CHARLESIAN Nehaa 2019-2020

St. Charles High School Vakola Santacruz East Mumbai India Magazine - 2019-2020

St. Charles High School Vakola Santacruz East Mumbai India Magazine - 2019-2020

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‗Each time we open a book, we gain knowledge‘

The above saying is apt regarding the content of our magazine which

highlights an array of a wide range of knowledge in every sphere namely

environment, discoveries, inventions, recipes, countries and so on. This

magazine is designed to inform, educate and entertain. We have tried our best

to make sure that this edition of the Charlesian magazine helps you in

recapitulating your eventful journey in St. Charles. This has been another

splendid year which can be viewed through the images.

It is rightly said, ‗A flower makes no garland.‘ Thus this magazine is

not the outcome of the efforts put by an individual but is the immense efforts

put forth by Our Principal Rev.Sr. Sheeja, our students and teachers.

Mrs. Angela D‘Souza

Mrs. Roshelle D‘Souza

Mrs. Kalpana Fernandes

Message from the Manager…..

I feel proud and exuberant to pen down the message for the

annual school magazine. I thank the Almighty for His

immeasurable blessings and infinite love that has always lead the

institution to greater heights.

Aristotle once said “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at

all.” We live in a globalized and consumerist world where selfishness, greed and money

seemingly dominates varied facets of our living. Children whether at home, in the

society or at school are perceiving, assimilating and learning from the way we live,

from what we value and from the way we facilitate the on going formation.

The emphasis is on well integrated education. They are encouraged learning not only

academics but to absorb, analyse and respond to issues of global importance.

Integration of technology with the latest infrastructurehas helped the students to keep

themselves updated and be prepared to face the competitive world.

At St. Charles High School we have dedicated and committed principal and staff who

fruitfully employ diverse strategies to foster positive learning environment for all our

students. The key focus of SCB School is forming the children with SCB ethos of moral

values to become future citizens, with character, conscience, competence and

committed persons to build a better India.

May God bless our school to reach new heights and move from strength to strength to

take our country forward towards growth and development.

Sr Celine Saldanha


From the Principal’s pen..

Come ….Let us go the other way.

All inventions and discoveries of the world

Have come from the people

Who ventured bravely into the unknown

So throw yourself into the unknown

Make a rebellious move

Take the daring plunge

Can you imagine a classroom of 2025 or 2030? No, it is beyond the strength of our

imagination as the pace at which we are growing and technology advancing very fast. Every

three years technology changes and all old technology becomes obsolete. However,

curricula have remained unrecognizably unchanged for centuries. In spite of all odds I

firmly believe that every school and every educator has an opportunity to be a change

maker. Schools need to invest time, energy and efforts to think about tomorrow.

At present we are living in the digital age, where children are more interested in ICT rather

than smell of books. Preparing the digital citizens for the world of work driven by

Automation, Digitizing and Artificial Intelligence; mandates we teach differently: teach

innovation – and brace ourselves for not change but a complete transformation.

Consequently, at St.Charles we use different strategies that nurture skills needed for

innovation. Therefore, we have launched this year E-magazine to provide a safe paradise

for all students to think, create, share and grow.

The pages of the annual issue of the Charlesian 2019-2020 , will evince you that at

St.Charles innovation and creative thinking is not a distant dream but a everyday reality.


Sr. Sheeja



1. Mumma and Me

2. Dreams to Success

3. My Promise

4. For the love of Disney movies

5. Top Environment Concerns

6. Save Me

7. Weighing the Milky way

8. Countries – Spain, Canada, Argentina, Maldives

9. K-Pop and K-Dramas – A craze spreading worldwide

10. No way into the Sky

11. The Earth

12. Selfish Greed

13. Water

14. Monsoon Magic

15. A Brutal Discovery of Toy

16. A Motley Soul

17. School Memories

18. Facts about Belgian Chocolate

19. Space Fiction

20. The Winter Princess

21. Water As Fuel

22. The Adventure of Mr. Nobody

23. Farewell Anjali

24. Our Anjali Miss..

25. Investiture

26. Epitome of strength

MUMMA and Me

She had been waiting

To hear my first cry.

―It is a girl‖

Was the doctor‘s reply.

At first she was worried

Of taking responsibility

Of a baby girl,

But soon she learnt

To make me her world.

My mumma‘s presence

Fills my heart

I know till eternity

No one can drift us apart.

I can‘t count a single day

Without her,

I‘m sure same thing

Applies to her.

I wish to remain a child

As I can fit in her arms for long.

By the time I grow tall,

I‘m sure she‘ll make me strong.

I will still need her arms

To hold me tight then.

Will you be there mumma

When I call you again?

She calls me ―nanna‖

And I just love it.

But I could not find

A better word than

―Mumma‖ to match it.

―Mumma‖ does not only


But it‘s the first word

That nanna muttered.

Mumma is the air

Under my wings.

But,how can I forget

To fly without baba being my sky.

They wish to see me

Happy throughout life.

So I pray to God,

If days turn dark,

I may be their guiding light.

Mrs.Trupti S.Pise


Dreams to Success

Dreams come true only when you


but remember that you are not a tree,

just a leaf.

The whole earth is a big world indeed,

but grabbing it is a greed.

That's not enough to live your

successful life.

It is necessary in failures to try.

Not always success will come to you,

But chasing it is what you can do.

One day you will be successful,

But be patient and not rude.

Have hopes in your heart and

Goals in your life...

Just believe and say always

I can, I shall and I will do .

Shreya Sagare- 8B

My Promise

Each day I‘ll do my best

And I won‘t do my less.

My work will always please me,

Accept a mess.

I‘ll colour very colourfully,

My writing will be neat.

And I simply won‘t be happy,

Until my papers are complete.

I‘ll always do my homework

And I‘ll try on every test.

And I won‘t forget my promise

To do my very best.

Maimuna Mulla


For the love of Disney Movies

Movies….They have a magic in them. They can inspire a person, make us a

laugh, teach us to handle a particular situation, give knowledge and the list is

endless. There is a band of movies that make

us believe in magic amidst the boring real

world we live in. Our favourite Disney

Movies never fail to generate a sparkle in

our eyes. Be it a toddler, a teenager or an

adult, everybody loves Disney Movies.

