SATRO Impact Report 2019

SATRO is a long-established educational charity working across the South East, inspiring and engaging young people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), both in terms of subject choices and the career paths they lead onto. Here is our Impact Report for 2019.

SATRO is a long-established educational charity working across the South East, inspiring and engaging young people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), both in terms of subject choices and the career paths they lead onto.

Here is our Impact Report for 2019.


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Impact Report 2019

Ignite the chain reaction... 1


Chair’s Statement Howard Railton 2

Managing Director’s Introduction Anne Edward 3

What We Do and Why Anne Edward 4

One Day Activities

– Primary and Secondary Giorgia Burgess 5-6

Cross School Challenges Rebekah Fowler 7

TeenTech Surrey Rebekah Fowler 8

Mobile Construction Classrooms Rebecca Jones 9

Mentoring Mo Forgan 10

STEM Research Work Placements Paula Watts 11

Partnerships Carl Webb 12

Volunteers and Supporters Rebekah Fowler 13

Looking Forward Anne Edward 14

Our Sponsors Amanda Croft-Pearman 15




Spent on charitable




I am pleased to report that we are continuing to successfully

deliver the outstanding events that have marked SATRO as

a charity delivering real impact in the STEM education and

careers sector. We have, however, seen real pressure from

the budgets available to schools and the general challenges of

fundraising in the current climate. SATRO continues to be very

fortunate to have strong and long-lasting relationships with

our funders and I would like to thank them for their continued

and hugely valuable support.

As we came to the end of the year, we made changes within the organisation

to reflect these challenges. This has included improvement to our

programmes and the recruitment of a STEM tutor to extend and develop

our delivery to schools. At the same time, we also reviewed our own budget

constraints by addressing our core staffing and overhead costs. We were

therefore very pleased when Anne Edward stepped up to take the role

of Managing Director to lead SATRO with a strong background in STEM,

educational charities and management. Trustees have taken an active role

in ensuring we remain both relevant and cost effective in the pursuit of our

charitable objectives.

The changes have had an immediate and positive impact on the performance

of the charity and ensured the long-term continuance of the amazing work

being done by our staff, associates and volunteers. I would like to thank every

one of them for their hard work and effort. Without them, SATRO could not

deliver any of the wonderful and exciting things that we do.

Howard Railton, SATRO Chairman


Managing Director’s


On behalf of SATRO, I am very pleased to be able to present our

annual Impact Report for the academic year ending August 2019.

SATRO’s vision is to inspire young people to improve their understanding

of STEM subjects and Construction, allow them to gain experience of

Employability Skills and to provide opportunities to challenge their

perceptions of future careers. We achieve this by delivering hands-on

workshops, events, challenges, work placements, mentoring and vocational

qualifications. These are led by SATRO Tutors and Associates and involve

volunteers from both industry and our local community.

Our work this year stretched across Surrey, Berkshire, Oxfordshire,

Sussex, Hampshire and into the west London Boroughs. We work with

students from primary school age to young adults, across all ability

ranges and provide specific programmes for those with a disadvantage

in life. We offer our programmes to all students regardless of their

circumstance, allowing each an equal opportunity to learn and be

inspired. As such we work in mainstream and special needs schools, pupil

referral units and the independent sector. With the latter we collaborate to

ensure shared ‘give back’ to the wider work of SATRO in the state sector.

As SATRO operates with no local or central government funding and are

witness to the ongoing squeeze on school budgets, we increasingly value

the generosity of our funders and corporate sponsors. We pride ourselves in

working collaboratively with those that support us through our volunteering

scheme, gifts-in-kind and their corporate social responsibility schemes.

We believe that this report will demonstrate our reach, will give you an

opportunity to read about the impact we make and allow you to appreciate

the achievements of the students we have the pleasure to work with every


Thank you to the students, teachers, parents, funders, volunteers, associates

and our amazing staff team for making 2018-19 such a success.

Anne Edward, SATRO Managing Director



Inspire to Educate

Enthuse Young People

Challenge and Innovate

Partner for Sustainability


What We Do and Why?

SATRO is an educational STEM charity which has been

working with young people in Surrey and the South East

since 1983. Our rationale continues to be improving

student’s understanding of STEM subjects, employability

skills and careers based on real-world experience and

current research.

