(Epub Kindle) The In-Betweens The Spiritualists Mediums and Legends of Camp Etna !READ NOW!


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(Epub Kindle) The In-Betweens: The Spiritualists, Mediums,

and Legends of Camp Etna !READ NOW!

(Epub Kindle) The In-Betweens: The Spiritualists, Mediums, and Legends

of Camp Etna !READ NOW!

(Epub Kindle) The

In-Betweens: The


Mediums, and

Legends of Camp



“Engaging.... [Ptacin] is on a quest to understand the peculiar

nature of belief, the power of faith – pure, unquestioning and even

unreasoning – to shape the way we see the world around us.... This is

a place and a story rooted in the very human hope that life is more than

a handful of years on a lonely planet. And that if we believe hard

enough we may find proof of that, shining in the shadows, just beyond

our reach.― -Deborah Blum, New York Times Book Review“Who doesnâ€t

like a good ghost story? And in Camp Etna, the 143-year-old Spiritualist

summer retreat located in the Maine hinterland just west of Bangor,

author Mira Ptacin has found a whopping good one.... Ms. Ptacinâ€s

depiction of Camp Etnaâ€s residents―a ‘quirky underworld of fringe

characters†and ‘their truthâ€â€•is both nonjudgmental and, pardon

the pun, dead-on.― -Marc M. Arkin, Wall Street Journal“A deft

account.... Ptacin nimbly traces the movement from the early days ―

when Spiritualism offered women (often via mediumship) a public voice

and sense of authority ― to its heyday as a ghostly carnival, into the

public backlash at the hands of skeptics like Harry Houdini, to the New

Age of crystal healing and the even newer age of high-tech ghost

hunting.― -Genevieve Valentine, NPR.org“Best to go into this book

open-minded. Leave a crack open for wonder – or belief – to slip

through.― -Elena Nicolau, Refinery29“Enchanting.... Ptacin locates

the roots of Spiritualism and traces the rise and decline of this femaledominated

world that challenged institutions of the 19th-century

patriarchy, offered comforting connection with the dead, and supported

both abolition and suffrage. Blending history and her firsthand

experience, Ptacin summons the spirits of this rich past and conveys the

emotional needs it has satisfied over the years.― -National Book Review

“A fascinating look at the history and cultural influence of Camp

Etna, the 143-year-old Spiritualist community in Maine.... Ptacin, who

is receptive to the spiritual experiences and stories of the community,

delivers her narrative evenhandedly and with genuine curiosity. This is

an eye-opening and informative peek into a little-known but influential

community.― -Publishers Weekly [starred review]“With mediums, rocking

healing, tables, divining, ghost hunting, and faith healing in the mix,

Ptacinâ€s history of the Spiritualist religion in America will

entertain practitioners and naysayers alike.... Ptacinâ€s writing is

educational, entertaining, and well-researched. Readers interested in

Spiritualism as a contemporary religion as well as the people who are

currently involved with programs, services and educational opportunities

at Camp Etna will find this of particular interest.― -Joyce McIntosh,

Booklist“The Maine-based author immersed herself in the community, and

her reportage reflects equal amounts of diligent journalism and wideeyed

fascination.... Both thrilling and unsettling.... In appropriately

affable and accessible prose, the author describes what separates

spiritualists from more common American religious traditions.... An eyeopening,

consistently fascinating, and engrossing profile of the modern

spiritualist movement.― -Kirkus Reviews“Writing about her time spent

in the company of the mediums of Camp Etna during its 141st summer in

operation, Ptacin reflects on spiritualism's place in an increasingly

secular culture, the changes and controversies in the camp's management,

and the nature of faith itself. But this is as much a meditation on

healing as a history of a spiritualist camp. With great empathy and

insight, Ptacin shows how spiritualist practices have aided the healing

process in the lives of its practitioners, followers, and in Ptacin

herself. A colorful, quirky, and ultimately moving look at a

misunderstood faith and the iron-willed women who continue to sustain

it.― -Library Journal“The In-Betweens is a truly fascinating history

of a little-known American community of Spiritualists. Iâ€d never heard

of Camp Etna before reading this book, and I canâ€t imagine how Iâ€d

missed it. This is a story of a deeply female, fiercely autonomous, openhearted

and searching group of spiritual seekers, whose ranks have

refused for well over a century to comply with any conventional ideas

about religion, power, and women. Ptacin approaches her subjects with a

mind that is both open and enthusiastic, without ever losing her keen

reporterâ€s edge. Itâ€s a brilliant work, and a fabulous read.― -

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of The Signature of All Things and Eat, Pray,

Love The author of the acclaimed memoirPoor Your Soul,

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