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The AVG antivirus is one of its kind in safeguarding your devices. Web

content that may be potentially harmful to your PC or other devices.

While browsing, shopping online or working online, one needs to

ensure that their data is protected. An antivirus is the best solution

one can find.

AVG Internet Security Support lets the user feel secure when

connected to any network. The antivirus is available as free and paid

versions. It is designed to be compatible with all platforms. Therefore,

you can use it to protect your PC, laptop, or mobile phone running on

Windows, Mac, Android or iOS.

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Toll Free Number



How to Disable AVG Antivirus Temporarily?

AVG Customer Service Number

Anti-Virus Guard more commonly known as AVG Anti-Virus developed by

AVG Technologies. AVG Technologies is a subsidiary of Avast Software and it

can run on Windows, Android and mac OS.

To disable AVG antivirus protection, user should right click on the AVG icon in

the system tray which is next to the clock where you can find the options to

enable / disable AVG components. Click Temporarily disable AVG protection

where you need to enter how long you want the AVG Online Protection

Feature to be disabled and to disable the firewall as well, once you choose your

options then click OK.

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Avg Antivirus Support Phone Number +44-203-880-7918


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