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FREE EBOOK Behold the Dreamers (Oprah's Book Club): A Novel


FREE EBOOK Behold the Dreamers (Oprah's Book Club): A Novel [K.I.N.D.L.E]


the Dreamers

(Oprah's Book

Club): A Novel



“As a dissection of the American Dream, Imbolo Mbueâ€s first novel

is savage and compassionate in all the right places.―—The New York

Times “A fresh, engaging entry into the eternally evolving narrative

of what it means to be an American—and how human beings, not laws or

dogma, define liberty.―—Entertainment Weekly “Even as Behold the

Dreamers takes some dark, vicious turns, it never feels cheaply cynical,

grounded as it is in the well-imagined characters who try, through

whatever means possible, to protect their families and better their

lives.―—USA Today “In Imbolo Mbueâ€s sprightly debut . . . songs

of innocence and arrogance collide.―—Vogue “Imagine Lorraine

Hansberryâ€s play/film A Raisin in the Sun with a Cameroonian cast of

characters in early twenty-first century New York City, and you may come

up with something close to Behold the Dreamers, a poignant and

bittersweet debut.―—San Francisco Chronicle“Behold the Dreamers . .

. just might be the most accessible novel Iâ€ve ever read. . . . Mbue

does an admirable job of developing characters whose lives seem so

heartbreakingly real that the pages of this book often seem like

something of a confinement. When you close the book, you will hear their

pain. You might feel them calling for you.―—Los Angeles Review of

Books “The Help meets House of Cards meets the read thatâ€ll make you

forget all about your morning commute.―—theSkimm “Undocumented

immigration, the widening gulf between rich and poor, and the thinly

veiled racism of an avowedly ‘post-racial†culture converge in this

new generation of immigrants†painful encounter with the American

Dream. . . . The prose grows luminous.―—The Christian Science Monitor

“Mbueâ€s outsiderâ€s perceptions of American life—its stresses,

its excesses—are sharp. . . . Sheâ€s also shrewd on the disruptions

that come with the Jongas leaving their native land for a dream that may

be a delusion.―—The Seattle Times “An utterly unique novel about

immigration, race, and class—and an important one, as well.―—

BookPage“A debut novel by a young woman from Cameroon that illuminates

the immigrant experience in America with the tenderhearted wisdom so

lacking in our political discourse.―—The Washington Post “Mbue

writes with great confidence and warmth. . . . There are a lot of

spinning plates and Mbue balances them skillfully, keeping everything in

motion. . . . Behold the Dreamers is a capacious, big-hearted novel.―—

The New York Times Book Review “Mbueâ€s writing is warm and

captivating.―—People (book of the week) “Mbue is a wonderful writer

with an uncanny ear for dialogue—there are no false notes here, no

narrative shortcuts, and certainly no manufactured happy endings. Itâ€s

a novel that depicts a country both blessed and doomed, on top of the

world, but always at risk of losing its balance. It is, in other words,

quintessentially American.―—NPR“Mbueâ€s masterful debut about an

immigrant family struggling to obtain the elusive American Dream in

Harlem will have you feeling for each character from the moment you

crack it open.―—In Style “This story is one that needs to be told.―

—Bust “Behold the Dreamers challenges us all to consider what it

takes to make us genuinely content, and how long is too long to live

with our dreams deferred.―—O: The Oprah Magazine“[A] beautiful,

empathetic novel . . . Mbueâ€s narrative energy and sympathetic eye

soon render . . . commonplace ingredients vivid, complex, and essential.

. . . At once critical and hopeful, Behold the Dreamers traces the

political and economic systems that push individuals toward dishonesty,

while also acknowledging the bad and affirming the good in their

complicated personal choices.―—The Boston Globe “A witty,

compassionate, swiftly paced novel that takes on race, immigration,

family and the dangers of capitalist excess. In her debut novel, Mbue

has crafted a compelling view of twenty-first-century America.―—

St. Louis Post-Dispatch “Behold the Dreamers reveals Mbue as a deft,

often lyrical observer. . . . [Her] meticulous storytelling announces a

writer in command of her gifts, plumbing the desires and disappointments

of our emerging global culture.―—Minneapolis Star Tribune “A

revelation . . . Mbue has written a clever morality tale that never

preaches but instead teaches us the power of integrity.―—Essence

“At once a sad indictment of the American dream and a gorgeous

testament to the enduring bonds of family, Mbueâ€s powerful first novel

will grip and move you right up to its heartfelt ending.―—Shelf

Awareness “Mbue proves herself a clear-eyed, unflinching storyteller,

and Behold the Dreamers is a fearless, head-on journey into the thorny

contemporary iss

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