Chouteau Game


Your Stroud Athletic Booster Club Officers

President - Jason Smalley

Vice-President - JP Morris

Secretary - Kristy Parrick

Treasurer - Jason Hughey




It’s that time of the year again when the colors and pageantry of the fall come to life all

across the country. The Friday night lights and cameras come on and test the mettle of focused

participants. Offseason work is called into question as players get down in the mud, dirt and

grime. New and age-old strategies will be honed and implemented but when all is said and

done it will be all about the fundamentals. It is time for our beloved Stroud Tigers to walk onto

their prospective playing fields and battle district, conference and non-district foes. Our

devoted fans, students, faculty and alumni will gather to witness the progress of our mighty

Stroud Tigers.

I simply love the new car smell but not as much as I love the smell of Stroud Athletics

beginning in the fall. The medicine to appease this smell is to go out and watch one of the

many teams (high school or middle school) battling our opponent on the playing field. Our

athletic programs have been challenged and bars have been set by previous athletic teams.

Our current Tigers are eager and willing to meet and exceed the legacy left by former Stroud

Tigers. Resting on ones laurels is not a trait exhibited by our tigers. Rising to challenges and

playing competitive schedules are trademarks of Stroud Athletics. Competition breeds winners

and adversity builds character.

We will see all shades of color and changing momentums in various sports at various levels

this fall. Just remember, there may be the beautiful red, orange and yellow colors of leaves

falling but the most beautiful color of all will be the majestic Blue and White of the empowered

Stroud Tigers.

Bob Wood, Athletic Director

Practice Like a Champion

Act Like a Champion

Play Like a Champion


I would like to take this opportunity to personally welcome you and your family to Stroud High School

and the proud home of the Tigers. We appreciate the passionate support of the fans of both teams and

hope you enjoy your time on our campus and in the Stroud community.

Our vision at Stroud High School focuses on academic excellence as well as excellence in our

extracurricular activities. To achieve this excellence, we feel it will take all stakeholders working together

to truly make a difference in the lives of our students, in the classroom and in our activities. We challenge

our students, parents, staff, faculty and our entire Stroud community to join us in achieving our vision of

excellence. We have high expectations for our students at Stroud High School.

At Stroud, we believe that extracurricular activities provide students with the opportunity for personal

growth. Teamwork, the mental and physical challenges of training and competition are important life

lessons that will serve our students well into their future. We also understand that participation in

extracurricular activities demands a commitment that involves both dedication and service.

For the upcoming 2020-2021 season we anticipate each program at Stroud will bring new elements of

excitement and enthusiasm – from dynamic and energetic staff to our students who represent our school

and community. Our students know and believe they are part of something very special here at Stroud.

We hope you enjoy your evening at our facility and the hospitality of our faculty, staff, fans, and

community. We hope tonight will be a positive experience and look forward to you visiting Stroud High

School again in the future.

Scott Baade

Stroud High School Principal

Stroud Booster Board Says

“Thank You”

On behalf of the Stroud Booster Board, I would like to thank each and

every sponsor and donor that has given to or helped with the Stroud

Athletic Booster Club. It is only through your generosity that we are able to

do things such as provide meals on trips, senior plaques, senior banners

and All-State jackets. These fine awards are given on your behalf to honor

the kids that play on the same fields that you may have once played, and

we want to make sure that we keep a strong tradition of giving back.

Our school has a tremendous impact on our community, and it has

been blessed to provide amazing academic and athletic facilities. However,

there are some things that the school cannot do and that is where we want

to step in and help.

We would love to grow this membership both in financial donations

and in volunteer participation. You may have a loved one in this school

system now, or you may be like me, with three on their way up. Please take

a moment to think about how you can be impactful to the future of our

community. We are looking to add to this team, and we are asking you to

be a part of it today.

Again, we want to thank all of our past and current donors, and we

will continue to ask or maybe even drive you to be a member. I am always

reminded of how the late and great Mickey Gaines would squeeze a

membership or two out of the Sonic Drive In.

Thank you,

Jason N. Smalley

Stroud Booster Club President

And Please REMEMBER,

Before you Speak: Listen

Before you Spend: Earn

Before you Assume: Ask

Before you Quit: Try

Before you Pray: Believe

Before you Die: Live

The attendant chosen to represent the

Freshmen class is Savanna Collins,

daughter of Adam and April Collins.

