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The Showcase Guide to Gold

Of all the precious metals, gold has the most colourful history. It is at the heart

of countless legends. Wars have been fought over gold, lives have been ruined

in the quest for it, and fortunes have been made by those lucky enough to

discover it. Gold has been used as currency, is a traded commodity, and is a

highly sought after metal in many industries.

But most of all, gold is valued for its beauty, a lustrous beauty that never fades

making it the perfect symbol of everlasting love and devotion.

Nothing is as good as Gold

Gold is the only precious metal that combines beauty, rarity, durability

and workability. It is this unique combination of characteristics that makes

it such a treasured possession the world over.


Gold’s naturally intense colour and distinctive lustre combine to give this

precious metal its lasting beauty. When gold is combined with small amounts

of other metals, subtle and exquisite changes in tint can be achieved. Gold

jewellery is available in many colours, including the readily available yellow,

white and rose and, to a lesser extent, shades of blue, green and purple.


Even though gold is found all over the world, and is present within the earth,

in rivers and seas, it is extremely difficult to extract. Where gold is found in

sufficient quantity to mine, many tonnes of ore may need to be worked to

extract just one ounce of gold, which makes the process very costly indeed.


Gold does not rust, tarnish or corrode. It virtually lasts forever. When gold

treasure was found within the ancient pyramids or fathoms deep in wrecked

treasure ships it was just as bright and alluring as the day it was made. Gold

can be re-melted time and time again and can be made into a huge variety of

jewellery items.

9ct and 18ct gold are much the same in terms of wearability. A 9ct gold ring

is technically harder and more difficult to bend, while an 18ct gold ring is less

brittle and more resistant to microscopic scratches. This means a 9ct gold ring

may be less likely to bend out of shape than a 18ct ring, however an 18ct gold

ring will hold up to everyday wear and tear better over a long period of time.

Ladies engagement and wedding rings therefore tend to be made out of 18ct

gold as it ages well, while mens wedding bands are typically made from 9ct

Gold for increased durability.

How to be sure it is real Gold

Always look for the carat mark. It is this small mark stamped on a piece of

jewellery that tells you the amount of pure gold in the item. As pure gold, or

24ct gold, is softer than 9ct or 18ct, it is often mixed with other metals to

increase it’s durability. To explain what 9ct or 18ct gold actually is - 9ct gold is

9 parts in 24 pure gold (37.5% or 375/1000) and 18ct is 18 parts in 24 of pure

gold (75%or 750/1000). The rest is made up of other metals in the alloy for

durability and workmanship. These are some of the common markings found

on jewellery:

• 22ct or 916

• 18ct or 750

• 9ct or 375

The colour of pure gold is yellow. But when other metals are added, a number

of subtle colour tints can be achieved. For instance, Rose gold is a blend of

gold and copper. White gold is a blend of gold, silver and palladium.

White Gold is actually a dull yellow so as an industry standard, White gold

is rhodium plated to form a strong, high shine protective bond however to

maintain it’s lustre, needs to be re-plated occasionally. Talk to your local

Showcase Jeweller about re-plating your white gold jewellery.

You may find other markings on your jewellery as well. These may be the

manufacturer’s trademark, logo or initials. If you require any help deciphering

the markings, your Showcase Jeweller will be happy to explain them to you.

Other Precious Metals


Platinum is one of the strongest precious metals. It has an intense silverywhite

luster which wears beautifully and enhances diamonds and other

stones that are set into it. Scratches and other metallic blemish spots can be

polished off. Platinum is also remarkably heavy – much more so than silver and

gold. Platinum jewellery, in particular rings, are more difficult to re-size than

other precious metals, due to the great amount of heat required to work with

platinum. Platinum jewellery is generslly stamped PLAT, PT, PT900, PT950.


Palladium is a white and bright precious metal that, like platinum, is

hypoallergenic and durable. However, palladium is nearly half the density

of platinum (making it a more economic alternative to platinum) and is more

malleable, making it easier to work with.

Buying Gold with Confidence

When buying gold from Showcase Jewellers you can be assured that you are

purchasing quality. Showcase Jewellers guard their reputation closely as their

very livelihood depends on the advice they give and the products they sell.

With their training, experience and expertise, Showcase Jewellers can help you

make the perfect choice when buying gold jewellery.

Taking Care of Your

Gold Jewellery

Gold, and it’s alloy’s, will scratch and mark if not carefully looked after. When

storing gold, protect it from being scratched by other items of jewellery by

wrapping it in a soft cloth or placing it in a gem bag. Remove gold jewellery

when using harsh chemicals. The worst thing you can do to gold is expose it to

chlorine. Chlorine bleaches, spa pools and swimming pools will weaken gold

which in turn will lead to breakages.

Under normal circumstances, gold won’t tarnish or corrode, but some people

may find that when they wear gold it sometimes leaves a black smudge on their

skin. Perspiration, medications or cosmetics could cause this to occur. In very

rare cases, it may even be an allergic reaction to gold or one of the metals in

the alloy.

For regular care at home, wash occasionally with warm, soapy water. Rinse in

clean water and polish with a soft dry cloth.

To return your the sparkle to your gold, your local Showcase Jeweller can

professionally polish your gold jewellery and and give a thorough check-up at

the same time.


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