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2019<br />


The <strong>FCMA</strong> Excellence Awards are presented to outstanding employees and<br />

companies in the Northeast Florida manufacturing industry.<br />

The outstanding employee award is to honor the contributions made by<br />

employees to the betterment of the workplace and Florida’s First Coast<br />

community. In addition, <strong>FCMA</strong> annually recognizes outstanding companies<br />

for contributions to the goal of manufacturing excellence.<br />



Sunday, October 20, 2019 T2<br />

2019 <strong>FCMA</strong> EXCELLENCE AWARDS<br />

From the President<br />

Excellence in Manufacturing on the First Coast<br />

of Florida is celebrated annually to recognize the<br />

outstanding employees of our companies. These<br />

individuals and teams represent the top workers<br />

who make a difference by work effort and resourceful<br />

thinking to create best practices and products.<br />

Northeast Florida is home to over 40,000 manufacturers<br />

workers. The impact of this force represents<br />

about 15 percent of the region’s GDP.<br />

The First Coast Manufacturers Association is<br />

pleased to recognize these dedicated workers and<br />

congratulates them on a job well done. As we celebrate<br />

their work, we hope that families, friends and our<br />

communities will extend their congratulations as well.<br />

We are also pleased to recognize our outstanding<br />

performing manufacturing companies as top performers.<br />

Several of the products made on the First<br />

Coast are exported worldwide and make a difference<br />

in improving the quality of life for many people.<br />

Join with us in congratulating these fine companies<br />

and the workers that make these companies great.<br />

Lake Ray<br />

President<br />

2019 <strong>FCMA</strong> BOARD OF DIRECTORS<br />

Auld & White Constructors................................................................................. Steve Auld<br />

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies.....................................................................Pat Cusick<br />

Dupuy-Silo Facility LLC...........................................................................................John Butz<br />

Florida Power & Light.............................................................................................. Jim Bush<br />

Johnson & Johnson Vision ............................................................................. Les Rodriguez<br />

Johnson Controls, Inc.................................................................................... James O’Berry<br />

Krystal Klean.................................................................................................... Tony Morgan<br />

Miller Electric Company................................................................................. Mike Brannen<br />

Nu-Trend Plastics................................................................................................ Kelly Wood<br />

Polyhistor International............................................................................ Peter Schonning<br />

Proforma Northpoint.......................................................................................... Blair Wygle<br />

Progressive Power Products..............................................................................Larry Kates<br />

Rulon International.............................................................................................Brian Tuttle<br />

Saft America, Inc..............................................................................................Jody Beasley<br />

Smith Gambrell & Russell................................................................................. Patricia Hill<br />

Vac-Con, Inc................................................................................................... Darrell LeSage<br />

Vak Pak...................................................................................................... David Sutherland<br />

2019 TRI CHAIRS<br />

Rob Caldwell……………………….....................................................................…..Vac-Con, Inc.<br />

Trent Schmidgall…………………………...........................Carlisle Interconnect Technologies<br />

Kelly Wood…………….........................……………................................……… Nu-Trend Plastics<br />

Darrell LeSage (on truck) and Vac-Con employees celebrate in 2017 the company’s<br />

8,000th truck built at the company’s Green Cove Springs plant.<br />

Vac-Con’s Darrell LeSage<br />

receives President’s Award<br />

<strong>FCMA</strong>’s outstanding individual<br />

award is the President’s Award. The<br />

award is given to recognize careerlong<br />

achievement and contribution<br />

in manufacturing.<br />

This year, we are pleased to recognize<br />

Darrell LeSage, a founder<br />

and CEO of Vac-Con. He located a<br />

newly forming business to develop<br />

a vacuum truck for cleaning sewer<br />

lines in Green Cove Springs in 1986.<br />

The first year, two newly designed<br />

trucks rolled out of the plant and the<br />

business was off and running.<br />

Today, Darrell is recognized by<br />

many in the industry as the patriarch<br />

of modern vacuum sewer cleaning<br />

industry. Over the years, he<br />

has grown the business to over 300<br />

employees. manufacturing one truck<br />

a day. Many have spotted the red<br />

Vac-Con truck in our area or elsewhere<br />

around the world.<br />

Darrell continues to improve the<br />

lives of his workers in caring about<br />

them and helping them succeed with<br />

a terrific career in manufacturing.<br />

With over 40 years in manufacturing,<br />

Darrell represents the<br />

entrepreneur spirit, ingenuity and<br />

drive to make a difference at work<br />

and in our community.<br />

Join with us in celebrating<br />

Darrell’s great honorable career<br />

as our 2019 President’s Award<br />

recipient.<br />

<strong>FCMA</strong> President<br />

Lake Ray and<br />

Manager<br />

of Business<br />

Development Clay<br />

Yarborough present<br />

Vac-Con President<br />

Darrell LeSage<br />

the President’s<br />

Award during the<br />

Excellence Awards<br />

banquet, held<br />

Sept. 27 at UNF’s<br />

Adam W. Herbert<br />

University Center.

