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The customer magazine by Kautex Maschinenbau

The customer magazine by Kautex Maschinenbau


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ISSUE | 14<br />

The customer magazine by Kautex Maschinenbau<br />

Expertise – Communication – Innovation<br />

Three pillars for a successful<br />

customer relationship<br />

Sustainability as guiding principle<br />

Energy efficiency and modern processing<br />

techniques for post consumer regrinds<br />

Reorganization<br />

Optimized processes to generate<br />

added value<br />


2<br />

04 | Customer Experience<br />

Our guiding principle<br />

06 | Undergoing change<br />

An interview with Andreas Lichtenauer<br />

and Thomas Hartkämper<br />

08 | New heads in the management team<br />

10 | Our commitment to<br />

sustainability From sustainably<br />

grown raw materials to processing<br />

post-consumer regrinds<br />

12 | Our customers and us<br />

2 success stories<br />

16 | WT extrusion heads and<br />

RapidXchange<br />

New technologies for higher production<br />

efficiency<br />

18 | Pre-acceptance runs by video livestream<br />

Satisfied customers and cost savings<br />

Newsflash<br />

19 K-Foam<br />

20 Flash-Event<br />

20 DataCap<br />

21 Modernization instead of replacement<br />

22 | Composite Liner XXL<br />

First blow molded hydrogen liner<br />

made from polyamide<br />

24 | A year of anniversaries<br />

85 – 60 – 25<br />

Three reasons to be proud

ISSUE | 14<br />


Dear business partners<br />

and friends<br />

Publisher<br />

Kautex Maschinenbau GmbH<br />

Kautexstraße 54<br />

53229 Bonn · Germany<br />

T +49 228 489-0<br />

F +49 228 489-414<br />

info@kautex-group.com<br />

www.kautex-group.com<br />

Responsible<br />

Communication and Marketing<br />

Kautex Maschinenbau GmbH<br />

Date of publication<br />

June <strong>2020</strong><br />

The coronavirus pandemic<br />

is keeping many of us in<br />

suspense. Here at Kautex,<br />

we fortunately reacted early<br />

and introduced comprehensive<br />

safety measures so that we<br />

were able to maintain our<br />

machine production and<br />

continued to deliver without<br />

any restrictions. But these times<br />

also provide opportunities to<br />

try something new. Recently,<br />

we started presenting our latest<br />

technology virtually. The first<br />

virtual Flash Event in April<br />

enabled 130 customers from<br />

across the globe to get to know<br />

our new Kautex KSB10 machine<br />

in continuous test mode and, at<br />

the same time, communicate<br />

directly with our experts.<br />

Independently of the current events, we are continuing to drive<br />

forward the transformation process started in 2019 as well as our<br />

product offensive in the areas of packaging and specialties. In<br />

addition, we have brought further experts on board (see pages<br />

8 – 9). They will provide support for us to realize our ambitious<br />

targets. The fact is, we are an innovation-driven company in blow<br />

molding technology that continues to lead the way as shown by<br />

our recent success in the production of hydrogen liners made of<br />

polyamide plus our K-Foam and RapidXchange technologies.<br />

I hope you enjoy a thought-provoking read and I look forward<br />

to your feedback.<br />

Yours<br />

Andreas Lichtenauer<br />

CSO Kautex Maschinenbau


ISSUE | 14<br />

5<br />

Three pillars of successful<br />

customer relations:<br />

Expertise – communication<br />

– innovation<br />

Customer service: Put structures to<br />

the test and form cross-functional<br />

teams to fulfill customer requirements<br />

faster and better.<br />

Markets change. Most companies face worldwide<br />

competition due to globalization. With increasing<br />

speed, we have to react to change to give our own<br />

company an advantage over the competition and secure<br />

our own market position. This requires strong partners who<br />

are in a position to put ideas into practice quickly and flexibly<br />

and to bring them to market. Partners with special know-how<br />

and with appropriate structures. We have been among<br />

the leading experts worldwide in the sector of extrusion blow<br />

molding technology for decades.<br />

However, expertise is not enough on its own. Process<br />

operations and communication must be designed to provide<br />

customers with optimum support and positive experiences.<br />

From a customer perspective, better accessibility, quick reaction<br />

times and expert support come first. The widespread pillar<br />

structure, with each section more or less working for<br />

themselves, no longer fits the bill. Instead, we utilize crossfunctional<br />

teams, which coordinate and control customer<br />

projects across all sections from provision of the offer up to<br />

the installation of the finished machine. This avoids<br />

breakdowns in communication and process handling. That puts<br />

you in a better position to receive products from us quickly,<br />

that best meet your requirements.<br />

olegdudko/123rf.com<br />

Put us to the test. We invite you to take on the competition in<br />

blow molding technology together with us. Let us know what is<br />

on your mind and let us seek innovative solutions together. You<br />

can reach us any time via our hotline – 24/7. Brochures and data<br />

sheets on our machines and service products are available to<br />

download. You can visit our YouTube channel to look at a wide<br />

range of machine applications. And please send us your feedback<br />

– as that is part and parcel of successful customer relations.

