Dirt and Trail March 2020

Ready To Rumble

Ready To Rumble


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MARCH <strong>2020</strong><br />

www.dirt<strong>and</strong>trailmag.com<br />


MARCH <strong>2020</strong> RSA R35.00<br />

20003<br />

9 771815 337001<br />


READY TO<br />

RUMBLE!<br />


1260 ENDURO<br />






K&N Style Filters<br />

Available sizes 28, 35, 39, 42, 48,<br />

52, 54 <strong>and</strong> 60mm R125.00<br />

8000Ma<br />

Jump Starter & Power Bank R1299.00<br />

18L / min<br />

RAC610 Inflator R449.00 RTG5 Gauge R249.00<br />

Bike <strong>and</strong> ATV Covers<br />

Available sizes S - XL<br />

From R270.00<br />

Ring Globes<br />

H7 150% Power R330.00<br />

H4 150% Power R290.00<br />

EMGO Top Box<br />

R990.00<br />


SMART CHARGER 1 AMP DFC150 R599.00<br />

SMART CHARGER 3.5 AMP DFC530 R899.00<br />

SMART CHARGER 4 AMP PSA004 R999.00<br />

SMART CHARGER 8 AMP PSA008 R1349.00<br />

SMART CHARGER 4 AMP PSD004 R1199.00<br />


Rim Locks Front <strong>and</strong> Rear<br />

SMART CHARGER 8 AMP PSD008 R1499.00<br />


R110.00 R465.00<br />

Tubeless Puncture Kits<br />

License Disc Holders<br />

R168.00<br />

Bar Ends<br />

R100.00<br />




7474<br />


0092<br />


7177 7000<br />



5275 7474<br />



0092 0944<br />




STONERIDGE SERVICES 011 011 016 435 342<br />

609 849 421 7177 7474<br />

0944 7000 1153<br />

FAST BIKING JUST MOTO-MATE KCR KTM ACCESSORIES MOTORCYCLE BIKING RIVONIA FANATIX 011 012 016 011 867 342 421 234 975 0092 7474 1153 5275 5405<br />


MOTORCYCLE CYCLES SERVICES STONERIDGE FANATIX 011 011 012 849 867 975 609 333 7000 0092 5405 0944 6443<br />

MOTO-MATE GAME OFF-ROAD JUST PRIMROSE MOTOR BIKING RIVONIA SERVICES MOTORCYCLES 011 012 016 011 234 849 333 828 421 5275 7000 6443 9091 1153<br />



PRIMROSE JUST WAYNE BIKING HEASMAN MOTORCYCLES RACING 011 016 011 828 421 955 828 9091 1153 5960 9091<br />


MOTORCYCLE MOTORCYCLES FANATIX 011 011 792 975 792 6829 5405<br />


WAYNE BIKE CITY HEASMAN CYCLES RACING 012 011 013 333 955 244 6443 5960 2143<br />



CITY MOTORCYCLES 011 013 828 2449091<br />

2143<br />



SALLEYS MOTORCYCLES YAMAHA 011051 792 430 6829 3326<br />

BIKE BIKE CITY 013 244 2143<br />


CITY<br />

YAMAHA<br />

013<br />

051<br />

244<br />

430<br />

2143<br />

3326<br />



BIKE SALLEYS CITY YAMAHA 013 051 244 430 2143 3326<br />

H<strong>and</strong> Guards<br />

Various Colours available<br />

ABS Plastic R470.00<br />

Alloy R990.00<br />

Scooter V Belts<br />

From R110.00<br />

Tyre Levers<br />

From R95.00<br />

From R48.00<br />

Jerry Cans<br />

From R450.00<br />

Fork Boots<br />


PBA DEALER from R120.00 LISTING<br />





BIKERS PARADISE 018 297 4700<br />

BIKERS INSANE PARADISE BIKERS 018 014297 5944700<br />

2111<br />


MOTORS BIKERS @ KLERKSDORP 014 018594 4682111<br />

1800<br />



4700 5050<br />




771 594 297<br />

5050 2111 4700<br />


2111 4700<br />


3291 1800 2111<br />


1800 5050<br />


LIMPOPO K.R.MOTORCYCLES 015 297 3291<br />

KZN<br />


015 297 3291<br />


3291<br />


2606<br />

KZN<br />



MARITZBURG 031 033<br />

031702 264<br />

7022606<br />

3240<br />

2606<br />

PERRY’S RBS YAMAHA M/CYCLES BALITO 033 084 031264 353 701 1103240<br />

2713 1311 0056<br />


ROCKET RBS YAMAHA RACING PINETOWN 031 031701 7021311<br />

2606<br />

RBS YAMAHA 031 701 1311<br />

ROCKET<br />


SUZUKI 033<br />

031 264<br />

303 3240<br />

8323<br />

RBS YAMAHA 031 701 1311<br />

UMPLEBY SUZUKI 031 303 8323<br />


50081406/L CARB CLEANER 400ML 50.00<br />

is OEM<br />

50201414/L TERMINAL PROTECT RED 50.00<br />

50201415/L TERMINAL PROTECT BLUE 50.00<br />

50320400/L BRK,CLTCH,CHAIN CLEANER 44.00<br />

50500192/L CHAIN LUBE 150ML 34.00<br />

50500193/L CHAIN LUBE 400ML 69.00<br />

50510403/L CHAIN WAX 400ML 71.00<br />

50510404/L CHAIN WAX 150ML 34.00<br />

51528262/L PETROL INJECTOR CLEANER 10.00<br />

53203200/L AIR FILTER SPRAY 55.00<br />

53203500/L AIR FILTER OIL 500ML 55.00<br />

53204005/L BIO FILTER CLEANER 5l 325.00<br />

53204400/L BIO FILTER CLEANER 400ML 47.00<br />

53780300/L SPARK 300ML 44.00<br />

55000314/L TYRE FIX 200ML 45.00<br />

56000001/L FORK OIL SYN 5W 125.00<br />

56000002/L FORK OIL SYN 10W 125.00<br />

56000003/L FORK OIL SYN 2.5W 135.00<br />

56000400/L MOUSSE LUBRICANT 100.00<br />

RIDE HIGH WITH YAMAHA 035 789 1851<br />


7411<br />


2560 7177<br />


1851 7474<br />


RIDE HIGH WITH YAMAHA 035 789 1851<br />




939 945 234789 566<br />

8944 3724 52751851<br />

7411<br />



M/CYCLE PAARDEN-EILAND M/CYCLES WYNBURG FITMENT HILLCREST 021 016031 510 939 761 421765 2258 8944 4220 11532560<br />




8944<br />


BELVILLE 021 011 021 461 792761 945 5167 68294220<br />

3724<br />


2258<br />

IMOLA WICKED TRAC-MAC MOTORSPORT CYCLES WYNBURG 043 021 722 510 761 11572968<br />

4220<br />




CITY MOTORSPORT MOTORCYCLE WORLD CC043 013021 722 244930 1157 21435917<br />



SALLEYS YAMAHA 051 430 3326<br />

PB<br />

NORTHW<br />

BIKERS P<br />

INSANE B<br />

MOTORS<br />

WATER R<br />


K.R.MOT<br />

KZN<br />

PERRY’S<br />

ROCKET<br />

ROCKET<br />



A middle aged lady who happened to be an<br />

avid motorcyclist went to her doctor’s offi ce.<br />

She was seen by one of the new doctors,<br />

but after about 4 minutes in the examination<br />

room, she burst out screaming <strong>and</strong> ran down<br />

the hall.<br />

An older doctor stopped her <strong>and</strong> asked what<br />

the problem was, <strong>and</strong> she explained.<br />

He had her sit down <strong>and</strong> relax in another<br />

room. The older doctor marched back to the<br />

fi rst <strong>and</strong> dem<strong>and</strong>ed,<br />

“What’s the matter with you? Mrs Terry is 63<br />

years old, she has four grown children <strong>and</strong><br />

seven gr<strong>and</strong>children, <strong>and</strong> you told her she<br />

was pregnant?”<br />

The new doctor smiled smugly as he<br />

continued to write on his clipboard.<br />

“Cured her hiccups though, didn’t it?”<br />

Have a great riding month!<br />

CONTENTS: MARCH <strong>2020</strong><br />

THE TEAM:<br />

EDITOR:<br />

Glenn Foley<br />

foleyg@mweb.co.za<br />

DESIGN:<br />

Rob Portman<br />

rob@ridefast.co.za<br />


Sinead Foley<br />

foleyg@mweb.co.za<br />

Sean Hendley<br />

bestbikemagazines@<br />

yahoo.com<br />

071 684 4546<br />

For CPT: Lorna<br />

lornad48@yahoo.com<br />

ACCOUNTS &<br />


Anette<br />

anette.acc@mweb.co.za<br />

Office no (011) 979-5035<br />

(011) 979-0053<br />


Kurt Beine<br />

Zygmund Brodalka<br />

Tristan Foley<br />

Mike Wessels<br />

Jaun Delport<br />

Shado Alston<br />




CALL 011 979 5035 OR EMAIL<br />

anette.acc@mweb.co.za<br />

Digital or hard copy.<br />


2 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong>

www.gameservices.co.za<br />

Piston <strong>and</strong> Gasket Sets<br />

Cranks, Conrods <strong>and</strong> Camshafts<br />

Cylinder Kits, Rebores, Main Bearings <strong>and</strong> Clutch Plates<br />


Email:G124@mweb.co.za<br />

EMAIL:<br />

no 4 Fifth avenue<br />

Northmead<br />

Benoni<br />

011 425 1081/4

Trax <strong>and</strong> <strong>Trail</strong> Funduro<br />

challenge planned<br />

for <strong>March</strong> 21st, right<br />

between PTA <strong>and</strong> JHB<br />

On the 21st <strong>March</strong> – it’s a Saturday, Public Holiday,<br />

there’s not a lot of racing going on <strong>and</strong> it’s going to<br />

be good fun. Legends in Cullinan is the venue where<br />

riders will be treated to a great single track trail into<br />

the mountain. The route will include MX, Offroad <strong>and</strong><br />

Enduro elements. It’s not extreme or hard enduro<br />

– all rideable with lots of space for spectators <strong>and</strong><br />

supporters. The guys are still busy with the planning<br />

but they reckon a loop of about 40 kms can be<br />

expected with some unique parts opened just for this<br />

challenge. You can enter as an individual (Ysterman)<br />

– or as a team (challenge other teams <strong>and</strong> see who<br />

can do the most laps in a set time) Finishers medal for<br />

everyone <strong>and</strong> lots of prizes up for grabs courtesty of<br />

Trax KTM <strong>and</strong> <strong>Dirt</strong> And <strong>Trail</strong> Magazine.<br />

GP to the Bay <strong>2020</strong>:<br />

raising funds for QASA<br />

The famous four day ride from Carnival City on the<br />

East R<strong>and</strong> all the way to the seaside in Richards Bay<br />

kicks off on the 24th of September this year. Put it in<br />

your diary – <strong>Dirt</strong>bikes, Quads <strong>and</strong> Side By sides are<br />

all welcome. A similar adventure is being planned<br />

exclusivelly for adventure bikes! Watch this space.<br />

www.adventurecompany.co.za<br />

4 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong>



Satisfy your restless spirit with the new KTM 390 ADVEN-<br />

TURE. This compact single-cylinder travel-enduro machine<br />

has a sporty design attitude, with the comprehensive equipment<br />

<strong>and</strong> proven performance credentials of the KTM AD-<br />

VENTURE range. Its versatile ergonomics, smooth power<br />

delivery <strong>and</strong> innovative technology all come together in a<br />

comfortable, lightweight package built for those wanting to fit<br />

more adventure into their daily lives.<br />

Phone 011 462 7796 for your<br />

nearest KTM dealer.

Bike Tyre<br />

Warehouse<br />

Some interesting news from the<br />

purveyors of motorcycle tyres, brake<br />

pads, chains, sprockets <strong>and</strong> other<br />

important bits <strong>and</strong> bobs to keep you<br />

<strong>and</strong> your bike safe:<br />

Firstly, Eddie Leggo joins the Bike<br />

Tyre Warehouse Group as Technical<br />

Manager at their Head Office in<br />

Midr<strong>and</strong>, Johannesburg. Eddie has a<br />

wealth of knowledge when it comes to motorcycle<br />

tyre products & technical expertise, coming across<br />

from TI-Auto where he was HOD of the motorcycle<br />

tyre division with Metzeler. You can contact Eddie on<br />

083 467 1349 or eddie@biketyrewarehouse.com<br />

Then, The BATT HP 11’s (High Performance) road<br />

range are now available in the following size range;<br />

120/70-17 front; 160/60-17 rear; 180/55-17 rear;<br />

190/50-17 rear; 190/55-17 rear<br />

But, most importantly <strong>and</strong> prestigiously of all BTW<br />

won the Pirelli Dealer of the Year again -they are<br />

the largest trader in Pirelli tyres in SA. For Sales<br />

contact 073 777 9269 | 083 467 1349 or sales@<br />

biketyrewarehouse.com.<br />

But, most importantly <strong>and</strong> prestigiously of all BTW<br />

won the Pirelli Dealer of the Year again -they are<br />

the largest trader in Pirelli tyres in SA. For Sales<br />

contact 073 777 9269 | 083 467 1349 or sales@<br />

biketyrewarehouse.com<br />


FUNNEL (OX619)<br />

RRP R145.00<br />

· Pouring spout for clean delivery of oil<br />

Check out www.dmd.co.za to find your nearest<br />

stockist.<br />

This we had a need for the other day. Filling<br />

up our run-about scooter with fuel at the<br />

filling station we checked the oil <strong>and</strong> it did<br />

need a bit. Now, if you have ever tried to<br />

top up your bike or scoot at a filling station<br />

you might have noticed a very annoying<br />

tendency of the absolute unavailability of<br />

funnels at said service stations. This then<br />

results in you <strong>and</strong> your attendant scratching<br />

through the bins to find something that can<br />

be crudely fashioned into a rudimentary<br />

funnel, <strong>and</strong> invariably the result is that much<br />

of your precious black gold ends up on your<br />

engine <strong>and</strong> the floor. So, a neatly folding/<br />

collapsible <strong>and</strong> flexible funnel is the ideal<br />

bit of kit to carry around under your seat for<br />

just such an occasion. Man, it even makes<br />

sense to keep one in your bakkie, the wife’s<br />

car so-on. It certainly is well priced enough<br />

to warrant having a few on h<strong>and</strong>.<br />

Description:<br />

· Compact design folds down when not<br />

required; perfect for garage use<br />

· Flexible material ideal for narrow spaces<br />

6 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong>

Ewan <strong>and</strong> Charley’s<br />

American epic ends final<br />

leg with a mass LA ride-in.<br />

We told you all about this lot a few issues back<br />

when Harley decided that Ewan <strong>and</strong> Charley<br />

should use their electric bikes to undertake the<br />

journey. Harley? Electric? Adventure? ‘Strue!<br />

Although the exact route is unclear, including how<br />

much off-road the group tackled, the whole journey<br />

took them a little over three months.<br />

Speaking to a member of the public at the end-ofthe-journey<br />

event, Boorman said the charging wasn’t<br />

too difficult, although they did sometimes have to<br />

rely on locals with generators in the wilder parts of<br />

their journey.<br />

Once they got into the US, charging stations were<br />

apparently plentiful, enabling them to up their average<br />

daily distance to 300 miles from around 150 while they<br />

were in the south.<br />

For much of the journey they were followed by petrol<br />

<strong>and</strong> diesel-powered vehicles, which ferried battery<br />

packs around to keep the bikes topped up.<br />

Ewan McGregor <strong>and</strong> Charley Boorman have<br />

finished their third riding adventure, having ridden<br />

a pair of electric Harley-Davidson LiveWires up<br />

through the Americas.<br />

The route took them from Ushuaia, Argentina, to Los<br />

Angeles, California in the USA. The trip finished in a<br />

similar fashion to previous journeys with an invite-only<br />

group ride of 40 local riders, stopping off at a Harley-<br />

Davidson dealership for a quick charge before making<br />

their way to a party in downtown LA.<br />

The duo left Ushuaia on September 19, with longtime<br />

collaborator Claudio von Planta riding with<br />

them to film their escapades. Russ Malkin <strong>and</strong> David<br />

Alexanian, two producers <strong>and</strong> directors from the Long<br />

Way Round <strong>and</strong> Long Way Down TV series, followed<br />

the trio in a pair of Rivian R1T electric pick-up trucks.<br />

There’s still been no official word from any of the crew<br />

involved, TV channels or Harley-Davidson about<br />

the trip, so we’re in the dark as to what was done<br />

to the bikes, the terrain involved <strong>and</strong> also when the<br />

programme will air.<br />

However, pictures of the bikes reveal lots of<br />

adventure accessories including wire spoke wheels,<br />

bash plates <strong>and</strong> engine guards. The bikes <strong>and</strong> the<br />

