February 19, 2020




• Ken Ofor-Atta,

Finance Minister

• Mrs Elizabeth

Afoley Quaye,

Krowor MP

• Martin Amidu,

Special Prosecutor

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Tax is for development; Pay

your tax always because tax

evasion is criminal



Independence Day — Fri, 6 Mar 2020

Good Friday — Fri, 10 Apr 2020

Easter Monday — Mon, 13 Apr 2020

Labour Day — Fri, 1 May 2020


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Martin Amidu faces

S/Court judgement




Court has set April

29, 2020 to deliver

its judgement in

the suit challenging

the eligibility of Martin Amidu

as the Special Prosecutor.

In December last year, the

court adjourned the case indefinitely

to allow for a re-panelling

of the bench hearing the case

following the retirement of two

of the judges.

In court yesterday, the Attorney

General, represented by

Deputy Attorney General Godfred

Yeboah Dame, and Tony

Lithur, counsel for the applicant,

had informed the court

that they had complied with the

filing orders of the court.

The seven member panel

presided over by Chief Justice

• Over age as Special Proscutor

• Martin Amidu, Special Prosecutor

Anin Yeboah subsequently

fixed April 29,

2020 to deliver its


Subject matter

A former Deputy

Attorney General, Dr

Dominic Ayine, in a

suit, said Mr Amidu,

being 66 years, is too

old to hold public office,

and as such cannot

be the Special


The former

Deputy AG is seeking

a declaration that per

the interpretation of

Articles 190(1)(d),

199(1), 199(4), and

295 of the 1992 Constitution,

the retirement

age of all

holders of public offices

created pursuant to Article(1)(d),

is 60 years, hence Mr.

Amidu is not qualified or eligible

to be nominated as the Special


Dr. Dominic Ayine

filed the case in

February 2019.

He is seeking a declaration

from the Supreme Court that

Mr. Amidu, “is not qualified or

eligible to be nominated as the

Special Prosecutor under Section

13(3) of the Office of the

Special Prosecutor Act, 2018

(Act 959).”

He argued in his writ that

“any other interpretation would

result in an unlawful amendment

of Article 199 of the

Constitution by legislation.”

Previously, the apex court

had removed Martin Amidu's

name as defendant in Ayine


The court said Mr Amidu is

not a proper party to the case

as the position in question is

one which falls under Article

88 of the Constitution.

The Supreme Court said per

the constitution, the Attorney

General is required to represent

public officials sued as a result

of their office.

Afoley Quaye predicts getting 90% votes



THE MEMBER of Parliament for

the Krowor Constituency, Mrs Elizabeth

Afoley Quaye, has filed her candidature

to contest the upcoming

New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentary

primaries scheduled for April,


Mrs Quaye, who is the incumbent

and first female MP for Krowor constituency,

says she is seeking more

years as a parliamentarian to enable

her add more development to what

she has already started.

Speaking to the DAILY HER-

ITAGE after filing her nominations

NPP primaries

• As she files nomination

• Mrs Elizabeth Afoley Quaye filing trail

in Accra on Feb 14, Mrs Quaye predicted

garnering 90% of the total

votes to be cast at the primaries which

she contests against Mr Eric Nii

Aryikwei Okine, a building contractor.

The filling ceremony was preceded

with wild jubilation by some of the

constituents, right from the MP’s office

at Buade, through some principal

streets of the Nungua township to the

party’s office at Nungua Channel 5.

The forms and cheques paying for

the filing were received by Mr Attah

Gyimah, the Krowor Constituency

Chairman and his team after appending

his signature to the forms.


The MP, who is also the Minister

in charge of Fisheries and Aquaculture

Development, moments after filing

her nomination, paid homage to

the family house to invoke the spirit of

the late father to support her secondterm


Mrs Quaye urged all delegates to

continue to rally support for her after

being overwhelmed by the support

shown her during the run-up to the


The MP, who has earned the title

‘Mother-for-all’ from her constituents,

urged the delegates to vote massively

for her, and the President, Nana Addo

Dankwa Akufo-Addo, again in the upcoming

general election.