6<br />

Change at Kautex<br />

Interview with Andreas Lichtenauer<br />

and Thomas Hartkämper<br />

Our society is changing. CO 2<br />

reduction,<br />

sustainability and the maintenance of our<br />

natural resources are issues that motivate<br />

people worldwide. One sector particularly<br />

affected by that is the plastics industry.<br />

Kautex is part of that. As a machine-building<br />

company, how do you respond to the changed<br />

framework and needs of your customers?<br />

Thomas Hartkämper<br />

As one of the leading manufacturers of<br />

extrusion blow molding machines, here at<br />

Kautex Maschinenbau, we set a new course for<br />

change early on. That particularly includes our<br />

commitment to sustainability. We want to be<br />

pioneers in this area. Today, our systems and<br />

technology are already trend-setting in terms of<br />

efficiency, energy and resource consumption and<br />

our system solutions are already optimized for<br />

the processing of recyclates. For a long time,<br />

we have tested different products and set up a<br />

PCR database that contains all processing<br />

parameters for the blow molding process. In<br />

addition, we are making a massive investment<br />

in understanding article design and functionality<br />

of our customers and products. Through radical<br />

weight reduction, we create verifiable added<br />

value. That has been completely underestimated<br />

up to now by the public, but plastic and<br />

Kautex are making a massive contribution to<br />

saving our planet and resources. Our global<br />

Kautex team will press ahead with even greater<br />

determination in the future.<br />

It‘s not only market conditions that are<br />

changing. Kautex is also currently in a process<br />

of transformation. What are the company‘s<br />

targets with the restructuring?<br />

Andreas Lichtenauer<br />

In the past few months, we have initiated<br />

numerous processes that will contribute to<br />

securing and extending our outstanding position<br />

in the worldwide plastics machine market<br />

over the long term. We are shaping this<br />

transformation process together with our<br />

customers and partners to generate added value.<br />

To do that, we have strengthened our team over<br />

recent months with the addition of more experts<br />

who will drive this process forward, together<br />

with us. With our system solutions, technology<br />

and services, we want to offer our customers the<br />

best possible support and give them decisive<br />

competitive advantages. Here we are not<br />

limiting ourselves to our extrusion blow molding<br />

machines and extrusion heads, but we are also<br />

offering system solutions that cover the whole<br />

production chain. We want to reduce waiting<br />

times and, as a partner for our customers,<br />

offer solutions that are ideally customized to<br />

the requirements of their appropriate target<br />

markets. That begins with the processing of<br />

offers through our newly formed ‘Center of<br />

Competence‘. Here, our customers will receive at<br />

an early stage, a tailored and well designed<br />

offer. For the automotive and packaging areas,<br />

we also have set up a central product application<br />

management (PAM) system that develops<br />

customer-oriented solutions.