Recommendations from the recently published paper - Disconnected:

Career aspirations and jobs in the UK, January 2020 (www.

educationandemployers.org.uk) show how important our work

continues to be:

Ages 7-11: “we need to ensure that children get to meet a range

of people who can help bring learning to life, show them how the

subjects they are studying are relevant to their futures. This is not

about providing “careers advice” in primary schools but breaking down

barriers, broadening horizons and raising aspirations.”

Ages 12-18: “providing more and different types of career influence

for young people, including visits from employer volunteers; shaping

provision and inspiring young people such that they feel their learning

is relevant; ensuring young people feel sufficient time is being spent

helping them understand future options.”

Celebrating SATRO success: our annual SATRO Awards allow us to

recognise the students who were involved in our programmes and

the volunteers, teachers and organisations that support our work. We

were particularly pleased to welcome one of our patrons: The Lord

Lieutenant of Surrey, Michael More-Molyneux, who said “You really do

have some outstanding sponsors, mentors and supporters. They are

doing such an important role in stimulating SATRO and the interest in

STEM qualifications.”

However, the impact of what we

do and why is best expressed

through the following quotes

from across the age and ability

range of our students:

“SATRO helped me find a Summer

placement when I was in Year 12,

so now I want to volunteer as they

have really helped me kick-start

my career! I am now currently on

placement working at Pfizer.”

Extended Work Placement

Student Alumni

“Before undertaking the SATRO

course his belief in his own abilities

was very low. He struggled with all

classroom-based lessons. The SATRO

lessons have given him a belief that

he does have strengths and is able

to achieve. He will be leaving us in

July to attend Reading College where

he is pursuing a Level 2 diploma in


Headteacher of one of the

Mobile Construction Classroom



Cost of UK

STEM skills gap

per year

‘This activity has made me feel

brave to try to be an engineer in a

team or with a partner. I have more

courage of having a go at being an


Primary Pupil, Mega-Structures



Students inspired

in 2018-19


One Day Activities – Primary

SATRO offers one day activities to both primary and

secondary schools where they can book STEM activities at a

time convenient for them and that fits into their curriculum.

The activities are tailored for each year group, supported

by enthusiastic volunteers with professional backgrounds

and coordinated by a SATRO Associate.

Some of these include:

• World of Energy – A fast-paced unique learning opportunity, that

brings the reality of sustainable energy usage and educational

goals together by using hands-on activities and learning how

pupils can play a part in creating a sustainable future for all. (Years


• Enterprise and Business Game – An activity in which teams of pupils

run a manufacturing business for the day, taking on the roles of CEO,

Head of Marketing, Finance Manager, etc. All companies manufacture

products, buying supplies and sell their products at a profit. (Years 5-6)

• Fascinating Fossils –This workshop includes looking at what fossils

are and how they form. A practical session on how ammonites or

graptolites have changed through time, demonstrating the basics of

evolution and inheritance. (Years 4-6)

• Fun Maths – Pupils work in groups of three on a range of

mathematical tasks that are graded to cater for all abilities. Pupils

work at their own pace, rotating the individual tasks on a selfselection

basis. (Years 3-6)

• Mega-Structures Challenge – Pupils explore ways of making

structures. The pupils will consider the purpose of the structure, look

at design including building technique with recycled paper tubes

and the forces at play in construction. They will then build, cost and

present their solution. (Years 5-6)

• Programming & Robotics – Pupils work in pairs to design, engineer

and program robots using LEGO bricks, a computer, a motor and

other special elements. Pupils learn to incorporate tilt and motion

sensors into their designs. Pupils also test their designs and

programming. (Years 3-6)

• Rocks –This session looks at the formation of the Earth, the rocks and

minerals within it and how to go about identifying them. (Years 4-6)


of pupils

who took part in the World of

Energy workshop in 2018/19

said that this activity made

them realise how STEM

is used in a lot of

different ways.

“It has made me think about my

future and I might take up a career

in engineering now.”

Junior Mega-Structures


“It was brilliant, and I learnt

amazing skills such as team work. I

rate this activity five stars!”

Junior Fun Maths

“The best part of today was finding

out how much energy is used in

everyday life and then playing

games to prove it. I loved all

the experiments we did. I would

definitely do this again and I would

love to do more learning with

SATRO. I think everyone would love

it. All schools would learn from

doing SATRO experiments and would

thoroughly enjoy it.”

