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SA to move to Level 3

Greatest defence against virus

is stringent hygiene protocols


Speaking to the nation on

Sunday May 24, President

Cyril Ramaphosa

announced that the country

would move to Level 3

lockdown restrictions from

Monday June 1.

“While the nationl lockdown

has been effective, it cannot be

sustained indefinitely,” he said.

“Moving to Level 3 marks a

significant shift in our approach

to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This will result in the

opening up of the economy and

the removal of a number of

restrictions on the movement of

people, while significantly

expanding and improving our

public health interventions.”

Two particularly contentious

restrictions, those limiting

exercise between 6am and 9am,

and the curfew between 8pm

and 5am, will be removed

under the new level.

“People will be able to

exercise at any time during the

day, provided this is not done in

g r o u p s ,” Ramaphosa said.

While the ban on the sale of

tobacco products will continue,

restrictions on alcohol will be

eased significantly.

“Alcohol will be sold for

home consumption only, under

strict conditions, on specified

days and for limited hours,”

Ramaphosa said.

Public gatherings, with the

exception of funerals with under

50 participants, will remain

prohibited and venues catering

for cultural or sporting

entertainment or exhibitional

events will stay shut.

Ramaphosa noted that one

of the main reasons for lowering

the country’s alert level was to

allow more businesses to

operate and help kick-start the

struggling economy.

However, he said businesses

that could reopen would have to

adhere to strict health and safety

protocols such as enforcing

social distancing, and screening

and testing staff.

Ramaphosa said businesses

should allow employees who

could work from home to do so

to minimise the risk of infection.

“All staff who are over 60

years of age or suffer from

underlying conditions such as

heart disease, diabetes, chronic

respiratory disease or cancer

should ideally work from

h o m e ,” he said.

Schools will also open,

though Ramaphosa assured this

would be done in a staggered

manner to ensure the safety of

staff and pupils.

“We will be resuming

classes for Grades 7 and 12

from June 1.

“The school calender will be

revised and the curriculum will

be trimmed so that we may still

recover the 2020 year,” he said.

Ramaphosa said parents

would not be forced to send

their children back to school if

they were concerned.

While acknowledging the

effects the national lockdown

had on SA citizens, Ramaphosa

said it was the right decision.

“I am sorry that these

measures imposed a great

hardship on you, restricting your

right to move freely, to work and

to eke out a livelihood. As a


President Cyril


announces that

the country will

move to Level 3

restrictions on

June 1 Picture: GCIS

result of these measures we

imposed, and the sacrifices you

made, we have managed to

slow the rate of infection and

prevent our health facilities from

being overwhelmed,” he said.

He encouraged everyone to

continue to follow the

recommended health and safety

protocols to keep them and

those around them safe. “We

know that the most effective

defence against this virus is also

the simplest: washing our hands

regularly, wearing a face mask,

keeping at least a 1.5m distance

away from other people,

avoiding touching our faces

with unwashed hands and

cleaning surfaces we touch

r e g u l a r l y,” Ramaphosa said.

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CROSSWORD number 1184

Fighting your

way to victory

‘Kingdoms of Amalur’

satisfying despite

unceremonious start


The Winter Elves have come to wage war

against the mortal races, and you were not

so lucky as to avoid them. Tragically, you

died but don’t worry, you got better.

And so begins Kingdoms of Amalur:

Re c ko n i n g .

Don’t be put off by that long name though, or

the rather unceremonious beginnings of your

adventures, Amalur has plenty to offer.

With the power to change the destiny of others

now in your hands, and a natural interest in not

dying for a second time, it’s up to you to venture

out and fight your way through various enemies,

help people as you please, and collect plenty of


A relatively straightforward skill system

ensures the game is easy to pick up, and you’ll

never find yourself bound into a single style of

playing if you don’t want to be.

Perhaps a spell-slinging mage looks attractive

in the beginning, but then you want to switch it up

and add some sneaky daggers in. Not a problem.

Suddenly realising the benefits of heavy

armour? Amalur has you covered.