She is active in Basketball, Cheer,

Track, JCC and FCCLA.

Her escort is Brady Nichols. He is the

son of Rick and Brittney Nichols. He is

active in Football, Basketball, Baseball

and Track.

The Sophomore attendant is

Kileigh Mixon, daughter of Jay Mixon

and Alison Edwards. She has been

active for two years in Basketball,

Track, FCCLA, JCC, and Student


Her escort for the evening is Stetson

Bunyard, the son of Chad and Carlene

Bunyard. He has been active for 2

years in Football, Basketball, Track,


The Junior attendant is Brynlee Wages.

She is the daughter of Seth and Angie

Wages. She had been active for 3 years.

in Track, Basketball, STUCO class

Vice-President, JCC, FCA, FCCLA,

and 2 years in Cross Country.

Her escort for the evening is

Bryce Hughey, the son of Jason and

Angie Hughey. He has been active for

three years in Football, Basketball,

Baseball, FCCLA, JCC, and FCA.

The Senior attendant is Macey Morris,

daughter of JP and Brandy Morris. She

has been active for four years in Softball,


3 years, and Student Council. Macey

currently holds the position of Student

Council President.

Her escort is Chasen Neuman. He is

the son of Leo Neuman and Tonya

Ziese. He has been active for four

years in Football, Basketball, and

Track. For two years he has been active

in JCC, FCA, and FCCLA.

The 2020 Football

Homecoming Queen is

Lani Hensley. She is the

daughter of Ronald

Mitchusson and Darla

Hensley. She is the

granddaughter of Jeff and

Vicky Hankins.

Lani has been active in

FCCLA 4 years, JCC 4

years, NHS 3 years, Student

Council 2 years, Pom

2 years, FFA 1 year, Academic

Team 1 year and

FCA 1 year.

Lani’s escort for the evening is Blake Parrick. He is the son of Daniel and Kaila

Parrick. Blake has been active for four years in Football and Baseball and for two

years he has been active in Basketball, NHS, FCCLA, JCC, FCA, and FFA.



1969, 1970, 1974, 1981 1993, 1994 1962, 2002

Football State Champs Football Academic State Champs Boys Basketball State Champs