Mr Quaye said the NPP government

is better placed to champion

more development in the constituency,

and that that aspiration

could materialize only if she and her

president remained in office for four

more years.




2.25B Eurobond case

Ofori-Atta faces

judgement April 22




panel of the Supreme

Court presided over by

Chief Justice Anin

Yeboah has fixed April

22, 2020 to deliver judgement in the

suit against the Finance Minister,

Ken Ofori Atta, for the issuance of a

2.25 billion Eurobond.

This was after the apex court had

refused an application from the

Commission on Human Rights and

Administrative Justice seeking leave

to amend their statement of case.

The panel, which includes Justice

Jones Dotse, Justice Sule

Gbadegbe, Justice Baffoe-Bonnie,

Justice Yaw Appau, Justice Gabriel

Pwamang, Justice Samuel Marfu-

Sau and Justice Prof Nii Ashie

Kotey, after hearing the parties, said

the application was irrelevant to the


The application was therefore refused.

The Dynamic Youth Movement

of Ghana, a civil society organization,

dragged the Finance Minister,

CHRAJ and Attorney General to the

Supreme Court over CHRAJ’s investigations

into the $2.25 billion bond

issuance in March 2017. The movement

is demanding interpretation of

Articles 284 and 286 of the 1992

constitution and six other reliefs.


The movement is

seeking a declaration

that by going beyond

investigations to

make a pronouncement

(of guilt or

otherwise) on the 1st

Defendant (Minister)

in respect of the allegations

of breach of

conflict of interest,

the 2nd Defendant

(CHRAJ) has contravened

article 287 of

the 1992 constitution.

It said, “By interpretation

of Article

284 of the 1992

Constitution (as disclosed

in paragraph 3

on page 127 and

paragraph 3 on page

133 of the report),

the second defendant

has contravened Article

130 (1) (a) of

the 1992 Constitution.

“A declaration of

the failure of the 1st

• Ken Ofor-Atta, Finance Minister

The movement is seeking a declaration that by going

beyond investigations to make a pronouncement (of

guilt or otherwise) on the 1st Defendant (Minister) in

respect of the allegations of breach of conflict of

interest, the 2nd Defendant (CHRAJ) has

contravened article 287 of the 1992 constitution.

Defendant to declare his

shareholding interest in Data

Bank Financial Services Limited,

Data Bank Brokerage

Limited and Data Bank Financial

Holdings Limited to

the Auditor General before

talking office as Minister of

Finance, as found by the 2nd

Defendant on page 120 of

the report contravenes article

286(1)(a) of the 1992 Constitution;

It is also asking for “A declaration

that the occupation

by the 1st Defendant of the

office of a director in Ventures

and Acquisition Limited,

a private company, while in

office as the minister responsible

for finance without the

due permission of the Right

Honorable Speaker of Parliament

on the grounds stated

by the law, contravenes Articles

78(3) of the 1992 Constitution;


“A declaration that by issuing

or overseeing the issuance

of the said bonds to Templeton

without disclosing his relational

interest with a

director at Templeton,


Trevor G. Trefgarne,

the 1st

Defendant has

acted in contravention

of Article

284 of the

1992 Constitution

and any

other reliefs that

this honorable

court deems fit

under the circumstances.”

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Delta Air Lines unveils new partnership

with Virgin, Air France and KLM



ANEW Transatlantic

Joint Venture (JV)

between Delta Air

Lines, and Virgin

Atlantic, Air

France and KLM

has been officially launched.

The expanded agreement covers

up to 341 peak daily Transatlantic

services across 110 nonstop

routes, and represents 23% of

total passenger and cargo Transatlantic


The JV brings together existing

agreements between Air France,

KLM and Delta, and between Virgin

Atlantic and Delta.

Based on the partnership, frequent

flyer programme members

will be able to earn and use miles,

and enjoy elite benefits for flights

on any of the four airlines’ worldwide

operations, including a

Transatlantic trip, intra-Europe

hop, or domestic US journey.

