Akani - September/October Edition

Please find enclosed the September/October edition of Akani. Akani is a XiTsonga word meaning To Build. An online publication dedicated to keep all our stakeholders abreast of the NHBRCs activities. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Please find enclosed the September/October edition of Akani. Akani is a XiTsonga word meaning To Build.

An online publication dedicated to keep all our stakeholders abreast of the NHBRCs activities.

As always, we welcome your feedback.


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SACPMP<br />

<strong>October</strong><br />

Volume 2 Issue 1<br />

This month we observe :<br />

Marine Month<br />

Transport Month<br />

International Breast Cancer<br />

Month Social Development Month<br />

Mental Health Awareness Month<br />

I N S I D E T H I S I S S U E<br />

1. SACPMP<br />

2. Housing Consumer<br />

Protection Bill<br />

3. Cape Construction EXPO<br />

4. Registration Committee<br />

visits North West<br />

5. Khawuleza Coordination<br />

Model<br />

6. Remembering Dr Thandi<br />

Ndlovu<br />

7. “Building inspectors who<br />

lack the relevant expertise<br />

and knowledge are a<br />

serious risk to construction<br />

and building safety.”<br />

Professionalising the sector<br />

By Busiswa Mlandu<br />

A registration category for building inspectors, aimed at protecting<br />

the public from substandard building practices as well as boosting<br />

the professionalism of the sector, will be launched by The South<br />

African Council of Project and Construction Management<br />

Professionals (SACPCMP) this <strong>October</strong> 2019.The launch of the<br />

registration category follows months of industry-related research<br />

pertaining to building inspectors’ scope of work, responsibilities,<br />

risks and more. This research was undertaken by the National Home<br />

Builders Registration Council(NHBRC),and under the recommendation<br />

of the Council for the Built Environment (CBE), the SACPCMP was put<br />

forth as the most preferable authority to manage the registration of<br />

building inspectors within the country.<br />

“The flooding that was seen in KwaZulu-Natal earlier this year,<br />

which resulted in massive infrastructure damage, is one of many<br />

examples citing the need for regulation of this sector. Building<br />

inspectors who lack the relevant expertise and knowledge are a<br />

serious risk to construction and building safety,” said SACPCMP<br />

Registrar, Butcher Matutle. “Over the past 12 months or so, working<br />

closely with a number of built environment professionals - including<br />

representatives of Government, academia and the public sector - we<br />

established a task team to develop this registration category.”<br />

“Through this, we envisage the provision of a standard scope of<br />

service to ensure that all stakeholders have clear indicators in terms<br />

of the requirements and expectations pertaining to building<br />

inspectors. Furthermore, we hope that registration will provide a<br />

foundation for the professionalisation of building inspectors within<br />

South Africa and help to further the legitimization of this<br />

occupational practice.”

HCBP<br />

<strong>Akani</strong><br />

Page 2<br />

Housing Consumers Protection Bill<br />

By Molebogeng Taunyane<br />

The Department of Human Settlements will this month visit different communities in various provinces across the<br />

country to allow public comment and participation in the formulation of the Housing Consumer Protection Bill. In<br />

August, Cabinet approved the publication of the Housing Consumer Protection Bill for public participation and<br />

comment. The Bill repeals the current Housing Consumer Protection Measures Act, 95 of 1998. The Department of<br />

Human Settlements will conduct public information sessions in all provinces as recommended by Cabinet. The new<br />

Bill, once passed into Law will allow the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) more efficiency in<br />

holding builders and contractors accountable and ensure they abide by set standards and regulations. It will also<br />

strengthen Government’s efforts to curb the rise of unregistered builders.<br />

Housing consumers who wish to build or buy new homes are advised to verify builders’ registration credentials and<br />

home enrolment beforehand with the NHBRC in order to be covered by the warranty fund. Officials from the<br />

Department will visit two venues in each province, as part of ensuring that more South Africans become accustomed<br />

to the content and purpose of the Bill. The aim of the Bill is to ensure adequate protection of housing consumers and<br />

effective regulation mechanism by expanding the protection to consumers. It also aims to introduce effective<br />

enforcement tools and prescribing appropriate penalties or sanctions to deter non-compliance by home builders.<br />

Each of the forthcoming sessions are meant to reach many consumers in the provinces. The targeted stakeholders<br />

will include both public and private institutions, members of the public, civil society and community-based<br />

organisations.<br />

The schedule below outlines the planned visits to different communities in various provinces across the country.