1993, 1995 1994 1997

Boys Track State Champs Cheerleading State Champs Boys Golf State Champs

1996, 1997 1998

Softball Academic State Champs

Girls Basketball Academic State Champs


1954 1970 1976

Dale Duggins

Prep High School Football

All American

Grant Burgett

Parade High School Football

All American

Barry Burgett

Prep High School Football

All American

1994 1995 1996

Casey Bookout

Parade High School Football

All American

Casey Bookout

Oklahoma Baseball Player of

the Year

Lezli Leathers

Softball High School All-American

1996 1996 1996

Scott Wilkinson

High School All American in

Track and Field

Mandi Cooper, Kim Tessmann,

Cherie Dickinson, Amanda Lyon,

Liz Batchelor, Tammy Brewer,

Rachel Massey, Monica Miller

N.C.A. Cheerleading All Americans

Cindi Wells, Paula Davis, Liz Wilson

N.C.A. All American Mascots

1997 1998 1999

Kyle Bookout

High School Track & Field

All American Discus

Kyle Bookout

Oklahoma Male Track

Athlete of the Year

Kevin Bookout

High School Track & Field

All-American Shot & Discus

2000, 2001 2002 2002, 2003, 2004

Kevin Bookout

High School Track & Field

All American Shot & Discus

Kevin Bookout

High School Track & Field

All American Shot & Discus

Basketball Player of the Year in Oklahoma

U.S.A. Parade Basketball

All American

Oklahoma Athlete of the Year

Jennifer Van Tuyl & Misty Brown

N.C.A. Cheerleading All Americans

2002-2003 2003-2004 2005

Lora Shea Hefner & Heather Taylor

U.C.A .Cheerleading All Americans

Chelsea Ball

U.C.A .Cheerleading All American

Misty Brown

N.C.A. Cheerleading All American

2006 2007 2009

Tiffany Brown & Natalie Houtz

N.C.A. Cheerleading All Americans

Lacy Newnam

N.D.A. Dance All American

Alyssa McKnight

N.D.A. Dance All American

2010, 2011, 2012 2012 2012, 2013, 2014

Caleb Ball

U.C.A. All American Mascot

Caleb Ball

N.C.A. All American Mascot

Layne Simon

U.C.A. All American Mascot

2013, 2014, 2015 2014 2017

Allison Jenkins

U.C.A. All American Mascot

Whytleigh Guerrero, Lexy Melton

N.C.A. All American Cheerleader

Gabrielle Morris, Kaylan Brownlee,

Sierra Autry, Autumn Crawford,

Kaiya Bemo

N.C.A. All American Cheerleaders

2018 2018 2019

Morgan Reamy, Gabrielle Morris,

Kristabella Gaylord, Shelby Massey

U.C.A Cheerleading All Americans

Myla Werschky, Kayla Freeman,

Madison Ham, Raigan Newnam

Pom All Americans

Kaiya Bemo, Gabrielle Morris,

Hailey Thornhill

N.C.A. Cheerleading All Americans

2019 2020 2020

Madison Ham

Pom All American

Gabrielle Morris, Hailey Thornhill

N.C.A. Cheerleading All American

Madison Ham, Raigan Newnam,

Morgan Reamy, Madison Williams

Pom All American



1943 Carl Harris 1958 Charles Terry 1963 Wilford Anderson 1988 Aprill Cooper

1943 Jim Patton 1959 Larry Heck 1964 Eloise Brown 1989 Carman Cooper

1950 Bob Edwards 1970 Grant Burget 1964 Bill Terry 1994 Carrie Munson

1951 Johnny Sill 1972 Sherri Salyer 1973 Sherri Salyer 1996 Trinity Clovis

1953 Joe Bill Moody 1973 Sherri Salyer 1974 Stevie Mixon 1997 Melanie Brown

1954 Dale Duggins 1974 Cindy Gann 1977 Ronnie Harris 1997 Lezli Leathers

1967 Jim Abercrombie 1975 Debbie Lyons 1988 Vincent Gaines 1998 Tamara Robinson

1968 Bruce Jones 1976 Barry Burget 1990 Matt Terry 1999 Kim Boyle

1969 John Markert 1978 Michelle Hurst 1994 Dustin Robinson 1999 Briana Ash

1969 Louis Taylor 1979 Michelle Hurst 1995 Casey Bookout 2000 Kelly Brown

1969 Grant Burget 1980 Wilma Riley 2002 Kevin Bookout 2000 Charla Cline

1971 James Sykora 1980 Gary Summers 2006 Kenneth R. Gooch, III 2001 Jessica Leathers

1972 Jim Stone 1983 Bobby Riley 2014 Megan Womack 2007 Casi Herber

1973 Greg Murfin 1983 Ernie Wayland, Jr. BASEBALL 2009 Megan Jones

1974 Mike Buchanon 1983 Stacey Brown 1975 Stevie Mixon 2012 Jill Shipman

1974 Stevie Mixon 1983 Rickey Gaines 1983 Bobby Riley 2013 Jill Shipman

