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Red, White, and


The first Openly LGTBQ+

Presidential Candidate


05 Connecticut Now Offers

Non-Binary Gender


06 Fitness & Strenght:

The Pillars Of Health

14 Red, White & Rainbow

The First LGBTQ+ Candidate

20 Do You Know! AARP

24 Out and About 2019

Photo Gallery

32 Connecticut’s New Laws

Strengthening LGBTQ+ Rights


About Us and 2019 Sponsors

Dear Friends,

I am excited to present the fifth edition of OUT IN CT. This

edition of our magazine marks a milestone in terms of content,

partnerships, and sponsors. This year’s OUT IN CT had the

opportunity to interview candidate Pete Buttigieg, the first

openly LGTBQ+ presidential candidate. We also like to welcome

new sponsors Delta Airlines, Connecticut Sun and give a special

thanks to Stanley Black & Decker, TD Bank, Tito’s Vodka for

five years of support. This edition of OUT IN CT was made

possible because of our donors, volunteers, and Hartford Pride’s

volunteer committee. Without their continued support and

commitment, Hartford Pride would not exist.

PrideFest 2019 was a tremendous success. We had attendees

from all over Connecticut and the New England area, of all

ages, economic, and ethnic backgrounds. Our all-inclusive

family-friendly events throughout the year such as PrideFest

and Pride Under the Stars, continue to gain recognition of

attendees, sponsors, and vendors including media, community

organizations, and services that serve our community. We

would like to thank all those who supported and participated

in all our events. Our work is not only to provide these fun and

informative events but also to reach anyone in the LGBTQ+

community who might need a helping hand or a reminder that

they are not alone.

Hartford Pride in order to expand its reach and awareness of the

LGBTQ+ community’s achievements in Connecticut and beyond

will be adding more original content to the OUTINCT. COM

website, and magazine in the upcoming issues. Hartford Pride

will be hosting its biggest PrideFest to date that will include a

free Pride concert at Bushnell Park. We are excited about the

year ahead and hope you will join us as well!


Charlie Ortiz

Chair of Hartford Pride

& Chief Editor of OUT IN CT


4 |

CTPrideFest.indd 1

9/7/17 10:48 AM



Now Offers Non-Binary

Gender Licenses

As of January 27, 2020, gender-neutral, non-binary, driver’s

license and identification cards are now being issued by

Connecticut, joining at least a dozen other states. There are

now three options for gender when it comes to licenses at

the Department of Motor Vehicles: Male (M), Female (F) and

Non-binary (X).

A new DMV form, it makes it easy for applicants to update

the gender designation on their current driver’s license or

identification card, does not require medical documentation.

“It’s really simple you come and you fill out the form, it’s either

male, female or gender x and you mark the box that you want to

put down and lo and behold you have your license to what you

reflect your values and who you are,” said Deputy Commissioner

Tony Guerrera, Department of Motor Vehicles.

This was one of commissioner Guerrera’s top priorities

when he was appointed to the DMV. Most of the LGBTQ+ in

Connecticut are happy to see the change for whom a nonbinary

identification is the best available option at this time. “This

option on license applications tells all Connecticut residents

that we are welcoming and that we are open for business,”

Governor Lamont said in a written statement.

Connecticut is a great example to the rest of the United States

of a place taking the steps necessary to protect LGBTQ+ rights,

lives and promote inclusion. Non-binary IDs is just a small step

to achieve recognition, but the happy news came with a warning

by the DMV to anyone obtaining one of the new licenses. The

head of the DMV warned that the gender designation may not

be accepted on forms of identification in other states.



TO 40649

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or decades, physical fitness has been recognized as significantly

lacking among the majority of Americans. The migration of workers

from fields and factories to sedentary desk jobs and the shift in how

we spend our free time to passive activities that involve an increasing

amount of screen time have resulted in a large percentage of the

populace that is overweight and out of shape.

Why get fit?

Fitness, along with good nutrition, restful sleep and the ability to

manage stress, is among the basic requirements of good health.

Regular physical activity has been associated with a lower risk of

cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and other

dementias and some cancers—all of which are leading causes of

death in the developed world. 1 A recent review lists 26 disorders

and malignancies, including psychiatric, neurologic, metabolic,

cardiovascular, pulmonary and musculoskeletal diseases, for

which there is evidence for exercise as a beneficial therapy. 2

Not only is exercise healthy for the body, but a growing amount

of research has revealed a significant impact on the brain.

Higher levels of total daily activity have been associated with

significantly better thinking, memory and motor skills. 3 An

analysis of 11 studies that examined the effects of aerobic

exercise on brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in men

and women with neurologic disorders determined a “large

effect” for exercise. 4 Brain derived neurotrophic factor is involved

in the growth and survival of nervous system cells known as

neurons. 5 Other research has provided evidence for aerobic

exercise in the maintenance of the hippocampus, an area of

the brain involved in memory and emotions. 6 A well-rounded

exercise program can include aerobic, flexibility, balance and

resistance training. 7 For adults, the U.S. Department of Health

6 |

& Human Services recommends at least

2 ½ to 5 hours per week of moderate

intensity exercise, or 1 hour 15 minutes

to 2 ½ hours vigorous intensity aerobic

activity. They note that additional benefits

can be gained in association with more

than 5 hours of weekly moderate

physical activity. 8 The guidelines remain

the same for older adults, with the added

recommendation of balance, aerobic

and muscle-strengthening activities.

