Diamond Magazine August 2020 Issue

This month is all about business, health, and beginnings. Thank you for looking.

This month is all about business, health, and beginnings. Thank you for looking.


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Editor's Note<br />

Is it still <strong>2020</strong>?<br />

Working from home is the new norm and I am really beginning to<br />

think companies will want to continue this trend even past the<br />

covid 19 pandemic. Why? It saves money and helps the companies<br />

bottom line. With the shear advantages this gives the business,<br />

don't forget the worker has advantages as well.<br />

Not having to commute to work saves gas, time, and hasty food<br />

decisions. It also allows the worker to spend more time with<br />

family, familiar environment, better work productivity, and a<br />

happier employee. You can even keep your pajama bottoms on if<br />

you are doing zoom meetings, no one will notice.<br />

What do you think? When all is said and done do you think<br />

business owners will go back to the way it was, or will this be the<br />

new normal for everyone? Chime in on our Facebook page at<br />

www.Facebook.com/dreamchasersradio<br />

Y A Y A D I A M O N D <br />

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D I A M O N D M A G A Z I N E | 3

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1. Create a plan to eliminate debt.<br />

Whether you carry a balance on a credit card,<br />

have student loans or a mortgage, start paying<br />

off your debts now. Reducing your monthly<br />

expenses not only allows you to save more for<br />

retirement, but also gives you more flexibility<br />

with how you spend money after you stop<br />

working.<br />

2. Make retirement savings automatic, and<br />

don't miss out on "free money."<br />

Many employers offer a retirement savings<br />

plan, such as a 401(k), to their employees. The<br />

sooner you begin saving, the sooner your<br />

savings can begin to build up over time. Help<br />

your nest egg grow even faster by contributing<br />

enough to take full advantage of any matching<br />

contributions your employer offers. For<br />

example, your company might match 100% of<br />

your contribution, up to 6% of your salary. In<br />

other words, if you earn $50,000 a year and<br />

save at least $3,000, your company will match<br />

that amount by contributing $3,000 to your<br />

retirement as well.<br />

3. Understand how your retirement savings<br />

translates into income.<br />

Take the time during your working years to<br />

understand how much income you might<br />

receive in retirement based on your retirement<br />

savings. The U.S. Department of Labor offers<br />

a simple retirement income projection tool that<br />

can help you get started. If you see that<br />

projections are falling short of where you think<br />

you might need them to be, consider filling the<br />

gap by increasing the amount you are saving.<br />

Additionally, if you are over the age of 50, you<br />

can make catch-up contributions to your 401(k)<br />

or individual retirement account.<br />

MetLife's Study also asked workers and<br />

retirees the age of the oldest person they<br />

know. On average, that person is almost 85<br />

years old, and 45% of survey participants<br />

believe they'll live that long too. Many of us<br />

can, therefore, expect to live 20 years - or<br />

more - in retirement, and we'll need our<br />

savings to last. The question is: Will we be<br />

able to enjoy a comfortable and secure<br />

retirement, especially during periods of market<br />

turmoil like we are experiencing now?<br />

Having a predictable income can make a big<br />

difference and fortunately relief may be in<br />

sight. While many employers don't yet offer<br />

guaranteed retirement income options in their<br />

401(k) plans, a new law passed at the end of<br />

2019 could change this. That's good news,<br />

considering that 95% of workers and retirees<br />

say it's important for retirees to have a source<br />

of guaranteed retirement income they cannot<br />

outlive.<br />

MetLife's Study was conducted online with<br />

1,518 U.S. adults ages 33-75 who are either<br />

employed full time or retired and have access<br />

to a defined benefit or defined contribution plan<br />

through their current employer or the employer<br />

from which they retired. Data were weighted,<br />

where necessary, to align with actual<br />

population proportions. The Study was<br />

conducted by The Harris Poll between Aug. 19<br />

and Sept. 6, 2019.<br />


Custom mask sets<br />

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With many Americans spending more time at<br />

