YCP-12 College Overview


This brochure provides you a snapshot of all areas of our College from Prep through to Year 12.

Providing a unique and exciting future in education

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy for Yarrawonga College P - 12 promotes high achievement by developing the

learning capacities of all students, enabling them to be:

Motivated lifelong learners striving to achieve excellence, who demonstrate respect, compassion,

honesty and tolerance for others.

Innovative and resilient learners inquisitive of the world around them.

Competent in the essential skills of Literacy and Numeracy,

allowing all to reach their full potential.

Technologically capable students who can adapt to a rapidly advancing world.

Socially responsible students who contribute positively to the community.

Full school ANZAC Assembly Community


Dear Parent/Caregiver

A very warm welcome to Yarrawonga College P-12; we are excited to have you and your child/ren at the College and we aim to provide a quality learning

experience and care for your entire family.

The College continues to develop over time, with our Prep to Year 8 students on the Gilmore Street site we continue to see further resources and facilities

added to the spaces. We received some exciting news recently around the next stage of learning, (9-12) being considered for the next stage of development.

Our teachers get to know each student extremely well and a comprehensive education program is set out clearly for each individual where possible. The

College has excellent teaching, intervention and support processes that enable our students to achieve strong academic outcomes across the NAPLAN testing

regime. There is a genuine and caring community feeling among our teachers and students across the College.

We have worked hard to continuously improve our teaching and learning at the college and recently we have employed a Curriculum and Teaching Practice

Leading Teacher to work across Prep to Year 12 on consistency of practice. Each Campus now has as a minimum a Campus Principal, Engagement &

Wellbeing Leading Teacher and a Learning Specialist, along with a Learning Specialist (eLearning) and Leading Teacher working across Prep to Year 12 on

teaching and learning. The 9-12 campus also has a Leading Teacher working on Pathways and Careers education.

The 5-8 Campus continues to improve, last year we achieved stronger than the state average relative growth in all areas, apart from writing, in the state’s

NAPLAN program. Facilities at the Campus have continued to improve with the addition of another full sized synthetic Basketball court with a solid roof shade

structure extending the full length of the court along with a planned Year 5/6 fully shaded Playground.

Last year we once again demonstrated evidence of high educational outcomes for students with some excellent VCE results.. There were also fantastic pathway

options for all students in senior years including further adult education, apprenticeships, traineeships, jobs, TAFE and university courses.

We strive to foster our students with a high level of self-worth, independence and a sense of community, whilst at the same time instilling the College values of

Integrity, Cooperation, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility. These five values underpin all that we teach and do. We pride ourselves on providing an

environment that is conducive to achieving these aims. Our College uniform is an important part of our positive environment, and we expect it to be worn with

pride. We look forward to welcoming you into our College community and sharing the educational journey with your family.

Kind Regards

Damien Keel


Damien Keel

College Principal

Laying the foundations

P-4 Early Years (The Foundations)

Our teachers are focused on achieving the best possible outcomes for students in the areas of

Literacy and Numeracy whilst nurturing and developing care and consideration for others. We

understand that students learn more effectively when they are interested in the topic and it

means something to them.

Other subject areas at the P-4 Campus include Indonesian, Science, The Arts, Music, Health and

Physical Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, Information and Communication Technology

and Design Technology, Environmental Sustainability and Social and Emotional Learning.

School Readiness

Our College values the milestones each child reaches and recognises the step to formal

education is a big one in a child’s life. We aim to make the transition from Kindergarten to

school as smooth as possible. Our eight week School Readiness program has a strong language

experience and oral language focus. The program has been based on research that proves oral

language provides children with a healthy stepping stone to academic success. The program

follows the pre-school philosophy of play based learning, whilst providing experiences and

learning opportunities, framed around the guidelines of the Victorian Early Years Learning and

Development Framework for the Foundation (Prep) year.

Laying the foundations

Building relationships

Our College makes an “extra special effort” to build positive relationships with both your child

and your family from the beginning. Caring staff are committed to getting to know their students

and discovering what is important to them. Families are delighted with the special effort and

contact their child receives, which gives our students a boost in confidence about going to school.

Jolly Phonics

Jolly Phonics is a fun and child centred approach to teaching literacy through phonics. With

actions for each of the 42 letter sounds, the multi-sensory method is very motivating for children

and teachers. The letter sounds are split into seven groups. The sounds are taught in a specific

order (not alphabetically). This enables children to begin building words as early as possible.

NAPLAN Results

Over 90% of our Year 3 students achieved above minimum standards for reading and writing,

which has been consistent for the past five years and 48% of students achieved at the highest

level for reading and writing in 2018, which demonstrates a strong foundation in the Early Years.

Community / Mother’s Day Garden Party

Community / Book Week Parade

Years of discovery

5-8 Middle Years (The Framework)

Students in Years 5 and 6 continue to enjoy team teaching in composite classrooms. They have the

opportunity to experience a variety of different subjects including Art, Music, Indonesian and

Physical Education with specialised teachers, and experience Digital Technologies, Studies of

Society & Environment, and Science within the classroom. Teaching and Learning continues to focus

on teamwork, independence and interdependence by engaging our students in a range of

learning activities designed to meet the needs of each individual.

