Mrs. Krutulis' 50 Years - Gulliver Schools

Mrs. Krutulis' 50 Years - Gulliver Schools

Mrs. Krutulis' 50 Years - Gulliver Schools


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the atrium

the atrium<br />

Director<br />

Marian Krutulis<br />

Associate Director<br />

John Krutulis<br />

Director of Alumni Relations<br />

Laura Keepax ‘85<br />

Director of Commutations<br />

and Public Relations<br />

Jennifer Vaida<br />

Editor<br />

Jennifer Vaida<br />

Photography<br />

John Keepax<br />

& Donna Victor<br />

Printing<br />

Original Impressions<br />

Design<br />

Original Impressions<br />

contents<br />

The Atrium is published twice a year by the <strong>Gulliver</strong><br />

<strong>Schools</strong>’ Office of Communications and Public<br />

Relations and is distributed free of charge to all<br />

<strong>Gulliver</strong> alumni.<br />

Contributions of photographs and articles are<br />

encouraged; items submitted, however, will not<br />

be returned.<br />

<strong>Gulliver</strong> <strong>Schools</strong> is a private, non-profit, <strong>50</strong>1 (c) (3)<br />

independent, coeducational, nonsectarian day<br />

school.<br />

Message from the Alumni Director 4<br />

Alumni Events Gallery 2002-2003 5<br />

Meet your Alumni Council 6<br />

30 <strong>Years</strong> of History 7<br />

Associate Director’s Report 8<br />

<strong>50</strong> <strong>Years</strong> of Excellence 9<br />

Q & A with Rebecca Robbins ’88, spokesperson for Slim Fast 10 & 11<br />

News Around Campus 12 & 13<br />

Josh Schwadron ’00 is GQ’s Big Man on Campus 14 & 15<br />

Join Us at Ocean Reef 16<br />

Ocean Reef 2002 17<br />

All in the Family 18 & 19<br />

Alumni Roll Call 20 - 22<br />

In Memoriam: Mike Garvey 23

Message from the<br />

Alumni Director<br />

4 the atrium - summer 2003<br />

Dear Fellow Alumni:<br />

Since returning to <strong>Gulliver</strong> as the Alumni Director, I’ve had the pleasure of reconnecting with so many<br />

of my old friends and classmates. It’s been great hearing about new careers and families, as well as<br />

remembering the wonderful times we shared in school. So many of you have been supportive of the<br />

school, and it’s encouraging to hear how many of you have kept in contact with each other. Every time I<br />

talk with fellow alums, I learn about others, and it feels great to know that many of you keep in touch,<br />

use each other’s business services, or just get together with your families. For a small school, <strong>Gulliver</strong><br />

has large and lasting friendships.<br />

This has been the perfect time for alumni to reconnect. Our homecoming BBQ was a great success<br />

and, of course, beating Ransom is always a plus. Many of you came and reunited with past friends and<br />

teachers, and the kids had a fun time climbing on the rock wall and making spin art. Our social event at<br />

the Taurus in March was also successful, with alumni from the 70’s to current years in attendance. <strong>Mrs</strong>.<br />

Laura Sochet Keepax ‘85<br />

K. and I just hosted a reunion in New York in April. John Phelan ’82 graciously donated his conference<br />

center for our use, and he provided all the delicious goodies. Tanya Hayes ’91, who works at Sotheby’s,<br />

arranged for an appraiser to value our treasures. Lastly, our family get-together at the Seaquarium,<br />

hosted by Andrew Hertz ’85, was a day of meeting everyone’s families and enjoying the dolphins and whales.<br />

We still have several alumni events coming up, and we want everyone to come and share in the good times. Our annual<br />

Get-Away Weekend at Ocean Reef is going to be fantastic. There will be events planned for everyone. You can join in our volleyball<br />

tournament, enjoy a round of golf, or just relax in a hammock on the beach. We are planning a zany scavenger hunt all<br />

over the island using golf carts. The weekend will wrap up with a delicious alumni reunion dinner. We will be honoring the classes<br />

of ‘73,’78,’83, ‘88,’93, and ’98.<br />

Next year is <strong>Mrs</strong>. K’s <strong>50</strong>th Anniversary as Director of <strong>Gulliver</strong> <strong>Schools</strong>, and we are planning many activities involving<br />

alumni. We would like all of you to join the festivities. We are looking for people to help out with morning announcements (in<br />

the atrium), to participate in an alumni Homecoming Half Time Show, and to be involved with Career Day, Founder’s Day, and<br />

more. If you are interested in volunteering to help coordinate these events, please let me know.<br />

We also are in the process of publishing our first Alumni Directory. It will have everyone’s names and addresses as well as<br />

business information. Also, we are currently updating our website and are beginning an alumni career networking database.<br />

More information will be available soon. Simultaneously, we are in the process of setting up internships with the high school<br />

students in an effort to connect alumni employers, who may offer summer internships or other internships, to students or recent<br />

college graduates. If you are interested in providing internships, please contact me at the Alumni House.<br />

There is a lot happening here at <strong>Gulliver</strong>, and we want you to be a part of it. I hope to see all of you soon!<br />

Laura Sochet Keepax ‘85<br />

Director of Alumni Relations<br />

Laura Sochet Keepax ‘85 and her twin daughters Haley and Samantha

2002-2003 <strong>Gulliver</strong> Alumni Events Gallery<br />

Alumni Homecoming BBQ - Miami, November 2002<br />

Sandy Hunter ‘74 Prep Students Kim Engel, Marshall Seeman, and Stephanie Dreyfuss Georgia Alvarez<br />

Cheree Padilla ‘94, Suzanne Parker ‘92, Social Networking Event - Miami, March 2003 Greg Washington ‘88, James Williams ‘84 & wife<br />

and Jennifer Mohney Green ‘94 Christi Acc ’90, Emily Bowles ‘89, and Monica Lopez Contera ‘90 Kevin Fine ‘88, Karri Waldrop ‘90, and Doug Brown ‘89 & guest Sarah Nesbitt Artecona ‘83, and Mike Maguire ‘79<br />

Anne London Dannacher ‘87 & husband, <strong>Gulliver</strong> Antiques Roadshow - New York, April 2003 Bobbie and Jamie Irving ‘ 91,<br />

and John Phelan ‘82 Tanya Hayes ‘91, and Appraiser Ben Maria Vendi Boss ‘82 (middle) and guests Tanya Hayes ‘91, and Alex Hayes ‘92<br />

<strong>Gulliver</strong> Family Fun Day at the Seaquarium - Miami, May 2003 Ed Hill ‘83, Hugh Schmidt ‘87, and<br />

Seaquarium trainer and Lolita the whale Andy Hertz ‘85 and son Joshua <strong>Gulliver</strong> Alumni Kids Elizabeth Greenfield Taintor ‘92<br />

the atrium - summer 2003 5

Meet your<br />

Alumni Council<br />

Dear <strong>Gulliver</strong> Alumni:<br />

Emilio Nunez ‘83, John King ‘92, Laura Socket Keepax ‘85, Sandy Hicks Hunter ‘74,<br />

Greg Martini ‘79, Maria Vendi Boss ‘82, and Daniel Rodriguez ‘82<br />

<strong>Gulliver</strong> has produced over 3, 600 alumni worldwide and is recognized as one of the premier private<br />

schools in Florida and the United States. The alumni program was created, and is committed to, helping<br />

<strong>Gulliver</strong>’s global alumni community members connect to their alma mater and each other in ways that are<br />

meaningful and mutually beneficial. As part of the <strong>Gulliver</strong> tradition of excellence, the alumni program<br />

strives to create a unique bond with its alumni to involve them in a lifelong relationship with their school.<br />