The History of the <strong>FCMA</strong><br />

During the mid-1980s, many<br />

issues demonstrating the need for<br />

a unified voice by manufacturers<br />

surfaced. An organizational meeting<br />

was held in late 1988 to explore<br />

creation of an organization focused<br />

specifically on issues affecting manufacturing.<br />

Our primary objective<br />

is to promote community awareness<br />

of manufacturing’s role in our<br />

economy and to thereby create a<br />

promanufacturing attitude in the<br />

First Coast community.<br />

The 11 founding members were<br />

Anheuser-Busch, Inc., CSX<br />

Transportation, Jacksonville<br />

Port Authority, Jefferson Smurfit<br />

Corporation, Swisher International,<br />

Maxwell House Coffee Company,<br />

Reichhold Chemicals, Inc., Rex<br />

Packaging, Inc., Glidco/Millennium<br />

Specialty Chemicals, Inc. (Symrise),<br />

Smurfit-Stone Container<br />

Corporation (WestRock), and Union<br />

Camp/Bush Boake Allen, Inc. (IFF).<br />

<strong>FCMA</strong>’s current membership<br />

includes nearly 250 outstanding<br />

manufacturing and related companies<br />

in the First Coast. Our vision is<br />

to be the center of manufacturing<br />

excellence and growth in Northeast<br />

Florida. Our mission is to be a<br />

member supported association providing<br />

a united voice to government<br />

and pathways to member success<br />

through our pillars: advocacy, education,<br />

workforce development, and<br />

business-to-business relationships.<br />

<strong>FCMA</strong>’s accomplishments are<br />

significant and its contributions<br />

have gained recognition and acceptance<br />

in the community. We are a<br />

strong voice at local and state levels.<br />

Through interactive partnerships<br />

and involvement in community<br />

affairs, we will continue to gain<br />

insight and bring valuable information,<br />

resources, and opportunities<br />

to the residents of Florida’s First<br />

Coast.<br />

2019 <strong>FCMA</strong> EXCELLENCE AWARDS<br />

23rd Annual Awards<br />


Employee Excellence Awards, previously<br />

Crane Awards, are presented to outstanding<br />

employees of <strong>FCMA</strong> member firms<br />

based upon criteria established by the<br />

company. The award is to honor the<br />

contributions made by our employees to<br />

the betterment of our workplaces and<br />

Florida’s First Coast community.<br />


Since 1992, we have annually recognized<br />

outstanding companies for contributions<br />

to the goal of manufacturing excellence<br />

or to meeting specific objectives of <strong>FCMA</strong>.<br />

In addition, the Board of Directors may<br />

offer specific recognition to companies<br />

who make significant contributions to the<br />

betterment of our community. This year,<br />

we would like to honor all of our members<br />

for their outstanding work that they do<br />

every day. Thank you to all the companies<br />

who submitted for the company awards.<br />

T3 Sunday, October 20, 2019

Sunday, October 20, 2019 T4<br />

2019 <strong>FCMA</strong> EXCELLENCE AWARDS<br />

Company Excellence Awards<br />



In 1987, Johnson & Johnson Vision, Inc. introduced the world’s first mass-marketed disposable<br />

soft contact lens under the ACUVUE Brand name manufactured at its global<br />

headquarters in Jacksonville. Johnson & Johnson is high-volume contact lens manufacturing<br />

site, which focuses on precision injection molding, automation, robotics and optical tooling<br />

fabrication. The company serves a global marketplace with more than 4,000 team members<br />

in 52 countries worldwide; more than 2,200 employees in Jacksonville; and produces<br />

more than 4 billion contact lenses per year while ensuring to commitment to quality and<br />

its customers. As it continues to develop and launch new products, Johnson & Johnson’s<br />

production provides direct financial gain to its employees and the community in wages,<br />

benefits, and charitable contributions to many worthy organizations. Through this growth,<br />

Johnson & Johnson is in the process of hiring over 50-plus employees into the manufacturing<br />

area with expertise in engineering, manufacturing/production and quality.<br />

Vac-Con, Inc. has been a principal manufacturing enterprise on the First Coast for more<br />

than 33 years. In 1986, the formation of Vac-Con was a business strategy to support the continuity<br />

of its original parent company, Dunbar Kapple, after the 1980s’ grain embargo. Today,<br />

Vac-Con is a leading manufacturer of industrial vacuum sewer cleaners and hydro-excavation<br />

machines for municipal, private, and federal markets. The same innovation-driven<br />

mentality is instilled in the culture of Vac-Con, propelling it to be one of the top businesses<br />

and employers in Clay County and on the First Coast. Vac-Con is named Manufacturer of the<br />

year for its commitment to improving the economy, for its protecting the environment, the<br />

commitment to educating its workforce and for its commitment to <strong>FCMA</strong>.<br />


AWARD: JEA<br />

As the regional water supplier<br />

for the Jacksonville<br />

area, JEA provides 120<br />

million gallons per day<br />

(mgd) of potable water to<br />

meet customer’s needs.<br />

Currently, all of the water<br />

supply is from the aquifer,<br />

which is a finite resource.<br />

As our community continues<br />

to grow, additional<br />

water will be needed. In<br />

planning for future water demands, JEA proactively began an investigation into alternative<br />

sources of water supply. One innovative initiative is water purification. From 2017 to 2019,<br />

JEA tested two industry-leading technologies at two different water reclamation facilities to<br />

determine the feasibility of water purification as an alternative water supply. The testing results<br />

determined that it is cost-effective compared to other alternative water supplies available, technically<br />

feasible at continually protecting public health, and protects the water resources of the<br />

region by provide a long-term, drought-proof water supply for future generations. As a result,<br />

JEA is proceeding with demonstration and implementation. This step includes an initial 1 mgdcapacity<br />

facility fully expandable to 10 mgd to further demonstrate the technology, optimize<br />

performance and engage the public in the benefits of water purification. By doing this, JEA is<br />

leading the state and region in the application of potable reuse.