World of Energy


Primary school pupils

took part in our One

Day Activities

in 2018-19


One Day Activities – Secondary

Our work with secondary schools includes one day

activities as part of our wider offer. Of particular

importance in all these activities is the support we give to

schools in meeting their GATSBY Career Benchmarks. This

we do by linking the curriculum to the topics within our

workshops, the dissemination of careers information, and

engaging volunteers from business to support interaction

between employees and students.

• Careers Speed Networking – An activity which involves local STEM

business volunteers working with small teams of students to enable

them to learn about the world of work. (Years 10-13)

• Future Transport Challenge – This activity helps develop an

appreciation of how STEM subjects can be used to improve the way

we plan our urban environment. (Years 7-9)

• Enterprise and Business Game – An activity in which teams of

students run a manufacturing business for the day, taking on the

roles of CEO, Head of Marketing, Finance Manager, etc. All companies

manufacture products, buying supplies and sell their products at a

profit. (Years 7-11)

• Mega-Structures Challenge – Students explore ways of making

structures. The students will consider the purpose of the structure,

look at design including building technique with paper tubes and

the forces at play in construction. They will then build, cost

and present their solution. (Years 7-9)


of students

who participated in our

Business Games in 2018-19

said this activity helped them

develop and understand

employability skills.

“I learnt how hard city planning is

and different uses of technology. I

was surprised about how much went

into planning cities.”

Future Transport Challenge

“I learnt about the roles of a

company and I’m surprised because

I never really considered business as

a career before, but this has opened

my eyes.”

Senior Business Game



Secondary school

students took part

in our One Day

Activities in


Cross School Challenges

SATRO’s Cross School Challenges are inter-school

competitions which provide students in secondary schools

the opportunity to use their STEM knowledge and to

develop teambuilding, time management and problemsolving

skills. The challenges allow students to better

understand the varied career options within STEM and

exposes them to the exciting career paths available.

• Problem Solving Challenge – This annual event progresses through

five regional Heats to a Grand Final and has been running for over

20 years. The teams (comprising of six students aged between 11

and 18) compete in a desktop engineering challenge to be complete

within an hour and half. Students are judged on reaching defined set

goals, be that height, length, speed or time of a devise – utilising their

ingenuity, teamwork and problem solving skills.

• Year 8 Construction Challenge – Is designed to aid development

of key personal learning and thinking skills working in mixed teams

to build a bridge which is stress tested. Presentations by industry

volunteers raise awareness of career opportunities in engineering

and construction.

• Numeracy Days – These days are designed to support and enhance

studies of National Curriculum through outdoor activities. Students

undertake a wide range of learning activities, which equip them with

improved numeracy, literacy and science skills as well as supporting

them to develop their teamwork skills and confidence.

Problem Solving Challenge:

Student Quotes

“I learnt that everyone needs to

work on the project and play an

important part for the project to

fully function and work.”

“How to properly use a pulley

mechanism and how to collaborate

and communicate with team mates.”

”How to work as a team and build

a strong structure and work well

under timed pressure.”

“In a stressful environment, good

communication skills and teamwork

are important.”

Teacher Quote

“As ever, a very well organised event.

Students enjoyed the activity and

were fully engaged. Problem solving

skills clearly evident.”








TeenTech Surrey

SATRO has been delivering TeenTech in Surrey

for seven years on behalf of TeenTech CIC,

founded by Maggie Philbin, OBE.

The TeenTech experience is a highly interactive event designed to

inspire young teenagers and their teachers about the contemporary

world of Science, Engineering and Technology.

The TeenTech event gives Year 8 students and teachers the opportunity

to try their hand at experiments, to handle leading edge technology

and, most importantly to spend time with the Scientists, Engineers,

and Technologists influencing their 21st century lives. It’s a powerful

intervention just before students make GCSE subject choices, dispelling

gender stereotypes and challenging perceptions of STEM careers as

being difficult, geeky or boring.







Student Quotes

What did you most enjoy

about TeenTech?

“The chance to do hands on


“Visiting all the stalls and seeing all

the different jobs and companies

that revolve around science,

technology or engineering.”

Business Ambassadors’ Quotes

What did you most enjoy

about TeenTech?

“Seeing the children engage

and also learning about the

opportunities out there.“

“The experiences, I think I would

have found this useful when I was


“Visiting the range of exhibiting

companies with students.”