The Alumni Council is focused on creating events for <strong>Gulliver</strong>'s alumni to gather and strengthen their<br />

affiliation with the school. Alumni events include bi-monthly receptions, family events at area attractions,<br />

a Homecoming BBQ and football game, and the annual Ocean Reef Alumni Weekend. These events do<br />

not only occur in Miami; other events have been hosted outside of Florida. Alumni also participate in school events such as<br />

career day, where the alumni spend time with <strong>Gulliver</strong> students talking about different occupations. Information is shared via the<br />

<strong>Gulliver</strong> <strong>Schools</strong> website and mailings.<br />

<strong>Gulliver</strong> <strong>Schools</strong> has committed to the alumni program by acquiring an Alumni House, located at the Preparatory Campus.<br />

The facility is home to the Director of Institutional Advancement, the Director of Public Relations, the Dean of Faculty and,<br />

of course, the Director of Alumni Relations.<br />

As <strong>Gulliver</strong> reaches its <strong>50</strong>th year anniversary under <strong>Mrs</strong>. K’s direction, we are asking all of the alumni to participate in and<br />

celebrate this wonderful event. Information for this and other events can be acquired at the <strong>Schools</strong>’<br />

website: www.gulliverschools.com. Again, we encourage all of you to stay connected to your<br />

alma mater and contact us with questions, comments, or suggestions so that together we can<br />

<strong>Gulliver</strong> Alumni<br />

Council Committee<br />

build an association that serves you as effectively as possible.<br />

Jeffrey Bartel ‘84<br />

Joanna Gaines Barusch ‘72<br />

Sincerely,<br />

Maria Vendi Boss ‘82<br />

Lisa d’Adesky Cambell ‘84<br />

Lisa Lantinberg Engel ‘82<br />

Christopher Green ‘92<br />

Sandy Hicks Hunter ‘74<br />

Laura Socket Keepax ‘85<br />

Emilio Nunez '83<br />

Alumni Council President<br />

John King ‘92<br />

Melissa Birenbaum Leon ‘82<br />

Greg Martini ‘79<br />

Emilio Nunez ‘83<br />

Daniel Rodriguez ‘82<br />

6 the atrium - summer 2003<br />

Albert Scalla ‘83

1976<br />

30 <strong>Years</strong> of History<br />

G U L L I V E R P R E P A R A T O R Y Y E A R B O O K S 1 9 7 3 - 2 0 0 2<br />

the atrium - summer 2003 7

Associate<br />

Director’s Report<br />

As a fellow alumnus, I am glad to see all of you coming back to <strong>Gulliver</strong> to support the<br />

many exciting current and upcoming projects. With Laura Sochet Keepax ‘85 on board as our<br />

new Director of Alumni Relations, we are confident that <strong>Gulliver</strong>’s alumni group will continue to<br />

grow in the coming years. Our local events, and even those in other states, have been well<br />

attended by so many of you that care about <strong>Gulliver</strong> and its future. Also, many of you have<br />

shared with me that it is fun to reminisce about old times and to meet up with friends you may<br />

not have seen in a while. I hope that you will continue to join us at our gatherings.<br />

As Associate Director of <strong>Gulliver</strong> <strong>Schools</strong>, it is my pleasure to report that we have experienced<br />

an outstanding year. From winning the state championships in several sports to garnering a national title for our music<br />

and engineering design programs, <strong>Gulliver</strong> continues to dominate the local media regarding education. We have many exciting<br />

changes in store for next year, including the commencement of an engineering program that we are confident will be a success.<br />

Our International Baccalaureate program continues to strengthen every year, and the Primary, Lower, and Middle school students<br />

always prove that success starts at an early age.<br />

The goal of <strong>Gulliver</strong> <strong>Schools</strong> is to provide a superior college preparatory education to all its students. As a way to enhance<br />

our nationally recognized programs and make <strong>Gulliver</strong> an even stronger preparatory school, we are embarking on several expansion<br />

projects that you may have read about in the spring issue of <strong>Gulliver</strong>. We greatly appreciate the support many of you have<br />

demonstrated in our efforts to provide our students with the best possible place to receive an education. Many of you comment<br />

on how <strong>Gulliver</strong> had a wide variety of courses, activities, and athletics for you to enjoy. This continues to be the case, and we are<br />

always looking for ways to improve the quality of these programs. Always remember that without your support, none of this<br />

would be possible. We are fortunate to have such a supportive alumni group.<br />

Best wishes for a relaxing and peaceful summer. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions about the<br />

future of <strong>Gulliver</strong> <strong>Schools</strong>. See you at Ocean Reef!<br />

John Krutulis<br />

Associate Director<br />

8 the atrium - summer 2003<br />

<strong>Mrs</strong>. Krutulis and John Krutulis at the Prep graduation in 2003

During 2003-2004,<br />

<strong>Gulliver</strong> <strong>Schools</strong> and the<br />

educational community<br />

will be celebrating<br />

<strong>Mrs</strong>. Krutulis’<br />

<strong>50</strong> <strong>Years</strong><br />

of extraordinary dedication.<br />

The anniversary is a year-long<br />

celebration, culminating in an<br />

Anniversary Gala<br />

in March of 2004.<br />

We want you to be a part<br />

of these historic activities.<br />

For updates on upcoming events,<br />

be sure to visit us at<br />

www.gulliverschools.com<br />

<strong>50</strong> <strong>Years</strong> of Excellence<br />

How Much do You Remember?<br />

1973 Boys Basketball Team<br />

1983 Chorus<br />

1993 Summer Fun<br />

1978 Cross Country Team<br />

1988 Cheerleaders<br />

1998 Pep Rally<br />

the atrium - summer 2003 9

QA &Rebecca<br />

Robbins<br />

with<br />

’88, Spokesperson for Slim Fast<br />

Rebecca Robbins ‘88 recalls her four years at <strong>Gulliver</strong> Prep and candidly discusses her transition from a self-conscious young<br />

adult to a national spokesperson for Slim Fast. A Pompano Beach resident, Robbins currently works as a make-up artist and<br />

says that helping women improve their self-esteem is what she likes most about her job.<br />

10 the atrium - summer 2003<br />

Robbins on the cover of Woman’s World magazine<br />

Robbins 1988 Robbins 2002<br />

Q- Did you always know that you wanted to be a<br />

make-up artist?<br />

A-Yes, but I did try teaching for a while. It didn’t take long for me to realize that<br />

I wasn’t meant for that. I felt that I had difficulty with classroom management.<br />

I really just wanted to be a make-up artist.<br />

Q- Was education your major in college?<br />

A-Actually, I went to New York University, where I earned my Associate of Arts<br />

degree in Classical Literature. I then transferred to the University of Miami,<br />

where I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Theatre. At the<br />

University of Hartford in Connecticut, I worked on and earned a Masters in<br />

Education.<br />

Q- Did you go to school for make-up artistry?<br />

A-Yes, I went to Christine Valmy in New York City, where I studied make-up<br />

and skincare. I started doing make-up and infomercials even while I was in<br />

grad school.<br />

Q- What really motivated you to choose this field?<br />

A-I chose make-up artistry as a career because most of the time, when you’re<br />