<strong>Akani</strong><br />

Page 3<br />

Cape Construction Expo 2019<br />

By Agnes van den Berg<br />

The Cape Construction Expo 2019 was held on 11 and 12<br />

<strong>September</strong> 2019 at the SUN Exhibits, Grand West Casino in<br />

Goodwood, Cape Town. The NHBRC used the opportunity to be<br />

one of the exhibitors and the decision proved to be a good<br />

one. The Cape Construction Expo 2019 is the only event<br />

dedicated to the building and construction industry in the<br />

Western Cape.<br />

The expo presented visitors with an interactive programme of<br />

free workshops available to all participants. It also provided an<br />

opportunity for capacity building, business networking and<br />

knowledge transfer. The visitor similarly had the opportunity<br />

to network with built environment professionals who operate<br />

in the local construction marketplace.<br />

NHBRC Engineer, Dalitso Mkandawire<br />

assisting visitors at the NHBRC<br />

NHBRC recorded a total of 137 visitors to the stand over the<br />

two days. These visitors were interested in registration as<br />

home builders and very curious about the NHBRC’s take on<br />

IBT’s.<br />

Registration Committee visits North West<br />

By Zwido Netshaulu<br />

The NHBRC Registration Committee of Council led by the CEO, Mziwonke<br />

Dlabantu visited subsidy housing projects under construction in the North<br />

West on Thursday, 27 th of June 2019.This forms part of the NHBRC’s<br />

Council oversight responsibility to assess home builders’ compliance to<br />

home-building standards of housing projects earmarked for subsidy<br />

beneficiaries.<br />

The first project that the council committee visited was Dinie Estates, a<br />

new settlement that is situated 10km outside of Rustenburg. The<br />

Department of Local Government & Human Settlements (DLG&HS) bought<br />

the land from a local famer to build dignified housing for farmworkers.<br />

Dinie Estates housing project will deliver a total of 490 units once it is<br />

completed. The second housing project visited was Bokamoso, a mining<br />

township just outside of Rustenburg. Anglo Platinum donated the land to<br />

government to benefit the people living within the perimeter of the mine.<br />

The Council Committee members were surprised by the amount of<br />

earthworks due to that large portion of Rustenburg residential land is<br />

covered by a blanket of black clay soil which covers a large portion of<br />

Rustenburg residential land which is not a norm in the low cost sector.<br />

(Continues to page 4)<br />

Registration Committee of Council on site<br />

“The Bokamoso<br />

housing project will<br />

deliver a total of<br />

2 400 units once all<br />

phases are<br />


Khawuleza<br />

<strong>Akani</strong><br />

Page 4<br />

\<br />

This type of soil is affected by moisture changes<br />

during the annual rainfall season as it absorbs<br />

moisture and expands during wet months and<br />

shrinks in dry months. These changes tend to<br />

affect the foundation and make it difficult to build<br />

quality low cost structures within the subsidy<br />

quantum.<br />

The solution that was then considered was to<br />

remove the clay in the foot print of the units and<br />

import stable inert material which is compacted<br />

and followed by a light raft foundation to balance<br />

“Khawuleza” Service Delivery<br />

cost and affordability. This slows down<br />

construction but eliminates remedial works<br />

during the life of the structures.<br />

Bokamoso housing project will deliver a total of<br />

2 400 units once all phases are complete. The<br />

Council was impressed with the construction<br />

work and the effort of Home Inspectors and<br />

training support that is currently being provided<br />

to emerging home builders on-site. Other<br />

provinces visited by the Committee Members<br />

include Easter and Western Cape.<br />

President Cyril Ramaphosa has called on government<br />

officials to “Khawuleza” and move with speed in delivering<br />

services. “Khawuleza” which means hurry up in isiXhosa, is<br />

the name for a new district co-ordination model which<br />

seeks to “improve the coherence and effect of government<br />

service delivery and development”.<br />

According to President Ramaphosa “Khawuleza” will<br />

address monitoring and evaluation which has been<br />

inconsistent and at times vague. He stated that some<br />

programmes and initiatives that had been rolled out were<br />

“not in sync with government’s overarching strategy, and<br />

were implemented on a piecemeal and silo basis".<br />

“Monitoring and evaluation has been inconsistent and at<br />

times vague, resulting in us having no clear line of sight of<br />