A joint statement indicates that

•Mr Pakwo Shum, MD of Aviation Alliance, Delta Air Lines GSA

the new partnership provides customers

with more convenient

flight schedules and a shared goal

of ensuring a smooth and consistent

travel experience, whichever

airline people fly”, as well as enabling

“the flexibility to book

flights on any of the four carriers

through their respective mobile

apps, websites, or via travel


The agreement will see the

launch of new codeshare services

going forward, as well as the alignment

of schedules to reduce connection

times. Customers will also

“soon” be able to check in and select

their seat through any of the

partner airline mobile apps or


In another development, Delta

Air Lines Ghana has partnered

with the American Chamber of

Commerce (AmCham) Ghana, the

United States (U.S.) Commercial

Service, Devtraco Plus and Fidelity

Bank to host the Delta Business

Reception in Accra.

Present at the event was the

Country Manager for KLM, Mr

Dick van Nieuwenhuyzen.

The event’s market place theme

which was first of its kind allowed

attendees to ‘work the room’ and

interact with ease.

About 100 guests showed up

from different companies, including

CEOs and managers of companies

like Consolidated Shipping,

Energy Global, Petroleum Commission,

BOST, Webster University,

MODEC, McDan Shipping

Company and Intercon Security.

The board and Platinum members

of AmCham Ghana were also

in attendance.

The Managing Director of Aviation

Alliance, Delta Air Lines

GSA, Mr Pakwo Shum, welcomed

the guests and handed over to

Eloina Baddoo, the Sales Manager,

to brief guests about the aim of

the event and acknowledge Delta’s


The partners, AmCham, Fidelity

and Devtraco Plus, were all

allowed to address the guests.

The expanded

agreement covers

up to 341 peak daily

Transatlantic services

across 110 nonstop

routes, and

represents 23% of

total passenger and

cargo Transatlantic



Avoid foods that contain aflatoxins – NGO


Director of the

African Cancer Organisation,

a nongovernmental

organization, Mr

Paul Opoku Agyemang, has advised

Ghanaians not to eat foods

contaminated with aflatoxins to

minimise their risks of getting cancer.

The more aflatoxins one consumes,

the higher their risk of getting

cancer, Mr Agyemang said at a

workshop for staff of the Ghana

News Agency in Accra.

The training was part of the organisation’s

series of sensitisation

programmes using data to promote

cancer prevention through

awareness creation and screening.

Scientists say aflatoxin is a

member of the toxin family produced

by some type of fungi that

are found on agricultural crops

such as poorly dried maize (corn),

groundnuts, cottonseed, and tree

•Maize is high in aflatoxins


The main fungi that produce

aflatoxins are Aspergillus flavus

and Aspergillus parasiticus, which

are abundant in warm and humid

regions of the world.

The awareness creation, therefore,

seeks to help avoid exposure

to things that could cause cancer

as well as help early detection for

effective treatment.

He said foods that contained

aflatoxins causes liver cancer

which is infectious, contagious and


The Executive Director explained

that cancers, which are

simply abnormal growth in various

parts of the body, are caused by

factors including those which are

biological, geographical, social, political

or cultural, saying that their

names were derived according to

where the growth would occur.

Mr Agyemang classified cancer

as chemical (exposure to unhealthy

diets, medical, nuclear), biological

(family, aging, childbearing) and

physical (consumption of alcohol,

drugs, tobacco) and carcinogens.

Mr Agyemang said people’s

lifestyles such as eating unhealthy

diets, alcohol consumption, drugs,

and intake of tobacco among others

had led to an increase in cancer


Mr Agyemang mentioned some

of the common cancers in Ghana

as breast, cervical, colon, rectum,

and ovarian, adding that more

people were dying from such cancers.

He attributed the deaths,

which were high in developing

countries to poverty.

He explained that due to urbanisation,

people have little time for

themselves, hence they relied

mostly on processed foods which

contained preservatives that increased

their risk of developing

the disease.

“They end up not eating well,

not being physically active and

above all put on weight,” he stated.

He noted that one-third of

cancers were curable if they were

reported on time whilst between

30 and 50 per cent could be

avoided with a healthy lifestyle.

He called for support to establish

a Ghana National Population-

Based Cancer Registry (GPCR) to

enhance control of the disease in

the country.

This he said was important as it

would abstract data on persons

with cancer in order to provide

complete, accurate and timely cancer

reports for interventional programmes.