doing make-up, you’re dealing with a happy occasion and helping women

improve their self-esteem. This is a serious issue<br />

in our culture. Make-up was something I was talented<br />

in, and I never feel as if it’s a job. I feel like<br />

I am helping someone every time I go to work<br />

and that I’m doing something that I love.<br />

Q-Wasn’t there something else<br />

that inspired you to choose<br />

make-up artistry?<br />

A-I struggled with self-esteem issues myself<br />

because of my weight. That inspired me to help<br />

women find their own brand of beauty. That’s<br />

what I do, help them find it.<br />

Q-Was this also what motivated<br />

you to become a Slim Fast<br />

spokesperson?<br />

A-Well, I was heavy in high school, which made it<br />

difficult for me socially. I was also overweight during<br />

most of my 20s. I tried every diet imaginable,<br />

and the only one that worked for me was Slim<br />

Fast. It took me about 2 years to lose 81 lbs.<br />

Q- And you’ve kept the weight<br />

off for almost four years.<br />

Congratulations!<br />

A-Thank you. Soon, I discovered that Slim<br />

Fast has a website. I decided to write the<br />

company a letter because I was so thrilled<br />

that I was thin. I had never been slender or<br />

even at a regular weight. I sent them before<br />

and after pictures and they contacted me.<br />

They asked if they could post my photos on<br />

the website and I said “sure.” After that, I<br />

received another call asking me to be a<br />

spokesperson. At that point, I didn’t even<br />

know that their were spokespeople.<br />

Q-I understand too that you<br />

appeared on the cover of<br />

Woman’s World magazine.<br />

A-Yes, the PR agency for Slim Fast said that<br />

they had shared my testimonial with the<br />

magazine. Woman’s World ended up<br />

doing a feature on me and putting my picture<br />

on the cover.<br />

Q-This is all so exciting for you.<br />

When you were in high school,<br />

or in your 20’s, did you ever<br />

dream something like this would<br />

be possible?<br />

A-Never, but I always knew that I could take my<br />

experiences and help others.<br />

Q-Did you feel as though others<br />

were there to support you, in<br />

high school and college?<br />

A-<strong>Gulliver</strong> really had a wonderful support system.<br />

I remember there was a support group<br />

for kids going through a crisis called “Rap with<br />

Bob.” You always felt that no matter what you<br />

were going through, there was someone to listen.<br />

<strong>Gulliver</strong> is a very supportive atmosphere.<br />

Even though I felt badly about the way that I<br />

looked, I never felt that I was alone. I also<br />

was very involved with academics and activities,<br />

which helped me focus on something<br />

other than my weight.<br />

Q-What were your activities at<br />

<strong>Gulliver</strong>?<br />

A-I was involved in student government and<br />

was on the editorial board for the school literary<br />

magazine. And I loved the school newspaper.<br />

I had an incredible time with that. I was the<br />

editor of the <strong>Gulliver</strong> Gazette and I worked<br />

with some great teachers and staff.<br />

I struggled with self-esteem issues myself because of my weight.<br />

That inspired me to help women find their own brand of beauty.<br />

That’s what I do, help them find it.<br />

Q-Who do you remember?<br />

A-Cynthia Ketzle, Christine Hinde (Schmidt),<br />

Yvonne Kerrington, <strong>Mrs</strong>. Thompson and <strong>Mrs</strong>.<br />

Fitzgerald.<br />

Q-Most of them are still here.<br />

A-It doesn’t surprise me.<br />

Q-And academically?<br />

A-I really liked my classes. There was unlimited<br />

after school help, and as you went up the ladder,<br />

there was more pressure for you to push yourself<br />

to do your best. Every student could decide his<br />

or her way academically.<br />

Q-So, are you pleased with the<br />

way things turned out?<br />

A-Very, and I’d love to come back and visit<br />

<strong>Gulliver</strong> soon.<br />

Q-We’d love to have you. ■a<br />

the atrium - summer 2003 11

News Around<br />

Campus<br />

<strong>Gulliver</strong> Prep’s Music Program Experiences a<br />

“Monumental Year”<br />

2002-2003 was an extraordinary year for <strong>Gulliver</strong> Prep’s<br />

music programs. Under the direction of Ron Castonguay,<br />

<strong>Gulliver</strong>’s Music Director and Performing Arts Department<br />

Chairperson, five ensembles, including the String Ensemble,<br />

Vocal Ensemble, Concert Band, and Jazz Ensemble, proved<br />

to be some of the most talented in the country. All of the<br />

Prep’s music ensembles, including the first year Full Orchestra,<br />

received first place at the All-Star National Music Festival,<br />

surpassing all others groups in <strong>Gulliver</strong>’s classification.<br />

G-PAWS Raise Awareness of the Florida Manatee<br />

Did you know that hundreds of manatees are killed or<br />

injured every year by boats in Florida? Or that a statewide<br />

survey conducted in January of 2000 produced a count of<br />

2,222 manatees and that their population may be declining?<br />

The <strong>Gulliver</strong> Prep G-PAWS do, and the protection of<br />

manatees has become a passion of the club’s members.<br />

Founded in 2000 by<br />

new <strong>Gulliver</strong> Alumni<br />

Jennifer Messina ’03,<br />

G-PAWS, the <strong>Gulliver</strong><br />

Preparatory Animal<br />

Welfare Society, is one<br />

of the most popular<br />

clubs on campus and<br />

currently boasts nearly<br />

G-PAWS member and the manatees at the Manatee Rehab Center 100 members. They<br />

decided to make 2002-2003 the year of the manatee and<br />

began collections for a release belt for a manatee. The cost<br />

of the belt is $5,000, which includes tracking the mammal to<br />

ensure its safety.<br />

12 the atrium - summer 2003<br />

<strong>Gulliver</strong> Prep Music Program 2003<br />

Collectively, the five groups attended and competed at<br />

more than twenty festivals and concerts around the country.<br />

The growth and success of the <strong>Gulliver</strong> Music Program<br />

continues to be a source of pride for all members of the<br />

<strong>Gulliver</strong> family.<br />

Maribel Toledo, the club’s sponsor, contacted <strong>Gulliver</strong><br />

alumnus Andrew Hertz ’85, Vice-President of Retail Sales at<br />

the Miami Seaquarium, concerning a field trip to the Manatee<br />

Rehab Center. On the trip, the students participated in a<br />

touch-and-feed session with the manatees and became even<br />

more steadfast in their dedication to helping the friendly<br />

marine mammal.<br />

A resident of the Manatee Rehab Center is <strong>Gulliver</strong>, a<br />

manatee given the <strong>Schools</strong>’ namesake due to a previous<br />

donation. <strong>Gulliver</strong> was wounded in a boat collision and has<br />

been at the Center for two years. He has been released several<br />

times, but has been brought back due to injury. Unlike<br />

many of the other manatees, <strong>Gulliver</strong> is a prospect for<br />

release, although he is not a priority at this time.<br />

For more information on manatees, visit the Florida<br />

Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s website:<br />

http://www.state.fl.us/fwc/psm/. To make a donation, contact<br />

The Manatee Rehabilitation Partnership, an organization<br />

committed to using the post-release monitoring program to<br />

enhance public knowledge, appreciation, and support of<br />

Florida manatees.

Engineering Team Wins National Competition<br />

The <strong>Gulliver</strong> Prep Engineering<br />

Team designed a suitcase to facilitate<br />

speed and accuracy in luggage<br />

searches at the airport and won first<br />

place at the National Engineering<br />

Design Challenge competition in<br />

Washington, D.C.<br />

The students, working together<br />

very closely to not only design but<br />

defend and market the product as<br />

well, took a standard, soft-sided<br />

<strong>Gulliver</strong> Prep’s Engineering Team 2003<br />

carry-on bag and replaced the interior with clear vinyl and mesh compartments clipped<br />

with ring binders. This allowed the inspectors to simply flip through the suitcase rather<br />

than having to search through every pocket. The team won first place at the regional<br />

competition at Florida International University and was invited to participate at the<br />

national level in the state’s capitol.<br />

This little invention could bring $10,000 to the school. The team has entered<br />

their project in the Lemelson-MIT High School InvenTeam Grant Competition. If<br />

selected, their Time Traveler, a name they hope many will come to recognize, may be<br />

on the market soon.<br />

“A Landmark of Excellence” to be Unveiled<br />

For a greater part of the 2002-2003 school year, students in Beth Harrison’s<br />

Advanced Art class worked on a wall mural at the Academy Campus to celebrate<br />

<strong>Mrs</strong>. K’s <strong>50</strong> years with <strong>Gulliver</strong> <strong>Schools</strong>. The “masterpiece” details several landmarks<br />

around the Miami area, including Metro Zoo. At the center of the mural is <strong>Gulliver</strong><br />

