />

events and is SEN friendly. 383-387 High St, Stratford<br />

E15 4QZ. discover.org.uk<br />

Chatterbooks reading groups have various locations;<br />

find one near you: readinggroups.org/groups<br />

Creative writing for 7-14 yr olds, first Wednesday<br />

of the month, 4.30 - 5.30pm at Dalston CLR James<br />

Library. hackney.gov.uk/libraries-whats-on#dalston<br />

Wonderland Ceramics<br />

Time to be Creative<br />

237 Victoria Park<br />

Road<br />

E9 7HD<br />

Ph 020 8985 1214<br />

Ceramic Café,<br />

Pottery Painting,<br />

unique gifts, Children's<br />

Birthday Parties, team<br />

building, and lots of fun<br />

www.wonderlandceramics.com<br />

info@wonderlandceramics.com<br />


Indoor & Soft Play<br />

Kidzmania indoor playground, Hackney Downs.<br />

kidzmania.co.uk<br />

Hackney Playbus<br />

hackneyplaybus.org<br />

ZAPSpace Trampoline Park, Stratford<br />

zapspace.co.uk<br />

FlipOut E6 Trampoline Park, East Ham<br />

flipout.co.uk/locations/london-e6<br />

Cinemas<br />

The Castle Cinema: thecastlecinema.com<br />

Genesis Stepney: genesiscinema.co.uk/<br />

GenesisCinema.dll/Home<br />

Picturehouse Hackney: picturehouses.com/cinema/<br />

Hackney_Picturehouse<br />

Picturehouse Stratford: picturehouses.com/cinema/<br />

Stratford_London<br />

RichMix Shoreditch: richmix.org.uk/events/type/film<br />

Rio Cinema : riocinema.org.uk/RioCinema.dll/Home<br />

City Farms in East London<br />

Fun filled animal activities to keep the kids busy. Many<br />

have arts n' crafts activities and clubs as well.<br />

Hackney City Farm: hackneyyoungarts@gmail.com<br />

Mudchute City Farm: mudchute.org<br />

Newham City Farm: FB: @NewhamCityFarm<br />

Spitafields City Farm: spitalfieldscityfarm.org<br />

Stepney City Farm: stepneycityfarm.org<br />

Schedules vary so be sure to check times & availability on websites or contact details.<br />

Visit myeastlondon.online for more listings and to list your event for free.<br />




LOVEEAST Sept/Oct 2019 25

Lizzie Thorne Flowers<br />

East London Florist<br />

Beautiful and Bespoke<br />

flowers for your Wedding,<br />

Event or just a special<br />

occasion.<br />

lizziethorne.com | info@lizziethorne.com<br />

CBD & Hemp Wellness Centre<br />

Opening Hours:<br />

Monday through Friday 10am - 6pm Saturday and Sunday 10am - 4pm<br />

hempsmile.co.uk 020 8525 0577 38 Chatsworth Road, Hackney, E5 0LP<br />


The wine guide<br />

Beautiful Barbera<br />

If I had to name a grape variety that represent the versatility and the eclecticism<br />

that is often associated with the Italian character I would definitely put Barbera<br />

on the top of the list.<br />

Widely planted in northern part of<br />

Italy and in the region of Piedmont<br />

in particular, Barbera is quite a<br />

vigorous vine and it is able of<br />

adapt to a vast range of vineyards<br />

and soils. Because of its relatively<br />

high yields the wine produced is<br />

renowned locally as the “People’s<br />

Wine”, but its working class<br />

origin doesn’t really confine the<br />

personality and the spectrum of<br />

the wines that can be made from<br />

it. Because Barbera normally has<br />

a relatively low level of tannins<br />

with a high content of colour and<br />

acidity, characteristic that can be<br />

used by winemakers as a backbone<br />

structure for many different<br />

products: from simple, inexpensive<br />

reds to sublime long ageing fine<br />

wines, from modern styled wines to<br />

quirky but flavourful sparkling reds.<br />

In terms of appellations Barbera d’Asti DOCG is considered one of the finest expression of the<br />

variety, Barbera d’Alba DOC has always a well appreciated ripeness and full-bodiless, while<br />

Barbera Colli Tortonesi DOC it is always a great expression of the terroir and a good value for<br />

money product.This September we are going to have a very interesting tasting with eight different<br />

Barberas so you will be able to experience for yourself all the potential (and often underestimated)<br />

qualities of a great Italian wine. Check our website for more information and to book a place.<br />