what is needed, where it is needed, how it will be done<br />

and how much it is costing,” President Ramaphosa said. He<br />

also added that the new dispensation sought to change the<br />

face of rural and urban landscapes by “ensuring<br />

complementarity between urban and rural development,<br />

with a deliberate emphasis on local economic<br />

development. President Ramaphosa said the District Coordination<br />

Model was not something he wanted to see in<br />

the distant future. “It is an imperative of the here and<br />

now, because we are racing against time to improve the<br />

lives of our people. President Ramaphosa also announced<br />

that a project management office in the presidency was<br />

being established which would set up a war room to coordinate<br />

the different interventions. “We will require all<br />

government departments and state institutions, including<br />

at the provincial and local levels, to support the mapping<br />

of existing youth work-seeker support services,<br />

infrastructure and facilities,” President Ramaphosa said.<br />

President Ramaphosa at the launch of “Kahwuleza”<br />

“It is an imperative<br />

of the here and<br />

now, because we<br />

are racing against<br />

time to improve the<br />

lives of our people”

<strong>Akani</strong><br />

Page 5<br />

Remembering Dr Thandi Ndlovu<br />

The NHBRC mourns the death of construction sector’s pioneer and<br />

trailblazer Dr Thandi Ndlovu, who is also the founder and CEO of<br />

Motheo Construction Group. Motheo Construction Group is a<br />

registered developer with the NHBRC. Dr Ndlovu founded her<br />

company22years ago. It has completed many projects across the<br />

country; these include Community Residential Units (CRU), Breaking<br />

New Ground (BNG), shopping complexes and office parks.<br />

A medical doctor by profession, Ndlovu entered the construction<br />

business and changed its complexion, paving the way for more black<br />

businesses to play a meaningful role. Among many accolades, the<br />

African Women Chartered Accountants named Ndlovu as the 2017<br />

Woman of Substance. The award was for significant role in the<br />

upliftment of black women, demonstrating quality and successful<br />

leadership in areas of governance and business to attain gender<br />

equality.<br />

The late Dr Thandi Ndlovu<br />

May her soul rest in peace<br />

Breast Cancer Awareness Month<br />

The incidence of breast cancer among South African women is<br />

increasing and it is one of the most common cancers among<br />

women in South Africa. It is the most prevalent cancer amongst<br />

white and Asian women and the second most common cancer<br />

among black and coloured women.<br />

Facts about breast cancer:<br />

Early detection of the condition can lead to effective<br />

treatment and a positive prognosis. About 90% of patients<br />

survive for many years after diagnosis when breast cancer is<br />

detected at the early stages.<br />

Regular self-breast examination and regular mammograms are<br />

key to early detection.<br />

Presenting yourself early for treatment may result in more<br />

effective treatment, leading to a reduction in pain and<br />

suffering and a significant decrease in the loss of life.<br />

The designation of <strong>October</strong> as "Breast Cancer Awareness Month"<br />

in South Africa reflects a nationwide drive by public and private<br />

healthcare structures to raise awareness of this debilitating<br />

disease across all races and class structures.<br />

<strong>October</strong> is Breast Cancer Awareness<br />

Month<br />

“A recent study<br />

published by medical<br />

journal Lancet<br />

predicts that South<br />

Africa could see an<br />

increase of 78% in the<br />

number of cancer<br />

cases by 2030”

<strong>Akani</strong><br />

Page 6<br />

Minister vows expropriation of land without compensation<br />

The Minister of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation Honourable Lindiwe Sisulu and her Deputy<br />

Pam Tshwete delivered their Budget Vote Speeches in Parliament recently ..<br />

Minister Sisulu on her address emphasised that the Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation<br />

Department will be the first to use a constitutional amendment that will enable the expropriation of<br />

land without compensation, starting with state-owned land.<br />

This was to cement the department’s reframed approach to housing development which took on the<br />

concept of human settlements as opposed to housing. The pivotal difference here is that the<br />

department is no longer building houses, but building communities with all its amenities.<br />

Among the key commitments she made in the address were the following;<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