Academy, with the caption,<br />

“<strong>Gulliver</strong> Academy<br />

2003 Celebrates <strong>50</strong><br />

<strong>Years</strong>. A Landmark of<br />

Excellence.”<br />

The official unveiling<br />

of the mural will take<br />

place on August 21,<br />

2003, to commemorate<br />

<strong>Mrs</strong>. K’s <strong>50</strong>th first day of<br />

school at <strong>Gulliver</strong>.<br />

“A Landmark of Excellence” wall mural, located at <strong>Gulliver</strong> Academy<br />

Students Attend Sex, Drugs,<br />

and Alcohol Seminar<br />

On March 3 and 4, the entire Prep<br />

and Pinecrest Prep student body, faculty,<br />

and staff were invited to participate in the<br />

on-campus seminar “Sex, Drugs, and<br />

Alcohol: When Are The Risks Too Great?”<br />

In place of regular classes, students attended<br />

professional-style seminars conducted by<br />

representatives from notable organizations<br />

around the community. Among the presenters<br />

were Abstinence Between Strong<br />

Teens, The Miami Coalition for a Safe and<br />

Drug Free Community, South Miami<br />

Hospital’s Addiction Treatment Program,<br />

Up Front Drug Information Center, Mother’s<br />

Voices, and S.A.V.E. Miami, a student antiviolence<br />

education program.<br />

Perhaps the most influential speaker<br />

was <strong>Gulliver</strong> Alumnus Saul Diaz ’99, who<br />

candidly spoke to the students about his<br />

drug addiction and his recovery. Diaz<br />

recalled to the students his experiences with<br />

substance abuse, what finally motivated him<br />

to seek help, and his long road to recovery.<br />

The goal of the seminar was to better<br />

inform the student body on the consequences<br />

of risky behaviors in which adolescents<br />

often engage. Recognizing the<br />

important role of parents in helping<br />

teenagers make wise decisions, a miniseminar<br />

was held the Thursday before the<br />

event for parents only. Sponsored by<br />

Mother’s Voice and organized by <strong>Gulliver</strong>’s<br />

Parent Connection, the main issue<br />

addressed was opening the lines of<br />

communication between parent and teen,<br />

allowing both to feel comfortable discussing<br />

potentially embarrassing topics.<br />

the atrium - summer 2003 13

Josh Schwadron ‘00<br />

14 the atrium - summer 2003<br />






Schwadron, 21, in his third year at the<br />

Ann Arbor school, is majoring in economics<br />

and plans to return to school in the fall to<br />

earn his Master’s in accounting. He says he<br />

wants to be a New York investment banker.<br />

Calls for entry in the BMOC contest<br />

were issued last fall via campus media to<br />

students at universities across the United<br />

States. Students were asked to submit pro-<br />

files that included a list of their academic<br />

achievements and campus activities they<br />

were involved in, along with a photograph.<br />

Schwadron recalls that he was initially hesi-<br />

tant about entering.<br />

“I was sitting with a friend reading GQ, a<br />

magazine that I have been subscribing to for<br />

years,” he said. “We came across the con-<br />

test and it sounded cool, so he told me that I<br />

should enter. I thought I didn’t have a<br />

chance, but he convinced me and I entered.”<br />

More than 2,<strong>50</strong>0 entries were received<br />

in the contest co-sponsored by Pierre Cardin<br />

Grooming Essentials. GQ selected nine<br />

semifinalists to appear on its website and be<br />

featured in the Of Note section of the<br />

November issue. The semifinalists appeared<br />

on local television programs in Chicago,<br />

Memphis, and Dallas. Schwadron was not<br />

among the first to know that he was one of<br />

the nine finalists.<br />

“I didn’t give it another thought until a<br />

friend approached me in a bar and told me<br />

he saw my picture up on the GQ website.”<br />

he said. “It was then that I realized that all<br />

the emails that I had been receiving from<br />

GQ, that I had been deleting because I<br />

thought they were junk mail, were telling me<br />

that I had become a semifinalist.”<br />

Schwadron made his television debut in<br />

Chicago on the Fox network, where he<br />

modeled fashion alongside professional<br />

models. He and the other semifinalists were<br />

allowed to keep the $<strong>50</strong>0 worth of clothing<br />

they used for this appearance.<br />

After the television appearances, voting<br />

was opened up on the GQ website. People

were able to read the profiles and see the<br />

pictures of the semifinalists before making<br />

their final choice online.<br />

As the Big Man on Campus of 2003,<br />

Schwadron won an all-expenses-paid trip to<br />

GQ’s Hollywood Party on February 20 in<br />

Los Angeles, the day after the annual GQ<br />

Hollywood issue hit the stands. At the<br />

party, he had the chance to rub elbows<br />

with many of the celebrities featured in<br />

the magazine. Schwadron himself was<br />

pictured in the magazine, released on<br />

February 25.<br />

“His profile really attracted a lot of vot-<br />

ers because of his sense of style and the<br />

fact that he is well-rounded academically<br />

and socially,” said Carolyn Tribbla, senior<br />

publicist for GQ. “He is a good looking<br />

gentleman who deserves this recognition.”<br />

A former <strong>Gulliver</strong> Preparatory student,<br />

Schwadron played varsity basketball and<br />

was a member of the National Honor<br />

Society. In his senior year, he interned at<br />

Solomon, Smith and Barney in Coral Gables.<br />

Schwadron says he elected to attend<br />

the University of Michigan in order to experi-<br />

ence a change of seasons and escape the<br />

South Florida heat.<br />

“I didn’t like breaking a sweat going<br />

from my house to my car,” he said.<br />

At Michigan, Schwadron is president<br />

of Future Business Leaders of America<br />

and is involved in Project Outreach to help<br />

underprivileged children in the inner city<br />

areas of Detroit. He says he is happy<br />

that the GQ award came to him.<br />

“I think the people in the Midwest<br />

think an award like this is cool and they<br />

get more excited than the people in<br />

Miami would,” said Schwadron. “In<br />

Miami, everyone thinks they are models,<br />

and it would not have been as big a<br />

B Y A D A M S H A F F E R<br />

(Reproduced with the Permission of the Pinecrest Tribune)<br />

wins GQ BMOC contest<br />

deal there. Midwestern people are so<br />

much nicer in general.”<br />

According to Tribbla, this award might<br />

open up a modeling career for Schwadron.<br />

“It’s nice to be recognized and have the<br />

brand name of the leading men’s general<br />

interest publication behind you,” she said.<br />

“The GQ name carries a lot of weight in the<br />

world of men’s fashion.”<br />

Schwadron enjoys receiving the atten-<br />

tion of the local and national media, but at<br />

least for the time being he does not have<br />

any show business or modeling aspirations.<br />

“I think the coolest part about this whole<br />

thing is that the title will give me bragging<br />

rights for the rest of my life,” he said.<br />

“When I’m 51, I can tell my kids that way<br />

back when I really was a Big Man on<br />

Campus.” ■a<br />

the atrium - summer 2003 15

Jeff Baxter ’84<br />

and Amy Cox invite you to the…<br />

July 25-27, 2003<br />

Ocean Reef Club<br />

Key Largo, Florida<br />

16 the atrium - summer 2003<br />

Jeff Baxter ’84 and Amy Cox had known each other since high school, although Amy was not<br />

a <strong>Gulliver</strong> student. They had long since lost touch until Amy decided to join a friend at Ocean<br />

Reef for the 2002 <strong>Gulliver</strong> Alumni Reunion weekend. Jeff and Amy reconnected there and<br />

were recently married. Who knows what will happen or whom you’ll meet at Ocean Reef.<br />

See you there!<br />

Amy Cox and Jeff Baxter ‘84<br />

Pictures of Last Year’s reunion next page

<strong>Gulliver</strong> Alumni Reunion at the Ocean Reef Club 2002



Chuck Tobey, 1981<br />

In 1979, Chuck<br />

Tobey came down to<br />

Miami from Peabody,<br />

Massachusetts, to interview<br />

for an opening in the<br />

Physical Education<br />

Department at <strong>Gulliver</strong> Academy. An hour There are several administrators and fac-<br />

after the interview, Chuck called his wife ulty and staff members who have been at<br />