What is strength?

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines

strength in several ways. “Capacity for

exertion or endurance; power to resist

force: solidity, toughness; power of

resisting attack, vigor.” 9 These are goalinspiring

definitions relevant to physical

strength as well as mental and emotional

fortitude. Resistance training with the

objective of supporting muscle mass is

important for staying strong throughout

the course of one’s life.

Decreased physical activity, aging-related

hormone deficiencies and nutritional

insufficiencies eventually result in a

decline in lean body tissue. Diminished

muscle mass contributes to a condition

known as sarcopenia, a significant

contributor to frailty. Sarcopenia can limit

physical function and increase the risk of

falls, a major cause of disability and death

among older individuals. 10

Poor nutrition also contributes to

sarcopenia. While a typical Western

diet may supply an adequate amount

of protein, working out with weights

or engaging in other vigorous athletic

activities can increase the body’s protein

requirement. The addition of protein

powders or drinks to a healthy diet can

increase the odds of having sufficient

protein intake to support muscle


Among its many roles, vitamin D is

needed to support healthy muscle

metabolism and function. 11 A study

reported in the journal PLOS One found

that higher levels of the active form of

vitamin D known as 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin

D3 were associated with increased

measures of lower limb strength that

Most people are

aware of the need to

exercise. Yet many

people are lacking

in motivation.

included power, velocity and jump height

and, in women, lean mass. 12

Vitamin D levels in many individuals

fall short of optimal levels of 50 to 80

nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL), so it’s

important to have blood levels tested


While the role of protein and vitamin

D in muscle has been known for some

time, there is a growing awareness of

the potential benefit of HMB (betahydroxy

beta-methylbutyrate). HMB is

a metabolite of the amino acid leucine

which, along with the other branched

chain amino acids, may help support

and maintain muscle. 13 A recent study

involving healthy young men who

were given HMB supports pro-anabolic

properties for HMB, as evidenced by

stimulation of muscle protein synthesis

and suppression of muscle protein

breakdown. 14

In another investigation, men and women

received HMB or a placebo during a fourweek

resistance training period. At the

end of the trial, participants who received

HMB showed a greater increase in upper

body strength and fat-free weight in

comparison with the placebo group. 15

Strength and fitness

go hand in hand

While cardiorespiratory fitness and

muscular strength are sometimes thought

of as exclusive, working to achieve either

of these goals naturally benefits the other.

It is recommended to include both

aerobic and resistance training in one’s

weekly regimen, along with an optimal

intake of protein and other nutrients,

to support cardiovascular and muscle


Although sticking to an exercise program

may be challenging, the payoffs in fitness

and strength are immense. People report

improvements in mood, sleep, energy

levels, appearance, confidence and more.

It is recommended to consult one’s

physician before beginning any

exercise program. To get in shape,

start slowly (walking is ideal). Work up

gradually to more intense exercise.


1. Brandt C et al. J Biomed Biotechnol.


2. Pedersen BK et al. Scand J Med Sci Sports.

2015 Dec;25 Suppl 3:1-72.

3. Buchman AS et al. Neurology. 2019 Feb


4. Mackay CP et al. Neural Plast.


5. Bathina S et al. Arch Med Sci. 2015 Dec


6. Firth J et al. Neuroimage. 2018 Feb 1;166:230-


7. Galloza J et al. Phys Med Rehabil Clin N Am.

2017 Nov;28(4):659-669.

8. “Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.”

President’s Council on Sports, Fitness &

Nutrition, U.S. Department of Health & Human

Services. https://www.hhs.gov/fitness/



9. Merriam-Webster. https://www.merriamwebster.com/


10. Cruz-Jentoft AJ et al. Lancet. 2019 Jun


11. Girgis CM et al. Endocr Rev. 2013


12. Hassan-Smith ZK et al. PLoS One. 2017 Feb


13. Shimomura Y et al. J Nutr. 2006


14. Wilkinson DJ et al. Clin Nutr. 2018 Dec;37(6 Pt


15. Panton LB et al. Nutrition. 2000 Sep;16(9):734-9.





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8 |

The stronger the love,

the greater the responsibility.

Just Peace

Open & Affirming



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at the Franciscan Center for Urban Ministry


The Open Hearts Ministry provides educational

experiences to build greater visibility and understanding

of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender (GLBT)

experience within our Church community, and

develop faith-building outreach

programming to the diverse spectrum

of the GLBT community.

As a Catholic parish committed to social

justice, Open Hearts Ministry of the

Franciscan Center for Urban Ministry

actively provides and promotes faith opportunities

that build community for those who have experienced

spiritual disconnection.

For more information email us at info@spsact.org.

The Franciscan Center for Urban Ministry at St. Patrick-St. Anthony

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10 |




For tickets & suites visit:

For tickets & suites visit:



Diverse voices and experiences are the heartbeat of our workforce.

We’ve made a commitment to foster a culture of diversity and

inclusion, where all employees feel valued and empowered to grow.

The mission of our Pride & Allies Group is to promote a supportive and

inclusive community for our LGBTQIA employees and their allies

across the globe so they can bring their full selves to work.