The Administrative Manager of

the GNA, Mr Baffour, commended

the team for empowering

the staff with invaluable information,

adding that it would go a

long way to help them live healthy

lifestyles. GNA

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Prez commissions business

resource Centre at Kadjebi


Nana Addo

Dankwa Akufo-

Addo, on Sunday,

commissioned a


Business Resource Centre (BRC)

at Kadjebi in the Akan Constituency,

in the Oti Region.

The Business Resource Centre

is mandated to promote and support

the national industrialisation

agenda of the Akufo-Addo government,

and will serve as a onestop-shop

for business

development and investment in

the constituency.

It will also serve as information

repositories, which will provide

a full range of world-class

business development services to

potential and existing entrepreneurs

at Effiduase Asokore, particularly

those linked to the 1D1F

initiative. Already, 67 BRCs

are being constructed across the

country, and are at various stages

of completion, at an estimated

cost of $8.58 million, covering the

cost of infrastructure and equipment.

Thirty-seven of the BRCs have

been completed, whilst contracts

are currently being awarded for

the commencement of construction

of the remaining 30.

It will be recalled that in November

last year, the Minister for

Trade and Industry, Alan Kyerematen,

indicated that “the BRCs

will offer support services to contribute

to the One-District-One

Factory initiative, including adopting

a more transformative approach

to strategically integrating

rural informal smallholder raw

material supply base into corporate

entities along various commodity

value chains that have

been identified to be relevant to

the 1D1F projects.”

The Minister for Trade added

that "it would also serve as the intermediaries

to facilitate the organisation

and establishment of

the relationship between various

actors in these value chains.”

With all

districts in

the country

going to be


of the




BRCs, Mr


stressed that


will begin to


that this


is serious

about developing


private sector

at the

district level

to help us

address this challenge of unemployment.”

The operations of the BRCs

will be regulated by the National

Board for Small-Scale Industries.

The 37 districts and municipalities

where the BRCs have been constructed

are: Ahafo Ano South

West, Asante Akim Central Municipal,

Atwima Nwabiagya Municipal,

Obuasi Municipal, Sekyere

•The newly-commissioned

Business Resource Centre

East District, Sekyere South, Ejisu

Municipal in the Ashanti Region;

Asunafo North Municipal, Atebubu-Amantin

Municipal, Dormaa

Central Municipal, Tano

South Municipal, and Techiman

Municipal in the Brong Ahafo Region.

Others are Agona West Municipal,

Assin Fosu Municipal,

Awutu Senya District, and

Komenda Edina Eguafo Abirem

Municipal of the Central Region;

Asuogyaman District, East Akim

Municipal and Kwaebibirem Municipal

of the Eastern Region; and

Ada East District, and Weija

Gbawe Municipal in the Greater

Accra Region.

The rest are Sagnarigu Municipal,

West Gonja District, Yendi

Municipal in the Northern Region;

Bawku Municipal, Builsa

North District and Bolgatanga in

the Upper East Region; Jirapa

Municipal, Sissala East Municipal,

Wa Municipal in the Upper West

Region; Hohoe Municipal, Kadjebi

District, South Dayi District,

South Tongu District in the Volta;

and Sefwi-Wiawso Municipal,

Shama District, and Tarkwa

Nsuaem Municipal in the Western


Tension mounts in Dormaa

East Constituency

• As Polling Station Executives accuse MP

of attempts to divert MASLOC funds

SOME NEW Patriotic Party

(NPP) polling station executives

in the Dormaa East Constituency

in the Bono Region

have accused their sitting Member

of Parliament, William Sabi,

of attempts to divert funds allocated

to them by the Micro and

Small Loan Centre (MASLOC)

and share with his family and


Some of the polling station

executives who spoke with this

reporter on condition of

anonymity said MASLOC had

allocated a sum of

GHc400,000.00 to the constituency

to be shared among

the polling station executives of

the party.

According to them, each

qualified person is expected to

get GHC1,000.00 to invest in

their existing businesses.