VISIT US<br />

536 Roman Road, Bow E3 5ES<br />


store@vinarius.london<br />

020 3302 0123<br />


@VinariusLondon<br />

@vinarius_on_the_roman<br />

vinarius.london<br />


Mon & Tues: 12 - 7pm<br />

Wed - Fri: 12 - 11pm<br />

Sat: 11am - 11pm<br />

Sun: 11am - 10pm<br />

Food is served Wednesday to<br />

Sunday from 6:00 pm.<br />

We take reservations for<br />

private and corporate parties<br />

and wine tastings.<br />


With FREE delivery to E3, E6,<br />

E8, E9 postcodes only. Terms<br />

and conditions apply; please<br />

check our website for more<br />

information.<br />

LOVEEAST Sept/Oct 2019 27<br />

Sponsored by Vinarius

Eating In<br />

Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie with Roasted Pumpkin Mash<br />

Photo courtesy of and © Diana Warrings<br />

Ingredients<br />

600g Hokkaido pumpkin (cut<br />

into small chunks)<br />

3-4 tbsp of olive oil<br />

2-3 shallots (finely chopped)<br />

1 clove of garlic (finely chopped)<br />

300g carrots (cut into 1cm<br />

cubes)<br />

400g canned tomatoes<br />

400ml vegetable stock<br />

200ml red wine<br />

1-2 tbsp tomato puree<br />

1 bunch of fresh thyme (2-3 tbsp)<br />

1 twig of fresh rosemary<br />

400g puy or green lentils<br />

(soaked over night)<br />

60g organic mature cheddar<br />

(grated)<br />

Freshly ground pepper and sea<br />

salt to taste<br />

Side suggestion:<br />

200g Kale sautéed in olive oil<br />

ghee and garlic<br />

(40-50g per person)<br />

In preparation for the cold months, I wanted to<br />

share this vegetarian shepherd's pie recipe. The<br />

pie is packed with energy boosting vitamins<br />

and minerals as well as plant-based proteins<br />

from the lentils. The pumpkin topping is a very<br />

good source of alpha and beta carotenes, which<br />

the body converts into cell-protective vitamin<br />

A. Your skin and immune system will be rather<br />

grateful for being fed such a boosting vegetable<br />

pie. A side of antioxidant-rich, dark green, leafy<br />

vegetables will be welcomed by your friendly gut<br />

bacteria too, and turn this dish into an autumn<br />

super supper. Serves 3 - 4<br />

Method<br />

1. Preheat the oven at 200C. Wash the Hokkaido pumpkin, cut in<br />

quarters and remove the seeds. Then chop the pumpkin into small<br />

1-2cm chunks, place on a baking tray lined with baking paper,<br />

sprinkle with olive oil and a little sea salt, making sure each piece<br />

is coated with a little oil. Bake in the oven for about 20-25 minutes<br />

until soft. Check now and then, as the cooking time may vary.<br />

2. Bring 400ml of water to the boil and dissolve the stock cube or<br />

powder. Peel shallots, garlic and carrots. Finely chop the shallots<br />

and garlic and cut the carrots into 1cm cubes. Finley grate the<br />

cheddar.<br />

3. Next, heat the 1-2 tbsp of olive oil in a large pot, add the chopped<br />

shallots and sauter at medium heat until golden, then add the<br />

garlic, carrots, 1-2 tbsp of tomato puree and sauter for another<br />

couple mins and deglaze with the red wine. Next add the lentils,<br />

vegetable stock, 1 tbsp of fresh thyme and rosemary and simmer<br />

for about 15-20 minutes. Season with sea salt and freshly ground<br />

pepper to taste and set aside.<br />

4. Once the pumpkin is roasted and nice and soft, place in a bowl, add<br />

1 tbsp of olive oil and mash until smooth. Then carefully fold half the<br />

cheddar and 1/2 tbsp of fresh thyme into the mash, season to taste.<br />

Careful with the salt as the cheddar is quite salty already. Next pour<br />

the lentil mix into a casserole dish, leaving 2 cm to the top. Next<br />

spread the pumpkin mash on top of the lentils until well covered.<br />

Sprinkle with the remaining cheese and bake at 180C for about 25-<br />

30 minutes.<br />

5. Shortly before serving, sauter the kale in some olive oil and garlic<br />

and serve together with the shepherd's pie.<br />

Enjoy!<br />

Diana Warrings is a Health & nutrition content producer, recipe developer & well-being cook.<br />

