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You have arrived to the most

western part of Russia after a

long journey. Now it is time to

look around, make plans for the

whole trip, and decide what to do

tonight. This tourist passport will

be of invaluable help in this. Here

you can find concise information

about important events taking

place in the region, the main

museum and concert venues,

restaurants and various leisure

activities, as well as plenty

of advice on how to not only

spend your time here with the

maximum of comfort, but also

receive all sorts of discounts.

Kaliningrad: passport


Kaliningrad is the capital city of the

region with a long history. This city

was called Königsberg earelier and it

used to be the capital of East Prussia.

The city was founded in 1255 by

the Przemysl II Ottokar, the King of

Bohemia. Following the outcome of

the Second World War in 1945, the

decision was made at the Potsdam

conference to annex one-third of

East Prussia, along with the capital,

to the USSR. In 1946, Königsberg

City and its adjacent territory were

renamed as Kaliningrad City and the

Kaliningrad Region.

The total number of people living in

the city of Kaliningrad makes almost

half of a million (481 thousand).

The whole region has population of

slightly more than one million (1002

thousand people).

The time is GMT +2.

Large towns

Sovetsk (formerly Tilsit) –

41 000 people

Tchernyakhovsk (formerly Insterburg) –

37 000 people

Baltiysk (formerly Pillau) –

33 000 people

Gusev (formerly Gumbinnen) –

28 000 people


Svetlogorsk (formerly Rauschen)

Zelenogradsk (formerly Cranz)

Yantarny (formerly Palmnicken)

Pionersky (formerly Neukuhren)

National Park «Curonian Spit»

(formerly Kurische Nehrung) –

UNESCO World Heritage site

Distance to some

European cities

Gdansk – 166 km

Warsaw – 383 km

Vilnius – 391 km

Riga – 391 km

Minsk – 573 km

Berlin – 625 km

Saint-Petersburg – 965 km

Amsterdam – 1 336 km

Stockholm – 1 337 km


Kaliningrad region is an exclave,

which does not have common

overland borders with the mainland

of Russia. The region borders

Poland in the south, Lithuania in


the northeast, and in the west the

territory of the region is shaped by

the Baltic Sea coast. The maximum

distance from the west to the east of

the region is 205 km, from the north

to the south − 108 km. The total

area of the Kaliningrad region is 15.1

thousand square kilometers.

Entry requirements

Russian citizens and CIS citizens

travelling around the Republic of

Lithuania by train, by bus or by car

should have their passports for

travelling abroad and a transit or a

valid Schengen visa. A civil passport

will be enough for buying a flight

ticket. For entering the Russian

Federation foreign citizens have to

present a valid identity document

and a visa.

To obtain an entry visa a foreign

citizen has to apply to the Russian

Embassy or Consulate. More

information about the visa can

be found on the websites of the

Russian Federation Consulates and

the Representative Offi ce of the

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in


Starting from 1 July 2019 nationals

of 53 foreign states can visit

the Kaliningrad region using an

electronic visa. The validity period for

an electronic visa is 30 calendar days,

the duration of stay may not exceed

8 days. An e-visa is issued within 4

calendar days, including weekends

and bank holidays. Electronic

visas are issued free of charge

and do not require any invitations

or confi rmations. A more detailed

information on visa application and

issue procedures can be obtained

on the website of the Consular

Department of the Russian Ministry

of Foreign Affairs www.electronicvisa.

Please be informed that there are

restricted border zones for foreign

visitors in the Kaliningrad region.

To obtain a permission to visit a

restricted (border) zone citizens

of the Russian Federation and

foreign citizens need to apply to the

Frontier Directorate of the Federal

Security Service of the Russian

Federation in the Kaliningrad

region at the following address:

Kaliningrad, Suvorova St., 15,

tel.: +7 (4012) 69-11-79.

Some settlements of the Kaliningrad

region have a status of the territory

with a regulated visiting regime for

foreign citizens. To visit these areas

foreign citizens need to obtain a

permission at the following address:

Kaliningrad, Sovetsky Ave., 3,

tel: +7 (4012) 92-45-63. A map of

border areas and territories with a

regulated visiting regime for foreign

citizens is attached to the Tourist

Passport, which you are holding in

your hands.


Calendar of events


• Christmas Fair

• Winter Drinks Festival in Svetlogorsk

• Cranz Pie Day

• Blacksmith Sunday


• Long Sausage Festival

• Reenactment Festival

«Defenders at all times»


• Festival «Zelenogradsk Cat’s Birthday»

• Baltic Herring Day in Baltiysk


• Military history reenactment

«Battle of Königsberg»

• Smelt Day in Svetlogorsk

• The Day of the Herring

• Gastronomy festival «Big Fish»


• Victory Day – 9 May

• Fish Food Festival

• Festival «Day of Wheel»


• Opening of the holiday season in

Svetlogorsk, Yantarny


• Kaliningrad City Day

• Fisherman's day

• Music Festival «Singing KiViN»

• Navy Day


• International Music Festival

«Kaliningrad City Jazz»

• Festival of Historical Reenactment of

the Vikings’ Era «Kaup»

• Short Film Festival «Koroche»

• Urban pick-nick «Street Food


• World Championship of Fireworks


• Festival «Masterpieces of World

Classics at the Cathedral»

• Bike ride «Tour de Cranz»

• Sea Festival «Water Assembly»


• Art festival «Baltic Seasons»

• German-Russian Days of Non-fiction

Film in Kaliningrad «Territory of Film»


• International festival «Jazz in the

Philharmonic Hall»

• Birthday of the National Park

«Curonian Spit»

• All-Russian event «Night of Art»


•Christmas Fair

• Christmas Kaliningrad Street Food



How to get here

Main roads

The direction of Vilnius and Minsk,

A-229: «Kaliningrad – Znamensk –

Chernyakhovsk – Gusev – Nesterov

– Lithuanian border».

The direction of Siauliai and Riga,

A-216: «Kaliningrad – Znamensk

– Talpaki (branching to A-229) –

Bolshakovo – Sovetsk – Lithuanian


The direction of Klaipeda:

«Kaliningrad – Zelenogradsk –

Lithuanian border» (runs along the

Curonian Spit, at the entrance to which

conservation fees are charged).

The direction of Elblag and Gdansk:

«Kaliningrad – Ladushkin – Mamonovo

– Polish border».

The direction of Warsaw and

Berlin: «Bagrationovsk – Kaliningrad –

Polish border»

By Air

Several flights a day from Moscow

and Saint Petersburg arrive to the

international airport «Khrabrovo».

Air service to other Russian and

foreign destinations is provided.

Information on airline routes, arrivals

and departures can be obtained from

the airport’s website

«Khrabrovo» airport is located 24

kilometers away from the center of

Kaliningrad. The unified taxi service

works at the airport. The new road

(Primorskoe Ring) will bring you to the

city in 20-30 minutes. During the day,

every 40 minutes, a shuttle bus

№244e runs to the airport.

By Railway

There is a direct railway service

between Kaliningrad and Moscow,

St. Petersburg, Adler, Minsk,

Chelyabinsk and Vilnius. Train

timetable indicates Moscow Time. The

departure schedule can be viewed at a

railway ticket office, obtained by phone

or on the Russian Railways website


IMPORTANT! ALL railway tickets

to Kaliningrad must be issued

in the railway booking/ticket

offices not later than 28 hours

before departure. A transit visa to

Lithuania is issued together with

the ticket, so the passenger must

have a foreign passport.

Arriving to Kaliningrad by train you

can easily get to the city center: the

terminus for trolley-buses, trams,

buses and mibuses is opposite the

railway station entrance.

Tickets can be purchased on board,

payment by card is possible.

By Bus

The bus station of Kaliningrad is

situated next to the Yuzhny railway

station. Regional buses run from

here. Besides, buses to Poland,

Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Belarus

and Ukraine set off from here daily.

The timetable for international and

regional routes can be obtained


By ferry

A ferry trip to Europe can be made

from the ports of neighboring

foreign cities of Gdansk and Klaipeda,

provided that you have a Schengen


By bike

You can arrive to the Kaliningrad region

by bike using the majority of border

checkpoints. Thus, a traveler arriving

from Poland can enter the region

through all car checkpoints except for

Mamonovo-Grzechotki. From Lithuania,

you can cycle through the Morskoye-

Nida border crossing. When riding

through the pedestrian lanes of car

checkpoints, a cyclist must come off his

bike and wheel it. International cycling

routes R-1 (Euro-Route), EuroVelo-10

and EuroVelo-13 pass through the

territory of the Kaliningrad region.

Travelling around


The largest share of public transport

passenger traffic in the city is carried

by buses and fi xed-route minibuses.

If you need to get somewhere fast it

is better to use the minibuses. During

the day their speed is comparable

with that of taxis.

Electricity-powered transport takes a

smaller share, with one tram route and


six trolley-bus services. Waiting times

for the most popular bus routes in the

rush hour are at most 10 minutes.

Public transport starts operating at

6 o’clock in the morning and finishes

at 22.30. You can always use a taxi

at a later time. The actual public

transportation route map is available

at and

Travelling around

the region

Kaliningrad is connected with all the

settlements of the region

by road and railway routes. Electric

commuter trains from the Yuzhny

railway station serve Bagrationovsk,

Baltiysk, Zelenogradsk, Mamonovo,

Svetlogorsk, Sovetsk, Tchernyakhovsk

and Guryevsk. Electric commuter

trains to the seaside resorts,

including the electric high-speed train

«Lastochka», also depart from the

Yuzhny railway station but stop at the

Severny railway station in the center of

the city as well. You can also travel to

these resorts from the Severny station

by bus and by fixed-route taxis, which

go every 15 minutes.


There are several taxi companies

operating in Kaliningrad, which can be

ordered using an app or a company’s

website. These include:

«Yandex Taxi»

t.: +7 (4012) 566-666

Taxi «Maxim»

t.: +7 (4012) 22-22-22, 99-96-66

Taxi «Evropa»

t.: +7 (4012) 50-06-00

Taxi «Veziot»

t.: +7 (4012) 66-61-11


«Taxi Baltiki»

t.: +7 (4012) 33-33-33

Taxi «Vokrug Sveta»

t.: +7 (4012) 77-85-98






2, Sovetskiy Ave.


13–25, Zheleznodorozhnaya St.

Unified Information and Service

Center JSC «Russian Railways»

t.: 8 (800) 775–00–00


Svetlogorsk-1, 30, Kaliningradskiy Ave.

t.: +7 (40153) 2-19-46,

8 (800) 775-00-00

Svetlogorsk-2, 33, Lenina St.

t.: +7 (4012) 60-08-88



1, Vokzalnaya St.

t.: +7 (40150) 3-11-39


1, Privokzalnaya Sq.

t.: +7 (40141) 5-14-11

Car Rental



t.: +7 (4012) 50-91-91


t.: +7 (4012) 33-62-18

+7 (963) 738-62-18

«AVIS Russia»

t.: +7 (4012) 52-57-29

8 (800) 250-12-13, +7 (921) 710-57-29


t.: +7 (4012) 99-94-44

8 (800) 201-02-04

Bus Stations



7, Zheleznodorozhnaya St.

t.: +7 (4012) 64–36–35, 65–65-01


5-a, Gagarina St.

т.: +7 (40159) 3–21–34


35, Pobedy St.

t.: +7 (40143) 3–25–21


1, Vokzalnaya St.

t.: +7 (40150) 3–29–82


2, Krasnoarmeyskaya St.

t.: +7 (40162) 2–25–08


1а, Zheleznodorozhnaya St.

t.: +7 (40153) 2-20-52


8а, Pervomayskaya St.

t.: +7 (40153) 2-20-52


1, Naberezhnaya St.

t.: +7 (40157) 2–14–33


1-a, Pushkin St.

t.: +7 (40141) 3–25–89


Where to stay

The Kaliningrad region presents a

wide range of hotels, guest houses,

recreation facilities, camping areas,

sanatorium and hostels. Many

hotels of the Kaliningrad region are

equipped with necessary facilities to

conduct business events, trainings

and seminars. If you are tired of city

rush, consider recreation facilities and

camping areas located on the coast

of Sambia Peninsula. The Kaliningrad

region is a wonderful place for your

holiday, family vacation or corporate

events. There are plenty of occasions

to pamper yourself and your family

with unforgettable outdoors pastime.