riding stars also looked filthy by the end, suggesting<br />

some trying times.<br />

More news <strong>and</strong>, hopefully a story on this as it<br />

comes in…<br />

New JT Self<br />

Cleaning Sprockets:<br />

For those muddy<br />

times<br />

MX-series steel front sprockets<br />

are manufactured to exacting<br />

tolerances <strong>and</strong> designed with<br />

special self-cleaning grooves for<br />

added life <strong>and</strong> performance.<br />

• Unique self-cleaning design<br />

that keeps the contact area<br />

clean from dirt <strong>and</strong> mud while<br />

significantly reducing weight<br />

• Heat-induction hardened C45<br />

steel lasts up to six times longer<br />

than a 7075 aluminium sprocket<br />

<strong>and</strong> greatly extends chain life<br />

• Engineered <strong>and</strong> finished to the<br />

highest quality level in black zinc.<br />

JT Sprockets is one of the<br />

world’s largest sprocket<br />

manufacturers.<br />

At dealers. www.trickbitz.co.za<br />

for your closest stockist.<br />

8 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong>

Riders who know what they want, what<br />

they need, <strong>and</strong> can tell instantly what<br />

works will love the new lightweight, highflow,<br />

modernised-fit Arkon gear line. The<br />

unique, clean styling allows mix <strong>and</strong> match<br />

combinations - these kits are designed to<br />

look great even with pieces from our other<br />

lines. This high quality gear lets you feel<br />

nimble yet has durability that destroys<br />

those flimsy ‘race graphic pajamas’ offer<br />

in this category by other br<strong>and</strong>s.<br />

CALL 011 792 7691 TO FIND YOUR<br />




Triumph confirm Bajaj<br />

collaboration to build allnew<br />

mid-capacity range:<br />

It’s all about the capacity<br />

to build small cc bikes<br />

that are affordable.<br />

Triumph Motorcycles <strong>and</strong> Bajaj Auto India have<br />

formally commenced a long term, non-equity<br />

partnership to build a br<strong>and</strong>-new range of midcapacity<br />

motorcycles that will bolster Triumph’s<br />

fortunes in emerging markets – but which<br />

also, crucially, will see a new range of lower<br />

capacity Triumph’s. This isn’t the first time the<br />

two manufacturers have confirmed a working<br />

relationship – first doing so back in August 2017,<br />

when they confirmed a similar non-equity deal<br />

to see Bajaj offering Triumph a route into the<br />

expansive Indian market.<br />

Triumph Motorcycles CEO, Nick Bloor, said: “This<br />

is an important partnership for Triumph <strong>and</strong> I am<br />

delighted that it has now<br />

formally commenced.<br />

“As well as taking our br<strong>and</strong><br />

into crucial new territories,<br />

the products that will come<br />

out of the partnership will<br />

also help attract a younger,<br />

but still discerning, customer<br />

audience <strong>and</strong> is another step<br />

in our ambitions to exp<strong>and</strong><br />

globally, particularly in the<br />

fast-growing markets of<br />

South East Asia, but also<br />

driving growth in more mature<br />

territories like Europe.”<br />

The partnership recognizes Triumph <strong>and</strong> Bajaj’s<br />

respective strengths in large <strong>and</strong> small capacity<br />

motorcycles <strong>and</strong> will see the two collaborate to<br />

design, engineer, <strong>and</strong> manufacture the new range<br />

of 200 to 750cc motorcycles – perhaps using<br />

the ‘postponed’ 250cc Street Triple <strong>and</strong> Daytona<br />

prototypes spied repeatedly in 2013 – <strong>and</strong> which<br />

were confirmed by Triumph at that year’s Milan<br />

show. If we know this lot, you’ll soon have a baby<br />

Tiger to use as a runabout.<br />

Bajaj Auto own a 48% share in Austrian bike<br />

manufacturer KTM <strong>and</strong> build KTM <strong>and</strong> Husqvarna<br />

models up to 390cc at their Chakan factory.<br />

Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director of Bajaj Auto India, said:<br />

“The Triumph br<strong>and</strong> is an iconic one the world over.<br />

So, we are confident that there will be a huge appetite<br />

in India <strong>and</strong> other emerging markets for these new<br />

products. We look forward to working alongside such<br />

a famous motorcycle company <strong>and</strong> to leveraging each<br />

other’s strengths <strong>and</strong> expertise to make the relationship<br />

a success for everyone.”<br />

While no timescale has been revealed, we’d expect to<br />

new products emerging rapidly, with the end-of-year<br />

shows likely to reveal prototypes in various capacities…<br />

It’s going to be fun.<br />

Race Shop Fourways<br />

“We have a great team”, says race Shops Ryan<br />

Shapiro. rae Sho now offers free fitment on all tyres<br />

purchased from them, as well as 50% off labour for<br />

fitment of all parts purchased from them. The shop<br />

is well laid out <strong>and</strong> properly merch<strong>and</strong>ised - all your<br />

motorcycling needs under one roof. They also do<br />

free delivery countrywide for all purchases over<br />

R1,000.00. Check out RACE SHOP Online www.<br />

raceshopsa.co.za or give them a call on 011 658<br />

0208, or get yourself down to SHOP 4 The BUZZ<br />

Shopping Centre, Witkoppen Rd, Fourways, 2191<br />

10 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong>

Exploring<br />

made easy<br />

200cc’s of pure power<br />

ready for any terrain<br />

DINGO 150<br />


all terrain vehicles<br />

32 Hulbert Street<br />

New Centre<br />

Johannesburg<br />

2001<br />

011 493 6001<br />

011 493 6101<br />



Some Cape News:<br />

Our intrepid lady in Cape Town, Lorna, has been<br />

out <strong>and</strong> about getting to know the dealers <strong>and</strong><br />

attending a couple of events <strong>and</strong> this is what she<br />

has found in The Republic of The Western Cape:<br />

If you have Cape news that you’d like to include:<br />

lornad48@yahoo.com.<br />


After working for Yamaha for 10 years <strong>and</strong> being<br />

the youngest qualified Yamaha technician in SA<br />

at 21, Mario Kriek started his own shop in 2006.<br />

<strong>Dirt</strong>rider motorcycles started off as a specialised<br />

off-road workshop, building race bikes for national<br />


Motocross/Enduro/Motard. 14 years later they are<br />

possibly the biggest Off-Road motorcycle shop in<br />

the Western Cape, with a full range of Parts <strong>and</strong><br />

accessories/riding gear/helmets/boots/tyre selection<br />

<strong>and</strong> fully equipped professional workshop with<br />

qualified technicians on staff, <strong>and</strong> a good selection of<br />

pre-owned Off-Road motorcycles as well. Over the<br />


last few years they have assisted many riders take<br />

top places at the races <strong>and</strong> national championships<br />

<strong>and</strong> are also very involved at the local Fun rides.<br />

“Giving back to the sport is very important to me, to<br />

grow the sport <strong>and</strong> give back to the riders that have<br />

been supporting us over the last 14 years”, says<br />

Mario …. Check out their website for details, www.<br />

dirtridermotorcycles.co.za 021 552 8514.<br />





8<br />

12 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong>




9<br />

J18<br />

J39<br />

J38<br />

J32<br />

J34<br />


Henderson Racing Products - 011 708 5905<br />

www.facebook.com/Hendersonracingproducts<br />

Available at selected dealers nationwide

Honda Wing Tygerberg<br />

Honda Wing Tygerberg has been in business in the<br />

northern suburbs of Cape Town since early 2000,<br />

specialising in Honda Motorcycle sales, part sales<br />

<strong>and</strong> service/repair work. With their team they have<br />

won several performance <strong>and</strong> service awards over<br />

the last 10 years. They have a sales team that is<br />

very driven <strong>and</strong> experienced in all aspects of their<br />

business including sport bikes, agricultural needs,<br />

adventure biking <strong>and</strong> commuting. They have all the<br />

latest <strong>and</strong> greatest on offer from Honda including<br />

the all new Africa Twin CRF1100 in stock <strong>and</strong> they<br />

say the order list for the highly anticipated <strong>2020</strong><br />

CBR1000 RR Fireblade is growing longer everyday…<br />

Drop in at 275 Durban road, Tygervalley, Belville for<br />

a cup of coffee <strong>and</strong> a chat or give them a call on 021<br />

910 8300.<br />

14 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong>

Please make no attempt to imitat e the illustrated riding scenes, always wear protective clothi ng <strong>and</strong> observe the applicable provisions of the road traffic regulations!<br />

The illustrat ed vehicles may vary in selected details from the production models <strong>and</strong> some illustrations feature optional equipmen t availabl e at additiona l cost.<br />


The pinnacle of Husqvarna motocross, the FC 450 uses advanced<br />

engineering techniques to not only draw 63 hp from the 450cc motor,<br />

but also position the engine shaft arrangements at the ideal centre of<br />

gravity to vastly benefit h<strong>and</strong>ling <strong>and</strong> manoeuvrability. The addition of<br />

launch control means perfect acceleration off the line, while classleading<br />

ergonomics <strong>and</strong> traction control keep the rider in full control.<br />

FREESTATE - Salley’s Husqvarna, Bloemfontein – (051) 447 2658<br />

CIT<br />

Holeshot Motorcycles, Boksburg – (011) 823-5830 Husqvarna West – (010) 443 3776<br />

Belville (021) 945 8019<br />

EASTERN CAPE - Auto Motorcycles, Port Elizabeth – (041) 581 1699<br />

MPUMALANGA - Vans Husqvarna, Middleburg – (013) 282 0766

Nomads Trials Club, Cape Town.<br />

In the late sixties, Nomads had an “On The<br />

Road Championship” <strong>and</strong> an “On The Rough<br />

Championship”. The latter was decided on the<br />

combined results of grass track, scrambles <strong>and</strong><br />

trials. Most bikes used were stripped down or<br />

converted road bikes <strong>and</strong> some even returned to<br />

commuter roles after the weekend’s fun. By the<br />

early seventies specialised trials <strong>and</strong> scrambles<br />

bikes were becoming available <strong>and</strong> the sports were<br />

becoming equally specialised. The scrambles guys<br />

broke away from the club <strong>and</strong> formed their own<br />

club while the trials riders stayed with Nomads. By<br />

the mid-seventies Japanese trials bikes were on<br />

the market <strong>and</strong> well able to compete against the<br />

European bikes. By the nineties the other centres<br />

were producing the best riders in the country with<br />

local riders putting up a good show, though lacking<br />

the younger riders needed to take the sport forward.<br />

By 1994 the sections were getting more difficult <strong>and</strong><br />

the gap between the serious <strong>and</strong> casual riders was<br />

widening so a Clubman’s class was introduced. In<br />

the last couple of years there has been a steady<br />

resurgence in local trials with many new bikes being<br />

bough <strong>and</strong>, importantly, there are a number of young<br />

riders who have started, some being the sons of the<br />

early riders. As trials events all take place on private<br />

l<strong>and</strong> by kind permission of the l<strong>and</strong>owner, venues<br />

come <strong>and</strong> go, <strong>and</strong> new ones are not always easy<br />

to find. Local venues currently include Kuils River,<br />

Wellington, <strong>and</strong> Zonnebloem.<br />

Trials are held on the third weekend of each<br />

month between <strong>March</strong> <strong>and</strong> October. The constant<br />

improvement in riding ability <strong>and</strong> machines saw the<br />

introduction of further classes so that now there are<br />

different routes for Masters, Experts, Intermediates<br />

<strong>and</strong> clubmen. Occasionally there are even classes<br />

for youngsters on electric bikes. Everyone is<br />

welcome to visit one of the Thursday get-togethers<br />

<strong>and</strong> loan a ride from one of the group, <strong>and</strong> the man<br />

to get hold of for riding venues <strong>and</strong> times is Kobus<br />

Potgieter of Team Superman on 082 574 2160<br />

16 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong>

TEAM SA<br />






There’s something profoundly special about the<br />

indomitable South African sporting spirit; a flat<br />

out refusal to give up or be resigned to second<br />

place. GS Trophy - Team South Africa has further<br />

entrenched themselves as the dominant BMW<br />

Motorrad GS Trophy nation, securing a hat-trick of<br />

titles after a day of huge drama on the south isl<strong>and</strong><br />

of New Zeal<strong>and</strong>.<br />

After leading for three straight days, disaster struck<br />

for the Moto Boks on special stage one resulting in<br />

a last place finish — <strong>and</strong> although scores are not<br />

published between stages — Team SA would have<br />

definitely relinquished the lead.<br />

A challenge that required two competitors on one<br />

bike, plus a runner with half-filled jerry cans to<br />

complete a course over loose terrain <strong>and</strong> through<br />

a river. Team SA had first crack at the course<br />

which offered a choice of two lines, <strong>and</strong> suffered<br />

horrendous luck when the bike hit a rock hidden by<br />

bushes, causing the back brake to buckle.<br />

We managed to bend it back into working shape,<br />

but the time lost proved fatal for our stage chances,<br />

ultimately finishing in last place. News of the rogue<br />

rock travelled quickly after our run, <strong>and</strong> no other<br />

team chose the same route. Instead of bemoaning<br />

our misfortune, the Moto Boks had a strong team<br />

talk <strong>and</strong> lifted themselves for stage two.<br />

The gr<strong>and</strong> finale for <strong>2020</strong> was true GS Trophy stuff<br />

