10x10 Philanthropy 2019 Impact Report

At 10×10 we believe that the way we can make true, deep and ongoing impact is to create a movement for change amongst young people. We believe in transparency and openness about the work we do and are committed to ongoing measurement of our work and the outcomes we generate.

At 10×10 we believe that the way we can make true, deep and ongoing impact is to create a movement for change amongst young people. We believe in transparency and openness about the work we do and are committed to ongoing measurement of our work and the outcomes we generate.

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<strong>2019</strong> IMPACT REPORT



Since <strong>2019</strong> we...<br />


EVENTS<br />

Across 9 cities Sydney, Melbourne,<br />

Adelaide, Brisbane, London, New York,<br />

San Francisco, Los Angeles, Auckland<br />

ENGAGED 2,260 NEW<br />

DONORS<br />

Since 2013 we...<br />

SUPPORTED 210<br />



ACROSS<br />

9,600<br />






SUPPORTED 60<br />



CHANNELLED $450k OF<br />



ORGANISED 15,250 HOURS<br />






Chair’s <strong>Report</strong> ........ 2<br />

CEO’s <strong>Report</strong> ............ 3<br />

The <strong>10x10</strong> Model ......... 4<br />

Partners & Gratitude .......... 5<br />

Our <strong>Impact</strong> on Charities ........... 6<br />

- AUS ................. 8<br />

- US ................ 11<br />

- UK.................14<br />

- NZ ............... 15<br />

Our <strong>Impact</strong> on Project Committees... 17<br />

<strong>10x10</strong> Corporate Events ............ 18<br />

<strong>10x10</strong> Bushfire Edition .................... 19<br />

Our Dragons/Sharks ......................... 20<br />

Our Charities ........................... 21<br />

Our Project Committees ... 22<br />

Our <strong>10x10</strong> Leadership Team... 25<br />

<strong>2019</strong> IMPACT REPORT<br />



“May we live in interesting times” – Robert F Kennedy<br />

We may not be in control of our circumstances but we are in control<br />

of our response. In <strong>2019</strong> & early 2020 <strong>10x10</strong> has been forced to<br />

respond to externalities beyond our control; ranging from civil unrest<br />

in Hong Kong, bushfires in Australia and then a global pandemic<br />

sweeping the world. In all these circumstances there has been a<br />

common denominator and that is the destruction of the livelihoods<br />

of those that are often the most vulnerable in society. Given our<br />

founding ethos was to be in service of those that are vulnerable in<br />

communities everywhere the importance of our work has never felt<br />

greater than it does right now. This (albeit delayed) <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

reflects on that we achieved in <strong>2019</strong> with an eye to the future of<br />

what we can achieve in the new world we now find ourselves in.<br />

<strong>2019</strong> was a year where <strong>10x10</strong> continued to experience growth in an<br />

environment of global uncertainty. We ran 20 events, supported 60<br />

Grassroots charities, engaged over 2,000 individual donors and<br />

distributed over $450K to grassroots charities. <strong>10x10</strong> also launched<br />

in three new cities, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Auckland and<br />

now has a global footprint of having active chapters in 11 cities and<br />

6 countries across the world.<br />

This was achieved in an environment of global and organisational<br />

uncertainty. Our chapter in Hong Kong was unable to run events in<br />

<strong>2019</strong> due to political turmoil and we said goodbye to our wonderful<br />

past CEO Alison Harrington in September. Alison’s contribution to<br />

<strong>10x10</strong> during her tenure was phenomenal and she oversaw the roll<br />

out of <strong>10x10</strong> in three new countries and six new cities, built out of<br />

technology and systems to scale and solidified many of the donor<br />

relationships.<br />

In November <strong>2019</strong>, we welcomed our new CEO Nici Andronicus who<br />

comes with a proven pedigree in fundraising, events and leadership<br />

and we are excited for the future that Nici and her team will create.<br />

We also welcomed Gabrielle Cardwell and Kurt McFarland on to<br />

the <strong>10x10</strong> Board in a permanent capacity and are grateful for the<br />

contribution of skills, time and wisdom they all bring to the <strong>10x10</strong><br />

organisation.<br />

The ability of <strong>10x10</strong> to work with such a high quality team is due<br />

largely to the support we receive from our core funding partners<br />

who believe in our mission and the change we are able to create<br />

in the world. Particular thanks must go to our core partners Afterpay<br />

and the Beluga Foundation who have shown an unwavering support<br />

of <strong>10x10</strong>.<br />

With the onset of the Covid crisis the need for <strong>10x10</strong> in the community<br />

has never been greater. We have already pivoted to a digital model,<br />

launched a new volunteer platform and run a successful online event<br />

in support of Two Good Co who distributed over 1,000 meals to<br />

women in domestic violence shelters across NSW. The support of<br />

our community at this time is crucial, our alumni committee<br />

members, our past recipients, dragons, past attendees and all<br />

those that make up the <strong>10x10</strong> community. Our organisation exists<br />

because of you and the change we can create in the world is a<br />

product of our collective effort.<br />

We have never been more relevant than we are in this moment.<br />

It only starts with 10……..<br />


CO-FOUNDER AND EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN, <strong>10x10</strong><br />

<strong>2019</strong> IMPACT REPORT<br />



Starting with a group of friends with a philanthropic spark that caught in<br />

10 major capitals of the world, through the passion of a global network of<br />

volunteers, the <strong>10x10</strong> <strong>Philanthropy</strong> story is inspiring.<br />

I was immediately drawn to <strong>10x10</strong> by both the opportunity to build<br />

on the infrastructure that delivers meaningful funding, but also invaluable<br />

awareness for emerging and clever grassroots charities and the dedication<br />

of city-based volunteer Project Committees to cast a wide net in the search<br />

for the most brilliant ideas of local organizations solving social problems.<br />

The empowerment of a whole new generation of young philanthropists is<br />

a grand opportunity, in bringing the vision of Laurence Marshbaum and the<br />

<strong>10x10</strong> Board to life.<br />

In January 2020, the Board and members of the international leadership<br />

group had come together and agreed strategies to: engage with volunteers<br />

and partner charities; grow operational capacity and capability through<br />

systems and process upgrades, and; build up <strong>10x10</strong>’s brand. The roadmap<br />

was set, achievable and we secretly harboured the goal of raising $1million<br />

per calendar year for grassroots charities would be delivered ahead of<br />

schedule. On the strategy day, we didn’t comprehend the pandemic<br />

that would cancel plans in every <strong>10x10</strong> city.<br />

As not-for-profits, social enterprises and mutual aid organisations around<br />

the world battle a very uncertain future in 2020, <strong>10x10</strong>HQ prevails - due<br />

predominantly to the foresight of amazing corporate partners and the<br />

open, constructive and clever contribution of the Heads of <strong>10x10</strong> Cities.<br />