Even its classes, which unlock based on your

skills, can be swapped at your discretion.

Yo u ’re free to explore, fight, craft and interact

as you please in A m a l u r, and there’s plenty of

places to see, people to meet, and big monsters to


‘Tinker Tailor’ spy film

well-made but boring


Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, based

on John le Carré’s novel of the

same name, is a Cold War spy

thriller that follows retired spy

George Smiley (played by Gary

Oldman) who is brought in to

hunt down a mole in the British

Secret Intelligence Service (SIS).

To say I enjoyed Tinker Tailor

feels like a bit of a stretch.

It is certainly a well-made

film with superb acting from its

A-list cast and ‘Cold War spy

thriller’ is always a reliably

entertaining genre.

However, the film’s

dedication to realism ironically

is what made it so hard to get


Th e r e ’s no other way to say

this: Tinker Tailor is mindnumbingly

dull, particularly in

the first half.

One hour in to this two-hour

movie and I kept asking myself

when anything interesting

would actually happen. It’s

mostly Smiley talking with SIS

management about past events

that sound way more fun to

watch then what’s on screen

n ow.

Thankfully, the second half is

far more entertaining, mostly

because this is when they

actually start doing stuff instead

of just talking.

Is it worth sitting through an

entire hour of nothing, though?

Th a t ’s up to you.

The winner of crossword # 1183 is: Z h a n e

Franzsen Co n g ra t u l a t i o n s !

SOLUTION to Crossword number 1183


A 1x 250g

bag of

c offe e

plus two

f re e

c a p p u c c i n os

valued at

R 10 0

s p o n so re d

by Cutman

& Hawk

C offe e

Send in a completed, correct crossword #1184 for a chance to win a 1x 250g bag of coffee

plus two free cappuccinos valued at R100 sponsored by Cutman & Hawk Coffee.

Drop off the crossword solution before 10am on Tuesday at the Daily Dispatch building in

Beacon Bay, or scan a copy and e-mail it to go co n t est s @ a re n a . a f r i c a

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Entrepreneur uses her skills to

help SMMEs during lockdown

CLEVER DISGUISE: A colourful mantis pretends to be a flower

as it waits patiently for its next meal Picture: JAYANTI JEEWA


Eight years ago, local entrepreneur

Zandile Sifika kick-started her accounting

practice and her recent success has

allowed her to help other SMMEs

struggling due to the ongoing lockdown.

“On my first day of opening my

business, a client paid R1,500 into my

account. Being fresh from my second

maternity leave and hesitant about starting

out on my own, this small amount was the

reassurance needed to convince I was on

the right trajectory,” said Sifika.

She now employs five people at her

firm in East London, but she hasn’t

forgotten that first gesture of trust.

Sifika is paying it forward by assisting

other SMMEs in the Eastern Cape navigate

the arduous process of accessing

government funding and tax breaks during

the current Covid-19 crisis.

“Most of our main operations have

stopped completely because of lockdown,

as our clients depend mainly on

government jobs and contracts.

“But as the head of an SMME myself, I

realise how important it is for me to help

others get through this crisis,” she said.

Sifika said assisting SMMEs fitted in to

her overriding goal of creating

employment and helping small businesses

to grow, so that they could play their part

in growing the economy.

PAYING IT FORWARD: E n t re p re n e u r

Zandile Sifika gives back to struggling

SMMEs that are affected by the

Covid-19 global pandemic P i c t u re :


“Small African businesses have shown

me so much support and I am where I am

today because of the support that my

friends and family have given me.

“It’s only right that I should help them

with the skills I have,” said Sifika.

Speaking to The GO! & Express, she

said she never thought seven years ago she

would be a director of her own

accountancy firm, let alone in a position to

help others.

After her second child was born, her

husband encouraged her to start her own

firm, and helped land two private clients.

“I enjoyed the possibility of earning

more income with flexible hours, but I

feared that it wouldn’t be stable.

“But when I got back to work, my job

wa s n ’t as fulfilling anymore, I needed a

change. That’s when I decided to register

and open my own practice,” Sifika said.