2019 <strong>FCMA</strong> EXCELLENCE AWARDS<br />

2019 Employee Excellence Award Recipients<br />


Johnathan Marshall<br />



Roy “Gris” Grizwold and Kenny Walters<br />



Kaizen Team Braidy Bunch: Donna<br />

Fahrney, Johnathon Jankowski, Donnie<br />

McClain, Wendy Puckett, Jeff Santos,<br />

Erica Urbanczky and Jim Wynn<br />


Tim Bellamy<br />

AngelSoft Converting Team: Michael<br />

Belcher, Morris Jeffers, Kyle Nail,<br />

Nathaniel Perry, Chase Richardson, Will<br />

Sullivan and Shawn Williams<br />

Boiler Maintenance Team: Daniel<br />

Fisher and Randall Sanchez<br />

GP Lighthouse Project Team: Jill Daily,<br />

Grace Gomez, Stuart Jergensen and Ryan<br />

Williams<br />

GP Robotics Team Mentors: Shawn<br />

Barnard, Justin Byrd, Grace Gomez,<br />

Chris-Annie Joseph, Rob Knutsen, Carl<br />

Rush and Bridgette Wagner<br />

Kraft Papermaking Water Conservation<br />

Team: Bob Blankenship, Matthew Branch,<br />

Jonathan Henley and William (Bill)<br />

Murray<br />

Maintenance Safety Committee:<br />

Rodney Carnes and Kyle Gaylord<br />


Supply Chain Core Team: Mark<br />

Blayney, Eric Convenido, Richard<br />

Fiacable, Shawn Hardy , Joseph Ricard,<br />

Sasha Sierra, Joshua Wartzok and Donald<br />

Welch<br />


Janna Donofrio and Steve Hollis<br />

EMG COS Team: Babak Akbarian,<br />

Brent Cary, Joseph Derome, Dave Errico,<br />

Rene Halili, Grecia Laboy, Jim Polk, Cole<br />

Rittenhouse and Sameer Shums<br />

EMG 1st Shift: Aldrin Benitez, Nathacha<br />

Berens, Annie Downey, Yoni Fisher, Linda<br />

Hak, Saron Kim, Onell Layola, Erlinda<br />

Macarthur, Vilma Robinson, Angie Silva,<br />

Lyndale Smith, Chetra Thiounn, Angela<br />

Thomas and Roberta Wilson<br />

EMG 2nd Shift: Sam Hev, Eli Matos,<br />

Vanna Nhem, Julianne Palomo, Michael<br />

Piedad, Emelie Reodica and Isabelo<br />

Tosoc<br />

Machine Guarding Team: Kevin<br />

Anderson, T.J. Barner, Jesus Caracoza,<br />

Paul Dejno, Ryan Dugan, Grecia Laboy,<br />

Chuck Peterson and Kyle Smith<br />




Megan Bockmeyer and Stephen<br />

Williams<br />


Tiffany Hall<br />


Barry Ekstrom<br />

VAC-CON, INC.<br />

Chris Ford, Brian Guidi and Marco Paul<br />

T5 Sunday, October 20, 2019

Sunday, October 20, 2019 T6<br />

2019 <strong>FCMA</strong> EXCELLENCE AWARDS<br />

Meet the Employee Excellence Award Winners<br />

AULD & WHITE<br />


Auld & White Constructors provides<br />

a variety of design-build,<br />

construction management, and<br />

general contracting services for<br />

the new construction and renovation<br />

of commercial, healthcare<br />

and public facilities throughout<br />

Northeast Florida.<br />

Johnathan<br />

Marshall<br />

Auld & White<br />

Constructors<br />

Roy Griswold<br />

BAE Systems<br />

Southeast<br />

Shipyards<br />

Kenny Walters<br />

BAE Systems<br />

Southeast<br />

Shipyards<br />

Tim Bellamy<br />

Georgia-Pacific<br />

Johnathan Marshall<br />

Johnathan is excelling as an<br />

Apprentice, both in the classroom<br />

and on the jobsite. His co-workers<br />

describe him as dependable, safe,<br />

productive and well-rounded.<br />

Johnathan is mindful of the client<br />

and works to build a trusting relationship<br />

throughout the project.<br />



BAE is part of the BAE Systems<br />

Ship Repair sector and is a leading<br />

U.S. non-nuclear ship repair,<br />

modernization and conversion<br />

company strategically located<br />

near Naval Station Mayport and<br />

East Coast shipping lanes. They<br />

are a full-service facility that<br />

provides ship repair and new<br />

construction services to U.S.<br />

government-owned vessels, commercial<br />

vessels and mega-yachts.<br />

While having state-of-the-art<br />

capabilities, it is the skill,<br />

experience and dedication of its<br />

exceptional employees providing<br />

unparalleled service that<br />

establishes them as a world class<br />

shipyard.<br />

Roy "Gris" Grizwold<br />

Gris is a recognized motivator,<br />

mentor, and gentleman. Each<br />

day, he demonstrates through his<br />

leadership the traits associated<br />

with operational and professional<br />

excellence. Along with his wife,<br />

Josefina, they raised their six<br />

children on the First Coast. Gris’<br />

entire professional life has been<br />

serving his country by maintaining<br />

and repairing the Navy’s<br />

warships.<br />


Kaizen Team Brady Bunch: Donna Fahrney,<br />

Johnathon Jankowski, Donnie McClain, Wendy<br />

Puckett, Jeff Santos, Erica Urbanczky and Jim<br />

Wynn (pictured in no particular order)<br />

Kenny Walters<br />

Kenny’s ability to handle complex<br />

repairs on multiple shipboard systems,<br />

combined with his extensive<br />

mechanical knowledge and skills,<br />

are the hallmarks of a true professional.<br />

His leadership in areas of<br />

workplace and job safety and his<br />

dedicated focus on mentoring<br />

his workforce and demonstrate<br />

his integrity and his personal<br />

leadership.<br />



Carlisle Interconnect Technologies<br />

is a wire and cable manufacturing<br />

facility serving the Aerospace<br />

industry, Medical Equipment suppliers,<br />

and Test and Measurement<br />

markets. But CIT doesn’t just<br />

manufacture interconnect components,<br />