Unpretentious travelers can always

have a rest in hostels of Kaliningrad.

Accommodation cost here is much

lower than in local hotels provided

that the level of comfort and

accommodation condition do not

differ much.


Hotel «Crystal House Suite

Hotel & Spa» ★★★★★

4, Sergeeva St.

t.: +7 (4012) 69–26–00

71 room, restaurant, terrace, lobby

bar, SPA, fi tness center, conference


Hotel Kaiserhof ★★★★

6а, Oktyabrskaya St.

t.:+7 (4012) 59-22-22, +7 (499) 271-60-00

79 rooms, restaurant, lobby bar, SPA,


A list of establishments providing accommodation is available at



Hotel «Mercure

Kaliningrad Center» ★★★★

2, Oziorny Proezd St.

t.: +7 (4012) 55-88-00

167 rooms, restaurant,

business center, laundry services,

SPA, fi tness center

Hotel «Holiday Inn

Kaliningrad» ★★★★

1, Hugo St.

t.: +7 (4012) 31-34-17

125 rooms with views

of historic city center, free guarded

parking, restaurant of author’s

cuisine, bar, summer riverside

terrace, fi tness center,

conference hall

Hotel «Radisson

Kaliningrad» ★★★★

10, Pobedy St.

t.: +7 (4012) 59-33-44

178 rooms, including for people with

disabilities, fitness center, massage

center business center, restaurant

Hotel «Tchaikovsky» ★★★★

43, Tchaikovskogo St.

t.: +7 (4012) 67-44-43

30 rooms, laundry and dry cleaning,

restaurant, terrace, tours


«Ibis Kaliningrad» ★★★

52а, Moskovsky Ave. t.: +7 (4012) 59-64-30

167 rooms, two conference halls

for 60 and 15 seats, restaurant, and

lobby bar

Hotel «Tourist» ★★★

53, Alexandra Nevskogo St.

t.: +7 (4012) 35-44-00, +35-45-25

110 rooms, restaurant,

fi tness center, two conference

rooms, laundry services,

car and bike rental

Hotel «Moskva» ★★★

19-21, Mira Ave.

t.: +7 (4012) 35-23-00

170 rooms, restaurant,

conference room

Hotel «Shkiperskaya» ★★★

4а, Oktyabrskaya St.

t.: +7 (4012) 30-72-37

18 rooms, restaurant


Hotel «Evropa» ★★★

30, Teatralnaya St.

t.: +7 (4012) 31-04-95, 31-04-96

82 rooms, restaurant

Hostel «Samy Tsentr»

1/3, Generala Galitskogo St.

t. +7 (901) 390-99-00

Hostel «Altstadt»

14, Engelsa St. t.: +7 (9062) 13-13-11

Hostel «KoikaGo»

33–37, B.Kmelnitskogo St.

t.: (4012) 69-73-7

Hostel «Crazy Dog»

25, Telmana St.

t.: +7 (4012) 36-56-42

Hostel «39 region»

40, Kujbysheva St.

t.: +7 (4012) 39-13-91


Hotel «Grand Palace» ★★★★★

2, Beregovoy Ln.

t.: +7 (40153) 3-32-32, 3-32-31

32 rooms, recreation center (outdoor

and indoor swimming pools), business

services (conference rooms),

restaurant, children’s room

Boutique Hotel

«Madamme L» ★★★★★

15, Gagarina St. t.: +7 (4012) 55-55-18

16 rooms, author restaurant, SPA

Hotel «Royal Falke

Resort and SPA» ★★★★

1b, Lenina St.

t.: +7 (40153) 2-16-00

50 rooms, aqua zone (swimming pool,

sauna, Jacuzzi, winter garden), SPA,

conference hall, restaurant

Hotel «Russ» ★★★★

10, Vereshchagina St.

t.: +7 (4012) 77-77-87, (40153) 2-14-45

42 rooms, lobby bar, lounge-zone,

sauna, billiard, restaurant

Apart Hotel

«Mechta» ★★★

16а, Mayakovskogo St.

t.: +7 (40153) 2-13-50

8 superior rooms


Mini Hotel

«Villa Gotland» ★★★

37, Lenina St. t.: +7 (40153) 2–15–22

12 rooms, bike rental

Hotel «Lumier» ★★★

2а, Lermontovsky Ln.

t.: +7 (40153) 2–26–26,

+7 (4012) 50–77–50

20 rooms, business center, internet,

relaxation center, cafe

Hotel «Rauschen» ★★★

48а, Lenina St.

t.: +7 (40153) 2-15-64, +7 (911) 476-80-25

45 rooms, restaurant, bar, sauna,

swimming pool, billiard, play area for



Hotel «Universal» ★★★

3, Nekrasova St.

t.: +7 (4012) 74-36-58, +7 (40153) 2-14-95

60 rooms, 4 conference halls, SPA

center, sauna with a swimming pool,


Hotel «Georgenswalde» ★★

Otradnoye, 6, Tokareva St.

t.: +7 (40153) 2-15-26, 2-18-91

11 superior rooms, restaurant,

business center, sports and recreation




«Schloss Yantarny» ★★★★★

68, Sovetskaya St.

t.: +7 (4012) 55-50-40

50 rooms, restaurant, bar, indoor

swimming pool (outdoor during the

summer season), gym, sauna, Jacuzzi,

conference hall

Hotel «Bekker» ★★★

72, Sovetskaya St.

t.: +7 (4012) 56-51-95, 56-51-96

40 rooms, cafe, restaurant, conference

hall, playground for children


Mini Hotel «Aquatoria»

1а, Sovetskaya St.

t.: +7 (4012) 37-55-52, 56-55-09

10 rooms, conference hall, library, play

room, bike rental, sauna, boat trips,

diving, horse riding

Mini Hotel «Anna»

10, Sovetskaya St., t.: +7 (40153) 3-70-20

14 rooms, cafe, bike rental, playground

for children, sauna

Recreation facility «Galera»

9, Morskaya Naberezhnaya St.

t.: +7 (4012) 56-55-80

Bungalows at the sea shore, restaurant



«SPA Zelenogradsk» ★★★★

41v, Gagarina St.

t.: +7 (40177) 2-95-32, (40177) 2-95-33

28 rooms, restaurant, parking for

guests, SPA center, sauna

Guest House

«A'more» ★★★

28, Volodraskogo St.

t.: +7 (906) 210-44-88,

+7 (4017) 72-93-90

12 rooms, bike rides,

horse rides, tours

Hotel «Hercules» ★★★

14а, Pogranichnaya St.

t.: +7 (963) 351-74-71,

+7 (4015) 03-37-20

30 rooms, trattoria, sauna

Hotel «Koshkin Dom» ★★★

пер. Гагарина, 1а

т.: +7 (981) 577-58-59

10 rooms, sauna,

billiard, bike rental

Hotel «Paradox» ★★★

2а, Saratovskaya St.

t.: +7 (40150) 3-10-53

11 rooms, cafe, restaurant,

open area, bowling, museum

of cats «Murrarium»


«Princess Elisa» ★★★

20а, Volodarskogo St.

t.: +7 (40150) 3-11-10

11 rooms, restaurant,

parking for guests



«Sambia» ★★★

20, Volodarskogo St. t.: (40150) 3-63-31

87 rooms, restaurant, aqua park,

banqueting hall, business center, play

area for children, massage room,



«Christal» ★★

19а, Gagarina St.

t.: +7 (4012) 72-93-33, 72-93-32

12 rooms, restaurant,

billiard, sauna

Guest House

«Loger House»

1, Zheleznodorozhnaya St.

t.: +7 (4012) 76-26-44,

+7 (40150) 3-23–06

8 rooms


«Cranz Hotel»

2, Kurortny Ln.

t.: +7 (40150) 3-64-01

16 rooms, restaurant, heated pool,

sauna, conference hall



«Natalia» ★★★

2b, Kaliningradskoye Rd.

t.: +7 (40155) 2-22-03

8 rooms, cafe,

beauty salon, solarium

Hotel «Cruise»

6, Rabochaya St.

t.: +7 (981) 453-17-54

21 room, cafe

Curonian Spit

Hotel «Altrimo» ★★★

Rybachy, 11, Pogranichnaya St.

t.: +7 (4012) 65-88-63


36 rooms, beach, swimming pool,

boat trips, restaurant, sauna


«Walde-park» ★★★

Lesnoy, 17, Tsentralnaya St.

t.: +7 (4012) 99-44-94

16 rooms, café and bar,

barbecue area, bike rental



Lesnoy, reference point – lighthouse

t.: +7 (800) 200-49-39,

(40150) 3-37-16

15 rooms with sea views, sauna,

swimming pool, restaurant

Villa«Elisa Sarkau»

Lesnoy, 2, Naberezhnaya St.

t.: +7 (40150) 4-52-94, 5-50-94

15 rooms, sauna, playground for

children, bike rental

Camping «Kurshale»

Lesnoy, 14th kilometer of the Curonian Spit

t.: +7 (911) 470-07-10; (4012) 99-44-46

Double and triple chalet houses,

camping site




location - 55°00'44.3"N 20°36'26.3"E

t.: +7 (995) 339-34-44

10 luxury tents, sports grounds, bike

and sports equipment rental


Art Village


43, Kaliningradskoye Rd.

t.: +7 (963) 350–79–13

6 rooms with sea views, cafe, gallery,


studios for artists, seminar room

for workshops and plein airs


«Zolotoy Yakor’»

6, Morskoy Blvd.

t.: +7 (40145) 3-00-58

34 rooms, cafe

Mini Hotel

«Zolotaya Orchidea»

6, Verkhnyaya Morskaya St.

t.: +7 (40145) 3-10-98,

+7 (909) 775-56-90

9 rooms, cafe, sauna, swimming

pool, massage, playground for




«Korolevsky Dvor» ★★★

2, Z.Kosmodemyanskoy St.

t.: +7 (40143) 3-08-72, 3-15-68

41 room



5, Pobedy St.

t.: +7 (40143) 3-03-66, +7 (909) 782-99-72

50 rooms

Guest House


Gusev District, Podduby

t.: +7 (40143) 3-34-84, +7 (962) 250-14-00

5 rooms



«U mosta» ★

21, Tamozhnyaya St.

t.: +7 (40156) 4-01-20

16 rooms


Hotel «Neman»

1, Sovetskaya St.

t.: +7 (40162) 2-42-06

43 rooms


Mini Hotel

«Dom Druzhby»

9, Pervomayskaya St.

t.: +7 (911) 462-16-39,

+7 (40162) 2-26-27

14 rooms


Hotel «Dom Lesnika» ★★★

Sosnovka, 18, Oktyabrskaya St.

t.: +7 (40158) 2-32-47, (40158) 2-32-30

18 rooms


Hotel «Rossiya» ★★★

2, Lunacharskogo St.

t.: +7 (40161) 3–49–00, 3–49–50

85 rooms, restaurant, SPA salon


Guest House

«Waldhausen» ★★★


t.: +7 (921) 260–23–47,

+7 (4012) 52–92–52

5 rooms

Hotel «Kochar» ★★★

9, Lenina St. t.: +7 (40141) 3–33–00

46 rooms, restaurant, gym, sauna

Guest House «Delta»

2, Banny Ln.

t.: +7 (4012) 75–75–88,

+7 (40158) 3–58–59

7 rooms, cafe, barbecue

Hotel «U medvedya» ★

7, Tunnelnaya St. t.: +7 (40141) 3–48–15

34 rooms

Hotel «Agata»

3, Leningradskaya St.

t.: +7 (40141) 3–48–04

15 rooms


Where to eat

Kaliningrad offers a great number of

restaurants and eateries for you to

choose to try something according to

your taste, desire or today’s mood. In

Kaliningrad, you will fi nd restaurants,

cafés, pubs and bars, sushi and grillbars,

Croissant-café and Königsbäcker

– local coffee shop chains.