home, they are also using more common household<br />

items such as cleaning supplies, pantry items and<br />

snacks, among other things. According to a Harris Poll<br />

survey, Americans are concerned about the economic<br />

impact the pandemic will have on their lives.<br />

These economic concerns are leading shoppers to<br />

seek out more ways to save. With the convenience and<br />

flexibility online shopping provides, many customers are<br />

turning to e-retailers to find those must-have items.<br />

To help busy and budget-conscious shoppers, Woot!, the<br />

Amazon owned daily deals site, launched a grocery and<br />

household category to offer deals on everyday essentials.<br />

Consider these five ways shoppers can save time and money when making household purchases.<br />

Compare prices. One benefit of shopping online versus in-store is you can look across different brands to<br />

compare prices in real time. By seeing available brands and pricing in one place, you can save more and<br />

make the best purchase choices for your household. Take advantage of deals. When you shop in a store,<br />

you’re confined to the deals and selection the store is offering at the time of your trip. When you shop<br />

online, you aren’t limited to the store’s offerings, often allowing you to score better deals and browse a<br />

larger selection. For instance, you can check out deal sites like Woot.com to get new daily deals on<br />

household must-haves on your list for lower prices than you typically find in brick-and-mortar stores. Save<br />

time exploring virtual aisles. Shopping at a store can be time consuming. Innovations like Woot!’s virtual<br />

grocery and household aisles allow you to quickly and easily shop various categories and find the best<br />

deals. Unlike in-person aisles, these virtual aisles hide categories when selection is unavailable so you<br />

won’t waste your time and can be confident items you’re looking at are available at a discount. Customize<br />

your shopping experience. The flexibility and convenience of shopping online can save you time. Since you<br />

aren’t shopping in-store, you don’t have to worry about store hours and locations, giving you the flexibility<br />

to shop at all hours and from any location, as long as you have Wi-Fi and access to a computer or mobile<br />

device. With the ability to shop around your schedule, you can gain precious time to spend with the people<br />

you love, doing the things you love. 5 Ways to Save Big on Everyday Essentials Benefit from membership<br />

perks. Another perk of online shopping is being able to leverage membership benefits to save more. Some<br />

retailers offer member-based programs or partner to offer members of certain programs discounts. One<br />

example is Woot.com, which offers exclusive deals and free shipping for Amazon Prime members who<br />

shop on the site. Between the vast selection, price options and convenience of shopping from home, there<br />

are many ways shoppers can save big on time and money as they shop for everyday essentials and<br />

household must-haves.<br />

Learn more at Woot.com.<br />



Affiliates - Your Free Way<br />

To Web Income<br />

By: Ian Stables<br />

If you're looking for a way to earn your living<br />

from the internet then there is no better and<br />

easier way than this. What's great is there's no<br />

product to make and it's FREE. You get paid<br />

instead.Let's first look at what it takes in order<br />

to make money the traditional way...Because<br />

there's so much competition on the net you<br />

need to offer many products in order to earn<br />

a reasonable living. Do you want to spend a<br />

lot of time creating these? If you do then fine, but be prepared for a lot of hard work,<br />

research and a long wait for results.Imagine instantly acquiring 10, 20, 50, 100, or even<br />

1000s of desirable products. You simply put them up for sale and kaboom you're an<br />

instant success. Your income automatically comes to you without even sending a single<br />

product or sending a single invoice.Or imagine this...You get a job as a salesman but<br />

instead of being limited to one product that someone might or might not want. You have<br />

a product for everyone. You'll always have a customer. Every day!Then imagine getting<br />

home from the pub or back from holiday. You switch on your computer and check to see<br />

how much your bank balance has increased.<br />


You copy and paste an affiliate link and short recommendation into your website that<br />

you create. (Visit Tripod's website and you can have a website for free.) They all offer this<br />

written up for you. You just copy and paste.Then advertise your site to get<br />

customers.The best way to advertise your site is by writing short useful articles with a link<br />

back to your website. Then simply post the article to as many article sites as possible.<br />