They stated that instead of

the MP lobbying for the distribution

of the forms to the qualified

persons in order to access

the funds, he distributed them

to family and friends and polling

station executives who are loyal

to him and ready to vote for him

in the upcoming parliamentary


They indicated that some of

the polling station executives

had already benefitted from the

MASLOC funds that were distributed

recently and had not

been able to fully pay and thus

not qualified to access the current


The MP is alleged to have

told those who are presently not

qualified to give the forms to

their relatives to fill on their behalf

so that they could access

the funds.

The conduct of the MP is

said to have generated tension

in the community among party

faithful, which could escalate if

steps are not taken to curb it.

“He is trying to use the

MASLOC funds to make some

political gains but this will not

work. We are vigilant in this

constituency and will resist any

attempt by Honourable Sabi to

divert the MASLOC funds,” one

of the aggrieved polling station

executives stated angrily.

Police arrest 2nd suspect in

community nurse’s murder

THE ASHANTI Regional Police

Command has arrested one more

suspect in the alleged murder of

Ruth Ama Eshun, a community

nurse with the Sewua- Ayoum

Health Centre in the Bosomtwe

District of the Ashanti Region.

The first suspect, Dominic

Fosu, 35, was arrested on February

5, 2020 at Sewua Aboaso after

a Samsung mobile phone belonging

to him was retrieved at the

scene of the crime.

The police, in a statement

signed by the Deputy Regional

Commander, Mr David Agyemang

Adjem, said on Thursday,

February 13, 2020, acting on information,

they arrested second

suspect Kofi Garba, alias Amanya

Attiuwenti, 37, a mason apprentice,

to assist in the investigation

into the death of Ruth.

“He is also in custody helping

police in the investigation and he

will be put before court,” he said.

The command assures the bereaved

family and the general public

that it will do everything

possible within the laws of our

land to get the perpetrators to

•Ruth Eshun was a nurse at Sewua Health Centre

face the full rigours of the law.

They, therefore, appealed to

the public, especially anyone with

information on the perpetrators,

to volunteer same to the command.

The commander also cautioned

the media to be circumspect

in the reportage of such

cases in order not to jeopardize

police investigations.

The command assures

the bereaved family and

the general public that it

will do everything possible

within the laws of our

land to get the perpetrators

to face the full

rigours of the law.





Can Accra be Africa’s cleanest city?

POLITICS is synonymous with

promises and so it would be the

strangest thing to occur when

anyone seeking political office

would not give even one.

In the run-up to elections

politicians give promise to their

constituents and during their

reign as the president, ministers,

Members of Parliament, District

Chief Executives and even

Assembly members, they

continue to give promises.

The problem is that some of

the promises are so doubtful

that until they come to pass,

most people, including even

some party members, do not

believe them except that they

may not come out publicly to

say so.

An example of such promises

is the one given by President

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-

Addo that he would make Accra

the cleanest city in Africa.

Without doubt, the President

had all the good intentions

behind this promise but the

truth is that he failed to consider

the most important factors that

could make his promise come

true ---- Ghanaians and their

attitude towards environmental

cleanliness and the attitude of

the agencies to support him

realize his promise.

The President has, no doubt,

provided some logistics for the

work towards achieving results.


has a witness in at least the pickup

vehicles provided the Accra

Metropolitan Authority for the

“Clean Accra’ project but work

done is zero.

Almost every part of the

Accra metropolis is dirty. As for

gutters or drains, they must not

be discussed because the sight

of them kills appetite. For

instance, the gutter running

from Nima through Paloma area

to wherever is an eyesore. And

the Paloma area is barely a

kilometre from the President’s

house, near the Nima Police



wishes to prompt the President

that he should do something by

way of enforcement of

regulations or laws for

environmental cleanliness,

otherwise that promise would

fail in which case the insanitary

conditions of would have


Non-payment of electricity

bills to be criminalised



of Ghana (ECG) has

hinted that it is lobbying Parliament

to pass a law that will

criminalise nonpayment of

electricity bills.

Ghana has about 85% electricity penetration

rate but the non-payment of electricity

bills by consumers continues to

suffocate the power distributor, hence the

move to pass a law to make non-payment

of electricity bills illegal and liable for prosecution.