28 LOVEEAST<br />


Eating Out<br />

Taking in the view at Upper 5 th Shoreditch<br />

Perched on top of what was<br />

once Shoreditch’s<br />

original<br />

magistrates’<br />

building, Upper<br />

5th Shoreditch is<br />

the perfect place to<br />

take in the London<br />

skyline over a<br />

delicious cocktail or<br />

glass of wine, and, if<br />

you’re feeling peckish,<br />

there’s a nice selection<br />

of bar bites to choose<br />

from including burgers<br />

and dogs from the<br />

BBQ kitchen during the<br />

summer months (weather<br />

permitting, of course).<br />

The building itself is steeped<br />

in history, having held the<br />

Kray twins at the height of their<br />

notoriety. Now the Courthouse Hotel,<br />

it houses two bars, a restaurant and<br />

a members’ bar, as well as a host of<br />

other amenities. Before heading up<br />

to the rooftop, we took a peek at the<br />

Jailhouse Bar on the ground floor,<br />

and will definitely be returning to<br />

explore that at a more leisurely pace.<br />

The rooftop bar was what we were after, however,<br />

and it didn’t disappoint. Boasting a panoramic<br />

view – on a clear day you can see the BT Tower,<br />

Canary Wharf and the Shard - it offers a relaxed<br />

atmosphere with music that adds to the ambience<br />

rather than overwhelms: we’re giving bonus points<br />

for actually being able to have a conversation<br />

without shouting. There’s also a variety of seating;<br />

sofas with low tables, a lounging bed and, our<br />

favourite, tractor tables with actual tractor seats,<br />

which line the railing. Clever, quirky and surprisingly<br />

comfortable.<br />

The cocktails are expertly mixed, visually pretty and<br />

quite delicious, although a bit on the steep side at<br />

£14.00. That being said, this is a hotel bar<br />

and in London that’s par for the course.<br />

A glass of wine, on the other hand, is<br />

quite reasonable at £6.50 and very tasty<br />

indeed.<br />

What we had<br />

We shared a platter of Market<br />

Vegetable Toasted Flatbread with<br />

Spicy Dips (£22), which we liked,<br />

alongside a bowl of tasty olives<br />

(£4), and washed it down with a<br />

Courthouse Collins (£14) a Kiwi<br />

Cooler mocktail (£8) and a glass<br />

each of white wine (£6.50 each). It<br />

should also be mentioned that the<br />

bar stocks two local gins – Hoxton<br />

Gin and East London Gin as<br />

well as East London<br />

Vodka.<br />

Upper 5th, Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch<br />

335-337 Old Street<br />

Shoreditch EC1V 9LL<br />

shoreditch.courthouse-hotel.com<br />

This is definitely<br />

a great place to<br />

meet after work for<br />

a leisurely drink on<br />

a warm summer’s<br />

evening, and, as the<br />

sun goes down, you can<br />

enjoy the London skyline<br />

lit up in all its glory.<br />

Opening hours<br />

Mon – Fri 15.00 – 23.00 (last orders at 22:30)<br />

Sat & Sun 12:00 – 23:00 (last orders at 22:30)<br />

Group bookings of 6 guests or more<br />

BBQ kitchen during the summer months (weather<br />

permitting)<br />

LOVEEAST Sept/Oct 2019 29

Walk Hackney<br />

Hackney's Oldest Buildings<br />

The three oldest<br />

buildings in<br />

Hackney, from left:<br />

1. St Augustine’s<br />

Tower.<br />

2. St Mary’s Church.<br />

3. Former house in<br />

Shoreditch, circa<br />

1693.<br />

Built as part of a church in about<br />

1275, St Augustine’s Tower (1), just<br />

off Mare Street’s Narrow Way, is the<br />

oldest building in today’s Hackney,<br />

created when Stoke Newington<br />

and Shoreditch were joined with<br />

Hackney in 1965. Although the<br />

church was rebuilt in 1519, it still<br />

makes it 16 years older than the<br />

second oldest, and oldest domestic,<br />

building: Sutton House (2) in<br />

Homerton.<br />

The oldest building in Stoke<br />

Newington is St Mary’s Church<br />

(3) next to Clissold Park, rebuilt in<br />

1563 by William Patten. Shoreditch<br />