Recent years have seen a tremendous

growth in opportunity for trying

something brand new in gastronomy.

Gastrobars, burger bars, cafes and

healthy diet pastry shops have opened.

There are two cafés of Pan-Asiatic

cuisine in the city – there you won’t

fi nd sushi or sashimi, but you will have

a chance to try noodles with various

accompaniments, traditional Asian

salads and steam-cooked patties.

Lovers of Italian cuisine can feel free

here – in the downtown of Kaliningrad

you will fi nd plenty of eateries to

enjoy pizza, lasagnas, pasta and other

Mediterranean dishes. For those who

love to have a cup of morning coffee

outdoors, many cafés offer specialized

breakfasts from 08:00 till 12:00, as well

as business lunches for those who would

like to spend their lunch break with

colleagues or business partners. Pinpots

are suggested to visit breweries

where various types of foamy drink

are brewed and served. Wine rooms

and wine bars of Kaliningrad welcome

experts in sparkling, red, white, new and

premium wines. Traditional Kaliningrad

snacks worth a special mention include

various types of smoked fish, eel kebab,

the famous Köenigsberger Klopses

and meatballs of traditional regional

cuisine. When you travel to Kaliningrad,

pay special attention to sweets which

are not so common in Russia, such as

local marzipans and a wide range of

chocolate from the neighboring Baltic


Conventional signs:

– business lunch



– average check

– vegetarian dishes


Coffee shops,


«Bus Station»

5, Tchaikovskogo St. t.: +7 (921) 850-97-87

Mo-Fr: 08:00-21:00, Sat-Sun: 10:00-22:00


«GS Coffeeshop»

1, Generala Galitskogo St.

Mo-Fr: 08:00-21:00, Sat-Sun: 10:00-21:00

76, Mira Ave.

Mo-Fr: 08:00-21:00, Sat-Sun: 10:00-22:00

31, Mira Ave.

Mo-Fr: 08:00-21:00, Sat-Sun: 10:00-21:00

77, Artilleriyskaya St. («Tsvetnoy

Boulevard»), 09:00-21:00



55, Proletarskaya St.

22, Avtomobilnaya St.

21, Teatralnaya St. (Shopping Centre


31, Mira Ave.

6а–12а, Tchernyakhovskogo St.

24–30, Nevskogo St.

Mo-Fr: 08:00-21:00, Sat-Sun: 09:00-21:00



6а, Tchernyakhovskogo St.

t.: +7 (4012) 37-98-28

Mo-Th: 07:00-23:00, Fr: 07:00-02:00

Sat: 09:00-02:00, Sun: 09:00-23:00

18, Marksa St., t.: +7 (4012) 38-99-73

Sun-Th: 08:00-22:00, Fr-Sat: 09:00-02:00

31, Mira St. t.: +7 (4012) 37-98-31

Mo-Th: 07:00-23:00, Fr: 07:00-02:00

Sat: 09:00-02:00, Sun: 09:00-23:00


«Gelateria Italia»

30, Teatralnaya St. (Shopping Mall

«Europe») 2nd floor, 10:00-23:00,

t.: +7 (4012) 37-36-66,

Sun-Th: 10:00-22:00, Fr-Sat:10:00-23:00


«Kofe na peske»

18, Leninsky Ave.

t.: +7 (906) 231-73-33, 09:00-21:00



4, Pobedy Sq., Mo-Fr: 08.00 - 23.00,

Sat-Sun: 09.00 - 23.00


23, Mira Ave., Mo-Th: 08:00-22:00, Fr-

Sat: 08:00-23:00, Sun: 08:00-22:00

150а, Gorkogo St., Mo-Th: 08:00-

22:00, Fr: 08:00-23:00, Sat: 09:00-

23:00, Sun: 09:00-22:00

79, Proletarskaya St., 09:00–21:00

63, Leninsky Ave., Mo-Fr: 08:00-22:00,

Sat: 09:00-23:00, Sun: 09:00-22:00

87, Bagrationa St., Mo-Th: 08:00-

22:00, Fr: 08:00-23:00, Sat: 09:00-

23:00, Sun: 09:00-22:00

24, Nevskogo St., Mo-Th: 08:00- 22:00,

Fr: 08:00-23:00, Sat: 09:00- 23:00,

Sun: 09:00-22:00

84, Mira Ave., Mo-Th: 08:00-22:00, Fr:

08:00-23:00, Sat: 09:00-23:00 Sun:


Shopping Centre «Europe», Mo-Th:

09:00-21:00, Fr-Sat: 09:00-22:00


21-25, Leninsky Ave.,

24, Sovetsky Ave.

10, Karla Marksa St.,

44, Soglasiya St.

42а, Komsomolskaya St.,

85, Bagrationa St.


t.: +7 (4012) 21-94-01

«Pani Eva»

cafe and confectionary

21-25а, Kosmonavta Leonova St.


72, Proletarskaya St., 08:00-20:00

102, Mira Ave., 09:00-21:00

t.: +7 (4012) 50-82-46




«Shtolle» pie cafe

2b, Barnaulskaya St.

t.: +7 (4012) 53-81-82, 08:00-19:00


Cafe, gastro bars

Bistro «Resto-presto»

1, Pobedy Sq., t.: + 7 (4012) 38-84-78

Sun-Th: 11:00–23:00, Fr-Sat: 12:00-00:00


64а, Mira Ave., t.: +7 (921) 851-66-01

21а, Mira Ave., t.: +7 (952) 798-52-56

3, Leninsky Ave., t.: +7 (921) 616-52-21

34, Prof. Baranova St.

t.: +7 (921) 616-52-21, 24 hours


10, Pobedy Sq. (Shopping Mall «Clover»)

t.: +7 (962) 251-61-99

Sun-Th: 09.00-22.00, Fr-Sat: 10:00-01:00

«Gustav Grossmann» cafe

11, Krasnaya St., t.: +7 (4012) 35-50-60






Gastro bar «London»

33, Mira Ave., t.: +7 (4012) 31-00-31



Gastro bar

«Pattison markt»

24/26, Mira Ave.

t.: +7 (962) 266 62 96


4, Pobedy Sq., t.: +7 (909) 787-10-04

Mo-Sat: 09:00-23:00, Fr-Sat: 09:00-00:00


24-26, Mira Ave., t.: +7 (4012) 93–61–02





«Charing Cross» Grill House

53, Nevskogo, t.: +7 (4012) 35-45-21



«Dolce Vita»

2, Vasilevskogo Sq.

t.: +7 (4012) 37-70-48, 12:00-00:00



4, Sergeeva St.

t.: +7 (4012) 69-26-02



«La Storia»

31, Mira Ave., t.: +7 (4012) 50-73-56

Mo-Th, Sun: 12:00-23:00

Fr-Sat: 12:00-02:00



2, Litovsky val St. (Shopping Centre

«Spar»), t.: +7 (4012) 31-25-55

Mo-Th: 08:00-01:00, Fr: 08:00-02:00

Sat: 09:00-02:00, Sun: 09:00-01:00



14-16, Tchekistov St.

t.: +7 (4012) 77–22–23, 11:00-23:00,

40, Moskovsky Ave.

t.: +7 (4012) 70–25-25, 11:00–23:00



98, Proletarskaya St.

t.: +7 (4012) 31-00-81, Mo-Fr, Sun:

12:00-23:00, Fr-Sat: 12:00-01:00



35, Teatralnaya St. (Shopping Centre

«Morskoy»), t.: +7 (4012) 59-63-20

Sun-Th: 12:00-02:00, Fr-Sat: 12:00-06:00



3, Gostinaya St., 18 Karla Marksa St.,

Mo-Fr, Sun: 12:00–01:00,

Fr-Sat: 12:00–02:00

t.: +7 (4012) 31-31-27



3-9, E. Kovalchuk St.

t.: +7 (4012) 31-31-47

Mo-Th: 08:30-23:00, Fr-Sun: 09:00-23:00

2а, Y. Matochkina st.

t.: +7 (4012) 31-31-28, 12:00-01:00


«Solnechny Kamen’»

3, M. Vasilevskogo Sq.

t.: +7 (4012) 53-91-06, 53-91-04





55, Kosmonavta Leonova St.

t.: +7 (4012) 33-10-10, 12:00-23:00



19-21, Mira Ave.

t.: +7 (4012) 61-55-43, 12:00-00:00



Pobedy Sq. 4, t.: +7 (4012) 95-03-95

Mo-Th, Sun: 12:00–00:00,

Fr-Sat: 12:00–02:00



162, Gorkogo St., t.: +7 (4012) 32-03-20

Mo-Th, Sun: 12:00-01:00,

Fr-Sat: 12:00-02:00


Pizza, pasta

«Bravo Italia»

Leninsky Ave. , 30 (Shopping Centre

«Plaza»), t.: +7 (4012) 37-35-95

Mo-Th, Sun: 10:00-21:00,

Fr-Sat: 10:00-22:00

9, Pravaya Naberezhnaya St., build. 2

Mo-Fr: 08:00-21:00, Sat-Sun: 09:00-22:00


«Do-do pizza»

1, Sovetsky Ave. 0:00-24:00

104b, Gorkogo St., Mo-Sun: 10:00-22:00

57b, Dzerzhinskogo St., Mo-Sun: 08:00-22:00

t.: 8 (800) 333-00-60


«Papasha Beppe»

18b, Gen.Tchelnokova St., 09:00-00:00

30, Teatralnaya St., 10:00-23:00,

20, Leninsky Ave., 10:00-23:00

99, Bagrationa St.,

Mo-Th, Sun: 09:00-23:00, Fr-Sat: 09:00-20:00

t.: +7 (4012) 31-23-12



30, Teatralnaya St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 92-11-31, 10.00-00.00,

10, Pobedy Sq. (Shopping Centre «Clover»),

t.: +7 (4012) 35-77-85, 08:00-05:00



«Pro Sushi»

76b, Tchernyakhovskogo St.

t.: +7 (4012) 56-50-00

Mo-Fr: 11:00-23:00, Sat-Sun: 11:00-00:00



«Sushi & More»

81, Leninsky Ave.

t.: +7 (4012) 35-07-73

Mo-Th: 09:00-00:00, Fr: 09:00-02:00

Sat: 11:00-02:00, Sun: 11:00-12:00



34, Professora Baranova St. (Shopping

Centre «Akropol»), t.: +7 (4012) 66-82-38




18, Leninsky Ave.

t.: +7 (4012) 98-10-73

Mo-Th: 11:00-06:00

Fr: 11:00-00:00, Sat-Sun: 12:00-02:00

30, Teatralnaya St. (Shopping Centre

«Europe»), t.: +7 (4012) 61-63-16

Mo-Th, Sun: 10:00-22:00,

Fr-Sat: 10:00-23:00

61, Kosmonavta Leonova St.

t.: +7 (4012) 56-31-56

Mo-Th, Sun: 11:00-00:00

Fr-Sat: 11:00-02:00


World Cuisine



106, Mira Ave.

t.: +7 (4012) 21-72-22

Mo-Sun: 11:00-23:00



10, Tchaikovskogo St.

t.: +7 (4012) 61-16-48

Mo-Sun: 11:00-00:00



30, Teatralnaya St. (Shopping Centre

«Europe») t.:+7 (4012) 31-23-23

Mo-Th, Sun: 11:00-00:00,

Fr-Sat: 11:00-02:00


«Khinkalnaya na Vagonke»

12, Vagonostroitelnaya St.

t.: +7 (906) 219-19-55

Mo-Th, Sun: 12:00-22:00

Fr-Sat: 12:00-00:00




30, Teatralnaya St. (Shopping Centre

«Europe»), t.: +7 (4012) 61-64-12

Mo-Th, Sun: 10:00-22:00

Fr-Sat: 10:00-23:00



«Tyotka Fischer»

11а, Shevchenko St.

t.: +7 (4012) 38-74-47

Mo-Th, 10:00-00:00

Fr: 10:00-02:00, Sat: 12:00-02:00

Sun: 12:00-00:00



22, Zhitomirskaya St.