“Running a business is not as easy as

people think. You work very hard for your

money and you are the last one to get

p a i d .”

Despite the hard slog, Sifika is proud

her effort has resulted in providing a

monthly income for six families –

including her own – and has now set her

sights on opening a branch in Mthatha.

“I have a personal relationship with all

of my clients and they can call me directly,

which gives them a sense of security.”

Although Sifika’s business is taking a

heavy blow due to the Covid-19 crisis, she

said she welcomed the challenge.

“It’s sometimes tough and scary to be

the captain of your own ship. But then I

remember that I can work flexible hours

and I don’t have to be away from home or

my girls for more than a couple of days.

“Most importantly, there is no ceiling to

what I can achieve,” said Sifika.


b ro t h e r s

helped by


re s i d e n t s



East London looks set to

experience a cold snap this

weekend, so make sure to dress

wa r m l y.

Thursday starts off on a more

pleasant note, with a maximum

temperature of 22°C. Skies will be

mostly cloudy, with a moderate

22km/h wind blowing in from the

We s t .

Friday is notably colder and

sees the temperature drop to

20°C. Despite overcast skies, no

rain is expected. The wind slows

down slightly to just 18km/h but

remains westerly.

A switch in the wind to the

southeast will get rid of all the

clouds, although temperatures

will remain stable. Wind speed

drops further to 11km/h.

Things take a rather dramatic

turn on Sunday when the

temperature shoots all the way up

to 27°C.

The wind switches towards the

east, bringing some light cloud

cover with it.


While handing out cooked meals to celebrate

Mother’s Day earlier this month, Zwelitsha

resident Kwezikazi Ntulini came across Mfusi

Kosani, 23, standing outside his home.

Ntulini offered him two takeaway meals, but

Kosani asked if he could have another two.

“I had to explain that it was two per

household, but he told me that he lives with his

brother and they do not have anything.

“They cook outside, using an empty paint tin

as a pot,” Ntulini said.

It was this encounter that inspired her to set

up Okuhle Special Project.

Concerned about Ko s a n i ’s situation, Ntulini

went back with him to his home to find out


“Mfusi lives with his brother Sifiso, 27,

and both are unemployed.

“After their mother’s death 15 years ago, the

situation at home turned bad, as she was the

b r e a dw i n n e r,” she said.

Ntulini took some photos of their house, and

posted them on Facebook, which soon inspired

the community to pitch in and help.

“People came and donated eating utensils,

beds and groceries.

“What was more touching was that these

donations came from individuals, not from big

companies or government stakeholders,”

Ntulini said.

“We developed a committee where there are

people who are assisting me in the Okuhle

Special Project.

“Our goal is to help those who are from a

difficult background, to give them direction

when they feel stagnant,” she said.

To donate or find out more information, call


HELPING OTHERS: Zwelitsha residents step in to help unemployed

Mfusi Kosani and his brother, whose mother died when they were young

children Picture: SUPPLIED

bds 05.2020 C1541




We would like to let you know that as of

30 June 2020, Old Mutual will no longer be the

underwriter for


If you are a

member and have any queries,

please contact your scheme directly on .




Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (SA) Ltd is a licensed FSP.

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Strong focus on

health, safety

Ministers meet to discuss reopening of schools

GOING FORWARD: Basic education minister Angie Motshekga has urged communities to work

with police to combat school vandalism Picture: ANTONIO MUCHAVE


Following President Cyril


announcement on Sunday

about the move to level 3 (see

page 1 for more information),

the Council of Education

Ministers (CEM) met on Mondy

to discuss the reopening of

schools from June 1.

The CEM had previously

decided that senior

management teams (SMT) and

teachers would return on May

25 in order to prepare schools

for the arrival of pupils.

According to basic

education minister Angie

Motshekga, the focus would be

on ensuring that schools meet

the necessary health and safety

requirements in order to

minimise the risk of infection for

staff and pupils.

She also raised concern over

the rise of vandalism of school

buildings, and the resulting mob

violence which saw two

suspects killed by community

members of Soweto recently.