They're all free.Every time someone reads your article they'll most probably click the link<br />

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There are 2 ways.<br />

Method #1 You can search the internet<br />

looking at many different products for sale<br />

that offer an affiliate program. Believe me, this<br />

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You've got nothing to lose. Sign up now (IT'S FREE) and you'll soon be agreeing with me<br />

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Good luck! Ian Stables<br />


C<br />

O<br />

R<br />

N<br />

E<br />

<strong>Diamond</strong><br />




had a wild ride while attempting to interview Adam,<br />

You<br />

explain.<br />

please<br />

I consciously decided that I needed an interview with<br />

Once<br />

I started to attend his concerts, even if they were in<br />

Adam<br />

I traveled to England many times, but on one occasion<br />

England.<br />

went overnight just to see a concert. Aside from Adam I had to<br />

I<br />

up some celebrity credibility, so I began to write for<br />

build<br />

magazines and cover stories all over the world. I<br />

international<br />

my career interviewing Leonard Nimoy from Star Trek<br />

started<br />

I was also a fan girl of. Later I went to owning a gay bar<br />

who<br />

encountered experiences you just wouldn't believe. Because<br />

and<br />

that I wound up writing for Get Out <strong>Magazine</strong> and nearly<br />

of<br />

star wants an LGBTQ fan base. Within the book they<br />

every<br />

unbelievable stories which as I wrote them, I still<br />

were<br />

did journalism cause you to open up one of the coolest<br />

How<br />

companies, "World Star PR", on the planet?<br />

PR<br />

and my very cool superstar partner Jimmy Star had more<br />

Myself<br />

to the press than anyone we knew. Jimmy hosts the<br />

connections<br />

Internet television/radio show on Earth called "The<br />

biggest<br />

Star Show with Ron Russell", with 5 million weekly<br />

Jimmy<br />

He and myself had never gotten paid for our endeavors,<br />

viewers.<br />

we decided we needed to eat and also we wish to help Indie<br />

and<br />

and celebrities rise without paying the extraordinary high<br />

artists<br />

of the usual publicist. I met Jimmy and his husband Ron<br />

fees<br />

appearing on his show and we became instant friends.<br />

while<br />

we have established one of the least expensive, yet<br />

Together<br />

there she traveled several continents collecting interviews for<br />

From<br />

such as HuffPost, Louder Than War, and eventually 50 other<br />

<strong>Magazine</strong>s<br />

profiled visual material media.....Many of her friends and<br />

high<br />

will find themselves mentioned in "Waiting For Adam."<br />

acquaintances<br />

the idea came from Adam's publicist Lee Runchey who suggested<br />

Originally<br />

almost as a joke. Although things didn't end well between us, she was<br />

it<br />

responsible for me procuring the interview finally with Adam.<br />

still<br />

the meantime, I had all of these conversations that I had collected from<br />

In<br />

amazing celebrities mostly through Get Out <strong>Magazine</strong> and felt the need<br />