— see videos on Instagram & Facebook stories<br />

— as pure as it gets <strong>and</strong> exactly what we had<br />

been training for back home. Br<strong>and</strong>on Grimsted,<br />

Cobus Theron <strong>and</strong> BJ Vosloo were near-perfect<br />

in completing the challenge — with only one dab<br />

(foot on ground) between the trio. An emotionally<br />

drained <strong>and</strong> physically exhausted team arrived in<br />

Queenstown before the final dinner <strong>and</strong> excruciating<br />

wait for prize giving.<br />

When France were announced as runners-up<br />

during the countdown of places, the relief <strong>and</strong><br />

ecstasy as Team SA embraced one another was<br />

quite incredible. And the quick realisation that if we<br />

had made just two more dabs in special stage two<br />

would have likely resulted in a third place finish hit<br />

home hard. You may even hear the Moto Boks party<br />

tonight from 10 time zones away! ANY win in New<br />

Zeal<strong>and</strong> is special.<br />

We stared adversity right in the face today, but<br />

bounced back brilliantly — <strong>and</strong> will be making<br />

the 11 000km trip back across the Indian Ocean<br />

with the International GS Trophy returning to its<br />

‘homel<strong>and</strong>’!<br />

— Byrøn Coetsee<br />

Team SA has now won three consecutive<br />

International GS Trophy titles in the biennial event<br />

after finishing second in 2010 <strong>and</strong> 2014.<br />

Full feature in next month’s issue.<br />

18 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong>

20 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong>



<strong>2020</strong> YAMAHA ENDURO<br />

The other day, before the frogs Africa’s top enduro riders, Bidvest After bashing on the windows to<br />

were even awake, we popped in Yamaha’s Lloyd Kirk <strong>and</strong> Mclarens wake them up – two very sleepy looking<br />

dudes popped out – “Hey guys – what are<br />

to the Terra Topia track to see Racing’s Luke Walker who has you up to?” A mumbled reply – “we’re<br />

whether anything was happening. switched to blue for the <strong>2020</strong> waiting for Russ Campbell, we got here<br />

There were no MX riders around, season. We took the opportunity really early coz we don’t want to get into<br />

trouble”.<br />

but we noticed a br<strong>and</strong>ed blue to have a little chat – <strong>and</strong> get some<br />

Russ takes time training the guys,<br />

van lurking in the trees. It pretty cool photo’s.<br />

working on speed <strong>and</strong> technique at the<br />

happened to contain two of South<br />

track.<br />

DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong> 21

Lloyd explains that it’s all good <strong>and</strong> well to be<br />

a good tech rider – but that it’s better to be well<br />

rounded. “Riding MX teaches technique <strong>and</strong> speed.”<br />

‘like at the Lesotho Enduro where the tech was<br />

cancelled because of the rain. We had to ride fast<br />

<strong>and</strong> we are not really used to that.”<br />

“And Fitness”, Chirps Luke. True story – Riding<br />

MX is one of the most physically dem<strong>and</strong>ing sports<br />

around – just three or four laps at pace <strong>and</strong> you<br />

know that you are getting a workout.<br />

C’mon Boys ! Perfect opportunity for a chat! Bikes<br />

out! Comb your hair, let’s get on with it.<br />

The back doors open <strong>and</strong> two gleaming Yammies<br />

make their appearance. Luke is racing the YZ250X<br />

for the <strong>2020</strong> season, while Lloyd is on the very latest<br />

FX 250.<br />

Naturally curious about the improvements to the<br />

new FX, we start plying Lloyd with questions. He<br />

raced the 2019 season on the previous model <strong>and</strong> we<br />

were keen to hear how in compared to the new bike.<br />

We also asked him about where he’s from <strong>and</strong><br />

how he started:<br />

Lloyd Kirk lives on a farm between Matatielle <strong>and</strong><br />

Swartberg. He started riding at 13 – his sister taught<br />

him how to ride.<br />

His first bike was a Honda 230.<br />

“I started getting a bit wild on the 230, you know<br />

hitting big jumps <strong>and</strong> stuff that the Honda wasn’t<br />

really designed for. My dad decided that I needed a<br />

proper bike, so he bought me an old YZ”.<br />

“I started racing at 14 <strong>and</strong> ever since, I’ve been in<br />

the saddle. In that area we only know mountains <strong>and</strong><br />

tech, so instead of MX <strong>and</strong> Off road, that’s what we<br />

learned <strong>and</strong> excelled in.”<br />

“My 2019 season with Yamaha went well, I got<br />

second in points <strong>and</strong> sadly had a bad Roof when I<br />

picked up a bug. But I was happy with the season<br />

coming in behind William Oosthuisen.<br />

“Last year, for the first time, I went overseas<br />

<strong>and</strong> participated in Erzberg which, for me was the<br />

22 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong>


YOUR WAY.<br />

Yamaha’s exclusive Power Tuner app puts<br />

the flexibility <strong>and</strong> precision tunability of the<br />

GYTR® Power Tuner into your smartphone.<br />

Make fueling <strong>and</strong> ignition timing changes<br />

instantly <strong>and</strong> upload them to the bike for the<br />

ultimate in track-side tuning. For <strong>2020</strong>, a<br />

h<strong>and</strong>lebar-mounted map switch allows you<br />

to adjust preselected engine maps on the fly.<br />

www.yamaha.co.za · +27 11 259 7600 ·<br />

Facebook: Yamaha Southern Africa · Instagram: @yamahasouthafrica<br />


funnest thing I’ve ever done. It was really hectic <strong>and</strong><br />

I went there for experience. I didn’t finish, but man<br />

I learnt a lot! Then it was time for sea to Sky <strong>and</strong> I<br />

actually had a very good race – but stupid things like<br />

running out of petrol on the last day cost me quite<br />

a few positions – so I still have some unfinished<br />

business there… but I really loved it – definitely one<br />

of the best value for money events out there.”<br />

Lloyd racesThe new <strong>2020</strong> FX250 in E1. We quizzed<br />

him on the new bike.<br />

“The whole thing has changed – <strong>and</strong> you can feel<br />

it. Just about the only common thing from the old<br />

bike are the wheels. The suspension, frame, engine<br />

– all different. And the technology! It is so easy to<br />

map, you download the app on your phone <strong>and</strong> you<br />

literally store your preferred maps on the h<strong>and</strong>lebar<br />

switch. The new bike h<strong>and</strong>les like a beast <strong>and</strong> it feels<br />

lighter <strong>and</strong> more nimble.”<br />

“This new FX feels different.<br />

Much narrower <strong>and</strong> easy to<br />

corner <strong>and</strong> wherever you take<br />

it, it just sits <strong>and</strong> holds its<br />

line. It doesn’t move around<br />

<strong>and</strong> it h<strong>and</strong>les really well. I’m<br />

really enjoying it. One or two<br />

adjustments are still needed on<br />

the mapping, but we are still<br />

learning because the whole<br />

bike is new. It’s so easy via the<br />

Bluetooth settings on the bike –<br />

<strong>and</strong> then you store your preferred<br />

map. Amazing technology!<br />

24 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong>

Luke Walker:<br />

Luke grew up JHB. And first started riding in the<br />

park at 7 on a PW 50.<br />

Little did he know that he’d grow into a<br />

professional racer.<br />

“I started racing in high school – so rugby <strong>and</strong><br />

soccer took the back seat. I always rode enduro<br />

<strong>and</strong> extreme enduro with my dad. Lots of Lesotho,<br />

Swazil<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> de Wildt <strong>and</strong> I took to the more<br />

extreme stuff. I entered Bronze Roof when I was 16<br />

<strong>and</strong> still at school. I got a 5th <strong>and</strong> managed to pick<br />

up a few sponsors – <strong>and</strong> that’s where the racing<br />

really started.”<br />

“My last season, I ended up 4th in the national<br />

E2 class. Not the result I wanted, but I had a pretty<br />

consistent season. Going into the last race, I was<br />

aiming for third but only managed fourth overall.”|<br />

“Last year I also went overseas<br />

to participate in a few of the FIM<br />

superenduro junior world series<br />

races. Definitely an eye opener<br />

in terms of the levels of racing<br />

over there. It’s made me put in a<br />

lot more work. When the results<br />

come, hopefully I’ll head back <strong>and</strong><br />

do a lot better.” “Last year – 8th in<br />

gold at The Roof. A Real highlight.”<br />

Expectations for <strong>2020</strong>: “Podiums in the E2 class <strong>and</strong><br />

a top 5 or podium at Roof. I’ll also be racing la garres<br />

which is part of the Wess series <strong>and</strong> subject to funding,<br />

I’m going to try <strong>and</strong> race a few events abroad”<br />

We quizzed him on the bike – He is racing the<br />

250X in E2 for the <strong>2020</strong> season:<br />

The 250X is pretty incredible. It’s a big move<br />

between br<strong>and</strong>s, but from the first ride I have been<br />

comfortable. It’s very light, fast <strong>and</strong> I can feel that<br />

out of the box, the suspension feels really good.<br />

I love the ease of maintenance <strong>and</strong> it seems very<br />

simple to set up.”<br />

The obvious question we asked was whether he<br />

was missing his happy button.<br />

(He laughs) “Not yet! A bike’s a bike <strong>and</strong> this<br />

thing really starts so easily. I’ve spent a lot of time<br />

training for the season <strong>and</strong> getting to know the YZ.”<br />

“I look forward to a great <strong>2020</strong> season.”<br />

It’s going to be a great year of racing! The boys<br />

are hungry <strong>and</strong> the competition is fierce…

26 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong>



STRUCK<br />

The 1260 Ducati Multistrada<br />

1260 Enduro.<br />

This might sound like a funny thing<br />

to say – but very often it gets difficult<br />

to write a decent feature on some<br />

of the new bikes on the market.<br />

Not because they are bad machines<br />

or anything like that, but for the<br />

opposite reason. You seldom get<br />

crappy bikes any more – but many<br />

bikes are very similar to the last one.<br />

Writing this feature was really easy<br />

because the 1260 Multistrada is such<br />

a unique machine…<br />

At this here office we’ve always loved the Multi’s, the only<br />

regret is that we do not get much opportunity to ride<br />

them. I remember the first 1200 I rode years ago <strong>and</strong> I was<br />

instantly star struck. It was such a cool stuff-you bike that<br />

I was ready to sell the Mrs <strong>and</strong> the kids in order to get one<br />

into the garage. Whenever you hear us chat about bikes,<br />

the word personality comes into play. If you want a bike<br />

with a massive presence then this might just be the bike<br />

for you. Sadly, we only had the bike for a day <strong>and</strong> a night.<br />

So this is just a short review. We could easily have kept<br />

it for a lot longer <strong>and</strong> we’ll get hold of Ducati <strong>and</strong> try to<br />

arrange a longer ride soon<br />

DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong> 2 7

The Techy Stuff:<br />

The Ducati Multistrada 1260<br />

Enduro comes with the allnew<br />

1,262 cc, Testastretta<br />

DVT (Desmodromic Valve<br />

Timing) L-twin engine, which<br />

puts out 156 bhp at 9,500 rpm<br />

<strong>and</strong> 128 Nm of peak torque at<br />

7,500 rpm. The DVT engine<br />

offers Ducati’s version of<br />

variable valve timing, which<br />

offers more torque throughout<br />

the rev range. According to<br />

Ducati, 85 per cent of the<br />

torque is available under<br />

3,500 rpm, <strong>and</strong> with a 17 per<br />

cent increase in pulling power<br />

at 5,500 rpm compared to<br />

the Ducati Multistrada 1200<br />

Enduro it replaces.<br />

The Multistrada 1260<br />

Enduro gets four riding<br />

modes. Sport comes with<br />

aggressive throttle response,<br />

with the full 156 bhp power;<br />

Touring offers the full power,<br />

but with a toned down, <strong>and</strong><br />

smoother throttle response;<br />

Urban offers power reduced to<br />

100 bhp, as does Enduro. And<br />

each of these riding modes<br />

are further customisable,<br />

across different parameters,<br />

with the Enduro mode offering<br />

three power modes. The<br />

6-axis inertial measurement<br />

unit (IMU) powers the Ducati<br />

Cornering Lights, as well as<br />

the Bosch Cornering ABS<br />

which has three settings,<br />

<strong>and</strong> can be switched off. The<br />

Wheelie Control has eight<br />

settings <strong>and</strong> can be switched<br />

off as well, as is the eight-level<br />

Traction Control system. The<br />

up/down Ducati Quick Shift<br />

system offers seamless upshift<br />

<strong>and</strong> downshifts….<br />

The Sachs rear shock<br />

offers full adjustability. The<br />

front fork also offers four<br />

levels of adjustability - soft,<br />

medium, harder <strong>and</strong> hardest.<br />

Even the bike load can be<br />

programmed, according to<br />

individual requirements across<br />

four settings - ride, rider with<br />

luggage, rider with passenger,<br />

rider with passenger <strong>and</strong><br />

luggage. The semi-active<br />

suspension, controlled by the<br />

Ducati Skyhook Suspension<br />

Evolution (DSS) system allows<br />

complete adjustability <strong>and</strong><br />

can be set to 400 different<br />

configurations.<br />

A Mind boggling electronics<br />

package for sure! This was just<br />

a short ride <strong>and</strong> we’ll have to<br />

play with it all in future issues.<br />

The 19-inch front, <strong>and</strong> 17-<br />

inch rear wire spoke wheels<br />

come shod with Pirelli Scorpion<br />

<strong>Trail</strong> II tyres. Braking is h<strong>and</strong>led<br />

by four-piston Brembo M4.32<br />

monobloc calipers squeezing<br />

dual 320 mm discs up front, <strong>and</strong><br />

a two-piston Brembo caliper<br />

squeezing a 265 mm single disc<br />

on the rear wheel.<br />

28 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong>

Official Sponsor<br />

Developed with<br />

Powered by<br />

Multistrada 1260 Enduro<br />

The wild side of Ducati.