12 |



Red, White, and


The First LGBTQ+ Candidate

By Jalmar DeDios

14 |

January 2017, as the news played in the background,

I heard that a mayor from a town somewhere in Indiana

with an unpronounceable last name and gay was throwing

his hat in the ring to be the next National Democratic

Chair. My honest thought, “NOT A CHANCE.” Fast forward

to early winter of 2019, and I heard that name again, this

time I turned up the volume and listened. Mayor Pete

Buttigieg from South Bend, Indiana, a.k.a. “Mayor Pete”

was exploring a run for President of The United States

of America, there he was, this well-spoken, very younglooking

man talking about why he feels the need, the

calling to run for President. Fast forward to the fall of

2019 and Mayor Pete is in the top tier of candidates, his

campaign donations are pouring in from all over the

country, and in Iowa, he is poised to do exceptionally well

in the first of the nation caucus. Now I am thinking, maybe,

just maybe.

So, what makes Mayor Pete so compelling? Out In CT

magazine had the opportunity to interview Mayor Pete,

and this is our take on the first LGBTQ+ candidate for

President from a major political party.

Pete Buttigieg was born on January 19, 1982, in South

Bend, Indiana. As a young man, he attended catholic

school, where he graduated in 2000 as the valedictorian

of his class. While in high school, Mayor Pete won the

prestigious “Profile in Courage” award from the John F.

Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum for his essay on

profiling Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. He would go

on to attend Harvard University, graduating Magna Cum

Laude in 2004 and winning another prestigious award, a

Rhodes Scholarship to attend Pembroke College at the

University of Oxford.

In 2007 Mayor Pete joined the United States Military, two

years letter he was commission as an Ensign in U.S. Navy

Reserve. In 2014 during his first term as mayor, he went

on to serve in active duty as a member of the anti-terrorist

unit in Afghanistan.

Watching Mayor Pete talk about the possibility of

governing in a better way and how uplifted he feels by

the grounds swell of support is mesmerizing. Mayor Pete

blames his glass half full attitude to his live events. When he

first joined the military, he could not serve openly because

of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy that prohibited service

members from serving openly in the U.S Military, now he

can. Five years ago, he could not have married the love

of his life, in 2018 he did. When people care, people can

make real change happen “If you’re wondering whether

politics and the political processes and the decisions made

by people in those white buildings in Washington can do

any good... look at how things have changed.”

If you hear Mayor Pete during his rallies, he is about

inclusion. He’s campaign is about unity and together

working towards a better Republic. Before he came out

to his community of South Bend in a personal Op-Ed

published in the town’s newspaper, Mayor Pete faced the

same question many in the LGBTQ+ community face,

“would coming out be the death of my career?” It’s a tough

and scary question. “I came back from deployment and

realized that you only get to live one life and I was not

interested in not knowing what it was like to be in love any

longer. So, I just came out.”

Being this honest requires the understanding that one may

lose everything and the conviction to know that being

honest is worth much more. His coming out in the middle

of a reelection campaign is truly a story in courage.

Mayor Pete’s personal life took a wonderful turn in 2015

when he met a junior high school teacher that two years

later, would become his husband. Mayor Pete and Chasten

Glezman met like many other couples do now at days, on

a dating app, of course. If you happen to follow Chasten

Buttigieg on twitter or Instagram, you can get a glimpse of

the awesomely normal life they live along with their two

dogs Truman and Buddy.

Mayor Pete is also a man who is not afraid to take

responsibility. During the July 2019 Democratic debate,

he was pressed by one of his opponents to answer the

claimed that he had failed to help mend the relationship

between the South Bend Police Department and

members of the African American community. Mayor Pete

acknowledged, “I couldn’t get it done”. A rare admission in

a time where politicians are quick to deflect or not answer

direct questions. But that is who he is, be honest, and take

responsibility no matter what.

Mayor Pete is a refreshing political personality that

deserves to be a voice at the table. In recent years we have

seen our political system be watered down to insults and

isolation of Democrats vs. Republicans, left vs. Right. Our

current President ravishes insults, dumb down politics,

and truthfulness is a mere suggestion. Mayor Pete brings

a voice of inclusion, tolerance, and responsibility. Maybe,

just maybe, America is ready. Now just a few days after

winning the Iowa caucuses, Mayor Pete is in the top tier of

candidates, his campaign donations are pouring in from all

over the country. Now I am thinking, maybe, just maybe.

Out In CT has not endorsed any candidate running

for President of the United States. But, as an LGTBQ+

organization, we are proud of the exemplary role model

Mayor Pete has become to our community and the

campaign he’s running.


Proudly supporting love.

At Stop & Shop, we’re proud to celebrate

inclusiveness and diversity in our communities.

This year we are especially proud to support love

in every form with our friends at Hartford Pride.

16 |

Take pride in

your eyes.

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Sunday Worship,


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Preparing Our Community to Meet Life’s Challenges

Community Renewal Team helps individuals, families, and communities in Hartford and

Middlesex Counties address the challenges they face in building a successful future.

People of all ages turn to CRT for help with basic needs, relief during a crisis, or support

to make long term changes. We offer a wide variety of programs to residents of

Central Connecticut from all backgrounds and income levels.