1975 Barry Burget 1983 Craig Roddy 1984 Jeff Argrow 2014 Whytleigh Guerrero

1977 Max Thomas, Jr. 1993 Jay Wilkinson 1984 Curtis Green 2017 Kurstyn Young

1981 Kevin Williams 1993 Casey Bookout 1986 Doug Green 2018 Megan Bucktrot

1981 Kevin Garrett 1994 Jerry Stanfill 1991 Raymond Gooch 2018 Ashlyn Young

1981 Dennis Mattheyer 1994 Scott Wilkinson 1992 Ian Salyer 2019 Kylee Neuman

1981 Matt Salyer 1994 Randy Bradley 1994 Casey Bookout 2020 Alyssa DeLeon

1982 Bobby Riley 1994 Billy Wright 1995 Casey Bookout 2020 Katlyn Hughey

1985 Rickey Gaines 1994 Caleb Johnson 1997 Roy York BAND

1992 Jay Wilkinson 1994 Casey Bookout 2002 Kevin Bookout 2002 Lauren Taylor

1994 Casey Bookout 1995 Casey Bookout 2006 Kenneth R. Gooch, III 2003 Katie Gordon

1997 Roy York 1996 Scott Wilkinson CHEERLEADING 2003 Lauren Taylor

1998 Kyle Bookout 1996 Kyle Bookout 1997 Kim Tessman 2004 Katie Gordon

1998 Bobby Hoover 1996 Dominique Hornbeck 1998 Cherie Dickinson 2004 Lauren Taylor

1999 Tony Wood 1996 Jeremie Niccum 1998 Rachel Massey

2003 Hunter Johnson 1997 Kyle Bookout 1999 Amanda Lyon

2009 Cody Pritchard 1997 Casey Willis 2000 Monica Miller

2011 Dakota Biswell 1999 Kevin Bookout 2005 Misty Brown

2012 Blake Gordon 1999 Travis Pearman CROSS COUNTRY

2012 Alex Hinds 2000 Kevin Bookout 1999 Travis Pearman

2015 Tiller Bucktrot 2004 Cody Thornton 2008 Danae McGee

2016 Moses Williams 2004 Hunter Johnson 2009 Danae McGee

2019 Coby Davis 2005 Ashley Cronin

2020 Drew Elerick 2006 Ashley Cronin

2020 Grant Elerick 2012 Dakota Biswell

GOLF 2015 Tiller Bucktrot

1994 Chris Harjo 2015 Cassidy Fisher

1997 Barry Harjo 2016 Cassidy Fisher

1998 Matt Darvin 2018 Caden Wolff

1999 John Murfin 2019 Caden Wolff

2014 Austin Hamilton 2019 Gage Parrick

2020 J.D. Lankford



1 2 3 4

Ball ready for play

*Untimed down

Start clock


Discretionary or injury timeout

(follow by tapping

hands on chest)

5 6 7 8

TV/Radio time-out


Field goal

Point(s) after touchdown


Ball dead

Touchback (move

side to side)

9 10 11 12 13

First down

Loss of down

Incomplete forward pass

Penalty declined,

No play, No score,

Toss option delayed

Legal touching of forward

pass or scrimmage kick

Inadvertent whistle

(Face Press Box)

14 15 16 17

Disregard flag

End of period

Sideline warning

First touching (NFHS)

Illegal touching

18 19 20 21 22


forward pass


Encroachment (NFHS)

Offside defense (NCAA)

Illegal procedure


False start

Illegal formation


offense (NCAA)

Illegal shift - 2 hands

Illegal motion - 1 hand Delay of game Substitution infraction



23 24 27 28

Failure to wear

required equipment

Illegal helmet


Unsportsmanlike conduct

Noncontact foul

29 30 31 32 33

Illegal participation

Sideline interference

Running into (NCAA)

or Roughing kicker

or holder

Illegal batting/kicking

(Followed by pointing

toward toe for kicking)

Invalid fair catch

signal (NFHS)

Illegal fair catch signal

34 35 36 37 38

Forward pass


Kick catching


Roughing passer

Illegal pass/forward


Intentional grounding

Ineligible downfield

on pass

39 40 41 42 43

Personal foul


Blocking below waist

Illegal block

Chop block


Illegal use of hands/arms


44 45 46 47

Interlocked blocking

Illegal use of hands

or arms (NFHS)

Illegal block in

the back (NCAA)

Helping runner

Grasping face mask or

helmet opening Tripping Player disqualification

NOTE: Signals number 25 and 26 are for future expansion. 98




Friday, August 21 TBA TBA Home

Friday, August 28 Meeker 7:00 Away

Friday, September 4 Chandler 7:00 Away

Friday, September 11 Prague 7:00 Home

Friday, September 18 BYE N/A N/A

Friday, September 25 Savanna 7:00 Home


Friday, October 2 Liberty 7:00 Away

Friday, October 9 Konawa 7:00 Home

Thursday, Oct.15 Allen 7:00 Away

(Fall Break)

Friday, Oct. 23 Mounds 7:00 Away

Friday, Oct. 30 Wewoka 7:00 Home

Friday, November 6 Okemah 7:00 Home

(SR. Night)