The Year 5/6 teachers plan collaboratively as a team to ensure that a consistent program

addressing individual student needs is taught to all students. An extensive curriculum is delivered

through carefully planned teaching and learning programs that incorporate elements of both team

teaching and individualised support. The building of strong and positive relationships between

students and teachers is fundamental to a successful schooling experience, both academically and

socially, and is highly prioritised by staff.

In the latter years of Primary aged schooling the team of teachers are careful to ensure they

provide students with;

• Transition into more secondary school based subjects.

• Encouragement to take responsibility for their learning.

• Support to become successful independent learners.

• Opportunities through the student leadership program at our college.

• A carefully thought out camps and excursions program.

Years of discovery

Years 7 and 8 are a key transitional stage when students move from their primary years of school

into their senior years of education. It is supported by a curriculum that allows for both team

teaching and smaller differentiated learning tasks. It is also supported by a dedicated team of

teachers and year level coordinators.

During Year 7, students participate in Science, Visual Arts, Health and Physical Education, Textiles,

Home Economics, Wood Work, Metal Work and Music. Team work is still a focus along with the

continued development of independent learners and critical thinkers.

Students in Year 8 start to experience a wider range of teachers for their core subjects and while

they are still required to complete six different electives across the year, students are able to

identify their preferred subject choices from a number of specific offerings. This is a major step in

the transition phase for students as they begin to specialise in their interest areas, while still

allowing exposure to different subject areas.

The camps program supports and allows students to participate in a range of experiences, with

relationships and leadership as key focus areas. The camps program also aims to build resilience,

offer adventure and challenge students to operate out of their comfort zones.

Leadership opportunities include:

• Meals on Wheels.

• Community Volunteer Programs.

• Student led assemblies, awards ceremonies and numerous special events such as Anzac

day and Remembrance Day.

• Year level and Campus Leadership positions each semester.

Kokoda Leadership Program

Creating their pathway

As students enter their senior years of education the underpinning philosophy is on challenging all

students to reach their full potential and building the pathway to their future careers. There is a

strong focus on developing leadership skills, independence, responsibility, an ability to think

critically and analyse a range of complex problems.

In 2018, 100% of students have gained University or TAFE entrance, traineeships, apprenticeships

or employment. VCE results were excellent with Study Scores at the State Average. 78% of

students who submitted a VTAC application received a round 1 offer. 93% of those students

received their first or second preference in the round 1 offers for University courses. 26% of our

VCE cohort received an ATAR over 70 and our Dux receiving an ATAR of 93.35.

We also have fantastic pathways, subjects and programs to provide high level future opportunities

for all students, beginning in Year 9 such as:

The Future Makers Program

This is an integral part of the Year 9 curriculum focusing on environment and sustainability that

helps students to build resilience, understand their own personal strengths and develop teamwork

skills. Through a partnership with Bogong Outdoor School, students undertake a 12 day

experience in the high plains during Year 9. Successful completion of this program enables them to

apply for a Bogong Extension Program in Year 10 – Summit to Sea, The Kimberley’s and Nepal.

School for Student Leadership

During Year 9 students can apply to attend the School for Student Leadership. This high level

leadership program runs for one term. In the past we have had students attend Dinner Plain,

Gnurad Gundidj, Snowy River Campus and the overseas experience at Utahloy International

School in China.

Creating their pathway

Work Experience & Work Placement program

As part of the Year 10 curriculum, all Year 10 students participate in one week’s work experience.

Students can select an accelerated learning option as part of their studies, accessing VCE, VET and

TAFE subjects. Alternatively they can undertake the Work Placement Program which enables them

to work one day each week with an employer.

Kokoda Leadership Program

Every two years a team of 10 students and 2 staff travel to Papua New Guinea and undertake a

nine-day Australian Guide led trek along the Kokoda Track. This program is aimed at developing

leadership skills, historical and cultural awareness of PNG and the battle that took place along the

Kokoda Track. Students become ambassadors for our College, providing high level speaking and

other duties that represent the College in the Anzac tradition, formulating a strong pathway to our

Year 12 student leadership program.

Year 11 and 12

Students have the option to complete a VCE or VCAL certificate with a wide range of subject

options. VCE provides an ATAR score and pathway to further study at University, whilst VCAL

provides a hands-on approach and vocational approach to learning with a pathway towards

employment, apprenticeships and some TAFE courses.

Vocational Education and Training

YCP12 provides a number of opportunities for students to complete a VET/TAFE certificate. These

include: Building and Construction, Engineering, Sport & Recreation, VET- Music, Hospitality,

Beauty, Allied Health and access to further courses through local TAFE providers.

The future of our College

• Seamless curriculum for P – 12 Literacy Development

• Continued focus on Literacy and Numeracy learning in the Early Years.

• Agreed framework for teaching and learning from Prep to Year 12.

• Positive Education philosophy to support student wellbeing and mental health.

• Respectful relationships to encourage all students to get along and be kind to each other.

• We are establishing positive connections with our Local and Federal Members about the next

level of funding for our 9 – 12 Development.

• Senior Subject provision / Vertical Physics and Chemistry Year 11 and 12.

• Year 10 VET Sport and Recreation Subject choice.

• Bi-annual Community Raffle with Simply Caravans (formerly Yarrawonga Caravans)

(anticipated $50K profit)

Damien Keel

College Principal

Yarrawonga College P – 12

Gilmore Street


p: 03 5744 1751

e: yarrawonga.p12@edumail.vic.gov.au



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