2019 Annual Report

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Published February 2020


Rape Response serves as a system of

support, advocacy and education providing

services to the community and survivors of

sexual assault while safeguarding the dignity

of each person served.

Meet RR’s Newest Staff Members

Front L-R: Stacy Emerick, Jasmine Fortson,

Ariel Donaldson; Back L-R: Phoenix Garland,

Kayla Garbutt, Laura Rodriguez

Rape Response Staff

L-R: Summer Boone, Phoenix Garland,

Kim Glaze, Brittany Tarnowski, Carrie Anne Hunt

(Not pictured: Natalie Millican)

A Personal Note from Board President,

Captain Sean McCusker

As Rape Response (RR) continues to

provide advocacy, outreach & awareness to

the communities it serves, the likelihood of

survivors reporting incidents of sexual

assaults will increase. Over the past year, RR

has provided 10,380 services to 751

individuals, a 44% increase from last year.

The fulltime staff at RR, in addition to crisis

line volunteers, are essential & instrumental in

providing continuous services, advocacy &

support for survivors at any given time. This structure ensures all

survivors are represented by RR advocates during this critical time in

their life.

RR is committed to providing awareness & trainings to as many

individuals in the community as possible. This is evident when

reviewing the number of individuals reached throughout the last year.

RR has participated in over 580 events, meetings, presentations &

student education classes over the last year. The total number of

individuals reached during these events is over 28,000. RR’s Let’s Talk

Education programs for youth & parents has almost doubled the

education numbers from the year before. Let’s Talk was presented to

9,997 middle school students, 1,924 high school students, 184 at-risk

youth, 90 parents & 80 educators. With this increase, RR has added an

Advocate to work directly with schools, counselors & teachers.

In addition to the community awareness, outreach & education, the

collaboration between RR & law enforcement, judicial & medical

professionals continues to expand. RR staff work to build, strengthen &

maintain professional partnerships in our communities that will benefit

survivors. If these partnerships are not successful, then RR will not be

successful in providing service to survivors. This past year, RR has

collaborated with over 21 law enforcement agencies & judicial partners

in four Judicial Circuits. While the majority of partnership agencies are

local & interact with RR regularly throughout the year, RR has also

assisted agencies in other areas of Georgia, Texas & Virginia.

As sexual assault awareness increases, the need to have RR advocates

becomes even more obvious. We are very fortunate to have an agency

that is willing & able to provide these needed services to members of our

communities. Their professionalism & sense of service to others allows

RR to succeed in its mission. I would like to thank RR staff, volunteers,

donors, funders & the community for their continuous work & support

for survivors of sexual assault.


“Thank you for your support and kindness… Just you listening gives me back some of my voice.”

Free & Confidential • 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a Week 770-503-7273 or 800-721-1999 www.raperesponse.com

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Annual Report



Rape Response is a nonprofit agency providing

24/7 services to sexual assault survivors, ages 13

and older, in Dawson, Forsyth, Habersham, Hall,

Lumpkin and White counties. Advocacy in action

for fiscal year 2018-2019 included:

o New Crisis Calls answered 604 and 3,561 Follow Up

Crisis Calls extended emotional support to survivors to

address ongoing issues

College Interns

L-R: Ashlynn Echols, Jasmine Murillo, Wendy Miller

(Not pictured: Abi Rogers, Kelley Pointer, Naja MacIntosh, Laine Johnson)