pulled down its medieval church<br />

in 1736. So, Shoreditch’s oldest<br />

building is probably what remains<br />

of a house, of about 1693 (4), now<br />

right next to the bridge carrying the<br />

East London Line over Shoreditch<br />

High Street, opposite Boxpark.<br />

A few other houses remain from<br />

the 1690s: on the north side of<br />

Newington Green (4), in Sylvester<br />

Path (4), behind Mare Street, and<br />

the just-surviving mansion at 195<br />

Mare Street (4). Of course, earlier<br />

than these is the magnificent<br />

1658 terrace on the west side of<br />

Newington Green – but that’s in<br />

Islington.<br />

30 LOVEEAST<br />

More survives from the 1700s.<br />

Stoke Newington Church Street<br />

and High Street boast a number of<br />

18th century houses: 109-111 Church<br />

Street from about 1700 (5) and<br />

No. 169, Sisters’ Place, (6), built in<br />

1714, as well as Nos. 81-87 dating<br />

from 1733 (10). In the High Street,<br />

Nos. 187(Yum Yum)-189 went up<br />

between 1715 and 1728 (8). At the<br />

other end of today’s Hackney, you<br />

can find No. 237 Hoxton Street,<br />

built around 1700 (5); further down<br />

the road No 126 dates from 1725-30<br />

(9), currently being restored with<br />

its 19th century shop-front stripped<br />

away. Around the corner is No. 16,<br />

Charles Square, from 1725 (7), the<br />

first Hackney building to be listed.<br />

Nearby is the Geffrye Museum,<br />

constructed as almshouses in 1714<br />

(6). George Dance the Elder’s<br />

Shoreditch Church (11), just down<br />

Kingsland Road, was completed 24<br />

years later.<br />

Other survivors are scattered<br />

around the borough. In the middle<br />

of Dalston Lane, at No.160, stands<br />

a house from the second quarter<br />

of the 18th century. Opposite<br />

Bannister House and in the heart<br />

of Homerton’s traffic-laden High<br />

Street, there still stand a handsome<br />

Georgian pair with pediments and<br />

Tuscan columns. Perhaps the most<br />

surprising survivors, well disguised<br />

behind shop fronts, are the houses<br />

beside the Kingsland Waste Market,<br />

the oldest being from 1758.<br />

More buildings from Hackney’s<br />

past could have survived had they<br />

not been built over by swathes of<br />

Victorian housing from the 1840s<br />

onwards, blitzed or allowed to<br />

decay into slums to be compulsorily<br />

purchased and cleared. As you<br />

walk though Hackney’s streets look<br />

out for the remnants of Hackney’s<br />

architectural heritage and cherish<br />

them.<br />

Looking for something to<br />

do one weekend? Intrigued<br />

to find out more about<br />

Hackney?<br />

Look up walkhackney.co.uk<br />

and pick a walk that takes<br />

your fancy. The next four<br />

are in this edition's What's<br />

On section. I look forward<br />

to welcoming you on one of<br />

my walks.<br />

Images courtesy of Sean Gubbins

Roger Love on Fitness<br />

Roger Love reflects on setting goals, risking failure and<br />

pushing through<br />

IT’S 11.40pm and I'm walking through the manicured<br />

grounds of Ardingly College, a private school 25km<br />

north of Brighton, when I go over on my ankle.<br />

That’s good, I reason, if I am properly injured it means I<br />

can stop walking and no-one can judge me.<br />

By this time, I have been walking for 16 hours on the<br />

100km Richmond to Brighton walk, organised by Ultra<br />

Challenge, and I am at a low point.<br />

Everything is hurting, legs<br />

and feet especially, and I have<br />

- inexplicably - had a bister<br />

on the back of my left heel<br />

since 2km.<br />

This is just stupid, I’m<br />

thinking. Why am I doing<br />

this?<br />

On closer inspection, my<br />

ankle is fine. I have a serious<br />

talk with myself and crash on<br />

into the woods and the night.<br />

Once I reach the 80km point,<br />

I am in better spirits, and at<br />

88km, I am feeling positively<br />

optimistic as I start a brutal<br />