ISSUE | 14<br />

7<br />

You have created a new section, ‘Operations‘.<br />

What is the background?<br />

Thomas Hartkämper<br />

The basic idea of our changes go under the<br />

headline ‘Lean‘. In German-speaking countries<br />

lean is unfortunately a negative concept which<br />

is why we have reduced it in our global<br />

communication, vision and mission to the two<br />

core elements of process and leadership<br />

excellence. In recent months, we have carried<br />

out cross-process value stream mapping at the<br />

main production sites in Bonn and Shunde, with<br />

the aim of eliminating all types of waste across<br />

departments and processes. We want to<br />

introduce more fluency to production and<br />

develop from a specialist machine manufacturer,<br />

to a small-series machine manufacturer. That<br />

has led to new and optimized processes and –<br />

derived from that – new forms of organization.<br />

In future, hierarchies will play a secondary role.<br />

Under the Operations section, we bring together<br />

order management, production planning and<br />

control, pre- and final assembly as well as system<br />

start-up. The team have done a fantastic job in<br />

recent months and we have been able to achieve<br />

massive reductions in delivery time for all<br />

products based on the optimized processes.<br />

What impact do the changes have on the<br />

company and how have you been able to deal<br />

with the coronavirus pandemic in the middle<br />

of this process?<br />

Andreas Lichtenauer<br />

The initiated changes are already having a<br />

positive effect on the whole company structure.<br />

We are now in the position to react much<br />

quicker and respond to individual customer<br />

requirements. Fortunately!<br />

That proved to be successful at the start of<br />

the coronavirus pandemic when we effectively<br />

implemented the widest range of measures<br />

with the aim of ”remaining 100% productive“<br />

to remain operational during this time and<br />

be there for our customers.<br />

But that‘s just the start of a far-reaching product<br />

offensive, in the areas of packaging and<br />

specialties, we are undertaking in the next<br />

months and years. The first results are, for<br />

example, our new WT extrusion heads. They<br />

have been developed for packaging applications<br />

and, in combination with our RapidXchange<br />

technology, enable significantly faster color<br />

and material changes as well as considerably<br />

improved melt qualities and material<br />

throughput.<br />

Thank you very much for this interview.<br />

Andreas Lichtenauer and<br />

Thomas Hartkämper from<br />

the management team

8<br />

New heads<br />

in the management team<br />

We have brought further support on<br />

board to strengthen central regions<br />

and business areas<br />

Jorge Cuevas Martín – Global<br />

Service Manager<br />

A new member of the team since May <strong>2020</strong> is Jorge<br />

Cuevas Martín (51). As Global Service Manager, he<br />

coordinates our service provision with our regional teams<br />

and decentralized parts distribution centers and he will<br />

expand these with a customer-oriented focus.<br />

»We want to offer our customers<br />

the best possible support for<br />

adapting their production to the<br />

current market conditions. Customer<br />

service is our big plus.<br />

Admir Dobraca – CEO North<br />

America<br />

»<br />

The Kautex Group is experiencing<br />

a great development. I‘m glad I<br />

will have the opportunity to<br />

make a personal contribution to the<br />

Admir Dobraca (41) took over as CEO at Kautex<br />

success of this innovative company.<br />

Machines Inc. in the USA in February <strong>2020</strong>.<br />

He succeeds Bill Farrant and will strengthen and<br />

extend our presence in the North American market.<br />

Julia Keller – Chief Financial<br />

Officer<br />

Julia Keller (42) took charge of commercial<br />

management in April <strong>2020</strong> in addition to<br />

her role in Human Resources. The business<br />

studies graduate, specialized in finance<br />

and human resources, succeeds Frank Röhrlein,<br />

who has now retired.<br />

»For me, open communication, listening,<br />

inspiring, supporting and challenging are<br />

core factors for successfully implementing<br />

change in the company.