Since the coronavirus outbreak, <strong>10x10</strong> have taken risks, pivoted and<br />

persisted to not just survive the changing environment, but to thrive.<br />

We are cautiously optimistic, alert for change, ready to innovate and, above<br />

all, we remain committed to build on the hard work of <strong>2019</strong>, a year that we<br />

celebrate in detail in this <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong>. Together, we can continue to<br />

make the world of difference to innovative grassroots charities for whom<br />

we exist.<br />


CEO, <strong>10x10</strong><br />

<strong>2019</strong> IMPACT REPORT<br />


THE <strong>10x10</strong> MODEL<br />

<strong>2019</strong> IMPACT REPORT<br />



Financial support from Afterpay and Beluga Foundation has lifted <strong>10x10</strong><br />

to a new level in <strong>2019</strong>. Sponsorship was used to fund international<br />

expansion, reinvigorate strategic planning, bolster the resources of the<br />

<strong>10x10</strong> movement and increase impact for local, grassroots communities.<br />

The stories of both <strong>10x10</strong> and Afterpay are similar, having grown from<br />

the inspiration of millennial founders and in service to their respective<br />

communities. Millennials are known broadly for their vision of a brighter<br />

future, high expectations of life’s experiences and the pursuit of<br />

belonging to a movement bigger than themselves, so naturally the<br />

Millennials at the helm of Afterpay saw a philanthropic fit with the<br />

like minded creators of <strong>10x10</strong> and a partnership was formed in 2017.<br />

In the same year, the Beluga Foundation attended a <strong>10x10</strong> live<br />

crowdfunding event and were engaged by the passion and commitment<br />

in support of grassroots charities. Beluga became the second, and<br />

defining, corporate partnership and this support facilitated the new<br />

resources for <strong>10x10</strong>’s growth, while generously continuing to also fund<br />

the grassroots charities discovered at <strong>10x10</strong>’s events.<br />

Since 2015 M.H.Carnegie and Co has provided <strong>10x10</strong> with an excellent<br />

office and the skillful patronage of the entire MHC team. This stable<br />

environment was important for <strong>10x10</strong>’s ability to manage the difficult<br />

changes in early 2020 and this long term relationship is essential to<br />

<strong>10x10</strong>’s ongoing success.<br />

There is no doubt that <strong>10x10</strong>’s remarkable corporate partners, providing<br />

steady support, despite constant changes, will enable <strong>10x10</strong>’s continued<br />

success. Special and huge thanks go to Rebecca Denyer and the team<br />

at London’s Red Lemon for volunteering tirelessly on the production of<br />

this <strong>2019</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong>.<br />

To our valued partners, thank you.<br />

Our Corporate Sponsors:<br />

Our Pro Bono Supporters and Partners:<br />

Our generous major donors:<br />

Carthew Foundation Credit Suisse Day Family Foundation<br />

Gelb Family Foundation Sky Foundation The Nunn Dimos Foundation<br />

The Wyatt Trust<br />

<strong>2019</strong> IMPACT REPORT<br />


OUR IMPACT ON CHARITIES <strong>2019</strong><br />

Perhaps the most rewarding moment in every <strong>10x10</strong> campaign is<br />

the follow-up exit survey, when we gather feedback from Partner<br />

Charities on the use-of-funds raised and how this has helped<br />

social needs at the grassroots.<br />

“Funds raised provided lunch for students of<br />

Venice High School and Lawndale High School<br />

for the entire academic year.”<br />

...money raised was used to fund the cost of travel<br />

to get our Liverpool and Birmingham choirs to<br />

London to perform at our Christmas concert - the<br />

highlight of the year for our choir members.<br />

Remaining funds were used for core costs,<br />

enabling us to continue our work running choirs<br />

for homeless and marginalised people in the UK.<br />

“Funding doubled the capability to recruit<br />

88 talented senior students to provide<br />

extra Maths and English tutoring to the<br />

children of very low-income families who<br />

were identified by their teachers as falling<br />

behind - with tutoring, children uplifted<br />

their progress by 1.5 grades!”<br />

“The funds were invested in Young<br />

Doctors for Life project training, teaching<br />

well-being, health leadership, hygiene,<br />

nutrition, health literacy &<br />

environmental health to Aboriginal &<br />

non-Aboriginal health ambassadors in<br />

Kempsey.”<br />

“The funds were used to deliver live music bedside performances<br />

to patients, families and staff at St Vincents Hospital.”<br />

“We're using the Funds to train Dog Trainers to train puppies<br />

& adult dogs in Modern Positive Dog Training methods in the<br />

skilled Assistance Tasks to help with Mental Health Recovery.”<br />

Provided sewing training for women in<br />

Cambodia so they can gain a skill, increase<br />

their income and move out of poverty.<br />

Funds were used to purchase books and<br />

recording devices so that volunteers<br />

could visit and film imprisoned mothers<br />

reading stories especially for their own<br />

children.<br />

Funding helped us break our records in <strong>2019</strong> and we<br />

restored and donated 1,208 bikes (plus helmets, lights<br />

and locks) to refugees who live on extremely low<br />

asylum-seeker support. Without the permission to<br />

work, the freedom to travel makes an enormous<br />

difference … “The bike means to me, freedom!”<br />

<strong>2019</strong> IMPACT REPORT<br />


OUR IMPACT ON CHARITIES <strong>2019</strong><br />

80% 41%<br />

80% of <strong>10x10</strong>’s Partner<br />

Charities said that the<br />

funds made a substantial<br />

difference to their<br />

organisation in<br />

accelerating growth<br />

41.2% of charities<br />

supported received<br />

ongoing volunteer<br />

assistance<br />

96% 100%<br />

96% of charities supported<br />

would recommend <strong>10x10</strong> to<br />

other charities as a way to<br />

raise funds and generate<br />

awareness<br />

100% of charities surveyed<br />

reported the experience<br />

of collaborating with <strong>10x10</strong><br />

as good or excellent<br />

<strong>2019</strong> IMPACT REPORT<br />


<strong>10x10</strong> - AUSTRALIA<br />

SYDNEY<br />

It was incredibly pleasing to see <strong>10x10</strong> continue to perform strongly<br />