it makes the critical<br />

connections that allow surgeons<br />

to save lives, commercial pilots to<br />

deliver families safely to their destination,<br />

and enable fighter pilots<br />

to maneuver at twice the speed<br />

of sound. CIT makes the amazing<br />

possible by making critical<br />

connections when performance<br />

matters.<br />

Kaizen Team Braidy Bunch<br />

Donna Fahrney, Johnathon<br />

Jankowski, Donnie McClain,<br />

Wendy Puckett, Jeff Santos, Erica<br />

Urbanczky and Jim Wynn<br />

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies<br />

St. Augustine held a Shopfloor<br />

Kaizen Breakthrough to improve<br />


Angel Soft Converting Team: Morris Jeffers, Michael Belcher, Kyle Nail,<br />

Nathaniel Perry, Shawn Williams, Chase Richardson and Will Sullivan<br />

(pictured in no particular order; Will Sullivan is not in photo)<br />

its current process for our braid<br />

operation. This particular operation<br />

costs the company about<br />

$150K year over year in scrap<br />

and this amazing team was<br />

able to implement changes that<br />

will potentially cut this cost<br />

in half. Future state includes<br />

robust Standard Work and<br />

Troubleshooting guide, with highlighted<br />

steps for easier training of<br />

new and current manufacturing<br />

associates. The team has also<br />

revised their internal training process<br />

to ensure all aspects of the<br />

braid operation is being covered<br />

going forward.<br />



Georgia-Pacific is one of the world's<br />

leading makers of tissue, pulp,<br />

paper, packaging, building products<br />

and related chemicals. Our products<br />

are part of everyday life. While<br />

they fill a diverse range of home,<br />

commercial and industrial needs,<br />

they have one thing in common:<br />

they're all made to high standards<br />

of quality and safety. Our Palatka<br />

Operations includes nearly 1,000<br />

team members committed to quality<br />

and safety every day.<br />

Tim Bellamy<br />

As a recovery process operator<br />

for GP Palatka, Tim has continuously<br />

demonstrated our Guiding<br />

Principles in helping our campus<br />

transform to new technology<br />

and processes. Recently, Tim<br />

embraced an opportunity to<br />

help our entire company demonstrate<br />

technological capability to<br />

improve our remote operations<br />

capability. Tim spent two weeks<br />

near our company headquarters<br />

in Atlanta learning the use of<br />

advanced monitoring equipment<br />

that optimizes our processes at<br />

the mill and beyond.<br />

Angel Soft<br />

Converting Team<br />

Morris Jeffers, Michael Belcher,<br />

Kyle Nail, Nathaniel Perry, Shawn<br />

Williams, Chase Richardson and<br />

Will Sullivan<br />

Beginning April 2018, Angel Soft set<br />

out on a learning adventure in prep<br />

for starting up a major investment<br />

in the Palatka facility. The project<br />

involved installing three manufacturing<br />

lines of new technology and<br />

capability. The team rose to the<br />

challenge to safely and successfully<br />

start the converting machines<br />

Continued on Page 7

a transformation to become<br />

technicians and master technicians,<br />

where flow to the work<br />

and autonomous maintenance<br />

become an everyday part of life.<br />

The entire 50-employee department<br />

embraced this challenge and<br />

the constant learning environment<br />

in which development of on-shift<br />

capability became a main focus of<br />

the team.<br />

2019 <strong>FCMA</strong> EXCELLENCE AWARDS<br />

T7 Sunday, October 20, 2019<br />


Kraft Papermaking Water<br />

Conservation Team: Jonathan<br />

Henley, Bob Blankenship, Matthew<br />

Branch and William (Bill) Murray<br />

(pictured in no particular order)<br />

Continued from Page 6<br />

to support the business while<br />

transforming how we achieve success.<br />

A concerted effort involved<br />

the team’s opportunity to help<br />

establish operational standards<br />

for the entire facility. During this<br />

process, operators went through<br />

Kraft Papermaking Water<br />

Conservation Team<br />

Jonathan Henley, Bob<br />

Blankenship, Matthew Branch and<br />

William (Bill) Murray<br />

Jon Henley led GP Palatka’s<br />

Kraft team in an effort to reduce<br />

water consumption — part of<br />

GP’s continuing commitment to<br />

environmental stewardship. Jon<br />

sponsored a Mill Improvement<br />

Process team that spearheaded<br />

a reduction of the Kraft<br />

Department’s water over a<br />

10-week time period. The team’s<br />

efforts helped reduce our hourly<br />


GP Robotics Mentorship Team: Shawn<br />

Barnard, Justin Byrd, Grace Gomez,<br />

Chris-Annie Joseph, Rob Knutsen, Carl<br />

Rush and Bridgette Wagner (pictured<br />

in no particular order)<br />

water usage by 40% — which<br />

equates to a truly sustaining<br />

improvement. This team’s effort<br />

fully demonstrates our company’s<br />

principle of mutual benefit by<br />

supporting not only our mill but<br />

helping our society through environmental<br />

sustainability.<br />

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Sunday, October 20, 2019 T8<br />