ISSUE | 14<br />

9<br />

Michael Müller – Global Sales<br />

Director Packaging<br />

Mechanical engineer Michael Müller (49)<br />

took over as Global Sales Director Packaging<br />

at the end of April. Müller is a packaging<br />

specialist and knows the international<br />

market inside out. He will make a significant<br />

contribution to guiding and promoting our<br />

packaging sales branch.<br />

»As a system provider, Kautex<br />

has the opportunity to be<br />

a key partner in the customer‘s<br />

value chain from granules to<br />

the finished product.<br />

Dhanny Mulyanto – Head of<br />

Global Supply Chain Management<br />

»Kautex is changing and moving<br />

forward, and is a pioneer in many<br />

areas. I find the opportunity<br />

to work in this kind of environment<br />

extremely exciting and inspiring.<br />

From March 1, <strong>2020</strong>, Danny Mulyanto (38) has<br />

strengthened our Change team as the new Head of<br />

Global Supply Chain Management. He will optimize<br />

our supply chain in terms of customer orientation and<br />

ensure the availability and quality of our products.<br />

Follow us on social media<br />

– and stay up to date

Foamed PCR in middle layer<br />

10<br />

Sustainability –<br />

Exemplary processing of<br />

recycling materials<br />

Circular Economy: On the development<br />

for the optimized processing of recyclates<br />

(PCR), measures for cost optimization and<br />

improvement of the carbon footprint.<br />

The use of recyclates is a crucial factor on the way to<br />

a closed-loop economy in the plastics industry. The PCR<br />

materials currently available and used by customers<br />

have highly variable quality and characteristics. In<br />

particular, budget commodity quality can lead to<br />

process fluctuations and loss of quality due to impurities<br />

in the blow molding processes. With premium quality,<br />

which is prepared more intensively, challenges, such as<br />

hose length fluctuations or formation of holes due to<br />

impurities in the material, appear considerably less<br />

often. In addition, plastic processors have a very variable<br />

level of experience in processing these materials. These<br />

findings come from our customer survey on the use<br />

of recycled plastics at the K-Messe 2019 trade fair.<br />

This feedback coincides with our own experiences. As<br />

part of our Replax project (recycling of plastics by<br />

Kautex) for the investigation of new possibilities, we<br />

tested the material characteristics of PCR plastics (Post<br />

Consumer Regrind) before customers go into series<br />

production with it. Visitors to our exhibition at the<br />

Technikum in Bonn can examine examples of the tested<br />

materials from different manufacturers.<br />

dennis.dube@kautex-group.com<br />


material<br />

FOSSIL<br />


ISSUE | 14<br />

11<br />

Fossil raw material<br />

Sustainable raw material<br />

Machine<br />

Process<br />

Cycle time<br />

Top load<br />

Material<br />

Recycable<br />

Weight<br />

KBB60D<br />

ReCo3<br />

13 seconds<br />

220N<br />

HDPE<br />

Yes<br />

48g<br />

Machine<br />

Process<br />

Cycle time<br />

Top load<br />

Material<br />

Recycable<br />

Weight<br />

KBB60D<br />

ReCo3, foamed middle layer<br />

13 seconds<br />

230N<br />

I‘m green TM polyethylene and PCR (Braskem)<br />

Yes<br />

39g<br />

Ahead of K-show 2019, we also carried<br />

out tests with our partner Braskem within<br />

the scope of these trials. The aim was to<br />

produce a plastic bottle as sustainable as<br />

possible. The result is a triple-layered bottle<br />

that uses a renewable raw material in<br />

the external and internal layers, with the<br />

middle layer made of a premium recycling<br />

material. In order to reduce the<br />

consumption of materials and to lower the<br />

costs of the expensive recycling material,<br />

the middle layer was foamed using our<br />

K-Foam process. By maintaining the cycle<br />

time and all mechanical characteristics, it<br />

was possible to reduce the amount of<br />

material in the bottle by 18%.<br />

This example shows that it is possible<br />

now to achieve a financially interesting<br />

use of PCR materials using Kautex<br />

technology. From a technical point of<br />

view, all Kautex blow molding machines<br />

are capable of processing such materials.<br />

We will be happy to advise interested<br />


12<br />

KBB machines meet stringent<br />

requirements of the pharmaceutical<br />

industry<br />

Röchling Medical, a division in the<br />

Röchling Group, is installing two new<br />

KBB machines at its site in Neuhaus<br />

am Rennweg, Germany. The allelectric<br />

blow molding machines meet<br />

the exacting GMP C class clean room<br />

requirements and ensure the complete<br />

transfer of operating data from<br />

production. The new high-performance<br />

machines will make an important<br />

contribution to increasing the revenues<br />

generated by the Medical division<br />

in the group as a whole.<br />

We selected the Kautex<br />

machines because they<br />

provide us with the highest standards<br />

and required production reliability at<br />

all times. Kautex has unparalleled<br />

technical expertise that encompasses<br />

the entire extrusion process and has<br />

actively supported us effectively also<br />

at short notice. The new machines are<br />

not just helping us achieve our<br />

commercial targets. They are also<br />

supporting our sustainability aims.<br />

Alexander Stauch,<br />

Managing Director BU<br />

Medical Europe

ISSUE | 14<br />

13<br />

The Röchling Group, headquartered<br />

in Mannheim, Germany, is one<br />

of the world‘s leading plastics<br />

processing companies. The<br />

Röchling Medical division offers<br />

its customers a wide range of<br />

high quality components and<br />

assemblies through to complete<br />

OEM products. Röchling Medical<br />

has a global workforce of around<br />

1,200 employees at six locations.<br />

Its product portfolio also includes<br />

standard plastic products with<br />

special expertise in the areas of<br />

diagnostics, fluid management,<br />

pharmaceuticals and surgery<br />

& interventional. These skills are<br />

complemented by extended<br />

services for Development and<br />

Regulatory Affairs through<br />

to the approval of a complete<br />

medical product.<br />

At the Neuhaus site, hollow plastic<br />

bodies of all sizes, consisting of<br />

up to 6 layers, are manufactured,<br />

using standard manufacturing<br />

Pharmaceutical<br />

packaging from<br />

Röchling Medical<br />

processes, combinations of<br />

different plastics and multi-layer<br />

processes. Everything, from<br />

development to series production,<br />

takes place there.<br />

Safe, reliable production processes<br />

are especially important for<br />

pharmaceutical products. Errors<br />

in the production process,<br />

variations in product quality and<br />

microbial contamination can have<br />

direct consequences for the<br />

health of people and animals.<br />

For this reason, Röchling Medical<br />

manufactures, processes and<br />

packs all its products under<br />

controlled clean room conditions.<br />

As part of the modernization<br />

and expansion strategy at the<br />

Neuhaus site, the company has<br />

now brought two KBB extrusion<br />

blow molding machines into<br />

operation. These are the latest<br />

generation of the all-electric high<br />

performance machines. They<br />

operate at high speeds, with<br />

outstanding precision, and are<br />

highly energy-efficient. These<br />

machines supplied to Röchling<br />

Medical have been fitted with<br />

digital industrial features,<br />

including sensors for transferring<br />

vital operating data.<br />

Protecting the environment and<br />

improving living and environmental<br />

conditions are at the heart of<br />

Röchling‘s company goals. When<br />

planning production processes, the<br />

issues how plastic waste can be<br />

reduced and its reuse be increased is<br />

always considered . It‘s therefore<br />

hardly surprising that KBB machine<br />

operators at Röchling are being<br />

trained on the digital twins of the<br />

KBB series: the virtual machines.<br />

Kautex developed these simulators<br />

so that customers can be trained<br />

without using materials or energy<br />

unnecessarily. One of Kautex‘s goals<br />

is to reduce granulate loss in its<br />

actual processes to zero percent.<br />

The machines are already designed<br />

for low-waste production. Despite,<br />

the company is striving to further<br />

reduce the amount of flashing<br />

generated in the production<br />

process. Producers such as Röchling<br />

Medical are currently unable<br />

to process recycled material.<br />

At present, the recycled materials<br />

recuperated from mechanical<br />

recycling processes are not pure<br />

enough to be used for pharmaceutical<br />

products. However, research into<br />

chemical recycling processes which<br />

would make this possible is currently<br />

being conducted world-wide.