t.: +7 (4012) 38-84-70




«Mayak»), 09:00-02:00

t.: +7 (4012) 39-99-39



«Lepim i varim»

56а, Mira Ave., t.: +7 (995) 086-09-42

Mo-Th, Sun: 10:00-22:00, Fr-Sat: 10:00-23:00



1а, Ozernaya St. t.: +7 (4012) 52-67-00

Mo-Th, Sun: 10:00-23:00, Fr-Sat: 10:00-00:00



10. Pobedy Sq., Shopping centre

«Clover», t.: +7 (4012) 59-33-77

Mo-Th, Sun: 12:00-01:00,

Fr-Sat: 12:00-02:00




40, Pobedy Ave.,

t.: +7 (4012) 55-55-04

Sun-Th, Sun: 12:00-00:00,

Fr-Sat: 12:00-02:00



21, Teatralnaya St. (Shopping Centre


«Borsch & salo»

10, Pobedy Sq.

t.: +7 (4012) 35-76-76

Mo-Th, Sun: 12:00-00:00,

Fr-Sat: 12:00-02:00



«Brasserie De Verres

En Vers»

10, Pobedy Sq.

t.: +7 (4012) 59-32-59,

+7 (4012) 59-33-44




«U Gasheka»

1, Leninsky Ave.

t.: +7 (4012) 91-91-82

Mo-Th, Sun: 12:00-00:00,

Fr-Sat: 12:00-02:00


Bars and pubs

Beer restaurant

«Zö tler»

3, Leninsky Ave.

t.: +7 (4012) 91-91-81 26


Mo-Th, Sun: 12:00-00:00,

Fr-Sat: 12:00-02:00

«Bykov Bar»

40, Prof. Baranova St. (Shopping centre

«Europe»), t.: +7 (4012) 37-44-70

Mo-Th, Sun: 08:00-01:00, Fr-Sat: 08:00-03:00




30, Professora Baranova St.

t.: +7 (4012) 30-00-30,

Mo-Th, Sun: 12:00-01:00, Fr-Sat: 12:00-03:00

18, K.Marksa St., t.: +7 (4012) 31-31-01

Mo-Th, Sun: 12:00-01:00,

Fr-Sat: 12:00-03:00



4, Oktyabrskaya St.

t.: +7 (4012) 30-71-30, 11:00-00:00



105, Mira Ave., t.: +7 (4012) 95-70-80

Mo-Th, Sun: 12:00-00:00, Fr-Sat: 12:00-04:00



5, Gendelya St. t.: +7 (4012) 99-26-06

Mo-Th, Sun: 12:00-00:00, Fr-Sat: 12:00-03:00


«Ivan Rakovar» crayfish

gastro pub

35, Bramsa St.

t.: +7 (4012) 52-75-70




83, Komsomolskaya St.

t.: +7 (4012) 92-18-30

Tue-Th: 12:00-02:00,

Fr-Sat: 16:00-02:00,

Sun: 14:00-23:00, Mo: closed



11, Leninsky Ave., t.: +7 (4012) 53-62-41

Mo-Th, Sun: 12:00-00:00,

Fr-Sat: 12:00-02:00



30, Teatralnaya St. (Shopping Centre

«Europe»), t.: +7 (4012) 66-80-60,

Mo-Th, Sun: 12:00-02:00,

Fr-Sat: 12:00-03:00



27, Litovsky val St.

Mo-Th, Sun: 12:00-00:00, Fr-Sat: 12:00-01:00

t.: +7 (4012) 46-94-01



137b, Alexandra Nevskogo St.

t.: +7 (4012) 58-59-99

Mo-Th, Sun: 12:00-00:00,

Fr-Sat: 12:00-02:00




Mc Donald’s

30, Teatralnaya St.

4а, Sovetsky Ave.,

26, Kalinina Sq. ,

t.: +7 (4012) 31-10-37 24 hours



4, Pobedy Sq., t.: +7 (966) 013-15-25

Sun-Th: 08:00-22:00,

Fr-Sat 08.00-00:00

13, Zhele4znodorozhnaya St.

t.: +7 (963) 630-09-79, 10.00-22.00



«Park House»

19, Chkalova St.

t.: 8 (4012) 99-44-77

Mo-Th: 11:00-00:00,

Fr-Sat: 11.00-01:00, Sun: 11.00-23.00



30, Volodarskogo St.

t.: +7 (981) 462-17-23,

(4012) 70-80-02, 11:00-00:00



32, Volodarskogo St.

t.: +7 (4012) 65-80-90, 11:00-23:00


«Papasha Beppe»

16b, Volodarskogo St.

t.: +7 (4012) 31-23-12, 11:00-23:00


«U Neptuna»

2b, Gagarina St.

t.: +7 (906) 238–21–49, 11:00-23:00



20а, Volodarskogo,

t.: +7 (40150) 3-11-10

Mo-Fr: 08:00-20:00, Sat-Sun: 08:00-21:00




15, Gagarina St., t.: +7 (4012) 55-55-13,

Mo: 16:00-23:00, Tue-Th: 12:00-23:00,

Fr-Sun: 12:00-24:00




2a, Beregovoy Ln.

t.: +7 (40153) 2–14–90, 11:00-00:00



11а, Oktyabrskaya St., 12:00-00:00

1, Lenina St., 11:00 -11:23:00

t.: +7 (40153) 2–17–62


18, Beregovoy Ln.

t.: +7 (40153) 2–15–08

Mo-Th, Sun: 12:00-22:00, Fr-Sat: 12:00-23:00

«Malenkaya Venezia»

17, Oktyabrskaya St.

t.: +7 (4012) 77–25–52, 11:00-00:00



4, Beregovoy Ln.

t.: +7 (963) 738–70–73, 12:00-00:00





10, Vereshchagina St.

t.: +7 (4012) 77–77–87, 12:00-23:00




72, Sovetskaya St.

t.: +7 (4012) 55–61–95, 09:00-24:00



9, Morskaya St.

t.: +7 (401) 256-55-80, 11:00-23:00



68, Sovetskaya St.

t.: +7 (4012) 55–50–40, 13:00-23:00




43, Kaliningradskoye Rd.

t.: +7 (963) 350–79–13, 09:00-21:00




10, Kalinina St., t.: +7 (40141) 6-20-04

Mo-Fr, Sun: 12:00-23:00,

Sat: 12:00-02:00



«Mamma mia»

3, Shkolnaya St.

8 (401) 613-21-93





2, Zoi Kosmodemyanskoy St.

t.:+7 (40143) 3-37-94, 08:00-00:00



5, Pobedy St.

t.: +7 (40143) 3-42-20, 12:00-00:00



What to see

National Park

«Curonian Spit»

Five thousand years ago winds and

currents of the Baltic Sea created

the strip of sand which divides

fresh and salt water. The width of

the spit varies from a minimum of

400 m in Russia (near the village

of Lesnoy) to a maximum of 3,800

m (near the Cape of Bulvikis, to the

north of Nida, Lithuania), with a total

length of 98 km. Since 1987, the

Curonian Spit has been considered

a national park and, since 2000, it

has been on the UNESCO’s World

Heritage List. You will fi nd on the

spit a museum complex, several

observation areas from which you

can view the Curonian lagoon and

the Baltic Sea, one of the highest

dunes in Europe called “Orekhovaya”

(55 m), “the dancing forest”, the

fi eld ornithological station of the

Zoological Institute of the Russian

Academy of Sciences «Fringilla»

and many other things. One can

download a free of charge virtual

guide for smartphones from the

website of the national park

Natural Park


The natural park is located on the bank

of the Vishtynets Lake that occupies an

area of 16 km². The border between

Russia and Lithuania runs across the

water of this lake.

The park is a part of a forest complex

totalling an area of about 360 km²,

which is called Romintskaya Pushcha

(Rominten Forest). One third of the

forest land is located within the territory

of Poland. Apart from picturesque

landscapes, one can find there traces of

the rich history of the place – medieval

churches in the villages of Krasnolesye,

Chistiye Prudy, Kalinino and Nevskoye,

a huge railway viaduct in the village of

Image: Y. Alekseeva


Tourist information at the

museum of the National Park

«Curonian Spit»

t.: +7 (4012) 31-00-28

Vistynets Museum

of Nature and History

t.: +7 (906) 212-68-23

Tokarevka, several bridges on the river

Krasnaya and the most beautiful of

them – the Deer Bridge – near the ruins

of a hunting lodge and a chapel.

Castles and


Hundreds of cultural and

historical heritage sites, including

fortifications, medieval castles

and churches, are located on the

territory of the Kaliningrad region.

Fortifications and castles are one

of the most interesting tourist

attractions in the region. There are

several fortification facilities, which

are quite well preserved. They house

museums, reenactment clubs and

cafes, as well as operate as venues

for various events and knights


Fort №5 «King Friedrich-

Wilhelm III»

Fort is a 19th century monument of

military architecture and a memorial

site. On 8 April 1945, during the

Battle of Königsberg, Fort №5 was

taken by the Soviet army in result

of a prolonged combat. The key

to victory in the assault on the fort

was the mass heroism of Soviet

soldiers. 15 people were awarded

the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Their names are immortalized on a

memorial stone. Today, Fort №5 is a

branch of the Kaliningrad Museum

of Art and History. Guided tours,

exhibitions and military-historical

reenactments are held here.

Kaliningrad, Bulatova St.

(reference point – sign «Kaliningrad»

at the entry into the city)

Fort №11 Dönhoff

The 19th century fort is a part of the

defensive ring around Königsberg,

which consisted of 12 main and 3

auxiliary fortifi cations. It has a form

of a hexagon extended on the front

and surrounded with a water ditch.

In 1945, the fort garrison surrended

almost without a fi ght, which explains

the high degree of preservation

of its architectural elements

and mechanisms indoors. Daily

excursions, quests and interactive

programs are available at the

premises of the fort. There is a cafe

and a souvenir shop.

Kaliningrad, Energetikov St,

t.: +7 (4012) 39-04-61, 39-06-9

How to get there: bus №9,

fi xed-route minibus №70. Stop

«Mel’kombinat» at Dzerzhinskogo

St. Cross the street and walk along

Energetikov St. for 20 minutes.


Castle Georgenburg

XIV century,

Tchernyakhovsk, Mayevka

One of the most preserved castles

on the territory of the region dated

back to the 14th century. It is

closely connected with the history

of a nearby stud farm, where in the

19th-20th centuries pedigree horses

of Hanover, Holstein and Trakenen

breeds were raised. At the time

being Russian Orthodox Church and

volunteers reconstruct the castle,

where they plan to set up the fi rst in

the region Museum of Christianity.

Insterburg Castle

XIV century,


Teutonic Castle dated back to the

14th century, has been repeatedly

rebuilt. Part of the walls and 2

towers of the Vorburg have survived

to this day. A local history museum

is located in the remaining premises

of the castle. The castle houses

museum expositions, galleries, craſts

workshops and operates as a venue

for art festivals and other cultural


Ragnit Castle

XIV century,


Teutonic Castle dated back to the

14th-15th centuries, which is a

brick citadel of square shape with

dimensions of 58 by 59 meters.

It had 4 floors, 11 large halls and

plenty of auxiliary rooms. Despite the

castle is ruined, its aligned forms and

preserved architectural elements

put a very strong impression. Can

be viewed from outside only. Today

the castle is being restored by


Waldau Castle

XIII century,


A 13th century castle, rebuilt in the

middle of the 15th century. The

building is well preserved. The castle

houses a municipal museum and

exposition about the Great Embassy

undertaken by the Russian Tsar Peter

the Great. Current tenants of the

castle are working on its restoration.

The Festival of Asparagus is one of

traditional events held at the castle.

This is a gastronomy festival dedicated

to a new variety of asparagus called


Nizovye, 20а, Kaliningradskaya St.,

t.: +7 (963) 299-85-43,

bus №110 (Yuzhny bas station -


Tapiau Castle

XIII century,


In the 16th century it was the

permanent residence of Duke Albrecht,

the last Grand Master of the Teutonic

Knights and the first Duke of Prussia.

At the time being it can be viewed

from outside only.

