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Fashion : Essential Accessory

Additions To Your Wardrobe

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The impact of the COVID-19

pandemic on the human race has

been a sea-saw kind of ride. While

some people have withdrawn to

come out better, others have been

knocked down and out.

Our cover personality today, Dare

Art Alade, known by his stage name

Darey, has been away from public

scene for a while but not without

reason. Behind the scene, he’s been

stewing something nice for his

teaming fans. Coming out strong

with “Jah Guide Me,” a single from an upcoming body of

work, he captures in this song, the frailty of humanity as

evidenced in this pandemic and the resulting economic

downturn both locally and internationally. This come-back

song captures the emotions being felt by many in this trying

times. He shares his experiences that have helped to reinvent

him with our reporter Linda Orajekwe. Pg. 4-5

While good may have come for Darey in this convulsing

COVID-19 season, not so for many businesses especially

those in the luxury goods department. Records show a

downturn in the economy of many big brands who have had

to close some of their stores or lay off workers in other to

keep afloat. Have Nigerian designers especially those who do

high end products immune from this dwindling fortune

sweeping through the luxury industry? Our reporter,

Emmanuel Akpoborie investigates and reports. Pg. 7

The place of accessories cannot be over emphasized.

See a few pieces to help give importance to your style. Pg 3.

And if you curios to know what’s

hot in the bedroom this week, flip to J . E

page 6 to see what has been served

Jemi Ekunkunbor

on Sexmatics.

Enjoy our serve. Have a


September to remember.

“Care about what

other people think

and you will always

be their prisoner”.

- Lao Tzu

“If the great internet

connects us all … then

why are so many of us

becoming increasingly


- Stephen Richards

“Every man should

believe in something.

If not..he would

doubt everything,

even himself”.

- Toba Beta

“Experience teaches

only the teachable”.

- Aldous Huxley







Josephine Agbonkhese



















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Hoop Earrings

These round earrings

are an excellent way to

spice up a plain outfit

or add the finishing

touch to your favourite

ensemble. Choose

from a simple design

to something over the

top, with pearl, patterns,

or embellishments.

Hoops look best with your

hair behind your ears, in a

ponytail or a bun, show off your

stunning jewelry with pride.



Large Chain


Every month of the year, an outfit

would not be complete without a

stunning piece of jewelry.

From oversized and chunky

designs to a delicate yet,

statement piece, these

accessories are an easy way to

tie an outfit together. Pair it with

a blazer, roll neck, or even a





When the temperature heats

up, protect your eyes in style

with coloured sunglasses. Its

vibrant frame instantly adds

drama to your existing outfit,

and will jazz up your entire




Essential accessory

additions to your


Bucket Bags

Bucket bags have never really

gone out of style. Rather than

choosing a traditional shade,

such as black, grey, or

white, why not step outside

of the box and opt for

something blue, pink, or

marigold? There are

so many ways to

rock this look,

and you can

continue to

wear it for

decades to


By - Temitope Ojo

Accessories give more

importance to your personal

style, taste, and preferences.

They also offer unlimited

opportunities for clothes,

helping you to do the best of

each item you have. With the

right accessories, you need

fewer outfits to take you

through any season.

As the temperature

rises and falls, these

pieces will stand the

test of time and will

be essential

additions to your


Here are six

accessory trends

to add to your

wardrobe this




Square Toe

Strappy Sandals

As trends come and go, one will

always remain in style: a sleek pair of

sandals. Choose from bright shades

to add life to your ensemble, or keep

it classic with traditional colours like

white, black, or brown.

Soft Clutches

Soft clutch is the ultimate bag

of the season. Easy to carry

and with an abundance of

room inside, these gorgeous

handbags look like a pillow,

and are a dream option

for any style-conscious

individual. They look fantastic

in a casual context, but are

easy to transition into a

formal occasion.