14<br />

Dynapack Asia – Production<br />

quality and sustainability<br />

as key factors for customer<br />

decision-making<br />

Dynapack Asia is one of the major players in the packaging<br />

market in South-East Asia. The company operates 35<br />

production sites in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore,<br />

Thailand and Vietnam. The majority of its customers are<br />

large multinational brand owners such as Beiersdorf, Coca<br />

Cola, Exxon Mobil, Procter & Gamble, Shell and Unilever.<br />

Some of its relationships with these businesses extend back<br />

more than 30 years. The company is currently experiencing<br />

extremely dynamic growth. In 2022, it wants to break<br />

through the billion dollar sales barrier.<br />

Dynapack Asia produces high<br />

quality plastic products for<br />

packaging items as diverse as<br />

foodstuffs, drinks, cosmetics,<br />

pharmaceuticals, chemicals and<br />

lubricants. The company also<br />

produces precision injection<br />

molded products for use in the<br />

automotive industry, electrical<br />

appliances, consumer goods and<br />

the electronics industry. The<br />

company uses the very latest<br />

production standards and<br />

processes and is continually<br />

developing them, with the focus<br />

on innovation, operating<br />

excellence, product quality and<br />

sustainability. Being close to its<br />

multinational customers, thanks to<br />

the company‘s presence in six<br />

countries in Asia, is also a key<br />

factor for Dynapack Asia.<br />

The company has successfully<br />

worked together with Kautex<br />

Maschinenbau for many years.<br />

After a pilot project with a<br />

KBB60D machine, which Kautex<br />

built on the basis of a standard<br />

specification, the two companies<br />

have already developed numerous<br />

extrusion blow molders specially<br />

tailored to the specific production<br />

conditions of Dynapack Asia.<br />

At present, Dynapack operates 24<br />

Kautex machines of different sizes,<br />

21 KBB and 3 KCC machines.<br />

The fully electric KBB blow molders<br />

are not only very economical in<br />

their use of power and resources,<br />

but also have big data-capability.<br />

By adding intelligent downstream<br />

modules, they can also easily<br />

be extended to create an entire<br />

production system. Their<br />

renowned quick change systems<br />

means customers can make<br />

significant product cost savings<br />

in the long term.<br />

Packaging from<br />

Dynapack Asia‘s<br />


ISSUE | 14<br />

15<br />

Kautex Maschinenbau is an<br />

important partner for us. Working<br />

together, we can reliably achieve our<br />

customers‘ stringent and growing demands<br />

for quality, accuracy, reliability of supply and<br />

cost-effectiveness. Our customers think the<br />

same as we dvo: they view our decision to<br />

work together with Kautex as an indicator of<br />

production quality and reliability.<br />

As a company that focuses on sustainability,<br />

we work hard to reduce the amount of<br />

material and energy we use, and our<br />

C0 2<br />

emissions. Kautex machines are ideally<br />

suited to this. These machines are already<br />

able to process recycled plastics reliably and<br />

effectively, and this is something we will be<br />

more intensively involved with in future.<br />

<br />

<br />

Tony Hambali, CEO<br />

of Dynapack Asia

16<br />

New WT heads reduce color changeover<br />

times by up to 75%<br />

New Kautex extrusion heads in the WT series<br />

enable a complete color changeover – mainly<br />

in 30 to 60 minutes.<br />

Short changeover times – the high productivity. The new WT extrusion<br />

heads from Kautex Maschinenbau reduce the change over time in<br />

comparison to a traditional extrusion head by up to 75%. Combined with<br />

RapidXchange technology, you can significantly reduce the downtime of<br />

your machines for changes of color and material. That not only increases<br />

productivity but also reduces energy and raw material consumption.<br />

The extrusion heads in the WT series have been developed for packaging<br />

applications. Modular construction enables subsequent retrofitting on<br />

view stripes, thus making it easier to plan investment. Heads are available<br />