Stetson Bunyard, Easton Stewart, Keagan Gaylord, Bubba Stafford, Devon Denton,

Kyle Guest, Devin Prewitt, Riley Smith

Bryce Hughey, Bret Nichols, Jermain Toles, Jace Tipton, Blake Parrick, Bryce Collins,

Devon Glisson, Eric Shields, Will Pittman, Brady Nichols

Jae'Vion McHenry, Justin Otto, Dylan Collins, Isaiah Campbell, Amariyae Morris,

Gage Wilson, Zeb Blancarte, Chasen Neuman, Taylor Rozell, Nicklas Mitchell

Coach Presley, Coach Plunkett, Cabree Phillips, Cydnie Dowdy, Haydn Armstrong,

Coach Hines, Coach Cooper



Kynslei Wise, Chloe Knipp, Madison Williams, Charley Coleman, Molly Bond,

Lani Hensley, Raigan Newnam

Madison Ham, Lacy Cooper, Morgan Reamy, Katy Pittman


SHS Cheerleaders

Destiny Hixon, Mattie James, Gabi Morris, Kaiya Bemo, Hailey Thornhill,

Angel Estrada, Emily Bixler

Savanna Collins, Kathryn Thornton, Lauren Lankford, Abby Bolding

Stroud High School Softball

Fast Pitch 2020

Date Opponent Location Time

8/3 Harrah (SCMG) Home 10:00

8/5 Cushing (SCMG) Away 10:00

8/10 Beggs Home 5:00

8/11 Davenport Away 4:30

8/13-15 Cushing Tourney Away TBD

8/17 Okemah* DH Home 4:30

8/18 Coalgate* Away 5:00

8/20 Wellston Away 4:30

8/24 Latta* Away 5:00

8/25 Mounds* Away 5:00

8/27 & 29 Conference Tourney Holdenville TBD

9/1 Wewoka* DH Away 4:30

9/3 Davenport Home 4:30

9/8 Latta* Home 5:00

9/10 Coalgate* Home 5:00

9/14 Mounds* Home 5:00

9/17 Warner* DH Sr Nite Home 5:00

9/18 Firelake Festival Shawnee TBD

9/21 Ripley Away 4:30

9/22 Chandler Away 5:00

9/28 Cushing Away 4:30

10/1-3 Regionals TBD TBD

10/8-10 State Shawnee TBD

*Denotes District Games

SHS Softball


Coach Jobe, Makenna Hall, Madison Williams, Kailey Gouker, Jadyn Young,

Charley Coleman, Macey Morris, Emma Davis, Jordan Knoch, Allison Lee,

Coach Robinson

Manager Morgan Reamy, Katie Tipton, Chloe Elias, Kenlee Parrick,

Shelbie Caraveau, Lilly Thomas, KayLyn Baker, Paige Baker, Skyla Baker,

Katy Pittman, Manager Emma Bullington




Saturday, August 15 Stroud HS-MS-E 8:30

Saturday, August 22 Seminole HS-MS-E 8:00

Saturday, September 5 Okemah HS-MS-E 8:00

Saturday, September 12 Keifer HS-MS-E 8:30

Friday, September 18 Southeastern (Durant) HS-MS TBA

Tuesday, September 29 66-Conference (Prague) HS-MS 4:30

Thursday, October 1 OBU HS 2:00

Saturday, October 10 Stroud 5K (boys) 2mi (girls) HS TBA

Saturday, October 24 Regionals TBA

Saturday, October 31 State (Santa Fe-Edmond) TBA

Stroud High School

Cross Country


Kolton Alexander, Cameron Stewart, Andrew Clovis, Joshua Wooden,

Heath Bailey, Coach Baade

Bella Mahan, Gabi Morris, Madison Ham, Brynlee Wages


SHS Band

Trinity Vaught, Merci McCracken, Luke Smart, Kenley Rivas, Kitty Jo Martin,

Jake Pearn, Caleb Phifer, Andrew Cockrum, Rebekah Bryson, Jacob Smith,