Ride Impressions:<br />

This Ducati is big, bold <strong>and</strong><br />

unapologetically loud. First<br />

impressions can be vaguely<br />

intimidating – the sheer<br />

size <strong>and</strong> design is all about<br />

aggression. I mean it boasts a<br />

massive 30 litre fuel tank up<br />

front that makes it look as wide<br />

as the Starship Enterprise.<br />

But the moment you climb<br />

into the saddle, slip into the<br />

bike – <strong>and</strong> tickle the starter, the<br />

hairs on your arms st<strong>and</strong> up –<br />

<strong>and</strong> you just know that you are<br />

in for something unique.<br />

The ergonomics have<br />

been revised on the new<br />

Multistrada 1260 Enduro,<br />

<strong>and</strong> part of that is due to the<br />

lowered suspension travel <strong>and</strong><br />

seat height. The chassis has<br />

been redesigned, reducing the<br />

suspension travel to 185 mm,<br />

down from 200 mm on the<br />

1200 Enduro. Seat height has<br />

also been lowered as a result<br />

to 860 mm making the bike<br />

easier to h<strong>and</strong>le for all riders.<br />

The h<strong>and</strong>lebar has also been<br />

lowered, <strong>and</strong> the front portion<br />

of the seat, as well as the fuel<br />

tank is now slimmer. Overall<br />

dimensions of the bike remain<br />

the same, with the same 225<br />

kg dry weight.<br />

Freeway cruising:<br />

Our first jaunt was from our<br />

offices to a motorcycle launch<br />

in S<strong>and</strong>ton. Select ‘Sport’ mode<br />

<strong>and</strong> you have access to all<br />

the power the 1260 Enduro<br />

has to offer. We also noticed<br />

the cornering lights as we<br />

swooped through the bends – a<br />

cool feature that is basically a<br />

st<strong>and</strong>ard feature on all modern<br />

bikes now. If you know the<br />

freeways that circle JHB, you’ll<br />

underst<strong>and</strong> how amazing they<br />

are – there is a lot that needs<br />

fixing here – but those freeways<br />

are not one of them. And we<br />

hit them just as the rush hour<br />

traffic had died down, so the<br />

opportunity to really ride the<br />

bike was perfect. We were<br />

grateful that there was not a lot<br />

of traffic – this bike is designed<br />

to ride fast, commuting through<br />

a pile of cars is not its happy<br />

place. One though that came to<br />

mind is just how comfortable<br />

this bike is. You sit in it – not on<br />

it. It feels a bit lower than the<br />

old 1200 too <strong>and</strong> that will really<br />

appeal to Ducati fans. The wide<br />

bars allow for plenty of leverage<br />

<strong>and</strong> lean – you can easily tell<br />

that this is a bike with a lot of<br />

racing heritage…<br />

Thundering along William<br />

Nicol Drive you can’t help but<br />

notice the admiring glances<br />

that the bike pulls from the<br />

boys in their Porches. One even<br />

attempted a dice from robot to<br />

robot – it was no contest. That<br />

158 bhp engine ensures you’ll<br />

win the race every time.<br />

30 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong>

Roaring down the ramp into<br />

the parking lot the venue, we<br />

parked the Multi in amongst a<br />

really delectable selection of<br />

motorcycles <strong>and</strong> it was certainly<br />

not out of place. Naturally, the<br />

route home was significantly<br />

longer. This bike feels raw, a<br />

powderkeg of sensory overload…<br />

You cruise effortlessly at<br />

speeds well beyond the legal<br />

limits (sorry if the camera’s<br />

got us), <strong>and</strong> its sheer size <strong>and</strong><br />

the roar from the Italian pipes<br />

ensure that the vehicles in front<br />

of you make way. That liquidcooled<br />

Testastretta engine has<br />

an abundance of power available<br />

absolutely everywhere. Twist<br />

the throttle at freeway speeds<br />

<strong>and</strong> you’ll get a brilliant blast of<br />

acceleration that will leave you<br />

singing in your helmet. Hit that<br />

quickshifter hard – it is flawless…<br />

<strong>Dirt</strong>y times:<br />

But this here is a dirtbike<br />

<strong>and</strong> adventure magazine. The<br />

Multistrada is like a superbike<br />

for dirt roads. That’s the easiest<br />

way to describe it. I mean – who<br />

actually needs 1260cc’s of V-Twin<br />

power for an adventure bike? The<br />

sensible answer is – nobody. The<br />

emotional reply is – EVERYBODY!<br />

So what’s it like on the gravel?<br />

Switch to Enduro mode which<br />

tames the power down a bit…<br />

We say gravel because just<br />

looking at the st<strong>and</strong>ard Pirelli<br />

tyres fitted, you’ll underst<strong>and</strong><br />

that in st<strong>and</strong>ard trim, Ducati<br />

does not intend this bike to do<br />

Roof Of Africa type stuff <strong>and</strong> we’d<br />

be remiss to abuse a great bike<br />

like this. We roped in a friend or<br />

two <strong>and</strong> headed out onto our<br />

favorite fast gravel roads just<br />

out back here. Man did we have<br />

a great time. Despite the fact<br />

that the tyres fitted were not<br />

ideal for anything off-road (The<br />

Pirelli trail 2’s are more a 70 tar<br />

30 gravel split), we found that<br />

the Multistrada was amazing fun<br />

to ride, super comfortable <strong>and</strong><br />

surprisingly nimble. And the bike<br />

fits riders of all sizes – Shado is a<br />

shorty who weighs in at less that<br />

70KGs, Sean is more than six foot<br />

– both found the bike perfectly<br />

comfortable.<br />

She is a big girl, much like<br />

KTM’s 1290 <strong>and</strong> BMW’s 1250, so<br />

trying anything more would not<br />

really be a lot of fun unless you<br />

are really experienced. On the<br />

roads we rode, you suddenly hit<br />

stretches of loose s<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> the<br />

Multi tracked through with ease.<br />

The 1260 has genuine off-road<br />

capability. The bike has a natural<br />

st<strong>and</strong>ing position <strong>and</strong> feels light<br />

<strong>and</strong> agile on loose gravel. There<br />

is also plenty of ground clearance<br />

<strong>and</strong> suspension travel to help<br />

negotiate the rough surfaces,<br />

<strong>and</strong>, although the engine does<br />

not like going slowly, it is suitably<br />

tractable at slower speeds to<br />

navigate trickier terrain.<br />

And it is so comfortable. And<br />

that’s really important for those<br />

long rides.<br />

We had a proper good time –<br />

this is one of those motorcycles<br />

that really deserves more than<br />

just a cursory feature.<br />

Official request. Please can<br />

we get it back soon so that we<br />

can take off on a longer ride.<br />

Mpumalanga <strong>and</strong> Lesotho are<br />

calling…<br />

“The 1260 has genuine off-road<br />

capability. The bike has a natural<br />

st<strong>and</strong>ing position <strong>and</strong> feels light<br />

<strong>and</strong> agile on loose gravel.”<br />


Engine Dispacement: 1,262 cc<br />

Maximum Power: 156 bhp @ 9,500 rpm<br />

Peak Torque: 128 Nm @ 7,500 rpm<br />

Dry Weight: 225 kg (254 kg kerb weight)<br />

Seat Height: 840-880 mm<br />

Gearbox: 6-speed with up/down Quick Shift<br />

Front Suspension: 48 mm fully adjustable<br />

USD fork; electronic compression <strong>and</strong> rebound<br />

damping adjustment with Evo Ducati Skyhook<br />

Suspension<br />

Rear Suspension: Fully adjustable monoshock;<br />

electronic compression, rebound damping <strong>and</strong><br />

spring pre-load adjustment with DSS<br />

Front Brake: 320 mm semi-floating discs with<br />

radially mounted Brembo monobloc M4.32<br />

calipers, cornering ABS<br />

Fuel Tank Capacity: 30 litres<br />

Service Intervals: 15,000 km<br />

Safety Equipment: Ducati Safety Pack: Cornering<br />

ABS & Traction Control, Riding Modes,<br />

Power Modes, Ducati Wheelie Control, Ducati<br />

Cornering Lights, Vehicle Hold Control<br />

Priced from R276900.00<br />

www.ducati.com<br />

DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong> 31

<strong>2020</strong> PEPSON PLASTICS<br />


A not-so quick catchup with<br />

Joey Evans.<br />

Pics by Tyson Jopson & others<br />

If you are a motorcyclist – or even<br />

if you aren’t, you might just have<br />

heard about Joey Evans. We first<br />

met him on the Quads 4 Quads<br />

event a few years ago when he<br />

was preparing to race the Dakar<br />

Rallye – a challenge he had set<br />

himself after he broke his back<br />

<strong>and</strong> was told that he’d never<br />

walk again. He raced Dakar – <strong>and</strong><br />

the rest is history. He has gone<br />

on to do so much as an author,<br />

motivational speaker <strong>and</strong> all<br />

round motorcycle ambassador…<br />

The whole Dakar thing was literally a<br />

whole flip of his life – <strong>and</strong> in his words – it<br />

is so important to chase your passions<br />

<strong>and</strong> dreams. Dakar was just the first step<br />

– he could either tell his gr<strong>and</strong>kids about<br />

a cool race he did once – or he could take<br />

it further. This led to a best-selling book<br />

– 10 000 copies sold. For Joey it wasn’t<br />

about just writing a book – it was record<br />

to keep forever. For his kids – <strong>and</strong> he<br />

reckons that writing the book was tough.<br />

The book led to a book tour – <strong>and</strong><br />

corporate speaking, which he now loves.<br />

Joey is invited to tell his story all over<br />

the world. In the beginning, he had to<br />

approach people <strong>and</strong> tell them that he<br />

wanted to chat about motorbikes, which<br />

was met with some resistance. Audiences<br />

are not all bikers <strong>and</strong> they don’t get it.<br />

He started at the South African KTM<br />

dealerships, telling people about his<br />

dreams being destroyed when he broke<br />

his back. Then he took them through the<br />

years of building up – starting to race<br />

again, racing Morocco, getting an entry<br />

to Dakar, raising money, getting to Dakar<br />

only to be hit by a car – <strong>and</strong> he takes the<br />

audience on the journey. No matter how<br />

old it is, it’s a great story <strong>and</strong> it captures<br />

the imagination <strong>and</strong> inspires people to<br />

chase their own dreams.<br />

The word started spreading which led<br />

to invitations from a few companies –<br />

<strong>and</strong> thanks to lots of hard work – Joey is<br />

really in dem<strong>and</strong> giving talks <strong>and</strong> sharing<br />