in its home market of Sydney in <strong>2019</strong>. We hosted three events,<br />

supporting nine charities, engaging 33 project committee members<br />

and raising and raising a combined $AUD75k from 450 donors.<br />

Our events supported a wide range of charities focusing on issues<br />

including homelessness, Aboriginal health, mental health and<br />

women’s health. It was pleasing to see a mixture of charities<br />

operating in our local communities as well as helping vulnerable<br />

people in Cambodia, Namibia as well as rural and outback Australia.<br />

One of the most pleasing developments was the beginning of our<br />

ongoing partnership with the Tattersalls Club on Hyde Park, who<br />

generously hosted two of our events in <strong>2019</strong>. There is a strong<br />

alignment between our organisations and this is felt clearly in the<br />

incredible warm and vibrant atmosphere that is created at the<br />

events we have held in their wonderful venue (helped somewhat<br />

by assistance dogs from one of our charities!). We are incredibly<br />

grateful to the entire Tattersalls Club team for their support,<br />

particularly the efforts of Des Mulcahy and Sara Peelgrane.<br />




Passionate Project Committee members in Melbourne organised<br />

inspiring events in support of grassroots charities working to help<br />

feed hungry school children, the homeless and with mental health<br />

in men. With the winner of The Australian Apprentice and now social<br />

entrepreneur Andrew Morello at the helm as Shark, the November<br />

event achieved targets to total $AUD23k in fundraising for charities in<br />

<strong>2019</strong>. The generous and delicious food and beverages provided by<br />

Greek restaurant in the Soutbank precinct, were the perfect backdrop<br />

to the season closing event. Support was used by the beneficiary<br />

charities to help champion the role of young people as social<br />

change-agents and help with enhancing the health, wellbeing and<br />

community connectedness of young people and their families where<br />

a parent has a mental illness. These funds also contributed to the fight<br />

against drugs.<br />



Written on behalf of Dr Carlee van Dyke, Head of Melbourne, who<br />

was called back into hospital service in response to the<br />

Coronavirus pandemic.<br />


For powerhouse Adelaide, <strong>2019</strong> was another link in the chain of<br />

successes. Almost $AUD60k donated by 240 event guests at two<br />

events supported the minimisation of suicide harm in Australia;<br />

assisted South Australian families affected by cancer with financial<br />

support; provided South Australian individuals and families in need<br />

with access to food ingredients and nutritious meals, and; empowered<br />

women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of<br />

support and professional attire. Our gratitude goes to our volunteers in<br />

Adelaide and to the ongoing support of our partners Day Family<br />

Foundation, The Carthew Foundation and The Wyatt Trust.<br />




Written on behalf of Kate Stock and Nicole Andrews, Heads of Adelaide. Nicole is<br />

currently busy welcoming her brand new (fourth) child into the world.<br />

<strong>2019</strong> IMPACT REPORT<br />


<strong>10x10</strong> - AUSTRALIA<br />


Brisbane took <strong>10x10</strong> events to the next level in <strong>2019</strong>, with a new<br />

fundraising record event. Over $AUD18k was raised in September<br />

from a record audience, thanks to the inspired work of the Project<br />

Committee of volunteers. Much needed funds helped educate<br />

and empower survivors of domestic violence; feed hungry school<br />

children breakfast to increase their learning capacities, and; support<br />

to maintain and enhance the quality of life of our returned service<br />

men and women. Success was significantly enhanced by the<br />

Project Committee’s selection of Alex Moss as Shark.<br />

Thank You Brisbane!<br />


THE COVA PROJECT - Geena Dunne (CEO) | thecovaproject.com<br />

The Cova Project is currently operating in Uganda, having completed<br />

projects in Liberia and Ghana. While traveling to Liberia we were able<br />

to meet our new project lead, Rebecca, a star presenter who we were<br />

able to employ thanks to funds raised at our <strong>10x10</strong> night. Rebecca<br />

stood in front of a crowd of 50 and talked menstrual health and<br />

menstrual cup usage to a group of interested young school girls.<br />

We are so excited to have been able to achieve this goal of having a<br />

capable young woman at the front of our Liberian training classes,<br />

and that’s thanks to the support of <strong>10x10</strong>.<br />



LEFT: Our Liberian team, Rebecca in yellow shirt.<br />

RIGHT: Liberian school girls with their FlowCups from The Cova Project<br />

<strong>2019</strong> IMPACT REPORT<br />



BARAYAMAL - Dean Foley (CEO & Founder) | barayamal.com.au<br />

Barayamal was able to ride the wave of <strong>10x10</strong>’s momentum by<br />

utilising the funding to deliver more Indigenous Entrepreneurship<br />

programs that put us in a position to secure a State Government<br />

contract worth $AUD500k over two years through LaunchVic,<br />

Victoria’s startup agency, to run Victorian’s first Indigenous<br />

Accelerator program. We are now a community of 1,000+<br />

indigenous entrepreneurs and allies providing mentoring,<br />

workshops and Accelerator programs that kick-start the<br />

entrepreneurial journey.<br />

The money raised from participating in the <strong>10x10</strong> event was<br />

approximately 22% of our total income that financial year,<br />

which allowed us to find our feet, make a bigger positive impact<br />

and go on to increase Barayamal’s income by 4,000% or 4 times.<br />

OAKTREE - Shani Cain (CEO) | oaktree.org<br />

The money raised at the Melbourne <strong>10x10</strong> event allowed Oaktree<br />

to send three advocacy delegates to Australian Parliament House in<br />

Canberra to meet with 15 Ministers and Senators. This included<br />

Senator Jordan Steele John, the Minister for Defence and International<br />

Developments Office and many other members of government, to<br />

discuss the importance of young people, our participation and our<br />

leadership in the cycle of development relating to poverty and<br />

justice, both here in Australia and Overseas. We also had 10 volunteers<br />

meet with their local members and in WA our team met with the<br />

Hon. Penny Wong.<br />

ABOVE: Dean Foley, CEO & Founder<br />

ABOVE: Youth delegates<br />

<strong>2019</strong> IMPACT REPORT<br />


<strong>10x10</strong> - NEW YORK<br />

<strong>2019</strong> was an exciting year for <strong>10x10</strong> New York, with brand awareness<br />