September 6, 2020 / 3






Words By - Linda Orajekwe

Dare Art Alade, professionally known as Darey is a multiple award-winning and multi-platinum

Afro-Soul/R&B singer, musician, songwriter, music producer, and entrepreneur. Since

gaining exposure across Africa as runner up in the 2004 season of Music talent search reality

TV show, Project Fame, Darey has made an indelible mark on the Nigerian and African music scene.

He has released several hit singles, including the groundbreaking Afro R&b records featuring

legendary artistes like 2Baba. His critically acclaimed last album “Naked” includes the hit single

“Pray For Me” featuring multiple Grammy award-winning supergroup, Soweto Gospel Choir, and

collaborations with Afropop star, Olamide, and international Afro-soul songstress, Asa.

Darey is the recipient of multiple awards and nominations including MTV Africa Music Awards

(MAMAS), Channel O Awards, World Music Awards, The Headies, Nigerian Music Awards and a host

of others.

After his break from the music industry since “Naked,” Darey is back with another promising

record, “Jah Guide Me.” In this interview, he talks about his come back and more.

After years of being in front of the screen, to

moving behind the scene, how would you say

Darey has evolved? Are you the guy we used to


I am still the same guy o! In front or behind the

cameras, I remain consistently creative across

everything I have been up to over the years.

So how has the experience been like taking a

break from music?

I’ve not really taken a break from music. All the

while, I have been recording in the studio on and off.

Shifting goalposts as I go along due to external

matters like, the work we do at livespot360. The great

thing about it is that I get to be creative which is what

I love!

Was the break an intentional decision? To stay off

the screen as an artiste and come back at this


The break was not intentional. These things

happen sometimes; but, I am glad to be back to

share my music with the fans.

Your last project was ‘naked’ in 2015, thinking

back to that project, is there anything you

would’ve loved to do differently?

Well, I wish I shot a music video for the song I

made with Asa titled, “inside of you.” I also wish that

we had dropped a music video we shot but recently

realized we forgot to release. All in all, no regrets. It

was a wonderful album to create and the feedback till

this day, has been remarkable.

You recently released ‘Jah Guide Me’. What is it

about the song that brought you back on the


It is the first single from an upcoming body of

work. It talks about our human frailties not just in this

pandemic; but, as people affected by the economic

downturn locally and internationally. The emotions we

are currently going through is very present in the

song and felt like the right song to promote first.

What would you say the reception of this project

has been since its release?

The feedback has been phenomenal! Not just in

Nigeria but around Africa and the world: in places

like, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, south and North

America and parts of Europe too. It’s been truly

overwhelming and this is still early day!

I would attribute this to the efforts of my team and

the grace of God. The song itself is speaking to

people on so many levels- spiritually and musically.

So, it is a thing of joy to see the amazing reception so


Can we say you are changing genre with ‘Jah

Guide Me’ or this is just a one-off and Darey is

still the B&B guy we used to know?

Haha! I am still the Darey you used to know

although I am a new and improved version. Just call

me Darey now! My genre is what I call afro & b and

you can be sure to hear more dynamic sounds from

me moving forward. I keep reinventing myself!

‘Pray For Me’ and ‘Jah Guide Me’ is there a

similarity in the creative/production process?

The similarity is in the style of messaging. The

production and creative process between the two

songs are quite varied. The former was produced by

Oscar Heman-Ackah and the latter was produced by


What was your thought process when you

decided to drop ‘Jah Guide Me’ considering how

the industry has changed especially with the rise

of social media?

You have to remember that I have been on the

scene; so I am well aware of all the growth and

changes. It is beautiful to see so much progress

made over the years, and I am excited and even

more gingered to bring my drive and work ethics

which is missing in the industry.

How has being off the centre stage as an artiste

helped you as a father and a husband?


/ September 6, 2020


A slightly more relaxed schedule affords me some more quality time to

spend with family. Bonding time is great for a close-knit relationship.

What was your family(wife)’s reaction when you decided to hit the studio


There was no reaction as I did not just come and announce that I am back

in the studio. My family is there with me at every juncture so they know what’s


What do you love the most about being a father and a husband?