Schaaken Castle

XIII century,


The construction of the castle

commenced in 1261. A part of the

castle houses a museum of local

history. Today various programs

for children and adults, interactive


guided tours, events and festivals are

held on the territory of the castle.

During the summer season, the

castle houses an improvised knights’

camp and a tavern.

Nekrasovo, Tsentralnaya St.,

t.: +7 (906) 211-73-00


As to Kaliningrad itself, one can fi nd

here a multitude of administrative

and residential buildings of various

architectural styles, churches and

cathedrals, parks and gardens, tiled

roofs and preserved cobble stone

paving, which together create a

unique look of a modern city with

rich history.


Multifunctional cultural center

consisting of an academic concert

hall with the largest in Russia organ

and the museum of the philosopher

Immanuel Kant. In the pre-war

times this monument of history and

culture was fi rst the main Catholic

and later Lutheran Cathedral. Today

it houses an Orthodox chapel. One

of the tourist symbols of Kaliningrad

and locals’ favorite site for cultural


1, Kanta St., t.: +7 (4012) 63-17-05

Tomb of Immanuel Kant

Aſter the great philosopher’s death

his remains were buried in the chapel

adjoining the northeast corner of the

cathedral. In 1924, a new memorial

to Immanuel Kant was built on the

designs of the architect Friedrich

Lahrs, which has been preserved till

now. In 2024, Kaliningrad will be

celebrating the 300th Anniversary of

the famous philosopher.

Landmark - Cathedral

There is a multitude of religious sites

in the Kaliningrad region, which are

interesting in terms of both religion

and culture. For example, red brick

churches, situated in various parts of

the city, are an important feature of

the Kaliningrad’s modern appearance.

Starting from the 1990s most of

them house parishes of the Russian

Orthodox Church.

Cathedral of the Christ

the Savior

The foundation stone of the

cathedral was laid down on the site


of future construction on 10 April

1995. The 10th Anniversary of

Orthodoxy in the Kaliningrad region

was celebrated on that day. The

Upper Church of the Nativity of Christ

was consecrated on 10 September

2006 by the Patriarch of Moscow and

All Russia Alexy II. The lower church

in the name of the Miraculous Savior

was consecrated on 27 September

2007 by Metropolitan of Smolensk

and Kaliningrad Kirill.

2а, Victory Sq.

t.: +7 (4012) 72-64-70,

(secretary of the Cathedral

of the Christ the Savior)

Church of Alexander


8, Alexandra Nevskogo St.

t.: +7 (4012) 66-42-33

Church of the Protection

of the Holy Virgin

(formerly Rosenau Church)

24, Klavy Nazarovoy St.

Holy Cross Cathedral

(formerly Church of the Cross)

2, Generala Pavlova St.

St. Nicholas Church

(formerly Juditten Church)

38, Tenistaya Alleya St.

Kaliningrad regional

Philharmonic Hall

(formerly Church of the Holy Family)

The Philharmonic Concert Hall is

rightfully considered the icon of the

region, one of its main historical and

cultural attractions. The program of

the Kaliningrad Philharmonic Hall

covers not only organ music, but also

all the musical genres.

63а, Bogdana Khmelnitskogo St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 64–78–90


A new Synagogue opened in

Kaliningrad on the Okstyabrsky

island in November, 2018. It is

erected on the site of and repeats

the appearance of a pre-WWII

building. The Königsberg Synagogue

had operated since 1894 and was

destroyed by Nazi in 1938. Kosher

canteen has been operating at the

Synagogue’s premises since

May, 2019.

1, Oktyabrskaya St.

Yuzhny railway station

The building was designed by the

architect Cornelius. Before the Second

World War the building’s facade was

decorated with a sculpture of an

ancient god of time, Kronos, who


restrained a rushing horse. Today the

Coat of Arms of the Soviet Union is

placed in this place and the adjacent

square houses a monument to the

soviet statesman and party leader

M.I. Kalinin, in memory of whom

the city is named today. Railroad

amateurs will be interested to see

exhibits of the small railroad museum

which is located on the side track near

the Yuzhny railway station.

13-25, Zheleznodorozhnaya St.

Kaliningrad Zoo

A reserve site with an area of 16.7 ha

located in the very center of the city.

The zoo was opened for visitors as

early as 1896 by Hermann Claass, an

entrepreneur. Today the Kaliningrad

zoo is rightfully considered one of

the best in Russia.

26, Mira Ave. Guided tour order:

t.: + 7 (4012) 21–89–14

Kaliningrad regional

Museum of Amber

(Tower «Dona»)

The only museum of amber in Russia

opened in 1979. It is located in the

center of Kaliningrad on the shore

of the Verkhnee Lake in the 19th

century defense tower. Amber

Museum is a museum of one mineral.

The exposition occupies three floors

with the total space of 1 000 square

meters. Content wise it consists of

the «natural history» and «culture

and history» parts. Amber is a

fossilized resin of ancient coniferous

trees which grew 40 million years

ago of the territory of the presentday

Scandinavian peninsula and

adjacent areas of the bottom of the

Baltic Sea.

1, Marshala Vasilevskogo St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 53–82–19

Rossgarten Gate

The gate was constructed in

1852–1855. The façade was

designed by August Stüler, the Royal

Privy Councillor for buildings, while

the author of sculptural decorations

is Wilhelm Ludwig Stürmer. Today

houses a fi sh restaurant.

3, Marshala Vasilevskogo Sq.


The Friedland Gate

The Friedland Gate was built during

1857– 1862 in accordance with the

project of Ernst Ludwig von Aster. Now,

the gate houses the museum of the

same name. The museum is especially

proud of a collection of household

utensils from citizens and the 3D

reconstruction of the old city that lets

the visitors imagine the walk along the

disappeared streets of Köenigsberg.

30, Dzerzhinskogo St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 64–40–20

The Brandenburg Gate

The gate was built in Königsberg

in 1657 at the crossing of the

southwest part of the fi rst

fortifi cation ring with a road running

to the Brandenburg Castle (today

Ushakovo). This is the only historical

city gate through which traffi c

still flows today. At the time being

the gate houses the Muzeum of

Marzipan presenting the history of

marzipan and reviving the culinary


137, Bagrationa St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 77-27-79


Regional Museum of

History and Arts

The fi rst museum that opened in

the post-war Kaliningrad in 1946, is

situated in the building of the former

Concert Hall Stadthalle erected in

1911-1912. The museum has several

branches, including the Fort №5 and

museum «Bunker» in Kaliningrad

as well as K. Donelaitis Museum in

the settlement of Chistye Prudy,

Nesterov District.

21, Klinicheskaya St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 53–65–93

Kaliningrad Regional

Museum of Fine Arts

The museum has been working for over

20 years and developing as a modern art

venue. Every year about 40 exhibitions

of Russian and foreign art are held in its

halls. In 2018, the museum moved to the


historical building of the Königsberg Stock

Exchange, where its team makes big

plans for reconstruction.

83, Leninskiy Ave.,

t.: +7 (4012) 46–71–43

Museum of the World


The main maritime museum of

the country, it has a vast collection

of museum vessels. The following

vessels are moored near the main

building: research ships «Vityaz»

and «Kosmonavt Victor Patsayev», a

medium fi shing trawler and a combat

Tango-class submarine B-413. The

exposition also includes the lightship

«Irbensky», the last inhabited lightship

in the world.

An opening of an new museum building

called «Planet Ocean», a cultural venue

preserving and presenting knowledge

about the Ocean, is in the plans for

the nearest future. The Museum of

the World Ocean has several venues

in the region, including the King’s

and Friedrichsburg gates as well

as a maritime exhibition center in


1, Petra Velikogo,

t.: +7 (4012) 34-02-44

King’s Gate

When Königsberg was a part of the

Russian Empire in 1757–1762, Russian

engineers built the Gumbinnen Gate,

which was re-named King’s Gate in

1811. On 1 July 2005, on the occasion

of the 750th Anniversary of the city

the restored King’s Gate was opened.

Today the gate houses the cultural and

historical center «Great Embassy» of

the Museum of the World Ocean. The

fi rst official guest of the reconstructed

gate was the President of Russia

V.V. Putin who was visiting the city in

the anniversary year.

112, Frunze St.

t.: +7 (4012) 58–12–72

Friedrichsburg Gate

The gate preserved today was once

part of the Fort Friedrichsburg,

which was protecting the sea access

to Königsberg. The fort was built

in 1657 by the order of the Elector

Frederick William in order to protect

the Pregolya (formerly Pregel) river,

and was designed by Christian Otter.

Today the gate of the fort houses

an exhibition about the story of ship

building in the Baltic region and in

Russia, which has the common name

«Ship’s Revival».

39, Portovaya St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 53-17-44


Tourist routes

Route A

Distance 6,4 km

Time required 1 day

Cultural and educational, historical

All year round

1. Kaliningrad City Administration

(1, Pobedy Sq)

2. Kaliningrad State Technical

University (KSTU)

(1, Sovetsky Ave.)

3. Sculpture «Fighting Bisons»

4. Baltic Navy Headquarters

(2, Ushakova St.)

5. Drama Theater

(4, Mira Ave.)

6. Monument to F.Schiller

(crossing of Mira Ave.

and Teatralnaya St.)

7. Regional Library

(9-11, Mira Ave.)

8. Government of the Kaliningrad

region (1, D.Donskogo St.)

9. Zoo (26, Mira Ave.)

10. Hotel «Moskva»

(19, Mira Ave.)

13. Monument to Cosmonauts

14. Central Park

(beginning of Pobedy Ave.)

15. Puppet Theater (1а, Pobedy Ave.)

16. House of Artists (3, Pobedy Ave.)

17. Kutuzova St. neighborhood

18. St. Adalbert Church

(41, Pobedy Ave.)

19. Monument to Ludvikas Reza

(crossing of Pobedy Ave., Kashtanovaya

Alley and Litovsky sq.)

20. Astronomers’ Bastion

(Gvardeysky Ave., 22)

21. Monument to the Heroes of the

First World War (crossing of Gvardeysky

Ave. and Rumiantseva St.)

22. Victory Park (crossing of Gvardeysky

Ave. and Rumiantseva St.)

23. Kaliningrad Branch of the Police

School of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

(30, Generala Galitskogo St.)

24. Museum of the World Ocean

(1, Petra Velokogo Emb.)

11. Art School for Children

(28, Mira Ave.)

12. Cinema «Zarya»

(41-43, Mira Ave.)


Route B

Distance 6,4 km

Time required 1 day

Cultural and educational, historical

All year round

1. Kaliningrad Business Centre

(4, Pobedy Sq.)

2. Cathedral of the Christ the Savior

(2, Pobedy Sq.)

3. Victory Square

4. Upper Pond

5. «Dona» tower (1, Marshala

Vasilevskogo Sq.)

6. Rossgarten Gate (3, Marshala

Vasilevskogo Sq.)

7. Bastion «Oberteich»

(5, Litovsky val St.)

8. «Kronprinz» barracks

(38, Litovsky val St.)

9. Bastion «Grolman»

(21, Litovsky val St.)

10. King’s Gate

(112, Frunze St.)

11. Sackheim Gate

(21, Litovsky val St.)

14. Tomb of Immanuel Kant

(Kant’s Island, 1, Kanta St.)

15. Cathedral

(Kant’s Island, 1, Kanta St.)

16. Monument to Duke Albrecht

(Kant’s Island)

17. Park of Sculptures

(Kant’s Island)

18. Museum of Fine Arts

(83, Leninsky Ave.)

19. Ruins of the Royal Castle

(Central Square in front of the House

of Soviets)

Free WiFi




Accessible for people with disabilities

Parking for bikes

Details on the next page

12. Memorial to Baltic Navy mariners

(crossing of Oktyabrskaya St. and

Moskovsky Ave.)

13. Fish village

(2-8, Oktyabrskaya St.)