and momentum building. We ran 2 successful events, attended by<br />

over 300 guests, supporting 6 incredible organizations.<br />

Our first event of <strong>2019</strong> raised $US23k to support diverse local charities<br />

whose missions include fitness and health for low-income<br />

elementary schools, culinary and English language education for<br />

refugees and mental health awareness and resources for military<br />

veterans.<br />

For our second event, raising $US19k, we focused on an LGBTQ<br />

theme to tie in with New York Pride week. We supported local<br />

organizations who support LGBTQ senior housing and youth<br />

homeless facilities and community resources.<br />


In <strong>2019</strong>, we worked to help Emma’s Torch, a local organization providing<br />

culinary and English language education to refugees. Their purpose is to<br />

help refugee students gain successful employment in the NYC restaurant<br />

industry, all the while building a supportive community. In <strong>2019</strong> <strong>10x10</strong>NY<br />

achieved the ripple effect, where the awareness and inspiration of a <strong>10x10</strong><br />

event triggered significant ongoing philanthropic support for a vital<br />

grassroots community. A guest at the live <strong>10x10</strong> event was so inspired that<br />

they donated an additional $US50k in support of the Emma’s Torch<br />

mission, with the potential to further scale donations in the coming years.<br />

On top of that, the donor connected the organization with a new board<br />

member, providing strategic insight to help drive their mission and grow<br />

the organization.<br />

Our volunteer Project Committees delivered some amazing results,<br />

sometimes inspiring philanthropy and impacting the local grassroots<br />

charities well beyond the night of our event. Already we’ve hosted<br />

our first 2020 event, with six returning committee members and the<br />

appointment of my Co-Head of New York, Sarah. We have 15 more<br />

signed up for our next event and we’re now on a roll and excited to<br />

continue <strong>10x10</strong>’s mission in New York!<br />




ABOVE: The <strong>10x10</strong> NY committee visiting Emma’s Torch<br />

<strong>2019</strong> IMPACT REPORT<br />


<strong>10x10</strong> - LOS ANGELES<br />

In May <strong>2019</strong> we launched the first <strong>10x10</strong> event in Venice, Los Angeles<br />

and in May 2020 we will be hosting our third. <strong>10x10</strong>’s model has<br />

brought together over 240 people in the Venice / West LA<br />

community to raise over $US41k in support of grassroots<br />

organizations, empowering guests to champion causes close to<br />

their hearts, but often far from reach. Issues like homelessness,<br />

food provision, mental health, or the US prison reform affect our<br />

whole community. By enabling meaningful human engagement<br />

with the everyday-heroes who run these charities, we break down<br />

barriers to giving, create space to cultivate lasting relationships and<br />

foster solidarity within communities. LA events seem to have a<br />

flavour of their own, more like a community gathering than a<br />

networking event, the event spaces have ranged from a<br />

women’s-only co-working space to a rustic, even romantic,<br />

industrial warehouse of the Unlikely Florist. As LA is so vast, it is our<br />

goal to activate <strong>10x10</strong> within another county (outside of Venice) so<br />

we can run several locations at once and amplify our impact across<br />

the city.<br />


POPS THE CLUB - Arielle Harris (Associate Director of Programs) | popsclubs.org<br />

Mass incarceration affects not just those convicted of crimes but also<br />

their loved ones left behind. Our community experiences this loss as a<br />

“shared sentence.” Stigma and trauma are part of the fabric of the lives<br />

of 1 in 14 children in America who have faced this kind of separation.<br />

And yet the pain of the prison system for those left behind remains<br />

invisible. POPS the Club exists to serve teens who are enduring this<br />

pain. POPS participated in our November <strong>2019</strong> event with the aim to<br />

raise money to support their club with money for food.<br />

The money that we raised will help us feed the students in our clubs,<br />

$US5k will feed an entire club for a whole academic year. This is a<br />

huge win for us and the students!<br />



<strong>2019</strong> IMPACT REPORT<br />


<strong>2019</strong> IMPACT REPORT<br />

13<br />

<strong>10x10</strong> - SAN FRANCISCO<br />

In July <strong>2019</strong> we were thrilled to launch <strong>10x10</strong> San Francisco. The first<br />

event showcased and supported charities that target either social,<br />

educational or environmental efforts. There was so much energy in<br />

the room and we all had a blast- committee members, charities,<br />

attendees and sharks alike. It was so inspiring!<br />

One of the leading social issues in SF is homelessness, so the<br />

committee for the 2nd event opted to invite 3 charities who are<br />

taking novel approaches to combatting homelessness and providing<br />

essential services to those in need. The charities were overwhelmed<br />

by <strong>10x10</strong>'s mission and honored to be part of the event.<br />

Thus far we have raised almost $US30K for local grassroots<br />

organizations, and inspired many SF residents to learn more about<br />

their communities and the efforts of local charities. We're looking<br />

forward to many more great things in 2020.<br />


experiencing homelessness in the Tenderloin neighborhood,<br />

facilitating reconnections between people on the streets and their<br />

loved ones.<br />


"<strong>10x10</strong> found Farming Hope<br />

at the perfect time. We needed<br />

extra funding for our job training<br />

kitchen, and the process was so<br />

seamless and fun. I've never said<br />

that about fundraising before!<br />

Best of all, we met several<br />

values-aligned, passionate<br />

supporters at the event. I'd<br />

recommend donors give and nonprofits partner with <strong>10x10</strong> to grow<br />

their impact and network for good."<br />




"Miracle Messages was very excited to participate in <strong>10x10</strong>’s pitch<br />

night. Community support is essential to our work, and having the<br />

chance to share what we are doing with young professionals was an<br />

energizing and fortifying experience. Many people approached us<br />

after the event to express their support and ask us about getting<br />

involved.<br />

Funds raised were used to employ two formerly homeless adults as<br />

Community Ambassadors and offer Miracle Messages to people<br />



"When we first heard from the <strong>10x10</strong><br />

team, we had never heard of an<br />

organization that wanted to uplift<br />

with nothing in return. The moment<br />

Cristina came to meet us, we<br />

instantly knew that we wanted to<br />

participate. From beginning to end each and every person on the <strong>10x10</strong> team<br />

made the experience so easy. Everyone was so thoughtful and sincerely<br />

wanted us to do well. We are so grateful we were able to be a part of this<br />

movement and to meet other grassroots organizations in our community. We<br />

had such a great time networking and even gained some new volunteers."

