LEFT PHOTO: Members of the Pigskin Buckaroos bidding group Dan DeRose (right) and Ralph Williams celebrate after buying the Junior Livestock Sale’s grand champion hog Tuesday at the

Colorado State Fair. RIGHT PHOTO: Denver Rustlers Greg Stevinson (left) and Rick Sapkin look at the gift they received as co-buyers of the grand champion lamb.





joins her



Rustlers at

the Junior


Sale. She


attends the

annual event

that is one

of the

highlights of

the State


hree members of The Denver Rustlers take bidding seriously for the grand champion goat

uring the Junior Livestock Sale. Pictured from left: Alex Mateo, Brock Herzberg and Landon

ates eventually purchased the animal along with fellow Rustler John Bush.





ABOVE: Tom Giadone (left) and R.J. Romeo,

members of Friends of the Fair bidding group, head

to the auction ring to have their picture taken with

the grand champion rabbit pen of 3 and its owner

after casting the winning bid.

AT LEFT: Members of The Fair Ladies bidding group

celebrate their 20th anniversary at the Junior

Livestock Sale by purchasing the grand champion

pen of three chickens.

Denver Rustlers Dean Singleton (left) and Larry Mizel have been longtime supporters of the

Junior Livestock Sale and Tuesday’s event was no exception. They were part of a bidding

team that purchased the grand champion lamb as well as other animals during the sale.


The Sam Brown family (left photo) bought the grand champion beef from Lisa Reid for $53,000 during the Junior Livestock Sale on Tuesday. Denver Rustlers (right photo; left to right) Larry

Mizel, Dean Singleton, Rick Sapkin and Greg Stevinson bought the grand champion lamb from Kaitlin Nicolas. For more coverage, see Page 1C.





■ Market Beef

Lisa Reid, Adams, grand champion,

Sam Brown family, $53,000.

Hannah Vickland, Weld, reserve

grand champion, Denver Rustlers,


Larrah Welp, Yuma, Pigskin Buckaroos,


Curtis Doubet, Elbert, American

Iron and Metal, $2,500.

Anna Walsh, Rio Blanco, Denver

Rustlers, $2,800.

Cade Daugherty, Baca, Fair Ladies,


Molly Cooksey, Weld, Pueblo

Range Riders, $2,500.

Jenner Blach, Yuma, Denver Rustlers,


Levi Zwirn, Yuma, Pigskin Buckaroos,


Kaylee Camblin, Phillips, Denver

Rustlers, $2,400.

Jessica Esch, Boulder, Pueblo

Range Riders, $2,400.

Tyler Camblin, Phillips, Fair Ladies,


Cody Peterson, Conejos, American

Iron and Metal, $2,400.

Call Camblin, Moffat, Denver Rustlers,


Sarah Cooksey, Weld, Pueblo

Range Riders, $2,600.

Bailey Hitner, Douglas, Heather

Montana, $2,700.

Laddy Trehal, Elbert, Denver Rustlers,


Sebastian Clark, Montrose, Fair

Ladies, $2,300.

Bryson Palombo, Weld, Continental

Divide Fence, $3,250.

Colton Lind, Weld, TIC, $2,250.

Sarah Eisenbarth, Weld, Sam

Brown family , $3,200.

Brice White, Moffat, Denver Rustlers,


Chasey Blach, Yuma, Sam Brown

family , $2,900.

Clayton Liss, Elbert, Pikes Peak

Posse, $2,900.

Tim Arnold, Weld, Fair Ladies,


Jesse Kerchal, El Paso, Pikes Peak

Posse, $3,300.

Austin Vieselmeyer, Phillips, Denver

Rustlers, $2,500.

Jake Wagner, Boulder, Denver Rustlers,


Kyndal Reitzenstein, Weld, Denver

Rustlers, $2,600.

Cody Buck, Yuma, TIC, $2,400.

Brittnee Blach, Yuma, Denver Rustlers,


William Blankenship, El Paso, Pikes

Peak Posse, $2,600.

Cole Pennington, Elbert, Denver

Rustlers, $3,800.

Kolton Dickinson, Logan, Fair

Ladies, $2,900.

Jamie Bair, Eagle, Denver Rustlers,


Codi Miller, Chaffee, American Iron

and Metal, $2,800.

Brandon Fritz, Weld, Pueblo Range

Riders, $2,500.