climb up the Downs before<br />

the descent to Brighton.<br />

I reach the end on the<br />

racecourse in 25 hours 23<br />

minutes - three hours quicker<br />

than in 2018 - and feel elated,<br />

before going to bed for the<br />

day.<br />

It’s the low and high points that explain the attraction<br />

of these types of event - whether walking, running or<br />

cycling (or all three). It’s testing the limits not just of<br />

your physical endurance but your mental strength, too.<br />

I got through my low points with a mixture of carrot<br />

and stick, telling myself how great I will feel at the<br />

end and how terrible - and embarrassed - I would feel<br />

if I quit. I also used anger, railing at anyone who has<br />

doubted me in anyway in my life.<br />

In practical terms, I knew if I just kept walking, I<br />

would get there. One step after another, count off the<br />

kilometres. It worked.<br />

That was in May. Later, in July, I am walking up Mount<br />

Roger Love after walking from London To Brighton in May<br />

Snowdon in Wales with my big-hearted 16-year-old<br />

daughter, caught up in mist, howling wind and driving<br />

rain.<br />

We are well-equipped but, three-quarters of the way<br />

up, she is fed-up, achy and soggy. I’m not sure we<br />

can make it to the top. But we have a chat about how<br />

suffering makes us strong and how if we walk 10mins at<br />

a time, we will get inevitably there. We do.<br />

What was breaking us wasn’t<br />

our bodies - it was our minds<br />

- and once we got a grip<br />

and came up with a plan,<br />

we proved stronger than we<br />

thought.<br />

I was reflecting on this as we<br />

headed towards September,<br />

a month in which people<br />

- rested from holidays and<br />

perhaps wanting to feel<br />

better on the beach next year<br />

- start a fitness drive.<br />

There has to be a risk<br />

of failure with any goal;<br />

otherwise it’s not a goal, it’s a<br />

box-ticking exercise, and we<br />

are all stronger than we think.<br />

So, why not make your goals<br />

big this autumn.<br />

It need not be a marathon in<br />

sub-four hours or a 100km<br />

walk in sub-24. What scares<br />

us is relative. I had a client<br />

for whom walking round London Fields was a huge<br />

challenge; others thought running 5km non-stop was<br />

beyond their endurance or could not see how they<br />

could lose weight. For another, a single press-up was<br />

her Everest.<br />

They all had to be brave to work towards these goals.<br />

So, this September, let's challenge ourselves physically<br />

- and especially mentally - and just go for it whatever<br />

it is.<br />

Roger Love Is a personal trainer based<br />

in Netil House E8.<br />

rogerlovept.com<br />

LOVEEAST Sept/Oct 2019 31<br />

Photo courtesy of and © Roger Love

What's on<br />

Sept<br />

SUN 1 SEPT<br />

Totally Thames Festival, an<br />

annual celebration of the River<br />

Thames with a creative and<br />

diverse programme that inspires,<br />

connects and enthrals. Hruns<br />

thru the 30 th at various venues.<br />

INFO: totallythames.org<br />

Come and enjoy a great family<br />

afternoon of music by The<br />

Trouser Band, ELLSO and the<br />

Broken Swing Band at Vicky<br />

Park's famous bandstand from<br />

2pm. INFO: victoriaparkfriends.<br />

london/bandstand-season/<br />

MON 2 SEPT<br />

Family-friendly Pottery<br />

Workshops at Wonderland<br />

Ceramics, 237 Victoria Park<br />

Rd, E9 7HD, HWeekdays<br />

11-1pm, 1-3pm, 3-5pm, £30 pp.<br />

£30 adults / @20 kids. INFO:<br />

wonderlandceramics.com<br />

TUES 3 SEPT<br />

Drawing The Star, 7:30 –<br />

9pm, life drawing group, top<br />

floor at The Star by Hackney<br />

Downs, 35 Queensdown Rd,<br />

E5 8NN, run by artists for<br />

everyone. Hruns weekly INFO:<br />

starbyhackneydowns.co.uk/<br />

whats-on/<br />

Pub Quiz, 7:30pm at The<br />

Star by Hackney Downs, 35<br />

Queensdown Rd, E5 8NN, £2<br />

entry PP, prizes, 1 st : £50 Cash<br />