As it stands now, ECG has no law backing

it to prosecute consumers who fail to

pay bills so the extreme action the company

could apply is to disconnect power to

the consumer. But, this method has not

been very effective over the years for the

company to recoup its debts.

At the annual media encounter in Koforidua

instituted by ECG, the Eastern Regional

Manager of ECG, Ing Michael Baah,

explained that the majority of electricity

consumers are on credit meters. According

to him, “Prepaid is quite expensive. If you

• ECG tells Ghanaians

send prepaid to our rural areas, there is no

way you can recoup the capital”.

“So we are now lobbying Parliament to

pass a law making non-payment of

electricity a crime as it’s happening

in Francophone

countries. In Ivory

Coast, you dare not renege

on your responsibility

to pay bills. If

you do that they

will arrest you.

When you go to

Togo the same

thing; if you don’t

pay electricity they

will arrest and you

will pay penalty and

interest. We are lobbying

Parliament to pass a

similar law”.

Ing. Baah expressed sadness

that the company had been unable to

break even due to non-payment of power

consumed, making it difficult to have

strong financial muscles to operate with

optimum efficiency.

He said the overall effect was that

the government had to continuously

invest in the

company huge sums

of money which

could have been

used in other


He, therefore,


to the

media to

partner ECG

to educate the

public on the

need to pay

their bills on


Influx of “political

meters” during an election


Responding to a question posed by

EIB-Network’s Eastern Regional Correspondent,

Kojo Ansah, who sought to find

out measures adopted by the company to

prevent the influx of illegal meters during

this election year, the Public Relations Officer

of ECG-Eastern Region,,Mary Eshun-

Oppong, said the company had detected

some of these meters in circulation in parts

of the region but said management had engaged

the political leaders in the region on

the need to acquire meters through ECG

for their constituents.

She said the illegal meters cause revenue

losses to the company.

Illegal connection

The company said a total amount of

GH¢949,000.00 being the cost of

1,196,681kwh power stolen through illegal

connections in the region in 2019 had been


It said the amount represents penalties

and surcharges slapped on customers who

were caught using electricity illegally.

The practice is prevalent among hotel

operators, restaurants owners, cold store

operators, drinking pubs owners, individuals

and some media houses.

The types of illegal connections detected

included meter tampering, meter bypass,

illegal self-reconnection and illegal

direct connection.

A total of 4,014 meters were detected to

have been illegally connected out of which

16 were unauthorised service connection,

two illegal direct connection, 29 meters

tampered, 176 faulty meters and 111 meters

on wrong tariff class.”

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Mahama begins ‘Speak Out’

tour across Ghana


BEARER of the

National Democratic


John Dramani

Mahama, is set

to begin a three-day working

visit to the Western North Region,

which will include an interaction

with a wide section of

people from across the region.

The tour is dubbed ‘Speak


In a statement, the party

said: “The ‘Speak Out with

John Mahama’ will take place in

all 16 regions of the country

and serve as an opportunity for

the NDC leader to meet, interact

and listen directly to the

people of Ghana.

Among other things, the

‘Speak Out’ initiative will enable

him to better appreciate

the people’s personal desires

and expectations, the needs

of their communities and

what they consider should

be the priorities of government

towards improving

their standard of living and

enhance social infrastructure”.

Accompanying Mr Mahama

will be the party’s

Manifesto Committee members,

who will also take advantage

of the tour to listen

to the grass-roots views and

incorporate them into the

party’s 2020 Manifesto.

The Western North tour

begins on Tuesday, February

18, 2020 and ends on Thursday,

February 20, 2020.


Beniton, Stonebwoy create

history with ‘Struggles’ video

BENITON, ‘aka’ Jack

Frostt, has caught the

attention of Ghanaian

music lovers for putting

Stonebwoy on

the hit record “Struggles”.

“Struggles” coincidentally got

released within a very ‘challenging’

moment for Stonebwoy in May

2019 amidst the skirmishes between

him and Shatta Wale during

the Vodafone Ghana Music

Awards 2019 (the 20th edition).

Though the song was in no way

linked to the incident, the lyrics of

the song by both Beniton and

Stonebwoy perfectly accentuate

how humans need to be cautious

and wary of situations when trials

and tribulations befall us.