o Counseling provided 681 individual therapy sessions &

134 Survivor Support Group sessions facilitated by our

Licensed Professional Counselor

o Face-to-face Crisis Interventions supported survivors

as they processed the sexual assault & equipped them

with essential tools needed on their path to recovery


o Personal Advocacy helped survivors to navigate health

care, law enforcement, criminal justice & other social

service agencies 3,101

Fall 2019 Volunteer Training

L-R: Jillian Underwood, Susan Medrow, Laura Rodriguez (Staff),

Adriana Sanchez, Gale Adams (Staff), Emerald Williams, Taylor Sorrells,

Lauren Ringwall


o Information & Referrals connected survivors to

community resources for continued support & healing


o Medical Accompaniment provided support to survivors

at the hospital during forensic medical exams 73

o Aftercare Referrals & Information offered survivors

health care exams for STI’s; paid for by RR & provided

by local health departments 109

Siobhan Brennan*

Caitlin Carlan*

Melissa Conti

Marjorie Cunningham

Nancy Dickinson

Ashlynn Echols

Debbie Edwards

Christine Ela*

Jaira Falcon

Andrea Gaines*

Heather Hollimon

Sydney Huff*

Laine Johnson*

Kalia Jordan

Jessica Ledbetter

Silvia Loredo*

Naja MacIntosh*

Susan Medrow

Wendy Miller*

Jasmine Murillo

Kelsey Payne*

Kelley Peter*

*Currently Inactive

Kelley Pointer*

Crystal Reitsma

Abi Rogers*

Rebeca Ruelas

Adriana Sanchez

Addrienne Session

Taylor Sorrells

Sarah Strzemienski

Ashley Sullins

Jillian Underwood

Emerald Williams

o Let’s Talk Education Programs were provided to 9,997

middle school students, 1,924 high school students, 184

at risk youth, 90 parents & 80 educators


o College Advocacy & Outreach was provided to 6,082

college students, faculty & staff at 6 colleges/

universities across 8 campuses

o Court Accompaniment supported survivors during trial

& court proceedings for a total of 102 days

o Collaborations participated in interagency &

professional engagement opportunities to benefit

survivors 133 agencies/over 28,000 participants

RR Staff wearing teal for SAAM

Gainesville Bridge glowing teal

during the month of April


5,997 HOURS IN 2019!

RR hosted a “Consent Tea Party” honoring individuals who have made a

difference in the lives of survivors

Free & Confidential • 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a Week 770-503-7273 or 800-721-1999 www.raperesponse.com

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Criminal Justice Coordinating


Junior League of Gainesville - Hall County

North Georgia Community Foundation

Sexual Assault Services Program (SASP)

United Way:

Dawson County, Forsyth County,

Greater Atlanta, Habersham County,

Hall County, White County

Victims of Crime Act (VOCA)


First Presbyterian Church♥

Grace Episcopal Church♥

Lakewood Baptist Church*

Local Government

City of Gainesville

County Board of Commissioners:

Habersham, Hall, Lumpkin & White

(5% Funds) Hall County Government

Business & Community Organizations

Atlas Pizza♥

Belk, Inc.♥

Chicken Salad Chick*

Crystal Plate*

Custom AAA Canine*

Danny's Donuts*

Dorca's Place

Flowery Branch Masonic Lodge #212♥

Gerald F. Lewis Trustees♥

Heavenly Creations by Angel Jackson

I.S. Consulting*

Johnny's BBQ*


Network For Good - Facebook Donations♥

North Georgia Technical College♥

Rushton & Company*


Target - Gainesville*

TLC Childcare*

University of North Georgia♥


Harry Chapman♥ in honor of Lore Godina

Miles & Sharon Coker♥ in honor of

Jeanne Buffington & Jeyatashakalalo

Garrett Davis in honor of Brandon Davis

Susan Hosford in honor of

Jeanne Buffington

Sheriff Janis Mangum in honor of

Susie Anderson

Joe & Caryl Roark ♥ in honor of

Jeanne Buffington

Jennifer & Deuce Roark♥ in honor of

Jeanne Buffington



Melissa Adams

Kim Alley

Celia Amparo Alpuche May

Karen Armstrong

Erica Autry*

Jennifer Bailey

Kay Barfield

Patty Bell

Julie Bianchini

Caitlin Blank

Macretta Booker

Ellen Corinne Briggs♥

Robin Bright

John & Jane Broaddus♥

Kimberly Bruner

Robert & Ruth Bruner♥

Wanda Bryant♥

Cynthia Brown

Kris Brown♥

Jeanne Buffington♥

Jessica Butler

Kim Caldwell

Jessica Cappellini

Angela Carlin

Haley Carter

Ashley Caylor

Melinda Chandler*

Joanie Chembars

Rob Cherveny

Monica Christensen

Ariel Cofield

Susan Cole♥

Natalie Colvin

Andrea Coryell

Gerald Couch♥

Katie Crumley♥

Shelby Cummings

Wakeitha Cunningham

Angela Davis

Pirkle Derrick

Tina DeWaart

Debbie Edwards*

Jennifer Finley



Sandy Fortner

Anjana Freeman

Ron & Martha Fritchley ♥

Kayla Garbutt♥

Chris Gailey♥

Carla Gibbs

Casey Gilliam

Wendy Glasbrenner♥

Courtney Hall

Rachel Hastreiter

Monica Hayman♥

Tony Herdener♥

Meredith Higgins

Betty Hirschmann

Nia Howard

David & Shannon Hughs♥

Ginger Imperiale

Angel Jackson*

Elizabeth Kendall

Melissa King

Ohki Komoto

Debbie Krewson

Jamie Lamanac

Pattie Lecroy

Laura Major♥

Carmen Mas♥

Janet Marling

Carol Martin♥

Megan Martin

Darren & Shelly Martin♥

Michelle McAdams

Sean McCusker♥

Ashton Meeks♥

Stephen Michaels

Jasmine Murillo*

Martha & John Nesbitt

Marie Navarro

Tracy Nichols

Corey Parson

Alyson Paul♥

Tina Payne

Jeremy Perry♥

Erica Pickens

Margaret Poitevint

Vickie Poole

Michelle Prater

Judith Reece♥

Joe & Caryl Roark♥

Bonnie Robinson

Linda Rowland

Dorothy Russ

Mayra Santos*

Annual Report

Jim & Gail Sargent ♥

Suzanne Satterfield

Tiffany Scroggs

Pamela Segers

Carol Shirley

Shannon Shockley

Patti Simmons

Amanda Smith

Meri-Leigh Smith

William Smith♥

Renee Sodaro

Laurie Spiess ♥

Donna Steele

Morgan Stovall

Tina Stowers

Derek Sutton

Corey Thornton

Vince Tillirson♥

Linda Townley♥

Evelyn Tuggle

Wanda Vance♥

Elisabeth Vaughan♥

Holly Verhasselt

John & Janet Walden♥

Sally Walden-Crowe♥

Caitlin Walker

Shameka & Darhon Walker*

Steve & Lisa Warwick

Anna Waters

Tuwanda Wilson

Sally Wise

Leigh Stallings-Wood

Trey & Morgan Wood♥

Nallie Xiong


Steve Cronic in memory of

Mary Jones

Karen Hewitt & Tommy Smith♥

in memory of Brianna Burgess

Kittie & Steve Ross♥ in memory of

Hazel Propes & Helen Ross

James Sargent♥ in memory of

Constance M. Sargent

Janelle Whalen♥ in memory of

Gus Whalen

♥ Donors giving $100 or more

* In Kind Goods or Services

Thank you to all who made Dancing for a Cause a huge success, raising over $308,000!

Presentations & Collaborations

• Avita

• Caminar Latino

• Circle of Hope

• Department of Family & Children’s


• Dawson & Hall Teen Maze

• District Attorney & Solicitor’s Offices

• Domestic Violence Task Forces

• Dorca’s Place

• Edmonson Telford Center

• Family Connections

• Forsyth County Child Sexual Abuse

Prevention Initiative

• Family Haven of Forsyth

• Flowery Branch Masonic Lodge

• Gateway

• Georgia Mountain Food Bank

• Good News Clinic

• Habersham Chamber of Commerce

• Hall & Forsyth County Juvenile Courts

• Jesse’s House

• Health Departments

• La Alianza

• Regional Youth Detention Center (RYDC)

• Ser Familia

• Saint Luke’s Catholic Church

• School Systems

• Sheriff’s Office’s & Police Departments

• St. Vincent DePaul

• Universities & Colleges: Brenau,

Lanier Tech, North Georgia Tech,

Piedmont, Truett McConnell & UNG

Walk Against Sexual Assault at UNG- Dahlonega

Collaborating with Forsyth County District Attorney’s Office

L-R: Penny Penn, Jeanne Buffington, Beth Ready,

Jen Tarnowski

Flowery Branch Spring 5K FUN Run & Walk Fundraiser

L-R: Board Member Debbie Edwards, Jeanne Buffington,

Board Member Wanda Vance

North Georgia Technical College Fall Festival

RR Staff Jasmine Fortson & Laura Rodriguez

Gainesville Middle School Open House

RR Staff Members Ariel Donaldson &

Phoenix Garland

Embrace Your Voice Art at UNG-Dahlonega

RR Staff Kayla Garbutt & RR Intern Abi Rogers with

UNG-Dahlonega Cadets

Free & Confidential • 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a Week 770-503-7273 or 800-721-1999 www.raperesponse.com

P. O. Box 2883 • Gainesville, Georgia 30503 • www.raperesponse.com

770-503-7273 • CRISIS Line Outside Hall County 1-800-721-1999 • Fax 678-928-4209





Gainesville, GA 30501

Permit #82

CFC­Peach Belt*Dawson*Forsyth*Habersham*Hall*White

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Annual Report


REVENUE – $777,278

EXPENSES – $774,832

United Ways


Federal/State Grants


County Government


Donors, Events & In-Kind


Administration $54,238

Survivor Services &



Note: Federal and state reimbursement schedules and grant cycles overlap fiscal years.


Vice President

Past President




Executive Committee 2019

Natasha Alvarado

Kris Brown

Debbie Edwards

Kevin Gaddis

Chris Gailey

Monica Hayman

Amanda Lammers

Gail Lane-Seabolt

Laura Major

Shelly Martin


* Rotating off board for 2020

Sean McCusker

Melissa King

Carol Martin

Wanda Bryant*

Jeremy Perry

Ashton Meeks

Alyson Paul

Carol Shirley

Leigh Stallings-Wood

Wanda Vance

Elisabeth Vaughan*

Camille Viera

Sally Walden-Crowe

John Walden

Trey Wood

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