Idea Store Children's Offer

Activities for Children in Idea Stores

Activities for Children in Idea Stores


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‘Reading for pleasure

is more important to

a child’s educational

achievement than

their family’s wealth

or social class’

Source: Reading for

change, OECD, 2002

Idea Store

for children

The Idea Store Pledge

All children will sign the Idea Store Pledge when they join:

• I will treat other users with respect and care

• I will walk, not run; I will talk, not shout

• I will look after Idea Store books and computers

• I will bring my books back when I’ve finished them

For the parent:

I will look after my child in the Idea Store and I will

ensure that my child keeps the pledge.

For Idea Stores:

We will provide an enjoying and enriching

experience for children and parents.



We all know

how important

reading is, but

did you know

how important

it is that

children enjoy

their reading?




The 2002 OECD report demonstrated that reading for pleasure at age 11

was the biggest single determinant, taking all other factors into account,

including parental income, in a child’s future success in education.

In Idea Store we love books and stories and are determined that all

children in Tower Hamlets grow up to enjoy reading. That’s not just

because it will bring them success – but because reading is one of

the greatest sources of happiness in life.

So, we’re delighted to introduce our new programme for

children which has reading at its heart.


Every day Monday to Saturday at 10:30am

For babies and children up to 5 years old

Have fun and give your child a head start.

Young children who are read to every day

get on better and do well, in a wide range of

subjects, when they get to school.

Idea Stores

have FREE




My baby and I really like

the children’s section - it’s

great for the babies to


crawl around and discover

new books and meet

other children


the library has been

an amazing help as I am in

temporary accommodation

(bed-sit). My 1 yr. old son has a

great time being able to play

freely and safely. Also it’s such

a help being able to use the

computer for free.


Idea Stores

give your

child a

head start



Take home books to read and get your story time book club card stamped.

When the card is full your child will get a certificate. Collect all eight!

‘Children who are read to

every day at three are likely

to be flourishing in a wide

range of subjects by the age

of five.’ Research from London

University Institute of Education


Every Saturday morning at 11:15am

For dads and children

Many dads never get time to share books with their

children but Saturday mornings in Idea Stores are the

perfect opportunity for this.

Dads are great role models and children who see both

their parents enjoying books are more likely to enjoy

reading themselves

‘The most crucial thing for dads to understand is

that if kids see their dads reading they’re more

likely to enjoy it themselves. There is evidence

that boys are slipping further behind girls in

reading - and this emphasises how important it is

that dads are positive role models to their

sons as well as their daughters when

it comes to reading.’ Booktrust 2012

I am a single father to a

16 month old daughter

with health problems

and developmental delay.

I find the song/story

sessions every morning

a very useful resource

to help socialise her and

particularly the Dads’ club

on Saturday mornings


‘There is ample evidence

that parents who promote

reading as a valuable and

worthwhile activity have

children who are motivated

to read for pleasure’

National Literacy Trust




Every Saturday afternoon at 2:15pm

For everyone

Everyone is welcome at this shared reading group.

This is an opportunity for families to read together

and share stories in a supportive, friendly

environment. You can meet new families and make

new friends. Children need to be of a reading age.

We come every

Saturday and always

have a great time! It’s

such a great activity

for young families.

Please keep doing it!


‘Comparing children with the same family

income, parental characteristics and home

environments, a child taken to the library

on a monthly basis from ages three to

five is two and a half months ahead of an

equivalent child at age five who did not

visit the library so frequently.’ Sutton Trust



Every day Monday to Friday at 3:30pm

For children up to 11

Relax after school with refreshments and a story in Idea Stores.

Close your eyes and get carried away into another world.


Children who choose the books they read usually

read more books and spend more time reading.

Independent reading increases both vocabulary and

reading fluency. Idea Store staff support children

in choosing their own books and give children

strategies for comparing and contrasting books

You’re in charge -

whether you want to

re-read old favourites

or want to try out

something new, you

can choose any book

you like!



Every Monday at 4:00pm

For boys up to 11

A club especially for boys to get

together and share their reading

experiences, explore a range of

reading materials and media, and talk

about anything that interests them.

Snacks and drinks provided.

Look out for quizzes and prizes –

and maybe a penalty shoot out...

Idea Stores have

hundreds of

thousands of books

– and help with

choosing books

Idea Stores are open at

weekends. Idea Stores in

Whitechapel, Bow, Chrisp

Street and Canary Wharf

are open on Sundays



Every Tuesday at 4:00pm

For girls up to 11

This club is especially for girls to get

together to have fun with reading.

Share your favourite reading –

and find out about something new.

Snacks and drinks provided.

Let’s hear it for the girls!

Look out for quizzes and prizes!