<strong>10x10</strong> - LONDON<br />

<strong>2019</strong> was an exciting year for <strong>10x10</strong> London, hosting four events: two<br />

in the traditional style and two a further expansion of our “special<br />

editions” stream with a focus on technology and sustainability<br />

respectively. Through our events in <strong>2019</strong>, we raised over £50K<br />

(AUD over $100,000) for 12 incredible charities addressing issues<br />

spanning social inclusion and access for disadvantaged people, to<br />

food and nutritional needs for the disadvantaged and homeless,<br />

fighting and curing rare diseases, to the use of technology to help to<br />

get refugees into the workforce and much, much more. It was a year<br />

where we engaged over 500 people at our <strong>10x10</strong> events either<br />

through attendance, pitching, participating as a dragon or generally<br />

supporting the charities. It was a year where skills were matched<br />

against each one of these 12 charities to make our impact more<br />

sustainable.<br />

It was also the year where we set the foundation for growing the<br />

<strong>10x10</strong> movement both regionally and throughout different sectors,<br />

laying the foundation for in-house corporate events. We also spent<br />

the year cementing long-term partnerships with key supporters and<br />

sponsors of <strong>10x10</strong>. In particular, we are grateful to Vinson & Elkins LLP<br />

for taking on the task, pro bono, to help register <strong>10x10</strong> UK<br />

<strong>Philanthropy</strong> Ltd as a registered charity in the UK, so that it can<br />

reach its full potential.<br />

The stage is now set for 2020 to be an even more exciting year!<br />




Holly Wang and Bloody Good Period<br />

Holly Wang participated as the<br />

live event Dragon at our April <strong>2019</strong><br />

event and was so moved by the<br />

occasion, and in particular one of<br />

the Charities, Bloody Good Period,<br />

that she formed a partnership<br />

whereby Holly’s brand, Miss Patina,<br />

is now designing bespoke cards<br />

for the charity to sell online. They<br />

are also working on designing accessories incorporating the identities<br />

of Miss Patina and Bloody Good Period as a fundraising effort. Holly<br />

has gone on to donate a range of generous prizes for subsequent<br />

event raffles.<br />

Engaged Dragons and Partner Charities<br />

In London our Dragons cannot get enough of the experience and<br />

on three separate occasions Dragons have volunteered to join<br />

subsequent committees. This has been tremendous for all involved<br />

as it allows often younger committee members to learn from highly<br />

successful philanthropists and businesspeople. What’s more, the<br />

charities are proving to be the same with our pitching team from City<br />

Harvest stepping up to run the show for our first <strong>10x10</strong> event of 2020.<br />

Lifelites<br />

Thanks to a distribution of almost £6k on the night, LifeLites was able<br />

to use this money raised to help its core purpose, which is to donate<br />

life-changing technologies to give life-limited and disabled children a<br />

chance to play, be creative, control something for<br />

themselves and communicate. In an environment where public<br />

money only covers the most essential care needs of such children,<br />

the role of Lifelites and technology provides the chance for play,<br />

where time to play is ever-so critical.<br />

<strong>2019</strong> IMPACT REPORT<br />


<strong>10x10</strong> - NEW ZEALAND<br />

<strong>10x10</strong>’s global expansion continues, after <strong>10x10</strong>SYD Project<br />

Committee Alumni, Alaina McGregor, moved to New Zealand<br />

in <strong>2019</strong> and launched <strong>10x10</strong> in Auckland.<br />

New Zealand is one of the most generous nations in the world with<br />

philanthropy within its DNA. This was evident right from the start<br />

with the formation of a dedicated committee, a number of event<br />

sponsors coming on board and a great turnout on the night.<br />

The inaugural event was held in November at the vibrant Auckland<br />

Council community hub – The Ellen Melville Centre - and raised<br />

$NZ13k for three worthy Kiwi charities. A great start for NZ!<br />

There are two <strong>10x10</strong>AKL events scheduled for 2020.<br />

I became an advocate for <strong>10x10</strong> after sitting on three Sydney<br />

committees from 2015-2017. I strongly believe in the model and<br />

the impact it delivers, so launching it in my home city was a<br />

passion project.<br />

New Zealand has the highest number of charities per capita so there<br />

is no shortage of incredible organisations to support. Kiwis are also<br />

renowned for their culture of community and outpouring of support<br />

for causes, so it was exciting to see <strong>10x10</strong>AKL embraced so quickly. I<br />

am so grateful for the hard work of our very first NZ committee who<br />

went over and above to make the first event a huge success.<br />

It has been a privilege to launch <strong>10x10</strong> in Aotearoa and I can’t wait to<br />

engage more Kiwis in philanthropy and grow <strong>10x10</strong>AKL in 2020.<br />




Sarah Brooks – Committee Member<br />

You don’t have-to-have much to have-a-lot in NZ, but it can be hard to<br />

know how to give back. When I returned to New Zealand last year<br />

after a decade away, I wanted to get involved in something good but I<br />

didn’t know where to start. In joining the <strong>10x10</strong> Committee, suddenly I<br />

was part of a like minded group. It was a privilege to support three<br />

incredible charities and meet the truly exceptional people behind<br />

them. I’ve made some great friends through the Committee and had<br />

a lot of fun during the process.<br />

I Got Your Back Pack<br />

We were fortunate enough to<br />

be selected for New Zealand’s<br />

first ever <strong>10x10</strong> event in <strong>2019</strong>.<br />

We were thrilled with the<br />

amount raised on the night<br />

as these funds will contribute<br />

to our care packs for those who<br />

need it most, at our busiest time<br />

of year. Thank you to the amazing<br />

team at <strong>10x10</strong> Auckland for all<br />

their hard work, encouragement and support. We highly recommend<br />

and encourage others to get involved in this wonderful movement.<br />

Mothers Project<br />

We were thrilled to be part of the inaugural <strong>10x10</strong> event in Auckland.<br />

We appreciated all the guidance leading up to the event around how<br />

we could best maximise the evening. The whole <strong>10x10</strong> Committee<br />

were so engaged and approachable and the event itself was fantastic,<br />

with a wonderfully diverse mix of people in the room. We made some<br />

fabulous connections with the other charities and found some great<br />

new people to volunteer with us. Of course the money raised on the<br />

evening will go a very long way in helping us connect more imprisoned<br />

mothers with their children. Thanks <strong>10x10</strong> for a fabulous opportunity.<br />

