Minnesota Vikings Foundation 2019 Impact Report

2019 Year in Review – Read more about the Minnesota Vikings Foundation mission, Vikings Table and stories of impact.

2019 Year in Review – Read more about the Minnesota Vikings Foundation mission, Vikings Table and stories of impact.


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2019 year in review


to our community,

Several years ago, we made a choice to forge a new path in how

professional sports approach creating change in their communities.

The Minnesota Vikings Foundation has adopted a direct programming

approach to impact youth. As we write to you today, we are proud to

share with you the differences we have made in our community.

In 2019, Minnesota Vikings Foundation launched the Vikings Table

program to serve healthy meals and provide nutrition education to

youth across the Greater Twin Cities area. I have personally witnessed

the impact we have had serving thousands of meals to those people

that need it most, and it brings me hope. Partnering alongside local

nonprofits, we are helping remove barriers to improve the health of the

next generation.



As our fiscal year came to a close, our world and local communities

faced unprecedented circumstances. Our Board and staff believed that

this was a time for all of us to come together through our shared bonds

of humanity to confront these challenges. It is impossible to fathom

what new difficulties people in our communities are being forced to

confront every day. However, we can still provide empathy, compassion

and support in this time of need.

In response to these dire community needs, the Minnesota Vikings

Foundation has worked diligently to transform the capabilities of

Vikings Table. We are currently delivering 100 meals each week day to

nonprofits serving youth and families who can benefit from a healthy

meal. We want everyone we serve to know that we care. We want

everyone to know that they are not alone.

Slowly, we will heal as a community. We will rediscover ourselves and

begin to blaze a new path. Friends, family and football will be there just

as they always have. We look forward to celebrating this new path with

all of you soon.

We will Forge Ahead Together!

brett taber

Executive Director

Minnesota Vikings Foundation

director’s message



Vikings Children’s Fund is

established as the philanthropic

arm of the Vikings and

contributes over $12 million in

grants to youth-related causes

during its existence.


The Minnesota Vikings Foundation

is established as a nonprofit

organization, replacing Vikings

Children’s Fund as a strategic

approach to using the power of

sport to create change. Specific

focus areas of youth health and

education are its driving mission to

make measurable impacts.

the minnesota vikings foundation is a public

nonprofit organization with the mission of

advancing the well-being of youth through

engaging health and education initiatives

2019 2020

Vikings Table presented by Xcel

Energy is the Foundation’s first

program and launches on June

13. In 2019, Vikings Table serves

more than 4,000 healthy meals

to youth and families.

Coronavirus disrupts

communities and Vikings

Table transforms. Beginning

March 30, Vikings Table

delivers 100 packaged meals

each week day to nonprofit

partners serving youth in need

of a healthy meal.



The Foundation’s Vikings Table,

presented by Xcel Energy launched in June

2019 with a mission to serve healthy meals

and nutrition education to youth in the

Greater Twin Cities area. The key to making

a difference in the lives of youth with this

program is partnering with nonprofits who

can help us reach those in need.

In the first five months of service,

Vikings Table partnered with 19 nonprofit

organizations to serve more than 4,000


click to watch video









vikings table


Arriving home after the first day of

school, a young boy walks up to the Vikings

Table food truck window and gets the

biggest smile on his face. To his surprise,

he’s greeted and handed fresh tacos from

Vikings running back Dalvin Cook.

In the heart of this neighborhood located

near the Vikings practice facility, The Open

Door’s produce stand has more than 8,000

pounds of fresh and healthy food ready

for adults and children. The Open Door

organization hosts weekly distributions

where no grocery stores are located

or residents may not have a means of


Vikings Table returned five times to

this Open Door event over the summer,

making friendships and increasing access

to healthy food in a fun environment.

it's important for young athletes

to have food security and meals.

learning that so young and

getting the proper nutrition

in your body – you can become

whatever you want to become.

– dalvin cook, running back

nonprofit spotlight




presented by



vikings table






vikings table


click to watch video

you can’t be healthy if you

are hungry, and this program

brings awareness to an issue

many aren’t aware of.

– xcel energy ceo ben fowke

vikings table


we are proud to support the

minnesota vikings foundation as one

of our family’s principle charitable

donations each year. having strong

roots in minnesota, the local

community still means so much to

us. the mission of the foundation

is directly aligned with our belief

in fighting childhood hunger by

providing both meals and nutritional

education. we are so impressed with

the work the foundation team does

every day to improve the lives of

youth in the state of minnesota.

– jill and duncan angove family

boys & girls clubs youth enjoy

vikings table indoors on a rainy day

donor spotlight


lat14 asian eatery owner/executive chef

ann ahmed serves chicken wings that

scored the event competition’s highest

marks in execution, appearance and taste.

click to watch video

The Foundation’s premier fundraiser

took place on June 11, 2019 to celebrate and

support the mission of the Foundation.

17 restaurants

650 attendees

taste of the vikings


click to watch video

The Foundation’s Golf Tournament

presented by MillerCoors was hosted at

The Meadows at Mystic Lake on June 5,

2019. More than $250,000 was raised to

support the Foundation’s mission.



adam thielen, wide receiver

golf tournament



events 46%

program 26%

fundraising activities 16%

donations 10%

interest income 2%


program 70%

events 23%

operations 7%



The financial impact is based on

preliminary, unaudited results for year

ending March 31, 2020. Additional financial

information is available upon request.

Vikings Table generates revenue by

selling Minnesota-themed menu creations

at Vikings events and home games and is

available for private catering.

All proceeds support the Foundation

with the goal of raising enough revenue

to fund Vikings Table mission work in the


Book us

for catering:






Thank you to everyone who supported

the Minnesota Vikings Foundation. Your

generosity made our mission come to life.

Through online auctions, special events,

booking Vikings Table catering, exclusive

items and charitable donations, there are

many ways to get involved and have a seat

at our family table.

We are committed to expanding Vikings

Table nutrition education programming

and reducing the 250,000 meals Twin

Cities youth miss in the summer months.

Join us as we Forge Ahead Together!





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thank you


board of directors

Elana Wilf Tanzman

Co-Chair and Director

Halle Sarah Wilf

Co-Chair and Director

Rachel Sarah Wilf

Co-Chair and Director

Stephanie Ilyse Wilf

Co-Chair and Director

Lester Bagley

Co-Vice Chair and Director

Andrew Miller

Co-Vice Chair and Director

Karin Nelsen



Steve Poppen


Kate Shibilski


foundation staff

Brett Taber

Executive Director

Monterae Carter

Program Coordinator

Elizabeth Hackbarth

Development Manager

advisory board

Monica L. Hererra

Minnesota Department of Education

Marilyn Heskin


Dr. Mindy S. Kurzer

University of Minnesota

Doug Paulson

Minnesota Department of Education

Ben Whitney

Great MN Schools/St.Catherine University




2 bell peppers

1 lb. ground beef

16 oz. can of corn

16 oz. can of black beans

(2) 32 oz. cans of crushed tomatoes

Spice Mixture:

2 tsp ea. of cumin, pepper, salt, paprika, garlic salt, onion powder

2 tbsp chili powder


Dice bell peppers, cook over med-high heat until softened and aromatic .

Add ground beef, season with salt and pepper, cook until brown.

Add corn, black beans, and crushed tomatoes, season with salt and pepper.

In a separate small bowl, mix spices together.

Add spice mixture to cooked ground beef mix.

Simmer at medium heat for 20-30 minutes or until cooked through.

Season with salt and pepper if needed.

Serve with shredded cheese of your choice and fresh cilantro.




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