both for mono, two-layer DeCo as well as for three-layer ReCo applications<br />

with variable die diameters between 25 and 600mm. Further applications<br />

on request.<br />

leon.walinski@kautex-group.com<br />

Spiral mandrel<br />

for optimized<br />

melt flow

ISSUE | 14<br />

17<br />

Higher production efficiency<br />

with RapidXchange<br />

RapidXchange technology saves significant<br />

time with color and material changeovers<br />

with extrusion blow molding machines.<br />

That reduces manufacturing costs, ensures<br />

the quality of the products and makes<br />

production processes considerably more<br />

sustainable.<br />

RapidXchange is<br />

available for<br />

Kautex extrusion<br />

heads<br />

In production processes with blow molding machines, the color<br />

and material changeovers on extrusion heads primarily take up<br />

a lot of time. That is caused by the time-consuming purging of<br />

color and material deposits that are formed in the extrusion<br />

head flow channels during extrusion.<br />

We have developed a solution for this problem with our<br />

RapidXchange technology. RapidXchange drastically reduces<br />

the time required for color changeovers. To that end, the<br />

technology optimizes flow characteristics of the flow channels.<br />

Those zones of the flow channels, where low flow speeds<br />

occur with classic distribution systems during the purging<br />

process, can be eliminated using RapidXchange. This prevents<br />

deposits and smaller deposit build-ups are completely purged<br />

out of the system immediately.<br />

RapidXchange is currently available for<br />

extrusion heads in the WT series<br />

specifically for packaging applications.<br />

Thanks to the accelerated color change<br />

over, you can achieve significantly lower<br />

material consumption through the<br />

shorter changeover times. At the same<br />

time, RapidXchange produces a uniform<br />

all-round distribution that enables you to<br />

achieve an even better quality of<br />

production. Non-productive times are<br />

thereby significantly reduced, which<br />

makes your production use significantly<br />

less resources and thereby become more<br />

sustainable.<br />

Comparison of a mono layer application<br />

90 min | Conventional head<br />

40 min | Conventional head with coating<br />

75% SAVINGS<br />

20 min | Head with RapidXchange

18<br />

Kautex introduces virtual<br />

acceptance procedures<br />

New opportunities for digital<br />

customer service with virtual<br />

pre-acceptance tests via video<br />

live stream.<br />

Customers can associate acceptance processes with long<br />

travel times and high travel costs. Kautex Maschinenbau<br />

have recently introduced the possibility of completing<br />

acceptance processes via the Internet. For a first virtual<br />

pre-acceptance check with our customer Logoplaste, five<br />

web cams were installed on a all-electric KBB60D blow<br />

Despite the difficulties that<br />

COVID-19 brought in terms of<br />

movement of people to support trials,<br />

homologations and Equipment<br />

Acceptance, we were able to maintain all<br />

activities that were planned and follow<br />

them Remotely. The high Level of<br />

connectivity has enabled us to keep<br />

activities, perform tasks and achieve all<br />

our activities with success.<br />

molding machine. The cameras, positioned on five<br />

important points of the production process, transmitted<br />

video in real-time to Logoplaste. The customer has the<br />

opportunity to review and assess all stages of production<br />

without being on-site.<br />

With these modern acceptance processes, we are able to<br />

achieve significant savings in time and cost while also<br />

remaining as close to our customers as possible at every<br />

point, even in these times of contact bans and travel<br />

restrictions.<br />

Paulo Correia,<br />

R&D Director<br />

Logoplaste<br />

Innovation Lab

ISSUE | 14<br />

19<br />

Up to 20% less material used<br />

thanks to K-Foam<br />

Sustainable: The use of K-Foam not<br />

only saves material. The foam structure<br />

improves rigidity and insulation in<br />

products.<br />

Webcams transmit<br />

each production<br />

step directly to the<br />

customer<br />

It sounds easy and can actually be incorporated into all<br />

extrusion blow molding machines: the new Kautex foam<br />

technology K-Foam. Behind the name there is a unique<br />

technology that offers crucial advantages in the production<br />

of blow molded products. It was primarily developed to<br />

reduce consumption of materials.<br />

At the same time, during the plastification process, gas – in<br />

high-precision amounts – is injected into the polymer melt of<br />

the extruder. The fine-celled foam structures, that are<br />

produced, lead to an increased volume of the melt and thus<br />

significantly reduce the amount of plastic required. The<br />

foamed-up material also has outstanding product rigidity and<br />

a significantly higher insulation effect.<br />

As a customer, you benefit in a number of ways. The innovative<br />

manufacturing process cannot only reduce your plastic<br />

requirement by up to 20%, which in turn cuts the unit cost.<br />

The innovative process also reliably reduces production-related<br />

emissions by up to 20%. Therefore, the integration of foam<br />

technology brings both economic and significant environmental<br />

benefits.<br />

K-Foam is ideally suited to Kautex machines and incorporated<br />

into the Kautex–HMI. Operation and process management is<br />

controlled via the central operating unit on the machine. New<br />

blow molding machines can immediately be fitted with K-Foam.<br />

You can also upgrade your old machines.<br />

K-Foam<br />

operating panel<br />

Schematic view of inserting<br />

the gas during the<br />

plastification process

20<br />

Innovations and machines live<br />

in operation<br />

Flash events mark the start of a new and virtual customer<br />

information format. Even in difficult times, this brings<br />

customer service closer, as selected customer groups can<br />

be invited to exclusive presentations and demonstrations<br />

whenever particular technology solutions can be<br />

demonstrated live.<br />

This provides the opportunity to experience machine<br />

solutions live, via the Internet. Every virtual visitor has<br />

the opportunity to ask individual questions to their host<br />

during the demonstration.<br />

The first virtual events on the machine series KSB and KSH<br />

have already been held with great success.<br />

Customer relations in spite of distance:<br />

Virtual flash events offer immediate<br />

opportunities to experience technology<br />

live in operation.<br />

DataCap<br />

With DataCap, Kautex Maschinenbau offers data acquisition packages that<br />

you can use to set up a central data acquisition system for your Kautex<br />

machines. Not only does this make your production processes more transparent,<br />