■ Market Goats

Shelby Teague, Morgan, grand

champion, Denver Rustlers,


Daleanna Juul, Otero, reserve

grand champion, Colorado

Show Wethers, $2,800.

Ryanne Ritchey, Adams, Denver

Rustlers, $1,000.

Margaret Weinroth, Douglas, Colorado

County Commissioners,


Reagan Ritchey, Adams, Denver

Rustlers, $900.

Jessica Barker, Pueblo, Pigskin

Buckaroos, $1,300.

Katie Fransen, Alamosa, Colorado

County Commissioners, $1,000.

Chandler Ritchey, Adams, Denver

Rustlers, $1,000.

Charlee Teague, Morgan, Colorado

County Commissioners,


Annie McNeel, Garfield, Denver

Rustlers, $1,500.

Cheyenne Garcia, El Paso, Pikes

Peak Posse, $1,400.

Jordyn Neely, Rio Grande, Colorado

Show Wethers, $50.

■ Market Hogs

Rayna Hodgson, Weld, grand

champion, Pigskin Buckaroos,


Matthew Crane, Baca, reserve

grand champion, Denver Rustlers,


Andrea Maneotis, Moffat, Pigskin

Buckaroos, $2,750.

Erin Mauro, Pueblo, Sam Brown

family, $3,300.

Mackenzie Johnson,Weld, Pigskin

Buckaroos, $3,100.

Clay Carlson, Weld, Pigskin Buckaroos,


Tucker Teague, Morgan, Pigskin

Buckaroos, $208.

Lacey McCurry, Pueblo, Pigskin

Buckaroos, $3,600.

Tanner Fetzer, Weld, Pigskin

Buckaroos, $2,500.

Rilee Hudler, Elbert, Denver Rustlers,


Ashlee Hanratty, Pueblo, Sam

Brown family, $5,500.

Emma Vickland, Weld, Pigskin

Buckaroos, $2,750.

Chance Lambert, Montezuma,

Pigskin Buckaroos, $3,250.

Devyn Ritchey, Adams, Pigskin

Buckaroos, $3,000.

Alyssa Deporter, Weld, Pigskin

Buckaroos, $1,600.

Jamie Jo Johnson, Weld, Pigskin

Buckaroos, $1,600.

Jaci Corliss, Weld, Sam Brown

family , $1,600.

Kole Kelley, Alamosa, Pigskin

Buckaroos, $1,600.

Rebecca Peter, Weld, Pigskin

Buckaroos, $2,000.

Kendra Cox, Pueblo, Sam Brown

family , $2,250.

Madison Lambert, Montezuma,

Pigskin Buckaroos, $1,900.

Hans Vickland, Weld, Pigskin

Buckaroos, $1,800.

Quade Malone, Bent, Denver Rustlers,


Wyatt Borah, Eagle, Denver Rustlers,


Abigail Reinick, Weld, Sam Brown

family , $1,800.

Alie McEndaffer, Weld, Fair

Ladies, $1,700.

Dalton Lind, Wed, Denver Rustlers,


Page Ridley, Bent, First National

Bank of Las Animas, $2,000.

Brady McCurry, Pueblo, Southwest

Motors, $2,600.

Patrick Cottom-Rhine, Montezuma,

Fair Ladies, $1,600.

Trey Morris, Rio Blanco, Denver

Rustlers, $1,700.

Aubrey Walsh, Rio Blanco, Denver

Rustlers, $1,700.

Barbara Davis, Saquache, Denver

Rustlers, $1,700.

Jaren Albrighton, Weld, Sam

Brown family , $1,800.

Brock Martin, Bent, First National

Bank of Las Animas, $1,800.

Abby Basart, Boulder, Sam Brown

family , $1,700.

Jennifer Rasmussen, Boulder, Kiewitt,


Teslin Holton, Weld, Fair Ladies,


Hannah McGirl, Weld, Denver

Rustlers, $1,500.

Patrick Sowards, Conejos, Denver

Rustlers, $1,800.

■ Market Lambs

Kaitlin Nicolas, Montrose, grand

champion, Denver Rustlers,


Mitch Stahley, Weld, reserve grand

champion, Weld, Denver Rustlers,


Lauren Frink, Weld, Denver

Rustlers, $1,500.

Faith Fetzer, Weld, Fair

Ladies, $1,300.