<strong>2019</strong> IMPACT REPORT<br />


<strong>2019</strong> IMPACT REPORT<br />

16<br />


We believe that the energy, passion and results of a great <strong>10x10</strong> Project Committee delivers many times the charitable IMPACT than the sum total<br />

of its talented parts - together our teams, in 11 cities of the world, are challenged to bring their skills, while empowered to choose and support<br />

grassroots charities, and through them, make the world a better place. This is what our <strong>2019</strong> Project Committee members thought about the <strong>10x10</strong><br />

experience:<br />

98.6%<br />

91%<br />

said they would recommend<br />

<strong>10x10</strong> committee experience<br />

to their friends<br />

said <strong>10x10</strong> had expanded their<br />

professional networks among<br />

socially conscious people<br />

<strong>2019</strong><br />

82%<br />




2260 NEW DONORS<br />

said they felt a sense of pride and<br />

satisfaction in what they had achieved<br />

73%<br />

said their leadership skills<br />

were improved<br />

93%<br />

said <strong>10x10</strong> improved their knowledge of<br />

social issues and how charities address them<br />

93%<br />

said <strong>10x10</strong> improved their ability to<br />

participate in <strong>Philanthropy</strong>


“THE BEST THING ABOUT YOUR <strong>10x10</strong> EXPERIENCE”<br />

Too many to count! I enjoyed the strong team<br />

atmosphere and having people around me who<br />

were motivated and wanted the event to succeed<br />

for the charities involved. I have made new friends<br />

and a much bigger network of professionals of a<br />

similar age to myself. What a great experience!<br />

“I made new friends, business contacts and have a<br />

new understanding of how we can help the world.”<br />

“Seeing the tangible and immediate benefit to three<br />

charities where the event truly made a difference -<br />

also building<br />

“The group and the structure of<br />

the event - it showed me that a<br />

small group of people and a well<br />

structured organisation can have<br />

a massive impact.”<br />

“I made new friends,<br />

business contacts<br />

and have a new<br />

understanding of how<br />

we can help the<br />

world.”<br />

Seeing the impact on the night of bringing<br />

everyone together and seeing the difference<br />

we were making to the charities in terms of<br />

money and awareness-raising.<br />

“Seeing it all come together on the<br />

night and knowing that we made a<br />

real impact.”<br />

“The committee were awesome fun committed people<br />

with the right attitude. Our Project Manager leads were<br />

incredibly wonderful and we had fun in the process.”<br />

“Seeing the charities shine on the night, especially<br />

when they get very emotional from the support<br />

they receive is very rewarding. Plus expanding my<br />

network and working with all different people<br />

from all industries!”<br />

The best part was helping the charities and<br />

forming friendships with people.<br />

“The ability to raise $30k<br />

for 3 charities in 3-4 months.<br />

It’s a powerful platform to<br />

raise awareness and funds for<br />

grassroots charities and it felt<br />

amazing to be part of that.”<br />

“The connections and the like-minded people that I met<br />

through the whole experience.”<br />

The event itself, meeting new friends through<br />

the committee, feeling that I am contributing to<br />

those who need it.<br />

The night itself was absolutely<br />

amazing and completely energising.<br />

Additionally, the people I was<br />

working alongside were absolutely<br />

amazing and made the whole<br />

process extremely enjoyable.<br />

“Seeing the reaction of the charity member/ambassador<br />

when they heard how much they were being given.”<br />

“Working with like minded<br />

people and going from<br />

being committee members<br />

to friends.”<br />

<strong>2019</strong> IMPACT REPORT<br />


<strong>10x10</strong> CORPORATE - CREDIT SUISSE<br />

Credit Suisse launched the first ever corporate <strong>10x10</strong> event in October<br />

<strong>2019</strong>. A passionate and talented Project Committee of Credit Suisse<br />

staff from Sydney and Brisbane chose three remarkable grassroots<br />

charities, built an emotional event experience and introduced a<br />

whole new way of philanthropy for their Australian organisation.<br />

The emotional and inspiring stories told by The Carly Ryan<br />

Foundation, Kids Giving Back & Harrison Riedel made a huge<br />

impact on the audience, rewarding these grassroots charities with a<br />

share of over $AUD25k. The diligent work of the Credit Suisse Project<br />

Committee to identify these emerging charities was well worth<br />

the effort of the three month campaign and we thank all three for<br />

partnering with <strong>10x10</strong> in leading the way for corporate <strong>10x10</strong> events -<br />

we can’t wait to see more businesses get on board with giving back!<br />

Special mention and thank you to the amazing Credit Suisse Project<br />

Committee, Sophie Robertson, Melissa Cooper, April Lowis, Anna<br />

Milne, Tom Butcher, Martin Stavnsbjerg, Andrew McKillop, CFA,<br />

Matthew O’Donnell, Andrew Holland, Nancy Chen & Chloe Lim.<br />

From Kids Giving Back:<br />

The <strong>10x10</strong>Credit Suisse program has funded 3 new workstations for us<br />

in our new Hub. These workstations will, over the next 12 months, help<br />

an estimated 4,500 children produce approximately 10,000 meals for<br />

people experiencing homelessness and creating the next Generation<br />

of Generosity. We call it the Ripple Effect...your funding, helping<br />

children, to help vulnerable people, and then creating a kinder<br />

and more altruistic world.<br />

Kids Giving Back highly recommends <strong>10x10</strong> to charities, it is a fun<br />

night that achieved great outcomes quickly and efficiently. Being a<br />

grassroots organisation with limited resources the <strong>10x10</strong> model is<br />

really effective and efficient, plus the funds raised can be promptly<br />

and effectively put to good use.<br />

<strong>2019</strong> IMPACT REPORT<br />


<strong>10x10</strong> SPECIAL BUSHFIRE EDITION<br />

In response to the Australian <strong>2019</strong>-2020 bushfire crisis, four passionate<br />

board members, Laurence Marshbaum, Julia Koop, Kurt McFarland and<br />

Gabrielle Cardwell, together with the <strong>10x10</strong>HQ crew Nici Andronicus,<br />

Sabine Dowson and Hannah Steele, leapt into action to organise a<br />

‘special edition’ <strong>10x10</strong> committee. We came together on 6 February with<br />

a mission to put money directly and immediately into the hands of<br />

three selected grassroots charities doing essential work at the frontline<br />

of the fires: Blaze Aid, CHIRF and Science for Wildlife.<br />

In a new <strong>10x10</strong> event fundraising record, $AUD57k was shared between<br />

the three charities, sending a powerful message to the communities<br />

who have been devastated by this heartbreaking crisis. In an<br />

environment where major funding had been held-up in red tape, our<br />

funds were released to the charities within two weeks of the event to<br />

ease the suffering experienced by people, animals and communities –<br />

we are so proud that our fundraising reached the grassroots without<br />

delay.<br />

The room was full of goose-bump-raising emotion, kicked off by a<br />

sobering reminder of our ability to help from <strong>10x10</strong> Chair Laurence<br />