these<br />

compile them in a book. I felt that they gave me their time and deserved<br />

to<br />

was/am a fan girl. I celebrated Adam in the 80's and followed his<br />

I<br />

until he disappeared for 17 years. Then suddenly he re-emerged<br />

music<br />

than ever. I had 3 bucket list rockers that I wished to<br />

better<br />

and Adam was on the top of that list. Aside from that, from<br />

interview<br />

journalistic point of view I knew he was a fabulous interview from<br />

a<br />

ones that were previously done with him.<br />

reading<br />

the company I've made life long friends including<br />

Through<br />

photographer Billy Hess, who has become my partner in<br />

celebrity<br />

the very kind and spiritual Scott Page from Pink Floyd,<br />

crime,<br />

Peniston, and SohoJohnny a client who is one of the greatest<br />

CeCe<br />

I love writing and learning about people. I also love<br />

Absolutely.<br />

to cool events and Red Carpet extravaganzas. I also love my<br />

going<br />

which include some of the kindest and most interesting<br />

clients<br />

in life.<br />

humans<br />

course.....I have interviewed 2 of the people on my list which<br />

Of<br />

the way is Rick Springfield and Adam.... however the last<br />

by<br />

on my list remains a challenge. If anyone knows Billy Idol,<br />

person<br />

send him my way.<br />

please<br />

official website for Eileen Shapiro may be found at<br />

The<br />

https://www.eileenshapiro.rocks<br />

by Billy Hess<br />

Photos<br />

https://www.billyhess.com<br />

How did you become inspired to write "Waiting For Adam?"<br />

further mention.<br />

Why was it so important for you to interview Adam Ant?<br />

people on earth.<br />

You still continue your journalistic career however?<br />

Will there be some sort of sequel?<br />

couldn't believe they happened.<br />

coolest in demand PR companies.<br />



Mexican Chef Salad Ingredients:<br />

1 Onion, chopped4 Tomatoes<br />

1 Head lettuce<br />

4 Oz. grated cheddar cheese<br />

8 Oz. thousand island dressing<br />

Hot sauce to taste1 Lg. avocado<br />

1 Lb. hamburger<br />

1 Can 15 oz. drained kidney beans<br />

1/4 Teaspoon salt Crunch and add 1 small individual<br />

bag Doritos tortilla chips.<br />

Plain or any favorite flavor.<br />

Slice the avocado and add.<br />

Brown ground beef add beans, salt, simmer for 10<br />

minutes. Add to salad mixture. decorate with chips,<br />

avocado and top with chips and tomato and avocado<br />

slices. Serves 6 to 8.<br />

FRESH<br />

Spinach Salad Salad Ingredients:<br />

12 Oz. fresh spinach, washed, drained and cut into<br />

bite size pieces<br />

1 Lb. can of bean sprouts, drained<br />

1/4 Cup green onions, cut<br />

Dressing Ingredients:<br />

3/4 Cup salad oil<br />

1/2 Teaspoon pepper<br />

1/2 Teaspoon sugar<br />

1/4 Cup vinegar1/3 Cup catsup<br />

2 Tablespoon Worcestershire sauce In a 1 qt.<br />

saucepan combine above dressing ingredients. Bring<br />

to a boil. Pour over salad ingredients and toss lightly.<br />

Sprinkle over top 2 hardboiled eggs, chopped.<br />


TV station on Roku<br />

A M G E N T E R T A I N M E N T N E T W O R K<br />


What genre would you consider your music?<br />

Whatever the fans call it. I’m hoping it will be alt rock w/pop<br />

influence but right now the fans mostly call it that shit they<br />

haven’t heard of.<br />

Soooo INDIE?<br />

What influenced "Doves of War?"<br />

Well the dove traditionally means “peace” and is even a<br />

symbol of Christ in Christianity. I figure maybe people are<br />

focusing on the positive or glossing over the end of the Book<br />

because things like the four horsemen and rivers of blood<br />

seem unpeaceful and yet, there is the Great Dude smacking<br />

fools with the Sword of Truth to Destroy All Nations.<br />

So, I’m not sure if that is what doves of war means but it is<br />

what it makes me ponder.<br />

Is there a song on the album that you are most proud of<br />

and why?<br />

I like the solos on “Step Into The Shadows” and “Quality Time<br />

For Two”. I favor the way “Nations Of Runaways” seems like it<br />

has started then smashes you. Obviously, Andi is the Queen of<br />

Hooks and she doesn’t disappoint on tunes like “I am the Beat”<br />

as in the great I AM the Beat or “Step Into The Shadows”. My<br />

favorite THING about the album is that I followed no<br />

template, no guide, I had the greatest love I have ever known<br />

challenging me to take the path no one treads screaming,<br />

