IPAMA BULLETIN (May - June) - Indian Printing, Packaging and ...


IPAMA BULLETIN (May - June) - Indian Printing, Packaging and ...


MGE Launches Joint Venture

MGE launches new Joint Venture in India to supply Dampening,

Dosing and Filtration equipment to the Indian Print market the

manufacturing is in full swing and the formal opening of MGE

Graphic Systems India Pvt Ltd. is planned around mid day. The

new company is based in Northern Delhi and is a joint venture

between MG Electric (Colchester) Ltd and Intelligraph Technology

Pvt Ltd. The company has been set up in India specifically

to manufacture MGE's PRESSMATE range of print products for

supply to the Indian market

and surrounding territories.

“The Indian Print market is

already very large and predictions

are that it will continue

to grow over the coming

years at an accelerated rate”

said Simon Martin, MGE Technical

Director, “The demand

for well priced quality equip-

Pressmate 1kw Dampening Chiller &

4kw Dampening Chiller with

MX2 Automatic Additive

Doser attached.

MGE Graphic Systems India Pvt. Ltd. participated in recently

concluded Printpack India 2009 and displayed Pressmate Range

of Chilled Dampeing Circulators, Ink Roller Temperature Control

System, varnish circulators, RO Units, Additive Dosing and

Filtration Unit, Return Circulators and Alcohol Control Units.

Wall St. Journal to print in India

MAY-JUNE 2009 22

ment is already there and this

will only increase as the market

grows and further

matures. The launch of our

new manufacturing base in India is specifically aimed at addressing

this and will provide Indian OEM's and Printers with a high

quality local source for their ancillary equipment and its support.

The initial responses that we have had have been very

positive and we are very excited to be entering the market at

this time.”

The new company will manufacture

a subset of the

PressMate range primarily for

the Web market and will also

take on the distribution and

support of all MGE products

in India from Intelligraph Technology

Pvt Ltd with immediate

effect. Manufacturing of

PressMate products in the UK

plant will be unaffected by this

and will continue as normal.

Wall or unit mounted FX-1

Fount-Xtend filtration system

The wall St. Journal started printing its editions from India from

May 25, 2009 in an agreement with Indian Express Group. The

newspaper will be printed Monday through Friday at the

Express Group's printing sites in New Delhi and Mumbai and

delivered to subscribers and news stands in major cities the

same day as per press release from the Express Group and

various news agencies.

Plastic bag makers get into recycling

The plastic bag industry has an Earth Day surprise: less plastic.

Under pressure from consumers, environmental advocates and

retailers, the companies that make more than 80% of plastic bags

used by the nation's big retailers today will announce plans to make

the plastic bags from 40% recycled content by 2015.

It's no accident that the announcement is being made around 39th

observance of Earth Day on April 22, 2009.

The move comes as some cities are outlawing the bags and trendsetting

retailers, including Whole Foods and Trader Joe's, have

dropped them. Plastic bags, which take hundreds of years to

degrade, are regarded by many consumers as eyesores, threats to

wildlife and wasteful. The $1 billion industry makes about 90 billion

plastic bags annually in the USA alone.

With this move to ramp-up plastic bag recycling, some 463 million

pounds of greenhouse gas emissions and 300 million pounds of waste

will be cut annually, says Cal Dooley, CEO of the American Chemistry

Council, the trade group for the major plastic bag makers. "This is

unprecedented. "

"This is a significant commitment by the plastic bag industry to

reduce waste," says Matthew McKenna, president of the non-profit

group Keep America Beautiful, which will receive an undisclosed

donation from the American Chemistry Council.

Green Delhi

Delhi State cum NCR has in a recent Gazette Notification reminded all the

citizens about environmental chaos due to usage of plastic-bags – it has

impressed general public and traders about “The Delhi Degradable Plastic Bag

(Manufacture, Sale and Usage) and Garbage (Control) Act 2000 (Delhi Act No.

6 of 2001 - as it was passed by the legislative Assembly of the National Capital


Territory of Delhi on 29 November, 2000).

This act specifies to prevent contamination of food stuffs carried in recycled

plastic bags, reduce the use of plastic bags, throwing or depositing non-biodegradable

garbage in public drains, roads, river, riverbeds and places open to

public view in the National Capital Territory of Delhi and for matters

connected therewith or incidental thereto.

In its early April 2009 notification the administration has specifiaclly mentioned

about periodicals which are beings mailed in plastic covers and imposing an

immediate ban for such usage of plastic covers – may it be weeklies or any

periodicity magazines.

But not everyone is applauding the move. That includes Earth Day

Network, the organizing body of Earth Day worldwide.

"It's annoying. And it's transparent," says Kathleen Rogers, president

of Earth Day Network. "The death knell has sounded for plastic bags.

They're just trying to continue to make a bad thing."

The Natural Resources Defense Council agrees: "We don't want

people to use disposable bags. We want people to use reusable

bags," says Darby Hoover, a senior research specialist.

Management consultant Pam Murtaugh says the Earth Day gambit

will backfire. "They're late to the party of good sense. In bragging

about it now, they're only building their own glass house."

But Dooley insists the move is more than cosmetic. He says the

industry will spend $50 million to overhaul the manufacturing process

and will collect 470 million pounds of recycled plastic annually

to make the new bags.

Among major retailers that will be part of this new program: Home

Depot and Walgreens.

Walgreens spokesman Michael Polzin says the program is "innovative"

and will "help improve the environment."

Home Depot is "encouraged by the positive steps the industry is taking

toward sustainability," says spokeswoman Tia Robinson.

—Courtesy USA Today

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