“We appeal to members of

the community not to take the

law into their own hands.

“Communities must protect

schools against vandalism but

must ensure at all times that

violence does not occur.

“We request that the

community should rather work

with the police to bring

suspected perpetrators to

j u s t i c e ,” said Motshekga.

The CEM also welcomed the

recent appointment of the

National Education

Collaboration Trust-led

consortium whose aim is to

monitor the reopening of

schools and ensure they comply

with health and safety protocols.

Resident’s ‘e x e rc i s e ’

to help needy during

this time raises R100k


Earlier this month, the GO! &

Express reported on Morgan

Bay resident Terry Gillham’s

fundraiser which managed to

bring in more than R60,000 ('A

champion for the needy', May


Since then, the amount of

money raised has passed the

R100,000 mark.

“I have to say, when I first

started this fundraiser, I thought

I’d only make about R5,000 or

R 1 0 , 0 0 0 ,” Gillham said.

“If I made R10,000, I’d be

doing extremely well.”

As previously reported,

Gillham’s fundraiser came

about while he explored ways

to exercise during the

l o ck d ow n .

“At the commencement of

the lockdown, with us not being

able to get down to the

beaches, we figured we’d do

some exercise,” Gillham said.

“We normally run on the

beaches and across the cliffs,

but since we’re under

lockdown, we decided to run

up and down our driveway.”

He started slow, with just 15

laps a day, but within a week he

said he was able to do 25 laps

without stopping.

“It eventually dawned on

me that I should try doing

something more to raise funds

for the community,” he said.

The money he raised has

gone towards a fund set up by

the Morgan Bay Ratepayers

Association, which is dedicated

to helping community members

who are struggling during the

l o ck d ow n .

Many donors said the lack of

“middle-men” in the donation

process went a long way to

gaining their trust, he said.

“People felt very

comfortable knowing there was

no middle-man, no politician,

no commission that was getting

p a i d ,” he said.

While Gillham’s fundraiser

may be over, the Ratepayers

Association is still looking for

funds to help residents.

Contact f u n d ra i s i n g .

m o r g a n b ay @ g m a i l . c o m


Te r r y



initiative is

helping those

in need




Mauneen Charter (Business Manager) - 082 921 1136

Chris van Heerden (Product Manager) - 083 708 2754

ĂŚĞŝĞůĚĞĚŝŽ 071 869 0598ŚĞůĂĞŶĂůĞ082 432 5665



GO & Express is available to read electronically every week on our

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EL muso to feature on

a collaborative album

Blaqverse presents three songs on 90% hip-hop compilation


East London-born musician Mvikeli

Masuku, better known as Blaqverse,

will be featured in a new compilation

album set to be released on June 5.

The album, titled Illchane Studio Album

II: Collaborations, Illcity’s Finest, will

feature music from various artists

associated with Illchane Studio, which is

also based in East London.

“The album is 90% hip-hop, and there’s

one or two pop songs that will be

i n c l u d e d ,” Masuku said.

Of the 22 songs on the album, Masuku

said he featured in three.

Work on the album started in

December, with most of the music being

recorded before the lockdown was


However, the new restrictions did pose

some problems for the production.

Masuku said that there were plans to

shoot videos for some of the songs, but that

had to be put on hold until the lockdown

wa s lifted.

The collaboration comes soon after the

release of Masukus latest album, D aw n ,

which launched in March (EL muso’s

album is ‘new-age poetry’, GO! & Express,


March 26). As previously reported by the

GO!, Masuku said his love for music began

when he was young.

“I grew up listening to a lot of music at


“My aunts and uncles listened to a lot

of reggae.

“From there, I started appreciating a lot




Mvikeli Masuku

is excited to

feature on a

new album set

to release in

June P i c t u re :


more kinds of music,” Masuku said. In

2016, he was nominated for Best

Newcomer at the Eastern Cape Music

Awa r d s .

Illchane Studio Album II will be

released on all digital platforms on June 5.

For more information, visit the Illchane

Studio Facebook page.