running full speed, and naked so I went strange places. Only<br />

self-produced albums have this level of freedom I guess.<br />

I had to learn to play guitar for it and I like that now also.<br />

If the planet ever opens up again will there be a tour to<br />

support the album?<br />

I’m pretty sure that so long as there are empty movie theaters<br />

with 4k screens we might not even need to wait for the world.<br />

How cool would it be to play a live show to the Las Vegas strip<br />

on the giant screens they advertise with or even drive ins<br />

where we see who can bring the best car speakers while we<br />

broadcast from the stage under the screen and port the video<br />

up to the theater canvas?<br />

Stranger things have happened.<br />

Listen to “Doves Of War” by Trenched here:<br />

https://trenched.hearnow.com/?fbclid=IwAR04glNP5-<br />

XsXYK6hS7xBMhRU-Tv6fvvS7hmLTybtjmfJfFML4Tfcr0bCzI<br />

Follow<br />

Trenched on the web:<br />

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/trenchedb<br />

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/TrenchedBand<br />

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SexDrugsRockNRollers<br />


How to Mourn Your Old Normal and Adapt to The<br />

New(NewsUSA) – Deaths from the novel coronavirus<br />

COVID-19 have surpassed 110,000 in the United States<br />

and mourning the losses of these lives is important.<br />

In addition, we are also mourning lost habits and<br />

ways of life that are casualties of the<br />

coronavirus.Going out with friends, hugging a<br />

grandparent, even opening a door in a public place<br />

are on hold. Some of these changes were temporary.<br />

However, even as states begin to open up, changes in<br />

how we interact with each other and the world will<br />

likely continue for far longer."We need to grieve the<br />

ways of life we have lost," according to William<br />

Glover, Ph.D., president of the American<br />

Psychoanalytic Association (APsaA)."Mourning is<br />

hard work," Sigmund Freud once wrote in his essay,<br />

"Mourning and Melancholia." What makes mourning<br />

so hard is having to give up attachments – whether to<br />

people or to a way of life – that can’t be replaced.<br />

Letting go of what we have lost helps us move on<br />

with our lives, although we will always miss the<br />

people, places, and things we have lost; in that sense<br />

mourning can never be complete.Mourning and grief<br />

are an important part of coping with loss and<br />

essential in managing changes and accepting new<br />

realities. Recognizing that our pre-COVID lives may<br />

never return is a loss to be mourned, and the work<br />

involved in this mourning can help us move on and<br />

into the new reality. However, some people struggle<br />

with the process more than others, and resist by<br />

responding with illusions of control, refusing to take<br />

precautions, and showing contempt for politicians<br />

and public health officials who try to explain the<br />

changing realities of daily life.<br />

In an article post on APsaA’s Psychology Today<br />

blogsite, psychotherapist Shelley Galasso Bonanno,<br />

MA, LLP, writes, "Each person processes and<br />

expresses grief in their own individual ways, yet<br />

there is comfort and power in understanding that<br />

one is not alone during this pandemic." One way<br />

to cope with grief is by finding meaning in the<br />

present situation, although how one does so may<br />

be different for everyone.Yet finding meaning is<br />

different for everyone. For some, it may mean<br />

providing food or assistance to a homebound<br />

neighbor, making masks for members of their<br />

community, or even donating money to help<br />

beloved organizations and venues stay afloat.<br />

Others may find meaning by expressing their<br />

emotions and reflecting on them with a<br />

therapist.Undoubtedly, there will be new ways to<br />

maintain relationships, enjoy life, and participate<br />

in activities with family and friends. Meanwhile,<br />

being able to tolerate the pain of grief and find<br />

meaning helps sustain us in difficult times.The<br />

American Psychoanalytic Association has created<br />

a resource page for the public and mental health<br />

providers with resources to help cope with anxiety<br />

and grief during this global<br />

pandemic.Visit apsa.org/coronavirus for articles<br />

and videos and information on how to find a<br />

psychotherapist near you.<br />


<strong>Diamond</strong><br />


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