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It’s good to have options to enhance professional flooring jobs and we have them in spades. These products will expand your options for finishing wood floors. Visit our site for more information, or call 802-472-8700.

It’s good to have options to enhance professional flooring jobs and we have them in spades. These products will expand your options for finishing wood floors.

Visit our site for more information, or call 802-472-8700.


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Redefining floor finishing with exceptional workability,

durability and safety through sustainable practices.


Vermont Natural Coatings has emerged as a leader in the wood finish industry, delivering

easy-to-use products that have established the highest performance and environmental standards.

Vermont Natural Coatings is dedicated to developing non-toxic wood finish technologies that are

grounded in sustainability, easy to use and stand up to the test of time. Born of academic inquiry,

scientific innovation, and Vermont ingenuity, our coatings meet the building industry’s highest

performance and safety standards. Flooring contractors and their customers can feel as good about the

safety of PolyWhey as they do about its performance. Neutral odor and no off gassing of the

cancer-causing ingredients found in traditional floor finishes.

As producers, we are aware that flooring

professionals and builders spend hours working

with our products. That’s why we guarantee that

our products are 100% Red List Free. Our finishes

contain zero cancer-causing carcinogens, no Prop

65 Ingredients, and no NMP. In addition, all of our

products are low VOC.

The Science of PolyWhey: The durability of a wood finish is determined by the strength of its

unique cross linkers. Polymerized whey proteins in PolyWhey provide much stronger cross

linking than solvent-boased and other water borne finishes.

By using whey protein as a co-binder, PolyWhey leverages

a renewable resource to deliver the safest and most durable

paints, stains and finishes on the market.

PolyWhey technology was developed by University of

Vermont scientists who were on a mission to create

environmentally responsible products. Vermont Natural

Coatings President and Founder Andrew Meyer immediately

noticed the potential of this material for coatings, and the

PolyWhey brand was formed.

Superior Durability

Premium durability with

patented PolyWhey formula

Red List Free

No chemicals causing cancer, birth

defects, or reproductive harm

No California Prop 65


Protects ground and drinking

water from toxic chemicals

No California Prop 65

Credits Ingredients

Complies Helps ensure with safe VOC ground laws in and all

50 drinking states water and Canada



Green Innovation

Derived from recycled and

renewable whey protein


ClimateCool exemplifies Vermont Natural Coatings’ commitment to a more sustainable and equitable

planet. The Climate Cool symbol means that only the safest, cutting edge ingredients are used in the

product’s manufacture. We use high-quality and sustainable ingredients such as naturally grown hemp

oil, PolyWhey (which utilizes the natural binding power of whey proteins), and Decovery®, a plant-based

resin system for high performance coatings. These ingredients enable us to reduce our dependency on

fossil fuel-based raw materials and help our climate cool.

Whether your concern is about the health of your family and pets, or whether you’re concerned about the

impacts of climate change on our planet, ClimateCool is a way to improve environmental and personal




Vermont Natural Coatings’ commitment to helping create a more sustainable planet begins with our

cutting-edge ingredients; like whey protein-based PolyWhey. Now we introduce All Natural Hemp Oil. Our

Hemp Oil is sourced directly from farmers and is cold pressed, which means no chemicals or solvents are

used to extract the oil. Hemp Oil delivers a beautiful, natural oil tone without any harmful ingredients.

Science has led us to a revolution in sustainable ingredients, including Decovery®, plant-based resins

for high performance coatings that enable us to change our environment without impacting it. By

combining PolyWhey and the unique Decovery product portfolio, we aim at setting a new standard in

sustainable coatings.

Decovery is an eco-friendly paint resin that outperforms other green resins to offer a true alternative to

traditional resins. Decovery resins are made with renewable materials (plant-based ingredients) to reduce

our dependency on fossil fuel-based raw materials. Using these resins in our products helps ensure a

safer, healthier environment that is kinder to people and the planet throughout its lifetime.

To learn more about Decovery resins:

vermontnaturalcoatings.com/climate-cool OR www.dsm.com/decovery



PolyWhey is the next generation of water-based polyurethane, a truly unique finish that is naturally

durable, safe and easy-to-use. The PolyWhey formula uses whey protein, a by-product in cheese

manufacturing, to displace the toxic ingredients traditionally used in wood finish by functioning as a

co-binder and solvent. The result is a new category of wood floor finishes with all the durability of oilbased

finish and the application advantages of waterborne finish minus the negatives

associated with each.

PolyWhey® 3000

POLYWHEY 3000 WOOD FLOOR SEALER - Recommended for all interior

bare wood floors or previously stained/coated wood flooring, PolyWhey

3000 uses the power of natural whey protein to create a professional

strength clear sanding sealer. PolyWhey 3000 is easy to apply, dries clear

and quickly, and minimizes both grain raise and tannin pull.