Just being there for them is one thing I really love. My family doesn’t judge

me even though they hold me to high standards. I am all that I am today

because they love me unconditionally, and for that, I am grateful.

For the past years, through Livespot, you have brought a series of

international A-list artistes to Nigeria, what informs your selection of

artistes aside their popularity and fan-love?

It is always important for us to ensure they fit into whatever experience we

are trying to create for our audiences. It is also important for us when engaging

their crews, to ensure we get skills transferred in order to build local capacity.

otherwise, what is the point of all the hype?

For an artiste who has been part of a reality Tv show both as a

participant and a judge, what do you think about the ongoing BBNaija

reality Tv show?

Truth is, I watch it in bursts; mainly via social media as updates. But I think it

is a nice platform to engage TV viewers and gives a chance to young people

hoping to make it in entertainment, by giving them some level of popularity.

When some people complain that the show does not promote values, etc. they

need to understand that it is just entertainment. The drama in the house is

quite gripping and it seems the winner may emerge between Laycon,

Kidwayya, Nengi and Erica. Tolani Baj is also one to look out for. What will be

interesting is to see what they do with their newfound ‘fame’ upon eviction and

completion of the show.

Who’s your favourite housemate?

Because I always root for the underdogs, my fave is Laycon, but lowkey


How has working behind the scene helped you understand the music

business better and how does that understanding help you relate with

other artistes especially during Livespot shows?

Working “behind the scene” like you put it has made it easy for me to bridge

the gap when dealing with artistes. This can be attributed to my unique skillsets

and experience garnered over the years while playing various roles.

Is ‘Jah Guide Me’ just a visit or a return to the centre stage in the


Jah guide me is the first single from a forthcoming body of work. So yes,

this is a return, not a fleeting visit.

If you have to collaborate with any of these young artistes coming up,

top artistes and international artistes, who would that be and why?

Well, I have a couple of songs already recorded with Teni, Patoranking and

more. You have to wait and see what other surprises we have in-store.

If you have to advise a younger Darey, what are you going to say?

I’ll tell him to work hard and trust God. Do not be in a hurry. Greatness


What’s one thing, aside from family, Darey cannot do without?

Hmmm… I cannot do without a decent phone and a high-speed internet!

What will be interesting is

to see what they do with

their newfound ‘fame’

upon eviction and

completion of the show.

September 6, 2020 / 5

Mating With Clothes On

Generally, love making means ruffling between the

sheets naked, enjoying the touch of skin-on-skin, the

connection, and the feeling and excitement that it

brings. There is nothing like having sex naked

although sometimes, certain circumstances require

keeping your clothes on. For instance, having a

quickie in the car, in a restaurant bathroom or

elevator. Making love with your clothes on can be

thrilling. “It connotes spontaneity, ravishment and

intense desire for your partner,’’ like you are getting

away with something. You can always give it a try if

you have never done it before.

Sometimes, the thought of “getting naked” can be

huge deterrent to intimacy. This is because on those

nights when you manage to climb into your night

wear gown and crawl into bed, the last thing on your

mind is undressing. Sex request from your spouse

may not sound appealing.

After awhile in most relationships, sex may slow

down as it may no longer always be hot, sweaty,

intense and dripping in juicy flow. For some others,

intercourse may not exist at all since true mating

takes emotional work, connection, and


It would be nice to indulge once-in-a-while by keep

clothes on,. This is because great sex is not about

naked bodies writhing all over each other, trying to

get off on a climax. Even though climax is an

amazing experience, it is also just one small part of

having fabulous sex.

Sacred sex is about intimacy, connection, and

relationship building. So, starting with your clothes on

and experiencing arousal fully-clothed is a great way

to give the body the permission to enjoy pleasure in a

sacred, more intimate way.