Disney Movies are not just about princesses

finding their own princes but they have a deeper meaning and a lesson attached

to them. The characters in Disney Movies highlight the good and evil that exist

in all of us in reality and ways we would strengthen the good and weaken the

evil. It‘s all about believing in ourselves and challenging the limits to step out

of our comfort zone to achieve success. Elsa and Anna showing the love that

sister‘s share or Moana being guided around and helped by Mauvi, the Disney

Movies give us ample examples that we are never alone and there is always

someone who cares for us and has our back. The happy endings that Disney

Movies show symbolize hope in the tough lives we live. They make us believe

that good things are always around the corner. Apart from the emotional and

abstract reasons why I love Disney Movies, the humour, storyline and the

wonderful animation from the world‘s best and most skilled artist is always a

pleasure to experience. Sitting through a Disney Movie is one of my favourite

life experiences and even after I become an adult, I will still watch all the

Disney Movies that are made. Not only to keep the child in me alive but also

they are my source of happiness. Don‘t you agree with me?

Compiled by -

GrishmaPatekar IX A

Top Environment Concerns

Now days scientific communities are focusing on top environment concerns.

Let‘s be familiar with some of them.

Dams and their impact on the environment. There are 48000 dams in the

world, built to provide water for drinking and irrigation and energy. However,

they lead to habitat destruction, species loss and displacing millions of people.

Energy conservation: Use of renewable energy for home and business,

effecting energy efficiency and avoiding fossil fuel use to mitigate climate

change and protect the environment.

Intensive farming: Monoculture, irrigation and excessive use of chemical

fertilizers and pesticides leads to loss of soil fertility and increase in carbon

emissions. Similarly, cattle rearing in industrial farming farming relies on

antibiotics that pose a health risk for people.

Land degradation: It is brought about by farming, grazing, cleaning of forests

and logging. Extreme degradation leads to desertification.

Mining: Mining has negatively impacted natural forests and wildlife, hurt

living environment for people, leads to leaching of toxic pollutants and heavy

metals that pollute water land and air. Acid mine drainage also threaten water


Waste: Waste generation and management creates a slew of environmental

issues such as litter, landfills, incineration, marine debris e-waste and

contamination of water and soil caused by improper disposal and leaching


Environment protection and preservation of the planet is the responsibility of

every individual and community on earth. The simple things we can do to help

protect the earth.

‣ Reduce, reuse and recycle.

‣ Conserve water

‣ Choose sustainable

‣ Shop wisely

‣ Use long lasting light tubes

‣ Plant trees

‣ Minimize food wastage

‣ Limited usage of car


Natural environment plays a great role in the existence

of life on earth and it helps human beings, animals and

other living things to grow and develop naturally. Our

natural environment includes trees, bushes, gardens,

rivers, lakes, air etc. Ancient humans l lived closer to

the natural environment, therefore they lived

healthier and longer.

But today we are surrounded by the artificial

environment that we have created for ourselves – buildings, air conditioned

rooms, streets, shopping complexes, vehicles emitting poisonous gases, dust

etc. Not only we are breathing pollution but also doing considerable damage to

nature, in our expedition to grow materialistically, further aggravating the

situation. The more we move away from our natural environment, the more we

move away from health and longevity. A clean environment is very necessary

to live a peaceful and healthy life. But our environment is getting dirty day by

day because of some negligence of human beings. In the era of advance living

standard of the human being, our environment is getting affected to a great

extent by the means of air pollution, noise pollution, deforestation, water

pollution, soil pollution, acid rain and other dangerous disasters created by the

human beings through technological advancement. We are keeping our lives in

danger as well as existence of life in future on this planet. The components of

the natural environment are used as a resource however it is also exploited by

the human being in order to fulfil their greed. We need to maintain the

originality of our environment to continue the life on the earth. World

Environment Day is a campaign being celebrated for years every year on 5th of

June in order to spread the public awareness all over the world towards the

environment safety and cleanliness. We must participate in the campaign

celebration to know the theme of celebration, to know ways of saving our

environment and to get aware about all the bad habits which declining the

environment day by day. We can save our environment in very easy manner

with the little step taken by every person on the earth. We should reduce the

amount of waste, handling wastes properly, stop using poly bags, reuse some

old things in new ways, repair and use broken things instead of throwing it

away, use rechargeable batteries or renewable alkaline batteries, make use of

fluorescent light, rain water conservation, reduce water wastage, energy

conservation, minimum use of electricity, etc.

Environment degradation is a major worldwide issue which should be

solved by the continuous efforts of everyone. We should grow and develop

science and technologies for the betterment of our lives but always be sure that

it would not ruin our environment in future in anyways. We should be sure that

new technologies would never disturb the ecological balance.

Compiled by-

SwedelConcessao - VII D

Weighing the Milky Way

Nasa researchers managed to weigh the Milky Way galaxy precisely and

improved previous estimate. According to the latest and most accurate

measurements, the Milky Way weighs 1.5 trillion solar masses, which is more

than twice the previously estimated figure 90% of the mass in the Milky Way

is attributed to the mysterious substance known attributed to the mysterious

substance known as dark matter.

Compiled by-

Elaine Almeida VIII B


Spain is a European country located in the

Southwest Europe with some pockets of

Spanish territory across the Atlantic Ocean.

The capital of Spain is Madrid. The most

thrilling folkloristic tradition in Spain is the

Flamenco and bullfights. The most popular

and well -known event happens to be the Running of the Bulls during the

Sanfermine in Pamplona. But bull fights are part and parcel of any Fiesta. On

the other hand, Flamenco is the musical tradition in the south of Spain. There

also takes places an even of dancing and playing guitar in some parts. A wild

week can also be spent in some parts. Carnival is popular in all the country.

The Spain‘s best carnival happens to take place in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Spain is a western country. Almost every aspect of Spanish life is permeated by

its Roman heritage, making Spain one of the major Latin countries of Europe.


Compiled by-

Humaira Chougule X C

Canada is a country in the northern part of North

America. Its ten provinces and three territories extend

from the Atlantic to the Pacific and northward into the

Arctic Ocean, covering 9.98 million square kilometres

(3.85 million square miles), making it the world's second-largest country by

total area. Its southern border with the United States, stretching some 8,891

kilometres (5,525 mi), is the world's longest bi-national land border. Canada's

capital is Ottawa, and its three largest metropolitan areas are Toronto,

Montreal, and Vancouver.

The fauna of Canada can be grouped into

mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds, and

insects. Canada is known for its mammals such as

American bison, Arctic hare, badger, beaver, black

bear, bobcat, little brown bat, Canada lynx, reindeer

(caribou), coyote, grizzly bears, wolf, red fox,

lemming, meadow mice, moose, mountain lion, mule deer, musk ox, muskrat,

polar bear, porcupine, prairie dog, pronghorn, raccoon, pinniped (seal), skunk,

snowshoe hare, walrus, wapiti, weasel, whale, white tailed deer, wolverine. To

name a few of the birds identified with Canada would be the American robin,

Bicknell's thrush, black-capped chickadee, blue jay, burrowing owl, Canada

goose, canvasback, downy woodpecker, Canada jay, great blue heron, great

horned owl, greater snow goose, killdeer, loons, piping plover, purple martin,

ruby-throated hummingbird, sharp-shinned hawk, Cooper's hawk, and

whooping crane. The biology survey of Canada

cites that there are approximately 55,000 species

of insects, and 11,000 species of mites .