Mobile Construction


SATRO’s Mobile Construction Classroom programme

is a unique opportunity to offer a vocational course in

Construction to those selecting a career path within the

construction industry, those who require a hands-on

practical course to re-engage with the education system,

those with specific needs who require different teaching

styles, and those whose abilities are suited to vocational

rather than academic study.

The programme delivers a Level 1 BTEC qualification in Construction.

A stepping stone to a vocational college course, an apprenticeship or

further study.

SATRO’s team of skilled, experienced tutors deliver education, expert

training and guidance in a diverse range of Construction skills to

students in Years 9-12 in mainstream schools, colleges, SEN (Special

Educational Needs), Short Stay Schools and Pupil Referral Units via our

fleet of Mobile Classrooms from Abingdon in Oxfordshire to East Surrey.

“This programme really does

increase future employment

opportunities – the students

suddenly find something in school

which they can really engage with

and be successful at. It definitely

gives our students a real advantage.

We want to provide our students

with as many experiences as

possible and this provides a fantastic

opportunity to learn life skills that

will last them a lifetime and that we

could simply could not otherwise


Teacher Quote

“It’s the only subject I feel really

confident in. I like that we are not

constantly forced to sit at a desk!”

Student Quote


Young people

participated in our

unique programme

throughout Academic

Year 2018-19


Teaching hours

were delivered

in 2018-2019



Our mentoring programme managers work with corporate

sponsors and schools to help students for whom there is

often no other provision. Volunteers are recruited from

the business community to mentor students who need

an impartial “critical friend” to listen to them and help

them grow in confidence and realise their full potential.

In 2018-2019 we recruited, trained, and supported 98 mentors

who we matched with students from years 10 and 11 over ten

schools throughout Surrey.

We also ran programmes funded by the Higher Education Outreach

Network and the Careers and Enterprise Company.

Organisations who provide mentors find that it is a rewarding and

effective way to support staff development.



92% said that they

would recommend

having a mentor to

other students


of mentees felt that their

mentor had helped them

understand and develop

the skills they would

need to use when

they left school





Hours of


“The best thing about having a

mentor is that it has helped me to

accept more difficult things in my life

and feel more confident about my


Student Quote

“We have been partnering with

SATRO for several years to deliver

a really successful mentoring

programme at Therfield School,

Leatherhead. Our employees find

it such a rewarding and insightful

opportunity to support the students

on a one-to-one basis throughout

the academic year, whilst also

supporting their own coaching skills.

SATRO is a fantastic organisation

to partner with to support our

educational giving programme

and the training and support our

mentors receive is first class.”

Susan Sanderson, UNUM

“I joined SATRO thinking that it

would be like Good Will Hunting, I

thought there would be this Math’s

genius who needed help setting their

talent free but she just needed to

know that she was worthy of being

listened to. So if you’re thinking of

volunteering…go do it, it might just

change lives.”

Mentor Quote

STEM Research

Work Placements

SATRO organise research placements for students aged

16+ to undertake a genuine STEM based research project,

working within an employer or academic research

environment. The placements in 2019 took place for four

weeks during the Summer, enabling students to work

alongside qualified professionals and experts. The success

of this programme and high quality of resultant projects,

serves to inspire and support students to continue with

their academic achievements and career aspirations.

This year’s Research Placement Programme was particularly successful

with 39 gifted and innovative students applying for the placements

(41% female). Our placement providers selected many ‘active’ projects

including:- environmental/highways engineering, engineering bias

for the Oil and Gas industries, Cardiovascular Medicine / Pathology,

Geographic Information Systems, Flexible and printed electronics –

nanotechnology and electronic circuits.

Aimed at providing equal opportunities for all those that applied by

encouraging an openness to social mobility and gender equality, the

level of academic attainment for both genders was extremely high.

Following interview and assessment 11 first year A level students

were allocated a research project. Each had a real passion to own

their projects and to develop their own case study reports. The

programme focusses on the importance of improving each student’s

capacity and work-efficiency, as well as providing motivation for further


The programme specifically supports less advantaged students to

thrive and grow through a selective process and the professional work

environment. We work each year to improve the preparation we do

with students and research placement providers to ‘level the playing

field’ at interview for all, and we provide bursary support to those that

need it.






