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Virtual reality is revolutionizing the real

estate industry by saving time and money.



How to select the best

from yoga retreats in India


Armitage Golf Club,

The Clubs at Colonial Ridge,

The Country Club of Harrisburg,

West Shore Country Club

Dave Weindorf: A meeting

of the modern and the primitive


Go Sky High & Ski Free

in Courmayeur

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Baby Feeding Tips: How to Deal

with a Messy Eater

Global Stem Cell Technologies

And Applications Market Worth

$17,768 Million In 2020


Virtual reality is revolutionizing

the real estate industry by saving

time and money.

By: Ritesh Mehta

People who are in search for homes hate

wasting time, whether buying a residential

house or investing in real estate property.

The thought of the hours spent on driving to

and standing in open houses could instantly

turn one off. Realtors put hours into the

preparation of an open house, taking and

editing photos, and finally taking clients to

get their attention. All of this can be

overwhelming for all parties. Fortunately,

recent advancements in technology have

paved the way for a system that could truly

boost the efficiency of real estate

purchasing, giving it the potential to

revolutionize the real estate industry. In this

case, I refer to Virtual Reality.

Many people have heard about all the

wonderful, futuristic things that virtual reality

can allow us to do. For a real estate company

or investor, now is the time to leverage VR to

lead the market. The most obvious benefit of

virtual reality in the field of real estate is that a

client is able to see a prospective home as if

he or she is actually there. This is a new and

fresh way of marketing a property, but also

makes viewing it so much easier. Simpler

access to homes and properties lead to more

views and obviously the best way of selling

real estate is exposure.



Using virtual reality to market a property has the potential to increase investor interest. VR

marketing particularly works for high-end homes. This makes sense when considering the

large financial commitment that investors make, often from their executive office in another

city or even another country. Given how realistic the VC content appears, the chance to

simply just be present in the place, albeit virtually, could instantly provide an accurate

understanding of the space.

The biggest benefit of virtual reality tours is the potential to save money and time. After virtual

reality viewing, clients can narrow down their choices, and thus, there will be a decrease in

unproductive visits. Instead of taking and managing thousands of individual photos, real

estate agents and engineers now could simply manage one file for each space. Moreover,

rather than preparing for an open house that will last for only a day, companies can now make

the place accessible 24/7, and prospective buyers are able to view or experience the place at

their own convenience. This is particularly true for international or high-profile buyers.

The process of scheduling and visiting can be taxing. Los Angeles could take two whole days

to visit ten houses due to traffic, in which case, the money and time saving benefit of virtual

reality is obvious. There is are actual cases wherein an international buyer saw and bought a

listing without visiting it physically. The sales process saves a lot of time and human resources

for both parties. With VR, there is no need to fly for international buyers or take time off work.

With virtual reality, a person may be sitting in an office or home, but with a headset to his face,

he can walk through a condominium.VR real estate solutions make a buyer feel as if actually

on the property, walking around, opening gates, checking out windows and seeing how the

feel and look of a home changes from dawn to dusk.


People usually are confused between 3D virtual tour

and Interactive app with VR support. However, it really is

simple, 3D virtual tour is the same as moving through a

home, but you’re aware that you’re looking at a screen.

In the case of interactive app with VR support, as soon

as you put on a headset, it is similar to being in that

condo place. Virtual reality is a rapid growing

technology and proves to be extremely helpful for busy

clients who might find it hard to visit a property

personally due to their busy schedules. They could see it

easily on their computers.

These days, several builders and realtors are using

virtual reality to cope with the competitive market at

present. People who actually use the solutions proclaim

that it is not at all strange for properties to be sold within

hours of listing. Furthermore, it is also not unusual for

buyers to make an offer during a walkthrough.




HB McClure is a full-service

provider for all of your home

comfort needs, including heating,

cooling, plumbing, and

fuel delivery. We have the experience

and resources to reliably

service your home, and we’re

an employee-owned company,

which means we provide unbiased

advice on installation,

maintenance, and repair. Our

number one goal is to build a

lasting relationship with you

through exemplary service and


Residential and Commercial






Fuel Oil/Propane

Duct Cleaning

Water Conditioning





A meeting of the

modern and the


By:Maria Stella



NEW YORK, NY – Chelsea’s Agora Gallery will

feature the original work of Dave Weindorf in

Metamorphosis .


The modern and primitive come together

in Dave Weindorf’s dynamic paintings.