Marshbaum. Afterpay’s Global Chief Operating Officer, Frerk-Mate Feller<br />

delivered a painting by an artist from NSW South Coast - a clever double<br />

impact donation by the Afterpay team, helping both a local fire-affected<br />

business in the purchase and the grassroots charities in the live auction<br />

proceeds. Our audience was inspired to get involved, leading to<br />

volunteering, from the provision of IT and communication assistance<br />

to physical labour to rebuild fences in rural areas.<br />

<strong>Impact</strong> Story - Robin Bryant (Founder CHIRF):<br />

“<strong>10x10</strong> support for CHIRF’s contribution to the Mallacoota community in<br />

the aftermath of the bushfires has been significant. The funding gave us<br />

the confidence to fly psychologist Dr Prue Dawson in from Melbourne<br />

for 3 days a fortnight. Dr Dawson meshes in very well with the small<br />

team of medical and part time mental health professionals we have<br />

currently working here. We are very short of mental health services and<br />

have a very long waiting list added to by the fires. We are looking to how<br />

we can now keep the services going for up to two years - based on<br />

professional advice about bushfire trauma.”<br />

<strong>2019</strong> IMPACT REPORT<br />


OUR DRAGONS/SHARKS <strong>2019</strong><br />

<strong>10x10</strong> have been delighted to work with leading business and philanthropic personalities to play the role of #DragonforGood and, depending<br />

upon your region, sometimes #SharkforGood during our events. These community leaders have helped to inspire a new generation of giving,<br />

by engaging with charities to unpack the thought provoking questions and share their philanthropic knowledge and perspective. Heartfelt<br />

thanks to the growing <strong>10x10</strong> Dragons/Sharks Alumni for the gift of time and wisdom to both the beneficiary organisations, and the <strong>10x10</strong><br />

audiences. Thank you for inspiring the next generation of young professionals toward a life of philanthropy.<br />