“Over the last six or seven years

I have hosted close to 30 summer

placement students. Summer

is usually not a busy period

at University and it’s a great

opportunity to try out incipient

ideas which otherwise would be

postponed indefinitely. Placements

are the ideal self-contained vehicle

for this type of trials, some of

which are highly successful and

go on to be published in academic

journals. Some advance scheduling

of holidays is required, but it’s very

much worth the effort, considering

that in the process, talented young

researchers get to experience a

real-world research environment.

It is a very effective way to do

exploratory research while training

and enthusing the next generation.

The students’ optimism, energy

and enthusiasm is refreshing

and contributes to the playful

atmosphere that is characteristic to

my team.”

Dr Radu Sporea, University

of Surrey (Work Placement


“Overall, my work experience at

WSP was insightful for me as I was

able to learn about the professional

life of engineering consultants.

Moreover, I got to work on an

interesting and meaningful research

project which showed me how

valuable STEM is to society and the


STEM Work Placement Student


“The past four weeks have been

incredibly useful, helping me make

my choices for higher education,

and boosting my confidence. I

would 100% recommend a SATRO

placement for anybody interested

in a science related degree!”

– STEM Work Placement

Student 2019



SATRO is always keen to develop partnerships in all areas

of our work. This includes working with our associates, our

corporate sponsors and regional organisations to ensure

that our reach and impact continues to make a difference.

The four partnerships below outline specific examples

across our STEM, Construction and Cross School Challenges.

• The Erasmus+ Programme - SATRO are proud to be involved in

this EU programme which gives UK organisations the opportunity to

collaborate with international partners to drive innovation, share best

practice and offer new opportunities to young people.

Colourful World is a project to design, develop and launch an

online game to teach primary school children about environmental

sustainability. The game will be pilot tested in five events across four

countries. The project began in September 2018 led by the University

of West London and involves partners in Portugal, Poland and Greece.

SATRO brings experience of the UK curriculum, working in a range of

primary schools across our region and knowledge of environmental

sustainability from our current programmes.

• Shanly Foundation - We were proud to support the 50th Anniversary

celebrations of one of our key funders the Shanly Foundation

in September. They have very generously supported our Mobile

Construction Classroom for many years in Berkshire. We were able to

showcase this work as part of their exhibition in Reading University

both in video and displays. The impact on our students is of particular

interest to the Foundation in consideration of their founder’s own start

in the construction industry.

• Heathrow World of Work Programme - SATRO were involved this

year as a partner supporting the development of a skills strategy

in particular a pilot programme focussing on construction and how

young people can feed into the workforce of the future. This work was

informed by our successful Mobile Construction Programme that has

been running for over 15 years. We are now supporting new Mobile

classrooms in schools in the Heathrow feeder area.

• Problem Solving Challenge in Uganda - In July 2019 the

successful Problem Solving Challenge competition run

by SATRO in the UK was trialled in Uganda in Seeta

High School on the outskirts of Kampala. The event

was run by Paul Endersby (a teacher whose

school is involved with SATRO) in conjunction

with Makerere University BioMed Engineering

department. Various graduates and researchers

assisted with judging and the department lead

Dr Robert Ssekitoleko gave a presentation on

STEM careers and the potential for teams of

problem solvers to make a difference in Uganda.


Volunteers & Supporters

SATRO’s ability to inspire and enthuse young people about

the world of work through its programmes is enhanced by

the dedication and commitment of our volunteers.

In the academic year 2018-2019, 354 volunteers from a wide variety

of industries, backgrounds, and sectors, participated in delivering and

supporting SATRO programmes. This equates to 3334 hours donated!

Some volunteers come to us as individuals, with fantastic expertise

and personal knowledge, who want the opportunity to give something

back to society. Others wish to inspire young people by sharing their

industry and work-related expertise, opening minds to a world of

possibilities and career paths

Volunteers often come from companies, both local and national, who

volunteer via their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes.

Companies become involved for many reasons including to support

career training, professional memberships and outreach in the

community. The organisations develop strong and long-lasting

relationships with schools and their students.

“I’ve been volunteering with

SATRO for about 10 years. The

reason I volunteer is that I wanted

to give something back to the

community – and working through

SATRO is a great way of giving that


I also have a keen interest in STEM

related topics – my background is

in Mathematics and IT… and again,

SATRO ticks the boxes in terms of

supporting and encouraging STEM

interest in the student population.”