The Idea Store provides

1 to 1 reading support.

The ‘Reading Buddy’

scheme brings volunteers

of all ages into Idea Stores

to listen to children reading

- please book a time at any

Idea Store or Library

{code club}

Every Wednesday at 4:00pm

For everyone interested in

computers and what they can do.

Learn how to programme your own

interactive stories, games and animations.

This club gives my

child the opportunity to

enjoy using computers

in a safe environment

with their friends




Every Thursday at 4:00pm

For over 12s only

Create your own space, meet new

people, get skills and inspire others.

Idea Store staff will help you make a

place especially for you.

Teenagers: there are lots of

volunteering opportunities in Idea

Stores. Enhance your CV, meet new

friends and have fun at the same time.

See our website for details (ideastore.



Your Idea Store membership

card gives you access to a wide

range of resources including

encyclopaedias, driving test

simulation, careers advice and

law. The range is greater than at

any school in the borough. You

can use this in store or at home

We really like the

activities the library

puts on like the Art

Club and the Summer

Reading Challenge

Moimin - age 6 ”

The library has lots of good

books to read, lots of computers

to use and the Summer Reading

Challenge to do in the holidays

Islam - age 10 ”

I like coming here because

there are lots of stories and

it’s colourful and everyone is

friendly. My favourite book is

Matilda by Roald Dahl

Tracy - age 8 ”

I like reading books,

especially adventure

books and science.

I would like to know

more facts

Nahom - age 9

The library has

lots of good books

that I love to read

Sumayah - age 5

I like all of the

Horrid Henry Books

Madeline - age 6

Great place for parents

to bring children, for

children to access

books and learn how

to use the computers

Abdul – Dad ”

We love having so

many books to read

and computers to use

Taha - aged 5 and

Enaiya - age 8

What I love about Idea Store Whitechapel is...

The Creepy House and I really like the

volunteers Sumaya - age 7

Playing on the computer and reading the

cartoon books Ihsan - age 6

The really good books like the Tom Gates

series Tasin - age 9

I like coming here

because I like reading

books Tamzin



Every Friday at 4:00pm

For anyone who’s just been

given some homework to do

Our staff will help you to find the answers.

We use Britannica Online, which supports

the curriculum for younger children and

older students, as well as a host of other

online and printed resources.


Every Sunday at 2:15pm

at Idea Stores in Bow,

Canary Wharf, Chrisp Street

and Whitechapel

For children between 6-12 years

In this weekly session we explore

art and art-based techniques, find

out about famous artists and look at

how illustrations complement and

enhance a story.








Every year, in partnership with the Reading Agency, we run the

Summer Reading Challenge for children aged 4-11. Children are

challenged to choose and read six books over the summer holidays

and get to participate in a range of exciting activities. There is a

different theme every year.

Taking part helps prevent the ‘summer reading dip’ in achievement when

children without a book or reading opportunities at home over the long

summer break from school traditionally lose ground in their reading.

Thousands of children take part in the Summer Reading Challenge

every year, winning prizes along the way. All children who finish the

challenge are awarded a medal and are given a certificate at school.

We also run a smaller

Winter Reading Challenge,

which starts at the end of

the autumn term and runs

into the holidays

Summer Reading

Challenge volunteers

We’re proud that teenagers

from secondary schools all

over Tower Hamlets volunteer

in Idea Stores and libraries

every summer to help younger

children with the challenge

Children’s Programme

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday*

10:30am Storytime Storytime Storytime Storytime Storytime Storytime








Art Club

























*Please note Art Club will only take place in

Idea Store Bow, Canary Wharf, Chrisp Street and Whitechapel


Idea Store Bow

1 Gladstone Place

Roman Road, E3 5ES

020 7364 4332

Bow Church

Fully accessible

Idea Store Canary Wharf

Churchill Place

Canary Wharf, E14 5RB

020 7364 4332

Canary Wharf

Fully accessible

Idea Store Chrisp Street

1 Vesey Path

East India Dock Road, E14 6BT

020 7364 4332

All Saints

Fully accessible

Idea Store Watney Market

260 Commercial Road

Shadwell, E1 2FB

020 7364 4332


Fully accessible

Idea Store Whitechapel

321 Whitechapel Road

Whitechapel, E1 1BU

020 7364 4332


Fully accessible

Bethnal Green Library

Cambridge Heath Road

E2 0HL

020 7364 3492/ 3493

Bethnal Green

Fully accessible

Cubitt Town Library

Strattondale Street

Isle of Dogs, E14 3HG

020 7987 3152


No accessible toilets

For more information about any

of our events just ask at the

helpdesk, call 020 7364 4332

or visit www.ideastore.co.uk

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