Donna with the news that they were moving <strong>Gulliver</strong> many years, and the Tobeys are<br />

down to South Florida.<br />

among them. For over twenty-four years,<br />

“There was no doubt in<br />

the family has been a fixture at <strong>Gulliver</strong><br />

his mind,” Donna said.<br />

<strong>Schools</strong>. Chuck Tobey has been Director of<br />

“He told me all about the<br />

Athletics since 1986, previously serving as<br />

interview with Hank<br />

Langston (currently<br />

Donna Tobey, 1986<br />

the Director of Athletics at the Academy.<br />

Donna has served as the South Miami<br />

<strong>Gulliver</strong>’s Dean of Faculty and Director of Campus Principal since the campus opened<br />

University Corporate and Community Affairs) in 1994. Before that, she taught jr. kinder-<br />

and about the nice ‘little lady with red hair’ garten and grade one at the Academy. Both<br />

who had hired him.”<br />

their sons, Mike and Tim, are alumni of<br />

Chuck remembers his <strong>Gulliver</strong>, with Mike recently<br />

initial meeting with <strong>Mrs</strong>. K, joining the <strong>Gulliver</strong> faculty<br />

and says that he didn’t as a Prep History teacher<br />

realize at first who she and the boys’ cross-coun-<br />

Tim Tobey, 1990<br />

really was. “I went into the<br />

office with this little lady<br />

try and JV lacrosse coach.<br />

Even Tim, a sophomore at<br />

Mike Tobey, 1981<br />

with red hair. It wasn’t until later that I realized Elon University, comes back every summer to<br />

how powerful that little lady was,” he says. work as a counselor at Camp <strong>Gulliver</strong>.<br />

18 the atrium - summer 2003<br />

“All<br />

in the<br />

Family”<br />

“That house we live in, that is our home<br />

away from home,” says Mike.<br />

Chuck and Donna have witnessed<br />

many changes at <strong>Gulliver</strong> over the past two<br />

decades, and they have been there to support<br />

the <strong>Schools</strong>’ growth. They are most<br />

impressed with <strong>Gulliver</strong>’s commitment to<br />

improving and expanding facilities. Through<br />

the years, the Tobeys have witnessed the<br />

opening of three new campuses, the addition<br />

of a band, dance, and drama room, and<br />

the new 400-wing.<br />

Chuck is very proud of how far the<br />

<strong>Gulliver</strong> Athletic program has come. When<br />

be became the Director of Athletics at the<br />

Prep, his main focus was to establish a<br />

more consistent coaching staff. He wanted<br />

to start a winning tradition, where the students<br />

and staff weren’t content with simply<br />

winning Districts.<br />

“My first year,” Chuck recalls, “I was

The Tobey’s Now<br />

coaching football at the Academy, and I<br />

remember getting back on the bus and<br />

hearing the cheerleaders cheer. When I<br />

asked them why they were cheering, since<br />

we had just lost the game, they told me that<br />

they were excited because this was the first<br />

touchdown we had scored in over two years.<br />

I remember being stunned and just thinking<br />

how that mentality needed to change.”<br />

The <strong>Gulliver</strong> Athletic Program has<br />

indeed established a winning tradition.<br />

<strong>Gulliver</strong> dominates its district, and it is<br />

unusual when a team does not win the<br />

district championship. In 2002-2003,<br />

<strong>Gulliver</strong> won two state championships, and<br />

was once again named the Miami Herald<br />

Best Small <strong>Schools</strong>’ Athletic Program.<br />

And to whom does Chuck credit<br />

<strong>Gulliver</strong>’s success? “It all comes down to the<br />

students, their commitment and their enthusiasm,”<br />

he says.<br />

The Tobey’s Then<br />

The Tobeys’ interest in <strong>Gulliver</strong> over the<br />

years has been two-fold; not only were they<br />

employees who cared greatly about their<br />

students, but they also had two sons who<br />

were benefiting from the well-rounded education<br />

<strong>Gulliver</strong> provides. Both Mike and Tim<br />

were athletes. Mike ran cross-country and<br />

track, and Tim played football, baseball,<br />

lacrosse, and ran cross-country and track.<br />

Chuck and Donna always enjoyed being able<br />

to attend all the games and support their<br />

sons in their athletic endeavors.<br />

Mike, who was actively involved in Film<br />

Studies at the Prep, says that all the support<br />

he received from <strong>Gulliver</strong> and from his parents<br />

made him want to return to <strong>Gulliver</strong> in a<br />

professional capacity. He says, “I got the<br />

offer at <strong>Gulliver</strong>. I knew it was an offer that I<br />

couldn’t pass up. This is the best first job<br />

you can get.” He says that <strong>Gulliver</strong> allows<br />

him the flexibility to devise news ways to<br />

teach and that he incorporates a lot of technology<br />

into his classroom.<br />

According to Mike, the Prep staff has<br />

been warm and inviting, and, aside from the<br />

initial occasional joke from some of his past<br />

teachers, he has been treated as an equal.<br />

Chuck and Donna are delighted to have<br />

Mike teaching at <strong>Gulliver</strong>. They say that it is<br />

a testament to <strong>Gulliver</strong> <strong>Schools</strong> that students<br />

desire to return and give back to their<br />

alma mater.<br />

“Our alumni are proud of our winning<br />

tradition and how strong <strong>Gulliver</strong> has become<br />

in all areas,” Chuck says.<br />

The Tobeys say that many of their most<br />

wonderful memories involve <strong>Gulliver</strong>, and<br />

that they are proud of the time that they’ve<br />

spent here.<br />

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,”<br />

Donna says.<br />

Her family agrees. ■a<br />

the atrium - summer 2003 19

Alumni Roll Call<br />

1970s<br />

Jim Hunter ’73 works for Miami Dade County Air Rescue as a<br />

helicopter pilot and has been married to Sandy Hicks ’74 for twentytwo<br />

years. Sandy works for <strong>Gulliver</strong> in the Alumni Office. They have<br />

two daughters, Bailey, 14, and Samantha, 9.<br />

Ms. Marilyn Roach ’73 is engaged to Keith Allen.<br />

Vinson Richter ‘76 has two sons, Davi and Andy, who attend<br />

<strong>Gulliver</strong>.<br />

Lavigne Kirkpatrick ‘77 has five children: Christina Caren Wilson,<br />

d.o.b. 8/6/84; Melissa Ann Wilson, d.o.b. 8/6/84; Amy Elizabeth<br />

Kirkpatrick, d.o.b. 1/16/86; Bonnie Carole Kirkpatrick, d.o.b. 9/7/90;<br />

and Steven Neil Wilson II, d.o.b. 1/5/93. She has been a member of<br />

the Board of the Collier County Character Council since February<br />

2003.<br />

Tina Schrader ‘79 has been a pediatric occupational therapist<br />

since 1986. Tina married Gerard Collop in 1993 and moved to<br />

Charlotte, NC. They have two boys, Conner, 5, and Cameron, 3 1/2.<br />

Dr. Emily White ‘79 has a 7 month old daughter, Augusta. She<br />

recently returned from doing a piano concert in Leeds, England.<br />

1980s<br />

Meg Durshimer ‘80 returned to school after almost twenty years<br />

in journalism to get a Masters degree in Education. She would like<br />

to teach kindergarten or pre-kindergarten and says all her wonderful<br />

<strong>Gulliver</strong> teachers inspired her.<br />

Peter Ferris ‘80 and Petra Riechert ’80 are now married.<br />

Jodie Casanova ‘81 lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and<br />

her three girls and two boys, aged 3 to 11 years.<br />

Ms. Beth Notkin Goldberg ‘82 is married and has three children.<br />

She used to do legal recruiting work for New York City law firms but<br />

now stays at home with her children.<br />

Ricardo Nunez ‘82 has two children at the Academy in senior<br />

kindergarten and pre-kindergarten.<br />

Stuart Stephenson ‘82 is the proud recipient of the 2002 Alumni<br />

Award for “Most Changed - Who are you?”<br />

David Carroll ‘83 opened a brand new office in January 2003.<br />

Jane Chesebrough ‘83 is married with three children.<br />

Claudia Cockrell ‘83 has three children: Quinn, 7; Brooke, 4; and<br />

Grace, 2.<br />

Don d’Adesky ‘83 is married to another <strong>Gulliver</strong> alumni, Susan<br />