it also increases the efficiency and quality of your output.<br />

Central data acquisition system for all Kautex machines<br />

DataCap uses a standardized data acquisition system that allows you to analyze<br />

your Kautex machines easily and from one central location. For example, smart<br />

monitoring lets you keep a constant eye on your production and make your<br />

manufacturing processes more efficient. All new Kautex machines are already<br />

compatible with DataCap, while old systems can be retrofitted on request. The<br />

data acquisition system can be installed in shortest time and with minimum outlay.<br />

Thanks to the international communications standard OPC-UA, the packages on<br />

offer are easy to integrate into existing production systems.<br />

Available packages<br />

packages<br />

All packages on offer are built around the basic DataCap package.<br />

Package 1 /<br />

Basic<br />

Purpose of the package:<br />

to provide an overview of the<br />

machine’s status and ongoing<br />

production<br />

Contents of the package:<br />

piece counter, cycle time, extruder<br />

status, temperatures<br />

Package 4 /<br />

Process monitoring<br />

Purpose of the package:<br />

to monitor all data relevant to the<br />

process or item (quality assurance)<br />

Contents of the package:<br />

process times, motion profiles, blowing<br />

air control, mold cooling water<br />

www.kautex-group.com<br />

Package 2 /<br />

WDS profile<br />

Purpose of the package:<br />

to monitor the quality of the<br />

wall thickness distribution in the<br />

preform<br />

Contents of the package:<br />

target and actual value curve, maximum<br />

deviation, quality indicator<br />

Package 5 /<br />

Machine monitoring<br />

Purpose of the package:<br />

to monitor the machine<br />

Contents of the package:<br />

motor torques and temperatures,<br />

motion energy and times; closing<br />

force<br />

felix.bittner@kautex-group.com<br />

More transparency for<br />

Centralized<br />

your Central production<br />

monitoring and<br />

Package 3 /<br />

Energy<br />

analysis of production<br />

processes<br />

Transparent<br />

Clear increase in efficiency<br />

and quality<br />

Compatible<br />

Simple integration across<br />

the entire line thanks to<br />

the OPC UA standard<br />

Easy installation<br />

New Kautex machines<br />

are readily compatible,<br />

while old models can be<br />

retrofitted<br />

Standardized<br />

Identical design for all<br />

Kautex machines<br />

Purpose of the package:<br />

to monitor the fed-in energy (electrical,<br />

cooling water, air)<br />

Contents of the package:<br />

electrical energy consumption,<br />

cooling water consumption including<br />

pressure and temperature;<br />

air consumption and pressure<br />

Package 6 /<br />

Condition monitoring<br />

Purpose of the package:<br />

to promptly detect and prevent<br />

system failures<br />

Contents of the package:<br />

vibration analysis of extruder motor<br />

and gearbox<br />

Product Info<br />

2019-072<br />

DataCap enables central<br />

data collection for all Kautex<br />

machines.<br />

In times of digitalization, intelligent monitoring creates new<br />

opportunities to reliably oversee and target development of<br />

manufacturing processes. Thanks to standardized data<br />

collection with DataCap, customers can monitor and analyze all<br />

machine and production processes at any time via a central<br />

unit. New Kautex machines are immediately compatible with<br />

the standardized system and older units can be upgraded at<br />

reasonable cost.<br />

We offer a total of six different packages under DataCap. As<br />

required, customers have a flexible choice of which sections of<br />

their production are to be digitally recorded and monitored.<br />

For effective quality assurance, process data, machine details or<br />

energy flows can be clearly presented. This enables production<br />

processes to be optimized and potential outages identified and<br />

avoided. Kautex Maschinenbau guarantee integration of<br />

DataCap into existing production systems via the international<br />

communication standard OPCUA.

