5 Things to Know Before Start of the Literature Review Paper Writing

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5 Things to Know Before Start of the

Literature Review Paper Writing

So, you’re finally going to work on the ​Literature review paper writing.

Well, you need to understand a few valuable things before you start working on

the project.

When it comes to ​writing literature reviews​, you need to understand that

it’s not just about summarizing sources but it’s supposed to analyze and

critically evaluate the literature. Moreover, it also displays the current situation

of knowledge in relation to a central research question.

Tips for Literature Review Paper Writing

If you’re facing problems with writing a literature review, we’re here to

help you out. Here are the 5 things you should know before you start working on

literature review paper​ writing.

Types of Literature Reviews

The Literature reviews are divided into 5 categories. When you’re

writing the review of the literature, you need to choose a style that perfectly

suits your analysis. Let’s take a look at the types of Literature reviews.

Argumentative Review – This category is supposed to either support or

refute an argument.

Integrative Review – This category helps with designing new

perspectives and frameworks for a specific topic.

Historical Review – As the name relates, this type of review talks about

an issue that appeared during a specific time period.

Methodological Review – This category helps with understanding the

methods one used to describe something.

Theoretical Review – This form of review helps with resolving an issue

by highlighting the corpus of a theory.

When you’re ​writing literature reviews​, you must choose a suitable

category from these categories.

Structure of a Literature Review

It’s worth choosing the right structure when you’re writing ​a literature

review​. The first part of the review must describe the overview of the subject.

Then you should describe the way you’ve used to create the categories and


In the next section, you need to talk about the similarities and

differences you found in the searches of others. Finally, you need to conclude

the review while adding your own opinions and the research you carried on.

Development of the Literature Review

The literature review mainly consists of four different stages. In the first

stage, you need to describe the ​Literature review purpose with some real world

examples. You should then move towards finding the relevant materials for the

subject that is being explored.

The third subject highlights the literature that makes a remarkable

contribution to the topic being discussed. Finally, you should discuss your

findings of the pertinent literature.

Ways to Organize Your Literature Review

The literature review paper needs to be organized properly. There are

different methods you can use in this regard. You can either organize the

literature review by chronology of events or you can organize it by publication.

Sometimes, you can use the methodological way to organize your literature

review based on the type of your analysis.

Mistakes to Avoid

People make certain mistakes when they’re writing the ​review of the

literature​. Sometimes, they use the irrelevant sources in their review. And

sometimes, they failed to describe the sources properly. Moreover, some people

do not describe the procedures they used to carry out research. You need to

avoid all these mistakes when you’re writing a literature review.

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