According to environment Canada the nation of

Canada hosts approximately 17,000 identified

species of trees, flowers, herbs, ferns, mosses and

other flora. Some trees native to Canada are black spruce, white spruce, balsam

fir, larch (tamarack), lodgepole pine, jack pine, trembling & large-toothed

aspen, cottonwood and white birch, and balsam poplar.piders.


Argentina, officially the Argentine Republic, is a country located mostly in

the southern half of South America. Sharing the bulk of the Southern

Cone with Chile to the west, the country is also bordered

by Bolivia and Paraguay to the north, Brazil to the northeast, Uruguay and

the South Atlantic Ocean to the east, and the Drake Passage to the south. With

a mainland area of 2,780,400 km 2 Argentina is the eighth-largest country in the

world, the fourth largest in the Americas, the second largest in South America

after Brazil, and the largest Spanish-speaking nation. The sovereign state is

subdivided into twenty-three provinces and one autonomous city Buenos Aires,

which is the federal capital of the nation as decided by Congress. The

provinces and the capital have their own constitutions, but exist under a federal

system. Argentina claims sovereignty over part of Antarctica, the Falkland

Islands and South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

The earliest recorded human presence in modern-day Argentina dates back to

the Paleolithic period. The Inca Empire expanded to the northwest of the

country in Pre-Columbian times. The country has its roots in Spanish

colonization of the region during the 16th century Argentina rose as the

successor state of the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata, a Spanish overseas

viceroyalty founded in 1776. The declaration and fight for independence was

followed by an extended civil war that lasted until 1861, culminating in the

country's reorganization as a federation of provinces with Buenos Aires as its

capital city. The country thereafter enjoyed relative peace and stability,

with several waves of European immigration, mainly Italians and Spaniards,

radically reshaping its cultural and demographic outlook; 62.5% of the

population has full or partial Italian ancestry, and the Argentine culture has

significant connections to the Italian culture. The almost-unparalleled increase

in prosperity led to Argentina becoming the seventh wealthiest nation in the

world by the early 20th century.

Compiled by

DhakshaKatke X D


The Maldives officially

the Republic of Maldives, is

a small island nation in South

Asia, located in the Arabian

Sea of the Indian Ocean. It

lies to the southwest of Sri

Lanka and India, about 1,000

kilometres (620 mi) from

the Asian continent. The chain of 26 atolls stretches from Ihavandhippolhu

Atoll in the north to Addu Atoll in the south.

Comprising a territory spanning roughly 298 square kilometres (115 sq mi), the

Maldives is one of the world's most geographically dispersed sovereign

states as well as the smallest Asian country by land area and population, with

around 515,696 inhabitants. Malé is the capital and the most populated city,

traditionally called the "King's Island" for its central location.

In line with the broader British policy of decolonization, on 26 July 1965 an

agreement was signed on behalf of the Sultan by Ibrahim

NasirRannabandeyriKilegefan, Prime Minister, and on behalf of the British

government by Sir Michael Walker, British Ambassador designate to the

Maldive Islands, which ended the British responsibility for the defense and

external affairs of the Maldives. The islands thus achieved full political

independence, with the ceremony taking place at the British High

Commissioner's Residence in Colombo. After this, the sultanate continued for

another three years under Sir Muhammad Fareed Didi, who declared himself

King upon independence.On 15 November 1967, a vote was taken in

parliament to decide whether the Maldives should continue as a constitutional

monarchy or become a republic. Of the 44 members of parliament, 40 voted in

favour of a republic. On 15 March 1968, a national referendum was held on the

question, and 93.34% of those taking part voted in favour of establishing a

republic. The republic was declared on 11 November 1968, thus ending the

853-year-old monarchy, which was replaced by a republic under the presidency

of Ibrahim Nasir. As the King had held little real power, this was seen as a

cosmetic change and required few alterations in the structures of government

Compiled by - Purva Karle X D


South Korea is a country in the eastern part of Asian continent. Although the

country is small, it is one of the most developed countries in the world. South

Korea and it owes its high economy to the development of the entertainment

industry, mostly K-Pop and K-Dramas. K-Pop is a worldwide phenomenon; it

is the most popular genre of music. The fans of K-Pop all around the world

have shown that music knows no obstacles of language.

K-Pop started spreading in the western countries first because of the global allkill

song ―GANGNAM STYLE‖ by PSY. After that, the K-Pop group BTS

(Bulletproof Boy Scouts) went on to achieve global recognition. Other K-Pop

groups like EXO, TWICE, BLACKPINK, WANNAONE, and many more also

became famous worldwide. K-pop songs cater to all kinds of audience, from

young to old, and also to people from all aspects of life.

K-Dramas are another reason for Korea‘s development. Dramas have all kinds

of plots, ranging from sweet to cliché and from fact to fiction. Historical

dramas are a popular genre right now. Many dramas have inspiring stories

which encourage youngsters to face problems in life head-on. The box office

hit, ‗Train To Busan‘ was also a work of South Korea.

Compiled by-

Tanisha Jain XD,

No Way into the Sky

By and by Man will try

To get out into the sky,

Sailing far beyond the air

From Down and Here to Up and


Stars and sky, sky and stars

Make us feel the prison bars.

Suppose it done. Now we ride

Closed in steel, up there, outside

Through our pot-holes see the vast

Heaven-scape go rushing past.

Shall we? All that meets the eye

Is sky and stars, stars and sky.

Points of light with black between

Hang like a painted scene

Motionless, no nearer there

Than on Earth, everywhere

Equidistant from our ship.

Heaven has given us the slip.

Hush, be still. Outer space

Is a concept, not a place.

Try no more. Where we are

Never can be sky or star.

From prison, in a prison, we fly;

There's no way into the sky.

Compiled by-

Hirisha Patel IX D

The Earth

The Earth

Is A Truly

Remarkable Place

But Its Environment Is Something

That All Too Often Take It For


The Natural Beauty Of Seas, And


Are Beyond Compare

And We Yet Continue To Corrupt


We Depend On Our Environment

For Our Very Existence, While All

We Continue To Destory It For

Materialistic Gain.

Compiled by-

Selfish Greed

Alisa D‘souza VII-B

Mountains are brown,

Trees are green,

Oceans are blue but not clean.

Forest are where animals can breed!

But trees are all gone because of

selfish greed.

There must be something that we

can still do!

But do you still care for the things

that are around you?