ISSUE | 14<br />

21<br />

Modernization instead of replacement.<br />

There‘s life left in your machines.<br />

With modern controls<br />

and new components,<br />

older blow molding<br />

equipment can be<br />

brought up to current<br />

production standards.<br />

Kautex machines are designed to be<br />

durable and can be adapted to current<br />

requirements relating to productivity,<br />

energy efficiency and operating<br />

comfort at any time. Outdated<br />

components such as controls, extrusion<br />

heads, extruders and closing devices<br />

are replaced as required by modern<br />

modules. In this way, older machines<br />

can be incorporated in the modern<br />

service tools such as Kautex Remote<br />

Service, which enables fast remote<br />

diagnostics when necessary.<br />

In addition, production lines can be retrospectively automated and<br />

expanded via our modernization program. Completely new procedures<br />

can also incorporated in production. We also offer individual<br />

modernization and upgrading solutions for machines from SIG-<br />

Blowtec, Voith Fischer, Battenfeld Fischer and Fischer W. Müller as well<br />

as products from other blow molding machine manufacturers<br />

Blow Command Eco – Virtual set-up saves<br />

time and costs<br />

We now offer a virtual setup of our new control tool<br />

Blow Command Eco (BC Eco) for our KEB machine<br />

series. As with our virtual training sessions, the initial setup does not<br />

happen on site, but instead virtually in-house with us. This enables a<br />

significant reduction in the time used for onsite setup. For you that<br />

means quicker setup, shorter downtimes and significantly lower costs.

22<br />

The work we are doing here is truly<br />

pioneering. The liner size we have now<br />

achieved is just the start. We are confident that,<br />

in future, we will also be able to use this method<br />

to produce considerably larger liners for<br />

hydrogen pressure vessels.<br />

Abdellah El Bouchfrati,<br />

Head of Composite<br />

Business Development at<br />

Kautex, sees great<br />

potential for the new<br />


ISSUE | 14<br />

23<br />

320-liter hydrogen liner made<br />

of polyamide<br />

Innovative procedure opens up<br />

new possibilities for hydrogen<br />

technology for the production<br />

of thermoplastic composite<br />

pressure vessels (CPVs)<br />

Kautex Maschinenbau blow molding experts have successfully<br />

produced a large-volume polyamide liner for hydrogen pressure<br />

vessels, using extrusion blow molding technology. The liner is over<br />

2 meters long, with a diameter of approximately 500 mm and a<br />

volume of 320 L. This is the first time a liner for a hydrogen<br />

container has been produced in this size using blow molding<br />

technology.<br />

Hydrogen presents particularly significant challenges in relation<br />

to the line and materials permeability. As the smallest molecule in<br />

the periodic table, the gas can defuse through nearly all plastic<br />

materials. Special polyamides (PAs) have the best barrier properties.<br />

However, due to their low melt rigidity and complexity, they have<br />

previously been difficult to process on this scale by blow molding<br />

The process developed by Kautex in partnership with a plastics<br />

manufacturer has made it possible for the first time, to produce<br />

a hydrogen liner through a blow molding process on a scale<br />

interesting to the industry.<br />

This opens up new possibilities for hydrogen technology to be used<br />

to produce thermoplastic composite pressure vessels (CPVs) used<br />

for example, in fuel tanks for commercial vehicles, buses, trains and<br />

ships as well as for the transportation and storage of hydrogen.<br />

Plastic pressure vessels are not only significantly lighter than steel<br />

tanks but also completely resistant to corrosion.<br />

The Kautex offer covers the development and production of<br />

prototypes and low-volume production through to the construction<br />

of complete production facilities for the manufacture of composite<br />

pressure vessels.<br />


24<br />

Three anniversaries<br />

in a year<br />

<strong>2020</strong> marked a special year in<br />

the company history of Kautex<br />

Maschinenbau. In addition to<br />

the 85th anniversary of the foundation<br />

of the company, this year also<br />

marks the 60th birthday of our<br />

subsidiary in the USA and 25 years of<br />

machine manufacturing in China.<br />

Advertising for<br />

innovative plastic<br />

bottles<br />

Our foundation goes back to the year 1935 and the plastics<br />

pioneer Reinhold Hagen. His passion for experimenting<br />

and entrepreneurial skill, saw him succeed in developing<br />

the world‘s first standard production plant for<br />

manufacturing plastic containers, as early as 1949. Thanks<br />

to huge success, Kautex was able to expand beyond<br />

Germany for the first time in 1960 with the establishment<br />

of the first international subsidiary in New Jersey, USA.<br />

The foundation of the first German Chinese joint venture<br />

in Shunde in southern China followed in 1995 and the<br />

Chinese KCC series is now in its third generation.<br />

Today we count as one of the leading manufacturers worldwide of hightechnology<br />

extrusion blow molders and shape the plastics sector with efficient and<br />

sustainable solutions. Issues like recycling and efficiency stimulate our research and<br />

development work as does the introduction of new technologies and services in<br />

the age of digitalization. That includes technology to continue to improve the<br />

carbon footprint in the production of hollow parts. We are convinced of one thing:<br />

If we continue to actively contribute to associate the positive characteristics of<br />

these products with worldwide functioning recycling loops, then that will be a<br />

significant step for everybody towards a sustainable future.<br />

First Kautex extrusion blow<br />

molding machine, 1956<br />

Branch office in Linden,<br />

New Jersey, USA, 1960<br />

Production site in<br />

Shunde, China, <strong>2020</strong>

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