2 nd : £25 Bar tab 3 rd : £15 food<br />

voucher. Hruns weekly INFO:<br />

starbyhackneydowns.co.uk/<br />

whats-on/<br />

WED 4 SEPT<br />

Rudi Lickwood’s 5 Minutes to<br />

Shine, Round 4 stand up comedy<br />

competition NuDawn, 206 Well<br />

St. Hackney, E9 6QT, 6:30 -<br />

10:30pm. INFO: nudawn.london<br />

THURS 5 SEPT<br />

Some Voices - Dalston a<br />

'choir without the boring bits' a<br />

non-audition choir with several<br />

chapters, all welcome; 7 - 9pm,<br />

Pembury Community Centre,<br />

1 Atkins Square, Dalston Ln,<br />

E8 1FA. Hruns weekly INFO:<br />

somevoices.co.uk<br />

FRI 6 Sept<br />

Adult Evening Pottery<br />

Workshops at Wonderland<br />

Ceramics, 237 Victoria Park Rd,<br />

E9 7HD, HWeekly on Fri &<br />

Sat 6.30 - 8.30pm, £30 pp. £35<br />

trial / £30 two or more sessions<br />

or two or more people. INFO:<br />

wonderlandceramics.com<br />

Adult Evening Pottery<br />

Workshops at Wonderland<br />

Ceramics, 237 Victoria Park Rd,<br />

E9 7HD, HWeekly on Fri &<br />

Sat 6.30 - 8.30pm, £30 pp. £35<br />

trial / £30 two or more sessions<br />

or two or more people. INFO:<br />

wonderlandceramics.com<br />

SAT 7 SEPT<br />

South Hackney History Walk:<br />

Always Hackney’s posh part,<br />

11am-2pm. Meet outside The<br />

Pottery Workshop, 77 Lauriston<br />

Rd, E9 7HA. £10/ £8 conc.<br />

INFO: walkhackney.co.uk/southhackney-walk/<br />

Queen Elizabeth Park<br />

Monthly10K QE Park (check<br />

for where to meet) £19/£17<br />

UK Athletics members. INFO:<br />

theraceorganiser.com/find-aevent/table<br />

Tower Theatre Open Day,<br />

11am to 4pm at The Tower<br />

Theatre, 16 Northwold Rd, Stoke<br />

Newington N16 7HR. INFO:<br />

towertheatre.org.uk/index.htm<br />

SUN 8 SEPT<br />

#JustTypeRiver live art event<br />

with lettering artists Lana Hughes<br />

& Neboe at London Bridge Hive,<br />

1 Melior Place SE1 3SZ; HPart<br />

of TotallyThames Festival.<br />

INFO: trappedinzoneone.com/<br />

just-type-river<br />

Doggy Brunch at The Birds<br />

Leytonstone, 692 High Rd, E11<br />

3AA. 11am - 2pm, £15/£13 Early<br />

Bird. INFO: thebirds.pub<br />

THURS 12 SEPT<br />

Work Redbridge Jobs and<br />

Apprenticeship Fair, 11am -<br />

3pm at Redbridge Town Hall, 128-<br />

142 High Rd, Ilford, IG1 1DD. Free<br />

& just turn up. INFO: redbridge.<br />

gov.uk/workredbridge<br />

FRI 13 SEPT<br />

Some Are Born To Endless<br />

Night - Dark Matter solo<br />

exhibition of Liberian-British<br />

artist Lina Iris Viktor. 11 - 6pm &<br />

runs thru 25 Jan at Autograph,<br />

Rivington Place, Shoreditch, EC2A<br />

3BA. INFO: autograph.org.uk<br />

SAT 14 SEPT<br />

StreetFestLondon street<br />

culture and urban arts festival,<br />

2 - 10pm at Oval Space, The<br />

Oval , Hackney, E2 9DT. INFO:<br />

streetfest.net<br />

DUSK Cabaret 2.0 at The<br />

Metropolis Club, 234 Cambridge<br />

Heath Rd E2 9NN The cabaret<br />

will be held in three acts<br />

between 8 & 10pm with<br />

singing, dancing, burlesque,<br />

wax pours and more. £15 (18+<br />

bring ID). INFO: facebook.com/<br />

duskcabaretduskcabaret<br />

Spiritualised with 1001<br />

Candles at the Hackney Empire,<br />

291 Mare St, Hackney E8 1EJ,<br />

8pm. Tickets £57 + booking fee,<br />

age 16+. INFO: hackneyempire.<br />

co.uk/whats-on/spiritualizedwith-1001-candles/<br />

SUN 15 Sept<br />

de Beauvoir Gardeners<br />

Flower & Produce Show In The<br />

Crypt and outside of St. Peter’s<br />

Church, N1 4DA. Games, Stalls,<br />

Prizes, Food, Gardening Advice<br />

and Dog Show. 1:30 – 5pm FREE!<br />

Games, Stalls, Prizes, Food,<br />

Gardening Advice and Dog Show.<br />

INFO: debeauvoirgardeners.<br />

wordpress.com/flower-produceshow-2019/<br />

THURS 19 SEPT<br />

A Drunken Sailor Presents:<br />

Playback at The Chapel, St<br />

Margaret's House, 29 Old Ford<br />

Rd, Bethnal Green, E2 9PJ.<br />

8:30 - 9:30pm, FREE. INFO:<br />

stmargaretshouse.org.uk/whatson-backend-1/a-drunken-sailorpresents-playback-6462k-7f92aabp2w-nejml-3dyrx-fhay9<br />