Kerri Horvath, LaPlata,

Denver Rustlers,


Kayla Frink, Weld, Denver

Rustlers, $1,100.

Rocco Bottini, Pueblo,

Sam Brown family,


Jaylinn Lohr, Weld, Denver

Rustlers, $1,100.

Darren McLaughlin, Moffat,

Denver Rustlers,


Lindsey Bowman, Weld,

King Soopers, $1,100.

Danielle Hartman, Pueblo,

Southwest Motors,


Jerica DeLong, Moffat,

Sam Brown , $1,200.

Devon Bottini, Pueblo,

Sam Brown, $2,100.

Ray Horvath, LaPlata,

Bottini Wood Products,


Ethan Freund, Elbert, Fair

Ladies, $1,500.

Cameron Pugh, Adams, Denver Rustlers,


Morgan Weinrich, Yuma, Fair Ladies,


Zac Abushaan, El Paso, Pikes Peak

Posse, $1,800.

Sammi Halley, Grand, Colorado State

Fair Commissioners, $1,200.

Cody Baumgartner, Weld, Heather

Montana, $1,600.

Cole Leonhardt, Yuma, Denver Rustlers,


Kelsie Gross, Rio Blanco, Southwest

Motors, $1,500.

Amber Mekelburg, Logan, Friends of

the Fair, $1,400.

Grace Freund, Elbert, Denver Rustlers,


Jenna Frink, Weld, Fair Ladies,


Jordan Kendrick, Morgan, Heather

Montana, $1,700.

Hannah Gillmore, Phillips, Denver

Rustlers, $1,500.

Lucas Horton, Boulder, Sam Brown,


David Smith, Boulder, Apishapa

Ranch, $1,500.

Emily Harper, Weld, Pikes Peak Posse,


Morgan Neilson, Rio Blanco, Denver

Rustlers, $1,800.

Ashley Ratkovich, Fremont,

Denver Rustlers, $1,800.

Cole Shaffer, Washington,

Fair Ladies, $1,500.

Sarah Myers, Washington,

Denver Rustlers, $1,900.

■ Small Animals

Logan Rotenberry, El Paso,

grand champion, Pen of

3 Rabbits, El Paso,

Friends of the Fair,


Wyatt Heidenreich, Weld,

grand champion, Pen of

3 Chickens, Weld, Fair

Ladies, $2,400.

Vada Vickland, Weld,

reserve grand champion,

Pen of 3 Rabbits,

Legacy Bank, $2,000.

Rochelle Weigel, Douglas,

reserve grand champion,

Pen of 3 Chickens,

Fair Ladies, $1,700.

Friends of the Fair Tom Giadone (left) and R.J. Romeo bought

the grand champion rabbits from Logan Rotenberry.

The Pigskin Buckaroos bought the grand champion hog from Rayna Hodgson.