his experiences all over the world.<br />

Joey with Greg Raaf<br />

34 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong>


Joey’s team with some of the<br />

wheelchair bound competitors.<br />

We chatted briefly about<br />

the <strong>2020</strong> Dakar – we know<br />

that he was instrumental in<br />

convincing Kirsten L<strong>and</strong>man<br />

to give it a shot.<br />

Joey: “I’m so proud of<br />

Kirsten. She is incredible <strong>and</strong> I<br />

think it is accurate to say that<br />

I had a tiny bit to do with it,<br />

but Kirst has certainly done<br />

the lions share. Anyone who<br />

knows her knows that that<br />

chick can ride. I mentioned<br />

Dakar to her when I got<br />

back <strong>and</strong> she was absolutely<br />

not convinced that it was<br />

something she wanted to<br />

do. But the seed was planted<br />

<strong>and</strong> she started asking me a<br />

question here <strong>and</strong> there <strong>and</strong><br />

we both knew that a lady from<br />

Africa had never raced this<br />

event on a bike. Suddenly there<br />

was a goal… <strong>and</strong> she got it <strong>and</strong><br />

started chasing <strong>and</strong> ended up<br />

having a dream race. Well done<br />

to her! It’s incredible what she<br />

has pulled off <strong>and</strong> she really<br />

deserves her glory.”<br />

DT: So you wrote<br />

your book, became a<br />

Squillionaire <strong>and</strong> retired?<br />

Joey: (laughs) – you make<br />

nothing from writing books!<br />

Financially it is a complete<br />

waste of time – but it is the<br />

best business card I can think<br />

of. It opened so many doors<br />

for me.<br />

After his Book <strong>and</strong><br />

during all the talks,<br />

Joey is still an active<br />

motorcyclist – <strong>and</strong><br />

while Dakar <strong>2020</strong> was<br />

running, he took part<br />

in the Africa Eco race<br />

which many compare<br />

to the original Dakar.<br />

That turned in to<br />

quite an adventure.<br />

Joey: “Since coming back<br />

from Dakar, I had not done a<br />

single race in 3 years. I have<br />

done many rides <strong>and</strong> trips,<br />

but no racing. All my racing,<br />

led to my Dakar event <strong>and</strong> I<br />

thought that that was it! The<br />

racing took a lot of family time<br />

<strong>and</strong> my body was feeling it<br />

<strong>and</strong> I had basically decided<br />

to hang up my race helmet. I<br />

met Lyndon Poskitt at Dakar<br />

2017 <strong>and</strong> we have become<br />

good mates. As he did his<br />

travels around the world, he<br />

came through SA <strong>and</strong> stayed<br />

with our family for a couple of<br />

months. Naturally we spent a<br />

lot of time talking motorcycles.<br />

He made his way back to the<br />

UK – <strong>and</strong> then told me that he<br />

was putting a team together<br />

to do the Africa Eco Race –<br />

<strong>and</strong> would I like to join them?<br />

It follows the original Dakar<br />

route from Europe to Dakar.”<br />

It did not take much<br />

convincing. Joey grew up<br />

watching the original Dakar<br />

so suddenly here was this<br />

opportunity to join Lyndon on<br />

a team of 5 international guys<br />

with a support crew through<br />

these exotic countries,<br />

Morocco, Western Sahara,<br />

Mauritania, Senegal <strong>and</strong><br />

ending in Dakar.<br />

After a bit of brainstorming<br />

he decided that to have<br />

missed it would be a missed<br />

opportunity. The temptation<br />

to put this medal next to his<br />

Dakar medal was just too<br />

tempting. He closed his eyes<br />

<strong>and</strong> signed up. Unlike Dakar,<br />

Joey funded this whole thing<br />

himself. It was different to<br />

Dakar – this was Joey just<br />

wanting to go racing <strong>and</strong> live<br />

the dream.<br />

The Africa Eco Race is<br />

twelve years old <strong>and</strong> it has<br />

grown a lot from humble<br />

beginnings. Unlike the Dakar<br />

which has moved all over<br />

the world, this route is<br />

established <strong>and</strong> this year, 81<br />

bikes lined up to compete.<br />

Joey: “It’s run exactly like<br />

Dakar, road books, ERTF<br />

systems, everything on the<br />

bike is identical to Dakar, The<br />

days are similar with specials<br />

<strong>and</strong> liasons. One of the big<br />

differences is that there are far<br />

shorter liason sections – so<br />

it’s mostly racing – from bivvy<br />

to bivvy – <strong>and</strong> the bivoacs<br />

are literally in the middle of<br />

nowhere…”<br />

Total distance – 6000 KM’s<br />

over 13 days.<br />

The route goes something like<br />

this: Monaco to Italy - an early<br />

morning ride about 200 KM’s<br />

all on tar. On to the Ferry. A<br />

48 hour trip to Tangiers in<br />

Morocco. Offload bikes for an<br />

early morning start.<br />

13 days of racing from<br />

touchdown in Morocco – 5<br />

days through Morocco. Then<br />

a rest day. Six solid days<br />

through Mauritania. “If we saw<br />

1000 people through those<br />

two countries, it was a lot.<br />

Vast open countries that are<br />

sparsely populated.”<br />

DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong> 3 5

Then the race crosses into Senegal for<br />

the final section along the beach to Dakar.<br />

Joey: “Morocco was fully of stones<br />

<strong>and</strong> rocky mountain passes <strong>and</strong> it was<br />

incredible – we covered the whole length<br />

of Morocco in 5 days. If I say that we<br />

never rode through a town, I would be<br />

accurate. We were literally in the middle<br />

of nowhere the whole time. The Bivoacs<br />

are simple camps in the middle of the<br />

desert. Raw. I don’t think I had a proper<br />

shower for 2 weeks – portable toilets, it<br />

was insane. But it is incredible to ride for<br />

hundreds of kilometres in the middle of<br />

nowhere with nothing around.”<br />

DT: Dakar Moved from this route<br />

due to political unrest back in the day,<br />

did you see anything that made you<br />

nervous?<br />

Joey: I think we all know that what<br />

we see on TV <strong>and</strong> what we experience<br />

in the countries is often worlds apart,<br />

but we never experienced any problems.<br />

Everyone was so welcoming. That being<br />

said, 90 percent of the time, we were in<br />

the middle of nowhere. Not anywhere<br />

near cities or towns. I have a friend,<br />

Steve McGown who is on the speaking<br />

circuit, who was kidnapped by Al Qaeda<br />

where he was held for six years in Mali.<br />

He heard about the race, I sent him the<br />

routes <strong>and</strong> he circled areas in Mauritania<br />

<strong>and</strong> warned me to watch out, they<br />

crossed routes the terrorists often used.<br />

Greg Raaff <strong>and</strong> I ended up in one of those<br />

areas late one night, only finishing at<br />

22h30 – we spend four hours riding in the<br />

dark through those deserts – you better<br />

believe I was thinking about his warnings.<br />

DT: Passport control. Is there such<br />

a thing on a race like this?<br />

Joey: “This race has been running<br />

for ten years so the guys seem to have it<br />

waxed. In Morocco we did most of it on<br />

the ship across from Europe. The ferry<br />

took 48 hours from Italy to morocco – so<br />

there a long time to sort it. When we<br />

crossed into Mauritania, we had a lot<br />

of stuff pre done. They arranges for the<br />

customs guys to come to the pits, so<br />

were were able to race straight through<br />

without stopping. Better to do it that<br />

way – the circus of all the racers plus<br />

the backups would simply take too long.<br />

Probably 600 people – the border posts<br />

could never h<strong>and</strong>le that.”<br />

DT: All in, it sounds slick <strong>and</strong><br />

well organized. A new format with<br />

many international rallys is that<br />

competitors only get their GPS routes<br />

on the morning of each day. Was it the<br />

same at Africa Eco?<br />

Joey: “Nope. This race does not<br />

attract the factory teams – they are<br />

all at Dakar. This race is probably 100<br />

percent privateers. So you don’t have<br />

the problems of map men reverse<br />

engineering the routes <strong>and</strong> crib notes<br />

<strong>and</strong> all that. At this race, the guys are<br />

not as serious, so it really is more of<br />

an adventure rally than a factory race.<br />

But make no mistake it is still fairly<br />

competitive for the top ten. It is an FIM<br />

race – but the guys behind the top ten<br />

are just trying to survive <strong>and</strong> get to the<br />

finish. Make no mistake it is not some<br />

fun thing – it is a proper, proper rally, but<br />

for the majority of us it’s about finishing,<br />

The Africa Eco is lower key than<br />

Dakar but it is still impressive.<br />

36 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong>


riding around Lac Rose <strong>and</strong> getting that<br />

finishers medal.”<br />

DT: And it was awesome?<br />

Joey: “It was an incredible life<br />

experience. An incredible race <strong>and</strong><br />

people ask me hey man you must have<br />

loved Dakar – let me tell you, Dakar was<br />

all about trying to stay alive <strong>and</strong> road<br />

books. You never got the chance to take<br />

it all in, it was just frikken trying to stay<br />

alive <strong>and</strong> race every day. Africa Eco was<br />

turned down a bit. A lot of the same, but<br />

I was getting in most days in the light.<br />

Dakar I managed that only twice! It was<br />

more enjoyable with a lot less factory a<br />

more true pure, old school rally.”<br />

DT: We saw some pics of your bike<br />

buried in the s<strong>and</strong>… Tell us about<br />

that.<br />

Joey: “Ahh man…. Can I tell you – my<br />

bike got buried many, many times. In<br />

Mauritania, it’s the most incredible thing,<br />

something I had never experienced. The<br />

dunes are amazing, you get to the top<br />

<strong>and</strong> look around, you see nothing, just<br />

the endless expanse of desert. You are so<br />

alone in the middle of nowhere.<br />

Dunes are generally a bit soft –<br />

your wheels sink in, you have to keep<br />

momentum – all that kind of stuff. On<br />

this race you’d be on a hard section on a<br />

dune – you are riding along <strong>and</strong> suddenly,<br />

you hit a pocket. It’s like an air pocket the<br />

size of a car that’s hidden in the dune, so<br />

your bike, literally just disappears into<br />

the dune <strong>and</strong> you stop dead within half<br />

a metre <strong>and</strong> you go right over the bars,<br />

even if you are going slowly. “<br />

DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong> 37

“That bike stops dead – <strong>and</strong><br />

disappears. It was Crazy! There’s one<br />

photo where Greg <strong>and</strong> I hit the same soft<br />

pocket of s<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> both go over the bars,<br />

leaving our bikes wedged in the soft s<strong>and</strong><br />

almost identical! And the mad thing is<br />

that a rider half a metre from you won’t<br />

hit that pocket. You can’t read it or see it,<br />

they just sneak up on you! R<strong>and</strong>om. They<br />

are everywhere, the craziest thing you<br />

have ever seen.”<br />

DT: And to dig your bike out?<br />

Joey: “Yup, you hop off <strong>and</strong> sink to<br />

the top of your boots. The s<strong>and</strong> fills your<br />

bikes spokes – just like getting stuck in a<br />

mud hole. The only way to escape is to<br />

start the bike, stick it into second gear<br />

<strong>and</strong> you pull back on the bars with all<br />

your weight to get the front wheel onto a<br />

solid section. Then you lean it over <strong>and</strong><br />

flip it around. I burned lots of calories…”<br />

DT: Was that the toughest part of<br />

the race, or was it the Vasbyt – or was<br />

it in fact – the camel?<br />

Joey (Laughs): “Ok here we go…”<br />

DT: For those of you who don’t<br />

know – a few years ago, Joey hurt<br />

himself quite badly when he crashed<br />

into a cow at a race on Northern<br />

Natal. This time round he chose a<br />

bigger target <strong>and</strong> slapped himself<br />

into… A Camel.<br />

Joey: “Man, it was the most crazy<br />

thing. I was not pushing, I cannot afford<br />

more crashing. Through the race I had<br />

some bad luck <strong>and</strong> I had had a few<br />

spills early in the race. It was frustrating<br />

because they were silly falls… On the<br />

second last day I was on the liason<br />

with Greg, cruising along on a tar road<br />

at about 100KPH <strong>and</strong> this camel just<br />

stepped out in front of me. It was one<br />

of those where you have zero time. I<br />

swerved a bit, the camel turned <strong>and</strong> we<br />

connected shoulders… I went straight<br />

down <strong>and</strong> knocked myself out, ragdoll<br />

tumble off the tar <strong>and</strong> into the s<strong>and</strong>.<br />

Greg skidded <strong>and</strong> also hit the camel<br />

<strong>and</strong> crashed too. One of the British<br />

riders who was tagging along side us<br />

also clonked it but he managed to stay<br />

upright. That poor camel got smacked by<br />

3 bikes. They all rushed over to me <strong>and</strong><br />

dug the s<strong>and</strong> out from around my face<br />

just to make sure that I could breathe…”<br />

“Luckily we were on a liason – the<br />

medics arrived <strong>and</strong> the chopper l<strong>and</strong>ed.<br />

I was unconscious for a few minutes.<br />

When I came round, I could not see<br />

properly, my head was spinning <strong>and</strong><br />

I felt nauseous. I was a mess, full of<br />

roasties <strong>and</strong> my kit shredded. I had cut<br />

my forehead open so there was blood<br />

everywhere… The chopper took me up<br />

“Yup, you hop off <strong>and</strong> sink<br />

to the top of your boots. The<br />

s<strong>and</strong> fills your bikes spokes<br />

– just like getting stuck in a<br />

mud hole. The only way to<br />

escape is to start the bike,<br />

stick it into second gear <strong>and</strong><br />

you pull back on the bars<br />

with all your weight to get<br />

the front wheel onto a solid<br />

section. Then you lean it over<br />

<strong>and</strong> flip it around. I burned<br />

lots of calories…”<br />

38 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong>


for about ten minutes <strong>and</strong> dropped me<br />

at a l<strong>and</strong> ambulance because it was not<br />

able to cross the border into Senegal. The<br />

trip in the ambulance took about 6 hours<br />

rocking along the dirt roads strapped<br />

to a backboard in a neck brace – it was<br />

terrible! I ended up in a Senegalese Govt<br />

hospital <strong>and</strong> it was dodgy man. It was a<br />

terrible place to l<strong>and</strong> up. I’m stuck onto<br />

on this trolley from the ambo. The medic<br />

from the race had stayed with me (for<br />

which I am very grateful), could speak<br />

a bit of broken English, but no one else<br />

there could. They were worried that I<br />

had torn my spleen, so they X-Rayed <strong>and</strong><br />

cat scanned me on a 1970 odd model<br />

scanner. It showed up that there was no<br />

internal bleeding. Thankfully. In between<br />

all of this, the race medic actually<br />

stitched me up because I assume there<br />

was no-one else who could.”<br />

“My shoulder <strong>and</strong> wrist were really<br />

sore <strong>and</strong> I was full of road rash. My<br />

h<strong>and</strong>s <strong>and</strong> knuckles were raw, my gloves<br />

were torn to shreds. Ten hours later<br />

at 5 in the morning, they got me back<br />

into the ambulance <strong>and</strong> drove me back<br />

to the bivoac. As we arrived, the bikes<br />

were leaving for the last leg. I spoke to<br />

the organisers <strong>and</strong> they agreed that if<br />

I rode the last 22km special – then I’d<br />

have completed the race because I had<br />

crashed on a liason, but had ridden all<br />

the race sections.”<br />

22 KM’s. No sleep. Sore.<br />

“I discovered that the team had<br />

worked on my bike the whole night <strong>and</strong><br />

had got it ready just in case I came back.<br />

22KM’s… They got me to the start.”<br />

“By the time I got there, all the bikes<br />

had left, but they allowed me to start<br />

with the Side By Sides. We had to cut<br />

my gloves because my h<strong>and</strong>s were so<br />

swollen. I could not put my boots on –<br />

but they forced them on. Remember I was<br />

still in the same gear from the previous<br />

day. The boots fitted. We put a plastic<br />

bag on my head to stop the stitches from<br />

tearing <strong>and</strong> fitted my helmet - I was in so<br />

much pain… I’m eating anti inflamatories<br />

Not the greatest shot<br />

but check the bikes<br />

stuck in the s<strong>and</strong> traps...<br />

<strong>and</strong> pain killers. All the wounds on my<br />

h<strong>and</strong>s had not been cleaned, so they<br />

were weeping… everything was so<br />

painful. I lined up next to the UTV’s <strong>and</strong><br />

started tearing up in my goggles.”<br />

“22km. 22km. 22km. I let them go<br />

<strong>and</strong> followed along riding with one arm<br />

because my other one was so sore. The<br />

one SXS was a bit slower than the rest, I<br />

managed to tuck in behind it <strong>and</strong> decided<br />

to follow. I had no road book so I was<br />

not even sure about where to go. I just<br />

followed the UTV’s <strong>and</strong> tried to stay close<br />

to the last vehicle. Unbelievably, the slow<br />

guys stopped with a mechanical problem,<br />

<strong>and</strong> I overtook him. Now I was in trouble.<br />

I was in so much<br />

pain… I’m eating<br />

anti inflamatories<br />

<strong>and</strong> pain killers. All<br />

the wounds on my<br />

h<strong>and</strong>s had not been<br />

cleaned, so they<br />

were weeping…<br />

everything was so<br />

painful. I lined up<br />

next to the UTV’s<br />

<strong>and</strong> started tearing<br />

up in my goggles.”<br />

DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong> 3 9


I had no idea where to go as the others<br />

had sped ahead by now. I tried to stay<br />

on the wet s<strong>and</strong> because it is a bit firmer<br />

<strong>and</strong> I watched the tracks to see where the<br />

other racers had turned off. 22 Km, 22km,<br />

22km.”<br />

“I saw where the guys had turned <strong>and</strong><br />

left the beach, signaling to the crowd<br />

to show me the way… they all waved<br />

back… until one guy figured what I was<br />

asking – he pointed straight, straight…<br />

I headed around with one arm <strong>and</strong>… I<br />

made it to that finish line.”<br />

“I totally stalled the bike because I<br />

couldn’t pull the clutch in. I put my head<br />

on those bars <strong>and</strong> bawled my eyes out. I<br />

was in so much pain. I had not slept for<br />

36 hours <strong>and</strong> the wounds <strong>and</strong> 13 days of<br />

racing caught up to me.”<br />

“My team mates were all waiting for<br />

me. I managed to compose myself a bit,<br />

took the helmet <strong>and</strong> goggles off <strong>and</strong> we<br />

all rode over that finish line together. We<br />

got that finishers medal.”<br />

DT: That’s what makes motorcycles<br />

so cool. People who don’t ride or<br />

compete in team sports like this<br />

don’t get it. This is where lifelong<br />

friendships are made. For your team<br />

to fix your bike <strong>and</strong> wait for you at the<br />

finish must have been indescribable.<br />

Joey: “It was an honour to ride with<br />

those guys – just like it was an honour to<br />

be with the BAS guys at Dakar <strong>and</strong> guys<br />

like Walter. Then now with Matt, Mike,<br />

Greg <strong>and</strong> Lyndon <strong>and</strong> all the support<br />

guys on the team. It’s an honour to be<br />

associated with them <strong>and</strong> to ride with<br />

them. And friendships made will last a<br />

lifetime.”<br />

DT: It must have been a very similar<br />

feeling to when you finished Dakar?<br />

Joey: “It was a very similar feeling<br />

there was a lot on the line in the build up<br />

to Dakar <strong>and</strong> all that but this race for me<br />

was very special. I’m not looking for more<br />

chapters for my book, I’m not looking<br />

for more stories about hitting animals<br />

<strong>and</strong> stuff, but I tell you what, the way it<br />

Joey managed to pull himself together.<br />

The medal made it all worth it.<br />

worked out was epic <strong>and</strong> difficult… The<br />

harder it is, the sweeter the finish.”<br />

DT: What’s next for Joey Evans?<br />

Joey: I still want to ride bikes for many<br />

years – I think I’m done racing, but I want<br />

to ride adventure bikes, off-road bikes<br />

<strong>and</strong> enduro bikes socially. I want to ride<br />

in as many places as possible <strong>and</strong> for as<br />

long as possible. We’re not done yet.<br />

So who knows, I might just see you out<br />

there sometime.<br />

The team: From left to right - Robin Poskitt, Lyndon Poskitt, Mick Seward, Matt Sunderl<strong>and</strong>,<br />

Ivan Finkelstein, Greg Raaff, Tim Crombie, Joey Evans, Ant Ware, Mike Johnson<br />

40 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong>

Double Header.<br />

Thunder in Maseru<br />

Travis Teasdale <strong>and</strong> Kenny Gilbert back in action!<br />

With thanks from motorsportmedia.co.za, ZCMC <strong>and</strong> the mob from Mclarens racing.<br />