This might seem boring compared to the hot,

sweaty sex that you are used to; but, with clothes on,

the buildup of anticipation and excitement can

produce amazing orgasmic sex if initiated with care

and compassion. Your clothes serve as boundary

that separates intercourse from sexual arousal and


Being clothed can be a partial big turn on as it

creates a sensation of suspense, which in essence,

creates safe space for self-expression that may not

exist otherwise: most especially, if your body image

and self-esteem are at risk. The secret to an amazing

sexual experience is in creating a loving connection,


/ September 6, 2020

with Adesuwa 07011289316 |

which can happen right where you are, in the

moment, and with your clothes on.

So for a second, forget the need for total

nakedness. Below are some arousing ways to

enhance love making when next you are in the mood

for a quick romp while clothed:-

•Use clothing as an exploration, lift and peek

under the clothing and use it as an adventure of

discovery and excitement. Slowly strip tease as a

way of prolonging the experience and building

anticipation by gently undressing one another.

Revealing different parts of the body, gives you time

to explore unusual parts of the body, making it

possible to feel each area as it’ is being revealed.

•Give your body plenty of time to reach arousal if

you are seriously not in the mood. Play with a

vibrator or your lover can help slide the vibrator down

your pants. Using it gently over clothing can give you

the sexual energy you need to get into the next

phase of sexual play.

•See how long you can stay fully clothed and how

excited you can get just by connecting, kissing and

sliding around on each other. Treat yourself to a

fully-clothed orgasm. Leaving your clothes on can

generate friction and new sex experience that can

result in a surprisingly fantastic orgasm.

•Keeping your top on, creates an amazing feeling

of sexual foreplay which can have an immediate

effect if the connection concentrates down on the

pelvis area. With your top half clothed, you can settle

to play down low with a sense of direction and focus.

Plus, guys can focus on the female clitoris and

women can focus on the manhood. This focus alone

can produce amazing results. You can reverse the

foreplay and take off your tops and using nipple

stimulation and kissing to stimulate arousal.

*Enhance your sexual play with sexy and erotic

clothes; especially wearing high heels or thigh high

boots as you wrap your legs around your lover’s

body for love making. Chat about which type of erotic

clothing is a turn on for each of you, decide what your

ideal fantasy outfit is, and then shop for it together.

The alluring sight of the fabric and texture of that

sexy ensemble can heighten arousal and incite new

levels of passion and sexual play. The more erotic

the clothes, the sexier you will feel and the hotter the

experience may become.

Your clothes can serve as a prop that changes the

way intercourse feels and if you keep

them on during a hookup, buttoning

them back up is one less thing you

have to do after the action is over and

you want to part ways. Plus, if you feel

vulnerable being naked, having clothes

on can provide a boost of confidence.

Sometimes, clothes keep you warm

when the room is too cold to undress,

and may prevent goose bumps, which

is not sexy. Bear in mind that your

clothes are an extension of your

personal expression and sexuality. So

allow every side of you to play out.

Next time, give it a shot without

baring it all, and enjoy a sexual life

more amazing than you have ever




What some of your favourite

celebrities said and we listened.

“When you have the

opportunity to give

someone a shot, don’t take

it away from them.

Remember someone took a

chance on you too. Every

professional person was

once an amateur. Give

room for growth.

Toyin Abraham’s

message to every

Creative out there.

“Don’t be too hard on

yourself, you are doing just

fine! No one is perfect.

“There’s a blessing inside of

your storm right now and you

have no idea” trust the

process”. Joselyn Dumas’

motivational quote.

By - Rita Okoye

“I have very little sympathy for

single mothers that beg on the

basis that they are single. I am a

strong advocate against

premarital sex. But even if you

must engage in it (you should

not), use protection or ensue that

the man can meet his

responsibilities. The only single

mothers that I sympathise with are


Reno Omokri on single

motherhood and premarital sex.

“Make sure your perception

remains positive and healthy!⁣

drink more water, wake up

earlier. get solid sleep, start

journaling, your thoughts

matter. clean up & organize,

declutter, empty that

wardrobe. detox, destress.

and finally keep clean”.