Sabrina Lippman<br />

Kyle Cooke<br />

Dame Zarine Kharas<br />

Nikhil Shah<br />

Caroline Casey<br />

Kim Williams<br />

Holly Wang<br />

Rob Bell<br />

Ed Orr<br />

Jannie McLeod<br />

Nick Lee<br />

Zeke Thomas<br />

Craig Clemens<br />

Sarah Anne Stewart<br />

Joe Hollendoner<br />

Dr Shoshana Ungerleider<br />

Wendy McCarthy<br />

Alex Moss<br />

Giovanni Donaldson<br />

Henry Hales<br />

Ndidi Okezie<br />

Julia Salasky<br />

Matthew Wilkley<br />

Sammi Adhami<br />

Rajeev Gupta<br />

Tory Shepherd<br />

Claire Braund<br />

Andrew Morelli<br />

Christina Ramirez<br />

Julie Pilat<br />

Frances Valintine<br />

Brandon Davis<br />

Amy Farrah Weiss<br />

<strong>2019</strong> IMPACT REPORT<br />


OUR CHARITIES <strong>2019</strong><br />

Fan4Kids<br />

Operation: Heal Our Heroes<br />

Emma’s Torch<br />

Drake's Music<br />

Lifelites<br />

Code Your Future<br />

Backpack Beds<br />

The Pink Elephant Support<br />

Network<br />

A Sound Life<br />

Bloody Good Period<br />

North London Cares<br />

The Choir With No Name<br />

Satellite Foundation For Men<br />

Australian Anti Ice Campaign<br />

Heart and Soul Group<br />

Raey of Hope<br />

Dress for Success<br />

New Alternatives for LGBT<br />

Homeless Youth<br />

Destination Tomorrow<br />

The Superkids Foundation<br />

Stonewall Community Development<br />

Corporation<br />

California Coalition for Women Prisoners<br />

(CCWP)<br />

The Youth Movement Against Alzheimer's<br />

Farming Hope<br />

Re-Volv<br />

Miracle Messages<br />

Human and Hope Association Inc<br />

Might and Mane<br />

The Generous and the Grateful<br />

Cereal for Coffee<br />

Beyond DV<br />

Young Diggers Dog Squad<br />

London Sustainablility Exchange<br />

City Harvest London<br />

Thames Estuary Partnership<br />

Inter Care<br />

CMV Action<br />

Recovery Assistance Dogs<br />

Harrison Riedel Foundation<br />

Kids Giving Back<br />

The Carly Ryan Foundation<br />

Landcare Association for SA<br />

MOSH Australia<br />

Lisa Fahey Foundation<br />

Malpa<br />

The Cova Project<br />

MindDog<br />

EatUp Australia<br />

Oaktree Foundation<br />

Melbourne Homeless Collective<br />

POPS The Club<br />

California Greenworks<br />

The Wayfarer Foundation<br />

I Got Your Back Pack<br />

Mothers Project<br />

Brothers In Arms<br />

City Youth Now<br />

Simply The Basics<br />

Coalition on Homelessness<br />

<strong>2019</strong> IMPACT REPORT<br />


COMMITTEES OF <strong>2019</strong><br />

<strong>2019</strong> IMPACT REPORT<br />


OUR COMMITTEES OF <strong>2019</strong><br />

Adelaide<br />

12 June <strong>2019</strong><br />

Ella Langford, Elizabeth Carroll-Shaw, Samantha<br />

Oxford, Lauren Stevens, Blake Cetinich, Maggie<br />

Beukes, Mary Seagrim<br />

7 November <strong>2019</strong><br />

Alexia Lynch, Brooke Avory, Alison Gunning,<br />

Benjamin Fox, Nicole Skewes, Sam Leeson, Vaishnavi<br />

Rajaramanan, Elizabeth Carroll-Shaw, Mary Seagrim,<br />

Daniel Bartlett<br />

Auckland<br />

28 November <strong>2019</strong><br />

Anna-Louise Hoffmann, Courtney Armstrong, Kyle<br />

Donegan, Kylie Erceg, Sarah Brooks, Ritika Singh,<br />

Caitlin Kropach<br />

Brisbane<br />

12 September <strong>2019</strong><br />

Andrew Courtney, Daisy Thomas, Shannon Bownds,<br />

Dahra Rezazadeh, Chelsea Simmons, Beth Zazlan,<br />

Danielle Wilson, Emma Vekar, Ellen Limerick, Rina<br />

Biswas, Stephanie Brown, Anthony Pham<br />

London<br />

21 March <strong>2019</strong><br />

Roxanne Goldfinch, Lucy Benbow, Josh Torok, Maria<br />

Joseph, Stacey Gower, Bryn Todd-Tims, Sophia<br />

Surjadi, Lucy O'Brien, Ellie Ereira, Freddie Wright,<br />

Libby Landenberg, Rajdeep Chahal<br />

11 April <strong>2019</strong><br />

Ana Ocampo, Alexandra Cagney, Katie Boran,<br />

Campbell Chase, Patrick Lou, Charley Burgess,<br />

Sophia Draper, Annalisa Baillie, Rich Matthews,<br />

Patrick Lou, Katy Kuhrt, Julia Lowis<br />

12 September <strong>2019</strong><br />

Siena Morrell, Alex Summers, Janina Aitken, Mariana<br />

Almendaro, Nokthula Mpofu, Charlie Haskins, Nicola Costar,<br />

Arabella Grubb<br />

19 September <strong>2019</strong><br />

Franck Jeuffroy, Heather King, Lamont Logan, Mitra Memarzia,<br />

Susanna Herbert, Ameer Kabir, Abi Ogunshakin, Jonathon<br />

Marks-Bluth, Stacey Gower<br />

Los Angeles<br />

26 June <strong>2019</strong><br />

Itai Leffler, Jake Ahles, Susanna McMillan, Abby Lewis, Angus<br />

Blaiklock, Clare Laverty, Britt Turpack, Charlotte Ahles,<br />

Giovanni Sornatale, Brent Vigneault, Emma Brunner<br />

21 November <strong>2019</strong><br />

Natalie Boras, Emily Cooper-Given, Erica Reiner, Cameron<br />

Cohen, Shira Lavi, Sarah Stuart, Britt Turpack, Megan Abbott<br />

Melbourne<br />

12 June <strong>2019</strong><br />

Simon Hulton, Alana McGuinness, Danielle Nohra, Angela<br />

Winneke, Elly Pinczewski, Sage Greenwood, Jum Lamont,<br />

Kirsty Trask, Natalie Onions<br />

21 November <strong>2019</strong><br />

Nick Napoli, Carla Bonner, Riley Mongan, Deanna Anile, Amy<br />

Hunt, Danielle Nohra, Elly Pinczewski, Chiquita Searle,<br />

Amanda Walker<br />

New York<br />

20 March <strong>2019</strong><br />

Rachel OGrady, Monica Jasty, Nicholas Phillips, Miles<br />

Brewington, Laurian Wright, Kristy Jones, Irene Soo, Elliott<br />

Higdon, Liz Yusupova, Chase King, Brittany Wrightson,<br />

Caroline Napoletano, Avery Baranzano, Andrew Sacks, Amber<br />

Banks<br />

25 June <strong>2019</strong><br />

William Reube, Carissa Ferrigno, Leah Pagano, Brianne<br />

Gallo, Tasneem Akhtar, Yotam Davdovitz, Lindsay Mirchin,<br />

Channing Crowell, Ashley Morris, Brittany Wrightson<br />

San Francisco<br />

10 July <strong>2019</strong><br />

Leora Lerba, Sophie Marx, David Feiock, Mallory Lemieux,<br />

Lara Neich, Chelsea Harrington, Jessie Smith, Arthur Yu,<br />

Chris Warner, Jess Wiley<br />

11 December <strong>2019</strong><br />

Alicia Damele, Kyle Mullé, David Apple, Cristina<br />

Georgoulaki, Sahill Poddar, Ben Mathews, Mackenzie<br />

Gorman, David Feiock, Lucy Ross, Anh Nguyen, Doug<br />

Shultz<br />

Sydney<br />

10 April <strong>2019</strong><br />

Ainslie McFarland, Camilla Counsel, Emily Lutkewitte,<br />

Jason Tanza, Matilda Coy, Matt Elison, Simon Carr, Sophia<br />

Bogaty, Tim Baynham<br />

15 August <strong>2019</strong><br />

Alex Herlihy, Brigid Furlong, Chris Wild, Eduard von Slawik,<br />

Eva Krane, Johanna Turner, Justin O'Donnell, Lucy<br />

Appleyard, Matthew Turner, Andrew de Bruijn<br />

20 November <strong>2019</strong><br />

Michael McLauchlan, Sarah Waterhouse, Sue Melia, Brigid<br />

Furlong, Leisha Millanta, Chris Wild, Anne Luu, Matilda<br />

Price, Sabrina Ko, Mariel Thomas, Charlotte Dunn, Emma<br />

Di Giacomo, Hugh Burley<br />

Credit Suisse, Corporate <strong>10x10</strong><br />

17 October <strong>2019</strong><br />

Sophie Robertson, Melissa Cooper, April Lowis, Chloe Lim,<br />

Anna Milne, Nancy Chen, Andrew Holland, Andrew<br />

McKillop, Tom Butcher, Matt O'Donnell<br />

<strong>2019</strong> IMPACT REPORT<br />



Back row: Nici Andronicus, Daniel Shand, Luisa Cooper, Laurie Marshbaum, Sabine Dowson, Hannah<br />

Steele,<br />

Front row: Kurt McFarland, David Ward, Julia Koop, Gabrielle Cardwell, Alaina McGregor, Cally<br />

Scivetti, Nathan Schokker<br />

10X10 is powered by volunteers, corporate partners, corporate event partners and sponsors. If you would like<br />

more information on the various opportunities to explore your philanthropy, please do get in touch!<br />






10X10GIVES<br />


<strong>2019</strong> IMPACT REPORT<br />


OUR TEAM<br />


<strong>10x10</strong> INTERNATIONAL LEADERSHIP<br />

KURT<br />


SYDNEY<br />

NATHAN<br />









CHAIR<br />







ALAINA<br />

McGREGOR<br />






LONDON<br />







<strong>10x10</strong> TEAM<br />

EDDIE<br />


LONDON<br />


LONDON<br />



SOPHIE<br />


NEW YORK<br />


CEO<br />







NEW YORK<br />





<strong>2019</strong> IMPACT REPORT<br />


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