The second weekend in Feb<br />

saw both the South African Cross<br />

Country <strong>and</strong> SA National Enduro<br />

Motorcycle Championships getting<br />

off to a flying start at the unique<br />

Lesotho Double Header races near<br />

Maseru. Like most events on the<br />

weekend, thundershowers <strong>and</strong><br />

flooding forced the event organisers<br />

to shuffle the enduro loop on day<br />

two – the loop was diverted to the<br />

national off-road time trial loop…<br />

Friday’s Cross Country Moto race<br />

proved a dream come true for local<br />

expert <strong>and</strong> the race organizer Charan<br />

Moore who achieved a twelve year<br />

ambition by blasting his Live Lesotho<br />

Roost KTM to his maiden Cross<br />

Country victory.<br />

He beat Brett Swanepoel (Pepson<br />

Plastics Husqvarna) <strong>and</strong> Brother<br />

Leader Tread KTM duo Bradley Cox<br />

<strong>and</strong> Jarryd Coetzee home with Gareth<br />

Cole (KTM Durban) <strong>and</strong> Kenneth<br />

Gilbert (Pepson Plastics Husqvarna)<br />

closing off the top six overall. Moore<br />

also took the open class OR1 win.<br />

Good news is that Kenny Gilbert<br />

is back at the races in OR1. He is<br />

chuffed to be back following his<br />

season-ending testing injury last<br />

September <strong>and</strong> is firing on all four<br />

cylinders.<br />

Husqvarna trio Wyn<strong>and</strong> Delport,<br />

Jaycee Nienaber (Holeshot Racing)<br />

<strong>and</strong> John-Care de Lange were next up<br />

in the open class ahead of Helderberg<br />

Yamaha rider Devan Marais.<br />

Brett Swanepoel served notice<br />

with a dominant 350cc OR2 class win<br />

over Jarryd Coetzee, Gareth Cole <strong>and</strong><br />

9th overall Ian Rall with Taki Bogiages<br />

(Pepson Plastics Motul Husqvarna)<br />

fifth in class from Darren Gray<br />

(Trimborn Yamaha).<br />

Continuing the Cox racing<br />

tradition, Bradley Cox (Brother<br />

Leader Tread KTM) was in top form in<br />

200cc OR3, where Scott Heygate <strong>and</strong>

8th overall Davin Cocker completed<br />

the small class podium ahead of<br />

Stefan van Deventer (Mitas Yamaha),<br />

Ryan Pelser (Q-Kon EMD KTM) <strong>and</strong><br />

Erik Merry (KTM).<br />

Top ten finisher Wade Blaauw<br />

topped the thirty-plus Senior Cross<br />

Country race from Hannes Saaijman<br />

(Q-Kon EMD KTM), Werner Kennedy<br />

(KTM) <strong>and</strong> Achim Bergmann<br />

(Pepson Plastics Motul Husqvarna)<br />

with Marco Cocci (Yamaha) <strong>and</strong><br />

Shabeer Moosa (KTM) next up, while<br />

Wayne Farmer (Biker’s Warehouse<br />

Husqvarna) won the over-40 Masters<br />

race from Martin Poole (Yamaha) <strong>and</strong><br />

Jan Bernining (KTM).<br />

At the other end of the Cross<br />

Country age divide, Dylan Cox (RBS<br />

Yamaha) took a dominant High School<br />

win from Matthew Wilson (MCA<br />

Husqvarna), Kyle Mckenzie (Sherical<br />

Husqvarna), Etienne Zybr<strong>and</strong>s<br />

(Droomers Yamaha) <strong>and</strong> Br<strong>and</strong>en<br />

Swanepoel (KTM). The weekend<br />

opened a new Cross County era in<br />

the new 85cc Junior Interprovincial<br />

class, where Cobus Bester (MCA<br />

Husvarna) held Krige van der Merwe<br />

(Eddie 2 Race Husqvarna) <strong>and</strong> Stefan<br />

Zybr<strong>and</strong>s (Droomers Yamaha) off<br />

for the win ahead of Br<strong>and</strong>on Clarke<br />

(MCA Husqvarna), Reinier van<br />

der Merwe <strong>and</strong> Johny Luck (MCA<br />

Husqvarna).<br />

National Enduro: Rain<br />

interrupts play…<br />

Big news: Teasdale<br />

back with a bang!<br />

Rain turned the race on its head <strong>and</strong><br />

forced the Clerk of the Course to<br />

ab<strong>and</strong>on the route <strong>and</strong> race a muddy<br />

National Off Road time trial. No doubt<br />

some of the competitors were h<strong>and</strong>ed<br />

their arses in a sling, because the route<br />

was so fast. But for the rest well done.<br />

Several of the Cross Country<br />

riders were back in action against<br />

the top Enduro racers in the second<br />

half of the weekend’s Double Header<br />

in Saturdays South African National<br />

Enduro pipe opener, where E2 Open<br />

class rider Travis Teasdale rode his<br />

Cleanrite Sole KTM to the overall win<br />

over Kyle Flanagan (Bidvest Yamaha)<br />

<strong>and</strong> double-duty duo Brett Swanepoel<br />

(Pepson Husqvarna) <strong>and</strong> Jarryd<br />

Coetzee (Brother KTM).

CleanriteSolèracing<br />

rider Travis Teasdale<br />

wins NESS round 1.<br />

Like we said - the wet <strong>and</strong> slippery<br />

conditions forced the organizers<br />

to change the route due to safety<br />

reasons. The course consisted of 28km<br />

loop - grueling conditions through<br />

Lesotho <strong>and</strong> the riders had a very wet<br />

day. Travis Teasdale took the win.<br />

Here is what the<br />

CleanriteSolèracing team rider had<br />

to say about his day in Lesotho.<br />

“I am really happy with my result<br />

over the weekend, I have not done a<br />

big race in about 5 months so I have<br />

decided not to enter any international<br />

races until I compete in a South African<br />

National event. The event was really<br />

slippery <strong>and</strong> with all the rain the night<br />

before the guys decided to change the<br />

route. After starting in row 10 I picked<br />

my way. After every lap until the end of<br />

the last lap I was able to win the event.<br />

I’m Really happy with my set up on<br />

the bike <strong>and</strong> after lots of testing with<br />

Hilton Hayward suspension we are<br />

definitely going in the right direction.<br />

Big thanks goes out to the Team for<br />

all the support.<br />

We finish with a summary from<br />

Mclarens Racing Mr Mac:<br />

E1 P1 Bradley Cox - Getting better<br />

every race<br />

E1 P2 Lloyd Kirk - but for a lapse of<br />

concentration it was so close<br />

E1 P3 Matthew Green - Watch this<br />

space<br />

E2 P1 Travis Teasdale - Still not<br />

properly fit, but on fire<br />

E2 P2 Kyle Flanagan - showed his<br />

true mettle, for me, the ride of the day<br />

E2 P3 Brett Swanepoel - is back, I am<br />

so happy<br />

E2 P4 Jarryd Coetzee - New guy<br />

from KTM, straight into the Mix, look<br />

forward to seeing what he can do this<br />

year<br />

E2 P5 Scott Bouverie - Not sure what<br />

happened here, Scott Bouverie is such<br />

a classy rider he will be back soon<br />

E2 P6 Luke Walker - First time out on<br />

the new Yamaha 250X, not the result<br />

we wanted, no excuses we will take it<br />

on the chin<br />

Full compliments to the backroom<br />

boys Charan Moore <strong>and</strong> Altus De Wet,<br />

without these guys we would have<br />

spent the weekend watching TV<br />

For the full results go to:<br />




MX 2 start<br />



By Motorsport Media <strong>and</strong> Greg Moloney. Pics courtesy of SA MX – Ruben Louw.<br />

Everyone expected the<br />

race action to be hot as the<br />

first round of the National<br />

Motocross Championship<br />

hit the s<strong>and</strong> at Rover MX<br />

Club in Port Elizabeth,<br />

but no-one predicted the<br />

ambient heat <strong>and</strong> humidity<br />

to be as big a factor as it<br />

was. Despite a small breeze<br />

that fluctuated from time to<br />

time, 38°C temperatures <strong>and</strong><br />

approximately 75% humidity<br />

certainly took its toll. Adding to<br />

this was the usual expectation<br />

that the well prepared surface<br />

at Rover would rut up <strong>and</strong><br />

make it difficult for riders,<br />

particularly the ones with<br />

smaller wheels, to find those<br />

optimum race lines.<br />

The <strong>2020</strong> MSA South<br />

African National Motocross<br />

Championship kicked off<br />

in quite literal flying style.<br />

Highlighted by the thrilling<br />

premier class MX1 show,<br />

the racing was out of the top<br />

drawer all the way down the<br />

classes with some dominant<br />

performances, while other<br />

classes proved a fight to the<br />

finish every time.<br />

The switch back to race<br />

formats last used two seasons<br />

ago, in the two premier classes,<br />

saw both MX1 <strong>and</strong> MX2 grow<br />

dramatically in the number of<br />

riders in both. Shortened race<br />

times for both classes plus an<br />

adjusted race program that<br />

now allows the top riders in<br />

either of them a chance to race<br />

in both if need be.<br />

MX 1 saw the biggest<br />

growth <strong>and</strong> the return of some<br />

of last seasons top MX2 riders,<br />

such as Kieram Fitzgerald on<br />

his Red Bull KTM 350cc as well<br />

as young gun <strong>and</strong> rookie to the<br />

class Cameron Durow (Reef<br />

Tanker Services KTM).<br />

The top two from 2019<br />

Tristan Purdon (Red Bull KTM)<br />

<strong>and</strong> Husquvarna’s Maddy<br />

Malan were both in the gate as<br />

well, despite still not knowing<br />

who was actually the winner of<br />

the 2019 MX1 Championship.<br />

2019 frontrunner Tristan<br />

Purdon opened his season<br />

in fine style aboard his Red<br />

Bull KTM as he fought off<br />

Lloyd Vercueil (Florstore on<br />

Trend Yamaha) <strong>and</strong> David<br />

Goosen (Out of Africa Monster<br />

Yamaha) to win a thrilling<br />

opening open class MX1 race<br />

<strong>and</strong> then went on to do the<br />

double over KTM teammate<br />

Kerim Fitz-Gerald <strong>and</strong> Anthony<br />

Raynard (Tintswalo Dragon<br />

Yamaha) in the second race.<br />

Notable mentions must go<br />

out to Jesse Wright on board<br />

the OOA Monster Yamaha<br />

who, at one point was in<br />

second place on track in<br />

heat two, as well as Marco de<br />

Vrye (KTM) who also had an<br />

impressive day.<br />

Reigning MX2 champion<br />

Fitz-Gerald hit trouble in the<br />

first moto, while another<br />

favourite, Matthew Malan<br />

crashed his factory Husqvarna<br />

<strong>and</strong> struggled on injured to<br />

see Vercueil wind up second<br />

for the day from Raynard <strong>and</strong><br />

Yamaha men Jesse Wright <strong>and</strong><br />

Goosen, KTM riders Cameron<br />

Durow, Marco de Vrye,<br />

Regan Wasmuth <strong>and</strong> Johan<br />

Vogelesang, <strong>and</strong> Dylan Mostert,<br />

as Fitz-Gerald <strong>and</strong> Malan<br />

languished in 12th <strong>and</strong> 13th.<br />

David Goosen (Out of Africa<br />

Monster Yamaha) got his<br />

season off to a perfect start<br />

with a double win, over Tristan<br />

Purdon (Red Bull KTM) in race<br />

1 <strong>and</strong> Slade Smith (Summit<br />

Yamaha) in the second moto,<br />

but the consistent Anthony<br />

Raynard (Tintswalo Dragon<br />

Yamaha) was third in each<br />

race to take second overall<br />

ahead of Purdon <strong>and</strong> Smith for<br />

the day. Cameron Durow was<br />

best of the rest ahead of fellow<br />

KTM riders Kerim Fitz-Gerald,<br />

Bradley Cox, <strong>and</strong> Joshua Mlimi,<br />

Yamaha pair Keegan Hickson-<br />

Mahony <strong>and</strong> Ryan Angilley<br />

<strong>and</strong> Seth David van den Abeele<br />

(Husqvarna).<br />

There was some drama<br />

- heat 2 was red flagged when<br />

Jesse Wright was knocked<br />

off his YZ250 in an aerial<br />

touch heading up the Pro<br />

Taper step up. Wright was left<br />

unconscious in the track <strong>and</strong><br />

hence the reason for the race<br />

46 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong>

Great start for Tristan Purdon<br />

stoppage. Fortunately once<br />

the medics got to him, he<br />

had regained consciousness<br />

<strong>and</strong> was taken to the medical<br />

center for treatment <strong>and</strong> final<br />

checks.<br />

MX3 is now a st<strong>and</strong> alone<br />

championship.<br />

Ian Topliss (Motul Yamaha)<br />

made no mistakes as he<br />

started his over-40 Masters<br />

motocross title defence with<br />

a double win over over-30<br />

Senior men Tyson Engelbrecht<br />

(The Roost KTM), Dwayne<br />

Kleynhans (Fast KTM) <strong>and</strong><br />

MX 2 winner David Goosen<br />

Master rider Brett Bircher<br />

(Motul KTM). Jonathan<br />

Hubbard (KTM), Alec Combrink<br />

(Husqvarna), Andre Swart<br />

(KTM), Husqvarna men Gerhard<br />

Hanekom <strong>and</strong> Jaco van Zyl <strong>and</strong><br />

Sheldon Watkins (Yamaha)<br />

rounded off the top ten.<br />

Reigning ladies champion<br />

Kayla Raaff (SA Bikewise Motul<br />

Kawasaki) picked up where<br />

she left off with a double<br />

Ladies Motocross win over<br />

Megan Jonker (Motul Leatt<br />

Husquvarna), who shared<br />

the seconds <strong>and</strong> thirds out<br />

with Natasha Rugani (KTM).<br />

Pegasus Husqvarna sisters<br />

Jadene <strong>and</strong> Cheyenne de Lima<br />

were next up from Kylie Kotze<br />

<strong>and</strong> KTM girls Savannah van<br />

Vuuren <strong>and</strong> Kelly Benn.<br />

The 125 races were nonstop<br />

action as always.<br />

Ug<strong>and</strong>an racer Stav Orl<strong>and</strong><br />

(Orl<strong>and</strong> Brothers KTM) <strong>and</strong><br />

Ethan Hoffman (<strong>Dirt</strong> Rider<br />

Yamaha) shared the 125cc High<br />

School wins, but Orl<strong>and</strong> took<br />

the championship leader’s<br />

red plate home thanks to his<br />

second race second place<br />

over Hoffman’s fourth. Liam<br />

Gilchrist (RPG Nutritech<br />

Husqvarna) took a second<br />

<strong>and</strong> a third en route to third<br />

overall ahead of Christiaan<br />

Cilliers (Out of Africa Monster<br />

Yamaha), KTM trio Mark-<br />

DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong> 47



Anthony Filip, Jonathan<br />

Mlimi <strong>and</strong> Cuan Conway,<br />

Josh de Hutton (Yamaha) <strong>and</strong><br />

KTM pair Miguel de Waal <strong>and</strong><br />

Blake Young.<br />

Zimbabwean Daiyaan<br />

Manuel (KTM) made 85cc<br />

Pro Mini his own over moto<br />

2 second place lad Bryce<br />

Petersen (Linex Yamaha),<br />

Emmanuel Bako (KTM) <strong>and</strong><br />

Kyle Townsend, who ended<br />

second in the first race on his<br />

Cannabis Energy KTM, with<br />

fellow KTM kids Luke Grundy<br />

<strong>and</strong> Wesley McGavin next up.<br />

Lucas Venter (Husqvarna) was<br />

seventh overall ahead of Tyler<br />

Tarantino (Motorex KTM),<br />

Wian du Plooy (Husqvarna)<br />

<strong>and</strong> reigning SA 85 Junior<br />

champion Seth Young (KTM).<br />

Liam Botha (Eco Tanks<br />

Husqvarna) stamped authority<br />

on the 85cc Junior races<br />

with two wins, each time<br />

ahead of Alon Orl<strong>and</strong> (Orl<strong>and</strong><br />

Bros. KTM) <strong>and</strong> Pieter Brink<br />

(Orange County KTM). Ryan<br />

Adler (Husqvarna) meanwhile<br />

fought Timo Maximo Toepfer<br />

(Fast Motul KTM) <strong>and</strong> Joshua<br />

Williams (Linex Yamaha) off for<br />

fourth ahead of Blake Osner<br />

(Husqvarna), Nathan Verster<br />

(KTM) <strong>and</strong> Yamaha duo Louis<br />

Mostert <strong>and</strong> Kodi Goosen.<br />

Jordan van Wyk (CIT<br />

Husqvarna) won the second<br />

moto to take a surprise overall<br />

65cc primary school motocross<br />

win for the day to carry the<br />

championship leader’s red<br />

plate to round 2 in the Cape.<br />

Trey Cox (Motul Alfie Cox KTM)<br />

was second from Jack Pullen<br />

(Husqvarna) after reigning 65cc<br />

champion <strong>and</strong> race 1 winner<br />

Neil van der Vyver (Husqvarna<br />

SA) hit trouble in the second<br />

moto <strong>and</strong> only ended fourth for<br />

the day. Yamaha lighties Aiden<br />

Henley <strong>and</strong> Tyler Petersen,<br />

Husqvarna duo Sven Larsen<br />

<strong>and</strong> Christian Berrington Smith,<br />

Damien Venter (Yamaha)<br />

<strong>and</strong> Nicol Smit (Husqvarna)<br />

rounded off the top ten.<br />

Last but not least, Andrew<br />

Wren (Yamaha) took Senior<br />

Support honours with a double<br />

win over KTM duo Connor<br />

Alcock <strong>and</strong> Denzyl Kennedy<br />

<strong>and</strong> Lario du Toit (Honda) in<br />

that order both times.<br />

Ladies winner<br />

Kayla Raaf on<br />

her new Green<br />

machine<br />

Still styling<br />

after all these<br />

years - Ian<br />

Topliss<br />

48 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong>

Chase Bekker enjoyed the perfect start<br />

to his baby 50cc Motocross season with<br />

two wins to claim the red plate aboard<br />

his Summit Racing Florstor on Trend<br />

Husqvarna over Trenton Kretzmann (Air<br />

Auto Africa Fox Husqvarna) each time,<br />

with KTM lads Maxwell Fourie <strong>and</strong> Aiden<br />

Retief sharing out the thirds to go third<br />

<strong>and</strong> fourth overall. Michael Enslin ended<br />

fifth for the day over Rayden Woolls<br />

(Supernova Husqvarna), Alex Cooper<br />

(Husqvarna), Motul Alfie Cox KTM duo<br />

Brody Bircher <strong>and</strong> Evan Frost <strong>and</strong> Skyler<br />

de Kock (iStyle KTM).<br />

Rover club had the usual support from<br />

a partisan crowd. The riders will now be<br />

looking to rid themselves of any minor<br />

injuries or first race jitters <strong>and</strong> prepare for<br />

Round 2 at Zone 7 in Cape Town on the 27<br />

<strong>and</strong> 28 <strong>March</strong> <strong>2020</strong>. The battle resumes<br />

for the title at another s<strong>and</strong> based track<br />

<strong>and</strong> there are certainly a few Zone 7<br />

specialists in the midst of the growing<br />

number of National competitors.<br />

The National Motocross Championship<br />

is proudly supported by TRP Distributors,<br />

Cannabis Energy Drink, Prepsol, <strong>and</strong> all<br />

their associate partners.<br />

125cc winner<br />

Stav Orl<strong>and</strong><br />

50cc winner<br />

Chase<br />

Bekker<br />

Jordan van<br />

Wyk<br />


Henderson Racing Products - 011 708 5905 - www.facebook.com/Hendersonracingproducts<br />