Influenced by hieroglyphics and cave art,

as well as ancient Egyptian symbols and

Viking runes, Weindorf brings those

influences into the present through a

clean sense of line and vibrant color

palette. While that modern sensibility at

least partly follows in the footsteps of

Picasso, Miro and Kandinsky, it is the

artist’s use of his materials and the

intuitive approach he takes to painting

that make his images distinctive.


Working in watercolor, acrylic, ink and stain

on canvas and board, the artist employs a

range of textures and tones in his images.

Bold strokes of paint are placed over

contrasting backgrounds with colors that

range from delicate pastels to intense blues,

reds and yellows. Weindorf says he likes to

use vintage paints when possible, feeling

that the vividness of those paints gives

sharper definition to his images—heightening

their three-dimensional sense of space.

The resulting works combine a strong

physical presence with a lightness and

freedom that draw the viewer in. Weindorf

lives and works in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

How to select the

best from yoga

retreats in India

By: Steve Davis


Here’s a breakdown of how enthusiast

yogis should select their Yoga Retreat

in India, as a wrong decision can

deprive them of the satisfaction that

they have come for.

India is famous all over the world for the

yoga retreats. Some Yoga Schools pitch

the tents in the Himalayan ranges, while

others take their participants and guests

deep in the forest lands or near the sea.

Of course, yoga retreats are great to do

in India, as the yogis can dive deep into

the sublimity of nature and succor their

souls to the songs of the birds while

doing their favorite poses.

Naturally, for the enthusiast yogis across

borders, selecting the yoga retreat is

one of the toughest jobs as there are so

many to choose from. So here I have put

some points for you to contemplate and

keep in mind while making a right choice

of the yoga retreat.

But before the selection, the first thing

that you should know is what yoga

retreats in India are, and what to expect

with them.


A yoga retreat is a few day program in which

participants are taken out in the laps of

nature, giving them an opportunity to

nourish their mind and restore their body

and soul. In yoga retreats, you deepen your

yogic practice and connect with the

like-minded people with the Indian nature

around. In India itself, you can find many

yoga retreats offering many lucrative

opportunities, services, and choices. While

some of these retreats are super strict,

others are austere and good-humored; it is

the best get away from the busy life.

In a yoga retreat, you expect to involve in deeper

connection, sharing, conversation, a lot of learning, and

of course yoga. It is also about understanding the nature

around and how to conjure yourself with it. In many yoga

retreats in India, you are also taken on adventurous trips

and excursions that bring you closer to your roots. These

become the most exciting and memorable moments for


So, while selecting a yoga retreat, consider the following


A yoga retreat is in place which has roots in Yoga

In India, your yoga retreat is held in Rishikesh, which is

located at the footsteps of the Himalayas, near the river

Ganga. It is a Yoga Capital of the world, and the best pilgrimage/tourist

place. As soon as you land in Rishikesh

you would feel spiritually transformed. There are other

places too which are equally beautiful like Dharamshala,

and towards South Kerala and West Goa.

There are cultural Trips in the Package

Whether you opt for the week-long retreat or a month,

you should check out if your institute is providing culture

interaction program or not. For any yogi, it is very

important to get a cultural exposure and build the

worldview which is more relevant in such diverse land as

in India. Check out in the Package if the cultural trips are

mentioned or not before joining it.


Traditional Line of Teaching

Yoga is more than mere exercises; it is a

complete wellness program whose roots are

dug in its tradition. In Indian Schools and

retreats emphasis is given on bringing mind

and body into harmony, pranayama breath,

and meditative practice. Study the teacher’s

profile you would like to sign up with and

check whether they have traditional lineage

and have experience of teaching traditional


Provides mix curriculum of ancient disciplines

Yoga is an a ncient discipline and is five

hundred thousand-year-old tradition. It has

mushroomed into the different Schools of

practice. The best thing to do is to find a

retreat which provides the mix of Hatha and

Ashtanga, these two basic courses which

would open one to the many self-exploratory

and self-learning forms. There should be a

proportionate combination of Hatha and

Ashtanga forms.

The above suggestions are the basic things

that you need to consider besides finding out

if the institute is Yoga Alliance Certified, the

type of food or accommodation it is

providing and the reputation it holds in the

yoga world.


Go Sky High & Ski Free in Courmayeur

By Lisa Jeeves

Courmayeur, nestled in the Italian

Alps at the foot of Mont Blanc, may

be famous as an elegant ski resort,

but for those who want the snow and

mountains without the high octane

thrills, it also offers a range of other

activities. With exclusive boutiques

and excellent restaurants scattered

around the resort’s pretty pedestrianized

centre, combined with the short

transfer from Geneva to Courmayeur,

it makes a wonderful spot for a winter

break, even without the skiing.