Compiled by-

SowmyaKombathula VII D


Water is pure

Water is healthy

Water can help all

Water is simple

Water is free

Water can help lives

The lives of you and me

Compiled by-

TanishkaSuvarna VII D

Monsoon Magic

The summer heat has given way

To the cool monsoon sway.

The flowers are blooming

The insects are crawling

It‘s the season where nature is


As the raindrops on the leaves shine


The view from the window is an

awesome sight

The season of greenery is all


A Brutal Discovery Of Joy

Joy in the midst of devastating loss,

Crushing disappointment,

Unbearable pain or scowling

Heartache is about the discovery

Of treasure so precious and rare that

If it never could have been found

Had we not been forced to walk a

path of

Affection in the desert.

It‘s the isolation and brutality of the

Wild that we come to know Him

In ways that transcend the span of

Human imagining or desiring,

And all the song sand all the poems

And all the masterpieces

Taken together cannot capture an


Description of pleasures that might

unearthen there.

Compiled by-

Priyanka Lulla VIII A 28

The ‗Monsoon Magic‘ is weaving

round and round

Compiled by-

KausarShaikh VII D

A Motley Soul

She was innocence and rebellion, all

in one,

Both, the eye of the storm and the

break down.

The interesting lectures we‘ve

attended now seem to have life in

them .

Since we know from now on we

will not be in them .

She was a peaceful soul that live

liked war

A bit of devastation mixed with

some invigoration

She was nothing but vulnerabilities

and courage,

She was a girl you wanted, and the

girl you feared all in one .

Compiled by-

TanushreeMhasade VIII A

Can‘t forget and will not forget the

last bench happiness

The teachers corrections, when I‘ll


Will bring the tears of happiness

Friends I‘ve found not one but for

me compared to a ton

Now I think I need more of


The complaints we‘ve got had

frightened us so much ,

Now I know I learned through them

how much


Walking through the corridors

,taking a glance

At my most loved classrooms.

Everything seems so filled

The memories we‘ve made here will

never be killed .

On the last day when I‘ll walk out,

I‘ll be with memories not only for


But with everyone whose been with

me …..

Vishakha Paste X-B

Facts about Belgian Chocolate

The Belgian chocolate industry is almost 400 years old. ...

Pralines were invented in Belgium in 1912 by… surprise, surprise… a Swiss

guy. ...

Belgium can produce up to 600,000 tons of chocolate a year. ...

Belgians are some of the world's biggest consumers of chocolate. ...

The top seller of chocolates in Belgium

Historical Connection

Back in the 17th century, when Belgium was still ruled by the Spanish,

explorers brought cocoa beans from South America and introduced them to the

Belgian community. At the time, chocolate was a sign of luxury and was

mostly used to make ‗hot chocolate‘ for nobility or to impress new visitors. In

fact, Henri Escher, the major of Zurich, was served a cup of this delicious drink

when visiting the Grand Place of Brussels in 1697. He immediately fell in love

with it, took the recipe home with him, and introduced his own country to

chocolate. Switzerland is now considered Belgium‘s biggest competitor

regarding the production and distribution of chocolates.

Compiled by-

Neha Chavan VII B

Space Fiction

The spaceship flew around the new planet

several times. The planet was blue and green.

They couldn‘t see the surface of the planet,

because there were too many white clouds.

The spaceship descended slowly through the

clouds and landed in the middle of the green


The two astronauts put on their spacesuits opened the door carefully

came down the ladder, and stepped on to the planet. The woman looked at the

small control unit on her arm

― Its all right she said to the man― We can breathe‖ it‘s a mixture of oxygen

and nitrogen. Both of them took off their helmets and breathed deeply. They

looked at everything carefully. All the plants and animals looked new and

strange. They couldn‘t find any intelligent life..

After several hours, they returned to their spaceship. Everything looked

normal. The man switched on the controls. But nothing happened. ―Something

is wrong ― he said. ― I don‘t understand‖. The engines aren‘t working. He

switched on the computer, but that didn‘t work either. He said ―we‘re stuck

here we can‘t take off!‖ ―Don‘t worry, she replied they will rescue as soon.

Soumya Prabhu IX B



The Winter Princess

Once there was a princess born on the coldest day of the year, so that

as she drew her first breath, the midwife exclaimed, "Truly, this girl

will never feel the cold." And as she grew, they saw this was true.

The winter princess was known to go riding in weather that made the

huntsmen shiver (though she always took care for the horses), to

make bouquets of dried weeds poking from the snow, and to leave

open the window of her tower no matter how icy the wind.

Though she was bright and appealing in every way, no suitor became

so enamoured that he would consent to court her in freezing-cold

rooms or, worse, wandering through blizzards as if they were

harmless romantic mists. At least, not more than once. So, she

remained unmarried, which she did not mind too much.

One day, a visitor to the palace related a strange tale from a nearby

kingdom. A powerful king had been enchanted into a block of ice and

his entire castle frozen solid. No one was able to bear up under the

impossible cold, so no one could free him. That night the princess

resolved to see if she could break his curse. The next morning, she set

off on the kingdom's sturdiest horse, carrying the thickest, richest

cloak and gloves and boots to keep her warm (her mother insisted).

Everyone around had heard of the icebound king, so she had no

trouble finding the castle. It loomed glistening at the top of a hill,

stone walls iced and frozen so they glittered like diamonds. She tied

her horse at the gate and ventured across the icy drawbridge into the


The castle was open and defenceless. The princess soon realized it

needed no defences: bird-shaped mounds lay scattered around the

courtyard, each one frozen solid the moment it passed the walls. She

pressed forward to the throne room.

Inside the castle was even colder than outside--indeed, even the

princess began to feel a nip of chill. She put on her thick, rich cloak

and continued forward.

The throne room was empty, the throne an imposing icicle. At its foot

lay an old woman wrapped in a cloak of feathers and covered in a

blanket of frost, frozen through and through. "Hello?" said the

princess. No reply: the old woman was stone dead. She sought deeper

into the castle.

Upstairs was colder yet. She put on her thick, rich boots and

continued seeking the icebound king.

"Your majesty?" called the princess. Her voice echoed eerily down

the icy halls. "I've come to open diplomatic relations between our

kingdoms." She had decided on that language while traveling, since

she hated to overpromise. Still, there came no reply.

At the very end of the hall she came to a grand set of carved wooden

doors that glistened with frost and were so cold that even the winter

princess hesitated to touch them. She put on her thick, rich gloves and

opened the door.

The bedchamber was hung with silks and tapestries, with shelves full

of books and a great canopied bed, the air so cold she saw every

breath. In an armchair sat a man engrossed in reading. He looked up

at her in astonishment. She was pleased to see that he had not been

frozen into a block of ice at all, although his skin was faintly blue,

and frost clung to his clothes and beard.