If you select the Route A you will

be able to walk within the well

preserved neighborhoods of Hufen

and Amalienau (today Mira Ave. and

Kutuzova St.) districts and grasp the

spirit of the early 20th century. Quiet

streets, abundant greenery, graceful

villas designed by famous architects

of the time F. Lahrs, H. Hopp, K. Frick,

F. Heitmann and P. Brostowski.


If you want to see fortifi cations

of Könisgberg, to walk within new

districts of Kaliningrad, to listen to

organ concert in the Cathedral and

drink a cup of coffee in a new area

called Fish village, we suggest you to

follow the Route B.


Region Highlights

Beaches in Yantarny

Kaliningrad region is proud of

sea beaches in the settlement of

Yantarny. The beach «Shaſt Anna»

was the fi rst one in Russia to have

been awarded «The Blue Flag» in

2016. This means that the beach

of Yantarny meets international

standards of quality and safety. In

2019, one more beach near the

«Schloss» hotel was awarded «The

Blue Flag». It is exactly this status

that many tourists around the world

pay attention to, when choosing

a destination for a beach holiday.

Changing cabins, toilets, showers

and drinking fountains, water and

beach sports areas, playgrounds, as

well as the entire infrastructure for

recreation for people with disabilities

are at visitors’ disposal here.

Observation deck at the

quarry of the Amber


In 2017, after reconstruction, an

observation deck was opened in

Yantarny settlement, which allows

real-time observation of works in

the amber quarry from a height of

more than 50 meters. This is a whole

tourist complex, which includes

a shop with amber products and

souvenirs, numerous attractions

and models that will be interesting

to both adults and children. A photo

zone with historical costumes and

interesting art objects thematically

related to amber are installed here.

Here can be found a real amber


Image: V. Nevar

pyramid made of 700 kilograms of

amber, which has a positive impact

on human health.

Yantarny village,

bus №120, departure from Severniy

or Yuzhniy bus stations,

t.: +7 (40153) 3–74–44

Casino «Sobranie»

One of the fi ve Russia’s gambling

zones is located in the Kaliningrad

region. It is situated 50 kilometers

away from Kaliningrad near to

Yantarny settlement. In 2017, Casino

«Sobranie» with a hall with slot

machines, poker club, restaurant,

craſt-bar opened on the territory of

the gambling zone.

Bird Ringing Station


This fi eld station is a branch of the

fi rst in the world Ornithological

Station founded in Rossitten (now

Rybachy settlement) as early as 1901

by Prof. J. Thienemann. Named

aſter the bird fi nch (Fringilla in Latin),

the station is located on the way of

seasonal migrations of various birds.

In spring and autumn, a multitude

of birds flies over the National Park

«Curonian Spit». They are heading

to the warm lands of the southern

Europe and Africa. During this

period the staff of the station puts

up huge nets for catching feathered

creatures. Today the fi eld station

«Fringilla» is a favorite destination

for tourists travelling around the

Curonian Spit. It provides guided

tours and demonstrates the process

of registering and ringing birds.

Location – 23rd kilometer

of the Curonian Spit


Homlins are the new tourist

attraction in Kaliningrad. These are

small figurines of bronze installed

in various places of the city. Their

name derives from the English word

«home». «Grandpa Karl» sitting

on the Honey Bridge on the way

to the Kant's island was the first

one to appear. Locals like to dress

him up according to a season.

They knit scarfs and hats for him.

«Grandma Martha» is installed near

the Museum of Amber. Wearing a


peakless cap, Homlin-Little Man

is situated on the territory of

the Museum of the World Ocean.

You can learn more about these

fairytale creatures in the «Homlins'

Workshop», which is based at the

Astronomers’ Bastion.

Territory of the Astronomers’

Bastion, Kaliningrad,

22, Gvaredeysky Ave.,

t.: +7 (4012) 90-55-11

Museum «Murrarium»

Museum of cats «Murrarium» is

situated in Zelenogradsk, whose

dwellers are known for their

affection to these pets. A monument

to the Cat of Zelenogradsk is

installed at one of the main

avenues (Kurortny Ave.), and

special houses for cats can be

found in the «Kotofeynya» park.

The local administration has even

introduced a new position, the one

of «kotochef», who is responsible

for taking care of the town’s cats.

Museum «Murrarium» is a unique

exhibition of cat’s figurines and

images from a private collection.

The exposition occupies a former

water tower, which is a monument

of architecture today.


2а, Saratovskaya St.,

t.: +7 (40150) 3-10-20,

+7 (952) 056-09-92

Cheese factory of the

region Tilsit-Ragnit

Craſt cheese from a cheese factory

in Neman is very popular among the

residents and guests of the region.

You can attend a master class in

cheese making and take part in an

guided tour with product tasting.

Recently, a whole restaurant and

hotel complex «Deutsches Haus»

with refi ned cuisine and comfortable

rooms was built here. Guests can

also enjoy cycling along the famous

Daubas trail with a visit to the

historical sites of Neman.

Neman, 51а, Pobedy St.,

t.: +7 (963) 738-44-73

Nesselbeck Castle

This culture and entertainment

center consists of a brewery, a

restaurant, a hotel, museum of

medieval tortures and museum of

skeletons. Various shows and other

entertainment events take place

here. The center is situated in a

building replicating architecture

of a medieval castle. Here you can

plunge into knights’ every day life,


Image: Y. Alekseeva

see knights tournaments and make

a photo of oneself wearing armour.

Guryevsky district, Orlovka,

7, Tsentralny Ln.,

t.: +7 (4012) 39-81-58

Museum «Altes Haus»

The museum is an apartment in a

house built in 1912. Miraculously

preserved authentic interior, original

furniture and objects of long

forgotten, old life allow you to feel

yourself a resident of the early 20th

century Königsberg. Besides, here

you can buy souvenirs and even

some antiquities.

Kaliningrad, 11, Krasnaya St, apt. 1,

t.: +7 (4012) 33-50-60

Museum «Old German

School «Waldwinkel»

The museum is situated in a private

house which used to be a school

before WWII. The owner of the house

and the founder of the museum has

been collecting historical materials and

stories of former German and Soviet

pupils of this school for a long time.

At present, the interior of the

classroom has been completely

recreated in the house and an

exposition dedicated to the history

of the school since 1890 and

the village of Waldwinkel (today

Ilyitchovo) has been arranged.

Polessky district, Ilyitchovo,

24, Lesnaya St.,

t.: +7 (921) 262-92-28

Ethnographic collection

«People of the sea»

The exposition is on display at the

branch of the Museum of the World

Ocean in Svetlogorsk (in «Amber

Hall»). It introduces visitors into

the life of peoples of South-East

Asia. This is a first ethnographic

project of such a high quality in the

Kaliningrad region. Only a few of

the largest museums in the world

can be proud of such exhibits. Many

of the items on display are unique

for Russia and are exhibited for the

first time in our country. According

to researchers who studied the

collection, today it is one of the top

five in Europe.

Maritime Exhibition Center,

Svetlogorsk, 11, Lenina St.

(Concert Hall «Amber Hall»)


Rural Tourism

Lots of us get tired of living in the

city, and we are tempted by the

calm and remote places where we

can enjoy the silence of the wood,

an orchard fragrance, the smell of

wild flowers and a new-mown grass,

to listen to the birds’ singing, to

have a glass of new drawn milk and

to entirely dissolve into calm rural

living. The direction you choose to

go is not that important, everywhere

you will meet hospitable owners of

estates, guest houses, farms and

country farms. Traditional farmer’s

food and calm rural life will leave

unforgettable impressions from

your holiday or from a weekend trip.

You shouldn’t worry about being

bored, despite the slow pace of local

life. You can enjoy horse riding and

bicycle rides, try out haymaking

and animal feeding, fi shing, hunting,

walking, visit a bath and spend cozy

evenings next to a fi replace. Some of

the guest houses offer scenic river

walks, raſting and boat rental.

Guest house «Fishdorf»

Polessky district, Matrosovo,

21, Levoberezhnaya St.

t.:+7 (4012) 52-11-10

Restaurant, grill, SPA centre, bike,

boat and canoe rental, swimming pool,

angling, Russian sauna

Park-Hotel «Angel»

Tchenryakhovsky district,

92 km of Gusevskoye Rd.,

t.: +7 (4012) 33-65-43

Sauna complex, angling,

mini zoo, sporting

Guest house «Waldhausen»

Tchenryakhovsky district,


t.: +7 (4012) 52-29-52,

+7 (991) 483-39-39

Barbecue, playground, terrace,

restaurant and bаr

Guest house «Galkina


Polessky district, Malaya Matrosovka,

14, Rybatskaya St.,

t.: +7 (911) 855–25–53


9 rooms, boats, angling,

sauna, barbecue

Hotel «Dom Lesnika»

Polessky district, Sosnovka,

18, Osktyabrskaya St.,

t.: +7 (40158) 2–32–47,

+7 (40158) 2–32–30

Sauna, swimming pool,

billiard, bike rental,

banqueting hall, outdoor area

Tourist center

«Dom Rybolova»

Zelenogradsky district, Lesnoye,

t.: +7 (909) 794-67-62;

+7 (40150) 4-51-17

Bike and boat rental,

organization of fishing,

bike tours, barbecue, deck-chairs


«Koziy Dvor»

Polessky district,


13, Lipovaya St,

t.: +7 (909) 780–30–14,

+7 (905) 243-79-06

Barbecue, sauna,

fireplace hall,

organic products

of goat milk

Pony farm

«Konyok Gorbunok»

Polessky district, Sholokhovo,

3, Kaliningradskaya St.

t.: +7 (931) 610-63-39,

+7 (4012) 52-29-32

Active recreation for children, mini zoo,

walks, hyppo therapy, zoo-therapy (free

of charge for kids with disabilities


«Koni-pony Dvor»

Polessky district,

Belomorskoye, Zerechnaya St.,

t.: +7 (962) 268–08–91

Mini zoo, horse riding,

farm products store


Country estate

«Krasnaya Melnitsa»

Polessky district, Krasnoye,

18, Kurshskaya St.,

t.: +7 (40158) 2–33–89

Fishing, hunting,

walking and bike tours,

cabins, barbecue, guarded parking


of Zaec

Nesterovsky district,

Chistyie Prudy, farm «Ozerki», 6,

t.: +7 (921) 260–01–97

Bike tours, raſting,

horse riding, sauna,

farm products

Guest house

«Lesnaya Polyana»

Slavsky ditrict, Sosnyaki, 13,

t..: +7 (931) 601–72–04,

+7 (962) 261–77–77

Russian wood-fired sauna

with brooms, fireplace hall

Safari Park «Mushkino»

Bagrationovsky district,

farm «Mushkino»

t.: +7 (921) 710–39–39

Summer terrace, hunters’ room,

deer farm, mini zoo, angling, hunting,

compact sporting, photo-hunting,

walking trails, sauna

Country estate

«Olen’I Vrata»

Krasnoznamensky district,

Nikolskoye, 5

t.: +7 (4012) 99-40-04

Sauna, bungalow, fishing,

playground, billiard, table tennis,

laser paintball

Guest house «Okhota»

Guryevsky distirct, Svobodnoye, 5

t.: +7 (4012) 563-050

Restaurant, banquets,

wood-fi red sauna

Homestead na Khutorskoy

Guryevsky distirct, Konstantinovka,

42, Tsentralnaya St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 33–55–31

Mini zoo, cafe, cabin rental,

playgrounds, fishing

Country estate «Rominten»

Nesterovsky district,

Dmitrievka, 2,

t.: +7 (921) 612 73 18

Sauna, angling, farm


Health and Sporting

center «Russ»

Gusevsky district, Olkhovatka,

1 «а», Tsentralnaya St.

t.: +7 (911) 860-15-04

Raſting, chalets by the river, angling,

sauna, horse riding.