Pinosky ‘83. They have five children: Grant, Adam, Chelsey, Zachary,<br />

and Tari.<br />

Juan Robbin ‘83 continues nuturing his passion for airlines/flying<br />

and cars. He collects and races sports cars as a hobby.<br />

Diego Rodriguez ‘83 married on July 6, 2002.<br />

Don Weidenfeld ‘83 and his wife Julie have a 6 year old son,<br />

Justin.<br />

Shawnn Wieder ‘83 and her husband Rick have two daughters,<br />

Madison and Hunter.<br />

Malcolm Allen ‘84 has two children, Sophia (deceased) and<br />

Brandon. Malcolm became a licensed Lay Minister with The United<br />

Church of Christ and serves as Youth Pastor at the United Church of<br />

Sebastian.<br />

Jeffrey Bartel ‘84 is a member of <strong>Gulliver</strong> Board of Trustees. He<br />

is married to Cathy. Jeff won the 2002 Alumni of the Year “Big Red<br />

Award.”<br />

Mr. Robert Davis ‘84 and his wife Meghan have a baby girl, Mary,<br />

14 months.<br />

Lisa d’Adesky Campbell ‘84 has two children, Chaz, d.o.b.<br />

4/17/90, and Brittany, d.o.b. 8/16/92.<br />

Anna Feiler ‘84 has two children, Leah, 5, and Sarah, 4 months.<br />

Mark Fosmoen ‘84 is married to Susan.<br />

Piers Gisle ‘84 is married and has two children, Vivian, 6, and Carl, 2.<br />

Peter Hamilton ‘84 won a gold award for the annual report that<br />

he art directed and designed for the Federal Reserve.<br />

Susan Kirk ‘84 has two children, William, 4, and Benjamin, 1. She<br />

lives in Marietta, Georgia, with husband Scott and two sons. Susan<br />

owns a business which does event and floral design, and she also<br />

works for a shelter which provides crisis care for battered abused<br />

and neglected children and young adults. Her husband is an interior<br />

artchitect.<br />

Michael Kaminer ‘84 has accepted a new position as Associate<br />

General Counsel with WCI Communities, Inc., a residential real<br />

estate development company.<br />

Marco Lim ‘84 and his wife Carla have three children: Alexia,<br />

Sasha, and Marco Jr.<br />

Linda Golkar Monshizadei ‘84 is married to Dr. Ramin<br />

Monshizadei and has two children, Arman and Arezu.<br />

Joe Shostak ‘84 bought a new home in Elmurst (Chicago area),<br />

where he lives with his wife Judy and their daughter Jessica, 7,<br />

and son Jake, 5.<br />

Robert Skaggs ‘84 just became a father for the third time. He<br />

works as a Power and Natural Gas Trader for Teco Energy Source, Inc.<br />

Ms. Flora Stamatiades ‘84 is currently National Director of<br />

Actor’s Equity Association. She is working on her second Masters<br />

degree in Union Leadership & Administration.<br />

William Trattler ‘84 received the “Curtis D. Benton Jr. M.D.<br />

Outstanding Young Ophthalmologist Leadership Award” from the<br />

Florida Society of Ophthalmology. He is in private practice as a<br />

Corneal Transplant/Lasik Specialist with the Center for Excellence in<br />

Eye Care and is a voluntary assistant professor at the Bascom<br />

Palmer Eye Institute.<br />

<strong>Mrs</strong>. Joanne Field Weaver ‘84 is married to Gene Weave and has<br />

two children, Luke and Wyatt.<br />

Karen Amar-Saruski ‘85 is a Doctor of Chiropractic. She was<br />

married in 1995 to Stan Saruski. They have two boys, Elliot 4, and<br />

Justin, 1.<br />

Ana Hughes Freund ‘87 and Enrique Freund ‘89 with<br />

daughter Carolina<br />

Jodie Forman Casanova '81 and her children; Stefano, 11;<br />

Dillan Elizabeth. 9; Jordan, 7; Alexa, 5; and Arin Felicia, 3<br />

Courtney Julia Levinson, daughter of Matt Levinson '89<br />

Steven Clarkson ‘85 and his wife Becky have a 2 year old son,<br />

Holden.<br />

Lisa Coluccio Cearnal ‘85 is married and has a 3 year old daughter,<br />

Lauren.<br />

Nancy Crandall ‘85 has an daughter, 11, and a son, 4.<br />

Joseph Hassan ‘85 has 4 children: Christian, 5; Olivia, 4; Nicholas,<br />

2; and Carolina, infant.<br />

Deborah Heinl Johnson ‘85 is married to Todd. They have a 2<br />

year old daughter and another on the way.<br />

Andrew Hertz ‘85 is Executive Vice President of Retail Operations<br />

at the Miami Seaquarium. He is married to Jana and has a son<br />

Joshua, 1.<br />

Carmen Montoya ‘85 has two children, Stephanie Alexis d.o.b.<br />

12/17/96, and Christopher Alexander, d.o.b. 7/14/99.<br />

Jennifer Paulk ‘85 married Garland Paulk in November of 1999.<br />

She spent 2001-2002 in London working in sales.<br />

Gregory Roll ‘85 recently married to Vicki, has one daughter<br />

Ashley, 7, and two step-daughters, Kristen,12, and Lauren, 7.<br />

Gregory is back in Orlando.<br />

Peter Ferris ‘80 & Petra Riechert ‘80.<br />

their 20th reunion and married in<br />

Blair Loveland ‘85 and daughter, Kac<br />

Stephanie Dreyfus ‘84 and her son

i<br />

They met during<br />

December 2001.<br />

Julien<br />

Doug Eaton ‘90 and his wife Molly married on March<br />

15, 2003.<br />

Children of Claudia Schmidt Cockrell ‘84<br />

Nicholas and Kyle, sons of Craig Atkison ‘86<br />

Andrew ‘85 and Tara Hertz<br />

Lucia de Sola ‘85, Mateo de Sola ‘85, with their children<br />

Mateo and Daniela<br />

Jack, son of Trisha Teal Bonilla '90<br />

Laura Sochet Keepax ‘85 became <strong>Gulliver</strong> <strong>Schools</strong> Director of<br />