"Your majesty," said the princess, "I've come to--" But his surprise at

seeing her and his grave solitude struck her with such pity that

instead of her prepared speech, she finished, "--to break your curse."

"Break my curse?" echoed the icebound king.

She nodded firmly.

"There's no way to break my curse," said the icebound king. "Or

rather, the way to break my curse was to marry the witch who cast it,

for a year and a day. The curse froze her solid before she finished her

sentence." He sniffed and wiped an icicle from his moustache. "She

didn't think things through."

"I suppose you could marry the corpse," the princess suggested.

"It didn't work," said the king glumly.

She gazed at him for a moment: a solitary king in a lavish, empty

castle. Then she smiled.

"Then we shall break what makes your situation seem like a curse,"

she said. "Would you be glad of some company?"

"Glad!" he said. "I am starving for it."

So, the princess kept the icebound king company for many days, and

they both found it very pleasant company indeed. After some time,

the princess returned to her kingdom and completed a thorough

census to find others who had been born on the coldest day of the

year, like her, and might not mind a chill. She hired them to replace

the icebound king's lost company, everyone from servants to soldiers

and courtiers, and they were all treated very well. Her visits to the

icebound king became longer and longer until they both decided the

reasonable path was for her to make a permanent move and serve as

an icebound queen. Together they ruled a prosperous kingdom, if

necessarily isolated. And since the ice and cold may keep things fresh

for so long, for all I know, they rule it still.

- Sephora Fernandes IX A


German Clean tech Company has developed a FUTURISTIC MACHINE


Through power - to –liquid technology, they can convert water and carbon

dioxide into liquid hydrocarbons which take the form of synthetic diesel, petrol

and kerosene.

This technology was based on FISCHER TROPSCH PROCESS and solid

oxide electrolyzer cell {SOECs} which converts electricity to stream.


and BERKELEY lab‘s materials project also devised a technology that‘s turns

sunlight, water and carbon dioxide into fuel which can be a viable source of

power replacing coal, oil and other fossil fuels.


The Adventure Of Mr. Nobody

Sumit woke up to his crisis siren ringing. He knew something was terribly

wrong in the city. He wore his Mr. Nobody superhero costume, put on his cape

and zoomed off. It was late in the night and there was darkness all around him.

His night vision bat like sight and supersonic echo system helped him navigate

through the city. His superhero costume was such a boon. After flying across

the city's most famous places, he finally saw that at least 10 huge metallic

figure the size of African elephants were walking the streets. He had never seen

such huge machines shaped like oversized robots walk through the city streets

ever. This was going to be a tough challenge to win. As these metallic figures

came close to the human beings, all the humans fainted and fell dead. As if

they were switching off the switch of life on the planet. They were capable of

wiping out any kind of life from the plan. Sumit was scared and panicked. He

realised he had very less time to solve this particular crisis the city was facing

or all the people would die. He put the problem scanner on and scanned the

metallic figures completely from top to bottom. He had to do that multiple

times as the machines moved really fast. They were causing much harm even

without touching any living thing physically. Ah! His problem scanner had

finally detected what was going on. Now he knew what the problem was.

These metallic figures were oxygen sucking machines that sucked the life out

of anyone who came close to it. They were designed by his wicked arch rival,

Raman who never failed to make Sumit's life miserable. Raman was Sumit's

classmate and the only person who knew that none other than Sumit was Mr.

Nobody-The Great Superhero. Sumit knew he couldn't let Raman's evil

intentions win. He wore his 'Superhero search spectacles' glasses to search for a

similar situation that anyone had faced in the past. And BOOM... He finally hit

the jackpot. The solution was right there. To finish these machines, he needed

fire shower which would melt them away. Mr. Nobody's superhero costume

was equipped with a special feature of raining fire on any threat that came in

the way by just pressing a button. He clicked the button on the left hand of the

full sleeved superhero costume and aimed fire at all of them. In a matter of

minutes, he had solved the threatening situation. He headed back home and

quietly got into his bed. He needed to be back as he had to head to following

his routine. It was almost morning and time for him to head to school. No one

ought to know who Mr. Nobody is. Not even his mother.

Grishma Patekar IX A

Farewell Anjali

―The walls of this school will feel hollow,

corridors will feel empty and classrooms will feel

lifeless without the inspirational presence of a

teacher like you.‖

Today we have gathered here to say goodbye to

our dear teacher, Mrs. Anjali Pathare. She has

served this institution for 30 years. A long

journey from June 1989 to September 2019. Dear Teacher we are thankful and

grateful to you.

Mrs. Anjali, a very good artist who will always be remembered for her work

she taught, for the decorative board on the first floor and backdrop for all

programmes. Her audible voice, systematic ways of dealing with the students

and staff especially during exams will be missed. She is a perfectionist in all

spheres. We wish her a happy retired life.

Speech by-

Mrs. Corrina D‘Cunha



On 28 th November 2019, we bid adieu to one of our precious member of the

Charlesian family. All the students gathered to felicitate Miss Anjali on the

occasion of her farewell. For the last 35 years she has been an important

member of the Charlesian family. She was the best drawing teacher and

supervisor of our school. A programme was planned by the students to honour

her contribution to the school and the lives of the students she taught. The

programme began with a prayer service and a prayer dance. A special

performance by the P.T.A members was presented depicting the life of Mrs.

Anjali. Mrs. Anjali gave a speech stating how much she will miss this school

and her students. To conclude the programme , the cabinet members felicitated

Mrs. Anjali with a bouquet of flowers to express their gratitude towards her


Grishma & Aditi





―Leadership is about vision and responsibility, not power.‖

Investiture, a ceremony at which honours or rank are formally conferred on a

particular person. With the beginning of the new academic session for the year

2019-2020, and investiture ceremony was organised on 26 th June 2019.

A grand ceremony commenced with the lighting of the lamp followed by a

prayer dance. The cabinet pledged to work and raise the flag of our institution

to great heights while receiving the badges from our Principal Rev. Sr. Sheeja.

It was a proud moment for our parents, students and teachers to witness a new

journey as leaders. Our principal motivated the leaders with encouraging words

to move forward despite all obstacles and challenges.

Cabinet IX

Adieu----------------- Farewell --------------------

Let me begin what I feel today with a poetical


A sailor and an artist on boat.

They fell for each other in the middle of the oceans,

under the sky.

Directions lost and silence felt,

The sailor kept moving,

The artist kept painting,

The sailor watched the lanterns rise in sky

The artist then painted the scene on the canvas.

For nothing more mattered to them

Then time and place they met,

The heavenly love created a beautiful memory of that of them,

That could not be erased.

A journey of memories, that would be with them always and forever.