Guest house

«Staraya Apteka»

Nesterovsky district,

Yasnaya Polyana,

31а, Tsentralnaya St.

t.: +7 (911) 472 35 10

Sauna, barbecue,

bike rental, tours

Usadba Titova

Nesterovsky district, Krasnolesye,

27, Sosnovaya St.,

t.: +7 (981) 450-04-53

Angling, hunting, raſting,

sauna, cabin with a fireplace,

tours, deer farm

Hotel «Usadba»

Guryevsky district, Orlovka,

8 Zarechnaya St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 38–48–50

50 rooms, restaurant of Russian

cuisine, horse riding club,

organization of tours, open air

swimming pool

Guest house

«Fasanya ferma»

Krasnoznamensky district, Michurino,

t.: +7 (40164) 2-21-30,

+ 7 (902) 233-80-14

Russian sauna, swimming pool,

farm products

Park Hotel


Bagrationovsky district,


11 К, Berlinskoye Rd.,

t.: +7 (4012) 31-14-15

25 rooms, restaurant,

SPA centre, Russian sauna,

lake, angling



Zelenogradksy district,

Logvono, Vislova Farm,

t.: +7 (4012) 50-95-97

Grape harvesting, angling,

cooking craſt bread,

master class in producing

goat cheese

Guest house


Guryevsky district, Krasnopolye,

3А, Krainyaya St.,

t.: +7 (401) 513-95-96,

+7 (931) 603-66-96

Angling, restaurant,

sauna, swimming pool


Sporting Activities

Those who want to have active

holidays during the summer can

enjoy a lot of water sports. These

include kiting, outdoor swimming,

diving, kayaking and rafting. Meet

the summer season with swimming

in the Baltic sea. Alternatively

lovers of water can swim in the

Kaliningrad rivers and lakes. For

those who spend much time in the

city, we recommend to remember

about an active lifestyle and join

the locals for a traditional evening

bicycle rides along picturesque,

well-developed embankments of

the city lakes and in the green park

area. If you are fond of horse riding,

you can benefit from it in several

places of the region. You can choose

a ride together with a professional

instructor, or alone if you are an

experienced horse rider. Moreover,

in Kaliningrad you have a wonderful

opportunity to find yourself between

heaven and earth – to make a

parachute jump or to do some flying

with a paraplane.

Regional yacht club

«Yantarny Parus»


10, Mamonovskoe Rd. (landmark –

Hotel «Las Palmas»),

t.: +7 (4012) 77-47-75

Surfing Club «Glaz Vetra»


10, Mamonovskoe Rd,

t.: +7 (906) 216-27-69, 70-83-70

Kite-surfing school



17th km of Mamonovskoe Rd.,

t.: +7 (906) 238–87–25

Diving center «Demersus»

Yantarny, 1, Ozyornaya St.,

t.: +7 (906) 238-78-11

Catamaran rental



Proletarsnaya St,

embankment of the Verkhnee Lake,

t.: +7 (952) 051-86-96

Paragliding club


t.: +7 (952) 792-60-69,

+7 (967) 353-90-97

«Mir Priklucheniy»

Kaliningrad, 139 а, Pobedy Ave,

t.: +7 (905) 242–98–0

Organization of sporting activities.


Ice Arena


Kaliningrad, 12, Donskogo St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 61-57-25

Ice skating rink

«Residentsiya Koroley»

Kaliningrad, 10, Nevskogo St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 75-00-22

Paintball and lasertag

club «Shturm»

Kaliningrad, 2, Krylova St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 77–96–22

Strike ball in Kaliningrad

«Takticheskaya boroda»

Kaliningrad, 5, Proletarskaya St.,

t. +7 (908) 290-25-70

Karting club «Leader»

Guryevsky district, Pribrezhny,

1, Kaliningradskoye Rd., build. 2

t.: +7 (4012) 37–95–95,

+7 (911) 454–80–13

Trampoline center


24 а, General-leytenanta Ozerova St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 90–18–50

Biking and kayaking route

in Ozyorsk

Ozyorsk, 1,Pogranichnaya St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 52-00-21,

+7 (906) 219–23–80,

+7 (906) 219–23–88

Rafting on the rivers

of the Kaliningrad region

Polessky district, Golovkino,

2, Novy Ln., t.: +7 (906) 238–78–07,

+7 (4012) 53-30-53

Equestrian club


85 d, 1 Bolshaya Okruzhnaya St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 76-24-89;

+7 (911) 457-22-19

Stud farm


Tchernyakhovsk, 10, Tsentralnaya St.,

t.: +7 (911) 467-47-48,

+7 (906) 231-81-55

Skeet shooting center


Zelenogradsky district, Romanovo,

1, Lesnaya St., t.: +7 (900) 563-55-53

Sea fishing


Kaliningrad, 26, Gen.Karbysheva St.,

t.: +7 (905) 245-45-95,

+7 (911) 451-00-44

Hunting «Safari Park


Bagrationovsky district,

farm Mushkino

t.: +7 (4012) 52-39-39




Drama Theater

Main theater of the region. Annually

the theater houses the international

festival of arts «Baltic seasons»,

which presents to the public the plays

by both young and already famous

theater companies from Russia and


4, Mira Ave.,

t.: +7 (4012) 21–24–22

Musical theater

The theater has operated since 2001.

The theater stages famous plays, some

of which are carried out in cooperation

with the well known Moscow theater

«Helicon Opera»

87, Mira Ave.,

t.: +7 (4012) 93–56–57

Puppet theater

The puppet theater is located in one

of the most beautiful buildings of the

city – in the Church of the memory of

Queen Louise constructed in 1901.

The main part of its repertoire is

performances for children based on

fairy tales from different countries.

This is a place for excellent family


1а, Pobedy Ave,

t.: +7 (4012) 21–43–35

House of Arts

155, Leninsky Ave.

t.: +7 (4012) 64–37–47

Mo–Fr: 11:00–20:00


Chamber theater

«Third Floor»

6, Komunalnaya St. (stage «Attic»),

14, A. Nevskogo St. (big stage),

t.: +7 (4012) 90-46-30

Tilsit Theater

Sovetsk, 5, Teatralnaya St.,

t.: +7 (40161) 3-21-52


Kaliningrad regional

Philharmonic Hall

Here you can not only listen to organ

music, but also enjoy concerts of

symphony orchestra, operas and

regular music festivals.

61а, Bogdana Khmelnitskogo St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 64–52–94

Organ hall of the

Makarov Company


3, Kurortnaya St.,

t.: +7 (401) 53-2-17-61

Pop music

concert hall


(Amber Hall)

Since 2015, Amber Hall has

hosted the music festival of the

KVN teams «Singing KiViN».

In addition to the stunning concert

hall, there are all kinds of shops,

boutiques, fashionable restaurants

and cozy cafes in the Amber Hall.

Svetlogorsk, 11, Lenina St.,

t.: +7 (40153) 3–35–00,

+7 (4012) 30–01–11

You can find a more detailed

information of theaters’ repertories

and buy tickets on-line


«KARO Film»

30, Leninsky Ave., Shopping Center

«Plaza», t.: +7 (4012) 53–53–63


11, Chelnokova St., Shopping Center

«Equator», t.: +7 (4012) 32–02–22

«Cinema Park»

40, Professora Baranova St.,

Shopping Center «Еvropa»


30, Professora Baranova St., Shopping

Center «Epicenter», t.: +7 (4012) 30–00–03


«Amber SEA»

29, Leninsky Ave.,

t.: +7 (4012) 76-36-83

«Amber Market»

47-61 Leninsky Ave.,

t.: +7 (900) 567-72-72

«Amber rainbow»

49, Leninsky Ave.,

t.: +7 (4012) 39-03-59


«Yantarnaya Shkatulka»

33а, Leninsky Ave.,

t.: +7 (4012) 53 13-50


Petra Velikogo emb.

t.: +7 (911) 851-76-31

Studio «DARVIN»

21, Pravaya Naberejnaya.

t.: +7 (4012) 57-16-68

Shop and printing house

«Kaliningrad Book»

Books on the history of the Kaliningrad

region, photography albums. Books

on amber, architecture and painting.

Souvenirs, cards, magnets, engravings,

tourist maps and guides.

Karla Marksa St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 95–73–48


Shopping Centre «Acropol»

34, Professora Baranova St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 66–82–12

Shopping Centre «Europe»

30, Teatralnaya St.

t.: +7 (4012) 616-677

Shopping Centre

«Kaliningrad Plaza»

30, Leninsky Ave.,

t.: +7 (4012) 53–10–69

Shopping Centre

«Clover City Centre»

10, Pobedy Sq.,

t.: +7 (4012) 38-83-55, 97-99-99

Shopping Centre «Mega»

17b, General-leytenanta Ozerova St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 969-122

Shopping Centre


30, Professora Baranova St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 30–00–03


Must do’s

When in Kaliningrad

don’t forget to:

..... visit Cathedral. This is the

building where hollowness and

magic, ancient history of the region,

organ music, ghosts of one of three

cities of ancient Koenigsberg, and a

sarcophagus of the great philosopher

Immanuel Kant all come together.

Directly opposite to a memorial portico

there stands a statue of Duke Albrecht

of Bradenburg, the last Grand Master

of the Teutonic Order. It was him, who

founded the university where Immanuel

Kant studied and later worked

..... take a stroll among the

old townhouse areas on

the streets of Chapaev, Pugachyov,

Telman and Kutuzov. Sleepy streets

abundant in greenery, grecaeful

houses built in various architectural

styles, old cobble stone paving

paving – all this will let you feel

the magnifi cent atmosphere of

Kaliningrad, where history closely

intertwines with modernity. drop into one of the

castles: Waldau, Shaaken,

Georgenburg or any other. They are in

different states of physical condition,

but sometimes a ruin on its own

speaks more about its time than a

restored castle.

... take a ride to the sea coast in

the evening. The running of the

day, travelling of the sun, shimmering

sea waves and clear skies, and this

unique state of mind – all these things

are the essential part of old local

tradition for saying farewell to the sun.

....choose an amber souvenir for

yourself. A piece of jewellery or

just a small piece of amber (that you

found on the sea shore aſter a storm) –

this would be the best lucky charm you

can have or a thing to muse over for

the millions of years which had frozen

in this tiny piece of amber.

... take with you two or three

miniature figures made of

local marzipan. You can put them on

display on a shelf and appreciate their

sculptural work; or you can have them

with your cup of tea and bring back

your memories of this place.


Sleepless in Kaliningrad

Hookah place

«Deep Smoke»

84, Mira Ave., basement,

t.: +7 (4012) 95-73-50


18, Leninsky Ave., 2 floor,

t.: +7 (4012) 99-98-99


92, Mira Ave.,

t.: +7 (4012) 50–97–22

«OblackO Lounge-Bar»

2а, Serzhanta Koloskova St.,

t.: +7 (909) 799-33-22

«Ping Ponger»

10, Musorgskogo St, build. 5,

t.: +7 (4012) 40-08-60


42b, Leninsky Ave.,

t.: +7 (905) 243–23–52


81, Leninsky Ave.,

t.: +7 (4012) 35–07–72

«Bykov Bar»

40, Professora Baranova St.,

Shopping Centre «Europe», 1 floor,

t.: +7 (4012) 37-44-70


105, Mira Ave,

t.: +7 (4012) 95-70-80,

+7 (4012) 96-06-56,

+7 (4012) 95-66-09


Billiard Club


30, Leninsky Ave., Shopping Centre

«Kaliningrad Plaza», ground floor,

t.: +7 (4012) 39-55-55


13b, Gaydara St.,

t..: +7 (4012) 98–67–03


26, Tchernyakhovskogo St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 53–38–07


19, D. Donskogo St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 38–48–48

«Residency of kings»

10, Alexandra Nevskogo St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 30-03-60

«City Bowling»

30, Professora Baranova St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 30–00–27


13, Mira Ave,

t.: +7 (4012) 53-39-20


66, Yaltinskaya St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 37–92–66



Sovetsk (formerly Tilsit)

is a city rich with history. That is

actually the place where the peace

treaty between Alexander I and

Napoleon was signed in 1807. Tilsit

was first mentioned in the 13th

century. One of the town’s places

of interest is Queen Louise Bridge

which at the same time performs

the function of car border crossing

point between Russia and Lithuania

over the Neman river. Central

Pobedy Street, which leads to the

bridge, reminds you of a narrow

European town street. City park is

a wonderful place for relaxation. It

is exactly here that one of the main

symbols of the city – a sculpture

of Queen Louise installed in 1900

– was situated before WWII. The

sculpture was reconstructed in

2014 thanks to the efforts of local

authorities and residents. Looking

at old houses covered with red tiles

and decorated with facade molding

you feel like it is many centuries

ago. We recommend you to visit the

building of the former city Royal

gymnasium, the Lithuanian church, a

mill pond with an arboretum, as well

as a city museum displaying a lot of

interesting exhibits.