Behavioral Health Services BHS

(Providing Mental Health Services)

Elia Vecchitto, Clinical Manager 860.761.2388

Medical Assistance Treatment MAT

(Providing Suboxone, Vivitrol, Narcan Prescriptions)

Casie DeRosier, Project Director 860.549.3350

James Lynch , Clinical Coordinator 860.840.4792

Limaris Cruz, Clinical Coordinator 959.333.8016

Early Intervention Services EIS / Medical Case Management MCM

(Providing HIV, HEP C screening and Education)

Luis Irizarry, Prevention Outreach Specialist 860.310.6309

Tatiana Melendez, Prevention Outreach Specialist 860.929.6526

Jovany Rolon, Medical Case Manager 860.461.3364

Women Empowerment Center

(Providing Case Management, Personal & Professional Development)

Tenesha Grant, Director of Women’s Services 860.761.7897

Asian Family Services

Tuyen Long at 860-761-7893, Sabrina Chau at 860-761-7894

For more information about our programs call 860-560-5600

Visit our Website www.crtct.org

18 |


Connecticut is at

the Capitol and in

communities across

the state to advocate

on issues that impact

residents of all ages and

their families.

hen people hear AARP, they may think of grandparents, gray

hair, Grumpy Old Men, or the constant blinking left turn signal,

but AARP should be the posterchild (or should that be poster-adult?)

example for not judging a book by its cover.

AARP Connecticut is at the Capitol and in communities across the

state to advocate on issues that impact residents of all ages and

their families, offer valuable educational resources, host free fun and

informative events, and provide member-exclusive money-saving

offers to cultural experiences.

We advocate for those who cannot be heard on legislative issues,

provide valuable educational resources and information to help

people protect themselves from fraud and scams; take charge of

their life so they can live their best life now and in the future; in their

job search or transition to a new career; and more.

20 |

While AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan

organization for people 50-plus, with

nearly 38 million members nationwide and

approximately 600,000 in Connecticut,

we are a Connecticut organization with

volunteers who live in the communities

across the state. It is important for us

to meet people where they live and

bring our programs to them. Every year,

AARP Connecticut offers hundreds of

opportunities to connect, learn, explore

and have fun. There is something for


We believe it is important to give everyone

a voice and provide information that is

relevant to them. We want to be a part

of your community and welcome any

suggestions, feedback and invitations to

participate in organized events we may

not be aware of quite yet.

Advocating for Connecticut

AARP Connecticut will vigorously

protect vulnerable populations and

critical safety net programs residents

depend on to maintain independence,

choice and control in ways that are

beneficial and affordable for them and

the state. AARP provides information and

resources, including research and public

policy analysis that can be a resource to

legislators and policy makers; engages in

legislative and regulatory advocacy; and

assists people in serving their communities.

We continuously work with legislators

and policymakers on key issues

affecting residents, including the high

cost of prescription drugs, protecting

utility customers from deceitful thirdparty

electric suppliers, eliminating the

potential for age discrimination in the

job search, maintaining policies and

programs that aid caregivers and their

loved ones, and more. We always urge all

sides to keep the residents and principles

that make Connecticut the state we love

top of mind.

Supporting Continuing Education

The decision to go back to school as an

adult isn’t easy or always the right choice,

but the number of students at secondary

education institutions across the country

who are over 50 is becoming more the

norm than the exception.

We are in a moment of time that people are

choosing how they want to live while they

age, which creates evolving opportunities

to change direction and explore multiple

paths. For many, that directional change

can mean new opportunities in education

and re-careering that lead to increased

financial security or personal satisfaction.

The reasons individuals are choosing

to continue their education after 50 are

varied, but those who do won’t be alone

in the classroom. And AARP Connecticut

is helping to make the opportunity

for higher-learning education more


For some, going back to school creates

opportunities for mental stimulation and

personal growth, for others it’s to satisfy

a lifelong dream of earning a degree,

and many make the choice as a way to

earn some extra money in retirement or

they have delayed retirement and need

to remain competitive in the workforce.

Just the idea of heading back to school

can be overwhelming. Understandably,

the financial consideration is often one

of the concerns so we are continuously

looking for opportunities where we can

provide some support to those have

made that choice.

Whether it is reinventing a career,

continuing an education, learning

new skills or being part of a resurgent

manufacturing industry, AARP Connecticut

has opportunities to save money. In

addition, AARP offers a wide variety of

information and resources about jobs and

education at www.aarp.org/work.

Building the Next Generation of


The manufacturing industry in Connecticut

is booming – estimated at 25,000 to

35,000 positions for the state’s 4,100

manufacturing companies in the next two

decades – and opening doors to a variety

of opportunities.

Connecticut state colleges and

universities, private colleges, and the

state’s comprehensive and technical

high schools have done a great job

of introducing the varied and hightech

career opportunities available

to students. However, the growing

demand for qualified workers to meet

the needs of the resurgent industry is

outpacing the supply, which has created

an increasing need for instructors. AARP

Connecticut has taken a multifaceted

intergenerational approach to tackle the

thriving manufacturing industry:

Instruct: In collaboration with Connecticut

State Colleges and Universities (CSCU),

private colleges, and high schools, AARP

Connecticut is encouraging retirees

with real-world knowledge to consider

earning extra income through teaching

the next generation of manufacturers.