Alumni Relations in January 2003.<br />

Lucia de Sola ‘85 is the mother of two, Nicolas, 4, and Daniela, 2.<br />

Stephanie Transue Emmerson ‘85 has two children, Raymond,<br />

d.o.b. 2/13/00, and Renee, d.o.b. 1/27/02.<br />

Craig Atkison ‘86 and his wife Jodi have two children, Nicholas, 4,<br />

and Kyle, 18 months.<br />

Meredith Ann Tattler ’86 married Scott Lowell Podvin on May 31,<br />

2003. She graduated from Emory University and received her MBA<br />

from the University of Miami. She owns an office supply and coffee<br />

service company.<br />

Keith Warshofsky ‘86 started his own criminal defense firm. He<br />

has two children.<br />

Crystal Blaylock ‘87 has two children, Matthew, 3, Cameron, 1.<br />

Anne Dannacher ‘87 graduated from Wharton Business School.<br />

She is married with two children, Charles and Caroline, and works<br />

as an investment banker.<br />

Jose de la Hoz ‘87 is married to Nilsa. They have a son, Lucas<br />

Javier, born 8/12/01.<br />

Anabelle and Patrick Jr., children of Patrick Dean ‘85<br />

Pamela Webb ‘95 and her parents<br />

George Pappas '85 and Suzy Piccini'84 on their<br />

wedding day<br />

Enrique Freund ‘87 has been married since 1998 to Ana Hughes<br />

‘89. They have a daughter named Carolina Victoria, 2. Enrique<br />

recently was appointed Director of Trade Committee for the British<br />

American Chamber of Commerce.<br />

Lisa Grisson ‘87 married Daniel M. Grissom on October 7, 2001.<br />

Rebecca Kollaras ‘87 married Dimitri Kollaras in May of 1999.<br />

Brian Lawrence ‘87 has a son, Drew Steven, 2, and a daughter,<br />

Stacy Jill, 7 months.<br />

Jonathan Tyson ‘87 works for Autodesk, a software development<br />

company that makes programs such as AutoCad. He also owns 3D<br />

Power Tools and is starting a children’s resale clothing store with<br />

his wife.<br />

Jill Kotkin Bershad ‘88 and her husband have two children,<br />

Jessica, 2, and Jack, 2 months.<br />

Lauren Ilvento Curtin ‘88 married Dale Curtin in May 1997. They<br />

have a son, Timothy, 2.<br />

Peter Dreyfuss ‘88 has two children, Andrew, 2, and Samuel 9 months.<br />

Aura Duque ‘88 left her job to be with her son, Daniel Joel Duque,<br />

2, full-time.<br />

Lisa Lantinberg Engel '82 and son Dillon<br />

Raquel Salume ‘93 and husband Robert Rebres<br />

Danielle, daughter of Laura Cohen ‘89<br />

Ramon Martinez ‘88 completed his MBA in September and is<br />

expecting his second child.<br />

Carolyn Swanson ‘88 was married to Brody Highland in Portland,<br />

Oregon, on October 12, 2002.<br />

Pam Taddeo ‘88 gave birth to Matthew Ross Taddeo on January<br />

21, 2002. She is a retired teacher. Pam’s husband Ross is an orthodontist<br />

in East Orlando.<br />

Francisco Di Mise ‘89 and his wife Maryalejandra had a baby<br />

boy, Francesco, in December 2002.<br />

Ena Diaz ‘89 was elected to serve as Vice President of the Cuban<br />

American Bar Association and was appointed to serve as a Director<br />

on the Friends of WLRN Board.<br />

Doris Ruiz-Dopazo ‘89 has two children, Heleina Anne, d.o.b.<br />

8/14/98, and Nicholas Alexander, d.o.b. 1/24/01. Heleina started<br />

school at <strong>Gulliver</strong> Academy in 2002.<br />

Contineus on the next page<br />

the atrium - summer 2003 21

Maria Casares ‘89 is completing her dissertation for a Ph.D. in<br />

Counseling Psychology.<br />

Kim Nevins ‘89 has a daughter, Elizabeth Lynn, 2. She established<br />

a private practice in Internal Medicine in August of 2002.<br />

1990s<br />

Trisha Bonilla ‘90 has a baby boy, Jack, 1.<br />

Lea Cilbrith ‘90 just finished her Masters in Special Education at<br />

Georgia College and State University. She has been married to Bob<br />

Cilbrith for six years. Lea lives in and is restoring a historical<br />

Victorian house built in 1909. She has been teaching for nine years<br />

at the elementary level in public school.<br />

Lani Drody ’90 gave birth to first child, Eugene William Drody IV<br />

(“Will”), in May 2001.<br />

Douglas Eaton ‘90 married Molly Osendorf on March 15, 2003.<br />

Federico Grande ‘90 married Annette Barreau on March 1, 2003.<br />

Shelley Margolis ‘90 had her first child in January 2003.<br />

Nicole Martinez ‘90 has a daughter, Caitlin, 2.<br />

Ivonne Norniella Stephens ‘90 has two children, Christopher, 3,<br />

and Matthew, 10 months.<br />

Lisa Roth ‘90 is a member of Actors Equity, and a founding member<br />

of “A Live Act,” an educational theater company. She is working<br />

on her Ph.D. in Expressive Arts Therapy.<br />

Maria Silva ‘90 stays at home with her three children.<br />

Ivonne Stephens III ‘90 married Eddie E. Stephens III ‘89 in 1994.<br />

They have two sons, Christopher Trent, 3, and Matthew Tate, 1.<br />

Carlos Gomez-Estefan ‘91 married Holly Coleman on June 7, 2003.<br />

Erik Herzfeld ‘91 lives in Tokyo and trades FX options.<br />

Vanessa Villacian ‘91 is a licensed psychologist.<br />

Sonia Arraut ‘92 has moved back to Miami and is currently<br />

attending U.M to receive her M.B.A.<br />

Otto Borroto ‘92 is working on his fourth spec home on Key<br />

Biscayne. He recently completed a design for a residential building<br />

on Tiger Tail and 27 Avenue intersection.<br />

Christine Brennan ‘92 had her first baby in August of 2001 and<br />

her second in February 2003.<br />

Eliza Graham ‘92 left EMI Music after six years and just started a<br />

new job with Big Bang.<br />

Philippe Diener ‘92 is in charge of Data/IP services for Central<br />

America and US.<br />

Maitee Fernandez ‘92 married on November 18, 2000.<br />

Jason Hersh ‘92 has a son, Brendon, 1.<br />

Jeffrey Kalish ‘92 married in May 2000 to Bonnie Sherman, Ph.D.<br />

He is working on research in Vasculary Surgery.<br />

John King ‘92 has a daughter, Sophia, 1.<br />

Patrick Larco ‘92 has a son, Tyler Patrick. They are expecting their<br />

second child.<br />

Bianca Solorzano ‘92 moved to New Jersey to become a news<br />

anchor/correspondent for MSNBC.<br />

Tori Tucker ‘92 is getting married on July 12, 2003.<br />

Cristina Fernandez ‘93 graduated from law school in May 2001.<br />

She passed the PR Bar Exam. Cristina married Fernando Dellano in<br />

August 2002 and is working at the law firm Totti & Rodriguez Diaz<br />

in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico.<br />

22 the atrium - summer 2003<br />

Uri Fisher ‘93 publishes papers and conference presentations on<br />

National Security and the Information Age.<br />

Miriam Rebres ‘93 married on July 27, 2002, to Robert A Rebres.<br />

Josh Wien ‘93 recently married.<br />

<strong>Mrs</strong>. Brandy Murphy Keenan ‘94 is married. She is an art gallery<br />