―Every canvas is a journey all its own.‖

Today is the day to cherish the journey of memories with the feelings of


Life is like a white canvas. An open space for new experiences, friends, family,

and opportunities to create a masterpiece. 30 years back Mrs. Anjali started this

journey in the Charlesian family to create a masterpiece. During these years

you have given your selfless service and created an impact in the life of your

students and colleagues, you have added different colours to the canvas of their

life. you have splashed colours of happiness, love, friendship, inspiration,

imagination and creativity on the canvas, on top of each other, in all different

areas and directions. Until the different colours into one—one painting. As one

masterpiece in the family of St. Charles.

Today I would like to personally congratulate you on your retirement and

want to say, "Thank You." You always listened, you always had something

constructive to say, and you always offered support and encouragement with an

unflagging spirit. I've learned so much from you, and I will miss working with

you. I acknowledge with gratitude, for efficiently shouldering your

responsibility as the supervisor of the school. Thank you for being loyal and

trustworthy. I consider you not only a valuable asset to our institution but an

enjoyable presence in the school, as well. Your hard work and diligence have

greatly benefited our institution. you have been a favourite teacher to all your

students of the past and present. The best nostalgic feeling they have about the

school is their drawing room, a best chill out place, a hideout from the routine

of studies and punishments. The best memories they cherish is their drawing

class and the preparation of backdrops and charts. On behalf of the

management, thank you Mrs. Anjali for all that you are and were to all of us.

Today we wish you the very best for all your future endeavours.

The farewell of Mrs. Anjali, it doesn‘t mean she‘s not still in the painting. No

one truly leaves our life, as they will always be a part of our life. A part of your

painting that may not be completely visible, but it is still there. This sloppy,

wild, colourful, magical thing that has no beginning and has no end, it‘s right

here. Life gives us time and space; we fill it with the colours of our choice to

create a masterpiece.

So, no good byes Mrs. Anjali you are a part in the masterpiece of Charlesian

family. As I said in the poem the time and place created a heavenly love and

beautiful memory of us that cannot be erased. It will be with us and we pray to

the almighty to paint the rest of your life with the best of colours. May the

colours of happiness, good health, joy, peace and contentment fill all the days

of your life.


Farewell Speech

Find the hidden words












The words are as follows:-



Compiled by-

Prisha Lobo VI D

Epitome of strength

The Charlesians celebrated their Annual Day on 23rd October 2019. The theme

for the programme was ‗Women Empowerment.‘ Mrs. Kerry Bajaj, the chief

guest, a holistic nutritionist and parenting expert from New York spoke about

how woman have achieved success in life. The programme showcased the life

of a woman, from the time she is conceived till she attains adulthood .

There are miracles and glory in every child. Our glory lies in empowering them

to flourish their glory. She is braver than you believe, stronger than you see.

She is a bundle of many characteristics, identified as gentle, warm, beautiful

yet bold.

She rises like the dust to reach the pinnacles of life. A woman is born as a life

giver, miracle creator and magic maker.

All these qualities of a woman were depicted through song and a variation in

dances. Showing the different stage of growth from a child to a teenager to a

young adolescent and finally a woman, the epitome of strength, love, sacrifice

and courage.


१) ऩुयणऩोळ्मा

२) ननवगााचा ननमभ

३) भोठमा वलसानातीर छोटे गॊभतीदाय कराकाय

४) ऩयग्रशलावीमाॊनी ऩृथ्लीरा मा ऩूलीच बेट ददरी अवेर?

५) वुनाभी

६) ऩशेलरमाॉ

७) मदद भेया घय अॊतरयष भें शोता...................

८) कल्पऩत वलसान

९) आज के लैसाननक


साहित्य :-

३ लाट्मा शयबया डाऱ

३ लाट्मा चचयरेरा गूऱ

लाटी वाखय

अधे जामपऱ, ५,६ लेरदोडे

लाट्मा कणीक


भैदा, चचभुटबय भीठ, ऩाऊन लाटी

तेर, ताॊदऱाची वऩठी

कृ ती :-

शयबया डाऱ स्लच्छ ननलडून धुलून


प्रेळय कु कयभध्मे शयबया डाऱ लळजलू

न घ्माली.

लळजरेरी डाऱ चाऱणीलय उऩवून ऩा

णी काढू न घेणे. ह्मा ऩाण्मारा

ऩुयणाचा कट म्शणतात. ऩुयणऩोऱी

फयोफय त्माचीच आभटी कयतात.

ऩुयणाचा कट काढपमाने ऩोऱी शरकी


डाऱ एका जाड फुडाच्मा ऩातेपमात

घारून थोडी डालाने घोटाली. त्मात

गूऱ ल वाखय घारून लळजलामरा ठे


ऩुयण चाॊगरे लळजरे की ऩातेपमाच्मा

कडेने वुटू रागते. लळजलताना प्रथभ

ऩातऱ शोते ल नॊतय झाऱ्मारा घट्ट

रागू रागते.

ऩुयणमॊत्रारा फायीक जाऱीची ताटरी

रालाली ल लळजरेरे ऩुयण गॎवलरून

उतयलून त्मात जामपऱ, लेरदोडे

ऩूड घारून गयभ अवताना

ऩुयणमॊत्रातून लाटून घ्माले.

कणीक ल भैदा चाऱणीने चाऱून

घ्माला ल चचभुटबय भीठ, ऩाल लाटी तेर

टाकू न कणीक वैरवय लबजलाली.

२ताव कणीक लबजपमालय ऩयातीत

काढू न ऩाणी रालून शाताने चाॊगरी

नतॊफाली. ऩाण्माफयोफय लायॊलाय तेराचा

लाऩय कयाला. कणीक चाॊगरी भऱून

वैर झारी ऩादशजे.

लाटरेरे ऩुयण शाताने वायखे करून

घ्माले.ताॊदऱाची वऩठी शातारा रालून

कणके चा छोटा गोऱा शातालय घ्माला.

वाधायण कणके च्मा गोळ्माच्मा

दुऩटीऩेषा जास्त ऩुयण घेलून शरक्मा

शाताने ते शऱूशऱू कणके त बयाले ल उॊ डा

शाताने फॊद कयाला

ऩोऱऩाटालय वऩठी घेलून शरक्मा शा

ताने ऩोऱी राटाली ल भॊद आचेलय

तव्मालय गुराफी वायखे डाग ऩडेऩमंत

बाजाली. ह्माच यीतीने वला ऩोळ्मा


Compiled by-

Kalpana Kanekar V A

ननसग ाचा ननयम

एकदा काम झारॊ , खूऩ दूय फॊगार याज्मात अऩू नालाचा एक शुळाय भुरगा यशामचा . अऩू

ळाऱेत ऩदशरा मामचा . अऩूरा चाॊगरे गुण लभऱत अवत आणण वलाजण त्माचे कौतूक शी

कयीत . त्मारा त्माच्मा फुद्धीचा अलबभान शोता .

