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Free download [epub]$$ Sheets ((Read_[PDF]))

Free download [epub]$$ Sheets ((Read_[PDF]))

Free download [epub]$$

Sheets ((Read_[PDF]))


SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL -- Gr 6 Up-Struggling to cope after the death of her mother, Marjorie has

to look after her father, who has depression, and her little brother; attend high school; and run the family

laundromat business, where they all live and work. At school, other classmates bully her, and a pushy man is

eager to take over the laundromat. And as if this isn't enough, young Wendell, a ghost who is unhappy being

dead and surrounded by other spirits, haunts Marjorie and her business. The characters are distinct, and the

villain is delightfully vile and self-absorbed. The ghosts, who must wear sheets to be visible, are every bit as

sympathetic as the humans. The artwork is charming, and the backgrounds are lovingly detailed, with

amusing and often punny elements. The contrast between Marjorie's warm, candy-colored world and

Wendell's stark, monochrome Land of Ghosts adds life (and death) and dimension to the story. Panels vary

in size, which enriches the narrative. VERDICT This heartfelt, lingering tale of friendship, family, and

forgiveness will captivate children and adults alike, especially those who have experienced loss.-Kelley Gile,

Cheshire Public Library, CTBOOK RIOT -- If you're looking for an adorable graphic novel that has the

same color scheme and tranquility as a Steven Universe episode, look no further. Sheets is a beautifully

written and illustrated novel following a girl named Majorie who works at her family's laundromat in a

sleepy, autumnal town. One day, she happens upon an abandoned sheet that happens to be Wendell, a ghost

who innocently haunts her family's business. Full of pastel colors, a captivating art style, and an even cuter

storyline about a girl and a ghost coexisting under one roof, Sheets is a story that will warm the heart of any

reader, big or small.GOOD COMICS FOR KIDS BLOG (SLJ) -- Marjorie is trying to keep the family

business, a laundromat, together. Her mother passed away, and Dad has mostly checked out. She has to cope

with self-centered customers and a pushy, smarmy neighborhood businessman. Then the ghosts appear.The

spirits all look like the classic children's image, white sheets with a rounded top for a head. But they go to

support groups to try and accept how they died, and their world is notably less colorful than Marjorie's. The

imaginative Wendell isn't ready for that, so he finds Marjorie's laundromat, which feels like a spa for his

sheet.Thummler's style isn't as smooth and simplified as some of the most popular graphic novels for kids.

Her lines have more options, more of a sense of uncertainty that works well with Marjorie's struggles. It can

mean getting lost in some panels, where the key item isn't immediately visible. Instead of clearly drawing

the eye through the story, Thummler's work wanders, and the faces sometimes look odd.SheetsThe pacing

could also be improved. Lengthy sections move through day-to-day detail, showing the ennui of Marjorie's

existence. The story could have been tightened; as it is now, Wendell and Marjorie finally meet halfway

through the 200-plus pages. The meandering structure is more common to reads targeted for an adult

audience, where realism is more appreciated; younger readers may not have the patience needed to wait

around for things to happen. Elements of the happy ending are rushed and not well established

previously.There are honest feelings about loss and sadness expressed here, but the emotional development

of the characters is jumpy. There's plenty of detail, but the reader may sometimes wonder what it provides to

the core story. Another editing pass might have made for a more satisfying, tighter read.Thummler has some

areas to work on, but the combination of laundry, sheets, and ghosts is clever. Sheets fills the gap of

something to read between more polished YA graphic novel releases.PUBLISHERS WEEKLY -- Marjorie

Glatt, 13, pulls triple duty in her life. She navigates the cliques and challenges of school, takes care of her

brother and deeply depressed father, and runs Glatt's Laundry, her deceased mother's business. But her

balancing act wavers thanks to two arrivals: Mr. Saubertuck, who is scheming to acquire the laundry's

building for his new spa, and Wendell, a ghost clad in traditional white sheets. Wendell seeks friendship, but

he fouls up Marjorie's work each night, making difficult customers even more unbearable and perhaps

necessitating the sale to Saubertuck. To make things right with Marjorie, Wendell may need to reveal

himself and the ways of ghosts, which could land him in deeper trouble. With washed-out coloring, many

wordless panel sequences of Marjorie alone, and simply drawn facial expressions, the artwork effectively

illustrates Marjorie's sense of isolation. Thummler's debut graphic novel tempers references to Marjorie's

adult-size responsibilities with a lighter splash of the supernatural to create a smart story about friendship

and grit. Ages 9-12.SHELF-AWARE

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