To urgently reverse entrenched spatial patterns across the country and therefore remove those<br />

continuing to divide communities across racial lines.<br />

To use our housing output to provide the indigent with free housing and support for low-income<br />

groups.<br />

To ensure that housing developments are close to cities, this is the engine of societies and<br />

include amenities for the communities.<br />

To own and utilise public land for this purpose. With new legislation for land expropriation in the<br />

pipeline, we will make sure that we are first takers in the queue for expropriated land.<br />

To create access to housing finance and for this reason the establishment of the Human<br />

Settlements Development Bank, which was launched in 2018.<br />

Deputy Minister of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation Pam Tshwete in her address announced<br />

that the department will spearhead the roll-out of housing for vulnerable communities including<br />

Military Veterans, upgrading of informal settlements and allocation of serviced sites, to create jobs<br />

through the implementation of the PHP/Self Help Housing Projects.<br />

This will be based on the successfully piloted model of the Vulindlela Rural Housing Project in KwaZulu-<br />

Natal which will deliver 25 000 housing units on completion and is currently standing at more than 22<br />

000 housing units delivered to date.<br />

Both Ministers urged young people to become active citizens and to participate in government projects<br />

by also assisting in coming up with ideas that will help restore the dignity of all disadvantaged South<br />

Africans and address Apartheid Spatial Planning.

<strong>Akani</strong><br />

Page 7<br />

SAWIC Congress 2019<br />

In commemorating the 63rd anniversary of the 1956 Women's<br />

March during the 25th year of our country’s democracy, the<br />

South African Women in Construction (SAWIC) in partnership<br />

with the National Department of Human Settlements, Water<br />

and Sanitation hosted the National Women's Summit on 20-22<br />

August in Whiteriver, Mpumalanga under the theme “THE<br />


AGENDA 2030” to facilitate a social dialogue, formulate a<br />

strategy and the implementation plan required by the women<br />

sector in accelerating the delivery of basic infrastructure by<br />

2030. The NHBRC participated as a partnering sponsor where<br />

the Summits ought to evaluate the impact of the 4th<br />

Industrial Revolution as the future of Infrastructure<br />

development, service delivery and catalyst for the creation<br />

of jobs in line with the goals set by the United Nations for the<br />

achievement of the New Urban Agenda – 2030.<br />

Master Builders Congress 2019<br />




URBAN AGENDA 2030”<br />

On 9 <strong>September</strong> Master Builders South Africa hosted their<br />

annual Congress in Ekurhuleni. The 2019 Master Builders South<br />

Africa Congress is the 113th edition of this annual event, and is<br />

planned around the theme: “Building a sustainable, innovative<br />

and transformed construction industry”. The event is a major<br />

highlight on the construction industry calendar, which the<br />

NHBRC was a partnering sponsor, is was attended by leaders<br />

and owners of established and emerging businesses in the<br />

industry, senior government officials from sector departments,<br />

representatives from local government, financial institutions,<br />

suppliers in the construction industry and many more. Over 350<br />

delegates to attended the event.

<strong>Akani</strong><br />











AFRICA ARE BEHIND YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<strong>Akani</strong><br />

Page 7<br />

Page 9<br />

Snapshot : 2018/2019 Performance<br />

The NHBRC performance achievement is measured based on the number of key performance<br />

indicators where targets were achieved against the total number of key performance indicators<br />

as outlined in the annual plan. The performance for the 2018/19 financial year shows that 26<br />

targets were achieved against the set target of 33 key performance indicators and this<br />

represents an achievement of 79% and 21% non-achievements. The 2018/19 performance of 79%<br />

is the highest performance achievement of the NHBRC over the last five financial years. The<br />

lowest performance was realised in the financial year 2014/15 where only 14 targets where<br />

achieved against the set target of 48 key performance indicators representing 29% achievement.<br />

Management is pleased with the continued improvement in the performance of the organisation<br />

over the last five years.<br />

“THE 2018/19<br />


OF 79% IS THE<br />








<strong>Akani</strong><br />

Page 7<br />

<strong>Akani</strong><br />

Page 10<br />

NHBRC Movements<br />

The NHBRC is pleased to announce the following changes in their leadership<br />

structures.<br />

Mr Otsile Maseng : Acting CEO<br />

Ms Julia Motapola : Acting COO<br />

Mr Hulisani Mmbara, Acting Executive Manager: Legal and Compliance and Enforcement<br />