Information Center

Sovetsk, 4, Lenina St.,

t.: +7 (40161) 3-23-48



(formerly Insterburg)

The history of the town of

Tchernyakhovsk begins with the

construction of the Order Castle

in 1336. The Knightly House was

repeatedly visited and became the

residence of well known persons:

the Duke of Derby; Henry the IV,

King of England (in 1390); George

Friedrich, margrave (in 1583);

Johann Sigismund, Prince-Elector

(in 1612); Maria Eleonora, Queen of

Sweden (in 1643), and other historic

fi gures. Together with the castle,

the town began to grow – and it won

the glory of being a horse Mecca

of Europe, as a result of which

Tchernyakhovsk revived the tradition

of organizing horse tournaments.

In 1936, East Prussia saw the fi rst

trolley-bus. Besides, a zipper was

invented here. The town has retained

its unique landscape and atmosphere

to this day. Walking along the streets

of Tchernyakhovsk you will fi nd a

magnifi cent equestrian sculpture

of a famous Russian commander of

Napoleonic wars Barclay de Tolly as

well as a monument to twice Hero of

the Soviet Union, Army General

I.D. Tchernyakhovsky, who

commanded the 3rd Belorussian

Front during the East Prussian

offensive operation of 1944-1945 and

in whose honor the city was renamed.

2, Pionerskaya St.,

t.: +7 (950) 674-01-46


(formerly Pillau)

Being the most western city of

Russia, the town of Baltiysk is well

known for its close proximity to

Vistula Spit – the unique natural

phenomenon. Surrounded by the

Kaliningrad lagoon on one side and

by the sea on the other – it has

recently become a popular place

for so-called wild tourism. Apart

from naval traditions, this city is

usually associated fi rst of all with

a lighthouse erected in 1813, and

monuments to Peter The Great and

Elizabeth of Russia, Empress. We

should also mention the Church of

St. Alexander Nevsky, St. George’s

maritime cathedral, the Museum

of the Baltic Navy, «The Swedish

fortress», as well as «Sacred

Adalbert’s Cross», installed in the

vicinity of the art village Vitland.


(formerly Gumbinnen)

Gusev’s places of interest include the

bronze sculpture of elk – the symbol

of the city. The sculpture has a rich

history of location changes: fi rst it

was established on the bank of the


Pissa river, then it was transferred to

the Kaliningrad zoo and, aſter that,

was returned to the city and placed

in the square. The locals are also

proud of the historical fresco «King

Friedrich meets emigrants who are

leaving Salzburg to settle in Prussia»,

which was completely restored by

2008. This fresco can be seen today

in the concert hall of the College of

Agricultural Technologies and Nature

Management. The outstanding event

in the town’s history is the Battle

of Gumbinnen, which is one of fi rst

large battles at the eastern front

of the First World War (20 August

1914). The town loudly celebrated the

100th Anniversary of the Battle of

Gumbinnen, which was successful for

the Russian Imperial Army. Modern

Gusev is a dynamically developing

town. It is the seat for the largest

in Russia private radio electronics

innovation cluster «Technopolis

GS». We also recommend you to

visit the town’s museum of local

history, where you will fi nd modern

interactive installations, and a

memorial church in honor of All

Saints in memory of those who fell

during the First World War in the

historic city center.


(formerly Tapiau)

The city has many buildings of the

late 19th and early 20th centuries,

among them Tapiau Castle, St. John

the Baptist Church, a Town Hall of

1922, and the house of the German

expressionist painter Lovis Corinth,

which is being reconstructed today.


(formerly Rauschen)

A popular seaside resort. Apart from

the beach, a perfectly equipped

promenade area and well-developed

city infrastructure, Svetlogorsk is

famous for having preserved the

unique architecture of the pre-war

years. The city is abundant in


sculpture. The private Organ hall of

the Makarov Company is a nice place

for culture and recreation. Svetlogorsk

has a status of a federal resort, and

there are many specialized sanatoria

based here.

Tourist Information

Centre of Svetlogorsk


7а, Marksa St.,

t.: +7 (40153) 2-20-98


(formerly Cranz)

Zelenogradsk is one of the most

popular resorts of the Kaliningrad

region. A fi ne beach, a new 7km long

promenade, plenty of trees, and wellpreserved

architectural monuments

will give you unforgettable

impressions from your visit. There

is «The well-room of Queen Louise»

– a well-equipped spring of drinking

mineral water in the promenade

area. Various SPAs, sanatoria and

therapeutic mudbaths offer a wide

range of medical and health services.

Tourist Information


Zelenogradsk, 11b,

Turgeneva St.,

t.: +7 (40150) 3–37–77


(formerly Palmnicken)

Yantarny settlement has recently

become a rapidly growing resort

with various types of recreation and

tourism. Moreover, it managed to win

the glory of the best place for day

off tourism and outdoor activities

– mainly because of the two diving

centers located at an old amber

quarry. Various excursion routes have


been developed for tourists. Guests

of the settlement are encouraged to

visit an exhibition hall of the Amber

Combine featuring unique items, as

well as a private museum «Amber

Castle» located in an ancient brewery.

The town became world-famous

thanks to the fact that the area

comprises about 90% of the world’s

deposits of amber and as the location

of the only combine where “the solar

stone” is mined in open-cast mines.

Tourism Development Center

Yantarny, 76, Sovetskaya St.,

t.: +7 (40153) 3–81–05


(formerly Neukuhren)

Pionersky was established as a small

fishing village but starting from the

19th century, it began to develop as a

port and resort – the latter consisting

of wide beaches and the magnificent

nature in the surrounding areas. Today

a state residence is located here, and

the new promenade area welcomes

you to take a walk along the seaside in

any weather. These renovations have

resulted in the growing popularity of the

place with both residents of Kaliningrad,

and the guests of the region.


(formerly Friedland)

When approaching to Pravdinsk the

traveller may notice a tower rising

over the city, which is grandiose

according to the local scale. It is

a tower of the former Lutheran

cathedral of the 14th century,

nowadays the Church St. George.

Friedland received city rights in 1335,

and became well known during the

period of the Napoleonic wars. A battle

between Russian - Prussian and French

armies, called the Battle of Friedland,

took place here in 1807.


(formerly Gerdauen)

The settlement is well known with

tourists and the local population


because of the well- preserved

atmosphere of the old city with its

narrow stone-paved streets, the castle

on the top of the mountain and old

14th century timber-framed buildings

in the center of the settlement. In

2019, the regional government

initiated extensive restoration works

to improve and partially restore the

historical appearance of the village.


(formerly Labiau)

The most original place in the

Kaliningrad region where the

German and Russian histories

interwove many years ago. You can

visit the Polessk history museum

situated in the Labiau Castle,

contemplate the bay from the town’s

embankment and walk on the bridge

over the river Deima. There are also

interesting tourist routes available

in Polessk, including «Timber water

route», «Polessk sightseeing tour»,

«Educative and ecological trail», «To

the Wood Goblin’s place», etc.

Chistye Prudy

(formerly Tollmingen)

Chistye Prudy is the seat of the

The Memorial Museum of the

famous Lithuanian poet

Kristijonas Donelaitis. It

is here that he created

the masterpiece of

Lithuanian culture

the poem «Seasons».

Established in 1979,

today the museum

operates as a branch of

the Kaliningrad regional

Museum of Art and

History holding regular

exhibitions, literary soirees and

other cultural events.

Chistye Prudy,

38, Tsentralnaya St.,

t.: +7 (906) 233-08-01 1


Business Kaliningrad

The Kaliningrad region is one of

the most rapidly developing areas

of the Russian Federation. The

region’s peculiarities include a unique

geopolitical location, proximity to the

sea and the European Union countries,

well-developed tourism infrastructure,

a Special economic zone, as well as

amber extraction and processing.

Government of the

Kaliningrad region

Kaliningrad City


Kaliningrad Chamber

of Commerce

Kaliningrad, 179, Sovetsky Ave.,

t.: +7 (4012) 59–06–50

Union of Industrialists

and Entrepreneurs of

Kaliningrad region

Kaliningrad, 3, Gostinaya St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 67-60-63

The Foreign Investors

Association in the

Kaliningrad region

Kaliningrad, 3, Gostinaya St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 67-50-00

Kaliningrad Sea

Commercial Port

24, Portovaya St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 69–24–67

Kaliningrad State

Fishery Port

1, 5th Prichalnaya St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 69–62–31,

+7 (4012) 69–64–32

Kaliningrad Region

Development Corporation

63a, Krasnaya St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 67-39-39

Invest into the

Kaliningrad region!


Conference halls

Business Centre

«Na Ostrove»

8, Osktyabrskaya St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 30-72-02

Congress hall of the

Museum of the World Ocean

1, Petra Velikogo Emb.,

t.: +7 (4012) 53–05

Zoo Conference Hall

26, Mira Ave., t.: +7 (4012) 21–89–14

Conference Hall of the

«Radisson» Hote

10, Pobedy Sq.,

t.: + 7 (4012) 59-33-44

Conference halls at the

variety theater «Yantar-


Svetlogorsk, 11,

Lenina St., t.: +7 (4012) 30-01-11


Consulates and

Representative Office

Representative Office of the

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

of the Russian Federation in


17, Kirova St., t.: +7 (4012) 21–37–12

Branch of the Embassy of

the Republic of Belarus

in the Russian Federation

in Kaliningrad

35 а, D. Donkogo St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 21–44–12

General Consulate of

the Federal Republic of


14, Telmana St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 92–02–19, 92–02–30

General Consulate of the

Republic of Poland in


51, Kashtanovaya Alleya St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 97–64–50

General Consulate of the

Lithuanian Republic in


133, Proletarskaya St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 95–76–88

Sovetsk, 22, Iskry St.,

t.: +7 (40161) 3–81–65

Embassy of the Latvian

Republic in the Russian

Federation, Administrative

Office of the Consulate


52а, F. Engelsa St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 56–55–01


Regional Tourist



In case you would like to provide

feedback on your stay in the

Kaliningrad region, please write to the

Tourist Information Centre in any way

convenient for you.


Regional Tourist Information

Centre Kaliningrad


The Regional Tourist Information

Center provides free city maps,

brochures and information on

sightseeing, events, tourist routes and

guided tours in Kaliningrad and the

Kaliningrad region. The staff of the

Center will introduce you to various

offers of travel agencies, hotels,

entertainment and leisure facilities and

restaurants in the region, and will help

you organizing your stay.

1, Pobedy Sq

t.: +7 (4012) 55-52-00


Opening hours:


Mo-Fri 10:00-20:00

Sat, Sun 10:00-17:00


Mo-Fri 10:00-19:00

Sat, Sun 10:00-17:00

112 – Single emergency number

The Tourist Passport includes «The

Card of the Guest of the Kaliningrad

Region». This is a loyalty program,

thanks to which tourists receive

pleasant bonuses and discounts on

the best tourist offers of the region!

Make three steps to register your

guest card using the unique code on

the card on the website

buy tickets for cultural events,

souvenirs, order guided tours, book

hotels and receive discounts on

other services of the partners of the

Program «The Card of the Guest of

the Kaliningrad Region». The list of

the Program’s partners is available

on the website of the Regional

Tourist Information Centre



Ministry for Culture and Tourism of the Kaliningrad Region

236007, Kaliningrad, 7а, D. Donskogo St.,

t.: +7 (4012) 60-48-04

The Kaliningrad Region is a member of the national cultural tourist project «Silver

Necklace of Russia» that comprises routes integrating historical cities of the

North-West of Russia

Virtual trip over the Kaliningrad region:

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© Ministry for Culture and Tourism of the

Kaliningrad Region, 2016

© Design, illustrations – ID «ROS-DOAFK», 2016

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Contact, 2018

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Kaliningrad Region, 2018

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Kaliningrad Region, 2019


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