Recareer: To support the age 50 and

older with an interest in a manufacturing

career, AARP Connecticut offers

members a 25% tuition scholarship at

Goodwin University and established a

$10,000 scholarship fund for Connecticut

residents age 50 and older enrolled in

a manufacturing program offered by

any of the state’s higher education

institutions. AARP membership is not an

eligibility requirement. More information

about the Goodwin University offer for

AARP members is at www.aarp.org/


Mentor: In an approach to assist in the

development of youth exploring a career

in manufacturing, AARP Connecticut

contributed $1,000 to the Wallingford

School District to support hiring retirees

with manufacturing experience as

professional mentors for teachers.


(Continued from page 21)

HSB is proud to sponsor

proud to HSB sponsor is proud to sponsor

HSB is proud to sponsor

Hartford’s PrideFest



Hartford’s PrideFest

is proud to sponsor


Hartford’s PrideFest

Hartford’s PrideFest

Immediate and long-term opportunities

exist throughout technical high school,

community and state college systems,

as well as Goodwin University. The entry

points are such that a retiree could earn

a little income by working a few hours

a week or entirely re-career into a fulltime

position. No teaching experience

or degree is required and professional

development courses for manufacturing

professionals looking to switch to

college instruction are available.

Real-life experience matters and can

bring a value to the next generation

of manufacturers that students

cannot learn from books. This unique

public-private partnership focuses on

supporting retirees who have many

years to give to the next generation.

Discover Learning Opportunities in CT

AARP Connecticut is helping to make

the opportunity for higher-learning

education more affordable for AARP

members. As part of our extensive

offers, members can save money on

enrollment of select programs and

classes at several Connecticut schools

of higher education. This is in addition to

the large variety of year-round options

for AARP members to save money and

connect with people in the community

while supporting local, nonprofit

educational and cultural organizations.

Bookmark www.aarp.org/ctdiscounts

and check back often for information

and updates about current and new

discounts for AARP members.

Encore Career Act

For seven years, AARP Connecticut

has been offering AARP members

scholarships to enroll in the Encore!

Conecticut program that provides

professionals and managers age 50 and

older assistance with transitioning their

corporate experience and expertise to

full and part-time managerial positions

in the Connecticut nonprofit sector.

A Catalyst for Change

AARP Connecticut volunteers share their

time, knowledge and experiences to

create a state that can be a great home

for people of all ages to live. They are

valued for the skills, knowledge, and

experiences that enable them to make

a difference on issues important to

everyone. Through education, advocacy

and service, they collaborate with staff to

improve the quality of life for community

members of all ages. AARP volunteers

have the opportunity to benefit from

quality training and workshops; enjoy

stimulating challenges; meet new

people and be creative; and know that

they are truly making a difference on

important issues. Visit www.aarp.org/

volunteer to learn more about the

different programs.

Stay Up on Where We Are & What We Do

You can receive complimentary

tickets to baseball, hockey or soccer

games; comedy, music and theater

shows; wineries and breweries; and

movie screenings. Or attend our free

seminars on important topics such as

fraud prevention, financial security,

finding a job, caregiving, and cost of

prescription drugs. People of all ages

can learn from these events, and there

is no membership requirement.

In addition, AARP members can

enjoy discounts on admission and

memberships to a variety of cultural

attractions, museums, aquariums, zoos,

local theaters, educational classes, and

more. These are just a few examples of

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Adoption from foster care

is a rewarding experience

for both your family

and a youth in need.


a Connecticut child!






At The Hartford, we believe each person’s differences make us all stronger – in business and in life.

It’s why we’re honored to sponsor the Hartford Capital City PrideFest and to celebrate the LGBTQ community.

Learn more about us at TheHartford.com/about-us/corporate-diversity.

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Over 15,000 LGBTQ+ community members, their families, allies

and Hartford residents attended our 2019 PrideFest. Hartford’s

annual PrideFest is the largest LGBTQ+ event in Connecticut.

The week-long celebration consisted of many exciting events

throughout the city of Hartford culminating with a pride festival

and after-party.

Pratt Street was filled with music, pride flags, and full of booths,

that included over 82 local and national sponsors, and community

organizations. Radio host Stevey Newnez emceed the event,

introducing speakers and performers including Connecticut’s

Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewics, and Hartford Mayor Luke

Bronin. The day’s celebration ended with a Pride after-party at the

historic Hartford City Hall featuring the Grammy winner Robin S.

Charlie Ortiz, the PrideFest organizer, said “PrideFest continues to

grow in size and venues each year.” Travelocity named Hartford

as one of the top ten LGBTQ+ friendly cities in the world, and

PrideFest was showed case on their website as one of the reasons.

Hartford Pride events are attracting visitors from all over New

England and continue to gain a loyal following of returning visitors

and sponsors year after year.

We look forward to welcoming you again on Saturday, September

12, 2020, for our 6 th annual PrideFest and Pride Concert at the

historic Bushnell Park, in Hartford.


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200 Columbus Blvd. | Hartford, CT 06103 | (860)249-8000 | hartfordmarriott.com










Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or to

take in a ball game or a concert, the Hartford Hilton’s

ideal location in the heart of the dining and

entertainment district makes it the perfect place to

spend the weekend in Hartford.

