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I.T.E. designs and installs a range of Fire Safety Curtains including Stage Fire Curtain System, Smoke & Fire Resistant Curtains, and Integrated Fire Safety Curtains throughout Australia. For more information call us now - 0412 040 775

Protection from Fire

curtain system

saves the game!



Fire when it dwells doesn't take long to spread in every corner of the area

which may lead to unimaginable damage. To avoid such damages fire

curtain systems are developed with engineered specified material that can

withstand the fire continuously up to a certain time interval. It also restricts

fire or smokes to reach any other part of the area. These curtains protect the

systems and save the lives of people around by creating a temporary wall of

the material that can withhold a high temperature. ITE engineered and

presents a fire curtain system that aims to provide complete protection from

fire and smoke.

Elevator Smoke Curtains

These fire resistant curtains are

installed in the elevator area of the high

rise buildings as they tend to have a

maximum population in these areas.

Vertical Smoke Curtains

These fire curtain systems are installed

for atrium separation or the wall

openings. These are mainly the most

economical choice for fire protection


Draft Curtains

These curtains are fixed or

automatically deployable barriers that

fall downwards from ceiling to channel

to prevent migration of smoke.

Perimeter Curtains

This perimeter can be effective in

existing mechanical smoke to create

safety around a perimeter area or

around the machine that does not

require interaction between personnel

and the hazards.


To obtain a high level of protection, it is important to install the

fire curtain system at the residential or commercial properties.

Installation Theatrical Engineering work in this direction to provide

a fire curtain that operates automatically on interfacing with the

fire alarm system or detectors. The dedicated team of

professionals aims at providing the best protection solution.

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