UNNECESSARY FORCE: The DA is concerned about the

increased number of claims being lodged against the police in

the Eastern Cape. Cases of alleged heavy-handedness by the

SAPS during the lockdown are a worry Picture: ALAISTER RUSSELL

Rise in claims

against police

a concern: DA


The Democratic Alliance has

expressed concern over the high

number of claims being laid

against the Eastern Cape SA

Police Services.

According to the DA, the EC

SAPS has paid out more than

R62.8m within the first ten

months of the 2019/2020

financial year.

This is an increase of R17m

from the year before.

These payouts come from

just 658 claims, with 8,216

claims still pending.

The DA said it was also

concerned with reports of

alleged heavy-handed tactics

being used by the police, which

have seen nearly 20,000 people

arrested for breaking lockdown

regulations since May.

DA shadow MEC for safety

and security Bobby Stevenson

said these figures were revealed

in response to a parliamentary

question posed to MEC Weziwe

Ti k a n a - G x o t h i w e .

“The breakdown of claims

paints a picture of the police

service that is clearly not

upholding the law and

respecting the rights of people,”

Stevenson said.

“The DA would like to

remind the MEC and SAPS of

the recent Khosa judgement,

wherein judge Hans Fabricius

directed that if any members of

the SAPS have failed to report,

repress or prevent any acts of

torture, cruel, inhuman or

degrading treatment or

punishment, then they will be

exposed to criminal, civil or

disciplinary action [‘Court rules

in favour of Collins Khosa family

and declares all have right to

life’, Daily Dispatch, May 15].”

The DA has also called for

psychometric testing for all new

SAPS recruits.

DARKEST BEFORE THE DAWN: A streetlamp outside Footprints Cafe creates a small island of light in the dark morning

before sunrise Picture: MATTHEW FIELD



Button up, folks, it’s going to get

chilly in King William’s Town.

Thursday sees an unpleasant

combination of high winds and

low temperatures, with a

maximum of 20°C. Friday is

worse, with the temperature

plummeting to 15°C. The

25km/h wind from the southest

will bring some light rain.

Saturday will have clear blue

skies, the temperature up only

slightly to 18°C. Things make a

complete switch on Sunday

with the temperature going all

the way up to 28°C.

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1290 Thanks


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9640 Vehicles Wanted

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11010 Legal Notices / Auctions

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Home Improvement

Entrepreneur cuts and

cleans clinics’ g ro u n d s

Owner of Mario’s Grass Cutting Service helps community


Being unable to work

before level three of

the lockdown hasn’t

stopped Mandilakhe

Matuwana and his team from

neatening up the premises of

Beacon Bay Clinic and

Nompumelelo Clinic.

The team worked hard

last week to trim the grass

around the buildings for free

as a goodwill gesture to the

c o m m u n i t y.

“I am the owner of

Mario’s Grass Cutting

Service, a business that I

started to improve my

livelihood and that of the

community that I serve,”

Matuwana said.

“On Wednesday, when I

was coming from Spargs, I

saw how tall the grass at the

clinic was.

“I went inside to talk to

the clinic manager and asked

if they needed a grass cutter.

“She told me it’s normally

Santam support for ECDCG


Santam recently

donated R500,000 to

the Eastern Cape department

of co-operative governance

(ECDCG) as part of its

ongoing efforts to fight the

Covid-19 pandemic.

Chief marketing officer

Mokaedi Dilotsotlhe said the

Eastern Cape was among the

provinces identified by the

company as areas requiring

support in the fight against

C ov i d - 1 9 .


the municipality which takes

care of it but it’s been a while

since its been cut.

“I’m happy that what I do

can help the community.”

Matuwana has grown his

business from being the sole

employee with a brushcutter

to now employing a few men

to help him with bigger jobs.

“Due t o C ov i d - 1 9 , t h e

company is struggling

“The Eastern Cape is a

vulnerable area because the

majority of the population live

in the rural pockets of the

p r ov i n c e .