एकदा शा अऩू प्रलावारा ननघारा . एकटाच ! यस्त्माने जाता जाता तो दभरा . तो

आऩपमाकडे अवरेरे ऩाणी प्मामरा आणण वालरीत फवण्मावाठी एक झाड ळोधू


चारता चारता त्मारा एक कलरॊगडाची लेर ददवरी . तो लेरी जलऱ आरा . त्माने भनाळी

वलचाय के रा , एलढे भोठ पऱ आणण अवे इटूकरे वऩटूकरे झाड , गॊभतच आशे म्शणामच !

बूक वुद्धा रागरेरी अवपमाभुऱे अऩूने ते कलरॊगड घेतरे आणण चारू रागरा . लाटेत

चारत अवताना अऩूरा एक डेयेदाय , खूऩ भोठ आॊब्माच झाड ददवर . आॊब्माच्मा झाडारा

खूऩ आॊफे रगडरेरे शोते . झाडाखारी वालरी ऩाशून अऩू धालत धालत नतकडे गेरा .

आॊब्माच्मा झाडाखारी जाऊन त्माने भस्तऩैकी कलरॊगड पोडर आणण लभटक्मा भायत

खामारा वुरूलात के री .

कलरॊगड छान यवाऱ शोत . ते खाता खाता अऩूरा झाडारा रगडरेरे यवदाय आॊफे ऩण

ददवरे . त्माने रागतीर तेलढे

आॊफे काढरे. थॊडगाय रारवय कलरॊगड आणण वोफत

यवाऱ चलदाय आॊफे . अऩूची तय भजाच झारी . तो लभटक्मा भायत खाऊ रागरा .

खाऊन अऩूरा झोऩ मेऊ रागरी . त्माने आऩपमा वऩळलीची ऊळी के री आणण त्मालय डोक

ठेलरॊ . त्मारा झाडालय अवरेरे शजायो आॊफे ददवरे.

अऩूने वलचाय के रा ,

शा ननवगा ककती बेदबाल कयतो ? नतकडे त्मा एलढमा भोठमा

कालरॊगडरा लेरीलय ठेलरॊ आणण ह्मा छोटुकपमा आॊब्मावाठी भात्र एलढे डेयेदाय झाड !

भोठमा झाडारा भोठ पऱ आणण रशान झाडारा रशान पऱ अवत तय ककती छान झार

अवत? चाॊगरॊ तयी ददवरॊ अवत ते .

वलचाय कयत कयत अऩूरा झोऩ आरी. आॊब्माच्मा वालरीत त्मारा छान झोऩ रागरी.

दुऩायी झाडालरून एक रार झारेरा यवाऱ आॊफा अऩूच्मा डोक्मालय ऩडरा. तळी अऩूरा

जाग आरी. त्माच्मा डोक्मात टेंगुऱ आर शोत. तो "आई आई गॊ" अवा ओयडू रागरा. तो

यडू रागरा. त्माच लेऱी अऩूच्मा भनात वलचाय आरा, 'फय झार ह्मा झाडालय कलरॊगड

नव्शता. जय ते भाझ्मा डोक्मालय ऩडरॊ अवत तय भी काभातूनच गेरो अवतो'.

त्मारा त्माची चुक कऱरी. त्माने ननवगााचे आबाय भानरे आणण तो ऩुढे प्रलावारा ननघारा.

तात्ऩमा : ननवगााने प्रत्मेक गोष्ट वलचाय करूनच मोग्म त्मा दठकाणी ठेलरी आशे. शाच

ननवगााचा ननमभ आशे आणण तो आऩण भोडता काभा नमे.

Compiled by-

Anisha Patel

मोठ्या वळज्ञानातीऱ छोटे गॊमतीदार कऱाकार

भाणवाॊनी एक गोष्ट नेशभीच रषात ठेलाली प्रत्मेक वलसानाभागे एक

रॉल्जक अवते आणण ते वभजरे कक जादू आऩण घडलतो.भग तों रॎफ भधरा

टमूफ चा प्रमोग अवो ककॊ ला टी.व्शी चा डोयेभोन अवो.

रशान भूर जेव्शा जेलमरा फवत तेव्शा ते ‘डोयेभोन ऩावून ते छोटा

बीभ’ऩमंत अगदी वगऱे. कामाक्रभ आईरा तऩावामरा रालतॊ लभक्की लभनी,शनी

फन्नी,गोरभार,गुरु बोरे शी वला काटूान्व बरे शी अल्स्तत्लात नवतीर तयी

प्रत्मेक रशान ल भोठमाॊना पाय आलडतात.

कधी कधी पाय कौतुक लाटत त्मा व्मक्तीॊचे जे त्माॊच्मा रेख ल

अचूक भागादळानाने मा छोट्मा कराकायाॊना (काटूान्व) जीलीत ठेलतात. जेव्शा

‘डडझनी’ लय ते काटूान्व च्मा कामाक्रभात गाड्मा फोरताना दाखलतात तेव्शा

पाय कभार लाटते.ज्मा ऩद्धतीत त्मा गाड्माॊना वादय के रॊ जात! त्माॊचा आलाज!

मा वाठी देखीर ककती ऩैवा ,लेऱ ,कष्ट रागतात. तवेच त्माॊची नाले

डॉ.स्रेंज,नोबफता,याजू,डोनार,लरदटर लवॊघभ ऐकू न ककतेक लेऱा चकीत व्शामरा

शोते.ऩण शे कराकाय नेशभी रशान भुराॊच्मा गारालय एक गोंडव शवू

आणतात.ऩण शेच कराकाय भुरा ल भुरीॊ वाठी पाय गॊभतीळीय अवतात.

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ऩरग्रिळासीयाॊनी ऩृथ्ळीऱा याऩूळीच भेट हदऱी असेऱ?

ऩरग्रिळासीयाॊनी ऩृथ्ळीऱा याऩूळीच भेट हदऱी असेऱ, मात्र मानळाच्या ते ऱक्षात आऱे

नािी, असे अमेररके च्या 'नासा' या अॊतराल सॊऴोधन सॊस्थेने म्िटऱे आिे.

ऩयग्रशलावीमाॊवॊफॊधी भानलाच्मा ज्मा कपऩना आशेत, त्मा कपऩनेऩेषा ते ऩूणाऩणे लेगऱे

अवू ळकतात. त्माभुऱे ते ऩृथ्लीलय आरेरे रषातशी आरे नवतीर, अवे 'नावा'भधीर

कम्प्मुटय ळास्त्रस लवपव्शानो ऩी. कोरॊफानो माॊनी वादय के रेपमा ळोध ननफॊधात म्शटरे

आशे. ऩयग्रशलावी काफानाधारयत अवालेत, अवे आऩण वभजतो; ऩयॊतु कदाचचत ते तवे

नवालेत, अवे वाॊगून ते म्शणारे, 'ताऱ्माॊभधून प्रलाव कयणे त्माॊना ळक्म शोत अवाले.