Beniton, in his own narrative as

a Jamaican with Ghanaian and

Nigerian ancestry, however, likens

the song to the struggles the Black

community face worldwide and

those they had to go through during

the gory ages of slave trade by

which millions of West Africans

were brought to the western world

to be exploited.

“It’s been 400 years since the

first African was brought to North

America, South America, Jamaica,

and the Caribbean etc,” he said.

With conversations not limited

to just slave trade or black exploitation,

Beniton, however, sees a very

strong force and power in all those

‘struggling’ situations faced by his

ancestors while juxtaposing it to

Marcus Garvey’s black revolution.

In the Spirit of the

#YearOfReturn, Beniton came to

Ghana in December 2019 and shot

the video at the Cape Coast slave

castle as a symbolic statement in

reference to historic site where all

the slave history can be traced to


He shot the video for the song

there — one which has never happened

in the history of Ghanaian

music videos of that magnitude.

This song video in itself is a very

historic one taking into review the

lyrics and the visuals, which even

explain it more and highlight the

meaning deeper than just an ordinary

song or video to watch for excitement.

‘Struggles’ video reveals to the

In the Spirit of the


Beniton came to

Ghana in December

2019 and shot the

video at the Cape

Coast slave castle

as a symbolic statement

in reference to

historic site where

all the slave history

can be traced to


bigger audience the historic, yet

colourful nature of the African and

how Africans have managed to

come out of their struggles and

still striving to be better.

Some parts of the video were

shot on location in Accra with

Stonebwoy. The video was directed

by Slingshot HD, a Ghanaian

music video director based in





Things not gone

as planned

•Samuel Inkoom



Inkoom has admitted

that his career has not

exactly gone as he had

hoped but adds he is determined to

make the most of what is left of it.

The former Under-20 World Cup

winner last week joined his 11th professional

club as he looks to revive

his career at Georgian top side FC


The 30-year-old, who left Bulgarian

club FK Dunav last week, joins

the 2016 Georgian champions on a

• Inkoom reflects

on fading career

deal until the end of the season.

After a topsy-turvy career that

has taken him from his native Ghana

to Bulgaria via Switzerland, France,

United States, Portugal and Turkey,

Inkoom seeks to resurrect his career

FC Samtredia.

"I like everything here and hopefully

it is the next step to something

positive. I have played in different

countries, even though things have

not really gone as planned I hope to

give my best to Samtredia."

Capped 46 times by Ghana, the

much travelled Inkoom has also

played for clubs in Ukraine and


Baba Yara closure:

Kotoko considering Cape

Coast, Len Clay stadiums

THE MANAGEMENT of Kumasi Asante

Kotoko is set to meet to deliberate on

the venue for their home matches following

the closure of the Baba Yara Sports


The Ministry of Youth and Sports

on Monday, February 17, announced a

temporary closure of the stadium to

allow for renovation works ahead of

Ghana’s 63rd Independence Day anniversary


The Ministry in the statement also

said that the stadium will remain closed

for football and athletics activities for

further renovation works as the stadium

has deteriorated to a level that require

immediate fix.

A source close to Kotoko told

ghanaweb.com that they are considering

the Cape Coast and Obuasi stadiums

as the home ground for their

remaining home matches.

The source disclosed that they were

not taken aback by the decision as the

Ministry and NSA has in previous discussions

informed them of their intentions

to lock down the stadium.

It said management will take into

consideration a lot of factors before

•Kotoko have drawn two of their last three home matches

deciding on a venue.

The source also failed to rule out the

use of the Konongo Park albeit an admission

that works will have to be done on the


It is believed that certain figures in the

club are hugely disappointed

with the development as it comes

right after their three-match ban where

they were forced to play behind closed


A fans’ riot at the Baba Yara Stadium

in week 3 of the GPL led to the imposition

of a 3-game behind closed doors ban

on Kotoko.

According to their coach, Maxwell

Konadu, the absence of the fans hugely

affected the players who could only win

one of the three matches.

Kotoko’s next home game is against

Bechem United.

The source

disclosed that they

were not taken

aback by the

decision as the

Ministry and NSA

has in previous


informed them of

their intentions to

lock down the


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