Shash Patel, Air Products

The students and schools we work with benefit from the experience

and enthusiasm that our volunteers bring to all our activities. Whilst

there may be a limit to how much you can teach in a session, there is

no limit to how much you can inspire!

With a STEM skills shortage in the UK and excellent career

pathways from vocational trades to apprenticeships, and

through higher education studies, there is a real opportunity to

make a difference to the future of our STEM industries.

SATRO provides the training, support and development

of volunteers to ensure the highest standards.





Hours donated





by volunteers



Year 8





One Day







This equates to £27,372

based on the National

Living Wage 2019.


Looking forward

As we reflect on our achievements in the last academic year

it naturally raises the question of the future. With recent

changes to the team including my own appointment as

Managing Director in September and a new Fundraising

Manager, Amanda Croft-Pearman, and the imminent

announcement of new trustees joining the board we are

looking forward positively to 2020.

Developing on the success of our construction tutors we welcome our

new STEM tutor, Carl Webb, to the team to provide flexibility and in-house

expertise. Carl has a degree in Construction and worked in industry before

becoming a Technology teacher for the last 14 years. This recognises

our ongoing need to focus on the continual improvement of our STEM

programmes and brings flexibility to our delivery in this area.

In September we started our second Erasmus+ project: Cyber Adventure.

A project aimed at creating an educational tool to support teachers with

the online safety education of primary school children. The project is led by

Aston University and involves partners from Spain, Lithuania and Portugal.

We are also working with our current STEM Associates to offer new

programmes. This includes programmes for both Post 16 and Primary

school students. Whilst we are looking at expanding our impact on the

careers programmes in Secondary schools by offering a ‘Challenging

Perceptions’ stand to school careers fairs using our extensive network to

provide a greater understanding of the vast array of training, study and

work opportunities in STEM.

We continue to work closely with corporate partners to expand our

impact. In the autumn we announced a joint venture initiative with COINS

and Beard Construction to support the delivery of our Mobile Construction


Indeed, our Mobile Construction delivery continues to be particularly

successful with both schools and funders. Our team of six tutors provide a

unique programme which has immediate impact. We have recently taken

delivery of a new van, funded by the Thames Valley LEP, and are currently

seeking both new schools, corporate partners and potentially a new tutor

if demand exceeds current capacity.

We are starting to implement some of the key values of the UN

Sustainability Goals across our programmes. This is best reflected in our

new primary cross-school challenge – Energy Monitoring. This brings

together corporate partners (Powercor, Signify and TR Control Solutions)

to offer state school students the opportunity to monitor in real-time their

electrical energy use in school with the challenge to reduce their carbon


This new academic year has started with some exciting initiatives which

will no doubt make 2019-20 an even more successful year for SATRO.

Anne Edward, SATRO Managing Director



SATRO benefits from the generous support of our individual

donors, charitable trusts and companies. With no government

funding our work simply would not be possible without them.

• Alliots

• Armourers & Braziers

• Ashworth Trust

• Berkshire Community Foundation

• Blue Spark Foundation

• Clothworkers Foundation

• Coast to Capital

• Cold Fuzion

• Dancer Fund

• Electronic Arts Youth Fund

• Frazer Nash

• Guildford Borough Council

• Guildford Poyle

• Heathrow Community Trust

• Henry Smith


• IoD Surrey

• Just Retirement

• Openwork Foundation

• People’s Postcode Lottery

• Persula Foundation

• Points Align

• Rees Jeffreys Road Fund

• Reigate & Banstead Council

• Sanofi

• SC Johnson

• Siemens Healthineers

• Slough Urban Renewal

• St Faith’s Trust

• SThree Foundation

• St James’s Place Charitable


• Tampax Fund

• Tandridge Borough Council

• Tesco Groundwork

• The Joanies Trust

• University of Surrey

• Walton Charity

• Wills Tower Watson

• Youth Opportunities Fund

Heathrow Airport

• YUnique Marketing

CP Charitable Trust

(Thank you for choosing SATRO as your

Charity of the Year in 2019.)

The Coleman Trust


Working across the South East, inspiring and engaging young people in

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), both in terms of

subject choices and the career paths they lead onto.











For further information contact:

SATRO, Unit 23, Surrey Technology Centre, 40 Occam

Road, Surrey Research Park, Guildford, Surrey GU2 7YG

Registered Charity No. 1040572


T: 01483 688 070

E: contactus@satro.org.uk

W: www.satro.org.uk

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