“Currently, 65% of the

Eastern Cape population

resides in rural communities

with limited access to basic

services such as water and

immediate medical care,” he


The R500,000 donation

will go towards relief efforts

co-ordinated by the Eastern

Cape government and will

because there is no money

coming in,” Matuwane said.

“We would like to get any

support from government

and private owned

companies, be it mentoring,

workshops, funds or assets

and a vehicle to grow and

sustain the company through

this disaster and beyond it.

“One day I’d like to be

one of the top businessman

assist with securing essential

medical supplies and

establishing a local

communication drive to

inform and educate

communities on the

necessary health protocols.

Dilotsotlhe said the funds

would also be allocated

towards the acquisition of 76

water tanks that will be

delivered to the various rural

areas in the Eastern Cape.

“There is no doubt that the

national lockdown has

impacted the livelihoods of




working for

free tidying

and cutting

the grass at

the Beacon

Bay and


clinics P i c t u re :


in the world with thriving

businesses that will elevate

society by mentoring and

helping upcoming youth, and

developing the communities

that made me who I am.

“I like what I do and I

hope it will inspire someone

and mostly the youth to wake

up and do it for themselves.”

Contact Matuwana on


many South Africans.

“We are committed to

assisting in tangible ways that

will make a lasting impact,”

Dilotsotlhe said.

Since the outbreak of the

pandemic, the Santam Group

has donated over R400m

towards Covid-19 relief

efforts.These include a R20m

donation to the Solidarity

Fund and CSI initiatives

and R20m to assist Santam’s

SMME suppliers

currently experiencing

cashflow difficulties.

CLEAN UP: Concerned residents of Snow Water Road in Dorchester Heights recently organised a project to remove

encroaching water hyacinth from their stretch of the Nahoon River Picture: BRIAN SCHWARZ

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Liquor Board offers traders help

ECLB to assist Covid-19 relief fund applicants with information on how to go about the process


The Eastern Cape Liquor

Board (ECLB) has

encouraged local liquor

traders associations (LTAs) to

access Covid-19 relief funding

to protect their traders during

the ongoing national lockdown.

“Regrettably, the board does

not have jurisdiction over the

provision of funding to liquor

traders as its mandate is purely

to regulate the liquor industry in

the province.

“However, under these

difficult circumstance, the ECLB

believes it is necessary to

intervene and assist liquor

traders by simply making

information available,” ECLB

spokesperson Mgwebi Msiya

said. After the announcement of

government relief funds to assist

SMMEs negatively affected by

the Covid-19 pandemic, the

ECLB said it had consulted a

wide range of platforms and

government institutions to find

out more about how liquor

traders could access the relief


Msiya said the main purpose

of the consultations was to seek

ways and means of facilitating

access by SMME liquor traders

to these funds.

There are four funds

currently available: the SMME

relief fund, the salary bill relief

fund, the debt relief fund and

the informal sector fund.

“However, it must be clearly

stated that liquor traders must

also qualify according to set

criteria, which includes tax

c o m p l i a n c e ,” Msiya said.

Msiya said the liquor traders

must take responsibility for

lodging an application for relief


He also called on local

liquor trade associations (LTAs)

to nominate a person to assist

their membership.

The Small Enterprise

Development Agency (Seda) has

said it would assist e a ch

nominated person and guide

them on how to submit proper


For more information,

visit: w w w. s m m e s a . g ov. z a ,

w w w. s e d a . o r g . z a ,

w w w. s e f a . o r g . z a or

u i f e c c . l a b o u r. g ov. z a / c ov i d 1 9 / .

A historic first for Miss SA


In a historic first, the Miss South Africa

pageant will have their top three finalists

represent the country at three of the

biggest pageants in the world: Miss

Universe, Miss World and Miss

S u p ra n a t i o n a l .

While previously having shone in

Miss Universe and Miss World pageants,

this is the first time a Miss SA will take

part in Miss Supranational.

“We are delighted that a third finalist

will now be able to shine on the

international stage.

“Once Miss SA 2020 is crowned in

August, and the two runners-up are

announced, we will decide which

candidate would do best at which

c o m p e t i t i o n ,” Miss SA Organisation CEO

Stephanie Weil said.