The Denver


(left to



Gates, Brock


John Bush

and Alex


bought the



goat from



The Fair


bought the




from Wyatt


■ Sam Brown

and Family

■ Denver Rustlers

Marshall Abrahams

Cindy Acree

Adam Agon

James Alexander

John Alexander

Harvey Allon

J.J. Ament

Nicole Ament

Chris Anderson

Ken Anderson

Jeff Andrews

Greg Anton

William Armstrong

Don Bailey

David Balmer

Thomas Banta

Bronwyn Bateman

Christine Benero

Michael Bennet

Sharon Bernton

Tashof Bernton

Carrie Besnette Hauser

Ernie Blake

John Bock

Paul Bodek

Carol Boigon

Todd Bondy

Arthur Bosworth

Lee Boughey

Scott Bradley

Howard Brill

Paul Brooks

Kelly Brough

Charlie Brown

Rick Brown

KieAnn Brownell

Herbert Buchwald

Ken Buck

Bernie Buescher

John Bush

Mark Campbell

Pete Carr

Terrance Carroll

Don Childears

Steven Chotin

Ryan Clement

Wendy Cloe

Steve Coffin

Tim Collins

Sean Conway

Robert Coombe

Edward Cordes

Timothy Daly

Ginny Davis

Bruce DeBoskey

Diana DeGette

Steve Demby

Gigi Dennis

John Dill

Janel Domenico

Philip Doty

Jeanne Downes

Sean Duffy

Jason Dunn

Pat Duran

Taryn Edwards

Steve Farber

Mark Ferrandino

Cole Finegan

Stephen Flaherty

Stephanie Foote

Rob Friedman

Dennis Gallagher

Jesse Gamueda

Loretta Garcia

Karen Gard

Cory Gardner

Alec Garnett

Stan Garnett

Howard Gelt

David Getches

Patrick Grant

Kay Griffin

Dan Haley

Michael Hancock

Bob Hawk

John Heaney

John Hickenlooper

Jack Hoagland

John Huggins

Scott Hutchings

Buck Hutchinson

Roger Hutson

Mike Imhoff

Walt Imhoff

Tim Jackson





Scott James

April Jones

Mark Jones

Steve Jordan

Joel Judd

Jay Kamlet

Mike Katz

Cary Kennedy

David Kenney

Penni Key

Pete Kirchhof

Susan Kirkpatric

Greg Kolomitz

Melissa Kolwaite

Frances Koncilja

Nick Koncilja

Ginnie Kontnik

Susan Kramer

Chetter Latcham

Gary Levine

Dough Linkhart

Dave Lock

Robert Loew

Kelley Lombardo

John Love

Phil Luebbers

Gary Lutz

Shela MacDonald

Mac MacLennan

Carla Madison

Dan Maes

David Mandarich

Naresh Mandava

Donald Mares

Don Marostica

Mitchell Martin

Robert Martion

Bette Matkowski

Conor McCallin

Jim McClanahan

Anne McGihon

David McReynolds

James Mejia

Mike Melanson

Carolyn Meski

Wendy Mitchell

Larry Mizel

Bob Moody

Greg Moore

William Mutch

Fred Niehaus

Kay Norton

Tom Norton

Bruce O’Donnell

Frances Owens

Monica Owens

Michael Pasquarella

Melanie Pearlman

Edwin Perlmutter

Renie Peterson

Michael Pollak

Paul Raab

Norton Rainey

Paris Reece

Lee Reichert

Sue Renner

Rodney Rice

Blair Richardson

Bill Ritter

Mimi Roberson

Dick Robinson

Eddie Robinson

David Roitman

Chris Romer

Charlie Russel

Elizabeth Ryan

Su Ryden

Alan Ryden

Alan Salazar

Hassan Salem

Meyer Saltzman

Richard Sapkin

Mark Scheffel

Tim Schultz

Dough Seserman

Brandon Shaffer

John Shaw

Michael Sheldon

Patti Shwayder

Joe Siegel

Janice Sinden

Dean Singleton

Steve Slaughter

Harold Smethills

Mary Smith

Ronald Smith

Nancy Spence

Thomas Spilman

Walker Stapleton

Greg Stevinson

Michael Stratton

Jody Strogoff

John Stulp

Patty Stulp

John Suthers

Spencer Swalm

Bob Sweeney

Edward Tauer

Kristen Thomson

Ron Tilton

Scott Tipton

Lois Tochtrop

Nancy Todd

Steven Toltz

Sean Tonner

Michael Touff

Ted Trimpa

Mark Udall

Carl Unrein

Craig Walker

Mark Waller

Wellington Webb

Dave Wedmore

Steve Weil

Steve Weinstein

Peter Wells

Marie Wheatley

Roxane White

Martha Whitmore

Mason Whitney

Angela Williams

Steven Wright

Chad Yetka

■ Pueblo Range


Brenda and Shelby


Paula and William


Mac and Susan


Sam and Patty


Dale and Patsy


John Cullen

Dale and Ann D’Ercole

Ike and Michele Druty

Roger and Judy Fonda

Bob and Debbie Gobin

John and James


Nicholas Gradisar

Greg and Cathy Hahn

Doug Houton

Bill and Joyce Jones

Ray Kogovsek