FRI 20 SEPT<br />

SEMITONAL with support by<br />

Invisible Wire, charity show<br />

in aid of The Samaritans at the<br />

Water Rats, Kings Cross; doors<br />

8pm, show 9pm - 1am. INFO &<br />

Tickets: semitonal.com<br />

Watch the Rugby World<br />

Cup at Skylight, Tobacco<br />

Dock, Pennington St entrance,<br />

Wapping, E1W 2SF Hvarious<br />

dates and times, £3. INFO:<br />

skylightlondon.com<br />

SAT 21 SEPT<br />

Black Men In Education, Great<br />

conversation, top tips/ words of<br />

wisdom, over good food and drink<br />

with like-minded men, 6 - 9pm<br />

at Harlem Soul, 205 City Rd,<br />

Hoxton EC1V 1JN. HMen only.<br />

INFO: eventbrite.com/e/ybtn-<br />

black-men-in-education-tickets-<br />

64743388217?aff=ebapi<br />

SUN 22 SEPT<br />

Juta Shoe workshop at Create<br />

Place, St Margaret's House, 29<br />

Old Ford Rd, Bethnal Green, E2<br />

9PJ, 11am - 2pm. £80 HAlso<br />

28 Sept. INFO: jutashoes.com/<br />

workshops.html<br />

SAT 28 Sept<br />

Homerton History Walk:<br />

Dissenters and Paupers, 11am-<br />

1.30pm. Meet at the entrance<br />

to Homerton Station, (North<br />

London Line, E9 5SB. £10/ £8<br />

conc. INFO:walkhackney.co.uk/<br />

homerton/<br />

Our Lady of Kibeho, 7:30<br />

- 10:30pm at Theatre Royal<br />

Stratford East, Gerry Raffles<br />

Square, E15 1BN. INFO:<br />

stratfordeast.com/whats-on/allshows/our-lady-of-kibeho<br />

SUN 29 SEPT<br />

East London Radio Drum &<br />

Bass Fundraiser, 1 - 10pm<br />

at Mick’s Garage, Unit 8,<br />

Queen's Yard, Hackney Wick,<br />

E9 5EN. INFO: cratebrewery.<br />

com and facebook.com/<br />

events/315422349341030/<br />


Oct<br />

H Black History Month H<br />

TUES 1 OCT<br />

Family-friendly Pottery<br />

Workshops at Wonderland<br />

Ceramics, 237 Victoria Park<br />

Rd, E9 7HD, HWeekdays<br />

11-1pm, 1-3pm, 3-5pm, £30 pp.<br />

£30 adults / @20 kids. INFO:<br />

wonderlandceramics.com<br />

Drawing The Star, 7:30 –<br />

9pm, life drawing group, top<br />

floor at The Star by Hackney<br />

Downs, 35 Queensdown Rd,<br />

E5 8NN, run by artists for<br />

everyone. Hruns weekly INFO:<br />

starbyhackneydowns.co.uk/<br />

whats-on/<br />

Pub Quiz, 7:30pm at The<br />

Star by Hackney Downs, 35<br />

Queensdown Rd, E5 8NN, £2<br />

entry PP, prizes, 1 st : £50 Cash<br />

2 nd : £25 Bar tab 3 rd : £15 food<br />

voucher. Hruns weekly INFO:<br />

starbyhackneydowns.co.uk/<br />

whats-on/<br />

THURS 3 OCT<br />

Some Voices - Dalston a<br />

'choir without the boring bits' a<br />

non-audition choir with several<br />

chapters, all welcome; 7 - 9pm,<br />

Pembury Community Centre, 1<br />

Atkins Square, Dalston Ln, E8<br />

1FA. HRuns weekly INFO:<br />

somevoices.co.uk<br />

FRI 4 OCT<br />

Adult Evening Pottery<br />

Workshops at Wonderland<br />

Ceramics, 237 Victoria Park Rd,<br />

E9 7HD, HWeekly on Fri &<br />

Sat 6.30 - 8.30pm, £30 pp. £35<br />

trial / £30 two or more sessions<br />

or two or more people. INFO:<br />

wonderlandceramics.com<br />

SAT 5 OCT<br />

Queen Elizabeth Park<br />

Monthly10K QE Park (check<br />

for where to meet) £19/£17<br />

UK Athletics members. INFO:<br />

theraceorganiser.com/find-aevent/table<br />

THURS 10 OCT<br />

CoolEast Party 7 - 10pm at<br />

Oxford House, Bethnal Green E2<br />

6AHG. Tickets £20 in advance<br />

INFO: myeastlondon.online/<br />

cooleast/html<br />

Festival of Marketing,<br />

including Festival After<br />

Dark at Tobacco Dock, Tobacco<br />

Quay, Wapping Ln, Wapping,<br />

E1W 2SF HAlso Friday. INFO:<br />

festivalofmarketing.com<br />

SAT 12 OCT<br />

Stamford Hill History Walk:<br />

The Heights of Hackney,<br />

11am-2.30pm. Meet at Abney<br />

Park Cemetery Gates, Stoke<br />

Newington High St, N16 0LH.<br />

£10/£8 conc. INFO: walkhackney.<br />

co.uk/stamford-hill/<br />

Discover Dogs - meet and<br />

greet over 200 breeds of dog<br />

at ExCel London, One Western<br />

Gateway, Royal Victoria<br />

Dock, Silvertown E16 1X, 8am<br />

-5pm. HAlso Sunday 13th<br />

INFO & tickets: discoverdogs.<br />

org.uk/content/ticketoffice/?utm_source=discoverdogs-website&utm_<br />

medium=homepage-ctabutton&utm_campaign=discoverdogs-tickets-button2<br />

SUN 13 OCT<br />

Victoria Park Autumn 10K<br />

from 9:30am, Victoria Park.<br />