• Excellent abradability

• Excellent adherence properties allow compatibility with nearly

all wood surface and stain treatments

• Seals the wood, minimizing grain raise and tannin pull

• Quick-dry sealer with great coverage and easy clean-up

PolyWhey® EZ-PRO



recommended for all residential and light commercial interior hardwood

floors. Neutral odor, great coverage, quick-drying, easy cleanup and long

life make PolyWhey EZ-PRO an economical choice when selecting an

environmentally-friendly and durable finish. Exceptionally smooth and

easy to use, EZ-PRO is “The Roller’s Choice”.

• Single component. No limited pot life and no wasted finish.

• Excellent flow and leveling

• At 210 g/L, complies with all US and Canadian VOC regulations

• Fast drying and curing

• Available in matte, satin, and semi-gloss

PolyWhey® 3500


POLYWHEY 3500 WOOD FLOOR FINISH - For all commercial and

heavy-traffic residential interior hardwood floors, PolyWhey 3500 Wood

Floor Finish provides outstanding mar and scratch resistance and stands

up to the rigorous cleaning required of daily use. A neutral odor, great

coverage, quick-drying, easy cleanup and long life make PolyWhey 3500 a

premium, environmentally smart topcoat.

• Single component. No limited pot life and no wasted finish

• Premium formulation yields premium durability

• At 95 g/L, complies with all US and Canadian VOC regulations

• Available in matte, satin and semi-gloss

• *3500 satin is CDPH Standard Method V1.2 compliant

PolyWhey® MVP

POLYWHEY MVP SPORT FLOOR FINISH - A superior, high gloss, single

component finish formulated exclusively for use on gymnasium and other

hardwood sport floors. Durable and easy to maintain, PolyWhey MVP Sport

Floor uses proprietary PolyWhey technology to achieve

uncompromising performance, outstanding mar and scratch resistance and

low VOCs (<95g/l).

• Single component. No limited pot life and no wasted finish.

• Excellent flow and leveling

• At 210 g/L, complies with all US and Canadian VOC regulations

• Fast drying and curing offers ability to apply up to 3 coats in

one day

Join Vermont Natural Coatings at this year’s NWFA EXPO in Milwaukee,

April 28-30, 2020. See all our new products and meet our team!

FOR MORE INFO: www.nwfaexpo.org



At Vermont Natural Coatings, we go to the pros. We know that the best way to test our products is by

getting the opinion of the men and women who work with floor finishes on a daily basis... but don’t just

take our word for it - ask the professionals!

Bob Goldstein - Flooring Professional

One of the industry’s most influential pros liked

Polywhey so much that he joined the company. Bob

is our Pro consultant and a treasured member of the

Vermont Natural Coatings Sales and Service team. His

qualifications include:

• NWFA Certified Installer

• NWFA Certified in Sand and Finish

• NWFA Master Craftsman

• NWFA Advanced Master

• Vanguard & Ambassador Degrees

“I like that I can use it to screen and coat other

floors, which provides a more durable finish

than a customer is getting from some factory

finishes. Once it sets, the 3500 is like glass.

It’s a really great product.”

- Robert Pereira, principal of

Creative Floor Solutions

A few years ago, Mark Shrewsbury (pictured on the right),

owner of Mr. Sandman Hardwood Floors, made the

decision to use Vermont Natural Coatings line of

PolyWhey Professional Wood Floor Finishes as his go-to

finish to benefit both his customers and his company.

According to Shrewsbury, he made the switch because

“homeowners complain of the off-gassing and the VOC

issues with an oil finish and I also choose it for myself.

I got sick of breathing the fumes and I think it is a better

product in terms of hardness and durability”.

THE INN AT THE ROUND BARN FARM - Breathe easy when you know that your floor

has been coated with PolyWhey.

MULTIPLE METHODS OF APPLICATION - Here, Vermont Natural Coatings President

Andrew Meyer applies EZ-PRO, “The Roller’s Choice” with a roller.



It’s good to have options to enhance flooring jobs and we have them in spades.

New technology for new applications in floor finish. These products will expand your options for

finishing your wood floors. Now available for your wood flooring projects: extraordinary UV protection,

cleaner, and the Climate Cool line, which utilizes incredible new technology to create a new standard of

environmentally-friendly floor finishes. We are proud to expand your options for safe, effective

products with professional performance.

Sun Warden



premium interior wood treatment that provides a natural appearance that

protects the wood against UV exposure and color change caused by age.

SunWarden leaves a matte finish which may be top coated for added protection

with Vermont Natural Coatings PolyWhey Floor Finish or Furniture


• Superior anti-yellowing technology protects wood from

damaging UV rays.

• Enhanced water and chemical resistance.