2019 <strong>FCMA</strong> EXCELLENCE AWARDS<br />

Scenes from the 23rd Excellence Awards Banquet<br />

ABOVE: <strong>FCMA</strong> President<br />

Lake Ray greets guests at<br />

the 23rd annual Excellence<br />

Awards banquet, held<br />

Sept. 27 at UNF’s Adam W.<br />

Herbert University Center.<br />

Some 91 employees from<br />

10 companies were recognized<br />

for outstanding work<br />

performance.<br />

<strong>FCMA</strong> Tri Chairs had the pleasure of presenting the Employee Excellence Award on stage<br />

to honored employees, including these members of the Kaizen Team Braidy Bunch from<br />

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies, a Gold sponsor.<br />

RIGHT: Four members of<br />

UNF’s Army ROTC unit<br />

approach the front of the<br />

room to retire the colors.<br />

Several members of Johnson & Johnson Vision, a Platium sponsor, enjoy dinner.<br />

Georgia-Pacific, a Platinum sponsor, was well represented at the <strong>FCMA</strong> Excellence<br />

Awards banquet, including guests at this table.<br />

<strong>FCMA</strong> President<br />

Lake Ray (right)<br />

welcomes Trent<br />

Schmidgall,<br />

Tri Chair<br />

from Carlisle<br />

Interconnect<br />

Technologies,<br />

whose message<br />

to the audience<br />

was on the<br />

importance of<br />

excellence in<br />

the workplace<br />

on the First<br />


2019 <strong>FCMA</strong> EXCELLENCE AWARDS<br />

T9 Sunday, October 20, 2019<br />

ABOVE: Honored Medtronic employees enjoy getting together for a post-dinner photo.<br />

Medronic was a Bronze sponsor.<br />

TOP LEFT: Times-Union Media’s Barry Ekstrom enjoys the banquet with wife Sam. The<br />

Times-Union was an Event Partner.<br />

LEFT: Representatives and honored employees from BAE Systems Southeast Shipyards<br />

are recognized as a Gold sponsor of the banquet.<br />

ABOVE: It’s a fun evening for Vac-Con employees, honorees and guests at the banquet.<br />

Vac-Con was a Gold sponsor.<br />

LEFT: These guests enjoy dinner with representatives of JEA, a Silver sponsor.<br />

Arlington Flower Shop sponsored the banquet’s centerpieces.

Sunday, October 20, 2019 T10<br />

2019 <strong>FCMA</strong> EXCELLENCE AWARDS<br />

Guests who served in the military stand up and get recognized for their service.<br />

ABOVE: <strong>FCMA</strong> President Lake Ray and Tri Chairs<br />

Kelly Wood, NuTrend; Trent Schmidgall, Carlisle<br />

Interconnect Technologies; Rob Caldwell, Vac-Con;<br />

and Abe Alangadan, Johnson & Johnson Vision =<br />

Leadership in <strong>FCMA</strong>.<br />

LEFT: Former Terry Parker High Schoiol classmates<br />

Barry Ekstrom of Times-Union Media and <strong>FCMA</strong><br />

President Lake Ray share a laugh as they meet for<br />

the first time after many years.<br />

FAR LEFT: Managing Editor of Specialty Audience Joe<br />

DeSalvo gets together for a photo with the <strong>FCMA</strong>’s<br />

Amanda Starling (left) and Maria Corby. The Times-Union<br />

has been an Event Partner of the banquet for 10 years.<br />

ABOVE: Brian Guidi of Vac-Con is appreciative of<br />

being recognized as he comes up to the stage for his<br />

Excellence Award.<br />

LEFT: Specially designed <strong>FCMA</strong> Excellence Awards are<br />

showcased on stage.