Restaurants and boutiques are all very well, but if you’ve come to the Alps for stunning

mountain views but don’t want to do too much walking then you’ll be thrilled to

discover that the Skyway Monte Bianco cable car makes the mountains accessible to

all. First built as a way of connecting the Italians of Courmayeur with the town of

Chamonix in France as early as the 1930s, the original cables were destroyed by French

fighter planes during World War Two. After the war, a station was opened at 3300m,

but engineers were unable to reach the summit due to the shifting glacier ice. It wasn’t

until 2015 that the top station at Punta Helbronner was finally opened at 3466m. Today

the Skyway Monte Bianco takes visitors from Courmayeur, up through a series of

stations, to the summit of Mont Blanc with views of many of the Alps’ highest peaks.


Spend Time at the Skyway Stations

Starting at Pontal, visitors are swept up the face of Mont Blanc to the first station of

Pavillon du Mont Fréty. Those who just want to feel they are at the heart of the

mountain landscape will enjoy spending the day at the station here, enjoying the

botanical garden (which specializes in Alpine plants) or relaxing in its restaurant,

shopping area or cinema. For a truly breathtaking view of the Alps, carry on up the

cable car to the top station at Punta Helbronner. The modern structure (designed to

look like a shard of ice) has a 360º viewing terrace and a crystal museum, as well as a

café, bar and restaurant.

Relax with a Skyway Spa

Put all thoughts of aching skiing muscles out of your mind and instead imagine staying

at the Pré-Saint-Didier Spa and indulging in its ‘Spa and Cable Car’ package. The deal

includes days spent on Mont Blanc at the Skyway’s beautiful stations, followed by

relaxing, rejuvenating treatments in the spa’s elegant therapy rooms.

How to Get There

Since relaxation and beautiful scenery is at the heart

of your winter break to Courmayeur, it’s good to know

that getting there couldn’t be easier. There are

regular flights from the UK to Geneva, and a short,

easy transfer of an hour and a half from Geneva to


For the ultimate stress-free transfer from Geneva to

Courmayeur, book an executive car with Shuttle

Direct before you leave home and we’ll be there to

meet you at the arrivals lounge when you land and

take you directly to your resort accommodation.


Baby Feeding Tips: How to

Deal with a Messy Eater

By: Gus Tanish

Does your baby throw

everything out during

the meal time? Here are

some tips on how to cope

with a messy eater and

make mealtimes stress

and mess-free.


Like it or not, feeding toddlers is really a messy business. No matter how tasty the meal

is, they love to play with it and soon master the art of throwing down everything they

don’t like. If you face this situation very often, here are some survival tips which should

help you cut down on the mess and make the mealtime less stressful for you.

Be Prepared:

Prepare yourself well in advance for baby’s mealtime and it's a sure bet, you won’t be

disappointed. Due to the fact that the mealtime with a toddler is messy, you must keep

all the cleaning supplies ready and nearby. In other words, the better prepared you are,

the less frustrated and upset you’ll be.

Pick Your Spot:

Feed your little one somewhere where the floor is easy to clean and wipe. This is because

you never know when the mess may fall down on your favorite carpet or couch. Also, try

to make your baby’s dining area as mess proof as possible to minimize the chances of


Cover Him/Her up Properly:

Make sure your baby is fully covered before you put them into their dining seat. Use a

good-sized bib/apron to protect your baby’s clothes against spit-up, drool and food

residue. As baby bibs are much easier to clean than a chair or floor, it’s always a great

idea to use them during the meal time.

Get a Splat Mat:

To further protect your floor from muck splatter, you may consider investing in a plastic

floor mat that is designed to catch every bit of food and can be easily wiped clean

afterwards. Alternatively, an old shower curtain or a baby play mat will also do the job



Serve Less:

Letting your tot hold a big bowl of food is just like asking them to make mess. If your little

one often tends to spill or throw food on the floor, try serving a small amount of food to

him at a time. If you do so, your toddler will get rid of his messing-with-food habits soon.

Keep the Meal Time Short:

A shorter mealtime not only minimizes your baby’s chances of messing with food but also

keeps them well seated throughout the mealtime period. So, to avoid a longer

mealtime, get all the food ready before your child takes their seat. Serve your toddler

food only when they are hungry as this will prompt them to eat more and waste less.