Emily Jackson, Katelyn Bryson, Leslie McCoy, Kathryn Thomas, Hannah Hill,

Kayla Peacock, Aubre Clanton, Makayelah Butterfield,

Not pictured: Lexi Messer


No. Name Class Height Weight Position

2 Jae'Vion McHenry FR 5'10 160 QB/SS

3 Justin Otto JR 6'0 155 WR/SS

4 Dylan Collins JR 5'11 160 CB/WR

5 Isaiah Campbell JR 6'3 205 WR/LB

8 Amariyae Morris JR 5'10 150 WR/CB

10 Gage Wilson SOPH 5'11 145 WR/CB

11 Zeb Blancarte JR 5'11 205 RB/DE

15 Chasen Neuman SR 6'2 210 QB/SS

17 Taylor Rozell FR 5'8 140 RB/ILB

20 Bryce Hughey JR 5'9 170 RB/LB

22 Jermain Toles SR 6'0 160 WR/CB

28 Blake Parrick SR 5'11 170 WR/FS

33 Bryce Collins FR 5'9 135 RB/CB

34 Devon Glisson SOPH 5'9 140 RB/LB

42 Nick Mitchell FR 5'8 150 RB/CB

45 Will Pittman SR 5'8 190 FB/ ILB

51 Brady Nichols FR 5’11” 155 OL/DE

52 Jace Tipton SOPH 5'9 175 OL/LB

55 Stetson Bunyard SOPH 6'0 200 OL/DL

56 Easton Stewart JR 5'11 260 OL/DL

57 Keagan Gaylord FR 5'9 220 OL/DL

60 Kameron Piper JR 5'10 210 OL/DL

65 Bubba Stafford JR 5'10 260 OL/DL

66 Devon Denton SOPH 5'9 170 OL/ILB

72 Kyle Guest SOPH 6'1 205 OL/DE

73 Devin Prewitt SR 6'3 230 OL/DL

74 Riley Smith FR 5'11 200 OL/DE

77 Maxx Williams SR 5’11” 220 OL/DL

Head Coach: Josh Presley

Asst. Coaches:

Tim Hinds • Rance Plunkett • Terry Williams • Jayson Cooper • Jeff Wintz • Jason Dowdy

Managers: Cabree Phillips • Cydnie Dowdy • Hayden Armstrong • Maxx Williams

Ball Boys: Kason Presley • Dylan Baker • Leo Neuman • Trystan Baker

Filmer: Josh Fine

2020 Chouteau Wildcats

Name Year Number Position

Andrew Hill JR 1 WR/LB

Hayden Burton FR 2 WR/SS

Nick Lunsford FR 3 QB/CB

Jaxsen Craine FR 4 WR/LB

Dylan Applegate SR 5 WR/FS

Josiah Beavers SR 7 Corner

Dylan Lunsford SR 11 RB/LB

Mathew Soldier FR 24 WR/FS

Toby Burkholder SO 25 RB/LB

Hayden Spencer SO 33 WR/CB

Jacob Bias SO 33 WR/LB

Daniel Burkholder FR 34 RB/LB

Phillip Coblentz SO 35 TE/LB

Casey Willerton SR 50 OL/DL

Kaidan Cantrell SO 51 OL/DL

Trenton Craine SO 52 OL/DL

Kaleb Ramsey FR 53 OL/DL

Parker Jones SR 55 OL/DL

Christian Dooley FR 58 OL/DL

Adam Telemchuk JR 60 OL/DL

Brady Nicholas FR 65 OL/DL

Cory Brashar SR 75 OL/DL

Joey Shelton FR 77 OL/DL

Preston Kirk JR 78 OL/DL

Hayden (Bull) Kolakowski JR 79 OL/DL

Lance Peters JR 80 WR/DB


619N.8thAve.,StroudOK 74079

Ph.918.968.0BBQ (0227)







Service LLC

Jody Boyd 918-225-4600 Bryan Wade

2308B W. Highway 66

Stroud, OK 74079

Ph# 918-968-1642

Fax# 918-987-1622

Touchdowns are rewarding.

So is getting paid to bank! Ask about a

rewards checking account.

Have a great season, Tigers!

Visit us to open your account.

723 W. 4 th St., Stroud

Call: 855.BANK.RCB


Some restrictions may apply. Member FDIC

408 S. 8th Ave.

Stroud, OK 74079


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