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Forman EPUB / PDF Underground: A Human History of the Worlds Beneath Our

Feet { PDF } Ebook

Forman EPUB / PDF Underground: A Human History of the Worlds Beneath Our Feet { PDF }


Forman EPUB / PDF

Underground: A

Human History of the

Worlds Beneath Our

Feet { PDF } Ebook

Description A fascinating look at the life and history—human and otherwise—of the world

beneath our feet, Underground explores the strange relationship people have always had with the

dark, hidden corners of the earth, simultaneously afraid of potential dangers and entranced by the

possibility of unseen wonders. While Undergroundâ€s subterranean adventures through

tunnels, catacombs, and other claustrophobia-inducing locales are worth the price of admission

alone, itâ€s the voyages into topics that on the surface may appear wide-ranging—such as the

biology of caves in South Dakota, the songlines of the Indigenous Australians, and the similarities

between ancient dwellings in Turkey and ant nests—that upon closer inspection reveal a

surprising degree of interconnectedness and ultimately take the book into uncharted territory. A

captivating read, Underground is both informing and an invitation to further curiosity about the

world around and under us all. —Matt Fyffe Read more “Genuinely exciting . . . beautifully

written . . . [a] winningly obsessive history of our relationship with underground places [that has]

the narrative drive of adventure stories.―—The Guardian“Provocative and satisfying. A

book can often have its greatest impact by rethinking familiar terrain, forcing readers to reconsider

their entrenched preconceptions. Will Hunt taps in to our deep fascination with what lies beneath

the surface of things by exploring, quite literally, what's going on beneath the surface. By the end

of your excursion through Underground, you may never look at a hole in the ground in quite the

same way again.―—New York Times Book Review “Dynamic and engaging . . .

[Huntâ€s] clear excitement about this information is contagious. . . . Underground is a

thoughtful, inquisitive book. Hunt approaches the subject with an unusual dedication and openmindedness

that is difficult to resist. . . . These traits, alongside the striking photography that

appears throughout the book, makes Hunt's debut an admirable and successful one.―—NPR

“Itâ€s Huntâ€s deeply personal connection to [the underground] that enlivens this

endlessly fascinating book.―—The Toronto Star “Caves, catacombs, and tunnels come

alive in this unusual guide to the surprising marvels and mysteries below us. . . . Hunt, who was

first drawn underground as a curious child, finds plenty to appreciate, including ancient and

modern artworks, signs of lifeâ€s beginnings on earth, and a sense of the transcendent.―—

Christian Science Monitor “An unusual and intriguing travel book . . . Without belaboring the

point, Hunt alludes to conjecture that all of life might have started underground, that it retains a

revelatory diversity, and that the level below the Earth could be a womb as well as a tomb.

Ultimately, he compellingly examines ‘how much of our existence remains in mystery, how

much of reality continues to elude us, and how much deeper our world runs beyond what we

know.†A vivid illumination of the dark and an effective evocation of its profound mystery.―—

Kirkus Reviews (starred review) “A fascinating journey that transcends culture and time,

linking modern and ancient practices to create a colorful mosaic. . . . [Huntâ€s] excitement at

traveling beneath the earth is infectious . . . a lively, informative read that nicely balances

adventure with anthropology and science.―—Shelf Awareness  “As Huntâ€s journey

progresses, you get the sense these forays are about more than just an adrenaline rush. What

Hunt is really chasing, through the muck and darkness and stench and clammy cold, is a story of

shared humanity.―—Vice “A thoughtful and often romantic examination of humanityâ€s

relationship to underground spaces. . . . This is no travel guide, but a historical and philosophical

examination the dual nature of whatâ€s beneath us: since the birth of civilization, the

underground has been a subject of fascination and fear, a symbol of birth and of death, of

deprivation and of abundance, for the humans who walk above it. It remains a mystery, but this

book brings us a little closer to illuminating the darkness.―—Lit Hub Read more See all Editorial


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