Maintenance Safety Committee<br />

Kyle Gaylord and Rodney Carnes<br />

Kyle Gaylord and Rodney Carnes serve<br />

as safety committee co-facilitators for<br />

the GP Palatka Maintenance Team. This<br />

year, Rodney and Kyle volunteered to<br />

facilitate and establish on-shift ownership<br />

of our department safety performance<br />

and advancement. Under their leadership<br />

as Maintenance Safety Committee<br />

Co-facilitators, our safety participation<br />

rate was 90% for July and 98% for<br />

year-to-date.<br />

2019 <strong>FCMA</strong> EXCELLENCE AWARDS<br />


Johnson & Johnson Vision, Inc., also known<br />

as VISTAKON, introduced the world’s<br />

first mass-marketed disposable contact<br />

lens under the ACUVUE brand name in<br />

1987. Johnson & Johnson Vision now<br />

employs over 1,900 people and exports to<br />

Europe, Japan, and the Pacific Rim. The<br />

Jacksonville site houses global headquarters,<br />

the research and development facility,<br />

a distribution facility, and a state-of-the-art<br />

manufacturing plant.<br />

T11 Sunday, October 20, 2019<br />


Boiler Maintenance Team: Randall<br />

Sanchez and Daniel Fisher<br />

Continued from Page 7<br />

GP Robotics<br />

Mentorship Team<br />

Shawn Barnard, Justin Byrd, Grace Gomez,<br />

Chris-Annie Joseph, Rob Knutsen, Carl Rush<br />

and Bridgette Wagner<br />

The GP Robotics Mentorship Team provided<br />

mentorship to area high school students<br />

participating in after-school robotics competition<br />

programs. The group mentored three<br />

teams of students: the Palatka High School<br />

Robo-Panthers, Interlachen High School<br />

Ram Automa and the Palatka Girl Scouts<br />

team. Additionally, the Mentorship Team<br />

helped host the very first robotics competition<br />

in Putnam County. The team’s work and<br />

guidance help prepare the students for the<br />

work force of tomorrow by providing them<br />


Maintenance Safety<br />

Committee: Kyle<br />

Gaylord (right) and<br />

Rodney Carnes<br />

valuable hands-on knowledge and skills<br />

needed for careers in Science, Technology,<br />

Engineering, and Mathematics.<br />

Boiler Maintenance Team<br />

Randall Sanchez and Daniel Fisher<br />

Randall and Daniel developed a repair procedure<br />

to correct a recurring problem with<br />

boiler leaks that would routinely cause the<br />

need to shut down the mill. Previous repairs<br />

were unsuccessful. Randall and Daniel combined<br />

their welding inspection knowledge<br />

and skill to develop a new method, which<br />

has proven to be effective in eliminating the<br />

facility’s top downtime cause. Since implementation,<br />

the boiler has operated reliably<br />

with no leaks and created significant savings<br />

for the mill from reduced downtime.<br />

GP Lighthouse Project Team<br />

Stuart Jergensen, Ryan Williams,<br />

Grace Gomez and Jill Daily<br />

Stuart, Ryan, Grace and Jill spearheaded<br />

a special project during an eight-week<br />

period this past summer. Their leadership,<br />

knowledge and collaboration came<br />

together to help our mill identify and<br />

execute performance improvement<br />

opportunities. This leadership team led<br />

significant and rapid operating improvements<br />

during the period — and helped<br />

demonstrate our strength and capability<br />

as we focus on continual transformation.<br />

Supply Chain Core Team<br />

Mark Blayney, Eric Convenido,<br />

Richard Fiacable, Shawn Hardy,<br />

Joseph Ricard, Sasha Sierra, Joshua<br />

Wartzok and Donald Welch<br />

The Supply Chain core team is responsible<br />

for delivering new manufacturing<br />

capacities of the ACUVUE OASYS 1-Day<br />

for ASTIGMATISM Brand. The JJV team<br />

has executed significant line improvements<br />

in 2019, which drove both capacity<br />

and capability improvements to the product<br />

and enabled the brand to meet the<br />

Continued on Page 12<br />


GP Lighthouse Project Team: Stuart Jergensen, Ryan Williams, Grace Gomez and Jill Daily

Sunday, October 20, 2019 T12<br />

2019 <strong>FCMA</strong> EXCELLENCE AWARDS<br />


Supply Chain Core Team: Mark Blayney, Eric Convenido, Richard<br />

Fiacable, Shawn Hardy, Joseph Ricard, Sasha Sierra, Joshua Wartzok<br />

and Donald Welch (pictured in no particular order)<br />

Janna Donofrio<br />

Medtronic<br />

Continued from Page 11<br />

growing demand for this brand. These<br />

line improvements included substantial<br />

hardware, software, process upgrades, and<br />

innovative solutions with completions on<br />

schedule and full quality and safety standards<br />

in place.<br />


Steven Hollis<br />

Medtronic<br />

The Medtronic Restorative Therapies Group<br />

develops products and procedural solutions<br />

for neurosurgery, spinal & orthopedic<br />

surgery, as well as ENT. This includes<br />

solutions for the diagnosis and treatment<br />

of chronic diseases and disorders of the<br />

ear, nose, and throat; surgical devices and<br />

implantable products for the treatment of<br />

cranial, spinal and specialty small- bone<br />

conditions; and advanced navigation and<br />

imaging solutions used in operating rooms.<br />

Janna Donofrio: Janna has outstanding<br />

individual contributions in her short period<br />

of time in Operations Quality. As a site<br />

lead and representative on a high-visibility<br />

division-level project that required among<br />

other things: rigorous thinking, demanding<br />

timelines, understanding of quality requirements<br />

and co-leading kaizens and events,<br />

Janna has surpassed all expectations of<br />

Senior Management on this project.<br />

Steven Hollis: Steven of the Facilities<br />

Department facilitated the project<br />

management of the Fall Protection<br />

Improvement for the Jacksonville Facility.<br />

An EHS assessment and audit identified<br />

gaps with the site’s walking/working surface<br />

and fall protection program for three<br />

buildings. Steven worked closely with the<br />

contractor & subcontractors to lead and<br />

execute the fall protection improvement<br />

project.<br />

Continued on Page 13<br />


EMG COS Team: Babak Akbarian, Brent<br />

Cary, Joseph Derome, Dave Errico,<br />

Rene Halili, Grecia Laboy, Jim Polk,<br />

Cole Rittenhouse and Sameer Shums<br />

(pictured in no particular order)

