The 5 Biggest Challenges Faced by Enterprises During Mobile App Development

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The 5 Biggest Challenges Faced by Enterprises During Mobile App


Mobile apps have been around for nearly a decade presently, and numerous companies and retail owners have as of

now started leveraging the control of mobile apps to generate more revenue. Since technology is advancing at a

rapid pace, the e-commerce requirements are getting more complex, and similarly overpowering for app developers

to fulfill those requirements. With technologies like AR, VR, AI and machine learning accessible within the showcase

nowadays, the business owners are now more than enthusiastic to urge a business app.

However, developing an app is not a simple task. There are numerous challenges faced by enterprises, such as tall

development cost, lack of skills, time constraints and lack of access to technology whenever they think about mobile

application development. In this article, we are going to discuss a few of the biggest challenges and how you can

resolve them.

1. Limited access to the technology

The mobile app industry has seen continuous progressions with new tools, technology and stages being introduced

every now and then. This has posed a challenge for the developers to learn and master these devices. Which means

we have the newest technology accessible, but need of mobile app developers who know these devices inside out is

presently a issue for enterprises looking for. a state-of-the-art mobile app.

Solution: This problem can be solved after you choose to outsource mobile app development to experts. Instead of

doing it all by yourself, contract a mobile app development company that has all the experience and expertise to

build a effective mobile application powered by innovative technology.

2. Funds for the app

One of the most common problems faced by businesses, especially startups isn't having sufficient funds to develop

the app. You have a mind-blowing app idea, but you don’t have the money to dispatch your dream. Based on what

kind of app you're looking to create, the development taken a toll may drop anywhere in between $2,000 - $200,000.

Solution: There are a couple of ways you can raise funds for your application, such as approaching your social circle,

asking friends, applying for loans or finding investors. Ask your friends or relatives to connect you and make them

understand the benefit they get by investing in your application. Keep in mind that quality matters the most, so

make beyond any doubt you don’t compromise on quality for cost.

3. Choosing a suitable platform

Nowadays, the mobile app industry offers bounty of mobile app development frameworks and tools to developers.

Given the sum of tools available within the market, it becomes quite difficult to choose the right platform. You need

to select a platform and operating system for creating an app that works flawlessly on different devices with diverse

screen resolutions.

Solution: Before you select a platform, you need to consider the nature of your business and whether you want to

go for a hybrid or native app development. It isn't always necessary to go for the most recent system, but to choose

a platform that helps you make an app that runs seamlessly across as numerous devices as possible.

4. Marketing your application

Currently, there are around 2.8 million apps available for download. So, your mobile application can be great, but

not well known. It takes a part of an exertion to market your app once you consider that there are businesses with a

igger app budget and endless marketing encounter. You will have a highly efficient app at hand, but you're likely to

get lost within the market in the event that you don’t have the correct advertising strategy to stand out.

Solution: A wise thought is to keep a separate budget for marketing and consult professionals who have satisfactory

marketing experience. A professional marketing agency will assist you to promote your application to the target

audience so you can reach maximum customers.

5. Customer retention

Customer retention rate is the ratio of the number of customers retained to the number of customers at risk.

Business owners are always under stress to convey an app that benefits the user. An app that crashes habitually,

expends more memory and battery may urge users to uninstall your application and never download it again.

Solution: While creating a mobile application, one must focus on making sure that the design is compatible with all

the mobile devices and gives a smooth user experience. Test your application again and again with different inputs

to form sure it is fault-free. If your users are happy with your application, they are likely to come back to utilize your

app again.


Here are a few common problems that are being faced by numerous startups as well as small-scale businesses. If

you're daunted by a lot of stress that comes with mobile application development, you'll outsource app

development task to experienced mobile developers, like ManekTech, and sit back and relax while we deal with all

the challenges and give you with a effective mobile app.

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