Available at selected dealers nationwide<br />

DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong> 4 9

50 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong>


Riding with the<br />

Predator 2.0’s<br />

For years our Mob have used Forma boots, both in the MX boot <strong>and</strong><br />

adventure variety. The boots have always been rugged, comfortable<br />

<strong>and</strong> good value for money. With the amount of riding that we do, the<br />

adventure boots have lasted 3 times as long as the MX boots, but – always<br />

remember that dirtbike boots take way more punishment – especially if<br />

you are a technical rock hopper.<br />

Forma is an Italian maker that makes its products in<br />

Europe <strong>and</strong> is starting to produce some urban styles out<br />

of Asia.<br />

There are four points we are impressed with. Firstly,<br />

the sizing is true to size, secondly, the boots are super<br />

comfy from the word go <strong>and</strong> thirdly, the structure of the<br />

boot is sturdy where it needs to be. The fourth <strong>and</strong> very<br />

important point – You can never call high end MX boots<br />

cheap, but the Forma boots are pretty competitively<br />

priced when compared to other boots at this level.<br />

The Predator is the company’s top-of-the-line MX<br />

boot designed to go head to head with other premium<br />

European boots like Alpinestars, Sidi <strong>and</strong> Gaerne. It<br />

features a double-pivoted ankle design that allows frontto-back<br />

movement, but is very stiff laterally to prevent<br />

rocking or twisting. Construction is of full-grain leather<br />

with injected-molded guards. There are four buckles<br />

that have a locking feature to prevent<br />

accidental unfastening. There<br />

are two additional Velcro<br />

closures.<br />

OUR TAKE: There are<br />

several features that<br />

really st<strong>and</strong> out about<br />

the Predators. First, the<br />

flexibility is excellent<br />

when it comes to the<br />

motion required to<br />

shift <strong>and</strong> use the rear<br />

brake. There’s very little<br />

break-in time, because the ankle pivots in all<br />

the right places. The Predator 2.0 utilises Forma’s Flex<br />

Control System (FCS), which is where flexing is encouraged<br />

<strong>and</strong> controlled by the double pivot that permits a safe<br />

<strong>and</strong> natural flex movement in the ankle area while riding.<br />

There are two rear stops at the two pivots at the flex<br />

points, so backward flexing is blocked at a maximum 33<br />

degrees, while the structure of the torsion system prevents<br />

abnormal lateral movements in the ankle, which has<br />

maximum torque allowance of 15 degrees.<br />

“Predator boots have always been a great<br />

choice for us. We’ve just bought our 4th pair.<br />

Here’s to many comfortable, safe kilometres.”<br />

Forma claims that the ankle design still provides<br />

support <strong>and</strong> protection in other planes of motion to<br />

prevent injury. This seems legit; there’s virtually no way<br />

to twist the boot without a true calamity. Over the years,<br />

we have performed some mild crash testing, nothing<br />

massive thankfully, but feet <strong>and</strong> ankles have generally<br />

remained intact. The only point that we need to stress is<br />

that the little screws that hold it all in place need to be<br />

tightened every so often.<br />

We also like the buckle system. Not only are they<br />

difficult to unintentionally flip open, they’re easy to<br />

unbuckle at the end of the day by pushing a little button.<br />

They are prone to clogging in thick mud so at cleaning<br />

time, you need to give them a bit of extra attention with<br />

the high pressure hose. It’s also easy to adjust the length<br />

of the straps because of a clever locking design.<br />

The internal sole uses memory foam, enhancing<br />

comfort, while the mid-sole boasts EPA shock-absorbing<br />

foam – a neat feature that strengthens the boot’s<br />

protective qualities <strong>and</strong> adds to the overall comfort.<br />

Externally, the sole is grippy on the pegs <strong>and</strong> that’s pretty<br />

important. Over time, like all boots, the sole does wear<br />

on the pegs, but it takes a while until it’s time to change.<br />

Forma has also stuck with the traditional incorporated<br />

steel shank toe cap.<br />

The boots are not waterproof, but they are water<br />

resistant enough. We have yet to find a pair of boots that<br />

can be classified as waterproof…<br />

BOTTOM LINE: Predator boots have always been a<br />

great choice for us. We’ve just bought our 4th pair. Here’s<br />

to many comfortable, safe kilometres.<br />

The boot is available in varying colour options. [Roger]<br />

Anthracite Fluo <strong>and</strong> Fluo white blue<br />

Chat to your dealer.<br />

DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong> 51


IN THE<br />

RANGER<br />

Polaris is one of those companies<br />

that does not stop. The constantly<br />

develop new machines – <strong>and</strong> upgrade<br />

their existing lineup. They phoned us<br />

yesterday (The day before deadline),<br />

<strong>and</strong> offered us the new Ranger 1000<br />

for a little test…<br />

“Guys! Please do us a favour. Don’t put too much<br />

mileage onto this unit because it’s already sold. And more<br />

importantly, try not to get the unit too muddy. Please.”<br />

Well guess what? Thanks to all the rain, there was zero<br />

chance of keeping things tidy. Gauteng is one big mud<br />

hole, but it presented a great opportunity to test the new<br />

Ranger 1000’s prowess.<br />

This is a monster of a UTV. Why do you need a 1000cc<br />

parallel twin in what is effectively a workhorse? Well –<br />

why not? This one is all about torque, practicality <strong>and</strong><br />

useable power delivery. We convinced SWAMBO (She Who<br />

Always Must Be Obeyed), to join us. It’s the first time that<br />

she’s been along on a test in a long time – <strong>and</strong> the grin<br />

throughout the ride told the story.<br />

The new Ranger is big, but not too big. To give you<br />

an idea, it fits snugly on the back of our company H100<br />

Bakkie. It is loaded with all kinds of features that make it<br />

perfect for a work horse as well as a fun machine…<br />

52 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong>


DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong> 5 3

New styling:<br />

Before we drive any new SXS<br />

we take a close look at the<br />

details. The first thing we<br />

like about the new Ranger<br />

1000 is the styling. Polaris<br />

did a great job with the<br />

bodywork. It flows nicely<br />

across different body panels<br />

<strong>and</strong> surfaces, <strong>and</strong> it presents<br />

a bold, aggressive look. We<br />

especially like the front nose<br />

which sits slightly higher<br />

than on previous models,<br />

yet doesn’t limit the drivers<br />

view over the hood too much.<br />

Under the front hood are<br />

electrical connections <strong>and</strong> a<br />

bus bar that is pre-wired for<br />

adding accessories. They’re<br />

even marked for position <strong>and</strong><br />

it makes adding accessories<br />

quick <strong>and</strong> easy. Another<br />

great feature is the grill insert<br />

which, without any tools, can<br />

easily be removed for cleaning<br />

<strong>and</strong> then snapped back into<br />

place. It shows the Polaris<br />

engineering team considered<br />

ease of maintenance, which<br />

is a big part of ownership.<br />

A sturdy, steel tube bumper<br />

protects the front end, <strong>and</strong><br />

it even includes a loop for<br />

strapping the Ranger down to<br />

your bakkie.<br />

At the rear of the Ranger<br />

1000 is a monster cargo box<br />

that can haul a great big load.<br />

It has tall sides <strong>and</strong> a sloped<br />

bottom that drains easily,<br />

<strong>and</strong> pockets for integration<br />

of Polaris accessories. The<br />

bed sides even get a textured<br />

surface to hide scuffs <strong>and</strong><br />

scrapes which are bound to<br />

happen. Remember, this is a<br />

machine designed to work.<br />

Polaris went large with<br />

the cab interior of the Ranger<br />

1000. SWAMBO immediately<br />

commented that the interior<br />

has more nooks <strong>and</strong> crannys<br />

<strong>and</strong> storage spots than our<br />

family car. We absolutely love<br />

the flip up seats <strong>and</strong> huge<br />

storage bins beneath, with<br />

a huge closed shelf under<br />

the dash. 6 cup holders (we<br />

have to ask why…), <strong>and</strong> a<br />

sealed storage compartment<br />

in the dash as well. It even<br />

has 2 charging ports so you<br />

can take long that lekker JVC<br />

sound box <strong>and</strong> never run out<br />

of tunes.<br />

Speaking of electrics,<br />

Polaris thoughfully gives you<br />

three st<strong>and</strong>ard Polaris plugs<br />

under the bonnet, where<br />

you can plug in any st<strong>and</strong>ard<br />

Polaris component such as<br />

The simple digital display tells you everything you need.<br />

a light bar or a winch. Ity’s a<br />

great idea <strong>and</strong> it saves you<br />

from splicing <strong>and</strong> dicing the<br />

wiring harness.<br />

In the cockpit, all of the<br />

controls are easily accessed<br />

by the driver, <strong>and</strong> a large,<br />

digital display is just ahead<br />

of the steering wheel, right<br />

where it should be. Down<br />

below, there is plenty of<br />

room for your feet <strong>and</strong> the<br />

roughened floorboard helps<br />

grip your boots <strong>and</strong> hold your<br />

feet in place. Best of all, the<br />

seats are pretty comfy <strong>and</strong><br />

the contoured base helps to<br />

hold you in place.Two in the<br />

cab is perfectly comfortable,<br />

but we found that with a third<br />

adult up front it is a bit – not<br />

cramped but elbows <strong>and</strong><br />

things tend to get in the way.<br />

A kiddie is perfectly fine.<br />

More stuff:<br />

Our very first impression<br />

was how quiet the Ranger is.<br />

The engine sits behind the<br />

passenger compartment, as<br />

opposed to in the centre of it,<br />

<strong>and</strong> allows conversation in the<br />

cab, even with a helmet on.<br />

The engine is a 999cc mill,<br />

but, different to the General<br />

or RZR’s the head is a single<br />

The twin cylinder engine is nestled under the load bed.<br />

access to the airfilter etc is very easy.<br />

Polaris gives you three additional power plugs for any<br />

genuine polaris attachment.<br />

Cup holders, nooks <strong>and</strong> crannys until the cows come home...<br />

Load whatever you want to out back...<br />

54 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong>

The FM18C will fit Dunlop<br />

Motorcycle tyres 120/80 <strong>and</strong> all<br />

90 <strong>and</strong> 100 series tyres.<br />

• Designed exclusively for off-road competition,<br />

the mousse insert replaces the inner tube<br />

• Made up of a honeycomb structure<br />

• Designed to prevent tyre deflation in case of<br />

puncture caused by perforation, shock or pinching<br />



• AT81 rear tread block shape <strong>and</strong> distribution<br />

plus DIRTuitive Grip Design (DGD) tread<br />

blocks help the tyre penetrate down through<br />

the surface dirt for extra traction across a<br />

broad range of off-road applications<br />

• Newly formulated high-wear-resistant rear<br />

tyre compound offers enhanced chipping,<br />

tearing <strong>and</strong> wear appearance<br />

• Geomax AT81 RC (Reinforced Construction)<br />

rear tyre carcass features four nylon plies<br />

• Lateral grooves on the shoulder tread blocks<br />

provide additional biting edges <strong>and</strong> also allow<br />

the tread blocks to be more flexible<br />


• Soft terrain tyre, with an unusually wide scope<br />

of application<br />

• Optimized performance combined with improved<br />

durability when used on intermediate terrain<br />

• Enhanced traction/slide control through pattern<br />

optimizing <strong>and</strong> new compound<br />

• Better control <strong>and</strong> shock absorption thanks to a<br />

redesigned casing construction<br />


Henderson Racing Products - 011 708 5905<br />

Available at selected dealers nationwide<br />


Ever wonder how EnduroCross riders manage to<br />

find traction over the extreme terrain they compete<br />

on? Dunlop’s D756EX has been a trade secret for<br />

years, winning numerous championships. Now that<br />

tyre has been replaced with the all-new Geomax<br />

AT81 EX that features even greater grip <strong>and</strong><br />

performance.<br />

The AT81 already has a championship-winning<br />

record, scoring numerous titles in AMA National<br />

Enduro competition, Gr<strong>and</strong> National Cross Country,<br />

<strong>and</strong> other series. The new AT81 EX was built on the<br />

same winning tread pattern <strong>and</strong> construction as<br />

the AT81, but adds ultra grippy compounds to the<br />

equation.<br />

Available in 110/100-18 rear size, the AT81 EX is<br />

made for a wide variety of extreme conditions—not<br />

just EnduroCross—<strong>and</strong> was developed with the help<br />

of Cody Webb <strong>and</strong> Destry Abbott.<br />

Webb, who used the new AT81 EX en route to<br />

winning the 2017 EnduroCross title, had this to say<br />

about the new tyre. “The AT81 EX has been amazing<br />

<strong>and</strong> I was shocked how much better it made my<br />

rear shock feel going over obstacles <strong>and</strong> absorbing<br />

them. It’s great for trail riding <strong>and</strong> any type of<br />

extreme terrain.”<br />

“I can honestly say the AT81 EX is the best advantage<br />

you could have to help you win races,” said multitime<br />

off-road champion Destry Abbott. “I’m able to<br />

go up things I couldn’t with a regular tyre, especially<br />

in rocky, slippery conditions. I’ve been using it for<br />

EnduroCross racing <strong>and</strong> extreme rides <strong>and</strong> it has<br />

helped me with my confidence too.”