2019 <strong>FCMA</strong> EXCELLENCE AWARDS<br />

T13 Sunday, October 20, 2019<br />


EMG 1st Shift: Aldrin Benitez, Nathacha Berens, Annie Downey, Yoni<br />

Fisher, Linda Hak, Saron Kim, Onell Layola, Erlinda Macarthur, Vilma<br />

Robinson, Angie Silva, Lyndale Smith, Chetra Thiounn, Angela Thomas<br />

and Roberta Wilson (pictured in no particular order)<br />


Machine Guarding Team: Kevin Anderson, T.J. Barner, Jesus<br />

Caracoza, Paul Dejno, Ryan Dugan, Grecia Laboy, Chuck Peterson<br />

and Kyle Smith (pictured in no particular order)<br />

As part of the Jacksonville site’s efforts to<br />

manage production capacity and mature<br />

manufacturing lines, specific focus was<br />

applied to the EMG Standard and Contact<br />

Assembly Process. The line has undergone<br />

prior COS conversions and this latest<br />

instance is a reflection of our investment in<br />

continuous improvement. Over the course<br />

of five months, we had tremendous team<br />

support that included Manufacturing,<br />

Continued on Page 14<br />


EMG 2nd Shift: Sam Hev, Eli Matos, Vanna Nhem,<br />

Julianne Palomo, Michael Piedad, Emelie Reodica and Isabelo Tosoc<br />

(pictured in no particular; Julianne Palomo is not in photo)<br />

Continued from Page 12<br />

EMG COS Team<br />

Babak Akbarian, Brent Cary, Joseph<br />

Derome, Dave Errico, Rene Halili, Grecia<br />

Laboy, Jim Polk, Cole Rittenhouse and<br />

Sameer Shums<br />

EMG 1st Shift<br />

Aldrin Benitez, Nathacha Berens, Annie<br />

Downey, Yoni Fisher, Linda Hak, Saron Kim,<br />

Onell Layola, Erlinda Macarthur, Vilma<br />

Robinson, Angie Silva, Lyndale Smith,<br />

Chetra Thiounn, Angela Thomas and<br />

Roberta Wilson<br />

EMG 2nd Shift<br />

Sam Hev, Eli Matos, Vanna Nhem,<br />

Julianne Palomo, Michael Piedad,<br />

Emelie Reodica and Isabelo Tosoc

Sunday, October 20, 2019 T14<br />

2019 <strong>FCMA</strong> EXCELLENCE AWARDS<br />

Continued from Page 13<br />

Quality and Manufacturing Engineering, Released Product<br />

Management, Quality Assurance Services, Purchasing<br />

and Operational Excellence. Major outcomes include<br />

output increasing from 600 units per day to 750 per shift<br />

while yield for the line remains unchanged at 94%. We<br />

addressed four of 12 Phase 1 and two of six first-time<br />

quality risks; additional risk mitigation is underway with<br />

improvements to leak testing.<br />

Machine Guarding Team<br />

Kevin Anderson, T.J. Barner, Jesus Caracoza, Paul Dejno,<br />

Ryan Dugan, Grecia Laboy, Chuck Peterson and Kyle Smith<br />

The Equipment Support and Engineering team worked for<br />

over eight months to improve machine guarding for the<br />

site which consisted of individual projects within various<br />

departments. Their work included machine guarding for<br />

two machines in molding, five machines in micro-machine,<br />

all onsite Zebra printers and Urania sealers, and all production<br />

hi-pot testers.<br />



Water Recovery (WRI), a proud member of the Moran<br />

“family of companies,” operates an Environmental<br />

Stewardship Award Winning, Industrial Wastewater<br />

Treatment Plant. WRI is permitted by JEA as a Centralized<br />

Wastewater Treatment Facility with the capability to<br />

manage the transportation and disposal of non-hazardous<br />

wastewater from a wide array of customers. WRI operates<br />

a Waste to Energy division and is permitted by FDEP as a<br />

Used Oil Recycling Plant.<br />

Megan Bockmeyer<br />

Megan joined the team in 2017 as a laboratory technician<br />

after receiving Bachelor’s degrees in Biomedical<br />

Science and Biology from UCF. From the beginning, she<br />

was recognized by management, teammates and customers<br />

for her consistently high performance and exceptional<br />

commitment to safety, compliance, customer service and<br />

continuous improvement.<br />

Megan<br />

Bockmeyer<br />

Moran<br />

Environmental<br />

Recovery<br />

Tiffany Hall<br />

As a Manufacturing/Production Supervisor, Tiffany has<br />

been with Pine Castle for 18 years. She manages a team of<br />

seven participant-workers in fulfillment and packaging of<br />

the drug-testing device product line, consisting of 70-plus<br />

device configurations. She teaches work and production<br />

skills to empower participants to secure and maintain<br />

community employment.<br />


The Florida Times-Union and St. Augustine Record are<br />

daily newspapers owned by GateHouse Media. Coupled<br />

with the reach of Jacksonville.com and StAugustine.com,<br />

they are the area’s No. 1 source for award-winning journalism,<br />

along with advertising and marketing opportunities in<br />

their core and ancillary publications.<br />

Barry Ekstrom<br />

In his 40-plus years at The Florida Times-Union, Barry<br />

has always had a knack for the technical, and although<br />

he spent most of his career on the production side of<br />

the business, for the last several years he has honed<br />

his tech skills as a desktop support technician in the IT<br />