Ibinabo tips on healthy




Dwindling Fortunes

Of Luxury Goods


By - Emmanuel Akpoborie



n many quarters, coronavirus has been

described as the game changer. In the sea

of this virus, to stay afloat, you need to sail


The pandemic has left a significant

adverse impact on the global economy.

Governments around the world are implementing

various fiscal measures to mitigate the effect and

provide relief for businesses and households.

Employers in different sectors of the economy had

to disengage workers to mitigate the negative effect

of the pandemic on their ventures. Reports show

that the worst hit industries have been the aviation,

hospitality, banking, construction, manufacturing,

media, sales, and the luxury industry. As gross

domestic product drops, unemployment increases;

which in turn causes a large reduction in the

spending power of the consumer. This reduced the

demand for luxury goods.

As consumers hold back on their spending,

fashion brands of all shapes and sizes are forced

to scale back production, and reimagine how they

position themselves. Brands like Chanel, Hermes,

Patek Phillipe and Rolex had to discontinue

production while brands like La Chapelle and Zara

had to close down over a thousand stores around

the world.

“It has led to a real existential crisis for the

fashion industry,” says Imran Amed, the Founder/

CEO of The Business of Fashion.

As consumers grapple with uncertainty, their

buying behaviour has become more erratic.

What is clear, however, is that they have reduced

spending on non-essential products. Survival before

aesthetics seems like the order of the day for a lot of

consumers around the world.

“At Pere Lei, a luxury Nigerian brand that

specializes in leather goods, customer behaviour

has varied really,” says Pere B.E. Emein,

Creative Director of the brand.

“Male clients have largely purchased items that

increased their comfort at home. So, we have seen

an increase in sales of slippers and mules. Female

customers have, however, resisted the impulse

purchases and concentrated on making custom

handbags that they deem dream items. Our home

and lifestyle items, however, have kept things

interesting because clients have had to pause and

make changes in their living spaces, to make them

conducive for remote working as well as increase

style and comfort levels. So, sofas and chair

constructions have seen a healthy increase,” Emein


At Mudi Africa, it’s a slightly different experience.

“Nothing has changed so much’’ says Mudiaga

Enajomo, Head Designer, Mudi Africa.

“Some high network clients with health

challenges are finding it very difficult to step out of

their homes. Even when you try to reach out to them

in terms of home services, accessing them is a huge

challenge due to social distancing,’’ he added.

In a report by, it shows that as

each country opens up, we can see a glimmer of

increasing optimism levels, which, in turn, is linked

to higher spending. Nigeria’s consumers for example

are displaying higher levels of optimism, with more

households planning to increase spending—a trend

that is also evident in China, Indonesia, and India.

Meanwhile, American consumers are still more

optimistic about the future than the Europeans. This

serves as perhaps light at the end of the tunnel for

the luxury industry.

In 2017, stakeholders in the Nigerian fashion

industry revealed that Nigerians spent over 2trillion

naira on imported textiles and ready-made clothing

items. This really undermined the local industry.


However with

the border closure

due to the pandemic,

things are taking a new

shape. Luxury products are extremely hard to find

and when they are available, they are overpriced.

This led to a significant increase in the demand for

locally-produced fashion items and also an even

more significant increase in the number of fashionpreneurs.

Consumers have started looking inward

to satisfy their fashion craving.

Mr Nuga Oluwapelumi, a fashion-preneur based

in Lagos, revealed that the demand for locally

made fashion items has greatly increased.

“I made more money since the pandemic

started than I have made in the past. Nigerians are

beginning to accept what we do and the quality

we provide. Hopefully, this marks a change in the


“In as much as this is a welcome development,

a lot still has to be put in place to keep this rise. For

instance, after the ease of the lockdown, there has

been an upsurge in the amount of cheap clothing

items coming in from china; which puts the local

goods at risk once again. The Chinese produce

faster, cheaper and even a lot more volume. If they

are allowed the freeway, they would take over the

markets in no time once again,” Oluwapelumi said.