director and painter and has been in a few group shows in Manhattan.<br />

Dawn Medina ‘94 was in a show called Tis Pity She’s a<br />

Whore, Katie and is currently in The Foundation.<br />

Fernanda Pinzon ‘94 graduated from FIU in 1997 and moved to<br />

London, England, to work for Lloyd’s of London Insurance for almost<br />

two years in the Marketing Intelligence Unit. Fernanda then moved<br />

to Los Angeles, California, to work in product placement for<br />

Universal Studios. In 2002, she moved back to Florida to work for<br />

the Cisneros two non-profit foundations, Venezuela Sin Limites and,<br />

most recently, ChildWeb.<br />

Morgan Fitz McDonald ‘95 and her husband Brent are moving to<br />

North Carolina after she finishes Vanderbilt Medical School.<br />

Georgette Amaro-Mustelier ‘95 works as an account executive<br />

in charge of marketing for a title insurance law firm.<br />

Justin Firestone ’95 was named Vice President of Sports<br />

Marketing for Marquis Jet Partners, Inc.<br />

Mathew Plasky ‘95 is living in and loving New York City. He<br />

works as Project Engineer Coordinator for A.C.S. (Audio Command<br />

Systems).<br />

Danielle Polley Bowen ’95 is married to Michael Bowen ‘95 and<br />

they have a daughter, Porter Anne, 5 months.<br />

Bryant Tenorio ‘95 is working on his Masters in Latin America<br />

Studies and Journalism.<br />

Manolo Zubiria ‘95 recently spent eight months working in<br />

Geneva, Switzerland, in private banking. He returned to the United<br />

States to work on a graduate degree.<br />

Tanya Van Kampen ‘95 moved to Chicago in 2001 to work at a<br />

photography studio in Evanston.<br />

Briana Garman ‘96 married Russell Garman on August 10, 2002,<br />

on Miami Beach.<br />

Ms. Brigitta Herzfeld ‘96 works for Lehman Brothers. She moved<br />

to Japan to study Japanese<br />

Ms. Virginia Pedroletti ’96 has been attending law school since<br />

the fall of 2002.<br />

Luimar Martinez ‘97 is working on a Masters in Marine Biology<br />

and working full time in a research lab.<br />

Catalina Ochoa ‘97 is getting married in July 2003.<br />

Gina Pelaez ‘97 started teaching SAT Prep and British Literature at<br />

<strong>Gulliver</strong> Pinecrest Preparatory School last August.<br />

Eduardo Testa ‘97 is an active member of the USA National Beach<br />

Soccer Team that travels all over the world.<br />

Mr. Ryan Gardner ‘98 is opening an art gallery.<br />

Kimberly Gonzalez ‘98 graduated with Honors in Spring 2002.<br />

Kimberly Hinds ‘98 graduated in 2002 and plans to attend<br />

graduate school.<br />

Megan Leo ‘98 is attending medical school at the University of<br />

Florida.<br />

Ariana Paraskos ‘98 is a teacher and is working on a Ph.D. in<br />

Child Behavioral Psychology.<br />

Daniel Simon ‘98 married on May 26, 2002, to H. Lyla Simon.<br />

Dana Bushong ‘99 is attending University of San Diego Law<br />

School. She married in May 2002.<br />

Morgan Sall ‘99 is in her junior year at University of Colorado at<br />

Boulder. She is currently at a semester at sea around the world for<br />

103 days.<br />

Mr. Tyler Schwartz ‘99 made the Dean’s List of the University of<br />

Colorado in 2002 and National Dean’s List for Outstanding College<br />

Students in 2002.<br />

Michael Spies ‘99 is a three time College Gymnastics Association<br />

All-American Scholar Athlete.<br />

2000s<br />

Kimberli Barrett ‘00 is attending Junior College.<br />

Mr. Brian Dosal ‘00 made the Dean’s List for three out of four<br />

semesters and is a member of the Varsity Men’s Fencing Team.<br />

Isidro Jauregui ‘00 spent his spring break surfing in Costa Rica.<br />

Cristina Koniver ‘00 successfully completed a summer internship<br />

at Univision in Miami.<br />

Lara Paraskos ’00 successfully completed her studies at Emory<br />

University and is applying to medical school.<br />

Christina Smith ‘00 starred as Hermia in A Midsummer<br />

Night’s Dream main stage production at FSU.<br />

Sarah Smith ‘00 has the part of Atlanta in the opera Xerxes at<br />

New England Conservatory Light Opera Company.<br />

Daniel Figueroa ’01 is attending the University of Miami as a<br />

sophomore this year. He is on the Hurricane Baseball team and<br />

may land in the school record on his way to becoming one of the<br />

best leadoff hitters in all of college baseball.<br />

Charles J. Koniver ’01 started in all twenty-three games in soccer<br />

at American. The team went on to the NCAA Division I Playoffs and<br />

ranked 15th in country.<br />

David J. Thornton ‘01 made the Dean’s List first year, and he is<br />

enrolled in the Jerome Fisher Management Technology Program at<br />

the Unniversity of Pennsylvania. He is an officer for Signa Alpha<br />

Epsilon Fraternity.<br />

Christian Agudelo ’02 is entering his sophomore year at Duke<br />

University.<br />

Amanda Blakley ’02 is playing on the Baylor Soccer Team and is<br />

loving school.<br />

Nelson Dellis ’02 is entering his sophomore year at the University<br />

of Miami.<br />

Jacqueline A. Savinon ’02 is entering her sophomore year at St.<br />

Mary’s College, Notre Dame.<br />

The <strong>Gulliver</strong> Alumni Association is developing a<br />

business network online. Information will be<br />

available soon.<br />

Also, if you are interested in offering internships to<br />

our current students or alumni in college, please<br />

contact us with details.

A letter from Robert Moser<br />

to the many friends of Mike Garvey:<br />

Dear Friends,<br />

It was really unbelievable to hear that Mike<br />

Garvey passed away. What a horrible tragedy. I<br />

wish I was writing about a celebration, but<br />

instead I am writing about remembering our<br />

friend and classmate. It was great to see some<br />

of you at Mike's funeral, and I know many of you<br />

didn't even know the news until now. I apologize<br />

for that. Everyone who knew Mike liked him very<br />

much. Sometimes life just isn't fair. His wife<br />

Paula and their infant son, Mike Jr., were over at<br />

my parent's house for a "Video Party" and<br />

beach/pool/beer/BBQ on March 15. It was suggested<br />

that we create a video of Mike's friends to<br />

tell Mike Jr. stories about his father and collect<br />

photos of Mike and his friends to be put into an<br />

album courtesy of Pat Deen.<br />

I also must let you know that Mike's widow and<br />

son are experiencing great financial difficulty and<br />

need some financial assistance during this most<br />

difficult time. They have very little to live on and<br />

we would like to make a special collection for<br />

them to help with their living expenses. A donation<br />

on their behalf will be greatly appreciated.<br />

Additionally, please don't forget about the trust<br />

that was created to assist Mike Jr. with his future<br />

educational needs.<br />

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.<br />

Sincerely,<br />

Robert Moser<br />

In Memoriam:<br />

Mike Garvey<br />

giving and charismatic…<br />

will be missed by his many friends and family<br />

Michael Garvey ‘85<br />

GARVEY, MICHAEL OGDEN, 35, passed away<br />

unexpectedly on December 27, 2002 in Watertown,<br />

Connecticut. A native Miamian, his life-long love of the<br />

ocean and nature led to several entrepreneurial enter-<br />

prises, including the care and breeding of exotic rep-<br />

tiles, and Reef Concepts, a business which supplied<br />

clients with custom designed and built salt water<br />

aquariums. He was president of Rapid Modular<br />

Building, and upon his move to Connecticut in 2002, he worked as lead installer<br />

with Sunrooms of Connecticut. A giving and charismatic person, Michael will be<br />

missed by his many friends and family. Michael is survived by his loving wife,<br />

Paula Velicka Garvey, and their infant son, Michael Ogden Garvey, Jr.; parents,<br />

Betty Ogden Garvey and Malachi Garvey of Miami, FL; brother, David Batcheller,<br />

Jr. (Patrice), of Charlottesville, Virginia; sisters, Wesley Van Leer and Jan<br />

Fransella of Miami, FL; nieces, Sophia and Emma Tsaoussis and Yvonne<br />

Batcheller; nephews, John Fransella and Edgar Batcheller. A memorial service<br />

was held at 3:30 p.m. on January 8th, 2002 at Church of the Epiphan.<br />

Donations may be made for the benefit of Michael Ogden Garvey, Jr. payable to<br />

trust account #0209611636 in care of Webster Bank, 712 Main St.,<br />

Watertown, CT 06795.<br />

the atrium - summer 2003 23

a magazine for alumni<br />

<strong>Gulliver</strong> <strong>Schools</strong><br />

Office of Alumni Relations<br />

6575 N. Kendall Drive<br />

Pinecrest, Florida 33156<br />

Office of Alumni Relations<br />

6575 N. Kendall Drive<br />

Pinecrest, Florida 33156

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