Department. Barry was instrumental in the Times-Union’s<br />

seamless move from its Riverside Avenue building to its<br />

new offices in the Wells Fargo Center.<br />

VAC-CON, INC.<br />

Stephen<br />

Williams<br />

Moran<br />

Environmental<br />

Recovery<br />

Tiffany Hall<br />

Pine Castle<br />

Barry Ekstrom<br />

Times-Union<br />

Media<br />

Chris Ford<br />

Vac-Con<br />

Brian Guidi<br />

Vac-Con<br />

Marco Paul<br />

Vac-Con<br />

demands on Chris span many disciplines ranging from<br />

CNC milling, lathing, bending, and rolling to automated<br />

laser and plasma metal cutting and robotic welding.<br />

Brian Guidi<br />

Brian began his career at Vac-Con in 2011 as a Material<br />

Handler in the Inventory Control Department. Over the<br />

past eight years, Brian has been instrumental in the<br />

continuous improvement and overall evolution of the<br />

Inventory Control Department. Brian has played an integral<br />

role in updating work orders, ensuring that the correct<br />

material is delivered on time, accurate, and complete.<br />

Marco Paul<br />

Marco began his career at Vac-Con in July of 2015 as<br />

an Electrical Engineer. Over the past four years, Marco<br />

has been instrumental in establishing design standards,<br />

creating standard work documentation, and performing<br />

production troubleshooting. In 2018, Marco was promoted<br />

to Lead Programmer where the combination of his drive,<br />

dedication, and capabilities have propelled him to be an<br />

integral member of our engineering department.<br />

Stephen Williams<br />

Steve joined WRI in 2015 as a Class A CDL tanker driver.<br />

He continually and consistently demonstrates a “Can Do”<br />

attitude often going above and beyond to help out a teammate<br />

or a customer, even if it means coming in outside of<br />

his scheduled shift at odd hours. His loyalty, dedication<br />

and support has been a huge contributor in the success<br />

and continued growth of the transportation department.<br />


Pine Castle, a non-profit agency, serves over 300 adults<br />

with intellectual and developmental differences. They<br />

provide work-skills training, job placement and residential<br />

services.<br />

Vac-Con, Inc. has been a principal manufacturing enterprise<br />

on the First Coast for more than 33 years. In 1986, the formation<br />

of Vac-Con was a business strategy to support the<br />

continuity of its original parent company, Dunbar Kapple,<br />

after the 1980’s grain embargo. Today, Vac-Con is a leading<br />

manufacturer of industrial vacuum sewer cleaners and<br />

hydro-excavation machines for municipal, private, and federal<br />

markets. The same innovation-driven mentality is instilled in<br />

the culture of Vac-Con, propelling it to be one of the top businesses<br />

and employers in Clay County and on the First Coast.<br />

Chris Ford<br />

Chris began his career at Vac-Con in April of 2013 as a<br />

member of the Plant Reliability and Maintenance team. As<br />

a 2nd shift team member, Chris brings a set of strong and<br />

reliable technical abilities to the night crew. The technical

<strong>FCMA</strong> Gives a Special ‘Thank You’<br />

The <strong>FCMA</strong> would like to thank the following volunteers for their<br />

assistance at the 2019 Excellence Awards banquet, held Sept. 27 at<br />

the UNF Adam W. Herbert University Center. From left are Hampton<br />

Ray, Steadfast Solutions; Monica Pritchard, Jo-Kell; Lake Ray IV; Roben<br />

Faircloth, CareerSource; Tom Rice, Rulon International; Laura Caldwell,<br />

Vac-Con; Lisa Crowley, PNC Bank; Sandra Lief and Keith Fairchild,<br />

FairchildHR; Paula DeLuca, FloridaMakes; and Jessica Ray, Steadfast<br />

Solutions. Pictured at right is Robin Davis of Mac Paper Converters.<br />

This <strong>FCMA</strong> Excellence<br />

Awards special section<br />

was produced by<br />

the Florida Times-Union<br />

Specialty Publications<br />

Department. It was coordinated<br />

by Managing Editor<br />

of Specialty Audience Joe<br />

DeSalvo and designed<br />

by the GateHouse Media<br />

Editing and Design<br />

Center. The cover image<br />

was provided by Getty<br />

Images and designed by<br />

Caitlyn Broyles. Times-<br />

Union Account Executive<br />

Savannah Scherff coordinated<br />

advertising support.<br />

2019 <strong>FCMA</strong> EXCELLENCE AWARDS<br />

About This Section<br />

<strong>FCMA</strong> staff: Clay Yarborough, Maria Corby, Amanda<br />

Starling and Lake Ray<br />

Photographs were taken by Laurence Greene of Laurence Greene Photography;<br />

Mark Krancer of Kram Kran Photo; or submitted by participating companies. The<br />

Times-Union would like to thank the <strong>FCMA</strong> staff for their assistance — President<br />

Lake Ray; Director of Member Relations Maria Corby; Director of Public Relations<br />

Amanda Starling; and Manager of Business Development Clay Yarborough.<br />

T15 Sunday, October 20, 2019

Sunday, October 20, 2019 T16

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