Coronavirus might have sparked the required

pendulum shift needed in the Nigerian fashion

space. Hopefully, enough will be put in place to

maintain this new found momentum; and we can

at last get the much-anticipated upward swing the

Nigerian fashion industry desperately needs.

September 6, 2020 / 7



With Yemisi Suleiman

In case you missed, these were the most Interesting

pictures and stories on Instagram last week, as posted by

your favourite celebrities.

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, gives

thanks after COVID-19 Experience

Nollywood actress, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde and her

children have recently recovered from COVID-19, few weeks

after they contracted the disease.

Omotola who had on August 15th, disclosed that she

contracted the virus, infected her children, and gone into

isolation, came on her Instagram handle to give thanks to God,

family and friends for their prayers, calls and messages during

the period. She wrote: “My kids and I are fine and COVID free

now, and I do not take the experience for granted at all. I am

grateful to God Almighty the Lord of Lords for all He has done

for my family and I. He is truly a dependable Friend if you trust

in Him.”

The actress who is now free from the virus, went ahead to

disclose the kind of lifestyle she adopted during her treatment,

warning people to adopt safety measures as COVID-19 is

real. “If you still don’t believe this virus is real, I pray you don’t

experience it to believe” the actress said.

“If you ever feel ill during this pandemic, please know there

is nothing to fear or be ashamed of…you are not alone” she


Bose Ogulu berths the Spaceship Collective

Spaceship Collective a group record

label and publishing company with

“Spaceship Records” and “Spaceship

Publishing” has been set up with a mission

to help African Artists gain more control

and ownership of their music catalogues.

The label is founded by Bose Ogulu mother

of music giant Burna Boy, who is also the

Executive Director with Burna Boy.

Ogulu who was also one of the executive

producers on ‘Twice As Tall’ along with

Burna Boy and America’s star, Diddy (Sean

Combs) says, the objective of Spaceship

Collective is to support the creation of great,

timeless, authentic music and to ensure

that African creatives maintain control

of their own narrative while they tell the

world their story. “It is important that their

catalogues are managed by Africans who

are better placed to understand their Art,

their narrative and their trajectory”.

With this new annexation in the dawn

of the global entertainment industry, this

is the beginning of a conglomeration of

homegrown expertise and proficiency

with a pivotal insight into the future of

African music.” She said.

George Residents unveiled

for leisure, comfort

To make lives easy for

celebrities and other Nigerians

seeking for leisure and comfort

outside their homes, IBIC

Properties, a leading real

Estate company in Nigeria

has unveiled its latest project,

George Residents.

For Yanju George the

company’s CEO George

Residents is like a home away

from home.

“If you are tired of your home

and need a change of environment

or a change of scenery, we are

here for you. It’s like going to a

hotel but it is not exactly a hotel.

Here, you have your kitchen,

washing machine, ironing table

and you could do every other thing

you do in your home. This is what

makes it different from a hotel.

George Residents is the second

project from IBIC properties. We

completed the first project earlier

this year. The first project was a



and this second one is a Short

Let at Admiralty Road, Lekki

Phase One,” The Mathematics

graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo

University also added that

he strongly believes average

Nigerians would understand this

modern concept, maintaining

that Short Lets are gradually

phasing out hotels.

Jodrey Alabi

wins the Mr Ideal

Nigeria 2020

Jodrey Alabi recently

emerged winner of the

Mr Ideal Nigeria 2020,

which was streamed live

on Instagram. Jodrey,

a graduate of Obafemi

Awolowo University

(O.A.U), beat 39 other

contenders for the Crown.

He is the first dark-skinned

winner to be crowned in 5


He takes over from

Emmanuel Umoh who

won the Mister Africa

International in 2019.

By his win, Jodrey

will be representing

Nigeria at the Mister

Africa International 2021

in Cote d’Ivoire and he

also gets a year talent and

management contract with

House of Twitch amongst

other prizes.

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