Volume 26 Issue 2 - October 2020


Following the Goldberg trail from Gould to Lang Lang; Measha Brueggergosman and Edwin Huizinga on face to face collaboration in strange times; diggings into dance as FFDN keeps live alive; "Classical unicorn?" - Luke Welch reflects on life as a Black classical pianist; Debashis Sinha's adventures in sound art; choral lessons from Skagit Valley; and the 21st annual WholeNote Blue Pages (part 1 of 3) in print and online. Here now. And, yes, still in print, with distribution starting Thursday October 1.

Svetlana Lunkina in The Dreamers Ever

Leave You, National Ballet of Canada

many ways there are to connect with our audiences, even though

dance is primarily a visual art form, ideally experienced live.”

Keeping “Live” at the core: Most FFDN events will be experienced

by the majority of audiences through live streams via a new “Netflixlike

website,” but Ibrahimof was insistent on keeping a live element

at the heart of the festival, The popular Open Studio, for example,

usually located at Union Station, is moving to Meridian Hall’s West

Lounge where audiences can watch choreographers and dancers at

work within aglass-walled mini-studio. The other hugely popular

“I really wanted to still be

able to present a show in

the theatre even if it meant

we produced it simply for a

camera crew.”

— Ilter Ibrahimof



FFDN for short: Fall for Dance North Festival was co-founded

by artistic director Ilter Ibrahimof toreflect Toronto’s multiculturalism,

with the aim of creating an atmosphere of shared discovery

that will entice people to attend live dance performance throughout

the year. Of necessity this year’s live performance element will be

much smaller than it usually is, but it will still exist amidst FFDN’s

2020 exploration, in collaboration with over 100 artists and technical

experts, of expanding the ways in which audiences engage with

dance. “It was eye opening,” Ibrahimof told me, “to discover how

Union Station-based free event, Big Social, where anyone could show

up to watch and take workshops in various styles of social dance has

taken a futuristic step forward – transformed into an augmentedreality

experience at Harbourfront’s Natrel Pond. Spaced around the

pond on social-distancing circle decals, audience members will focus

a smart phone or other device on a target image in the centre of the

pond to launch an almost holographic six-and-a-half-minute moving

image collage of three couples dancing in tango, swing or vogue styles

to a specially composed soundscape. Not the same thing as dancing


at www.opera-is.com

Admired by millions around the world for his brilliant

intermission commentaries in radio broadcasts for the

Metropolitan Opera in New York and for many decades

of knowledgeable and witty appearances on the Texaco

Opera Quiz broadcasts, Father Owen Lee passed away

in 2019, just shy of his 90th birthday.

This memorial site, curated by Iain Scott, includes seven video

interviews; a wide selection of Lee’s Met radio broadcasts; audio

playlists exploring his musical and dramatic analyses and commentaries;

a brief introduction to each of his 21 books; lists of his published articles

and public lectures; biographies, his eulogy and several obituaries.


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