Bob and Karen Leach

Mike and Kathy Marino

Carle and Patricia


Dan Molello

Dan and Kelly Montano

Jim Moore

Gordon and Helen


W.F. and Carolyn


Dennis and Louann


Doug and Terri Piersel

Tom Printz

Tom Ready

Robert Redwine

Chuck Scherrer

Robert and Meredith


Keith and Sharon


Jerry Thomas

Roy and Judy Trivett

John and Nadene Verna

Bill and Barbara Vidmar

Joseph and Tom Welte

James and Lenore


Nick and Connie


Steve Nawrocki

Robert and Marlene


Ron and Betty Golden

Robin Auld

Dennis and Jeanette


Larry Daveline

Greg and Gretchen


■ 2010 Pigskin


Joe Bower

Louie Carleo

Mike Daurio

Dan DeRose

Eddie DeRose

Mark DeRose

Mike DeRose

Joe Garcia

Ted Hernandez

Nick Kochenberger

Sam Krage

Rich Lane

Calvin Mason

Don Musso

Brad Padula

Rudy Padula

Jamie Pollock

Frank Provenza

Bob Root

Daren Root

Mike Roumph

Mike Salardino

Jim Sbarbaro

Bud Scott

Steve Shirley

Dave Vecchio

Vince Vigil

Jim Warren

Bruce Watts

Ralph Williams

Felix Ying

Mike Zavislan

■ Pikes Peak Posse

Mike and Diane Bell

Jim Bensberg

Cary Blanchette

Bob Book

Bill Cadman

Sallie Clark

Chuck Fowler

Emily Fowler

Cindy Fowler

Russell Freeman

Bob Gardner

David Glaser

Debbie Gonzales

George and Barbie


Dennis Hisey

Peter Husak

Sarah Jack

Peggy Littleon

Larry Liston

Cathe Maguire

Jim Maguire

Ben and Linda Orrell

Corliss Palmer

Rick and Melissa


Steve and Bill Schuck

Scott Smith

Randy Slaybaugh

Marv Strait

Patsy Tompkins

Mark Waller

Curt and Michelle


■ Friends of the Fair

Tommy Giadone Sr.

Tommy Giadone Jr.

Pat Crabtree

Jim Beaty

Romeo Entertainment

■ Fair Ladies

Suzie Anton

Tanya Baird

Melodie Baker

JoAnn Ballie

Joan Barickman

Dee Rogers Brown

Mary Jo Carter

Jennelle Chorak

Diane Clark

Midori Clark

Patty Dalton

Rochelle Kelly


Dancy Dewitt

Peggy Dissler

Janelle Donley

Tracie Eadie

Martha Eller

Marlene Federico

Barbara Fortino

Yvette Fransua

Michelle Gjerde

Beth Gladney

Christine Gladney

Karen Gladney

Sandy Gornick

Jeanne Graber

Janelle Hall

Holly Hanson

Margie Hilvitz

Tanya Jones

Deb Kalb

Kelley Kaufman

Carol King

Kathy Koller

Kathy Lane

Carole Lange

Sandra LeMasters

Trisha Macias

Loretta Martinez

Penny Mason

Michelle Massingill

Charnell Mayer

Lalonna Meoska

LaRae Miller

Renee Miller

Renee Montano

Joann Montoya

Jennifer Myers

Lisa Napier

Elaine Nicoll

Jeanette O’Quinn

Gina Panepinto

Carole Partin

Pam Patterson

Penny Patti

Jan Pullin

Jane Rawlings

Claudia Robinson

Sandy Romero

Debbie Rose

Phyllis Sanchez

Julie Schafer

Emilie Seul

Dacia Shaw

Virginia Shaw

Trish Smiley

Kay Stillman

Bobbi Swallow

Sharon Swerdfeger

Marnie Toevs

Judy Trivett

Dee Weber

Jan Williams

Constance Wehling


Cora Zalatel

Colorado State


Land Title

McCandless Truck


Oscar’s Liquor

The Pueblo Chieftain

Drew Ritter

St. Mary-Corwin Medical


Security Service Federal

Credit Union

Smiley Farms

U.S. Bank

Vigil and Smith’s One

Hour Heating and Air


■ Patron Buyers

Lewis and Kathy Quigg

Gerry Phelps

Shirley Cunniff

Alan Cunniff

Larry and Ruth Wagner

Chuck and Roni


Gail Pitts

■ Southwest Motors

■ Colorado Counties


■ Colorado State Fair


■ Heather Montana

■ Apishapa Ranch

■ Legacy Bank

■ Bottini Wood


■ First National Bank

of Las Animas

■ American Iron and


■ Kiewitt

■ King Soopers

■ Colorado Show



Buyers gather around the sale ring in the Events Center Tuesday afternoon to bid on Junior Livestock Sale market animals shown by 4-H members from

across the state. The annual event is the culmination of months of work by the young people who spend countless hours caring for and preparing their

animals for showing during the Colorado State Fair. For more coverage, see Page 1C.

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