Last year, Miss SA 2019 winner

Zozibini Tunzi won the Miss Universe

title, while first runner-up Sasha-Lee

Olivier attended Miss World.

“It is with great pride and pleasure that

we welcome the Miss SA Organisation as

the newest member of the Supra family,”

said Miss Supranational Organisation

president Gerhard Parzutka von Lipinski.

“Miss SA has a long history of

launching the careers of many

phenomenal women.

“We have been extremely impressed

by the transformation the brand has

undergone in the past year and we are

looking forward to welcoming one of the

top three of the 2020 to the 12the edition

of Miss Supranational.”

Miss SA 2020 will be crowned in the

first weekend of August, coinciding with

the start of Women’s Month.

Entries are still open and will close at

midnight on Sunday May 31.

Visit w w w. m i s s s a . c o . z a .


WORLD STAGE: Miss SA 2019 and Miss Universe winner Zozibini Tunzi, left,

and Sasha-Lee Olivier, who attended Miss World Picture: SUPPLIED

UP AND COMING: King William’s Town aspiring musician, Bahle Mei,

24, is releasing his debut single Picture: SUPPLIED

KWT muso sharing

message with fans

in his debut single


Aspiring King William’s Town

musician Bahle Mei, commonly

known as Player, released his debut

single, Mess, r e c e n t l y.

The solo artist started his music

career in 2017, citing hip-hop artists

such as Ab-Soul and Schoolboy Q as

his main inspiration.

Mei said he wasn’t that much of a

hip-hop fan at first.

“Growing up I used to listen to

house music as my favourite genre,

with a bit of RnB and gospel.

“I come from a female-dominated

family, and they were the ones who

always had the music system’s

remote control,” he said.

“They would tell me what kind of

music they want to listen to while

doing house chores.”

Mei said he first started

developing a passion for hip-hop

near the end of primary school.

“There were times I would be

chilling with my friend, and he

would introduce me to new songs

and would interpret the message to


“I then realised I would use this

platform to send a message to my

peers. Hip-hop is about the

m e s s a g e ,” he said.

Despite the restrictions in place

during the lockdown, Mei said he

was working hard at growing his


He would like to present his

hometown to the country with “the

grace of God” and the support from

family, friends, and his fans.

He is available at Audiomack.

For more information, follow Mei

on Facebook at Playzin McKenzie



A brightly

c o l o u re d

locust rests

for a


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Historic first for Miss SA - Page 7 King artist drops single - Page 7

POW Boks tough match

When SA team hosted tourney


During the late 1930s, the

Springbok rugby team

showed their

superiority on the field by

outplaying Australia and New

Zealand on tour in 1937 and

then beating the strong visiting

British Lions team 2-1 in ‘38.

World War 2 put a stop to

official rugby internationals for

SA until 1949, when the All

Blacks toured SA.

However, what is not

generally known is that a

“Springbok” rugby squad was

formed during the war at Stalag

IVb, a POW camp at Muhlberg

–on-Elbe in Germany in 1944.

Five “internationals” were

played against internees from

other countries who formed

their own teams.

The SA team included eight

players who had represented

their provinces before the

war, two from Natal, two from

Eastern Province, two from

Border, one player from

Northern Transvaal and another

from South-Western Districts.

The balance of the side was

made up of first team club

players from around the country,

including one from the

Buffaloes Club in East London.

The skipper appointed to

lead the Boks was Barend “Fi k s ”

van der Merwe, who later

gained official Springbok

colours as a flank in the first Test

against New Zealand at

Newlands in 1949.

Van der Merwe was

awarded the Military Medal for

bravery at Tobruk.

The team was coached by

Noel Robertson, a former Junior

Springbok who had toured

Argentina in 1932.

After arrival at the camp

from Italy, a “hut rugby league”

was formed, each team with

their own committees, selectors

and referees.

Springbok supporters were

also active.