Serve Finger Foods:

Opt for foods that are less likely to slip out of the

spoon. Instead of serving a sloppy meal, let your

toddler taste finger foods which are not too

messy and can be easily grasped with fingers.

However, it would be better if you avoid serving

certain slippery finger foods, like banana and


Set a Good Example:

Set a Good Example:

During mealtime, sit with your child and share

food with them. Feed yourself in front of your

little one and ask them to watch and learn from

your actions. Make your toddler feel how tasty

their food is and let them use a separate set of

utensils to feed themselves.


Global Stem Cell Technologies And

Applications Market Worth $17,768

Million In 2020

By: Sara Peerun

The global stem cell technologies and

applications market is expected to grow at a

CAGR of 13.4% in the first half of the forecast

period and CAGR of 10.5% in the second half

of the forecast period. The market is expected

to grow at a CAGR of 11.7% from 2016 to

2027. The market is estimated at $10,751

million in 2016 and $17,768 million in 2020.

LONDON, UK March 2017: Visiongain’s new report Global Stem Cell Technologies

and Applications Market 2017-2027: Cancer, Cardiovascular, CNS, Other Disease

Areas and Non-Therapeutic Applications indicates that the global stem cell

technologies and applications market will see $17,768 million in spending in 2020.

The global stem cell technologies and applications market is expected to grow at

a CAGR of 13.4% in the first half of the forecast period and CAGR of 10.5% in the

second half of the forecast period. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of

11.7% from 2016 to 2027. The market is estimated at $10,751 million in 2016 and

$17,768 million in 2020.

The lead analyst of the report said: “In 2016, visiongain estimates that the total

global stem cell and technologies and applications market reached revenues of

approximately $10,751 million. We estimate that stem cell therapies accounted for

42.7% of the revenues in the market, whilst non-therapeutic applications

accounted for 57.3%.

We believe that the US led the market for stem cell technologies and applications

in 2016. This is largely due to the greater cost of HSCT, higher demand and

provision of cord blood banking services, and higher stem cell research output in

the US. The greater availability of funds also makes the USA stem cell market

potentially more attractive to market players.


Visiongain provides revenue forecasts for the period 2017-2027 as well as

qualitative analysis of the global market of stem cell technologies and applications.

The forecast is further segmented by application: Cancer treatment, Cardiovascular,

CNS, Other Disease Area and Non-Therapeutic applications. This report provides

individual revenue forecast to 2027 for selected top products: MSC-100-IV

(Mesoblast), Hearticellgram-AMI (Pharmicell), CardioRel (Reliance Life Sciences),

Osteocel Plus (NuVasive), Trinity Evolution and Elite (Orthofix), CARTISTEM


Moreover, this report provides analysis of the most promising pipeline therapies in

each therapeutic segment. The 257-page report gives insights on regulatory

environments and developments in the US, Japan, Europe and other leading

countries as well as analysis of what drives and restrains the market. In this brand

new 257-page report you will receive 114 charts– all unavailable elsewhere.

The report Global Stem Cell Technologies and Applications Market 2017-2027:

Cancer, Cardiovascular, CNS, Other Disease Areas and Non-Therapeutic

Applications report will be of value to anyone who wants to better understand the

Stem Cell Technologies and Applications Market and its various segments. It will be

useful for businesses who wish to better comprehend the part of the market they

are already involved in, or those wishing to enter or expand into a different regional

or technical part of the Stem Cell Technologies and Applications Market.



Life Adjusted Chiropractic is committed

to providing chiropractic care for

people of all ages. We believe that every

person is born with an innate ability to

thrive and heal. We believe that pain and

dysfunction doesn't have to be part of

life. We believe in health care, not sick

care. It's been said that the preservation

of health is easier than the cure of disease;

are you preserving your health, or

are you waiting until your pain and symptoms

have taken over your life? With two

convenient locations in Linglestown and

the on the Carlisle pike, we ensure that

everyone has access to our care. Let’s

keep your health, together.

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Breanna Smith Powderly, DC

Barry Powderly, DC


CHOOSE US! We won't JUST book

your vacation but will help you

create long lasting memories.

Call Judy 410­299­8936


Armitage Golf Club

Memorable Golf in a Superb Natural Setting

Designed by two-time U.S. Open Champion Andy North and Roger Packard, Eagle

Brook Country Club's remarkable 254-acre links-style championship layout was

artfully designed to blend seamlessly with its pristine natural surroundings just 45

minutes from Chicago. Large stands of mature trees frame gently rolling fairways and

immaculate emerald greens, with 92 acres of preserved wetlands adding to the

course's strategic diversity as well as its breathtaking beauty.