overhead cam version. Could<br />

you imagine an RZR engine in<br />

a utility? Work would take half<br />

the time. This engine brings<br />

the peak torque curve down<br />

approximately 3000 rpm so<br />

that the grunt of the Ranger is<br />

far more usable for towing <strong>and</strong><br />

hauling. You can really feel the<br />

low to mid-range punch in this<br />

new machine <strong>and</strong> for a working<br />

owner this is a much better<br />

option for useable power. They<br />

tell us that the <strong>2020</strong> Polaris<br />

Ranger 1000 can tow more that<br />

1000KG’s. Knowing that this<br />

kind of weight might be a little<br />

tough on braking components,<br />

Polaris has upgraded to a<br />

better braking system from<br />

their XP 1000 machines. We<br />

had very little trouble getting<br />

this Ranger stopped, but did<br />

not get an opportunity to tow<br />

anything.<br />

Drive impressions:<br />

Mindful of the fact that this<br />

unit is sold, our route took us<br />

through lots of mud, across a<br />

couple of rivers <strong>and</strong> along a<br />

tight twisty hilly trail.<br />

We found that the throttle<br />

grabs a little bit when you try<br />

to ease off slowly. Being belt<br />

driven, it needs the tension,<br />

so it works better with more<br />

accelerator from the start.<br />

Three 4WD modes allow plenty<br />

of options – minimal ground<br />

disturbance in turf mode <strong>and</strong><br />

the tightest turning circle, 2WD<br />

with the rear diff locked, or<br />

4WD offering true All Wheel<br />

Drive for maximum traction<br />

to all four wheels. Include the<br />

robust Carslisle tyres <strong>and</strong> you<br />

have lots of traction.<br />

No question, this is one<br />

heck of a machine <strong>and</strong> the<br />

fact that it is all so easy to use<br />

makes it completely versatile<br />

I would hazard a guess that<br />

we have driven just about<br />

every version of the Ranger<br />

through the years – <strong>and</strong> this<br />

one continues the legacy in<br />

absolute style.<br />

Hit the accelerator <strong>and</strong><br />

you know that you have some<br />

business going on under that<br />

hood as she muscles her way<br />

up to just beyond the 90KPH<br />

top end. Mud <strong>and</strong> rivers?<br />

What mud <strong>and</strong> rivers? Actuate<br />

the 4wd system via a simple<br />

switch on the dashboard,<br />

engage low range <strong>and</strong> she<br />

creeps through anything.<br />

Or, of course you can try the<br />

hooligan approach <strong>and</strong> just<br />

floor it in high range – you’ll<br />

probably make it. Thanks<br />

to all the rain, we found<br />

ourselves in some pretty deep<br />

water crossings – she never<br />

spluttered – even with water<br />

washing into the floorboards.<br />

Ground clearance is<br />

pretty decent <strong>and</strong> the plush<br />

suspension is pretty awesome<br />

– <strong>and</strong> it works really well.<br />

There were a few wide eyed<br />

moments where we were<br />

convinced that we were going<br />

to maybe fall over… <strong>and</strong> we<br />

didn’t. But we were grateful<br />

for the st<strong>and</strong>ard seatbelts<br />

– <strong>and</strong> the netting over the<br />

doors – <strong>and</strong> as a passenger I<br />

was very grateful for the grab<br />

h<strong>and</strong>le bolted onto the cage.<br />

Conclusion:<br />

The Ranger 1000 super fun<br />

to drive <strong>and</strong> play with <strong>and</strong> is<br />

designed to be challenged.<br />

The fact that you can fit a<br />

third passenger up front<br />

really is an added bonus. And<br />

it’s easy to drive – just ask<br />

the Mrs. Chances are good<br />

that if you do decide to get<br />

one it will be comm<strong>and</strong>eered<br />

by a member of your family…<br />

Fun, tough, quiet capable.<br />

And it gets to places that<br />

your bakkie would never<br />

dream of going.<br />

Get to your Polaris dealer<br />

<strong>and</strong> take one for a drive.<br />

Go to www.polarissa.co.za<br />

for more info.<br />


Displacement: 999cc<br />

Drive System Type: High Performance<br />

On-Dem<strong>and</strong> True AWD/2WD/VersaTrac<br />

Turf Mode<br />

Engine Type: 4-Stroke SOHC Twin<br />

Cylinder<br />

Electronic Fuel Injection<br />

Horsepower: 61 HP<br />

Transmission/Final Drive: Automatic<br />

PVT H/L/N/R/P; Shaft<br />

Box Capacity: 453.6 kg<br />

Estimated Dry Weight: 648 kg<br />

Fuel Capacity: 43 L<br />

Ground Clearance: 30.5 cm<br />

Hitch Towing Rating: 1,133.9 kg<br />

Front Suspension: Dual A-Arm 25.4<br />

cm travel<br />

Rear Suspension: Dual A-Arm, 25.4 cm.<br />

Front/Rear Brakes: 4-Wheel Hydraulic<br />

Disc with Dual-Bore Front <strong>and</strong> Rear<br />

Calipers<br />

Instrumentation: 4” LCD Rider Information<br />

Center: User Selectable Blue/Red<br />

Backlighting & Brightness, Programmable<br />

Service Intervals, Speedometer,<br />

Tachometer, Odometer, Tripmeter,<br />

Clock, Hour Meter, Gear Indicator, Fuel<br />

Gauge, Coolant Temperature, Voltmeter,<br />

Service Indicator <strong>and</strong> Codes, Seat Belt<br />

Reminder, DC Outlet<br />

56 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong>

JOIN THE<br />


WP is exp<strong>and</strong>ing its footprint in South Africa<br />

<strong>and</strong> is looking for professional business<br />

partners that can bring the exciting PRO<br />

COMPONENTS range of WP to the market.<br />

Are you a suspension expert <strong>and</strong> interested<br />

in becoming one of our WP Authorized<br />

Centers? Please send an enquiry to franziska.br<strong>and</strong>l@wp-suspension.com<br />

so we can<br />

take the first step in getting you in front.<br />



by Bruce de Kock, owner of Bike Tyre Warehouse Midr<strong>and</strong><br />

So it’s <strong>March</strong> already <strong>and</strong> most of us are broke<br />

after Valentine’s Day <strong>and</strong> the longest January<br />

in history. With this in mind, I’ve decided to<br />

look at a well-priced tyre that has been around<br />

in the dualie market for years now. It rose to<br />

fame as the OEM fitment tyre for the KTM<br />

990 Adventure when it was launched <strong>and</strong> has<br />

remained a popular choice ever since, even<br />

though the dualie tyre market has quadrupled<br />

in size.<br />

Meet the Pirelli Scorpion<br />

MT90 A/T…<br />

The MT90 is a 70/30 road-biased adventure<br />

tyre, commonly used in OE applications <strong>and</strong> is<br />

the KTM 990 Adventure faithful in the 90/90-21<br />

<strong>and</strong> 150/70-18 applications.<br />

Its’ key selling points are:<br />

• An ideal multi-purpose tyre for the touring fan<br />

• Performs well in various weather conditions<br />

• Great mileage<br />

• Can manage heavy loads<br />

Intended for all-purpose use… The design<br />

of this tyre <strong>and</strong> its high silica compound mix<br />

provide you with strong grip for moderate/<br />

light off-road use. The tread pattern offers<br />

plenty of grip on tar roads, with good water<br />

dispersal which enhances safety, especially on<br />

tar surfaces.<br />

The knobby blocks are arranged in a V pattern<br />

to allow better traction <strong>and</strong> enhanced braking,<br />

in both wet <strong>and</strong> dry weather conditions. In<br />

fact, the front <strong>and</strong> rear tyres in this range use<br />

slightly different compounds to create as much<br />

grip as possible.<br />

Confidence inspiring… This tyre helps you<br />

to feel safe when you’re riding on it, even when<br />

the bike is fully loaded. It is more than capable<br />

of h<strong>and</strong>ling a wide range of temperature<br />

variations, so is ideal for touring, even in the<br />

hottest of countries, with the very worst of<br />

roads. The tyre also gives you the kind of grip<br />

that allows you to just focus on enjoying the<br />

ride, rather than on having to constantly take<br />

a different line into or out of corners because<br />

you’re fighting a lack of grip.<br />

Please note that this tyre is not suitable for the<br />

KTM 1290 Adventure R model, so while some<br />

stores will fit it to this bike model, mainly out of<br />

ignorance, it is not advisable.<br />

Durability… Even the biggest fan of knobby<br />

tyres gets fed up of having to replace them after<br />

just a couple of thous<strong>and</strong> kilometres, especially<br />

if they’ve been used on actual roads as opposed<br />

to gravel or dirt tracks. The silica-rich compound<br />

in the Pirelli MT90 gives great durability. The<br />

tyre also features a steel belt radial design, so<br />

it’s more than happy sitting underneath some<br />

of the biggest enduro bikes out there, with <strong>and</strong><br />

without a passenger.<br />

The Pirelli Scorpion MT90 tyre is available in<br />

21” fronts <strong>and</strong> 17” & 18” rear sizes.<br />

Tel: 011 205 0216 • Cell: 073 777 9269 / 083 467 1349<br />

Unit 9 Sable Park, 997 Richards Drive, Midr<strong>and</strong>



Pirelli Scorpion Pro-FIM<br />

Another tyre worth mentioning is the Pirelli<br />

Scorpion Pro-FIM, which was developed from<br />

the tyres used in the F.I.M. Enduro World<br />

Championship – so it’s a thoroughbred race tyre!<br />

The Pro-FIM is a full enduro competition level<br />

tyre <strong>and</strong> is highly resistant to tears <strong>and</strong> cuts.<br />

It is designed to work in dry, wet, mud or s<strong>and</strong><br />

conditions <strong>and</strong> is aided by three different choices<br />

of compounds on the popular rear 140/80-18<br />

size, namely Medium; Soft <strong>and</strong> Super Soft, all of<br />

which ensure it gets power to the ground.<br />

The pyramidal geometry of the blocks gives<br />

optimal stability while braking, as well as<br />

self-cleaning properties <strong>and</strong> precision cornering.<br />

The special polyester carcass with nylon belts<br />

absorbs shocks <strong>and</strong> high impact, while the<br />

compounds are designed to resist wear for long<br />

tyre life.<br />

Other selling points include:<br />

• A high module, low shrinkage polyester<br />

carcass for regular <strong>and</strong> large footprint area to<br />

maximise traction <strong>and</strong> braking<br />

• Optimised steering precision <strong>and</strong> traction<br />

provided by the small hard knobs on the front<br />

• Racing compound for a high-performance<br />

level for the entire race, regardless of conditions<br />

• A carcass developed to offer high resistance,<br />

to work in enduro competitions <strong>and</strong> to respond<br />

effectively in overcoming obstacles<br />

• Designed for those capable of riding even on<br />

unexplored ground, irrespective of the type of<br />

surface <strong>and</strong> the weather conditions<br />

Available in popular 21” front <strong>and</strong> 18” rear<br />

sizes.<br />

The Pirelli Pro-FIM super stickys are on<br />

promotion right now, so take advantage of the<br />

reduced prices. If you buy now, you’ll save <strong>and</strong><br />

have more money for fuel, which means more<br />

time in the saddle.<br />

Take care out there <strong>and</strong> enjoy the dirt.<br />

Bruce BTW<br />

Facebook @BikeTyreWarehouse • Twitter @biketyrewhse<br />


Cool Offroad<br />


Social Events <strong>2020</strong><br />

The year has started with a bang with literally<br />

hundreds of events taking place all over South Africa.<br />

The guys from The Adventure Company area JHB<br />

based company one of the few lots who cater for<br />

bike, quads <strong>and</strong> Side by sides - social riding, not<br />

racing. Two months in, three events down. Here are<br />

some pics from the Waterberg Mountain Ride - <strong>and</strong><br />

then the Cosmos Ride that attracted hundreds of<br />

eager off-road nuts. Huge fun!<br />

The next event is a day ride in Parys on Feb 29th -<br />

followed by a joint venture - the new Trax <strong>and</strong> <strong>Trail</strong><br />

Funduro on <strong>March</strong> the 21st (bikes only) <strong>and</strong> then a<br />

weekend in Wakkerstroom (<strong>March</strong> 27th).<br />

These guys also host the famous Swazi Mangala<br />

ride in Eswatini (April the 30th), The Tri Nations Ride<br />

from Pongola to Ponta (june 25th) <strong>and</strong> the famous<br />

Quads 4 Quads event from JHB to Richards Bay<br />

(Sept 24th).<br />

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Blaze the<br />

<strong>Trail</strong>s:<br />

Where the<br />

madness<br />

starts<br />

Hey Dad! Daaad! Please can we get a<br />

motorbike? “No go away, Lets rather use<br />

that money for a lekker bakkie!”<br />

But Pa, on this bike, you can get out into the<br />

fields to check on the cows, Simpiwe can<br />

use it to check all the fences <strong>and</strong> Jannie <strong>and</strong><br />

me can pop down to school <strong>and</strong> back when<br />

you have to go to the auctions… And you<br />

know what? You can never buy a bakkie for<br />

the price of this thing…<br />

You know the chat. And urban conversations are<br />

very similar. Well they were when we were kids trying to<br />

convince our folks that 50’s were much better <strong>and</strong> safer<br />

than bicycles.<br />

The guys from SYM offered us their latest offering, the<br />

200cc <strong>Trail</strong> Blaze, that we reckon would fit every farmers<br />

purpose, without busting the bank. And with Syms<br />

reputation for quality ( we have an 8 year old scooter with<br />

80000 kms on it), we felt it would be a great idea to give it<br />

a proper workout.<br />

So we did just that. Our fat editor jumped onto it <strong>and</strong><br />

went off to see all of our clients from near the airport all<br />

the way out to Krugersdorp <strong>and</strong> back again. And then we<br />

fitted his farmers gear <strong>and</strong> we took off into the muddy<br />

62 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong>


fields to inspect the peanut crop in our<br />

back garden.<br />

The Sym is just like an old XR200R,<br />

but with electric start. Up front, the<br />

<strong>Trail</strong> Blaze is pretty basic, two round<br />

analogue dials indicating speed, rpm,<br />

fuel <strong>and</strong> a manual adjuster for your<br />

trip. Old school, rugged, no frills no<br />

fuss. The switches are well placed <strong>and</strong><br />

big enough to use even wearing work<br />

gloves. There’s a choke lever on the left<br />

bar. We never needed to use it- it started<br />

first time every time – <strong>and</strong> on that note<br />

we forgot to test the kick starter… In the<br />

twisty suburbs it’s good fun <strong>and</strong> more<br />

than quick enough from robot to robot<br />

or for outpacing the traffic jams. On the<br />

freeway – well choose your moment,<br />

she’ll happily chug along at 90 KPH with<br />

a top speed just more than 100 KPH.<br />

But please do bear in mind, that<br />

although it is freeway legal, the bike is<br />

not really built as a freeway cruiser.<br />

Where it really shines is as a<br />

commercial commuter with tyres <strong>and</strong><br />

suspension perfectly suited to rough<br />

farm roads. Out back here we had a<br />

marvelous time splashing through the<br />

puddles <strong>and</strong> checking out the scenery.<br />

And… Oh yes! This bike is brilliantly<br />

economical. We did more than 200 kms<br />

on the 16 litre tank, <strong>and</strong> the needle still<br />

showed a quarter to go.<br />

The bad news is that if you buy one,<br />

because it is so low <strong>and</strong> comfy, your kids<br />

will be hijacking it most of the time…<br />

Perfect farm bike. Lekker commuter.<br />

Great for security – or “boppa” a box on<br />

the back <strong>and</strong> it makes a great delivery<br />

bike. And you have the backing of SYM<br />

dealers all over SA for parts <strong>and</strong> service.<br />

This is where it all starts…<br />

Features include:<br />

• Electric <strong>and</strong> kick start.<br />

• An air cooled 200cc engine mated to a<br />

5 speed box.<br />

• Dual shocks out back.<br />

• Drum brake rear, Twin pot disk up<br />

front.<br />

• Rear carrier.<br />

Our opinion, really good value at<br />

R17995.00 at time of going to print.<br />

www.sym.co.za for your closest dealer.<br />

DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH <strong>2020</strong> 6 3

GET IT.<br />

READ IT.<br />

LOVE IT!<br />


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