Internees from Natal

suggested a Zulu war-dance

would be a fitting way to

precede each match and

amateur carpenters and tailors

worked long hours to

manufacture shields, assegais

and all the trimmings required

for the “impis” to perform.

The team wore the national

colours of green and gold and to

do this, the ingenuity of the

prisoners was put to the test.

Jerseys were made by a

professional tailor adapted from

Red Cross issue vests and when

a number of discarded olivegreen

Russian overalls were

discovered in the camp, they

were boiled up together with

the vests and military style

stockings to produce greencoloured


Anti-malaria tablets were

then boiled up to make a goldcoloured

liquid which was

applied to the vest collars and

stocking tops.

Shorts were made from

Italian white underpants and

finally, a Springbok emblem was

stitched to the jersey.

Army issue boots were

adapted, with the heels being

removed and made into studs,

while string from Red Cross

BEHIND ENEMY LINES: A watchtower at Stalag IVb, where SA prisoners organised an impromptu rugby tournament between

fellow prisoners from other countries Picture: CREATIVE COMMONS

parcels were used as laces.

Stalag IVb had been a

Russian slave labour camp and

the playing field was a hard

corrugated piece of land, once

the lime pits of buried Russian


A hand-written souvenir

programme was produced in

colour for the third match

against Wales, complete with a

Springbok head and the

heraldic badge of the Prince of

Wales, with the names of all the

players listed inside.

After beating Wales, the

Springboks agreed to play a

World XV, made up of the best

players from rugby-playing

countries in the camp. The date

chosen for the game was May

31, which at the time was

celebrated by South Africans as

Union Day.

A photograph of the SA team

was taken after a German guard

was bribed with black market

cigarettes and the wellrehearsed

Zulu dancers once

again buoyed up the spirits of

the spectators as the World team

was vanquished.

There is no doubt that the

spirit of the Stalag IVb

Springboks and the difficulties

they encountered and

successfully overcame in a

prisoner of war camp in

Germany exactly 76 years ago

was entirely worthy of the green

and gold jersey.

The results of the tournament

were as follows:

SA vs Combined New

Zealand/Australia XV 21-0;

SA vs Combined England,

Scotland and Ireland XV 14-3;

SA vs Wales 14-3;

SA vs Rest of the World XV


SA vs Wales [second match]


Dsrac to help those affected by lockdown


Department of sport, recreation,

arts and culture (Dsrac) MEC

Fezeka Bayeni presented a

policy speech about the launch

of the Provincial Relief Fund for

the cultural, creative and sport

sector virtual house sitting in the

Eastern Cape provincial

legislature on Tuesday.

The tabling of this policy

speech effectively marked the

beginning of the sixth term of

g ove r n m e n t .

“The Covid-19 outbreak has

necessitated changes in the way

we do things across society.

“The sport, recreation, arts

and culture sectors are amongst

the most affected due to the

regulations on social distancing

and the prohibition of


“As a result, we have had to

review our plans for the

2020/21 financial year to come

up with more creative and

practical ways of doing

t h i n g s ,” said B aye n i .

She said the department

acknowledged that l o ck d ow n

restrictions had disrupted

many lives and at times created

unanticipated personal


“The creative and sporting

industries are important

contributors to the economy

and a number of people derive

their means of livelihood from

these industries.

“As a department, we are

therefore required to develop

short-term and long-term

interventions to mitigate the

impact of the pandemic on the

sectors we are leading, in

particularly to lessen its impact

on the livelihoods of creatives

and athletes,” said Bayeni.

She said Dsrac was

establishing a relief

package targeting artists and

athletes whose livelihoods had

been disrupted by the


“These plans are informed

by national, provincial and local

policy imperatives. They also

provide for a framework that

details the five overarching

outcomes, with associated

outputs for each outcome.

“The planned programmes

of the department will benefit

women, youth, people with

disabilities and diverse

communities, thereby

contributing significantly to

nation building and social

c o h e s i o n ,” she said.

REACHING OUT: Dsrac MEC Fezeka Bayeni

announced plans by the department to help

those affected by the lockdown P i c t u re :


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