Five sets of tees on each hole and unique family tees enable golfers of all ages and

abilities to enjoy this tranquil golf oasis, which is reserved exclusively for Members

and their invited guests - with golf outings available to be booked on Mondays only.

Before or after a round, golfers can hone their skills on the club's expansive

bentgrass practice facility, complete with a driving range, large putting green and

bunker area - along with an indoor teaching and practice area that can be used

year-round. A variety of golf instructional programs are offered year-round taught by

top PGA teaching professionals, ranging from private lessons and on-course

instruction to group clinics and summer junior golf camps.



Let’s Find The Perfect Home For You

c. 717 269 7777 | o. 717 745 2929

The Clubs at

Colonial Ridge

Centralized in an ideal location in the Harrisburg/Colonial Park Area, Colonial Golf &

Tennis Club is a short commute from any East/West Shore address and Hershey, PA.

It has been a social hub since 1956. Although the membership, structure, and

ownership has changed over the years, the mission remains the same: “Providing

Excellence in Membership Services.” Colonial Golf & Tennis Club is a golf course

designed by Bill Gordon in 1954 and redesigned in 2003 by Steve Forest and Arthur

Hills. It features scenic views and well-groomed fairways and greens. The 18-hole

course plays 6,868 yards, Par 72, slope 135 and is rated 73.0. The golf is challenging

at every skill level and always promises an enjoyable golf experience.

As a golf member of Colonial Golf & Tennis Club, you are eligible for the most

expansive reciprocal program in the Harrisburg market. Membership at Colonial Golf

& Tennis Club gives you access to twenty-three other local golf facilities, as well as

two golf courses in the destination area of Hilton Head, SC. All of these reciprocal

clubs can be played by members for a nominal fee.

The Country Club

of Harrisburg

Our 18 Hole Championship Golf Course was founded in 1896, making it one of the

7 oldest clubs in the state of Pennsylvania. When the club moved from Front Street

to it's current location on Fishing Creek Valley Road world renowed architect William

Flynn was hired to design the course. William Fylnn is best know for his design work

of Merion Golf Club's West Course, The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts,

The United States Naval Academy Golf Course and Lancaster Country Club just to

name a few. Former Masters Champion (1938) and PGA Champion (1939) Henry

Picard was Head Golf Professional at The Country Club of Harrisburg from 1945 to

1947. In 1947 Jack Grout became Head Golf Professional at The Country Club of

Harrisburg before moving on to his final position as Head Golf Professional at Scioto

Country Club where he began to instruct Jack Nicklaus. Our rich history and

tradition is second to none in the Harrisburg Area.

The layout of the West Shore Country Club's championship 18-hole golf course

offers a striking comparison to the design and style of noted golf course architect

Donald Ross. In 1943, Ed Tabor joined the West Shore Country Club and served as

both golf course superintendent and golf professional. From 1943 to 1961, Ed

implemented the Ross style by reconstructing, shaping and redesigning all of our

greens, bunkers and fairways into the course we enjoy today. Ed trained under the

watchful eye of John Davidson who worked on many famed courses during his years

with Donald Ross. In 2003, a bunker renovation was completed under the

supervision of noted course architect, Gil Hanse.

The golf course's reputation as one of the area's finest is based not only on its design,

but on constant maintenance and care. The staff is dedicated to keeping the course

in top condition, and our caring membership goes to great lengths in replacing

divots, repairing ball marks and making sure bunkers are raked. Our active golf

program includes a full schedule of member tournaments, including the

Member-Member, Member-Guest, Tabor Invitational, monthly stags, holiday

tournaments, husband and wife events, twilight league, both a nine and eighteen

hole ladies' league as well as an active junior program. Our certified golf

professionals are always ready to help with your game, whether you are a beginner

or a seasoned player.


















I F Y O U ' R E L I K E M E A N D T I R E D O F G E T T I N G H E AT W I T H N O F L AV O R ,

O R F L AV O R W I T H N O H E AT, T H E N T H I S I S T H E S A U C E F O R Y O U !


P L A N . T H E P E R F E C T Z E R O C A L O R I E F L AV O R I N G . H O T S A U C E H A S


Y O U ' V E F I N I S H E D A M E A L . G R E AT O N E V E R Y T H I N G ! T H E U LT I M AT E

A L L P U R P O S E H O T S A U C E T H AT G O E S W I T H E V E R Y T H I N G .

C A L L U S : 7 5 4 - 5 5 1 - 4 9 24






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