Choose the Right Bassinet for Your Baby with HALO® Sleep

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Bassinets are one of the best places for a newborn to sleep. With a variety of styles to suit your needs, HALO® Sleep’s BassiNest™ is what you need to provide a safe, secure place for your newborn to sleep. Each comes with mesh walls that pull down, making it easy to scoop your baby out for cuddles or feeding in the middle of the night.

Choose the Right Bassinet for Your Baby

with HALO® Sleep

Choose the Right Bassinet for Your Baby with HALO® Sleep

Every new parent has to choose the right sleeping solution for their newborns. Many choose

the bassinet, such as HALO® Sleep’s BassiNest. Whether you go with the Luxe Series bedside

bassinet or a BassiNest Glide Sleeper, you will find everything you need in a bassinet from

HALO® Sleep.

The BassiNest

The BassiNest makes the transition into parenthood as easy as possible. You will feel

confident putting your newborn into this bassinet from the first day you return home from the

hospital. The ultimate in convenience and safety, the BassiNest is the only bassinet that

swivels 360 degrees, letting them sleep as close to you as you would like while still sleeping

separately. Upgrade to the Premiere to get a bassinet that vibrates. There’s also the Luxe and

Luxe Plus, with even more upgrades. Every BassiNest comes with a patented lowering wall

that makes it easy to scoop up your baby when they wake in the middle of the night for

cuddling or nursing, without you ever needing to leave the bed.

The Twin Sleeper

Are you bringing twins home? HALO® Sleep also offers the BassiNest Twin Sleeper, a twin

bassinet that allows both babies to sleep in the same bassinet with a divider between them.

Your twins can be right next to you, at eye level. The divider is a mesh, breathable wall that lets

your twins have the togetherness they crave while keeping them safely separate. The walls also

lower, allowing easy access to either baby. You can tend to your newborns without leaving the

bed, which can help with recovering from giving birth.

The Glide Sleeper

When you want your newborn to be as close as possible, choose the HALO® BassiNest Glide

Sleeper. Though it lacks the swivel feature of the other bassinets, it can slide on any floor

surface, including carpet. Your baby can sleep as close as you like while remaining separate

from your bed, reducing the risks associated with bed-sharing. Because you can easily push the

bassinet away from the bed, it’s ideal for women recovering from a C-section birth. The HALO®

BassiNest Glide Sleeper can be pushed over the bed, keeping your baby very close while you

both sleep.


HALO® Sleep also offers accessories for your new bassinets. They offer replacement fitted

sheets and mattresses, including for the HALO® BassiNest Twin Sleeper. A newborn insert,

which comes standard with the BassiNest Luxe Plus, is also available. If you want to keep toys,

extra bottles, or diapers and wipes handy, consider a storage caddy. Finally, you can also buy

two mobiles, one with pom poms and the other with owls.

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