• At 95 g/L, complies with all US and Canadian VOC regulations

• Available in Clear and White Wash

Cleaner & Mop Kit



Natural Coatings Wood Cleaner removes dust, dirt, grease, grime, food and

stains with an innovative non-toxic formulation for residential and

commercial applications. Use for daily maintenance or deep cleaning on all

wood surfaces. Includes extendable floor mop with reusable microfiber

floor pad. Cleaner available in quart and gallon separately.

• Wood cleaner is biodegradeable & safe for all wood surfaces

• Gentle enough for daily use

• Mop has 360° swivel head for versatile cleaning

• Floor pad produces electrostatic charge to effectively attract and

trap dirt & dust.

Want to give one of our new products a try? It’s WHEY easy! Call or text us for a sample - 802.472-8700

Hydro Lacquer




and plant-based resins, Hydro Lacquer is a grain enhancing sealer that

produces a warm oil look for floors, furniture, and all other interior woods.

Finally, an effective alternative to hazardous solvent-based finishes. USDA

Certified Biobased.

• Vibrant grain enhancement, warm oil look

• Easy application

• Cleans up with soap & water

• Non-flammable

• Surpasses all environmental standards in the US & Canada

• Low VOC ≤ 250 g/L

Pure Matte



PURE MATTE ULTRA-FLAT FINISH - A premium interior wood topcoat

that provides a natural flat matte appearance while protecting the wood.

Made with PolyWhey® and plant-based resins, it is both safe and natural.

Ideal for use on floors, furniture, trim, cupboards, tables, doors & more.

Excellent chemical and water resistance. USDA Certified Biobased.

• Chemical and water resistant

• Easy application & soap & water cleanup

• 0-5 sheen on 60° meter

• Non-flammable

• Surpasses all environmental standards in the US & ...Canada

• Low VOC ≤ 225 g/L

Hemp Oil



HEMP OIL NATURAL WOOD FINISH - Vermont Natural Coatings Hemp Oil

hardens as it dries, providing a warm grain-enhancing appearance. Use on

new floors or furniture, or older or previously coated indoor wood surfaces

that need sprucing up. Our Hemp Oil is cold pressed, meaning that no

chemicals or solvents are used to extract our oil, giving it a beautiful natural

look while ensuring it is safe. Zero VOC. USDA Certified Biobased.

• Dries to a matte finish

• Penetrates wood

• Water resistant & easy to apply

• Cleans up with soap & water

• Use over raw wood, milk paint, or to revive old finishes

Want to give one of our new products a try? It’s WHEY easy! Call or text us for a sample - 802.472-8700



From safety information to training, we want you to have access to all the information you need to safely

and successfuly apply our Professional Flooring Products.

The Vermont Natural Coatings PolyWhey Training Center

Our training facility allows you to test the PolyWhey line of finishes on a variety of species. Located above

our manufacturing center, you will have access to all the latest products. Our flooring pros will guide you

through the most advanced sanding and finish techniques. Schedule a training session or learn about

upcoming schools by calling 802-472-8700.

USDA Certified BioPreferred Products:

Managed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the goal

of the BioPreferred Program is to increase the purchase and use of

biobased products. Multiple USDA Certified Biobased products are

featured in our Professional Flooring catalogue. Biobased products

are derived from plants and other renewable agricultural, marine, and

forestry materials and provide a sustainable alternative to

conventional petroleum derived products.

Try PolyWhey On Us:

Call, text or e-mail and we’ll get a sample out to you so you can

experience the PolyWhey difference.

Samples are available for all Professional Flooring products.

CALL OR TEXT: 802-472-8700

EMAIL: sales@vermontnaturalcoatings.com

WEB: www.vermontnaturalcoatings.com



PolyWhey® started as collaboration among farmers, furniture makers and University of

Vermont scientists to expand the value of Vermont’s agriculture and forestry industries. It has

emerged as new coatings science, creating a category of wood finish with the durability of

oil-based finishes and the advantages of waterborne finishes with none of the disadvantages

of either. PolyWhey’s patented formula uses whey protein, a byproduct of cheese making, to

replace toxic ingredients traditionally found in wood finish. The result is a naturally durable,

safe and easy-to-use finish that has established the highest performance and environmental

standards. We started on the shelves of one retail store in Greensboro, Vermont (population

770) and now are available in stores throughout the United States and Canada.

“We’ve grown by building strong relationships with retailers, contractors, architects and

homeowners. Each connection is based on providing the best wood protection while making

application and living conditions dramatically better. We’re as concerned about indoor air

quality as we are outdoor air pollution. We’re proud of our lasting connections and

partnerships and remain committed to developing products that use sustainable ingredients

and are safe for people, pets and the environment.”

Andrew B. Meyer - President & Founder


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