Hartford Hilton | 315 Trumbull Street | Hartford, CT 06103

(860) 728-5151 | hartfordhilton.com

Connecticut Chapter

Connecticut Chapter

Connecticut Chapter

Connecticut Chapter

Friends Embracing Life

Friends Embracing Life

A group of gay senior Friends men and Life

Friends Embracing their Life admirers

that offer you A the group opportunity of gay senior men to and participate their admirers in an

that offer you the opportunity to participate in an

active and dynamic social environment.

A group





gay senior men and their a

active and


dynamic social



and their ad

that offer you the Visit opportunity our WEB that offer you the opportunity

to participa

Visit our WEB Site

active and dynamic TUwww.ctprimetimers.com to participa

social environment.



active and dynamic social environment.


Visit our WEB Site

our free, confidential hotline


legal info and resources.







heard “gay” used in a

negative way (e.g. “that’s

so gay”)


were verbally harassed

because of their gender



of transgender students were unable to use the school

restroom that aligned with their gender

Visit our website to learn how you can get involved and help end bullying/harassment in K-12 schools.

GLSEN.org/Connecticut - Facebook.com/GLSENCT - Twitter: @GLSENCT - Instagram: @GLSENConnecticut

Do you have questions about

LGBTQ or HIV rights?

have you experienced


GLAD Answers can help.

- Fri 1:30 - 4:30 p.m.


or visit


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Creating a world

where youth of all

orientations and

genders are valued

and affirmed

True Colors’ Programs

Jalmar DeDios


(203) 427-3812


LGBTQ Youth Mentoring

Professional Training/Consultation

LGBTQ Youth Issues Conference

Youth Leadership Development

Policy & Advocacy

(860) 232-0050


Proud Supporters of Hartford PRIDE!


Friends, Family, and Allies united with LGBT people in

Support, Education, and Advocacy

Visit us @






The Smarter Choice for Everyone

At Middlesex Health, we’re committed to ensuring all of our patients, including those in the

LGBTQ+ community, feel welcome. Our providers deliver specialized care, giving patients the

safety, dignity, privacy and respect that everyone deserves. With services including primary

care, gender transition surgery, behavioral health, hormone therapy, infectious disease and

family planning—plus our Transgender Medicine program—we’re doing more than any other

health system in Connecticut to make sure our entire community gets the support they need.

It all adds up to the smarter choice for your care.




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Serving the


where we work,

live and PLAY.


Eversource is proud to support PrideFest.

Together with Hartford Pride,

we’re in good company.




New Laws Strengthening

LGBTQ+ Rights

Connecticut is becoming one of the most progressive states in terms

of gay rights, and it’s about time. It’s sad that while we have entered the

2020’s our community still has limited rights and medical treatment

options in many states. Our queer youth still face tough obstacles when

trying to access HIV prevention medication, same sex families face many

of the same challenges straight couples do with limited options for help.

Worst we continue to lose members of the community to senseless acts of

violence and the perpetrators, literally keep on getting away with murder.

The state of CT, a trailblazer in terms of gay rights, who was one of the

first states to legalize same sex marriage, is blazing the trail yet again.

The general assembly in the 2019 session, passed a landmark set of

legislations that tackle many of the problems our community is facing.

The approval of these bills is significant, particularly in light of attempts

at the federal level to rollback protections for the LGBTQ+ community.

Since President Donald Trump took office, his administration has sought

to drop policies that protect LGBTQ+ individuals from discrimination in

schools, the workplace, health care, and many more.

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The5New Laws:

Preventing the Transmission of HIV Among Minors

This bill expands access to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for

minors at risk of exposure to HIV without parental or guardian

consent. This is a safe, effective way to prevent the spread of HIV.

PrEP can possibly prevent the transmission of HIV, and in the

case of exposure, prevent permanent infection.

The stigma that continues to surround HIV makes it even more

difficult for young people to seek screening or treatment.

Oftentimes, young LGBTQ+ people are not ready to come out

to their family, and too many members of the gay community

are at risk of homelessness if they do. Individuals under 20 years

of age are less likely to be screened for HIV.

This bill will hopefully help reduce the number of new HIV

transmissions and empower those who are most at-risk of HIV

to make those important health care decisions, and reduce the

transmission of HIV in the long-term.

Establishing the LGBTQ Health and Human

Services Network

Connecticut’s 2020-21 biennium budget also includes $500,000

to establish a health and human services network for the LGBTQ+

community to protect access to safe, affordable health care

and resources. The network will explore the needs of LGBTQ+

persons and work with state agencies and the legislature to

address those needs.

Connecticut is the first state to statutorily create such a network

to develop a healthier and safer environment for LGBTQ+ people.

This network is charged with conducting a needs assessment

of LGBTQ+ persons and submitting biennially reports to inform

state policy. It will also provide grants to organizations to help fill

gaps in services to ensure proper coverage throughout the state.

Banning Gay and Transgender Panic Defense

With the passage of this bill, Connecticut joined California, Rhode

Island, Nevada, New York, Maine, Hawaii, and Illinois in eliminating

gay and transgender panic defense in criminal cases. This defense

has been used to justify horrific acts of violence against gay and

transgender persons and excuse the attacker’s violent behavior.