ऩयग्रशलावी कदाचचत अत्मॊत चचभुकरे भात्र, अत्मॊत फुवद्धभान अवालेत. आऩण उच्च

फुवद्धभत्तेची ल तॊत्रसानाची नली भाऩके वलचायात घेतरी, तय काशी घटना वललळष्ट

अनुभानाॊभध्मे फाॊधता मेतात. त्मालरून आऩण गॊबीयऩणे ळोधशी घेऊ ळकतो.'

वलश्लाचा ळोध घेताना भानली वभाजाच्मा स्लरूऩावलऴमी ऩुन्शा वलचाय कयणे आलश्मक

आशे, अवे कोरॊफो माॊनी नभूद के रे. भानली वभाजात तॊत्रसानाचा वलकाव के लऱ दशा

शजाय लऴांऩावून वुरू झारा आणण के लऱ ५०० लऴांऩावून लैसाननक कामाप्रणारीचा उदम

झारा, माकडे त्माॊनी रष लेधरे. 'मूएपओ'च्मा घटना भानलाच्मा रषात आपमा नाशीत

ककॊ ला त्माॊच्माकडे दुराष झारे अवाले, कायण ऩयग्रशलावी ऩृथ्लीलय मेण्माची ळक्मता

आऩण पाय कभी प्रभाणात गृशीत धयरी आणण ते आऩपमारा चकला देणाय, अवे

आऩपमारा अचधक लाटरे अवाले. त्माभुऱेच मा गोष्टीकडे आऩरे दुराष झारे अवाले,

अवा अॊदाज त्माॊनी व्मक्त के रा. मा ऩाश्लाबूभीलय आऩण मा घटनाॊकडे अचधक रष

ऩुयलरे ऩादशजे, अवे कोरॊफो माॊनी आऩपमा ननफॊधात म्शटरे आशे.

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-Anamika .B. Kangane


वुनाभीच्मा राटा आपमा अश्मा बयधाल

त्माॊनी घातरे अनेक दु्खाचे घाल

काम शोती चूक त्मा ननष्ऩाऩ जीलाॊची?

घये उध्लस्त झारी ज्माॊची

ननवगााने शी आऩरेच कभा के रे.

ज्माचे त्माचे दान ज्माच्मा त्माच्मा ऩदयात टाकरे

ळेलटी लवद्ध झारी ती एकच गोष्ट

वलसान गेरे प्रगतीऩथालय तयी ननवगाच श्रेष्ठ

Ojasvi Deepak ParabVII D


१. कारी शैं ऩय काग नशीॊ, रॊफी शैं ऩय फाग़ नशीॊ। फर खारी शैं। ढोय नशीॊ फाॉधते शैं ऩय डोय


उत्तय: चोटी

२.कारे लन की यानी शै ऩय रार ऩानी ऩीती शै।

उत्तय: खटभर

३.अऩनों के शी घय भें मे जाए तीन अषय का नाभ फताते। ळुरू के दो आती शै जाए अॊनतभ

दो वे नतचथ फताए।

उत्तय: अनतचथ

४.फीभाय नशीॊ यशती कपय बी खाती शै। भोरी फच्चे,फूढ़े डय जाते शै वुनके भेयी फोरी।

उत्तय: फॊदूक

५.एक ऩशेरी भें फुझाऊ वाय को काट नभक नछड्काऊ।

उत्तय: खीय

६.खाते नशीॊ चफाते रोग काठ भें कडला यव वॊमोग दाॉत जबी को

कये वपाई फोरो फात वभझ भें आई।

उत्तय: दाॊतुन

७.चाय ड्राईलय खक वपयी उवके ऩीछे जनता बयी।

उत्तय: भूॊदा

८.भैं बरू भैं कटु तुम्शे क्मों आॉवू आए ।

उत्तय: प्माज

९.ऊॉ ट की फैठक दशयन की चार फोरो लश कौन शै ऩशरलान।

उत्तय: भेंढक

१०.कारा भुॉश रार ळयीय कागज को लश खाता योज़ ळाभ कोऩेट पाड़कय कोई

उन्शें रे जाना।

उत्तय: रेटयफोक्व


कल्पऩत वळज्ञान

वलसान कथा वबी भानल जानत के बवलष्म की कपऩना शै | वलसान तेजी

वे आगे फढ़ यशा शै, मश फशुत वॊबल शै कक शभ कर की दुननमा को शभायी आज

की दुननमा वे कापी अरग कयने जा यशे शैं |

कबी ककवी ने वोचा शोगा मा ळामद शी वोचा शोगा की वलसान के

वशामता वे भनुष्म चॊद्र ऩय कदभ यखेगा | शलाई जशाज, पोन , वलवलध भलळनें

फनेंगी मश वफ की लवपा कपऩना शुई थी औय मे वफ आज वच शैं | ऩशरे जो

भनुष्म वलसान की कपऩना कयते थे ले वफ कु छ आज वच शो यशा शै औय

ळामद शभ जो वलसान की कपऩना कय यशे शै लो आगे जा के वच शो जाए ,

इवे कल्पऩत वलसान कशते शै|

वलसान के शय चीज भें रॉल्जक शोता शै | वलसान की भदद वे योफोटा फनाए

गमे जो भनुष्म जैवे काभ कयते शै | शभाया वलश्ल वलसान कक वशामता वे शी

इतना आगे फढ़ा शै औय फढ़ेगा | भनुष्म वलसान की कपऩना कापी शद तक कय

वकता शै औय उवे ऩूयी कयने की ताकत बी यखता शै|


आज के ळैज्ञाननक लऱखेंगे कऱ

आज के लैसाननक लरखेंगे कर,

आने लारी ऩीढ़ी इवके रेगी पर I

बवलष्म उज्ज्लर यशेगा,

कोई नशीॊ अलळक्षषत यशेगा I

ऩूया देळ कॊ धे वे कॊ धा बी

लभरा कय चरेगाI

दीए कक योळनी जैवा देळ

अऩना चभके गा I

वबी के शाथ भें शोंगी ऩुस्तकें

चभके गा भाथे का भस्तक I

आज की खोज आएगी काभ भें

नए-नए आवलष्काय राएॉगें शभ नाभ - वे I

राएॉगें बायत को एक नननाभ वे

फनके भळार इव देळ के अॊधेये को बगाएॉगेI

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