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If you want your kid to survive and excel amidst fierce competition, you have to give him a chance to identify and hone the innate skills and train them in the niche of their choice. There is indeed no short cut to success, so you need to equip your kid with all the skills that he might need to overcome the obstacles, be it proper education or environment. Choose Best International School in Uppal for your children's best future.

Contact Us: Kiran International School
Phone: +91 7207034435 , +91 7207034439
Address: 9-35/2, Beside Keshav Gardens Lane Opp to CS Brothers, Keshav Nagar, Colony, Boduppal, Hyderabad, Telangana 500092, India
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We are a CBSE Affiliated school with engaging

curriculum backed by qualified & experienced


Fully Equipped

For a child’s complete learning we are equipped

with digital classrooms and labs.


Out Door Amenities

At KIS, children are exposed to various sports such

as Cricket, Football, Basketball, Volleyball,

Throwball, Roller Hockey Skating, etc.


Our Curriculum

Curriculum that prepares children for challenges

and opportunities – both in and out of the



Remarkable Educators

Our mentors spend voluminous time getting to

know every child. We believe every child loves to

learn and thrive when nurtured.


Kiran International School, Hyderabad managed

and operated by KS Educational Society has been

established in the year 2013.

The school is spread over a 5 acre campus and

aims at providing the Modern State of the Art

facilities that enable the students to unleash their

hidden talents.


At KIS, we believe in celebrating our nation,

celebrating our children, instilling a sense of pride

about our nation and most importantly building a

foundation so that our children develop into good



At KIS, each child is given its own identity and a

challenge to play the destined role of spreading

the pride of the nation to global heights. In doing

so, we make a conscious effort towards

understanding each child’s talents and creating

learning environment for the same.


The objective of creating a learning environment is

to facilitate all students to reach their highest

potential, as we believe that it would be the most

valuable contribution from our end towards

securing the future of our nation.

Our motto ‘Learn, Serve and Lead’ encompasses

the value of Learning from the Nation, Serving the

Nation & eventually Leading the Nation.


Supporting us in this vision is our handpicked

facilitators who are not only qualified but also

oriented into the child-centric way of teaching.

Our teachers are not only the ideal mentors but

are also friends and guides who journey with them

in the crucial years of their lives.

Parents are an integral part of the child’s journey

and it is for this reason that we encourage

feedback and apprise them of their child’s progress

from time to time.


The most recent technological developments have

updated and resized the roles of teachers and

students in instructive conditions. Motivation is

likely the most essential factor that educators can

focus so as to enhance learning. Numerous

hypotheses have been proposed to clarify



Motivation is depicted as an expression that

stimulates, coordinates and supports behavior.

Motivation includes objectives and requires action.

The goals give the stimulus for and the direction of

activity, while activity involves exertion:

steadiness so as to continue a movement for a long

time period.


The determination of task under free-decision

conditions demonstrates motivation to play out the

undertaking. High exertion levels, particularly

when dealing with various undertakings and

assignments, are additionally characteristic of class





# 9-35/2, Beside Keshav Gardens, Lane opp. To CS

Brothers, Keshav Nagar Colony, Boduppal,

Hyderabad – 500092. R.R Dist., Telangana State,



Call us at:

+91 7207034435,

+91 7207034439


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