The bill protects those who have sustained violence based on

their gender expression or sexual orientation, and ensures those

who perpetrate violence cannot use gay or transgender panic as

any component of their defense if tried in a court of law.

Paid Family and Medical Leave for All

Connecticut’s Paid Family and Medical Leave program includes

a comprehensive definition of family. In this program, workers

can receive up to 12 weeks of partial wages while on leave caring

for a sick or ill family member. A family member is defined in the

state statute as a spouse, sibling, son or daughter, grandparent,

grandchild or parent, or an individual whose association is

equivalent to family relationships.

The inclusive definition is important for the LGBTQ+ community

because oftentimes they have a “chosen family” as opposed to

‘blood relatives.’ It is all too common for an individual’s family to

reject them after finding out their sexual orientation or gender

expression. Those relationships are still valid, and are just as valid

as biological relationships.

Safeguarding LGBTQ+ Youth’s Rights

The Connecticut Children’s Bill of Rights addresses the different

set of challenges LGBTQ+ youth experience when placed in outof-home

care programs by the state Department of Children

and Families. The Bill of Rights ensures their rights to health

and safety are protected.

These bills are significant victories for the LGBTQ+ community,

but our work is not done yet. During the 2020 legislative session,

I hope focuses on protecting the parental rights of LGBTQ+

couples and their children ensuring they are treated with respect

and dignity.

We applaud the passage of these bills. But we must understand

that this is a drop is the sea of injustice that the LGBTQ+

community continues to face around the nation. All of

Connecticut’s new laws can be found on the CGA web site.


Where you want to be.








by Jeremy Kareken & David Murrell and Gordon Farrell

JANUARY 30 – MARCH 8, 2020


by Ayad Akhtar

JUNE 4 – JULY 12, 2020











by Bekah Brunstetter

APRIL 5 – MAY 10, 2020


music by Jeanine Tesori, book and lyrics by Lisa Kron

based on the graphic novel by Alison Bechdel


Tickets start at $35

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In Support Of

Hartford Capital

Pride Fest

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Safe Zone

Safe Zone

Jacqueline Jordan, PA-C

Maris Dillman, LMSW

Lorena Polo, MD – Infectious

Disease/Internal Medicine

Sherri Englehart-Shea – Dental Hygiene



Prevent HIV with a daily pill

Now available at all Planned Parenthood

of Southern New England locations

Make an appointment today!



Southern New England


Lunch Monday – Saturday 11:30

Dinner 7 Nights a week

Saturday and Sunday 4pm

100 Trumbull Street

Hartford, CT 06103

(860) 899-1350

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Including PrideFest!

Summer in the City is a partnership program of:

Find even more events at



Let’s Celebrate PrideFest










continued commitment

and hard work to our community.

and hard work to our community.

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connecticut sun guard

courtney williams

the sun shines

for everyone




Your sexual orientation is a part of what makes you,

Your sexual orientation is a part of what makes you,

you. At Travelers, we respect that. We understand

you. At Travelers, we respect that. We understand

that diversity – and true inclusion – is essential to

that diversity – and true inclusion – is essential to

growth, innovation and achievement for all. So we’ll

growth, innovation and achievement for all. So we’ll

never stop striving to make everyone who comes

never stop striving to make everyone who comes

through our doors feel welcome and valued.

through our doors feel welcome and valued.

Because your uniqueness truly is our greatness.

Because your uniqueness truly is our greatness.

Learn more at travelers.com/diversity

Learn more at travelers.com/diversity



The Travelers Indemnity Company and its property casualty affiliates. One Tower Square, Hartford, CT 06183

Your sexual orientation is a part of what makes you,

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you. At Travelers,

and other Company. countries. All rights M-18506 reserved. New 10-19 Travelers and the Travelers Umbr

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better understand

8/29/2018 10:42:01

the umbrella

AM ® registered trademarks of The Travelers Indemnity Company in the U.S. and other countries. M-1

are, Hartford, CT 06183

that diversity – and true inclusion – is essential to

growth, innovation and achievement for all. So we’ll

never stop striving to make everyone who comes

through our doors feel welcome and valued.

Because your uniqueness truly is our greatness.

elers Umbrella logo are

untries. M-18506 New 10-19

e umbrella ®

Learn more at travelers.com/diversity



Just steps away from endless entertainment

and world-class dining in downtown Hartford.

Enjoy the style and luxury of our downtown Hartford

hotel. Located in the Front Street District of Hartford,

the Marriott Hartford Downtown overlooks the

Connecticut River and is interconnected with the

Connecticut Convention Center. Our 409 room upscale

hotel has so much to offer and is conveniently located

within walking distance of Hartford’s best attractions.