INFO & to sign up: http://ow.ly/<br />

UgY030oK0ts<br />

MON 14 OCT<br />

ShoutOut Festival -A Creative<br />

Response to Fear & Hate at<br />

Applecart Arts, 170 Harold Rd,<br />

Plaistow, E13 0SE HRuns thru<br />

Sat 26th. INFO: applecartarts.<br />

com/in_the_theatre.<br />

php?id=1056&title=shoutoutfestival-artist-&-performercall-out<br />

TUES 15 OCT<br />

Queer Erasure? An evening of<br />

rarely screened archive film and<br />

discussion, celebrating London’s<br />

most beloved and iconic LGBTQ+<br />

venues, many long gone. 6:30pm<br />

at the Barbican Centre, Silk<br />

St, EC2Y 8DS. £12.60. INFO:<br />

barbican.org.uk/whats-on/2019/<br />

event/queer-erasure-londonslgbtq-nightlife-on-film<br />

FRI 18 OCT<br />

Breast Cancer Now is<br />

encouraging everyone in London<br />

to Wear it Pink today. You can<br />

also help by fundraising. INFO:<br />

wearitpink.org<br />

SAT 19 OCT<br />

Upper Clapton History Walk:<br />

Hackney’s Riviera, 11am-1.30pm.<br />

Meet: Abney Park Cemetery<br />

Gates, Stoke Newington High<br />

St, N16 0LH. £10/£8 conc. INFO:<br />

walkhackney.co.uk/1052-2/<br />

SUN 20 Oct<br />

Doggy Brunch at The Birds<br />

Leytonstone, 692 High Rd, E11<br />

3AA. 11am - 2pm, £15/£13 Early<br />

Bird. INFO: thebirds.pub<br />

FRI 25 OCT<br />

Spooky Halloween at Junction<br />

East,1 Kingsland Rd, E2 8AA<br />

from 8pm. HAlso Saturday<br />

INFO: skiddle.com/whats-on/<br />

London/Junction-East-/Spooky-<br />

Halloween/13451860/<br />

SAT 26 OCT<br />

Just Landscape? Diversity,<br />

Ethnicity, Representation, one<br />

day conference at UEL, Stratford<br />

Campus, 9am - 6:30pm, E15<br />

4JE. £25 - £95. INFO: eventbrite.<br />

co.uk/e/just-landscape-diversityethnicity-representationtickets-64723343262<br />

What's on<br />

Stranger Things Halloween<br />

Party at Earth, 11-17 Stoke<br />

Newington Rd, Dalston N16<br />

8BH ,10pm. INFO: earthackney.<br />

co.uk/calendar/stranger-thingshalloween-2019<br />

SUN 27 OCT<br />

Juta Shoe workshop at Create<br />

Place, St Margaret's House,<br />

29 Old Ford Rd, Bethnal Green,<br />

E2 9PJ, 11am - 2pm. £80 INFO:<br />

jutashoes.com/workshops.html<br />

Big Fish Little Fish HACKNEY<br />

'Halloween Spooktacular'<br />

family rave at Hangar, Sidworth<br />

St, London Fields, E8, 1:30<br />

- 4pm. Tickets £10.96. INFO:<br />

eventbrite.co.uk/e/big-fishlittle-fish-hackney-halloweenspooktacular-family-ravetickets-65441261575<br />

THURS 31 OCT<br />

H Halloween H<br />

Journey to the Underworld<br />

the ultimate Halloween<br />

immersive experience at Pedley<br />

Street Station, Arch 63, Pedley<br />

St, Bethnal Green, E1 5BW.<br />

HTwo showings: 6pm &<br />

8:30PM, £60pp but book early!<br />

INFO: designmynight.com/london/<br />

whats-on/food-drink/journey-tothe-underworld<br />

Check out our new What's<br />

On page for more listings:<br />

myeastlondon.online/calendar.html<br />

You can now upload your events - It's<br />

fast, easy and free!<br />

Why not list your business in our<br />

growing Directory? We offer low rates<br />

and bespoke packages are available.<br />

Email karen@chomp.me.uk or for<br />

more information.<br />

LOVEEAST Sept/Oct 2019 33

London's home for Kundalini Yoga<br />

Kundalini Yoga Meditation Pregnancy Yoga<br />

INTRO OFFER £40 for 40 days<br />

34 LOVEEAST<br />

.<br />

.<br />

Addiction Recovery Gentle Yoga Gong<br />

27D Dalston Lane E8 3DF<br />

info@joy.yoga . 020 7812 9836<br />

www.joy.yoga<br />

.<br />


Big days and<br />

little days<br />

We can help<br />

make them perfect<br />

www.agpriceflowers.co.uk<br />

217-219 Well Street, E9 6QU<br />

020 8986 0250<br />

Your safety is<br />

our concern<br />

Specialising in alarms, CCTV, concertina grilles<br />

and safes, we are the most comprehensive<br />

lock-based service available<br />

Empire Security, 8-20 Well Street, E9 7PX<br />

020 8986 7921<br />

LOVEEAST Sept/Oct 2019 35

Halo Floors is a well-established flooring business based in<br />

East London. We supply, install and renovate wood floors.<br />

Specialists in restoring engineered floors.<br />










m:07957 580993 t:020 7503 1965 e:bobowen@halofloors.co.uk<br />

halo_floors<br />


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