New Appointments<br />

Ms Mathebe Kumalo : Manager,<br />

Strategic Planning, Evaluation and Monitoring<br />

Ms Gugu Mkhize : Executive Manager,<br />

Corporate Services

Buza UBongani<br />

Page 11<br />

Sanibonani! My name is<br />

Bongani the Builder. AS<br />

citizens, we have rights,<br />

but with those come<br />

obligations. I am here to<br />

assist you in realising your<br />

rights as a housing<br />

consumer and<br />

understanding the NHBRCs<br />

mandate.<br />

Foul Play<br />

Dear Bongani<br />

What channels can we use to report<br />

unscrupulous conduct by NHBRC<br />

registered builders and NHBRC<br />

employees?<br />

Evans Mashaba, Boksburg<br />

Dear Evans<br />

Thank you for getting in touch<br />

The NHBRC has a zero tolerance<br />

policy towards any unscrupulous<br />

behavior as the champion of the<br />

housing consumer. We pride<br />

ourselves as being an ethically<br />

sound organisation and we have<br />

established a toll free ethics hotline<br />

which is independently managed to<br />

report any suspicious activity. The<br />

contact details are 0800 200 698<br />

NHBRC Inspections<br />

Dear Bongani<br />

How far is the process of reviewing the Housing Consumers Protection Bill?<br />

Stephan Erlank, Somerset West<br />

Dear Stephan<br />

We have embarked on nationwide information sessions regarding the review and input of the Housing<br />

Consumers Protection Bill. We will be hosting the Western Cape sessions on 14 and 15 November. In<br />

the meantime please keep your eyes peeled on our social media platforms and have a look at our<br />

website for the schedule.<br />

Ask Bongani by emailing thenhbrc@nhbrc.org.za with the subject line : BUZA UBONGANI

<strong>Akani</strong> Page 12<br />

<strong>Akani</strong><br />

All About Property<br />

The NHBRC is running a consumer awareness campaign on DSTV’s<br />

Home Channel for season 3 of All About Property show – a home<br />

buying and selling advice show. The objective of this campaign is to<br />

educate the South African housing consumer on the role of the<br />

NHBRC, the importance of enrolling their housing projects and using<br />

a NHBRC registered builder amongst others.<br />

This campaign will be for a period of 13 weeks and started airing on<br />

Monday the 5 th of August until Sunday the 3 rd of November 2019 on<br />

The DSTV Channel 176. Our participation will include a weekly home<br />

building tip on All About Property, three interviews with the NHBRC<br />

executives during the season, and a TV commercial during All About<br />

Property and on The Home Channel.<br />

All About Property broadcasts on Mondays at 16h30, Wednesdays at<br />

20h30, Thursdays at 08h30, Fridays at 12h30, Saturdays at 17h30 &<br />

00h30 and Sundays at 13h00 and 21h30.<br />

A new home for women’s month<br />

By Samkelo Gqeba<br />

As part of women month celebration, the NHBRC partnered with Eastern<br />

Cape Human Settlements Department to handover a newly -built BNG<br />

house to Ms Elsie Bruntjies, 76 year elderly women from Cookhouse on 20<br />

August 2019. The house hand over was officiated by the Eastern Cape<br />

MEC Honourable Nonkqubela Pieters and Blue Crane Municipality Mayor<br />

Honourable Bonisile Manxoweni as part of government efforts to provide<br />

decent shelter to vulnerable and destitute families.<br />

The beneficiary, Ms Elsie Bruntjies, 76 year old from Cookhouse was<br />

moved from a depilated mud house into a brand new home fully -<br />

furnished by the NHBRC as part of its social transformation programme.<br />

The old mud house was not in a suitable condition for any human<br />

habitation. Ms Bruntjies was tearful and happy when she received a key<br />

to her new home.” I have been waiting for this day for a long time but<br />

never lost hope. I want to thank government for this beautiful house and I<br />

could now live a dignified life,” she said.<br />

Ms Elsie Bruntjies receives keys to her home<br />

National Homebuilders<br />

Registration Council<br />

27 Leeuwkop Road Sunninghill<br />

2191<br />

[www.nhbrc.org.za]<br />

[thenhbrc@nhbrc.org.za]<br />


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