The Travelers Indemnity Company and its property casualty affiliates. One Tower Square, Hartford, CT 06183

© 2019 The Travelers Indemnity Company. All rights reserved. Travelers and the Travelers Umbrella logo are

registered trademarks of The Travelers Indemnity Company in the U.S. and other countries. M-18506 New 10-19




200 Columbus Blvd. | Hartford, CT 06103 | (860)249-8000 | hartfordmarriott.com



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(and a little help from us)

Makes a Family

Experts in all aspects of LGBTQ family building

John Nulsen, MD • Claudio Benadiva, MD, HCLD • David Schmidt, MD

Lawrence Engmann, MD, MRCOG • Andrea DiLuigi, MD • Dan Grow, MD


(844) 467-3483

New London

(877) 860-8044


(860) 525-8283


(203) 481-1707


An academic affiliate of UCONN School of Medicine




Business Planning

Loan Application

Resume Preparing


Notary Service

2035 Broad Street, Second Floor

Hartford, CT 06114

(860) 293-1103

Achieve TMS East is proud

to support Hartford Pride!

Here at Achieve, we are proud to provide those in the

LGBTQ community with a breakthrough treatment for

their depression or OCD. If you or a loved one is

suffering, call today for a free 30-minute

informational session.

You don’t have to suffer alone.

You’re Invited!

Come check out our newest office in West Hartford

at a FREE Public Open House.

When: Wednesday, November 13 th , from 4:30 - 6 pm

Where: 18 N Main Street, 3rd Floor,

West Hartford, CT

WiFi that keeps



with the whole family.

with the whole family

Xfinity xFi gives you fast speeds and the best in-home WiFi

experience. See who’s online, set curfews and pause your WiFi

to bring the family together. Plus, get enhanced security for all

the devices connected to your network. Xfinity xFi puts you in

control. Now that’s simple, easy, awesome.

Xfinity xFi gives you fast speeds and the best in-home WiFi

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to bring the family together. Plus, get enhanced security for a

Go to x fi n i t y . c o m, call 1 - 8 0 0 - x fi n i t y or visit an Xfinity Store today.

the devices connected to your network. Xfinity xFi puts you i

control. Now that’s simple, easy, awesome.

Go to x fi n i t y . c o m, call 1 - 8 0 0 - x fi n i t y or visit an Xfinity Store toda

Restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. Actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed. Xfinity xFi

is available to Xfinity Internet service customers with a compatible Xfinity Gateway. Ability to pause

limited to home WiFi network. Does not apply to Xfinity WiFi hotspots. Call for restrictions and complete

details. NPA224259-0013

Call 413-570-6069 for more information

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7/25/19 7:10 PM



Restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. Actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed. Xfin

is available to Xfinity Internet service customers with a compatible Xfinity Gateway. Ability to

limited to home WiFi network. Does not apply to Xfinity WiFi hotspots. Call for restrictions and co

details. NPA224259-0013

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134241_NPA224259-0013 Internet Superiority VT, Chattanooga_8.25hx4.25w.indd 1

Thank you for making a difference

Every day, devoted individuals in our city give amazing gifts of resources and time to help our

neighbors grow stronger.

We offer our gratitude to CLARO and Hartford Capital City Pride for their unlimited spirit and

contribution to the LGBTQ+ community and allied supporters. It’s this heartfelt connection that can

make a difference in our community and beyond.

Visit us at bankofamerica.com/about.

©2019 Bank of America Corporation | AR64WX5V | ENT-226-AD


About Us

Out In CT is a publication of Hartford Pride showcasing

LGBTQ+ accomplishments and the best our community

has to offer in Connecticut. Hartford Pride relies on the

commitment of volunteers and your financial support to

make this publication and LGBTQ+ events possible for our

community, families, and allies.

September 12, 2020

Bushnell Park


Chief Editor Charlie Ortiz

Design & Web Influential Designs

Articles AARP


Jalmar DeDios

State Representative Jeff Currey

Pride Committee Pedro E. Segarra

Charlie Ortiz

Luis Quiros

Luis Irizarry

Keith Rhoden, Jr.

Dr. Richard Stilson

Pablo Santiago

Eric Juadoo-Díaz

Public Relations Jalmar DeDios


Influential Designs


When you make a donation or volunteer with us, you are

making a difference in your community as a whole. We need

your support to make sure that “Pride, Love, Life and Equality”

continue to be alive and well in Connecticut. Make your

voice heard and play your part by volunteering, fundraising,

or donating to Hartford Pride.

How can you help?

If you own a business or work for a company that supports

our community, please support Hartford Pride by having

a booth, placing a paid listing in our OUTINCIT.COM

directory, or making a monetary donation. Your support

makes it possible for us to bring events like the PrideFest

and resources like OUTINCT.COM to the LGBTQ+


Donations from our sponsors and donors are critical to

our organization. Funds go directly to supporting events

like PrideFest that help bring our community and allies

together in a safe family-friendly atmosphere. Our CLARO

social justice branch is supported by Hartford Pride and

provides scholarships for students who pursue go careers in

the health and social justice fields that serve the LGBTQ+



Interested in getting involved with Hartford Pride? Running

an organization like Hartford Pride requires all sorts of

skills. We are always looking for volunteers to help us with

administration, events and talented individuals that want

to share their skills to promote diversity and tolerance.

For more information visit


or call (860) 841-2345.

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Best wishes on the 6th Annual Rainbow Ball!

If you are interested in becoming a PrideFest sponsor,

please call (860) 841-2345, or visit www.hartfordpride.org.

Add your business or organization to outinct.com and reach thousands

of potential clients.



Delta is proud to serve you for PrideFest and beyond,

no matter who you love.

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